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Pinpoint Chat

[19:59:36] Drift'r: Please Welcome Dallas Hodges - Bob Healey & Chuck Sweet from PinPoint !!!!!! 

[20:00:22] Drift'r: Please tell us a bit about your company

[20:00:22] Mike (MN): Dallas how about those new graphs

[20:00:35] Doc (wi): tell us about the 7800 

[20:01:37] Pinpoint: 7800 - 320vertical 240 horizontal, fast, pretty to

look at, what else?

[20:01:58] REELMAN: How about cost

[20:02:02] Doc (wi): like a flasher as far as real time when running

[20:02:10] Pinpoint: 499 retail - 7800

[20:02:33] REELMAN: Is that with speed and temp sensor??

[20:02:34] Mike (MN): how much better are these over last years models?

[20:02:57] Pinpoint: Not w/ speed and temp

[20:03:04] Pinpoint: $49 extra

[20:03:26] REELMAN: sounds reasonable to me

[20:03:33] Pinpoint: System 7 - details to follow (this years model)

[20:03:55] Mike (MN): I could see the leaves on the weeds last year! It

was fantastic!!

[20:04:07] Pinpoint: System 7, 18 pixels/sec in automatic mode, FLASH CHART

available in stand alone units,

[20:04:40] Griz (Ohio): PinPoint, when are you getting a WEB Page?

[20:04:54] Pinpoint: FLASH CHART is a real time "flasher" that scrolls the

history at up to 60 pixels per sec

[20:05:04] Mike (MN): ya, PP when are you getting a web page? :-)

[20:05:15] Pinpoint: Web page to follow, to busy making great product

[20:05:18] LANCE L.: talk to us about GPS

[20:05:34] LANCE L.: is it coming?

[20:06:07] Griz (Ohio): PP- as we speak, I'm having a 7520 installed on my boat

[20:06:16] Pinpoint: GPS is in the works, we are aiming to make it a

upgrade to your current system w/ purchase of antenna

[20:06:28] LANCE L.: great

[20:06:40] REELMAN: is the 7800 unit one for a console

[20:06:45] LANCE L.: what is the time table?

[20:06:46] Bigfoot: good job griz

[20:06:47] mikej: what features are going to on the gps?

[20:07:01] Greg Madtown: networked or standalone

[20:07:01] Richard M: how soon can I get the GPS for my boat?

[20:07:06] Pinpoint: More info: Your unit has flash memory technology which

allows us to field upgrade your software.

[20:07:31] mikej: in a flash it's there

[20:07:38] LANCE L.: explain field upgrade please?

[20:07:42] Pinpoint: 7800 unit is a bow mount graph, 7820 works as console

standalone w/transducer and can run as bow mount

[20:07:52] Mike (MN): new software Lance

[20:08:02] Pinpoint: Timeframe not commitment

[20:08:03] Magic Marker: bought mine last spring, what will it cost to up-grade?

[20:08:38] Pinpoint: No real info to talk about GPS yet 

[20:08:59] LANCE L.: next year? or sooner?

[20:09:33] Pinpoint: It is a technology that allows us to reprogram your

unit easily without opening up the unit 

[20:09:46] Dennis: Little late coming in, can I get some specs on the sonar unit

[20:09:54] REELMAN: What is the cost on the 7820 and is that Gps compatible???

[20:09:56] Pinpoint: Which sonar?

[20:10:08] Dennis: Explain?

[20:10:25] Pinpoint: Maybe we should go through our Sonar product line.

[20:10:33] Dennis: sounds great

[20:10:37] Mike (MN): that would be a good idea

[20:10:54] Greg Madtown: What were this years major software enhancements

[20:11:21] Gator-MT: Will a 7220 with S/T run a 2700-60 and can you run

split screen to see both tranducers

[20:11:41] Pinpoint: Bow units: 7200, 7500, 7800 bow units hook to the

Positioning motor and control the network.

[20:12:29] Dennis: what are the specs on the 7200,7500 and 7800

[20:12:36] Pinpoint: Console units: 7220, 7520, 7800; Console units run a

seperate transducer (transom) and talk on the network to the Bow unit and Positioning motor.

[20:12:55] Griz (Ohio): Hey Dallas, I bought the motor, 7500, and now 7520

on the recomendation of BigFoot. Nice unit!!!! 

[20:19:38] Magic Marker: what new features added this year?

[20:19:48] Drift'r: What are the major changes in what Pinpoint will be

offering in 1999

[20:19:59] Greg Madtown: Battery duration is outstanding

[20:20:07] Pinpoint: 7220 - 449, 7520 - 649, 7820 - 549 available at D&R

sports in Kalamazoo

[20:20:16] Mike (MN): you can say that again Greg

[20:20:40] Griz (Ohio): I'm sending my motor and 7500 in for up dates. What

is being done to units?

[20:20:42] commander: d&r in kalamazoo dennis

[20:20:59] Dennis: How do I get a catalog from the company

[20:21:17] LANCE L.: Camp n Cruise in Grand Rapids Dennis

[20:21:29] Bigfoot: Jans sport shop

[20:21:30] Pinpoint: The most noticable enhancement is HIGH SPEED in the

console units. The FLASH CHART function is very easy to see when you are using it

like you would a FLASHER

[20:22:03] Pinpoint: The normal high speed mode is 3 times faster that last

years unit and blows away the 350

[20:22:08] REELMAN: What are most of the PRO's running for console units???

[20:22:09] Dennis: I see we have a few Michiganders - how about a

distributor in  Detroit?

[20:22:34] Magic Marker: cost of upgrade?

[20:22:40] Bigfoot: I put the plate on and what a difference the three blade still works

[20:22:42] Pinpoint: 1800 474-7550 for catalog and tape

[20:23:52] Pinpoint: Cost of upgrade? $49.95 for sonar (console or bow) Motor - $199

[20:24:11] Richard M: REELMAN I run a 7500

[20:24:40] mikej: Reelman I run the 7500 and will be running 7520

[20:24:59] Magic Marker: bought mine last spring, what needs upgrading?

[20:25:04] Richard M: I can't wait for the 7800

[20:25:08] Pinpoint: Motor upgrade is Microprocessor change that increases

transmit rate, talks to System 7, and hardware improvements to reduce noise.

[20:25:11] Harry: I also run a 7500 and could not be happier!!

[20:25:47] Pinpoint: Upgrade is new footpedal, Microprocessor, New cosmetics.

[20:25:59] Pinpoint: New cosmetics includes a lighted arrow.

[20:26:07] Greg Madtown: can we tell from serial # if we need upgrading

[20:26:28] Bigfoot: yes

[20:26:30] Pinpoint: New footpedal provides better feel and control

[20:26:50] s&w: Dennis, Freeway Sports in Fenton is pretty close to

Detroit, ask for Jim Adams

[20:27:09] Pinpoint: Call us @ 18004747550

[20:27:20] Pinpoint: not serial # ide

[20:27:40] Mike (MN): Hey are you going to come up with a 70" shaft for those 5 footers? LOL

[20:27:45] Magic Marker: do we send it to factory, or to dealer we bought it from?

[20:27:50] Pinpoint: LOL

[20:27:54] mikej: Pinpoints customer service is second to none!!!

[20:28:07] Harry: For you guys in doubt, I have run a flasher unit for

years. After 1 week with the 7500 the flasher came off the boat!!

[20:28:09] Pinpoint: Call us and send it here.

[20:29:11] Greg Madtown: software version seen on bootup, how can I tell

about microprocessor. What are the current versions

[20:29:16] Wacky Walleye: I second Harry's comment

[20:29:31] Pinpoint: SX series motors are new and they are $350 less.

[20:29:33] Dennis: Do the PP units have technology that discriminates

between fish and inanimate objects?

[20:30:08] Mike (MN): I was sold on the graphs when I could tell the type

of weeds I was on. And how well they worked at high speed.

[20:30:19] LANCE L.: One thing to remember in comparing these units to

other units is the fact that this can be incorporated into a complete fishing system that

is heads above any other brand

[20:30:31] Doc (wi): what about dependability.

[20:30:44] Bigfoot: yep

[20:30:45] Gator-MT: When do you expect to come out with mapping

[20:30:55] Pinpoint: Discrimination is a natural function of sonar. By

providing the real detail you can make the distinction

[20:31:21] Greg Madtown: I second the great service mike

[20:31:27] Dennis: Providing the "real detail" - explain?

[20:31:28] Harry: When the flasher was gone , I put a 350 right next to the

7500 and could not believe what little the 350 would show when the 7500 screen was full of fish

[20:31:48] LANCE L.: Not only are the graphs and the motors by themselves

great units but when you incorporate them together you end up with a unbeatable product

[20:31:58] Wacky Walleye: The dependability of the units is outstanding Doc!

[20:32:07] Doc (wi): thanks

[20:32:08] Pinpoint: The splash screen on the sonar, reads and displays both the sonar

and positioning motor rev level

[20:32:28] REELMAN: sounds like a great product to me, my only problem is a dealer in my area

[20:32:36] Mike (MN): and the ability to tell the size of the fish! Just

like you put the paper graph back on.

[20:32:55] s&w: Where are you at , REELMAN?

[20:32:58] Bigfoot: where at reelman

[20:33:06] REELMAN: Northwest Iowa

[20:33:18] Richard M: Definetly agree with Harry I had a 350a and a video

sonar to compare with. the 7500 is amazing

[20:33:35] Pinpoint: Algonia marin may come on board

[20:33:39] Bigfoot: soo sports in souix falls I know

[20:33:42] Mike (MN): Drive to Cabelas

[20:34:06] Pinpoint: Kennedy marine

[20:34:10] Wacky Walleye: Yes it is worth the drive

[20:34:18] Mike (MN): what a store!!

[20:34:25] RoyG(PA): Will Cabelas be selling these units in 1999??

[20:34:31] REELMAN: I think I'll put my old Eagle up for sale

[20:34:34] Wacky Walleye: I agree great store

[20:34:38] RoyG(PA): via mail order?

[20:34:45] Pinpoint: Yes they have been carrying the line for three years

[20:35:59] Drift'r: can you tell us about the mapping unit that will be available...

[20:36:03] Mike (MN): You know I think people are afraid of this being a

hard product to learn. Ask Lundman, if I can learn it anybody can! :-)

[20:36:12] Drift'r: will it take cartriges 

[20:36:18] Swat1(oh): What are some open water applications for your

equipment other than the high resolution sonar

[20:36:25] LANCE L.: Let's talk about some of the benefits as far as things

that can be accomplished with this system

[20:36:29] s&w: soo sports in sioux falls, sd might be closer

[20:36:32] Pinpoint: One real advantage to our system approach is that

interference between units is non-existan

[20:37:06] Rod (Sask.): when you run two units at the same time?

[20:37:07] Wacky Walleye: The product is set up to be user friendly both electronics and bow mounts

[20:37:25] Bigfoot: yes Rod

[20:37:33] Dennis: When you speak of a "system's approach", what units are in the "system:"

[20:37:45] Pinpoint: I have personally gotten out of an empty boat over a

underwater wreck and scuba dived for 1.5 hours only to find my boat still there!

[20:37:45] Perchn: How about when close to another unit I E another boat

[20:38:08] Wacky Walleye: P.P. has prided there self on user friendly

[20:38:09] LANCE L.: bow graph, console graph and motor Dennis

[20:38:10] Pinpoint: The tracking modes are very powerful

[20:38:33] Pinpoint: Positioning motor and sonar devices

[20:38:54] LANCE L.: = system

[20:38:55] Dennis: I assume a console graph means a transom transducer, right?

[20:39:00] Mike (MN): But, the ability to use such a small amount of juice

from the motor is a huge advantage! You can troll all day and the next.

[20:39:06] Rod (Sask.): can you aquire pieces one at a time?

[20:39:11] Bigfoot: or thru hull puck

[20:39:30] Bigfoot: yes rod

[20:39:32] Pinpoint: Console graph will run either a positioning motor on

the front or simply run a transom transducer

[20:39:45] Pinpoint: Yes

[20:39:58] Pinpoint: yes

[20:40:01] LANCE L.: add on anythime ROD

[20:40:14] Greg Madtown: best thing I like is when I can work on rigging

while tracking. That's powerful.

[20:40:21] Rx Fish: 12v or 24v?

[20:40:31] mikej: both rx

[20:40:34] Pinpoint: 12,24, 36v

[20:40:35] Mike (MN): and what about when you are guiding?

[20:40:37] mikej: and 36v

[20:40:39] Dennis: Silly questions, but would this unit be appropriate for a 25' boat

primarily fishing large bodies of water like the Great Lakes

[20:41:03] Pinpoint: 12v thrust 40lbs, 24v -60, 36v-80

[20:41:05] Gator-MT: Will your unit run a transom transducer a still bottom track the motor

[20:41:25] Greg Madtown: It's like an extra set of hands

[20:42:04] mikej: Dennis I'd go with the 36V for a 25'

[20:42:09] Richard M: better than that when you have clients or an amateur on board

[20:42:33] Bigfoot: bottom track is run from the trolling

[20:42:42] Pinpoint: Dennis depends upon the shaft length you need for your boat

[20:42:48] Dennis: MikeJ, talking about tranducer units only. Boat too big

for trolling motors.

[20:42:52] Bigfoot: no trolling motor trans

[20:42:57] Richard M: you get to fish and concentrate on what your doing not driving

[20:43:03] mikej: sorry

[20:43:24] Perchn: How about on the "flats" would it track like a gps then??

[20:43:56] REELMAN: I wish you sold the units in Bass Pro then I could

spread the payment out over 6 months

[20:44:00] Rx Fish: price wise what would you be looking at consul sonar

and 40 lb thrust motor 12v?

[20:44:17] Mike (MN): yes they do perch

[20:44:31] Pinpoint: Bass Pro is online in January

[20:44:47] Mike (MN): that is huge for you

[20:44:53] Wacky Walleye: Great x-mas gift reelman hint!

[20:44:58] REELMAN: All Right I might be able to get it past my wife!!!!!!!!!

[20:44:59] Mike (MN): LOL

[20:45:04] LANCE L.: How about more practical applications on the water

[20:45:35] Bigfoot: set depth track and walk away from it

[20:45:41] Gator-MT: Bigfoot: Thanks, Are you talking about Doug Kom from MT

[20:45:42] Pinpoint: If your set up your boat for Internet access you don't

need to drive while you chat!

[20:45:50] Greg Madtown: When shore track will take me around docks I'll

buy an extra just to keep under my bed

[20:46:07] LANCE L.: :-)

[20:46:26] Doc (wi): other then the electronics what features does the

trolling motor have. variable speed, soft start ??

[20:46:36] Pinpoint: Yes yes.

[20:46:44] Bigfoot: I've fished Mille Lacs and never touch it again and

went around the entire mud hump

[20:46:55] Bigfoot: yep

[20:46:57] Wacky Walleye: second that

[20:47:31] Doc (wi): someone said about trolling all day low amp draw?

[20:47:47] Pinpoint: Some of the features of the trolling motor are only

accessable through the sonar display. Such as soft start, weed spin, reverse thrust,

sound off, ASC adjustment

[20:48:02] Mike (MN): very low

[20:48:06] Harry: How about 3-4 Days!!

[20:48:06] s&w: i'm going home dallas

[20:48:15] Mike (MN): all day trolling cranks and more!

[20:48:28] mikej: yeah doc you can pull spinners or cranks all day and not

run put of power with a 24v 180amp battery

[20:48:29] Bigfoot: fished it three hard days without recharging

[20:48:31] Wacky Walleye: The motor works great for guiding, especially

when your dealing with clear water for small mouth bass

[20:48:35] Pinpoint: bye

[20:48:55] Perchn: I wonder what kind of a contour or depth change it takes

to trigger a response and is it constantly jerking around or smoothly tracking

[20:49:23] Mike (MN): LOL

[20:49:38] REELMAN: funny how he slipped that hint in there

[20:49:44] Wacky Walleye: LOL

[20:49:44] Bigfoot: depends on how you set it perch

[20:49:47] Richard M: I find they respond quickly to keep on track

[20:49:50] Pinpoint: The positioning motor figures out the terrain and

compensates for the incline. It will maintain very close control at any speed.

[20:50:00] commander: when gps is available will pos. mtr follow a plot

trail like it does in depth track ?

[20:50:21] Doc (wi): what about in an area where depth changes a lot and often

[20:50:44] Pinpoint: ASC adjustment through the graph is to enhance or

soften the tracking attack. A(Automatic Speed Control)

[20:51:06] Bigfoot: you can adjust or fine tune the unit to your style of

handling if you want

[20:51:16] Pinpoint: The more the change the better the unit likes it.

[20:51:29] Doc (wi): even in a river?

[20:51:31] Mike (MN): funny thing, you will head out on a body you swear

you know and then let that sucker track and it will feel like you are on a new body of water.

[20:51:31] Perchn: How many vertical pixels on the sonar???\

[20:51:39] Richard M: Doc i fish and guide on resevioirs alot, the unit

will track you around a underwater "cliff

[20:52:03] Pinpoint: 240v or 320v

[20:52:06] Bigfoot: 240

[20:52:24] Doc (wi): wolf river is small and fast in spring R M

[20:52:27] Pinpoint: even in a river

[20:52:36] Greg Madtown: I found more small points, inside turns I did know were there

[20:53:00] Pinpoint: The tracking modes are like automobile

"Cruise control" you can take over anytime you want

[20:53:09] Mike (MN): it ALMOST seems unfair...

[20:53:16] Bigfoot: I'll be back have to take a call

[20:53:18] LANCE L.: motor will ramp up speed to keep you on course

[20:53:24] Mike (MN): yep

[20:53:25] Pinpoint: When you hit the "Resume" button you resume your trac setting

[20:53:25] Doc (wi): I'M HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:53:48] mikej: you wont regret it doc

[20:53:57] Wacky Walleye: It will find inside turns you don't know exist

[20:53:57] Rod (Sask.): not you too doc!!!

[20:54:03] LANCE L.: The more you use it the more you will get hooked

[20:54:08] Mike (MN): I set the depth and then sit back and smoke a cigar

and set the hook.

[20:54:20] Greg Madtown: Reverse track is one touch

[20:54:37] Rod (Sask.): how easy is the foot control to operate?

[20:54:42] Doc (wi): being a guide user friendly and the other features will make my day easier

[20:54:46] REELMAN: well I think I am hooked also, hope you have alot in stock

[20:54:48] Mike (MN): Dallas, tell how easy it is to change the depth when

you are tracking.

[20:54:56] mikej: you do have to look forward now and then so you don't run

into another boat though

[20:55:09] mikej: pinpoint can you work on that??

[20:55:13] Rod (Sask.): I have a johnson bow mount and find the control unit hard

[20:55:14] Pinpoint: Foot pedal is smoother and easier to operate than

anything you have felt before

[20:55:15] Mike (MN): LOL

[20:55:26] Wacky Walleye: Rod the foot control is the best on the market!

[20:55:33] Mike (MN): that is a cable system Rod

[20:55:49] Pinpoint: Change the depth by tilting the footpedal and watching the

"setpoint" change and re-lock

[20:55:55] Doc (wi): what about dealers in central wi

[20:56:12] Mike (MN): it is so easy

[20:56:13] Wacky Walleye: Smooth as silk (Foot Control)

[20:56:29] Pinpoint: The footpedal is adjustable to your preferred touch.

You can adjust it stiff or light.

[20:56:36] Rod (Sask.): get me a price in Can. $ so I know how much shi- I

will be in with the wife!

[20:56:42] Mike (MN): you see the fish at 22 and you are at 18, just tilt

the foot pedal till it reads 22!

[20:56:43] Wacky Walleye: Pamp's Outboard In GREEN BAY DOC

[20:56:48] Harry: The foot control is best I've ever used

[20:56:52] mikej: I've never been able to run a foot control until pp came along

[20:57:15] Greg Madtown: We never talked about side views on split screen

[20:57:33] Pinpoint: 1500-1800 US *1.52

[20:57:38] Richard M: ya mike esp cable control in big waves!

[20:57:53] Mike (MN): OUCH

[20:57:59] Mike (MN): Been their

[20:58:02] Hunter1(Pa): you will be impressed I think, I know i was. Wife said if I need

a new one okay but not till then, :-(

[20:58:13] Rod (Sask.): I like 1500 better than 1800

[20:58:32] Rod (Sask.): am I am not to crazy about 1500

[20:58:45] Pinpoint: Side views on split screens, and three beam split is

better an the faster rep rate.

[20:59:09] LANCE L.: This is no regular trolling motor Rod

[20:59:11] Rod (Sask.): even par?

[20:59:16] Pinpoint: Composite view is also a blending of three downward

looking transducers

[21:00:20] Mike (MN): The other thing to mention is the hand book that

comes with it to keep in the boat. Very quick to learn and easy reference.

[21:00:28] Pinpoint: I want to thank the 13 guys that fished the PWT

championship with Pinpoint equipment, this year.

[21:00:53] Greg Madtown: It's a system grow with it. Motor - graph - graph

[21:01:04] Gator-MT: One more try, when do you expect to have pp with a

mapping system/GPS

[21:01:16] Richard M: Your welcome your product helped me get there!

[21:01:50] Doc (wi): I can see it as a REAL advantage on a new body of water

[21:01:53] Pinpoint: Some time in the future, If I told you I'ld have to kill you

[21:02:02] Doc (wi): lol

[21:02:07] Mike (MN): LOL and good sense of humor

[21:02:29] LANCE L.: You don't have to be a pro to reap the benefits though

[21:02:54] LANCE L.: It makes catching fish easier for anyone

[21:02:57] Swat1(oh): What is the price again?

[21:03:13] Doc (wi): you don't have to be a pro to fish professionally

[21:03:19] Perchn: I can see how at night it would really be nice

[21:03:30] Pinpoint: 18004747550 for all the pricing details (tomorrow)

[21:03:54] Pinpoint: NO you just need a check

[21:04:05] Wacky Walleye: Pinpoint, It is an honor to be with you people,

You've made our professions alot easier Dale S. 

[21:04:11] Mike (MN): or plastic

[21:04:31] mikej: i second what wacky said!!!! 

[21:05:39] Wacky Walleye: Doc you still there

[21:05:41] Rx Fish: Are you going to put them on all the boats at your new resort Wacky :)

[21:05:44] Doc (wi): yup

[21:06:41] Wacky Walleye: I won't be renting boats but my guide customers

will have the best PINPOINT

[21:07:00] Rx Fish: cool

[21:08:06] commander: anybody got any good tips on begging the wife for one .

[21:08:17] Drift'r: A big ThankYou to Pinpoint for a great chat!!!!!!!

[21:08:19] Hunter1(Pa): lol

[21:08:22] mikej: gota go thanks Pinpoint for both the product and the chat!!!

[21:08:24] Greg Madtown: Will you do a mailing to current owners when GPS launched

[21:08:27] Rx Fish: you are the commander right?

[21:08:30] Pinpoint: 400-650 US

[21:08:42] Drift'r: thanks fellows 

[21:08:47] LANCE L.: Put a Pinpoint on a Yar-Craft and you will have the the ultimate machine

[21:08:53] RoyG(PA): thank you!

[21:09:29] LANCE L.: :-)

[21:09:36] Harry: Thanks Guys!!! Great chat and keep up the good work

[21:09:43] Wacky Walleye: commander buy her some jewlery and then hit her up it always works

[21:10:08] Swat1(oh): Just don't spend too much on the jewelry

[21:10:11] commander: thanks for allowing me to listen mostly had a good time 

[21:10:13] smitty: see ya later all.........thanks pinpoint

[21:10:15] Doc (wi): I had to get my wife a piano first

[21:10:27] Greg Madtown: Thanks for a great system and service is tops bye

[21:10:27] Pinpoint: We enjoyed the visit, maybe we can do it again soon!

Happy Holidays (put a PINPOINT under the tree)

[21:10:48] Wacky Walleye: Thanks PINPOINT

[21:10:50] Eyeman (IN): thanks pin point

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