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Captain Marty Papke 12/30/97


[19:54:05] golden (co): Tonight's host is Capt Marty Papke

[19:54:10] Captain Marty: Let's start out with this early season fishing and how I

approach my Charters each day on the ice

[19:54:17] LS (nd): he might not get along up there :-)

[19:54:45] Bassigan: I hear they don't take fishermen

[19:55:06] LS (nd): nothing but liers i hear

[19:55:27] LS (nd): ok i'm done

[19:55:30] Bassigan: You'd know.. I guess:)

[19:55:38] golden (co): OK Marty, don't pay attention to the rousters

[19:55:38] LS (nd): :-)

[19:56:01] Captain Marty: One can always learn something

[19:56:06] ebijack (mi): sorry, go ahead capt

[19:56:10] Bassigan: Ok..I'm just gonna' listen and learn right now

[19:56:47] Captain Marty: Let's start by fishing the shallow waters of the bay and any questions can


[19:57:15] Captain Marty: We are always looking for edges that still have some weed content

[19:57:44] Captain Marty: cabbage and coontail in spots are still green and these are good fish holding


[19:58:01] Captain Marty: Baitfish means walleye's

[19:58:11] *** jigmup has joined Walleye Central

[19:58:28] Captain Marty: 2 to 15 feet are good starters

[19:58:56] *** Flip has joined Walleye Central

[19:59:12] Captain Marty: will we approach this both with jigging and tip-ups

[19:59:36] Captain Marty: any questions?

[19:59:42] Flip: Is that RB ?

[19:59:43] ebijack (mi): i never knew that there were charters for ice fishing capt

[20:00:03] lundman(Wi): what do you usually jig them with?

[20:00:15] KeithK(MI): How do you like to set your tip-ups Capt.

[20:00:16] Captain Marty: well maybe a lot of people are used to guiding services

[20:00:20] Captain Marty: samething

[20:00:54] Captain Marty: spoons, jigging Rapalas

[20:01:19] Bassigan: Do you use live bait there??

[20:01:26] *** Skeeter(WIS.) has joined Walleye Central

[20:01:37] Captain Marty: tip-ups , I'll run about a 5 foot leader and treble with a 3 to 5 inch golden

shiner or sucker minnow

[20:02:18] Flip: Hi Skeeter

[20:02:21] Captain Marty: when jigging to we'll use a minnow head on a spoon or below a jigging Rapala

for extra scent

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[20:03:05] Bassigan: Have trouble finding your shiners in the winter?

[20:03:15] Captain Marty: right now ice conditions are iffy! 4 inches is about max

[20:03:30] Captain Marty: no most shops up there carry them

[20:03:53] Flip: Turkey is here (*just in time for christmas)

[20:04:14] Turkey: yes i am lucky to be alive!!!!

[20:04:22] Turkey: :-)

[20:04:41] lundman(Wi): do you find that early season is the best just like everywhere else marty?

[20:04:43] Turkey: Capt how about polar tip ups??

[20:05:11] *** ChrisR(ont) has joined Walleye Central

[20:05:22] Captain Marty: Mobility is key and yes early season can be good but finding that just before

the end of Feb. we'll done real good

[20:06:07] Captain Marty: We use polars but been using the igloo's finding some good results. that no

light in the hole seems to at times make a difference

[20:06:07] *** Turkey has left Walleye Central

[20:06:39] Captain Marty: we will fish a spot for a couple of hours if nothing move on.

[20:06:51] *** Turkey(pa) has joined Walleye Central

[20:06:53] Captain Marty: it's just like open water move to find fish.

[20:07:15] lundman(Wi): does the bite last all day, or is it best at dawn and dusk?

[20:07:22] Captain Marty: key areas: weedbeds, rocks and edges

[20:07:34] *** Eyeman (IN) has joined Walleye Central

[20:07:40] Captain Marty: some of our best bites have been during the day!

[20:07:43] Turkey(pa): wheres a good source to look for Igllos and polars??

[20:08:04] Captain Marty: for some reason the night bite is different

[20:08:16] lundman(Wi): different how?

[20:08:25] Captain Marty: look around for tip-ups at your local shops,etc

[20:08:29] lundman(Wi): slower

[20:08:55] Captain Marty: I guess the arm must be healing!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:09:46] Flip: Bassigan ... that's okay; I am downloading in the background.

[20:10:07] Bassigan: Is there an ideal depth once the ice gets thicker ..say end of Jan??

[20:11:55] Bassigan: How shallow is shallow??

[20:12:06] Captain Marty: 2 to 3 feet

[20:12:18] Turkey(pa): Hes a charter skipper in the western end of erie

[20:12:44] Bassigan: :)

[20:13:03] Captain Marty: in this shallow water being quiet is important

[20:13:35] Turkey(pa): Capt is this a little late for ice this year?

[20:13:47] ebijack (mi): do you scout before you take your customers out?

[20:13:49] Bassigan: In shallow water..do you have to drill the holes long before you fish??

[20:14:16] Captain Marty: yes, littlebay is noted for having warmer conditions but this season went longer


[20:14:17] *** ZachB(MN) has joined Walleye Central

[20:14:59] Captain Marty: we will at times drill holes move down several 100 feet and set some more


[20:15:14] Turkey(pa): is live bait considered better than artificial

[20:15:43] Captain Marty: yes scouting is prefishing but patterns form from throughout the year

[20:15:49] *** Chip has joined Walleye Central

[20:16:08] Captain Marty: livebait works well but we take good fish with artific ial

[20:16:45] Captain Marty: this shallow water fishing only lasts for several weeks

[20:17:05] Turkey(pa): well if you have youtr choice..... what minnow do you prefer?

[20:17:09] lundman(Wi): till the ice is how thick do you fish shallow

[20:17:14] Captain Marty: golden shiner

[20:17:21] Turkey(pa): thankyou

[20:17:28] Bassigan: What's the best all 'round jigging bait??

[20:17:38] Captain Marty: 10inches or more we'll move on

[20:17:52] *** Ray has joined Walleye Central

[20:18:00] Eyeman (IN): ounce the shallow bite quits do you abandon it for the rest of the season

[20:18:03] Captain Marty: Rapala # 7 and FireEye Minnow

[20:18:07] *** Turkey(pa) has left Walleye Central

[20:18:25] *** gambit has joined Walleye Central

[20:18:43] gambit: Hello guys

[20:18:43] Captain Marty: at times we might come back, in weedy areas these spots will hold big


[20:18:43] Captain Marty: at times we might come back, in weedy areas these spots will hold big


[20:18:55] Flip: Do scented lures result in greater hits than unscented lures?

[20:19:24] *** TF(NY) has joined Walleye Central

[20:19:24] Captain Marty: yes I think so

[20:20:08] Captain Marty: leadhead jigs work good as well

[20:20:10] TF(NY): hi guys

[20:20:43] Eyeman (IN): do those weedy area have to be close to deep water to hold fish later Capt.

[20:21:13] Captain Marty: edges with weeds are good

[20:21:17] Flip: Are there certain scent formulas that you know DON'T work?

[20:21:46] Bassigan: I use WD-40

[20:21:46] Captain Marty: tough question, on the scents

[20:22:02] *** blane (wa) has left Walleye Central

[20:22:12] Captain Marty: I use Berkley's scent

[20:22:27] Flip: Bassigan ... I hope you don't smoke

[20:22:27] *** Chip has left Walleye Central

[20:22:59] lundman(Wi): where do you move to next captain?

[20:23:13] Bassigan: How deep is the deepest you fish??

[20:23:20] Captain Marty: deep water reefs are good choices

[20:23:30] Captain Marty: 25 to 35 feet

[20:23:48] Bassigan: Still usin' the same baits??

[20:24:00] gambit: what about later in the year do u go deeper

[20:24:09] Captain Marty: watching fish and baitfish on your electronics is important in deep water

[20:24:28] Captain Marty: same baits but watching where they are located

[20:24:40] Bassigan: I can't get the hang of usin' elecs on ice.

[20:24:55] *** blane (wa) has joined Walleye Central

[20:24:59] *** Woody(MI) has joined Walleye Central

[20:25:20] Captain Marty: our Zercom's work great and can see jigs, baitfish and fish clearly in 3o feet of


[20:25:20] Woody(MI): hello all

[20:25:36] lundman(Wi): you mean in relation to the bottom marty, the bait

[20:25:51] Captain Marty: practice with your elect. in shallow waters first

[20:25:54] Bassigan: Zercom??

[20:26:39] Captain Marty: if the bait is suspended we will fish there but many times fish are close to the


[20:26:53] jigmup: do you feel that the zercom is better than the vexliar capt?

[20:26:55] Captain Marty: Zercom Clearwater Classic flashers

[20:27:03] Captain Marty: they are both good

[20:27:46] TF(NY): do like anything better about the zercom

[20:27:54] Bassigan: Very interesting Capt..

[20:28:05] golden (co): Do you find that the fish are generally hanging around the same areas that you

found them in the summer?

[20:28:07] Captain Marty: it's less noisy

[20:28:38] Eyeman (IN): do you fish the top of the reefs or where they meet the basin

[20:28:53] Captain Marty: gps points from the season are always being plugged in too

[20:28:55] TF(NY): shows fish and your jigs the same ?

[20:29:21] Captain Marty: we will work both the tops and down the sides

[20:29:46] Captain Marty: yes you can see fish and jigs but not in color

[20:30:18] Captain Marty: sometimes the steep drop-offs are

good places to work

[20:30:30] *** Bassigan has left Walleye Central

[20:30:38] Eyeman (IN): during stable weather are the tops

more porductive or just when bait is present there

[20:30:48] *** jigmup has left Walleye Central

[20:31:32] *** Bassigan has joined Walleye Central

[20:31:59] Captain Marty: there seems to be good groups of fish working these reefs daily but weather

does effect them

[20:32:22] Captain Marty: keying in on feeding patterns

[20:32:33] *** Woody(MI) has left Walleye Central

[20:32:37] Bassigan: Does the moon have any effect??

[20:33:13] Captain Marty: I've seen fish relating to these reef top and edges throughout the day while

moving spot to spot

[20:33:23] Eyeman (IN): what is the differance in the reef tops depth and the sourronding water depth

[20:33:35] Captain Marty: good catches during moon phases

[20:33:36] *** Fishtale(MT) has joined Walleye Central

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[20:34:25] Captain Marty: 20 to 25 feet down to 30 feet or more

[20:34:37] Fishtale(MT): hello all

[20:35:12] Captain Marty: we have some extreme drops where it goes from 12 to 40 feet right now

[20:35:53] lundman(Wi): is there a time when the fish hold on those drop offs?

[20:36:07] Captain Marty: mobility is such a key in catching numbers of fish

[20:36:39] Fishtale(MT): what does the whisper mean?

[20:36:40] Captain Marty: throughout the entire year I see fish there, not always catching them but

seeing them

[20:36:51] lundman(Wi): so if you catch a few fish and the bite stops, do you move on

[20:37:07] Eyeman (IN): if you can locate an extreme drop is that a spot you fish!!!

[20:37:16] *** Bassigan has left Walleye Central

[20:37:24] Flip: Bassigan ... sure; unless you wan't to move on for now.

[20:37:27] Captain Marty: yes, I'll move on drill some more holes come back and pick up the guys and try

another spot

[20:38:33] Captain Marty: we may drill a few holes look for bait or fish and spend some time there

[20:38:51] *** Fishtale(MT) has left Walleye Central

[20:39:02] *** Flip has left Walleye Central

[20:39:56] Captain Marty: Our jigging techniques can be important to catching fish also

[20:40:19] *** Fishtale(MT) has joined Walleye Central

[20:40:28] Captain Marty: lighter line- 8 to 10 pound

[20:40:40] Eyeman (IN): what is the bottem content for the most part Capt.

[20:40:45] *** ZachB(MN) has left Walleye Central

[20:41:23] Captain Marty: sand,marl bottom in the deeper waters and combined with shale and


[20:41:34] TF(NY): when you find fish but they won,t hit do you stay till they hit or move on

[20:42:06] *** rabbit(wi) has joined Walleye Central

[20:42:07] Captain Marty: we may try different baits or jigging techniques

[20:42:27] Captain Marty: maybe a leadhead jig, lift and drop and just let it sit

[20:43:25] Captain Marty: it's like open water moving around finding fish

[20:43:38] TF(NY): any color better than the other in general

[20:44:22] Captain Marty: silver, blue and red seems to be a good jig color in this water

[20:44:32] TF(NY): what do you tip your jigging rap with

[20:44:41] *** Bassigan has joined Walleye Central

[20:45:01] Captain Marty: minnow head-small fatheads or shiners

[20:45:11] Bassigan: Sorry guys.. I had puter problem

[20:45:26] TF(NY): at night do you find jigging spoons better

[20:45:43] Captain Marty: we don't do a lot a night ice fishing

[20:46:10] Captain Marty: but flash could make a difference

[20:46:14] Eyeman (IN): does the differnt bottem types seem to be better during certain times during the


[20:46:43] *** ChrisR(ont) has left Walleye Central

[20:47:18] *** Flip has joined Walleye Central

[20:47:21] TF(NY): do you find power auger spooks fish

[20:47:29] Captain Marty: I do a lot of jig and livebait rigging throughout the year and like those soft

bottoms, it seems to be a resting area for fish and seems a % of them are biters'

[20:48:29] Bassigan: I'm learnin' something... I always favour rocky bottoms..

[20:49:00] Captain Marty: power augers I think do spook fish at times so we try and set holes in a new

spot and let the noise cool down- no pun intended!

[20:49:23] Bassigan: None taken'

[20:49:25] Captain Marty: rocks are good too

[20:49:54] Captain Marty: but it seems lot's of fish spend time in these soft bottom areas

[20:50:10] Bassigan: At what depth??

[20:50:34] Captain Marty: in winter I think more slower metaboli;sm

[20:50:50] rabbit(wi): Do you find that the fish suspend during the winter also?

[20:51:03] Captain Marty: 20 35 feet or deeper wherever mud exists'

[20:51:30] Captain Marty: yes we catch suspended fish too,

[20:51:31] Bassigan: Because water is warmer??

[20:51:49] Captain Marty: they are following baitfish at these times

[20:53:17] Captain Marty: I think it's important to remember to keep thinking of the next place

[20:53:25] *** ZachB(MN) has joined Walleye Central

[20:53:29] golden (co): You spoke earlier about moon phases, which moon seem the best to you.

[20:53:29] Skeeter(WIS.): Do summer walleyes suspend around the reefs at Bay De Noc?

[20:54:00] Captain Marty: thanks Gary Happy New year

[20:54:09] TF(NY): captain marty thanks for your help/bye guys

[20:54:19] golden (co): see ya TF

[20:54:26] *** blane (wa) has left Walleye Central

[20:54:31] *** TF(NY) has left Walleye Central

[20:54:31] Eyeman (IN): bye T

[20:55:28] *** Flip has left Walleye Central

[20:55:42] Captain Marty: there's a lot of suspended fish throughout the bay and at times very nomadic

[20:55:58] rabbit(wi): Do you find that the suspending fish this time of year, are suspending because of

baitfish or water temps?

[20:56:06] Captain Marty: one day here and then gone thats why it's important to move alot

[20:56:16] *** sparky has joined Walleye Central

[20:57:13] Captain Marty: boy , I think a lot has to do with baitfish movements but as the ice season goes

on fish start working there way to their spawning areas

[20:57:30] Skeeter(WIS.): When you fish suspened walleyes what is your target depth normally in


[20:57:41] *** sparky has left Walleye Central

[20:58:25] Eyeman (IN): does the moon phase seemt o be more important later in the season as we get

closer to spawn

[20:58:33] Captain Marty: lots of fish between 10 to 15 feet down from the surface but lots of guys don't

realize this

[20:58:56] KeithK(MI): Where do you like to access the ice on LB De Noc, Escanaba, Gladstone, or


[20:59:08] Bassigan: Do most people fish deeper??

[20:59:25] Skeeter(WIS.): Are you able to mark them with locater?

[20:59:37] Captain Marty: the moon is a good fish catching factor but in my job you have to fish each day

[21:00:06] Captain Marty: exit from Gladstone and campgrounds area a lot, just depends

[21:00:14] rabbit(wi): How much ice is at lt. bay de noc as we speak?

[21:00:52] Captain Marty: a good 4 inches of shore for several hundred yards maybe?

[21:01:28] Captain Marty: Skeeter-you can see these suspended fish if your looking for them

[21:01:56] Bassigan: Four inches is scarry!

[21:02:01] Captain Marty: south ot Hunters Point it's still boat time

[21:02:09] Skeeter(WIS.): Thanks

[21:02:39] Captain Marty: yea, that 's why I don't start trips usually until after the first of the year

[21:03:39] Bassigan: You hardly need an auger for 4 inches... just a left jab

[21:03:43] Captain Marty: it's important to keep alert to changing conditions all the time even once we

have good ice things can change

[21:04:05] Captain Marty: depends on how hard of a jab you've got!!!!!!!1

[21:04:19] Bassigan: :)

[21:04:36] Captain Marty: drill 100 plus holes a day and the auger is nice!

[21:05:09] Bassigan: What kind of suit do you wear

[21:05:10] golden (co): What is your favorite "searching" lure?

[21:05:18] Captain Marty: are you doing many sport shows this year

[21:05:38] Captain Marty: oops fingers went crazy!

[21:06:01] Captain Marty: double breasted

[21:06:07] Captain Marty: silk

[21:06:09] Eyeman (IN): how big a hole do you put in ??

[21:06:15] Bassigan: It's OK...they're numb from the ice..

[21:06:27] *** Bazingod has joined Walleye Central

[21:06:50] lundman(Wi): :-)

[21:06:53] Bazingod: whats going on everyone?

[21:07:16] Bazingod: big crowd huh? :)

[21:07:46] *** blane (wa) has joined Walleye Central

[21:07:52] Bassigan: Hush.. we're listening to a Pro..

[21:08:41] Captain Marty: I don't feel like a pro right now had a couple of opps!

[21:08:48] golden (co): OK Marty, I'll try again. What is your favorite "searching" lure? Through the ice

[21:09:03] Eyeman (IN): :-}

[21:09:06] Bassigan: Is it Miller time Capt??

[21:09:07] Captain Marty: #7 or 9 jigging Rap

[21:09:34] Captain Marty: they have great action tipped with a minnow

[21:10:04] golden (co): Tipped meaning a minnow head off the middle trebles?

[21:10:04] lundman(Wi): you use the jigging rap all day or just low light ?

[21:10:14] Captain Marty: although used a lot of heavy leadhead with Power Tubes last year and caught


[21:10:35] Bassigan: Do you jig them quick? or just slowly?

[21:10:36] Captain Marty: middle hooks yes

[21:10:51] Captain Marty: all day long we will use Raps

[21:11:00] Eyeman (IN): do you tip them the power tubes

[21:11:19] KeithK(MI): How about swedish pimples? After all thats their home water

[21:11:21] Captain Marty: a steady up and down and pause works good

[21:11:23] rabbit(wi): Anything bitting at the bay right now, walleyes,perch,splake?

[21:11:36] Captain Marty: don't tip the tubes

[21:12:00] blane (wa): what does a splake look like?

[21:12:07] Captain Marty: Pimples are good too and didn't mean to forget them as we have a supply of


[21:12:45] Captain Marty: heard of several 28 to 30 inch eye's the last couple of days , jigging

[21:12:45] Bassigan: Hey Capt.. I appreciate all the info and time your spending with us:)

[21:13:50] golden (co): We all do

[21:14:00] lundman(Wi): thats a fact

[21:14:07] Eyeman (IN): off the shelf or in the Boat Capt.??

[21:14:07] Skeeter(WIS.): :]

[21:14:07] Captain Marty: I like fishing and have fished since I was I guess 3 yrs. with my Dad, you know

the story, now he's gone but I still love the sport and thank him

[21:14:07] Skeeter(WIS.): :]

[21:14:07] Captain Marty: I like fishing and have fished since I was I guess 3 yrs. with my Dad, you know

the story, now he's gone but I still love the sport and thank him

[21:14:26] rabbit(wi): Are most of them coming fro the head of the bay?

[21:14:55] Captain Marty: yes , on the ice north and out from the Kipling Landing

[21:15:14] Captain Marty: some nice northern's there too

[21:15:40] rabbit(wi): Doing a GREAT JOB Marty, thanks for all the info!!!!!

[21:16:08] *** Flip has joined Walleye Central

[21:17:30] lundman(Wi): if a guy was making a trip over to the bay, which town is the best for lodging and

ice access captain?

[21:17:34] KeithK(MI): How far off shore do you usaly travel when on the bay

[21:18:36] Captain Marty: Gladstone, area has lots of good places to stay and eat, too

[21:19:30] rabbit(wi): Marty, do you rent shacks, or just daily charters?

[21:19:33] Captain Marty: sometimes only several hundred yards

[21:20:36] Captain Marty: our programs include portable shanties but I'm thinking about shanties like the

Minnesota guys do

[21:21:24] Captain Marty: last year we had several big motor homes fishing down from us! crazy !

[21:21:34] Bassigan: What do the min guys do??

[21:22:04] lundman(Wi): they have shack cities

[21:22:06] Captain Marty: they got the shanties you live in for several days

[21:22:15] lundman(Wi): sleepers

[21:22:25] Skeeter(WIS.): Nice seminar tonight Captain Marty thanks see you on the water somtime!

[[21:22:53] Captain Marty: it's just like a motel room kitchenette ,toilet and even a base;ment--HA HA

[21:23:03] rabbit(wi): Do you ever see Papineau out on the ice?

[21:23:22] Bassigan: Basement is where the fish are

[21:23:25] Captain Marty: yes lot's of times

[21:24:16] rabbit(wi): He just finished building 4 more shacks, I think he will have 8 out there this year.

[21:25:04] Captain Marty: shanties are nice but most of the time our guys are busy moving from hole to

hole and just us them to warm up

[21:26:04] *** Bazingod has left Walleye Central

[21:26:39] Bassigan: Most of the people around here use them to have a drink...So while they're doing

that, I'm fishing.

[21:26:44] *** Skeeter(WIS.) has left Walleye Central

[21:26:54] rabbit(wi): Are you booked for the winter already, or do you have any openings?

[21:28:02] Captain Marty: got some days left but filling fast, it's going to be a good year. Seems ice

angling is really getting popular

you guys

[21:29:06] Bassigan: Yeah.. same here .. I got stuff to do in Jan ..but how about Feb??

[21:29:18] Captain Marty: I think ice fishing is a great family activity and we are getting kids and families involved.

[21:30:01] Captain Marty: there are some days left in Feb.

[21:30:09] *** buzz(ont.) has joined Walleye Central

[21:30:23] Flip: I'd love to get the little ones out ice fishing this year !

[21:30:28] Captain Marty: the season ends the 28th of Feb

[21:30:40] KeithK(MI): I agree, our club has an anual ice outing for the kids, and it's one of the best

outings we have

[21:30:55] lundman(Wi): i take my daughter out all the time

goes back to work after 3 Jan

[21:30:58] Captain Marty: kids are fun on the ice and watching them pull them in

[21:31:00] Bassigan: Hi Buzz:-)

[21:31:49] Captain Marty: just read the other day where it seems fishing interest is dwindling a little,

we've got to as a group get that active again

[21:31:52] buzz(ont.): hello

[21:32:00] KeithK(MI): WE make it a real outing, hot dogs and hot chocolate on the ice for the kids. Rides

out on 4 weelers

[21:32:12] KeithK(MI): they love it

[21:32:46] Captain Marty: we watched the dog sled racers last year and caught walleye's at the same

time with several groups

[21:32:49] Bassigan: I'll drop you a line Capt

[21:33:18] buzz(ont.): hello Scott

[21:33:43] Captain Marty: eariler someone asked about Splake? Brook trout and lake trout hybrid

[21:33:54] Captain Marty: great to eat !!!!!!!!

[21:33:56] blane (wa): thanks

[21:34:16] golden (co): If someone wanted to get in touch with you about an "ice charter" how would they

do that Capt.?

[21:34:19] Captain Marty: we do a shore lunch on the ice for the guys at noon too

[21:34:22] Bassigan: I haven't seen splake since Ontario daays

[21:34:48] KeithK(MI): How are the perch doing on LB, are they down like in the rest of lake Mich.?

[21:34:51] Captain Marty: could e-mail me

[21:35:22] Bassigan: I'll E-Mail you

[21:35:26] Captain Marty: people could check out our site about charters-littlebaydenoc

[21:35:45] Bassigan: That's good too

[21:35:49] rabbit(wi): Are the splake still plentiful on the bay?

[21:36:05] Captain Marty: splake really are great fighters and the kids have fun - I do too!

[21:36:19] *** Sparky (nd-or) has joined Walleye Central

[21:36:37] Captain Marty: we caught lots of splake this last seaon up to about 7 pounds

[21:37:04] Bassigan: Hi Sparky:-)

[21:37:07] Captain Marty: the spring late ice is a favorite time to catching lots of splake too

[21:37:41] Bassigan: What do you use for splake??

[21:37:44] Captain Marty: south of the bay beyond Escanaba towards Stonington PT is good

[21:38:35] Captain Marty: small shiner minnows on jigs, FireEye Minnows by Northland Tackle worked

real good and pimples

[21:39:11] Bassigan: Are they in different areas than Eyes??

[21:39:31] Captain Marty: this is one of the greatest things about fishing the bay, it's a unique area


[21:39:55] Captain Marty: lot's of times we are catching splake with the walleye's

[21:40:19] *** Fishtale(MT) has left Walleye Central

[21:40:34] Bassigan: Hey Capt.. I'm lookin' for a place to retire...what do you think??

[21:40:36] Captain Marty: we have to remember this is a Great Lakes fishery and throughout noted for

trout and salmon

[21:41:05] Captain Marty: it's a great place indeed and you

[21:41:19] Captain Marty: would be happy!

[21:43:01] Captain Marty: Well we have covered lots of water(ice) tonight any other quick questions

[21:43:49] golden (co): I think you have done a great job Capt. and I would like to thank you for the time

and information you have contributed

[21:43:56] KeithK(MI): Thank's a lot Capt Marty for all the info

[21:44:00] blane (wa): thanks cap, i learned a lot just watching

[21:44:04] ebijack (mi): thanks marty

[21:44:10] Eyeman (IN): Thanks Capt.

[21:44:12] lundman(Wi): want to thank you for spending time with us, and thanks for all the tips

[21:44:21] ZachB(MN): thanks Marty

[21:44:45] Bassigan: It was good Capt I'll E-mail ya

[21:44:45] rabbit(wi): Thanks for all the info, Marty

[21:45:04] golden (co): For anyone that wants to contact Marty, he is listed on the site under the pro

page and the fishing report page also

[21:45:13] Captain Marty: I very much want to do this again and I think it's important to keep learning

everyday we are on the water

[21:45:31] Bassigan: Thaanks Golden

[21:45:41] golden (co): We'll certainly let you do it again, no problem. Just let me know when.

[21:45:42] Flip: Thanks Marty!

[21:45:52] KeithK(MI): Thanks, see ya all later

[21:45:55] *** KeithK(MI) has left Walleye Central

[21:46:02] lundman(Wi): thanks to scott we have a place we can learn off the water

[21:46:04] Eyeman (IN): bye Keith

[21:46:18] Eyeman (IN): :-}

[21:46:25] Captain Marty: I think we all should be thankful to have the time to fish and enjoy being part of this group

[21:46:30] blane (wa): and something to do when we are not fishing

[21:46:51] golden (co): But, we do have fishing tourneys coming up!

[21:47:03] lundman(Wi): ok, thats enough mushy stuff

[21:47:13] Sparky (nd-or): New Years day pre-fish?

[21:47:24] Captain Marty: I working on a article that's talking about landing net's vs. inter"nets"

[21:47:29] blane (wa): I'll be there

[21:47:39] Captain Marty: learning about fishing

[21:47:45] rabbit(wi): Marty, have a great NEW YEAR

[21:47:48] Eyeman (IN): we all need to keep learning Marty

[21:49:08] Captain Marty: too each and everyone of you a Happy Ne w Year and to some of the biggest

fish catches in the new year! It's time to say Thanks again to you Scott and everyone!


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