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Marty Papke Chat 5/19/99
[20:19:39] Capt. Marty: we've been using the Frenzy Crankbaits with some good success, 
[20:19:40] Drift'r: that sounds like a great place for us guys in smaller boats
[20:19:59] Capt. Marty: it's usually always fishable somewhere
[20:20:25] Jabswitch: I've gotten away with a twelve footer at times.
[20:20:49] Capt. Marty: many boats out there right now are 14 and 16 footers'
[20:21:18] Drift'r: lake ontario is alot like that
[20:21:53] Drift'r: id the lake deep
[20:36:36] Ranger: Do you ever hook the leech through the middle of the body when slipfloating
[20:36:48] Capt. Marty: yes more action
[20:37:14] ScottofIll: slip floats on what type of structure, captain
[20:37:33] Capt. Marty: rocky reefs, over the weedbeds
[20:37:55] gilman: Capt. I didn't see there you are from
[20:38:12] ScottofIll: you using Thill Floats?  If so, what size and type  
[20:38:12] Capt. Marty: I 
[20:38:37] lar: Marty, whats one of the better lighted slipfloats on the marker that you have used?
[20:40:02] Capt. Marty: I use thill floats and attach calimin sticks, but something, can't think of the name right now are good too with the batteries
[20:40:17] Ranger: Capt Marty i missed @ what you do are you a guide or tournament player
[20:40:20] gilman: is that in Sag.Bay
[20:40:55] Capt. Marty: charter captain on the great lakes of little and big bay de noc as well as the southern lake michigan shorelines
[20:42:00] Capt. Marty: no problem ranger my fingers are getting tired too!
[20:42:04] Jabswitch: When do smallmouth open & what's your favorite method?
[20:42:23] Capt. Marty: memorial day weekend bass season opens and what fun that it
[20:43:02] Ranger: What are power tubes
[20:43:04] canuck: do you favor cold overcast days are hot sunny days for walleye which condition do you favor
[20:43:13] Capt. Marty: Berkley's Power Baits
[20:43:18] Bull: what other species r there????
[20:43:20] Captain Buckets: hey marty where do you fish out of ?
[20:43:21] gilman: ever try any yamamoto's
[20:43:26] harley: does anyone know what launch site is for the houghton lake mwt tourney
[20:43:39] Capt. Marty: I always like cloudy days, better fishing it seems using Power Tubes
[20:44:02] Capt. Marty: little and big bay de noc
[20:44:40] Capt. Marty: we trailer our boats keeping us mobile and finding fish
[20:44:45] Drift'r: are there any more questions for our host
[20:45:08] Captain Buckets: what kind of boat do you run marty
[20:45:09] Bull: what r the other types of fish on the bays????
[20:45:10] Capt. Marty: we've got a website: 
[20:45:33] Jabswitch: great website, Capt.
[20:45:42] cambo: I wish I had the time and knowledge of alot of these guys.Does everyone else dream of being a pro too?
[20:45:44] Capt. Marty: Alumacraft 195 tournament pro, mercury 150 opti-max
[20:46:00] Captain Buckets: ok how many guys do you run on it ?
[20:46:06] Ranger: Capt. marty do you ever put skirts on your jigs and tip them with minnows or do you think it makes the bait too big and slugish
[20:46:16] Captain Buckets: do you have to have a coast guard license there
[20:46:35] Capt. Marty: it's hard work cambo and each day I learn something, I really enjoy my job and working and fishing with all my clients'
[20:47:09] canuck: do you use the new tournement strength power bait designed for walleye
[20:47:10] Capt. Marty: we will bulk up jigs, slower drops sometimes bigger fish
[20:47:39] lar: marty, have you had any success using rattles on jigs?
[20:47:40] Capt. Marty: yes we do use the tourney strength power bait
[20:48:30] Drift'r: thats hard stuff to find Marty
[20:48:30] Capt. Marty: Buckshot rattle jigs by northland have been on all our jigs the past 5 days
[20:49:27] lar: thanks & good fishing
[20:49:35] Bull: do u fish for anyhthing besides walleye and smallmouth...i.e pike or musky??
[20:49:55] Capt. Marty: I also work with a group of great guys, our group is Fishing The Midwest with Bob Jensen, my thanks to Bob for all the great help and being part of his gorup, our goal is also promoting and teaching fishing
[20:50:30] Capt. Marty: big northern pike in the bays here too, lot's of fun using spinnerbaits over the weedbeds and also livebait
[20:51:14] Drift'r: We would like to Thank Capt. Marty Papke for a great chat!!!!!!!!!
[20:51:15] gilman: bad weather lately
[20:51:24] canuck: not as big as here i bet capt.
[20:51:30] Drift'r: thanks Marty!!!!!!
[20:51:32] gilman: thank CAPY
[20:51:43] Drift'r: what was your web site again
[20:51:49] Jabswitch: See ya on the website.
[20:51:50] canuck: thanks capt.
[20:51:52] Bull: thanks capt good luck in your future!!!!!!
[20:51:52] Ranger: Thanks again Capt. Marty!!!!!!
[20:51:52] mm(ON): clap,clap,clap
[20:51:53] Airwave(OH): Looks like I missed him
[20:51:54] Capt. Marty: I want to thank all of you and your questions and hope to see you fishing the water we call home, Little and Big Bay de Noc!
[20:52:02] bob: I don't have a kicker. in idle I'm at 2-2.5mph. is that to fast
[20:52:21] Bull: use a bag bob i dont have one either
[20:52:39] Bull: get down to about 1.2
[20:53:28] Jabswitch: at night faster with rapalas works great!
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