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Mike Peluso Chat - 10-25-00

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, Please welcome tonight's guest, Mike, "Shoot the Puck" Peluso!!!!

Driftr-  Welcome Mike !!!!

chaunc-  kdog, my first yr. fishing lead core

Ristorapper-  clap clap clap

Driftr-  clap- clap clap

kdog-  welcome mike

Dave-  Hey Mike

Mike Peluso-  Thanks for everyone showing up

Jim Corey-  fished a Western Reserve Tourney there this spring and a Southern Ohio Walleye Club event

Busy Oh-  Slap away

chatman-  Tell us a little about your life in the real world,, Mike

Mike Peluso-  Fire away with questions and I will see if I can help

Jim Corey-  hey, my first year for it too

Mike Peluso-  Well I am a hockey player during the winter and a walleye fishermen in the summer

Mike Peluso-  I have dedicated my entire life to this

Dave-  How do you find the time for two careers?

chatman-  either way, sounds like it would be easy to do worse! LOL....

Mike Peluso-  I can't think of anything else I would rather do

kdog-  do you have a favorite presentation mike

chaunc-  where do you do most of your fishin mike?

Mike Peluso-  I think my favorite would be a fuzz-e grub and jig combo

Mike Peluso-  I spend a lot of my time on the Missouri River and Lake Sakakawea

Mike Peluso-  I feel both hockey and fishing help each other out

chatman-  Both near your home?

Ristorapper-  scale of 1 to 10 how did your fishing tournaments go overall this summer

chaunc-  how's that?

Mike Peluso-  During the off season I spend my time fishing and working out and during the winter we have a lot of free time to do fishing things as well

Mike Peluso-  yes I live in Bismarck ND in the summer

speedtroller-  hey mike ya ever fish voyagers national park if so what did you think of it?

Mike Peluso-  I did awhile back and thought it was incredible

kdog-  mike what tourneys do you fish

Mike Peluso-  I used to fish NAWA and when they folded I went and fished PTW

chaunc-  tell us about your best day on the water this year

speedtroller-  what lake at voyagers did you mainly fish?

Mike Peluso-  I had a great day on the water on Lake Sakakawea during a regular day of fishing

Mike Peluso-  simply incredible with numbers and size

kdog-  your a great rule model for our younger anglers who also r into sports

chatman-  Those days are nice, whenever you get them...

Mike Peluso-  Tell you the truth I can't remember the names. I was to breath taken to even pay attention

Mike Peluso-  I agree

Busy Oh-  Thanks for the Chat Mike,, Have to go ,Look us up when you come to Erie again

Mike Peluso-  I love to reflect back on those days during tough times away at hockey

Mike Peluso-  I will thanks for stopping in!

speedtroller-  what is your thoughts on the MN Wild?

Mike Peluso-  I think it will take a little bit to get good solid team

speedtroller-  I sure hope they work out

Ristorapper-  MN avid fan base will help team along

Mike Peluso-  should

chatman-  Can you tell us a little about your rig, Mike?

chatman-  What do you run, and who are your sponsors....

Mike Peluso-  my boat is a 620 Ranger with every toy imaginable

Mike Peluso-  I ran Mercury outboards and Pinpoint electronics

Jim Corey-  Yep, I'm jealous

Ristorapper-  Are you running Merc next year heard a rumor not??

Driftr-  Mike, do you run an Opti?

Mike Peluso-  I have quit a few sponsors, I will start with some of the bigger ones. Ranger, Coke, Lindy, Pinpoint, Oakley, JNB,

Mike Peluso-  I might not depending on a contract thing with another company

Mike Peluso-  Yes I did

Mike Peluso-  It was very good on gas

kdog-  what do you get out of a sponsor like coke mike..free pop?

chaunc-  how long have you been playing hockey?

Driftr-  how is performance compared to EFI?

Mike Peluso-  No Coke is a cash sponsor

chatman-  LOL kdog...

Ristorapper-  you said your rig is still for sale Mike?

kdog-  gotcha

EyeBoy-  Mike-  the finest kind.

Mike Peluso-  I think the opti out performed the efi in every area

Mike Peluso-  yes it is for sale

Driftr-  that is goo to know

Driftr-  good

Mike Peluso-  It is actually on display at Moritz Marine in Bismarck'

Ristorapper-  she's a beaut!

Mike Peluso-  I love it! I will be in one exactly like it again

chatman-  Top speed is a little different, leaning towards the efi over the opti, but I think the Opti superior in every other aspect as well

Mike Peluso-  The opti was about 40% better on fuel

Ristorapper-  you must know Jade Seibel then from Moritz went to school with him

Mike Peluso-  I agree

Driftr-  WOW , that is allot of fuel too!!

Mike Peluso-  nice guy!

Mike Peluso-  I really noticed the difference from the 175 efi to the 225 opti

chatman-  Did you find you spent about the same amount in gas and oil between the two?

Mike Peluso-  They were pretty similar

Ristorapper-  did you get a good test on the pros pointer bottom bouncer while on Sakakawea this year mike?

Mike Peluso-  I really didn't notice a big difference

chatman-  I thought that was absolutely amazing, I went from a 150 EFI to the 225 Opti and was very close in consumption, if I stayed off the hammer

Mike Peluso-  Yes I did. They worked really well!

Mike Peluso-  that is what needs to be done. Back off some and watch the difference

Dusty(ND);-  you do any fishing out east Mike?

Mike Peluso-  the Clip on bottom bouncers saved me a ton of time

chatman-  Ya but I used to fish Bass tourneys, I still have two speeds, W.O.T. and stop!!!

Mike Peluso-  I really don't I spend all of my time playing and studying walleyes

Mike Peluso-  lol

Juls-  What circuits will you be fishing next year Mike..sorry if this was asked already..- -)

kdog-  I think all tourney fisherman know those speeds well,lol

Mike Peluso-  I may fish a couple PWT and I am waiting to see what happens with the RCL stuff

Mike Peluso-  lol

Mike Peluso-  yes we do, time is very crucial

Ristorapper-  Sak PWT mike?

chatman-  Did you fish the RCL Mike?

Mike Peluso-  yes

Juls-  cool...will be neat to see you fishing against/with your friends...- -)

kdog-  mike do you think walleye tourneys will ever get as big as bass tourneys??/

Mike Peluso-  I qualified a bunch of times but hockey got in the way

Mike Peluso-  yes it will

Ristorapper-  will toss in an application for that one too!

Mike Peluso-  cool

Mike Peluso-  should be a great event on a great body of water

Mike Peluso-  I think they will in time

Ristorapper-  can't wait will be up there as an amateur or spectator/volunteer

Mike Peluso-  I am seeing walleye fishing growing in leaps and bounds. We have some good people doing the right things to make it bigger

kdog-  bass being so prevalent in so many waters,

Mike Peluso-  Bass is still king but walleyes guys and gals are making a big splash

Jim Corey-  Yep

Ristorapper-  your buddy Mr. Glorvigan won the RCL any comments?

Mike Peluso-  We need to keep promoting fishing to all ages and everyone who can get involved

kdog-  I like all the different presentations and gadgets that go along with walleye fishing

Chad Fitterer-  I live in the Red River Valley, are there any places to fish walleye around here?

Mike Peluso-  Walleyes are a way of life to many people and it should be to many more

chatman-  I like seeing the walleye tourneys having so any young people and women fishing, not something you see in some other tournament circles

Mike Peluso-  Awesome that Scott won! He deserved it

Mike Peluso-  The red river has huge walleyes in it

Juls-  Mike how did your hockey school go this summer?

Mike Peluso-  it went well with a ton of kids involved. Many of them travel in with parents and pull the boat with them

kdog-  in my experience walleye guys are more open to help one another, compared to our bass cousins

Mike Peluso-  it is a great deal for everyone

Mike Peluso-  Leech is an awesome lake

Tom (Mich)-  That may change if the $$ get as big as the bass circuit

Mike Peluso-  Walleye people are great!

Jim Corey-  well,g'nite all. Nice chatting with you. Thanks for all your info Mike

Juls-  - -)...agree Mike

kdog-  I here that

Mike Peluso-  I agree, money is where it is at and walleye people are making the right strides

Gofish-leechlake-  Hi Mike , I meet you at the landing on the south shore just after the team tourney.

Ristorapper-  running pinpoint again next year mike?

Mike Peluso-  How are you

Mike Peluso-  I sure will Pinpoint is one of my favorites

kdog-  is pinpoint coming out with gps??

chairman-  Good mike red wings 2 Tampa 0 end of 1

Mike Peluso-  always fishing somewhere

Ristorapper-  this fall supposedly

Mike Peluso-  They have been talking about a GPS for awhile and to tell you the truth it has been a little quiet

kdog-  lol

Mike Peluso-  I think Pinpoint will and when they do it will be very good

Mike Peluso-  I think they are taking there time to make sure it is a top notch product

kdog-  I'm sure it will be worth waiting for

Gofish-leechlake-  Mike is there any tourneys on Leech this year ? (other then the Mercury)

Mike Peluso-  I think it will

Mike Peluso-  I have not heard yet. I hope so! I have done well on that body of water

Gofish-leechlake-  My name is Tom Wilson and Rick Arolla Introduced us.

Juls-  since I was late getting back in here Mike...can you give a listing of your sponsors again? I'm sure others missed it too?

Mike Peluso-  Yes you were running a Warrior

kdog-  mike is the pwt coming back to Erie next year??

chaunc-  mike ever fish any waters in western Pa.?

Gofish-leechlake-  No , I was loading my Alumacraft while you were wiping down your ranger

Mike Peluso-  You bet, Ranger, Pinpoint, Lindy, Shimano, Oakley, Coke, JNB, Live Tech, Conoco are a few

Ristorapper-  steel trap is at work right mike??

Juls-  nice catch Mike...wink! thanks

Mike Peluso-  lol

Mike Peluso-  Yes I remember now, you guide?

kdog-  I would think that would be a annual stop, since so many big fish are caught there

Gofish-leechlake-  yes

Dusty(ND);-  Mike, are you doing "Peluso's Pointers" again next year on KX12?

Mike Peluso-  I have yet to fish around PA

kdog-  Erie that is

Juls-  cool..what is that mike..the TV gig? or radio?

blondie-  No deer, skunked again,

Juls-  lol chad

Ristorapper-  tv

Mike Peluso-  Yes I will. It was very successful last summer and they have asked me back

Mike Peluso-  TV

Ristorapper-  great!

Mike Peluso-  I hope you liked it?

kdog-  I'm all about that

Mike Peluso-  lol

Sheila-  Mike - hi guy. Question: are you putting the pen in action (more stories) now that you're back in hockey?

Tom (Mich)-  Anyone carry that show in Michigan?

Sheila-  walleye writing (of course)

Mike Peluso-  hello'

Mike Peluso-  I will be writing stuff all winter long

Sheila-  I would imagine you have much to write after successful fishing season!

chairman-  With you in a ranger now, we need another RCL eh?

Ristorapper-  Any chance of getting a copy of your KX 12 pointers Mike if I talk to the TV station Really need a copy of the one on how to hook minnows for pitching with jigs

Mike Peluso-  It was a very good season on the water. I had some good finishes

Brad/nd-  Did you spend much time on Sakakawea this year? Any big fish?

Mike Peluso-  That is a good question? I guess I could just get you in the boat next summer and show you

Ristorapper-  Was pitching jigs down at Moffit last week did well but went through a lot of minnows

Mike Peluso-  I spent a ton of time on Sak. Best year ever! * pounds was the biggest

Ristorapper-  sounds good!

Mike Peluso-  lol

Mike Peluso-  I think we could use a couple of RCL a year! Great event for walleye fishing

Mike Peluso-  8 pounds on the biggest at Sakakawea

Sheila-  Yeah, in middle of summer!

kdog-  id like to see the RCL out of Erie

chairman-  I sure enjoyed it, looking forward to a circuit

clip-on-  hope we will know what's going on with RCL after Nov. 15

Juls-  I'm sure they will be there kdog...

chairman-  If they have a tour I bet you will

Mike Peluso-  That is what I am waiting to see if it happens. I need to be kind of selective on what tourneys I can fish because of hockey

Mike Peluso-  You bet I will

Steve@livebait tech-  Hi Mike, received your e-mail

Mike Peluso-  cool

Steve@livebait tech-  Mike, How's fishing?

Mike Peluso-  For those of you who don't know Steve is with Live Bait Technologies

bear-  huh?

Tom (Mich)-  What exactly is Live Bait Technologies?

Mike Peluso-  They have kinds of great products that have made fishing walleye easier and more enjoyable. Not to mention saved my butt in a tournament this summer

MCKOZ-  Mike, where is home and do you get to fish a lake regularly?

Sheila-  What saved your butt?

Mike Peluso-  Steve go ahead and answer Toms Question if you like

Mike Peluso-  Home is in ND and yes I spend a lot of time on Lakes

Steve@livebait tech-  Tom, I'm a factory rep for the Keep Alive Oxygen Infusor and water conditioning products to help keep bait lively and Walleyes alive for weigh in. our web site is www.fishing-boating.com/livebait

Mike Peluso-  They have a pump that is placed in your live well to pump water and oxygen into the water. For some reason my aerator burnt out and I thought all my fish were goners

Mike Peluso-  Turned the pump on revived the walleyes while we switched pumps

Mike Peluso-  The products are simply awesome!

Steve@livebait tech-  OK

Sheila-  Oh, I got it. Live Bait's O2 saved your walleyes

kdog-  we had fish die in line during a weigh in...that would of been good to have

Mike Peluso-  Tom correct me if I am wrong but you guys are trying to make a mark in the walleye area. Most of the stuff is being used by the bass guys

kdog-  cost us $ too

Mike Peluso-  We are going to try and get us walleyes guys out of the dark ages. lol

T-Mac-  Hey hey

Mike Peluso-  :)

T-Mac-  :)

chatman-  Rear mounted live wells were only the first step towards the light....

Mike Peluso-  when it comes to keeping our bait alive

Mike Peluso-  exactly

Tom (Mich)-  Non-releasable fish cost me $$ in two tourneys this past season. Thanks for the info!

Mike Peluso-  They did save my walleyes and we were able to weigh them all in alive and release them back safely

chatman-  What I need is some kind of device that keeps eyes from horking up 8 ounce shad in the live well!

Mike Peluso-  The oxygen stuff works magic on the walleyes

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Now ya need to make a frog box with a fine mist attachment for rigs, LOL!

kdog-  lol

Sheila-  if it works on fish, and bait....geez maybe it'll keep me alive

Mike Peluso-  Good idea

Mike Peluso-  lol

Tom (Mich)-  That's called a ventilator!!

kdog-  is there any way to feed walleyes in your live well??

Mike Peluso-  not that I know of

clip-on-  gotta go, good luck next year mike and hope to see you at the tourneys

Steve@livebait tech-  Live Bait Technologies distributes 10, 20 & 30 Gallon Portable Bait Tanks & Live wells and have several models that will fit into existing live wells to upgrade the aeration system tot he best aeration system available today.

Mike Peluso-  It makes for a great team with your existing aerators

Mike Peluso-  never lost a fish all summer long

m.n.obucket-  Steve wiil they free stand in a boat with no wells??

Juls-  do you fiz your fish Mike? do you find it to help fish? or hurt them?

Steve@livebait tech-  The Portable Bait Tanks will

Gofish-leechlake-  Mike have you by chance seen the new 619 tiller model ?

Mike Peluso-  I have had to fizz fish, I am not sure if this is a perfect weigh to keep the fish alive

Mike Peluso-  I have

kdog-  is there any other new products worth our attention mike

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  The free standing life tanks are very popular for cat guides all over the US.

Steve@livebait tech-  The guys at In-Fisherman have field tested them in their jonboats

chatman-  Awesome boat! And I am not a tiller guy!!

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  standing, ups?

Mike Peluso-  New products? I am thinking

Gofish-leechlake-  Does it have a flat transom ?

Mike Peluso-  No it does not

Steve@livebait tech-  We have Walleye Catch & Release, Mike did you use the samples I sent you?

kdog-  I won a new rod that was interesting

chatman-  Same transom as the 619 console boats if I remember right...

Juls-  how so kdog?

kdog-  hook saver I believe...worked nice

Gofish-leechlake-  Can it be back trolled or can you put splash guards ?

kdog-  the lure goes inside the handle. leaving the hooks not exposed

Mike Peluso-  You can back troll these boats with custom made splash guards

Ristorapper-  Thanks Steve

Orion's Avatar- that's kewl!

Steve@livebait tech-  Special pricing offered to members of the WalleyeList

Mike Peluso-  I did Steve

Tom (Mich)-  Midpoint - Wings 2, Lightning 0. Two shots on goal. Sounds like they need to pay attention to your motto - shoot the puck!

Mike Peluso-  lol

Mike Peluso-  I love it Tom!

chatman-  Mike , do you have a favorite technique?

Gofish-leechlake-  Chatman, do know a price range for the 619 tillers ?

chatman-  Not off the top of my head....

Gofish-leechlake-  Or max hp ?

Steve@livebait tech-  Mike, do you guys play the Nashville Predators?

Mike Peluso-  I would if I get called up to Washington'

MCKOZ-  Mike, What types of rigging/jigging rod/reels are you using?

Mike Peluso-  Right now I am playing in Portland Maine in the American hockey league

Steve@livebait tech-  If you get down this way, I'll take you Sauger fishing on the Cumberland River

Mike Peluso-  I use a combination of Shimano V-Rods and G-Loomis rods with Shimano Reels

Mike Peluso-  cool

Orion's Avatar-  Nice choice Mike!

MCKOZ-  Did you try any of the fluorocarbon lines this year?

Mike Peluso-  They are great rods and reels

Mike Peluso-  I use Fluorocarbons on all of my Lindy Rigs and spinners

TBO/MN;-  what Shimano reels do you use, Mike?

Mike Peluso-  It works great for this!

chatman-  How about as a main line Mike?

Tom (Mich)-  what # test on the spinners?

Den-  what kind mike?

Mike Peluso-  Symnetre

Guest-  Have any of you fished in Lake of the woods

Mike Peluso-  I will usually use 10 to 12 pound

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Do you find the carbon's too stiff for most casting Mike?

kdog-  mike do you have a favorite trolling crank bait

Mike Peluso-  Yes I do

TBO/MN;-  me 2, do you like them?

Mike Peluso-  I love to use both Bombers and Walli divers

Mike Peluso-  yes

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Make good leader is my take on carbon?

Mike Peluso-  Yes it does

TBO/MN;-  have you tried the Stradics?

kdog-  I use walleye divers quite a bit

Mike Peluso-  It is a very good product

kdog-  colors??

Sheila-  Are you keeping your new boat or is it up for sale? The Ranger

Mike Peluso-  I have caught a ton of important tourney fish on walli divers

Mike Peluso-  The ranger is for sale still

kdog-  I like the small size

Mike Peluso-  Work very well in the River

Orion's Avatar-  are you sponsored by the manufacturers that make your favorite cranks?

Steve@livebait tech-  What's your favorite color pattern for the Walleye Diver

kdog-  puts a lot of fish in my boat

Mike Peluso-  Yes I am Pradco

Ristorapper-  She's a beaut Sheila you should see it on display at Moritz in Bismarck

Fishing Dude-  I like fishing for walleye the best

chatman-  Have you got your boat on the classifieds here Mike?

Sheila-  yes it is. I've seen it at the tourneys

Mike Peluso-  No I don't

Mike Peluso-  I should though

Mike Peluso-  lol

Juls-  would be a good idea mike..- -)

Steve@livebait tech-  Mike, what's your favorite technique for catching river walleyes in the fall?

Driftr-  yes Mike , I just sold mine there :)

Mike Peluso-  I may have to get on that

Ristorapper-  borrow me some money mike it I'll buy it right now lol!!

Sheila-  good puck - -) I mean luck! it'll sell

Juls-  lol

Mike Peluso-  Favorite is without a doubt a Fuzz-E Grub and minnow

Mike Peluso-  lol

Steve@livebait tech-  Any particular color for "green water"

Juls-  have you tried the new Timb'r Rock jigs mike?

Juls-  by Lindy?

kdog-  do you find that to be a good summer pattern too mike

Mike Peluso-  White and Green

Juls-  I think I gave you some at Winnebago this past June...

Mike Peluso-  Yes I have Juls :) they worked really good in the weeds at Sakakawea

chatman-  As we wind down, are there any more questions for Mike tonight??

Juls-  cool...

Steve@livebait tech-  Mike, which minnows do walleye favor, fat heads or shiners?

T-Mac-  Mike ...how is UMD lookin?

Mike Peluso-  In most areas shiners are king. Unfortunately in my home State we can't use them

Orion's Avatar-  do the jigs work on Winnebago for you Juls?

TBO/MN;-  not good, terry

Mike Peluso-  Ouch

T-Mac-  Uh -oh

Mike Peluso-  on UMD

T-Mac-  yah gotcha

Ristorapper-  Great chat Mike, keep in touch and shoot the puck hard!!

Mike Peluso-  thanks Juls

T-Mac-  Excellent keeping up with all the questions, Mike

TBO/MN;-  the Gophers slapped them around a couple of weekends ago :-)

Mike Peluso-  Jigs are always a great choice

Steve@livebait tech-  Mike, where do you begin looking for 'eyes" in highland reservoirs you've never fished?

Driftr-  Great chat Mike, Thanks !!!!

T-Mac-  That is worse than bad,,, TBO

kdog-  thanks mike

Mike Peluso-  In summer time fish will get a little more aggressive and spread out. Look for cranks and spinners to work well

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Mike Peluso!!!!

Juls-  he's typing faster than last year for sure...hehehe just teasing

Driftr-  clap clap clap

T-Mac-  Good work, Mike

TBO/MN;-  thanks, Mike

Mike Peluso-  Wind areas and creek channels

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Mike..great chat!

TBO/MN;-  clap clap clap

Ristorapper-  clap clap clap clap clap

Mike Peluso-  lol

T-Mac-  yeayyyyyyyyyyyyy M I K E

Tom (Mich)-  first timer, excellent experience

Mike Peluso-  Thanks everyone!

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