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Panther Products 2/2/00
[19:59:30] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight ERIC OLSEN !!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:36] ebijack: clap clap clap
[19:59:40] Drift'r: welcome eric
[19:59:40] EO: Hey all!!!!
[19:59:43] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap welcome Eric
[19:59:48] Mahumba: Hello EO!
[19:59:51] bob  g: ha eric
[19:59:55] eyefish(mi): Welcome Eric
[19:59:56] harley mi.: welcome
[20:00:00] Erie TT: clap clap clap
[20:00:00] EO: fingers are warmed and ready!
[20:00:22] ebijack: eric, how about starting us off with some info about goldeneye
[20:00:27] harley mi.: tilt and trim eo
[20:00:45] EO: well most know about the gripper
[20:01:12] EO: a wrapping cleat.. that started the Golden. program 20 yrs ago
[20:01:17] harley mi.: floating jig head
[20:01:35] EO: for rope
[20:02:15] EO: then we started the Altus company about 10 yrs ago
[20:02:20] EO:  trim and tilts
[20:02:50] ebijack: eric, what HP ratings do your trim/tilt work for
[20:02:57] EO: we sold the altus/ powerup portion to MinnKota
[20:03:10] harley mi.: do you have catalog eo
[20:03:31] EO: we have 2 trim and tilts 1 for up to 55hp the other up to 135
[20:03:48] EO: catalog , yes
[20:03:59] harley mi.: price? 
[20:04:03] EO: email me and i can send you one!
[20:04:10] bobcat: you use the one that goes up to 55 for kicker motors?
[20:04:25] ebijack: what about a web page eric
[20:04:28] EO: $499 for the 55 and $549 for the 135
[20:04:47] EO: the 35 is an auxiliary motor lift
[20:05:01] EO: panther marine products.com
[20:05:16] ebijack: eric, are those hyd.? with electric pump
[20:05:29] EO: the 35 has really been a great unit on the PWT and the MWC
[20:05:47] harley mi.: what about wholesale?
[20:05:59] EO: the 35 is a mechanical ove electric unit
[20:06:35] EO: the key with the 35 is the ability to work with either an I/o or O/B
[20:07:17] EO: new for us recently is the Manual jackplate and the Electro steer!
[20:07:38] ebijack: eric, are those units installed at local marine dealers?
[20:08:01] EO: name the dealer and they can install it! 
[20:08:22] EO: how about some rigging for speed questions?
[20:08:38] Bigfoot: what is the price on the Electro steer
[20:08:58] eyetaker: bolts, screws and and two battery connections
[20:09:06] EO: any one wanting to email me can reach me at
[20:09:15] EO: retail is $299
[20:09:31] ebijack: eric, is the electro steer a retro fit for older boats?
[20:09:58] EO: any boat can be fit with this unit, thats what makes it unique
[20:10:13] EO: and the install time is about 45min
[20:10:16] Bigfoot: I used the Electric jackplate last year can I expect the same
performance with the manual plate
[20:10:39] EO: that all depend on the boat as you know FOOT
[20:11:01] EO: each boat will respond a little differently to setback
[20:11:38] EO: I would be hard pressed to find a boat that won't perform better with a
[20:11:56] ebijack: eric, are there recommendations provided for most boat/motor
[20:12:01] Bigfoot: but just about all boats that use a plate improves there performance
[20:12:19] John P.: where can we get a brochure on electrosteer?
[20:12:34] EO: most MFG like no more than 6" setback
[20:12:42] EO: yes  FOOT
[20:12:58] EO: Email me 
[20:13:30] EO: We are currently one of the recommended plated for use on Triton
[20:13:38] ebijack: eric, do you run all these products on your boat? 
[20:13:39] EO: plates SP
[20:13:39] Bigfoot: what is the response time on the Electro steer
[20:14:11] EO: Yes I do... i test run test run test run test run test ........
[20:14:21] EO: 4 sec lock to lock
[20:14:33] eyetaker: it is quick
[20:14:39] ebijack: eric, what type rig do you run in tourney's 
[20:14:56] EO: from all that have seen it in action the first comment is " wow is that
[20:14:57] ebijack: you run it also dave?
[20:15:09] eyetaker: yes
[20:15:22] EO: 620 Ranger but have run and rigged many others!
[20:15:57] EO: one thing for all to keep in mind when it comes to rigging for
[20:16:08] ebijack: eric, does the electrosteer eliminate steering wheel pull while
[20:16:11] EO: bow lift = speed
[20:16:34] EO: Electro is for the kicker only sorry
[20:16:50] bobcat: ya nfb steering is awsome
[20:16:57] EO: the more hull that is free of the water , the faster you will go!
[20:17:11] ebijack: is that a remote control for the electrosteer?
[20:17:40] EO: the Electro steer has a 20 foot cord to a small switch that controls the
[20:18:16] EO: the key here is that you can run a line counter in you left hand and 
[20:18:28] John P.: do you have to have a 20 foot cord?
[20:18:28] EO: have the switch in the other
[20:18:45] ebijack: eric, is the steering motor mounting a problem with space
[20:18:54] EO: you can lengthen it if you like!\
[20:19:10] EO: space is dependent on the boat
[20:19:21] John P.: really wanted shorter?
[20:19:39] Bigfoot: is the cord removable when not in use
[20:19:41] eyetaker: coil it up a little John
[20:19:43] EO: obviously but you can cut it and shorten the cord
[20:19:49] Erie TT: Eric what is the hard over time
[20:20:09] EO: you can unplug the unit or tuck it in a side compartment
[20:20:25] Bigfoot: the whole unit
[20:20:30] EO: tt-??
[20:20:40] Erie TT: max travel
[20:20:49] Bigfoot: I think you said 4 seconds
[20:20:57] EO: we are presently working on a throttle to work with it
[20:21:01] EO: yes 4 sec
[20:21:04] John P.: sometimes if you alter the cord the warranty is obviously
[20:21:13] Erie TT: sorry was gone for sec
[20:21:15] EO: not a chance!!!!
[20:21:41] EO: I tested this unit in 4 tourneys last year and I won't be without it now!!!
[20:21:45] harley mi.: ok
[20:22:18] harley mi.: what is it compared to the tr-1? eo
[20:22:20] EO: One was in the final MWC on Pepin and working tight structure...
[20:22:38] ebijack: eric, you run this steering system instead of a tr-1 type unit?
[20:22:39] EO: well it is electric not hydraulic
[20:23:10] EO: you operate the steering of the unit with the switch
[20:23:15] Bigfoot: and about 1/6 the price
[20:23:30] gw(in): no throttle controls
[20:23:45] EO: TR-1 makes a great unit , we are just offering a different approach
[20:23:53] EO: no throttle yet
[20:24:00] eyetaker: simple and not complicated, near zero maintenance
[20:24:07] eyefish(mi): Does it keep you on course like the TR1 or is that up to you
[20:24:25] EO: also this unit can be disconnected from the kicker so tiller control can
be used
[20:25:03] EO: up to you for now... currently guidance is on the board for the near
[20:25:31] ebijack: eric, are there plans to incorporate a all in one unit..lift/steer/throttle
[20:26:06] EO: hmmmm... you been in  a production meeting eb?
[20:26:14] bobcat: that would be sweeeeet
[20:26:16] ebijack: :)
[20:26:25] gw(in): can you use the steering device with one of your lifts currently
[20:26:36] EO: maybe not all at the same time but one thing to keep in mind is this
[20:27:02] EO: all the access. that we would have for this unit would plug in to the
same one you can buy now
[20:27:15] EO: yes absolutely
[20:27:30] bobcat: cool
20:27:50] EO: I did last year. I won't be without my 35 kicker lift  three reasons!
[20:27:56] harley mi.: what is the cost?
[20:28:13] EO: Big Stone, Bay de Noc and Green Bay
[20:28:22] EO: $529
[20:28:32] gw(in): what is the set back on the 35?
[20:28:54] EO: I know there are many other units out there but look before you leap!
[20:29:16] EO: setback is variable on the non Ranger 35   7" to 13"
[20:29:42] ebijack: eric, there have been problems with pro's losing their kickers due to brackets breaking..how about with your bracket
[20:29:47] EO: this is for the I/O boats that need it!
[20:29:50] gw(in): i  have a ranger.  what is it on a 690?
[20:30:32] EO: well in 99' I think there were over 50 units on the PWT alone and NO
lost motors
[20:30:46] donyar/mi: what kind of warranty does this unit have
[20:30:49] bobcat: wow
[20:30:50] EO: 7" on a ranger 35
[20:31:01] gw(in): thanks eric
[20:31:07] EO: 1 year on all
[20:31:14] Bigfoot: I never even thought about breaking one last year
[20:31:49] EO: here is a story i heard from the MWC championship in june 99
[20:31:51] harley mi.: that mean's i still have to steer the boat
[20:32:08] ebijack: eric, are you at any of the fishing shows with your products?
[20:32:18] EO: One person was leaning out over the boat to strap down the kicker in
heavy seas
[20:32:41] EO: and the boat shifted he fell against the kicker 
[20:33:19] EO: his hand fell towards the motor tilt mechanism (no Panther)
[20:33:43] EO: and cut the tip of his finger off.
[20:33:48] eyetaker: It seems that convenience and safety are built into the products
[20:33:54] bobcat: oouucchhh
[20:33:59] EO: was out fishin the next day though
[20:35:26] EO: the advent of 4 strokes really has been fueling the fire for the 35 lift
[20:35:36] ebijack: eric, are your products offered at a discount when ordered in a
boat/motor package?
[20:35:41] Reefer: Eric: got a question about riggin an ax lift.
[20:35:48] EO: depends on the MFG
[20:36:03] EO: go Reef
[20:36:33] EO: Ranger offer our steering link when you buy a Ranger unit
[20:36:34] harley mi.: so this tilts and trims and also acts as a easy steer?
[20:36:53] EO: the 35 is the tilt for the kicker
[20:37:05] Reefer: rigging a 225 Opti on 2025 ProV, 9.9 4stroke, Hydro.steering on big motor.
[20:37:10] EO: the Electro steer is the steering mechanism
[20:37:43] EO: One word of advise on the Main engine
[20:38:09] Reefer: can the kicker lift be installed and single cylinder remote steering be
[20:38:12] EO: use a jackplate... look at Scott and Marty Glorvigan
[20:39:02] EO: bow lift is a real asset to 3ft wave running with a plate ( anybodies
[20:39:23] EO: sure can Reef
[20:39:51] Reefer: not the bar on back of both motors, right?
[20:40:18] EO: If anyone has some specific rigging ?'s that they want answered in
detail you can call me at Panther 1-800 -811-5960
[20:40:36] EO: Yes no easy steer is needed
[20:40:37] ebijack: eric, what about a web site address
[20:40:53] EO: by hooking them in the front you accomplish 2 things
[20:41:27] Reefer: thanks, I'll have Joe from Denny's Marina in Indy call you, he'll be
doing the rigging for me.
[20:42:12] EO: one thing is that the length of the bar is shortened a great deal
[20:42:30] Reefer: which bar?
[20:42:35] EO: the other is the ability to disconnect them when you want tiller control
[20:42:54] EO: steering link 
[20:43:10] EO: or electro steer... either one!
[20:43:16] ebijack: eric, is it possible to use 2 switches hooked in series for the
electrosteer? one at the console and one at the front of the boat?
[20:43:30] Reefer: ok
[20:43:34] harley mi.: i had a easysteer break while going across sag bay took large
chunks out of big motor
[20:43:58] EO: you can hook any number of switches to the tilt, the steering or the
electric jackplate
[20:44:41] EO: I  saw one at the PWT at Winnebago as well!
[20:44:56] EO: really banged it up
[20:45:31] EO: those of you Triton owners out there?
[20:46:03] Erie TT: yes
[20:46:08] EO: Triton has approved the 35 for install at the plant as well as our manual
[20:46:24] Erie TT: cool
[20:46:31] ebijack: eric, can you set the electrosteer to always steer a number of
degrees with any bump of the switch? instead of holding it to get a desired turn?
[20:47:02] EO: I'll be at the Walleye Expo this weekend in Shakopee stop by!
[20:48:02] EO: well the unit is very fast and so i never found that to be a problem or
should I say a need but I will check it out!
[20:48:34] ebijack: eric, is the unit programmable?
[20:48:51] EO: I almost forgot .... the Panther products will be at the Silverdome in MI
this weekend as well!!!
[20:49:13] donyar/mi: ok
[20:49:16] ebijack: who will be there at the silverdome eric
[20:49:33] eyetaker: Dan Wyma
[20:49:33] Reefer: what about the Indy show EO?
[20:49:44] Den: are they gonna be at the cleveland sports show?
[20:49:45] ebijack: swat?
[20:49:50] eyetaker: yes
[20:49:56] EO: Not as of yet, a key to this unit is its simplicity. usually that means
[20:50:12] EO: Yes and also at Indy
[20:50:34] Den: who is gonna be at cleveland?
[20:51:14] EO: we want to bring to the market the most dependable tested products for
the fisher-people
[20:51:43] EO: Durability is at the forefront of my mind!
[20:52:12] EO: Last year for example we had some guys running the Big foot 4 Strokes
[20:52:31] EO: a real equipment beater!!! AT 138LBS???
[20:53:20] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:53:28] EO: the bushings were taking a beating so we looked for a better bushing
[20:53:50] Erie TT: glad to hear that
[20:54:00] EO: any further rigging ?'s call me  800-811 5960 xt 115
[20:54:08] ebijack: I'd like to thanks our host tonight..ERIC OLSEN !!!!!!!!!!
[20:54:11] EO: thanks everyone!!!!
[20:54:14] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:54:19] eyefish(mi): Great Job Eric
[20:54:20] Erie TT: great job eric
[20:54:23] eyetaker: thanks Eric!!!
[20:54:24] RichardM(AB): clap clap clap
[20:54:27] saugeye #1: Thanks Eric
[20:54:28] Reefer: thanks Eric, great products!
[20:54:28] EO: you guys ROCK!!!!
[20:54:30] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap...great job Eric..thanks !!
[20:54:30] Den: clap clap clap
[20:54:33] LS: thanks eric
[20:54:33] sheila: Thanks Eric......
[20:54:37] Reefer: great
[20:54:41] Drift'r: Thanks Eric
[20:54:50] donyar/mi: thanks eric
[20:55:05] fishinmn: clap clap clap 
[20:55:13] Gundog: Thanks Eric
[20:55:42] harley mi.: keep up the good work

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