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"Pikeman" Travis and Chuck Farrow  8/4/99
[19:59:42] ebijack: Please Welcome our guest tonight “PIKEMAN”  TRAVIS AND
[19:59:49] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap
[19:59:53] Jim Alton: Hi guys...
[19:59:53] gilman(IN): hi guys
[19:59:58] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:00:06] Pikeman(Sask): hi all, glad to be here
[20:00:08] Jim Alton: hip hip hooray... 
[20:00:09] Drift'r: Welcome guys
[20:00:20] Juls (WI): oky doky then
[20:00:30] Jim Alton: go
[20:00:34] Pikeman(Sask): they got us, because ted couldn't make it
[20:00:38] Pikeman(Sask): lol
[20:00:38] Juls (WI): lol
[20:00:42] Drift'r: :)
[20:00:47] Jim Alton: Ted who?
[20:00:48] ebijack: pikeman, why don't you start us off with a bit of info on you too
[20:00:51] gilman(IN): do you troll dipsys
[20:01:01] Jim (Oh): so what is your favorite presentation??
[20:01:22] Pikeman(Sask): ok, we have been fishing for a long, long time, tournaments
writing, and have a web page
[20:01:30] Pikeman(Sask): 2 in fact
[20:01:53] gilman(IN): what are the addresses
[20:02:01] Pikeman(Sask): my favorite is lindy rigs, chucks is casting spoons to weeds,
he doesn't catch many eyes that way though
[20:02:21] Pikeman(Sask): www.angelfire.com/biz2/pikemansask
[20:02:37] Pikeman(Sask): and www.sportfisherman.net/eyeteam'
[20:02:42] Pikeman(Sask): eyeteam
[20:02:59] Pikeman(Sask): the eyeteam one is under construction'
[20:03:08] Jim Alton: Pikeman... do you do a lot of your fishing on clear water ?
[20:03:32] Pikeman(Sask): yes, here in Saskatchewan, a lot of the water you can see
15 feet down
[20:03:56] Jim Alton: How do you deal with that during mid day?
[20:04:11] Pikeman(Sask): fishing there, you learn to use clear lines, like berkley
[20:04:39] Pikeman(Sask): and thin diameter seems to be important
[20:04:41] Drift'r: do you ever use fluorocarbon line?
[20:04:52] Pikeman(Sask): that is what berkley vanish is
[20:04:56] ebijack: pikeman, you don't use any of the braided lines?
[20:05:20] Drift'r: is Vanish a new product
[20:05:23] Pikeman(Sask): yes, when trolling boards fireline
[20:05:32] Pikeman(Sask): yes, just got on the market
[20:05:37] gilman(IN): do you fish L.O.W.much
[20:06:09] Pikeman(Sask): sorry?
[20:06:16] Jim Alton: Lake of the Woods?  maybe?
[20:06:21] gilman(IN): lake of the woods
[20:06:36] Pikeman(Sask): no, would like to chase muskies there sometime
[20:06:38] ebijack: pikeman, do you guys charter?
[20:06:43] Pikeman(Sask): no
[20:06:58] ebijack: what kind of rig do you guys run
[20:07:05] Jim Alton: Do you down size your baits and go with more subtle colours for
the clear water?
[20:07:08] gilman(IN): large lakes or small
[20:07:09] Juls (WI): how have you been doing in the tourneys your fishing pikeman?
[20:07:11] Pikeman(Sask): with tournaments, writing etc. it just takes up to much time
to run a charter
[20:07:25] Pikeman(Sask): lund 1775 fisherman-90 honda
[20:07:53] Pikeman(Sask): both large and small lakes, down sizing can be important
[20:08:09] Pikeman(Sask): especially on a hot, still day
[20:08:22] Pikeman(Sask): tourneys for 2 years'
[20:08:28] Pikeman(Sask): sorry 5
[20:08:34] Pikeman(Sask): writing for 2
[20:08:39] gilman(IN): do you troll cranks
[20:08:43] Pikeman(Sask): yes
[20:09:00] Pikeman(Sask): i like trolling large cranks in the fall at tobin
[20:09:00] Jim (Oh): what's your favorite crank
[20:09:09] gilman(IN): dipseys or snaps
[20:09:11] ebijack: pikeman, do you have any sponsors?
[20:09:21] Pikeman(Sask): i would have to say ripsticks for fall at tobin
[20:09:24] Pikeman(Sask): yes
[20:09:48] Pikeman(Sask): berkley, snagaway, juny jigs, in-a-snap rod holders, and
[20:10:19] Pikeman(Sask): a couple small ones, working with lund
[20:10:58] ebijack: pikeman, do you have any plans to compete in any pwt events?
[20:10:59] gilman(IN): do you put meat on your cranks
[20:11:31] Pikeman(Sask): i think for now we will stay local, but hopefully someday
[20:11:41] Pikeman(Sask): no gilman, never tried that
[20:11:58] Jim Alton: Isn't there a tournament circuit in Sask?
[20:12:02] Pikeman(Sask): for the pwt, you can't just enter
[20:12:08] gilman(IN): little pinch on front treble
[20:12:09] ebijack: pikeman, do you guys use berkley products instead of live bait?
[20:12:22] Pikeman(Sask): yes jim, we fish some of those
[20:12:48] Pikeman(Sask): berkley makes excellent products that can often out
perform live bait
[20:13:00] Pikeman(Sask): but i would never switch completely
[20:13:08] gilman(IN): i like power worm alot
[20:13:39] Pikeman(Sask): yes, those are great to replace crawlers when panfish are a
[20:13:43] Drift'r: have you ever used Walleye specific power worms?
[20:13:48] ebijack: pikeman, what are your plans for your web sites
[20:13:55] Pikeman(Sask): yes, great baits
[20:14:01] Jim (Oh): gilman do you ever run it on harnesses?
[20:14:18] Drift'r: troll with them or jig?
[20:14:31] Drift'r: ditto Jim
[20:14:33] gilman(IN): we tryed it but noluck
[20:14:36] Pikeman(Sask): well, the western Canada fishing page, will stay as a page
for anglers out here
[20:14:42] Pikeman(Sask): to share info
[20:14:57] Drift'r: for me either on erie
[20:15:02] Pikeman(Sask): but the eye team one will be more from a promotional
[20:15:39] Jim (Oh): do your fishing pages produce income?
[20:15:57] Pikeman(Sask): we would love to here what people would like to see on the
[20:16:30] Pikeman(Sask): no they don't, we are lucky if we brake even
[20:16:49] Juls (WI): what kind of boat do you run?  i take it it is a Lund?
[20:16:53] Pikeman(Sask): some months, company's want advertising, and we make
some money
[20:17:04] Pikeman(Sask): yes 1775fisherman
[20:17:11] ebijack: pikeman, do you find a larger lund would suit your fishing style
[20:17:46] Pikeman(Sask): yes, certainly, on big reservoirs like diefenbaker, we hope
to be in a pro-v next season
[20:18:05] Jim Alton: hence the talking with Lund?
[20:18:14] gilman(IN): have you seen new pro v
[20:19:01] Pikeman(Sask): the ips hull is nice
[20:19:10] gilman(IN): yes it is
[20:19:25] Jim Alton: Does the IPS make that much difference?
[20:19:42] Pikeman(Sask): if anyone is looking to catch the biggest walleye of there
life, tobin is the place to do it
[20:20:09] ebijack: you got 16lbers there?
[20:20:14] Pikeman(Sask): it helps for running in big waves, seems to cut through them
better, and more speed
[20:20:18] gilman(IN): how far north is that
[20:20:22] Pikeman(Sask): 18 ebi
[20:20:27] ebijack: woah
[20:20:32] Pikeman(Sask): central sask
[20:20:51] Drift'r: wow , that is big
[20:21:03] Pikeman(Sask): 100's of 10's
[20:21:07] Drift'r: Pa. record is only 17.9
[20:21:27] ebijack: that's a minnow drift r   :)
[20:21:30] red baron: ONLY   LOL
[20:21:34] Drift'r: :)
[20:21:38] Pikeman(Sask): in a 2 day tourney with 160 teams, they caught, 200 over
[20:21:55] Pikeman(Sask): fishing from 7 am - 4pm
[20:22:03] ebijack: is that common is the tourney's there?
[20:22:14] Pikeman(Sask):  yes, in October
[20:22:46] Pikeman(Sask): lindy rigs and leech3es are best for tobin, 9 - 14 foot snells
are the rule
[20:23:05] ebijack: how fast of a drift or troll?
[20:23:36] Pikeman(Sask): i like to drift with the current, but slow the boat a little with
the electric
[20:23:47] Pikeman(Sask): i like the rig right under the boat
[20:24:07] ebijack: how far is tobin from toronto canada, just to get some kind of idea
[20:24:22] Jim Alton: Do you use any of the coloured hooks on those rigs?
[20:24:35] Pikeman(Sask): when the water is muddy, we do at times
[20:24:53] Pikeman(Sask): jim, could you feeled ebi's question?
[20:25:02] ebijack: that far eh?
[20:25:04] Jim Alton: Gimme a minute... gotta grab a map..
[20:25:06] ebijack:   :)
[20:25:11] gilman(IN): how far from international falls
[20:25:12] Jim Alton: It's a long way ebi... 
[20:25:21] Pikeman(Sask): yup
[20:25:29] Drift'r: how far from Pa ....lol
[20:25:30] ebijack: ok, just wanted an idea for folks to go from
[20:25:36] gilman(IN): 2000
[20:25:38] Drift'r: just kiddin
20:26:03] Pikeman(Sask): there is an area almost as good called diefenbaker
[20:26:21] ebijack: are those natural lakes?
[20:26:22] Jim Alton: Pikeman.. give me a city near tobin?
[20:26:26] Pikeman(Sask): in the spring, the walleye are in 2 feet of water
[20:26:46] Pikeman(Sask): prince albert is to the west on highway 55
[20:27:29] Jim Alton: Toronto to Tobin... is about New York to Denver.
[20:27:37] gilman(IN): low 950+ from indy
[20:27:42] ebijack: yep that is a ways   :)
[20:28:27] gilman(IN): alot of big northern there
[20:28:35] gilman(IN): lol
[20:28:36] Jim Alton: It would be pretty well straight North from Yellowstone.
[20:28:39] ebijack: will a canadian fishing lic work in sask?
[20:28:45] Pikeman(Sask): oh yes, sask record is 42 pounds
[20:29:00] Pikeman(Sask): i think you have to buy one for sask
[20:29:02] Drift'r: very nice fish!!!!!!
[20:29:07] gilman(IN): different PROV
[20:29:16] Jim Alton: I think the Canadian licenses are all by Province.
[20:29:22] Pikeman(Sask): but they have a deal where you can get a 3 day lic
[20:29:28] Drift'r: yes they are Jim
[20:30:11] Jim Alton: Pikeman.. what are some of the good resorts in your area and (if
you know) what do they cost?
[20:30:26] gilman(IN): love that run they make when they see the boat
[20:30:51] Pikeman(Sask): they are expensive , 500-2000, if you want the real trophies,
and i'm talking per person
[20:31:04] Pikeman(Sask): selwyn lake lodge is THE BEST!!!!
[20:31:14] gilman(IN): fly in
[20:31:16] Jim Alton: I've heard of Selwyn...
[20:31:20] Pikeman(Sask): yes
[20:31:25] Jim Alton: Is that per week?
[20:31:33] Drift'r: reserved for the BIG MONEY ?
[20:31:43] Pikeman(Sask): it can be for 3 days to a week
[20:31:50] gilman(IN): ill stick with erie
[20:31:55] Jim Alton: Cdn or US dollars?  If it's Cdn... that's about $25 US.
[20:31:56] Drift'r: hi T-Stick
[20:32:00] ebijack: at 65 cents per dollar you get a better deal
[20:32:03] Pikeman(Sask): us
20:32:51] Jim Alton: From what I've heard... at Selwyn... you only need to wipe your
backside... everything else is taken care of...
[20:33:12] Pikeman(Sask): that is true jim
[20:33:30] Pikeman(Sask): you have to do that, and empty your wallet
[20:35:05] ebijack: pikeman, have you fished lake erie , just to compare it tobin type
[20:35:16] Pikeman(Sask): we would like to invite anyone who wants tips after this to
email us
[20:35:46] ebijack: that's what this is for pikeman  :)
[20:35:50] gilman(IN): you have to go there
[20:36:16] Pikeman(Sask): i think if you want loads of 5-7's fish erie is the place, for a
huge one-tobin
[20:36:26] Pikeman(Sask): i just ment after ebi..
[20:36:39] ebijack: was just talking difference in water
[20:36:41] Jim (Oh): how big is huge ??
[20:36:53] Pikeman(Sask): 18 pounds
[20:36:55] red baron: yep drove that a few times
[20:37:14] Jim (Oh): lake record??
[20:37:19] Drift'r: we have 10 to 16 lbers on erie in November
[20:37:23] Pikeman(Sask): yes'
[20:37:47] Pikeman(Sask): but do you get a few  in the teens each day?
[20:37:53] Jim Alton: Ok... so if we find ourselves wandering the woods of
Saskatchewan... will it be hard to get you out fishing?
[20:38:05] Thunderstick: You guys are catchin big ones, I can’t seem to break 20"
[20:38:05] Drift'r: in Nov. , yes
[20:38:33] Pikeman(Sask): drop us an email, and we will see what we can do jim
[20:38:37] Drift'r: those are good eaters , T-Stick
[20:38:57] Jim Alton: Do any night fishing Pikeman?
[20:38:59] Thunderstick: I know, but I need an ornament for my web site
[20:39:00] Jim (Oh): honest to goodness teens are here on erie
20:39:26] Pikeman(Sask): some, but it is limited
[20:39:42] Jim (Oh): how long are your 12 # fish?     LOL
[20:39:46] Drift'r: lol , Jim A
[20:39:46] ebijack: :)
[20:39:58] Pikeman(Sask): 31'
[20:40:26] Pikeman(Sask): the 18 was 34 inches long
[20:40:27] Juls (WI): wow....must be fat fish if only 31" and 12# ??
[20:40:34] Jim (Oh): here too when carrying eggs
[20:40:45] Thunderstick: According to my calculations, my 20" fish should weigh 8 lbs:
[20:40:53] Juls (WI): lol
[20:41:04] Pikeman(Sask): we also have  huge sauger at tobin
[20:41:24] Pikeman(Sask): caught 2 over 4 pounds this spring
[20:41:25] Drift'r: Huron Walleyecentral Nov. outing will show honest teens
[20:41:29] gilman(IN): big smallies
[20:41:49] Jim Alton: We caught one that was 32" and 13#.... good tape measure and
new digital scale...
[20:42:09] Jim (Oh): no doubt. But anything over 11-1/2  is huge for the summer
[20:43:52] ebijack: pikeman, how are the boat ramps out there
[20:43:59] Jim Alton: and I wouldn't be able to sponsor Pikeman's contest.
[20:44:09] Pikeman(Sask): the best ones are at diefenbaker
[20:44:19] Jim (Oh): Pikeman what are your personal best eyes
[20:44:25] gilman(IN): how big 6+
[20:44:58] Pikeman(Sask): 13.2 at tobin for travis, chuck 11.8
[20:45:10] gilman(IN): nice fish
[20:45:43] Jim (Oh): my best on erie is 13.02 pounds
[20:45:56] gilman(IN): do you work other jobs
[20:46:09] ebijack: pikeman, is there anything special we would have to do to come to
[20:46:33] gilman(IN): bug dope
[20:46:35] Pikeman(Sask): once you are through the border, no
[20:46:55] Pikeman(Sask): you cannot bring leeches here, and no live minnows
[20:47:18] ebijack: does sask have slot limits?
20:47:45] Jim Alton: Learn to speak Ojibwa, just in case... some Inuit would help too.
[20:47:52] Juls (WI): :-)
[20:47:53] ebijack: :)
[20:47:57] Pikeman(Sask): at tobin yes, none between 22 and 28, and one over 28, 5
fish limit
[20:48:43] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host's tonight?
[20:48:54] Jim Alton: Real ones?
[20:48:59] ebijack: :)
[20:49:08] Pikeman(Sask): yes, there are a lot of idian people, and a lot of them are
great guides
[20:49:35] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
clap clap clap clap clap
[20:49:38] Juls (WI): hehehe
[20:49:50] gilman(IN): how much do guide charge
[20:49:52] ebijack: thanks travis and chuck!!!
[20:50:07] Jim Alton: Great job Pikeman.... hope I can make it up there... love to work
some of those Northerns.
[20:50:13] Drift'r: clap clap clap clap
[20:50:19] Pikeman(Sask): it was a pleasure, we would love to do it again
[20:50:22] Juls (WI): thanks pikeman
[20:50:33] ebijack: thanks guys!
[20:50:36] gilman(IN): good luck
[20:50:44] Drift'r: Thanks guys !!!!!!
[20:50:50] Jim (Oh): thanks pikemen
[20:54:31] Jim Alton: See ya Pikeman.. thanks again.
[20:54:33] Juls (WI): nite pikeaman...thanks
[20:54:35] ebijack: c ya pikeman, thanks!
[20:54:40] Pikeman(Sask): yup


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