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Pinpoint Chat 5/17/00

*Driftr-  Please Welcome our host Dallas Hodges & Bob Healey from PinPoint
*slip-bobber(MT)-  clap, clap, clap
*Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap clap
*Swat1-  Hi Pin Point guys
*river king-  welcome
*Mikej-  gee i had a question for them!
* saugeye-  Gremlins got um!
*river king-  juls you and driftr are doing so good right now lol
*fishingmac-  what is pin point?
*Team Dunn-  clap clap clap
*Mikej-  wb dallas and bob
*slip-bobber(MT)-  the best electronics and motor made
*fishingmac-  cool
*Dallas and Bob-  Anyone here that isn't one of our guys?
*Driftr-  started
*Team Dunn-  Your Guys?
*Team Dunn-  clap clap clap
*Mikej-  wb dallas and bob
*slip-bobber(MT)-  the best electronics and motor made
*Driftr-  *Driftr-  Dallas & Bob , start off by telling us about how Pinpoint started
*Todd_NE-  me me me - yet, anyway
*Dallas and Bob-  what would you like to know
*Eyez-  back
*Dallas and Bob-  we can answer most anything
*slip-bobber(MT)-  When are we looking at GPS compatibility Dallas?
*Swat1-  Is there a GPS in the future for Pin Point Dallas?
*Dallas and Bob-  That only makes sense that would come up first
*Mikej-  hi mark*Team Dunn-  Are there any steps being taken to prevent the
laminent covering for the pad on the motor head from peeling off?
*Dallas and Bob-  GPS is in the future in the NEAR future. We are
applying lots of effort in that direction.
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Has anyone slip drifted with the Pinpoints depth
track on? Works like a champ.
*Dallas and Bob-  Planned for this late fall or winter
introduction. Support for the 7520 first.
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Used it alot at Sharpe
*Swat1-  Will this be an add on or a stand alone unit Dallas? 
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Will that be a simple software upgrade with gps module dallas?
*Todd_NE-  and what pricepoint?
*Dallas and Bob-  Our introduction will be an adder. A standalone
is in the works.
*Team Dunn-  Are the newer models going to have a better plastic
covering for the display screen with the touch buttons? I
have seen alot that peel.
*Dallas and Bob-  The system design allows for software upgrades
for the 7520 and a new piece of hardware that will give GPS to
the Network
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Sounds great
*Swat1-  Will the GPS be able to interface with the positioning
motor to allow navigation?
*Monte-  Are there any plans to standardize mounts within the
Motorguide/ Pinpoint family?
*Dallas and Bob-  Team Dunn - yes we are getting better.
*Dallas and Bob-  Swat1 - Not at this time.
*Dallas and Bob-  Monte - down the road, yes same hole pattern etc.
*Swat1-  Ok thanks. That could be a valuable thing to have though
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Will it be simple GPS or actual mapping Dallas?
*Monte-  This would make it easier for manufacturer, to offer motor options
*fishingmac-  is pinpoint likethe gps i saw on infisherman where u
put in a disk of lake
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Will it be simple GPS or actual mapping Dallas?
*Dallas and Bob-  Slip bobber - Simple doesn't exist... mapping!
*slip-bobber(MT)-  lol
*slip-bobber(MT)-  thanks
*Dallas and Bob-  fishingmac - GPS mapping doesn't have a
standard... therefore we are coming up with another cool way to do it.
*matt-  hey mike what's the discusion about tonight?
*Juls-  Pinpoint is our host tonight...Dallas and bob
*Swat1-  Will you be able to store Icons on the map like you can
with a competitors model?
*fishingmac-  I think i get it
*Dallas and Bob-  swat1 - yes
*slip-bobber(MT)-  great
*Swat1-  Good move
*slip-bobber(MT)-  can hardly wait soon-  I may have missed this but are you working on a transducer mount for aluminum boats with better performance?
*bob oh-  DGPS?
*Risto-  2 1/2 weeks ago got my 7520 and 3700 back from factory
warranty work. Did not get the same serial numbered motor or
graph back What is up with that????
*matt-  mike-  pinpoint seems like the way to go 
*slip-bobber(MT)-  It is Matt
*Mikej-  yep
*Dallas and Bob-  soon - no
*slip-bobber(MT)-  First year with it here. Should have switched a long time ago
*matt-  what soes a 7200 grapgh run for in the states?
*Dallas and Bob-  bob oh - DGPS system is available in model
however the SA is turned off an that makes DGPS irrelevent
*Monte-  Isn't there already a stainless bracket available for the trans ducer?
*bob oh-  that's not true, but i won't argue
*Dallas and Bob-  risto - I don't know. Call cust service and ask them.
*Risto-  k
*Dallas and Bob-  matt - 299 US
*Airwave (OH)-  later
*Dallas and Bob-  monte - yes, call CS and order. It is not a
standard since it is rigid mounting and doesn't protect the
transducer from a high speed impact
*Risto-  problem with momentary switch not working when i did get
it back from factory warranty work. any quick fix or send it in again??
* saugeye-  Are the Pinpoint systems priced comparative to
other units of simular quality*Dallas and Bob-  risto - swap footpedal w/ CS. Please talk to them and have them diagnose the prob over the phone.
*Todd_NE-  it's tough to say their are "comparitive" products
*Risto-  k
*Swat1-  Nothing out there really compares with the Pin Point #1
*slip-bobber(MT)-  i agree*Dallas and Bob-   - we are competitive considering the
features and value we offer
*Monte-  I have found the level of CS support to be outstanding as well
*Dallas and Bob-  Our turn to ask a question...Has anyone used our
view save program.
*Mikej-  i have!! *Mikej-  i have!!
*Dallas and Bob-  that is VIEWSAVER
*Monte-  Yes
*matt-  is that when you back up on the screen?
*slip-bobber(MT)-  I review, but don't save
*Mikej-  no you can save up to 6 screens
*Dallas and Bob-  Viewsaver allows you to save 6 sonar screens and
offload them to your computer for Internet activity or publication etc.
*Todd_NE-  I have all Lowrance right now, but when I sell trade
boats I'm going PinPoint forconfidence in what it shows, upgradeability and the trolling motor features and the viewsaver, lol
*Swat1-  I have tried to use the review but it doesn't seem to work
on mine Dallas and Bob-  When we add GPS to the line you will really like
VS because it will be able to save more cool stuff.
*Swat1-  I am only running the 7520 though as a stand alone unit
*matt-  is it true that you can go back and review a screen and
then change the sensitivity and zoom to see in greater dtail?
*Dallas and Bob-  SWAT1 - it shouldn't be a problem for you. Maybe
you are missing something.
*Mikej-  yes you can matt
*Dallas and Bob-  matt - yes
*slip-bobber(MT)-  yes matt
*Risto-  yes mattmatt-  thanks guys
*Dallas and Bob-  anyone else want to tell Matt yes
*slip-bobber(MT)-  lol
*Swat1-  Push Review button then back arrow. or is there more to it?
*Eyez-  sure... yes matt :)
*Driftr-  yes Matt
*Driftr-  just kiddin
*Eyez-  LOL
**Driftr to Roy G (PA)- -  if ya want Roy
*matt-  does the 7200 actualy have more pixels per in than the
7500? *Mikej-  they have the same verticle number of pixels
*Dallas and Bob-  swat1 - you said it right... there must be
something to review though. If you haven't covered enough
data to scroll off the screen then it won't back up.
*Risto-  where is a good place to start as far as sensitivity and
grayline go in starting to use the systwem % wise that is??
*Dallas and Bob-  matt - no 7200 has 240 by 128 the 7520 has 240 by 320
*Swat1-  I'll send it in to CS after the season is over. I can't
afford to be without it right now
*Dallas and Bob-  riosto - 70% sens. 50% gray
*soon-  I would like to see a quick change button to go from
Flasher view, to normal , and back again
*Mikej-  brb
*Dallas and Bob-  Swat1 - whenever you can pry your fingers off of
it for a look see.. send it in.
*Risto-  what cone angle am I covering if i use bottom left, bottom
and bottom right transducers
*Driftr-  how long does it take to get a unit back
*Dallas and Bob-  risto - 3 20degree transducers with no overlap - 60degrees
*matt-  is that 128 per inch or the whole screen?
*Mikej-  the screen is 128 wide on the 7200
*Dallas and Bob-  driftr - this is growing time here at PP. CS is
keeping up as best as possible. probably 1 week right now. 
Off season would be 3 days.
*slip-bobber(MT)-  hi rick
*Swat1-  Hi Rick
*Risto-  hey bigfoot
*Mikej-  hi rick
* saugeye-  Howdy Rick
*slip-bobber(MT)-  congrats on sharpe finish
*Rick LaCourse-  Hi All
*Eyez-  This might be a dumb questions, but what are the
fundamental differences between the 7220, 7520, and 7820?
*matt-  so when you take into consideration the size difference
it's about the same then
*Rick LaCourse-  Hi Boss
*Eyez-  hi rick. *Dallas and Bob-  eyez - screen size, pixel size, user interface
everything else is the same.
*Pickeral Man-  Hey Boyz landed a 12 pounder on the Bay of quinte
last night
*Mikej-  nice fish
*Eyez-  they all work with all external hardware (trolling motor, each other, etc) ?
*slip-bobber(MT)-  nice
*Dallas and Bob-  eyez - yes
*Risto-  Missed the first :15 but will ask is GPS only
availabel on the 7520?? *Pickeral Man-  Oh yeh!!!!!!!!!
*Dallas and Bob-  risto - first release yes other models to follow
*Risto-  how soon?
*fly-   how much will the upgrade cost me?
*Swat1-  Is there a way to run 2 transducers off the 7520 (internal
shoot through hull and the normal external one) or would I
need some custom made switching device?
*Dallas and Bob-  risto - soon!!! late fall target... we got all
the engineering power we have gunning it down now.
*Dallas and Bob-  swat1 - yes, but you can't look at two local
transducers simultaneously
*Mikej-  swat all you need is a transducer y cable
*Risto-  I've got an engineering degree any chance ya need more help lol
*Eyez-  It seems that the 7520 is the most popular, any particular reason why?
*Dallas and Bob-  swat1 - you need a y-cable (MTDY04) to make the connection.
*Dallas and Bob-  risto - you work cheep?? Risto-  lol
*matt-  rick-  how did you do in th oturnaments so far?
*Mikej-  you can switch between 2 tranducers on 1 unit
*Swat1-  Thanks Mike
*Todd_NE-  did I miss your price on GPS???
*Dallas and Bob-  eyez - people who are not afraid of buttons like
the power of quick access menus rather that embedded menu
selection. The screen size is also the most agreeable
*Risto-  cost to upgrade on GPS?
do guiding also, guarantee you a 10 pounder.
*Dallas and Bob-  todd-ne - no... not yet listed
*Eyez-  k, thanks
*Dallas and Bob-  slip-bob - call CS to get some decals
*Team Dunn-  Hello again everyone.
*Driftr-  I have never used a better graph Or have I ever seen a
better screen display
*Swat1-  I agree with Drift'r
*Dallas and Bob-  todd - no, why
*Pickeral Man-  Hey Dunn, ever fished theBay of Quinte
---  [Pickeral Man] has left the Chat room
*Driftr-  its almost paper graph like
*Team Dunn-  No, I hope to in the future though.
*Monte-  Any thoughts on providing a video owner/training type manual 
*Swat1-  That would be a good idea there is quite a bit of stuff to
learn on these
*Team Dunn-  Hello Rick, Roy, Dan, Driftr', Juls and everyone else.
*Dallas and Bob-  Monte - we want to... if we can find the time we
will this summer. (are you holding your breath?)
* saugeye-  good option --opps
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Video would sure help the new guy
*Dallas and Bob-  Since rick has left the chat room... Dallas
thinks maybe we can get him to do the video LOL
*Risto-  good idea
*slip-bobber(MT)-  lol
*Swat1-  I vote Yes
*Driftr-  i'll bet he would
*soon-  I like the flashchart wish I could switch back and forth
faster and that digital readout also worked
*Dallas and Bob-  Soon - the reason the digital is disabled in
Flashchart is because of the processing time that it takes for
the sound to travel through the water and get back, then dye
out enought to clear up for the next transmitt burst. (pant, pant, pant)
*Swat1-  All you have to do to access flash chart or go back to
regular mode is push 2 buttons soon. can't be much faster...lol
*Risto-  would like to move the 7520 to bow ocassionally. 
currently run it at the helm. Is there a shorter cable than
the 20' available for this purpose?
*Dallas and Bob-  risto - we have a 4' (SDEC04)
*Risto-  thanks
*Mikej-  risto just plug it into the bow mount it works in both places
*Dallas and Bob-  Anyone... what do you think about color LCDs. 
Practical? or not for fishing. Would you pay a whole bunch more for them? 
*slip-bobber(MT)-  Have you had many requests for the extended foot petal cable
*Swat1-  No thanks for the color mode
*Dallas and Bob-  slip - yes, every other walleye boat
*Driftr-  tell us about it Dallas & Bob
*Mikej-  i like the idea of color lcds
*Mikej-  more info the better
*Risto-  not for fishing D & B
*Swat1-  unless they are sheilded the sun plays havoc trying to
read them*slip-bobber(MT)-  Color would be better if price is minimized
*Risto-  unless you can pull in young and the restless for the wife!!!!!!
*Driftr-  how would the colors work as to what would they represent
*slip-bobber(MT)-  young and the restless better stay home. lol
*Dallas and Bob-  Screen speed and contrast are sacrificed when
operating color. Your eyes have trouble seeing the changes. 
I was just interested because that is where so much of our
competition seems to be looking.
*soon-  processing would also slow for color output and takes heaps
of memory. Would walleye be gold, bass purple, northern red and bait blue?
*Risto-  that way I can justify the cost slip-bobber
*Swat1-  I use a ratheon color crt model on the charter boat and
usually turn it off in favor of the Pin Point
*slip-bobber(MT)-  i see

*slip-bobber(MT)-  pay for quality risto-pinpoint is the way to go
*Eyez-  back in a few.
*Dallas and Bob-  soon - walleye - gold, bass - green or purple,
crappie - pink, LOL
*slip-bobber(MT)-  lol
*slip-bobber(MT)-  lol
*Dallas and Bob-  high andy
*Dallas and Bob-  hi andy
*Mikej-  hi andy
*Team Dunn-  Hello Andy
*Dallas and Bob-  what is marinette men
*Team Dunn-  Hello Slickster.
*andy kuffer-  howdy*Dallas and Bob-  well??
*slickster-  hello all
*Driftr-  Are there any more Questions for our hosts ??
* saugeye-  No don't have one but am ordering one tomorrow
*Risto-  PP web page on line yet?
*Swat1-  You will love it #1
*Dallas and Bob-  thanks for the hospitality, Give us a call at
800-474-7550 (ask for Ron the bass head! he'll like that)
*Risto-  thanks Dallas and Bob
*Driftr-  Thanks to Dallas Hodges & Bob Healey of PinPoint!!!!!!!!
* saugeye-  Need to run kicker and steer with the pinpoint
*Dallas and Bob-  Pinpointfishing.com is still under construction.
*slip-bobber(MT)-  clap, clap,clap
*Dallas and Bob-  Night Yall!
*Risto-  clap clap cla]
*Team Dunn-  clap clap clap
*Roy G (PA)-  thanks for your time Dallas and Bob
*Driftr-  thanks guys & keep up the good work 
*Monte-  Thank you Dallas and Bob
* saugeye-  Thanks - Good job boys
*Swat1-  Thanks Dalas and Bob Great chat
*andy kuffer-  thanks

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