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 Chat with Doug Riemel of Prop and Sail    8/23/00

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Doug Riemel from Prop and Sail
Raker24-  hi all
ebijack-  clap clap clap!!!
Dunn-  Clap Clap Clap!!!!
bob oh-  hi doug
Ness-  Clap, clap, clap...
Scott C.-  applause
Scott C.-  polite golf clap
PROPNSAIL-  THe boat is rated for 250h. h.p.
chatman-  So Doug can you tell us a little about yourself?
PROPNSAIL-  I have been doing this boat stuff since I was born
ebijack-  doug, how soon before we can order this new boat, or where can we see it?
Dunn-  Doug, what exactly do you do with Prop and Sail?
PROPNSAIL-  My dad opened the doors 2 months before I was born 38 years ago
chatman-  Then can we assume Prop and Sail is a family venture?
Scott C.-  he's telling his age
PROPNSAIL-  It is more what don't I do at here
Ness-  He's under forty... he'll learn :-)
Dunn-  Doug, Can you give us some idea of what goes on with your job at Prop and Sail?
PROPNSAIL-  Yes it is a family venture. Just like we try to treat our customers
ebijack-  folks, i'll attest to dougs ability with omc and ficth motors and boat/prop knowledge
PROPNSAIL-  I am a certified OMC ficht technician
Dan (MI)-  Hello
chatman-  Tell us about any new products that may be of interest, I here there is a new Walleye boat on the way
PROPNSAIL-  I run the sales department
Raker24-  what are the dimensions, length, width
PROPNSAIL-  Yes The all Nes Javelin Renegade 21 MSX walleye boat
Dunn-  Doug, Do you get much of a chance to fish? If so what is your favorite style?
Dan (MI)-  Is this the Taylor MI, Propnsail dealer?
PROPNSAIL-  length 20'7" width 97" 54 gal fuel tank, 25 " transom height
PROPNSAIL-  just get out and fish
PROPNSAIL-  yes it is the one and only Taylor store
ebijack-  if doug misses your question, please repeat it
chatman-  Can you tell us a little about layout? Features?
PROPNSAIL-  I guess I am not the fastest
ebijack-  no problem doug!
PROPNSAIL-  8'rods can be strapped to the deck
Scott C.-  take your time
Dunn-  Doug, Do you think this new boat of Javelin's will spring them into the Walleye World much like the Triton Walleye Boat did to Triton?
PROPNSAIL-  the front deck is 12"below the top rail
ebijack-  doug, what kind of price is omc hoping to put this rig out at fully rigged
PROPNSAIL-  30 gal front livewell
PROPNSAIL-  7 gal front bait well
PROPNSAIL-  5 gal rear bait well
PROPNSAIL-  31 gal rear livewell that runs across the back of the boat
Dan (MI)-  Sounds like a thought out design
Eye' Hound-  how large is the rod locker and the lenth and width of the livewell's?
PROPNSAIL-  rear livewell is 50" long
PROPNSAIL-  I don't have measurement on the front well yet
Dan (MI)-  Doug do you have that boat now, or coming soon?
chatman-  Any news on the OMC front to pair up with the new boat??
ebijack-  doug, have you run this boat yet? what kind of top end is expected
PROPNSAIL-  I will have a 21 here early Friday morning straight from engineering
Raker24-  Did you get to run the boat..How was the performance...Ride etc...
PROPNSAIL-  So far they are talking a bigger trolling motor but not saying how big
ebijack-  doug, will that boat be at the propnsail bass tourney sat out of erie metro park?
Dunn-  Doug, Does the boat have a similar rougher ride much like the other bass boat (primarily) boat companies that have adapted to making a Walleye boat?
Scott C.-  when you say bigger trolling motor, you mean in the way of 36 volt?
PROPNSAIL-  Yes this boat will be available for test rides for the next several weeks
chatman-  What price range can the average angler expect to see on a package?
PROPNSAIL-  so You should schedule a ride when it is good for you
PROPNSAIL-  They are not talking on voltage
ebijack-  me first!
ebijack-  :)
Dunn-  Doug, Does the boat have a similar rougher ride much like the other bass boat (primarily) boat companies that have adapted to making a Walleye boat?
Scott C.-  that's a good question Dunn
Dunn-  Thanks Scott.
PROPNSAIL-  We are hoping to have a nicely equipped boat with tandem axel trailer hydraulic steering and a200h.p. Johnson for around $25900
Raker24-  He should see Doug what rig is he in
Dan (MI)-  Sounds fair
chatman-  Would that be a FICHT package?
Scott C.-  that's a good deal in this market
PROPNSAIL-  This is a totally new hull 14 degrees dead rise changing to 21 degrees
Raker24-  evinrudes are ficht johnsons are carbureted
PROPNSAIL-  The Johnsons are Carbureted motors
Scott C.-  dumb question here.......is the 21 degrees of the deadrise all the way to the back?
Dunn-  Doug, So the ride should be smoother then similar boats?
PROPNSAIL-  with an Evinrude you would pay approximately $2500 more
Scott C.-  21 degrees is a lot of deadrise.....many offshore boats have 18 and 20 degrees
PROPNSAIL-  I drove the boat on Joe Poole in Texas two weeks ago
Raker24-  how did the boat perform in tests
Scott C.-  with that much vee at the transom, does the boat lift up high on the pad when running fast?
PROPNSAIL-  Yes it is a reservoir but it was on a sunday and felt like lake St. Clair
PROPNSAIL-  The boat accelerates like your in a 18' bass boat with a 150 h.p. motor
chatman-  Available as single and dual console?
Dunn-  Doug, Does the boat come with Dual Consoles, Single Console, Wrap around as options?
Dunn-  I guess Chatman beat me to the punch. lol
PROPNSAIL-  Single console boats are starting production in two weeks
PROPNSAIL-  the dual console boats are scheduled for early November
ebijack-  doug, what's the waiting time for build date and color options
Dunn-  Doug, Are you going to be able to get a Wraparound windshield?
PROPNSAIL-  the dual console will be available with windscreens or optional windshield
ebijack-  doug, is there a separate gas tank for the licker motor?
ebijack-  kicker
Dunn-  That's a new style of motor, Ebi. lol.
Scott C.-  I'll take one
Scott C.-  lol
ebijack-  :)
PROPNSAIL-  The kicker motor is plumbed off of the main tank after all with an Evinrude you wont burn 54 gallons of gasoline
chatman-  Are there canvas options with the full wind shield as well?
ebijack-  doug , is there room on the drivers dash for lots of electronic's?
PROPNSAIL-  Licker's are not a factory option at this time
chatman-  DANG!!
Scott C.-  shucks
Dunn-  Shucks.
ebijack-  :)
Dunn-  Dang, I'm getting beat to the punch tonight. lol
PROPNSAIL-  I know you are now bummed out
Scott C.-  So much for the "go early , stay late"
ebijack-  doug, what's the build time if ordered now
PROPNSAIL-  canvas options have not been determined yet
PROPNSAIL-  your suggestions will be greatly appreciated
Dunn-  Doug, How wide is the top of the gunnel?
Scott C.-  can you mount down riggers on it?
ebijack-  doug, are the top rails reinforced
PROPNSAIL-  Production is selling fast you should order yours soon so you will have it when it is time to Fish
PROPNSAIL-  the rail measurement I remember is 4.75"
ebijack-  doug, will you have one in your showroom thru the winter for folks to looks at?
PROPNSAIL-  The rails are re-enforced
Dunn-  Doug, How wide is the top of the gunnel (flat spot on top of the gunnel)?
PROPNSAIL-  Yes the gunnel is flat for downriggers and rod holders
Dunn-  Doug, But how wide is it?
PROPNSAIL-  I hope so but keeping one around will be difficult
Scott C.-  regarding the KICKER.....do you need a bracket or is the transom set up for it?
ebijack-  doug, how many seat positions are available
PROPNSAIL-  I expect to have one available some way or another
chatman-  I think that is what Doug meant by the rail width at 4.75
PROPNSAIL-  the boat is 97" wide
ebijack-  like 4 in the rear and 1 up front?
Dunn-  Oh alright.
Raker24-  I believe there is a single console ,dual console and center consoler
chatman-  Wow! I imagine a jig fisherman will have a very stable platform to fish from at 97 wide
PROPNSAIL-  the transom is set up for kicker gas on one side electric on the other
ebijack-  cool!
PROPNSAIL-  4 seats in the cock pit and four seat post on the front deck
Scott C.-  electrics on front and back.....i like that
ebijack-  4 seats up front?
PROPNSAIL-  Yes electrics everywhere
Scott C.-  any special mounting pads or anything for electronics on the bow?
PROPNSAIL-  yes 4 seats pedestal bases up front
Eye' Hound-  Is there a rear casting deck insert for muskie/bass fishing?
PROPNSAIL-  recessed area that will accommodate a lowrance 350a
chatman-  Doug, How about new developments with the FICHT line? Anything new for 2001?
PROPNSAIL-  the rear deck insert is in development right now. It is supposed to have two bases on the insert
Eye' Hound-  sounds good
PROPNSAIL-  yes all Evinrude 200, 225, and 250 h.p. are the new 3.3 litre block
Scott-  is the 3.3 in the 225 Ocean engine too?
PROPNSAIL-  yes it is in all of the big blocks
chatman-  Better power? Durability? What was the reasoning behind the change?
Raker24-  power more power
Scott-  what is the high end on RPMS for say the 225 3.3 vs the old 3.0 block?
PROPNSAIL-  because there aint nothing like cubic inches
PROPNSAIL-  only if you want to run with the big DOGS
Scott-  is the RPM max lower on the 3.3 vs the old 3.0
PROPNSAIL-  They changed the stoke of the engine to increase durability
ebijack-  speaking of ficth, doug what's the biggest problem folks are having with ficth
chatman-  Have their been many more refinements in the FICHT technology as of late, that is always a hot topic on the Message Boards here
PROPNSAIL-  max rpm's are the same as the other 3.0 liter block
PROPNSAIL-  this Ficht technology is just getting better every day
Scott-  did fuel economy increase with the 3.3 vs the 3.0?
ebijack-  doug, what's the biggest problem you have found that folks/dealers are doing wrong on the ficht's
PROPNSAIL-  I think the ones I ran in Dallas were by far the best running motors I have ever had the pleasure of running
ebijack-  doug, you sponsor alot of ficht/javelin guys, they don't seem to have problems with there motors
PROPNSAIL-  The biggest problem I am running into is the dealer is not describing break-in procedure in a language that the customer can understand
chatman-  I'll tell you, for me, one of the biggest reasons I had for considering the DFI technology os being able to run a 225 on as much gas and oil as a 175
ebijack-  so break-in is the biggest probelm.. folks aren't doing it
Dan (MI)-  That customer being average Joe, or someone with knowledge
PROPNSAIL-  You must follow the latest break-in procedure
PROPNSAIL-  these motors are running leaner than any one has ever imagined
ebijack-  doug, so people get the idea, what's the total hours for a proper break-in
chatman-  That seems to change yearly, but this is a good thing, correct Doug?
PROPNSAIL-  so you must give the new motor a chance to learn to work with itself after all you would not be i this chat room if you just were born today
slickster-  hey all
ebijack-  howdy slickster
chatman-  Are there any new advances in OMC's prop line?
PROPNSAIL-  the first 5 hours of break-in is no faster then 1/2 throttle or 3300rpm's and very your speed and rpm the hole time
ebijack-  doug, do you expect this new boat to outsell the crestliner walleye boats?
Dan (MI)-  Doug, which aluminum boats do you carry?
PROPNSAIL-  for best results for break -in you should talk the boat out and just drive for a couple of hours at a time
ebijack-  doug, will this boat have all the "keep alive" features of the javelin bass boats?
PROPNSAIL-  The livewells are of the same flow rite system thet the bass boats have
PROPNSAIL-  they will keep the fish alive
Raker24-  did you say you took one for a test drive. what impressed you with the boat
chatman-  Can you explain the livewell system in basics for us
PROPNSAIL-  would you rather own fiberglass Javelin or a aluminum Crestliner that is just preference
ebijack-  doug, what about price compared to a comparable equipped crestliner
chatman-  Can you tell us a little about Javelin's livewell system Doug?
PROPNSAIL-  basically anytime a livewell pump is running it is also pulling in oxygen from the spickets mounted on the outside of the boat or in the livewell themselves
Raker24-  How did the boat run what are strengths and weaknesses
chatman-  So it is pulling oxygen itno the water stream whether you are pumping in fresh water or recirculating the well water?
PROPNSAIL-  comparably equipped Crestliner will be similarly priced meaning with-in $1000 according to the numbers given me
PROPNSAIL-  you understand chatman
ebijack-  doug, what about "dry" storage on this boat
PROPNSAIL-  dry storage is every where, there is two big tackle lockers in the front deck
PROPNSAIL-  they even thought af a place to put your soaking wet drift sock
chatman-  This sounds like quite a front deck. Almost room to play football!!
PROPNSAIL-  a cooler for your beverages and sandwiches
cowboy-  why not try an alumacraft, better and stronger hull design and less $$$$$$$$
ebijack-  that's a smaller boat cowboy
cowboy-  whats the dem.
PROPNSAIL-  I am not able to tell you about Alumucraft but Lake Erie is not very forgiving
Eye' Hound-  can an 8 foot trolling rods be put into the rod lockers?
chatman-  Could you repeat the dimensions of the new boat Doug?
ebijack-  20'7 at 97 in beam
PROPNSAIL-  length is 20' 7" and 97" width
ebijack-  doug, will you be giving test rides this sat at erie metro park?
cowboy-  the alumacraft is 19'7" and 95"
PROPNSAIL-  I will know that answer on the 8' trolling rods by Friday when the boat is hear for you to touch and sit in
Raker24-  did you run the boat. what are the strengths and weaknesses
PROPNSAIL-  there aint nothing like a fiberglass ride
chatman-  Ebi mentioned a bass event coming up, do you host or sponsor any other tournaments in your area Doug?
PROPNSAIL-  this boat gets up on plane fast and busts through the chop like sitting in a Lincoln town car
Driftr-  how will it handle Erie?
Juls-  im late...what kind-o-boat are we talking about?
chatman-  The new Javelin Juls
Driftr-  walleye Juls :)
Juls-  ahhh ok..thanks ebi
ebijack-  howdy juls
Juls-  hey back at ya..- -)
ebijack-  that was drift r
Juls-  ohhh see it now...haha thanks
PROPNSAIL-  yes we sponsor 5 bass event that are qualifiers for the S.J.W.C.T were the regional is worth $15000 cash to first place and the World Championship is worth $100000 cash for first placxe
chatman-  SJWCT?
Raker24-  stratos/javelin world championship
PROPNSAIL-  We are planning on a couple of walleye tournaments that will be qualifiers for Majors event that I cannot talk about at this time
Juls-  cool
chatman-  Were gonna be wrapping this up here in a moment, any final quick questions for our Guest host tonight?
PROPNSAIL-  we anticipate having this ironed out by November 1 2000
ebijack-  doug are you planning on starting a walleye circuit?
Juls-  can't wait to hear...- -)
PROPNSAIL-  Yes we are if I can get enough walleye guys to put in the time it takes to do what we do at out bass tournaments
PROPNSAIL-  I will be here fore a few minuets
Juls-  what do you mean? what do your guys do at bass tournaments?
ebijack-  doug, have you had many or any of your sold ficht motors go bad?
PROPNSAIL-  I want to thank you guys for being here tonight If you have any other questions just e-mail me at  propnsail@aol.com
chatman-  Let's all give a big hand to our guest tonight, Doug Riemel of Prop and Sail
Raker24-  can we call you to make an appointment for a test ride. number?
ebijack-  clap clap clap!!!
Juls-  thanks propnsail
PROPNSAIL-  I appreciate you being here tonight
Driftr-  thanks Doug
Raker24-  thanks
Driftr-  clap clap clap

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