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Mike Peluso 1/5/00
[19:57:47] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight..MIKE PELUSO   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:57:56] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
[19:57:58] ebijack: clap clap clap 
[19:58:01] eyefish(mi): Welcome Mike
[19:58:03] eyetaker: yeah yeah
[19:58:05] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap...
[19:58:21] RichardM(AB): clap clap clap
[19:58:25] Katrice: clap, clap clap clap ! 
[19:58:27] curt-t-o: welcome mike
[19:58:32] ebijack: mike, how about starting us off with some info about you
[19:58:35] shadowman: yippee
[19:58:35] Drift'r: welcome Mike
[19:58:53] JimStolpa: Mike what do you think about that all gal MWC Team?
[19:59:10] Mike Peluso: I am from Bismarck ND I have been playing hockey and
fishing since I was knee high to a grasshopper!
[19:59:47] Mike Peluso: I think it's great that the ladies want to compete
[19:59:49] Juls (WI): who are some of your sponsors this year mike and what trail are
you going to fish?
[19:59:57] Mike Peluso: I believe so
[20:00:45] Mike Peluso: PTW sponsors include ranger shimano lindy RAM Yamaha
Jeff's rods, Coke Oakley Sunglasses
[20:00:52] Mike Peluso: That's just a few
[20:01:20] NoDak: what boat 619 or 620
[20:01:23] Juls (WI): you have a webpage donít you mike? want to give the addy? lots
of good tips there..been watching it
[20:01:28] Mike Peluso: I would like to clarify that I am not going to fish the PWT
because of hockey schedule
[20:01:30] shadowman: mike p if your fishin eyes on a river below a dam any key
locations to try
[20:01:44] Mike Peluso: 619
[20:01:52] eyetaker: nice boat
[20:01:56] ebijack: mike, what is your preferred method of fishing tourney's
[20:02:09] Mike Peluso: Jigs and live bait
[20:02:28] Mike Peluso: Below the dams I like to find wing walls to start
[20:02:35] JimStolpa: Mike are you attending or presenting at the walleye institute this year? 
[20:02:49] Mike Peluso: No I am sorry to say I am not
[20:03:26] rlelvis: mike,  ever fish Eastern Ontario or St Lawrence river
[20:03:35] ebijack: mike how many years have you been tourney fishing
[20:03:37] Mike Peluso: not yet but I hope to
[20:03:58] Mike Peluso: I have been fishing in tourneys for about 8 years
[20:04:13] Jenn_WI: which ones are you fishing this year
[20:04:39] Mike Peluso: I will be fishing the PTW west and Mercury events along with
some local ND events
[20:04:44] Dusty(ND): Mike, will I be fishing against you in any ND tourneys this
[20:04:53] Mike Peluso: Sounds good!
[20:05:09] Mike Peluso: Should be another banner year in the ND
[20:05:40] shadowman: mike p do you do any backtrolling and what do you look for
[20:05:43] JimStolpa: Mike..there have been many posts re: What is a pro? Your thoughts....
[20:06:14] Mike Peluso: A pro is someone that represents himself well on and off the
the water!
[20:06:26] shadowman: amen
[20:06:32] Mike Peluso: Backtrolling and what do I look for?
[20:07:06] #1 saugeye: Mike, have you fished Fort Peck before?
[20:07:17] shadowman: structure
[20:07:33] Mike Peluso: I have and I think it is an unbelievable body of water!  HUGE
[20:07:50] NoDak: mike are going to be on fishing buddy next year?
[20:08:03] Mike Peluso: I hope to be with them a long time
[20:08:17] Mike Peluso: I will soon have a page here at walleye central!
[20:08:21] #1 saugeye: We're looking forward to having the PWT here again this year
[20:08:47] TerryMac: at Peck   
[20:08:51] Mike Peluso: Should be alot of big walleyes caught! Maybe the record will fall
[20:08:56] RichardM(AB): looking forward to be there #1
[20:08:57] ebijack: mike, what's more exciting to you.. a good hockey game or a big
bag of fish at the weigh-in :)
[20:09:05] Jenn_WI: lol
[20:09:06] TerryMac: hehe
[20:09:20] Bigfoot: beating McClelland
[20:09:24] Mike Peluso: I tell you they are equal to me at the time of the event
[20:09:29] Juls (WI): LOL
[20:09:30] Mike Peluso: hehehehehehhehe
[20:09:31] Mahumba: Ha Ha! Bigfoot!
[20:09:43] eyetaker: snicker
[20:09:56] Bigfoot: inside joke
[20:10:04] Mike Peluso:  like it Bigfoot
[20:10:16] ebijack: mike, do you do any fishing shows?
[20:10:26] Mike Peluso: Foot has taught me a lot on and off the water
[20:10:36] Den: good teacher
[20:10:43] NoDak: do you know if pwt will ever come to SAK
[20:10:47] Juls (WI): the best
[20:10:51] Mike Peluso: Not yet, I hope to some day after my hockey is over
[20:11:08] Mike Peluso: Not sure??
[20:11:22] Juls (WI): how many more years do you think you have left in hockey?
[20:11:26] ebijack: mike, what would it take to make you go full time pro on walleye tourney's
[20:11:29] Mike Peluso: I do some kids stuff in the summer
[20:11:42] eyefish(mi): good man
[20:11:55] Juls (WI): admirable..;-)
[20:12:02] Mike Peluso: When I am retired from playing hockey. I hope to have a lot of
years left in hockey though!
[20:12:09] Den: the future of fishing--kids
[20:12:38] Mike Peluso: The future in fishing is kids! We need to take them! My dad
always did
[20:12:54] Hobo: How is hockey going mike?
[20:12:54] shadowman: mike p if you could give me one tip to make me a better eye
man what would it be?
[20:13:00] Den: well stated mike
[20:13:10] Mike Peluso: Pay close attention to details!
[20:13:17] eyefish(mi): If you take your kids long enough...some day they will take you
[20:13:27] JimStolpa: You said it Kids..we have 15yr old in our club for the last 8 years.
He fishes circles around half of us.
[20:13:28] Mike Peluso: The smallest things could mean huge results
[20:13:35] shadowman: thanks
[20:14:04] Mike Peluso: A future great! Never discourage a kid that loves to enjoy the
[20:14:12] ebijack: mike, do you use any of the superlines?
[20:14:17] shadowman: amen
[20:14:30] Mike Peluso: No I am a Mono guy!
[20:14:42] Mike Peluso: quick and easy for me
[20:14:55] curt-t-o: whats the best mono
[20:15:23] fish-alot (ND): mike whats your go to tactics on sak during mid summer
[20:15:31] Mike Peluso: I use Berkley, stren and silver thread
[20:15:43] eyefish(mi): Mikie my son wants to know what Team you play for
[20:15:47] curt-t-o: hi vis
[20:15:49] eyefish(mi): Mike
[20:15:49] Mike Peluso: Cover a lot of water with either cranks or spinners
[20:16:24] Mike Peluso: Portland Pirates  #1 farm team of the Washington Capitals
[20:16:29] Hobo: How's the hockey going, in a few lines?
[20:16:45] Costa: Mike,What method do you use if walleye is inactive? Thanks
[20:16:59] Mike Peluso: It is going really good at the moment! We have a great bunch
of guys and an excellent coach!
[20:17:14] Mike Peluso: Lindy rigs
[20:17:31] Mike Peluso: or I drag really small fuzzy grubs
[20:17:36] ebijack: mike, do you drift more or troll more using lindy rigs
[20:17:42] Hobo: are you close to the call up again?
[20:17:53] Mike Peluso: I do both depending on the situation
[20:18:04] Mike Peluso: I hope I am close
[20:18:38] shadowman: mike how long a leader on lindy rig
[20:18:47] Den: Mike, do you like night fishing for eyes?
[20:18:48] Costa: Mike And for jigging?
[20:19:06] Mike Peluso: I usually start fairly short around 1 foot to 2 foot
[20:19:21] NoDak: what is your favorite color reef-runner for sak
[20:19:26] Mike Peluso: I have night fished for them, I prefer to do it during the day
[20:19:42] Mike Peluso: Clown and fire tiger
[20:20:21] Mike Peluso: What was the jigging ???
[20:20:23] Den: lotsa fun, and learn a lot at night too
[20:20:53] Mike Peluso: Tell me about it!
[20:21:03] JimStolpa: Mike..what cold weather gear do you use?
[20:21:23] Mike Peluso: Cold weather gear as far as?
[20:21:28] Den: learn more about their reactions at night
[20:21:53] Den: helps for daytime fishing
[20:21:54] JimStolpa: Rain gear type & special coveralls?
[20:21:57] Mike Peluso: True, you can learn a lot about walleyes at night!
[20:21:57] Costa: What jigging method  do you use if walleye is inactive?
[20:22:12] curt-t-o: how about rivers high
[20:22:21] shadowman: mike what do you think about light at night
[20:22:23] Mike Peluso: I have a couple different kinds, Browning, Columbia, and Stren
[20:22:36] rlelvis: Mike, open water midsummer fish suspended 15 to 25 and scattered,
what is your approach?
[20:22:49] Mike Peluso: I will use the bump the bottom and hold the jig only inches from
the bottom.
[20:23:01] Mike Peluso: Reef runners!
[20:23:53] Mike Peluso: When jigging like this I will keep the jig just off the bottom for a
long time before they bite
[20:23:56] ebijack: mike, when you stop playing hockey, do you think you'd fish the pwt events?
[20:24:00] Den: any certain color??
[20:24:10] Mike Peluso: Most certainly!
[20:24:12] fish'n fool: mike have been getting a lot of small fish at the dams where
would you look for the bigger fish?
[20:24:25] Mike Peluso: Color for the cranks or jigs
[20:24:34] Den: reef runners
[20:24:48] Bigfoot: Bombers
[20:24:52] Mike Peluso: Downstream, just off the first current break
[20:25:01] curt-t-o: how about sand bars on rivers
[20:25:04] Sheila: Hey Mike, how soon do you get to really go at the fishing after
hockey season. Are you in there for the 1st spawn?
[20:25:21] shadowman: mike what is your ace in the hole method for takin eyes
[20:25:34] Mike Peluso: Sometimes, this year I would suspect a shorter fishing season.
[20:25:49] Sheila: like what
[20:25:50] Mike Peluso: Fuzzy grub and a minnow
[20:26:16] Mike Peluso: Sand Bars on the river are my favorite!
[20:26:23] JimStolpa: Mike how do you feel about scents?
[20:26:24] Dusty(ND): Mike...what's your trick to fishing the Missouri near Bismarck
during high, muddy water conditions?
[20:26:39] Mike Peluso: I use them to cover my own!
[20:27:00] Mike Peluso: I look for creek channels and back waters
[20:27:07] curt-t-o: whats the the best bars?
[20:27:11] eyefish(mi): whats your favorite scent Mike
[20:27:21] Back-up: Milke have you ever gone fishing at the Pavillion
[20:27:26] JimStolpa: I typically use scents on live bait..what about cranks?
[20:27:29] Mike Peluso: Look for  sand bars with reduced current and some deep
water at the end
[20:27:41] Mike Peluso: I have used it there too
[20:27:59] Mike Peluso: No fish at the Pavillion!
[20:28:07] fish-alot (ND): mike: have you had a 619 on the water yet
[20:28:17] Mike Peluso: Not yet!
[20:28:28] Dusty(ND): Mike...what stretch of the Missouri is your favorite?
[20:28:29] Mike Peluso: I am excited about this boat though
[20:28:39] Walleye-Stuff: Mike what do you know about Lake Erie
[20:28:46] Mike Peluso: Sibley down to the Dessert
[20:28:58] Mike Peluso: A lot of big walleyes!
[20:29:59] ebijack: mike, how much time do you spend working on getting new sponsors
[20:30:14] Mike Peluso: I spend a lot of my free time doing this
[20:30:25] Sheila: Mike, I'm sorry to ask (if repeat) - what boat do you run?
[20:30:40] Mike Peluso: I will be running a 619 Ranger
[20:30:47] eyefish(mi): Mike maybe I missed it ...But what is your favorite scent
[20:30:52] TerryMac: W/  Yamaha, Mike?
[20:30:56] Mike Peluso: Yes
[20:30:59] Sheila: the cadillac, i see
[20:31:09] Mike Peluso: Favorite scents are the berkley ones
[20:31:20] Sheila: liked that TMac
[20:31:23] Mike Peluso: Perfect set up!
[20:31:42] Back-up: Mike what is your favorite lure for walleye
[20:31:51] Mike Peluso: Scott and Marty Glorvigens got into Yamaha
[20:32:07] Mike Peluso: Fuzzy Grubs
[20:32:12] Costa: Mike, Russian pros consider what color of lure doesn't have big aim.
First is presentation. Do you think so? Thanks.
[20:32:34] Mike Peluso: Yes
[20:33:39] shadowman: what size fuzzy grub do you like
[20:33:54] Mike Peluso: 1/8oz and the 1/4 are my personal favs
[20:33:57] ebijack: mike, do you know if yamaha will have sponsor trailers at the mwc
etc events?
[20:34:26] Mike Peluso: That's a good ? I believe they are going to try and cover more
[20:34:27] Juls (WI): Mike you have some good tips on your web page...why dont you
give the addy for that....
[20:35:06] Mike Peluso: I will have a new page here at walleye central
[20:35:13] Juls (WI): cool
[20:35:24] shadowman: amen
[20:35:33] Mike Peluso: Pretty much the same format Juls
[20:35:49] Juls (WI): just saw your new format...liked it
[20:35:52] ebijack: mike, do you run both yami main and kicker? and what for a electric
trolling motor
[20:35:57] Mike Peluso: Thank you
[20:36:02] shadowman: mike p do you do a lot of river fishin
[20:36:15] Mike Peluso: Yes and I run Pinpoint trolling motors
[20:36:33] Mike Peluso: I spend a lot of time on rivers yes
[20:36:55] eyefish(mi): How do you like the Pinpoint Ive heard they have had some
minor problems Mike
[20:37:16] shadowman: what are your first spots to hit
[20:37:20] Mike Peluso: Minor problems are being taken care of 
[20:37:20] Juls (WI): are you going to be fishing the Merc National this year mike?
[20:37:29] TerryMac: Yamaha
[20:37:40] Mike Peluso: First spots where?
[20:37:55] Mike Peluso: I love the pinpoint it is the best system out there!
[20:38:01] shadowman: on rivers any certain areas
[20:38:11] Mike Peluso: yes
[20:38:34] Mike Peluso: Bends in the river and creek areas are good for starters
[20:38:46] Mandi: Mike I enjoyed reading your fishing tips column in the Jan. issue of
Dakota Country Magazine. Are you planning on writing more for them?
[20:38:46] ebijack: mike, do you do alot of research on your tourney sites by using the
[20:38:48] Back-up: Mike what kind of rod do you fish
[20:39:10] Mike Peluso: I will be on staff for hopefully a long time!
[20:39:42] Mike Peluso: Shimano rods, G loomis and Jeff's Custom rods
[20:40:14] Mike Peluso: I use the internet for a lot of research!  It is a great way to go!
[20:40:33] ebijack: mike, what kind of records do you keep about old tourney fishing waters
[20:40:47] eyefish(mi): Mike a little more on Pinpoint... do you use their graphs and how
do you like them
[20:41:18] Mike Peluso: I don't forget a thing when it comes to fishing. I don't want to
brag but my mind is like a steel trap when it comes to fishing
[20:41:37] ebijack: you mean it never rusts?   :)
[20:41:41] Juls (WI): lol
[20:41:45] eyefish(mi): lol
[20:41:48] rlelvis: we should al be so lucky
[20:41:49] Den: age!!!!
[20:41:51] TerryMac: Mine too  just  a real small trap
[20:41:54] Mike Peluso: I do use there graphs and I truly feel they are the best out there
[20:42:00] JimO: My mind used to be like a steel trap but i can't remember when that was?
[20:42:12] Mike Peluso: hehehehehehe
[20:42:18] JimStolpa: stainless steel 409 hahaha
[20:42:20] ebijack: :)
[20:42:27] Back-up: My mind was good but the beer erased that
[20:42:44] Katrice: Hey Mike,  do you just go to walleye tourneys?
[20:42:52] Mike Peluso: I wish you could talk to my dad and ask him to tell you a few
stories about remembering fishing stuff. I scare him sometimes
[20:43:06] ebijack: mike, what so far has been your biggest thrill in any of the tourney's
you've fished
[20:43:09] Mike Peluso: I am just a walleye guy
[20:43:16] TerryMac: Kids scare their Dads  a lot
[20:43:19] JimO: Mike, how about your take on Pinpoint being bought by Motorguide?
Good for the product?
[20:44:00] Mike Peluso: Getting to fish against guys like Bigfoot, Mac, The twins
[20:44:02] Den: right tm, so do the grandkids
[20:44:18] Mike Peluso: I think so!
[20:45:11] Mike Peluso: It will be a bigger operation and if you are to combine these
two, can you imagine what kind of product they will come out with
[20:45:14] TerryMac: Mike   which Yammy you running?
[20:45:20] eyefish(mi): Mike what effect ..if any do you fell it will have on Pinpoints quality
[20:45:25] Hobo: mike make a prediction. when will we see you with the Caps?
[20:45:28] Mike Peluso: 200 v-max
[20:45:39] TerryMac: 3.1  EFI   
[20:45:40] Mike Peluso: I hope sometime this year
[20:46:01] Back-up: Mike will make the caps if he drops another 15
[20:46:01] Mike Peluso: is that one better Terry?
[20:46:02] ebijack: mike, don't yami's have DFI?
[20:46:03] Hobo: Can't wait!
[20:46:11] Mike Peluso: hehehehehehehe
[20:46:17] TerryMac: Best........ok  EBI?
[20:46:27] Mike Peluso: I will look in to it
[20:46:44] ebijack: direct fuel injection...ficht..opti-max
[20:47:18] Todd_NE: Mike, what is on the horizon regarding new products that will be
seen predominately at the pro testing level this year?
[20:47:19] Hobo: way to go.
[20:47:23] JimO: Mike..it's gotta be tough breaking into the NHL. Lots of competition.
How difficult is it to get where you are now and ultimately to the CAPS?
[20:47:23] Mike Peluso: I got ripped off last game
[20:47:47] TerryMac: hehehe
[20:47:47] Hobo: Why?
[20:48:15] Mike Peluso: It is tough, People forget to remember how many people are
playing hockey these days. A lot of things go into it that is just to hard to explain
[20:48:42] Back-up: Mike when do you leave tommorow morniing
[20:48:56] TerryMac: Hang in there  We know youíve got what it takes, Mike
[20:48:59] Mike Peluso: Getting to where I am at now has been a great accomplishment
for me
[20:49:23] Mandi: Mike I'm impressed with your professionalism on and off the
ice/water! How to you balance work and fun? You seem to be focused ALL the time.
[20:49:28] Hobo: Will it help with the new teams?
[20:49:38] Mike Peluso: I believe so, I try to work as hard as I can. I don't want to be
sitting in a boat someday saying what if!
[20:49:42] JimO: We'll be pulling for you...and during tournaments too!
[20:49:55] Mike Peluso: thanks so much!
[20:49:59] eyefish(mi): Mike besides the physical aspects how would compare a
tournament to a hockey game
[20:50:09] Hobo: Lot's of time to fish. Go at it HARD.
[20:50:35] Mike Peluso: I try to stay focused and it can get tough sometimes
[20:50:37] Den: stay focused, and have fun
[20:50:40] Juls (WI): hey eyefish..he has written about 8 articles on that very
subject..look for them soon here at wc
[20:50:51] Mike Peluso: My philosophy exactly!
[20:50:54] eyefish(mi): thanks Juls
[20:50:58] Back-up: When does the bus leave
[20:51:08] Mike Peluso: 9:00 am
[20:51:47] Back-up: Beauty mike you are the greatest guy around , take care and
good luck
[20:51:47] ebijack: mike, have you found trolling to produce more fish in the tourney's
you fish than any other technique?
[20:51:53] Mike Peluso: I try to remain focused
[20:52:22] Mike Peluso: I feel that trolling at times can wipe out the live bait thing
[20:52:43] JimStolpa: Mike do you have an auto tilt/trim for the kicker? If so which one?
[20:53:05] Mike Peluso: I will usually try to cover both during pre fishing and determine
which one is more suitable for me at the time
[20:53:26] Mike Peluso: No i still operate it by hand
[20:54:02] TerryMac: He's young and strong, Jim
[20:54:06] Den: better control
[20:54:13] Dusty(ND): Mike...you ever use planer boards when trolling on the Missouri?
If so, what tricks do you have?
[20:54:16] Mike Peluso: thanks boys I think so
[20:54:27] Mike Peluso: Yes I do!
[20:55:00] JimStolpa: I was more referring to just raise and lower such as a panther
model 35 or Minn 5400 no steering involved.
[20:55:01] Mike Peluso: I try to use a board that has a swivel on it to keep it attached
to the line
[20:55:51] Mike Peluso: Planer boards on the river can be a very rewarding way to fish
if used properly
[20:56:04] Dusty(ND): you typically troll planers on the river on flats behind sandbars in
less current or do you troll in the main current?
[20:56:29] Mike Peluso: Both, but they work extremely well in those shallow sandbar areas
[20:57:06] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[20:57:20] Dusty(ND): what lures you usually pull behind them on the Missouri? Floating
cranks or shallow/deep runners??
[20:57:23] Mike Peluso: Go ahead keep asking I have alot of time
[20:57:28] Den: when are you coming to lake erie this year
[20:57:48] Mike Peluso: I like to run floating raps in those shallow areas
[20:58:10] TerryMac: When are you planning on getting to Glasgow for pre-fishing Ft
Peck, Mike?
[20:58:36] jumbojim: i take guys out in the Wisconsin river and troll planer boards from 8
to 1 ft deep diving #5 and & shad raps i make believers out of people awsome way to fish
[20:58:42] Mike Peluso: I will be showing up with Scott and Marty Glorvigen so
whenever they tell me they are going
[20:59:19] Mike Peluso: Those two guys keep me organized
[21:00:36] B.K. A.K.A. W&B: hey mike....did you fish the championship this year?
[21:02:05] ebijack: any more questions for our host tonight?
[21:02:08] Mike Peluso: I glad to see so many joined in tonight!
[21:02:21] TerryMac: Good Job  Mike
[21:02:24] Juls (WI): you did a great job mike!!!  thanks!
[21:02:25] gw(in): thank you mike - You are a class act!!
[21:02:26] Bigfoot: WE LOVE YA MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:02:28] Jenn_WI: thanks mike
[21:02:30] Juls (WI): ;-)
[21:02:30] Den: good job mike
[21:02:32] jumbojim: thanks mike
[21:02:33] Dusty(ND): What tourney's in ND are you looking at fishing this summer Mike?
[21:02:40] ebijack: I'd like to thank our host tonight..MIKE PELUSO!!!!!!
[21:02:41] Mike Peluso: Blushing!
[21:02:45] Todd_NE: tks mike
[21:02:50] Drift'r: THanks Mike !!!!!!!!!!
[21:02:51] #1 saugeye: Thanks Mike, great chat
[21:02:52] TerryMac: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay  clap  clap
[21:02:53] ebijack: clap clap clap
[21:02:54] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
[21:02:54] andy: good job
[21:02:58] JW(NY): Thanks Mike!
[21:02:58] eyefish(mi): Thanks Mike
[21:03:00] jumbojim: clap clap clap
[21:03:09] Mike Peluso: Wow did I score a goal??????????
[21:03:09] gw(in): clap clap clap clap
[21:03:16] Juls (WI): LOL
[21:03:24] Den: yep ,you sure did
[21:03:25] RichardM(AB): thanks Mike
[21:03:26] Mandi: Impressed!  You scored big!
[21:03:28] TerryMac: yeah  you scored big tonight
[21:03:52] Team Fisher: thanks Mike
[21:04:00] Pikeman(Sask): thnx mike
[21:04:01] eyetaker: GOAL!!!!! Mike
[21:04:08] Mike Peluso: No Problem I hope I can do it again sometime soon!
[21:04:09] donyar/mi: thanks Mike

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