Walleye Central

Ranger Boats - Special Thanks to Rick LaCourse, Mike Jensen, Dale Stroschein and Harry Stiles for holding the course.
[19:58:30] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our fill in hosts for Ranger till
george can get
[19:58:45] Drift'r: Hi guys
[19:58:47] mikej: hi all
[19:58:47] Doc (wi): clap clap clap clap
[19:58:51] ebijack (mi): howdy guys!!!
[19:58:51] Targa(wi.): hi guys
[19:58:51] Juls (WI): welcome ranger guys...i will sit back and watch now
[19:58:54] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
 [19:58:55] Eyeman (IN): hi guys
[19:58:59] Harry: Rick WHO??
[19:58:59] BUSY: Why are Ranger boats so good, Harry, Rick, Mike
 [19:59:03] jighead (WI): yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[19:59:08] BUSY: Just teasin
[19:59:15] mikej: good question Ric
[19:59:17] Drift'r: :)
[19:59:25] lucky{ ont}: welcome guys!
[19:59:33] Juls (WI): :-)
[19:59:41] ebijack (mi): can you tell us what models each of you fish out
of and why?
[20:00:08] mikej: We all fished out of 692 last year 
[20:00:20] Harry:  620 because I need the extra room for guiding
 [20:00:30] mikej:  this year we will be fishing out of the new 620's 
[20:00:52] Eyeman (IN): what is the size difference in the 2 boats 
[20:01:27] mikej: with the size the bodies of water we fish the bigger
boats will be safer faster and store more
[20:01:58] mikej: the 692 is an 18 foot boat and the 620 is a 20 foot boat
[20:02:09] ebijack (mi): would you go to a 22fter if ranger made a walleye
boat in 22foot?
[20:02:27] mikej: boy i don't think so
[20:02:39] mikej: i think 20 foot is enough
[20:02:48] Harry:   I would to get the extra space for guiding
[20:02:52] Bigfoot: easy big boy
[20:03:03] Wacky Walleye: ebijack the 620 is more than enough boat
[20:03:05] mikej: but maybe if you could put a 300 hp on it!!!
[20:03:35] Harry:   300HP SOUNDS GOOD!!!!
[20:03:50] Targa(wi.): on the 620 what is the length of the rod lockers and
how many livewells and baitwells and their location?
[20:03:54] Juls (WI): are all rangers glass???
[20:03:59] Eyeman (IN): do you think beyond 20 feet you will lose some boat
control Mike ???
[20:04:11] Bigfoot: yes juls
[20:04:27] Harry: ranger makes a great line of aluminum boats
[20:04:54] Juls (WI): thanks harry...like aluminum
[20:05:07] mikej: I'm not too worried about boat control but bigger will
not fit in my garage
[20:05:16] Doc (wi): they have an all welded hull in aluminum
[20:05:27] Harry:  Check out their alum. line!!
[20:05:35] mikej: juls yes Ranger makes a line of aluminum boats
[20:05:44] Drift'r: what does Ranger mean by a uniweld construction?
[20:05:49] Wacky Walleye: Juls ranger makes  a great line of alum.
[20:06:00] Juls (WI): got it guys..thanks
[20:06:33] iowa guy: hey guys got a question
[20:07:28] mikej: drift'r currently Crestliner makes the hull for  Ranger
[20:07:42] BUSY: What is warranty on ranger hull products
[20:07:58] mikej: 5 year hull warranty
[20:08:07] Wacky Walleye: mikej but ranger does the finish work
[20:08:25] mikej: yes Ranger does all the finish work
[20:09:07] Drift'r: I was reading where they offered a 10/20 warranty
[20:09:12] Drift'r: what is that
[20:09:27] mikej: Drift R Ranger or Crestliner?
[20:09:35] Drift'r: Ranger
[20:09:38] iowa guy: on team walleye site there is a tourny set for april 25th
[20:11:12] jighead (WI): Anyone own Ranger.
[20:11:30] Bigfoot: yep
[20:12:01] Eyeman (IN): what are the changes in Rangers  this year if any ???
[20:12:29] jighead (WI): Bigfoot, you have ranger?
[20:12:34] John P.: order the 6" jack plate. how much will it help
[20:12:59] Bigfoot: the new 620 is the finest boat that I've been out in,
thats in that range
[20:13:13] Juls (WI): why doesnt Ranger boats have a "forever" warranty on
the hull like Fisher does?
[20:13:34] Bigfoot: I'll just add's to the overall performance of the hull
[20:13:44] freud: how does ranger compare to the targas
[20:13:46] Drift'r: forever on fisher really isn't everything
[20:14:03] Juls (WI): no?
[20:14:15] Drift'r: thats only exterior welds
[20:14:20] Bigfoot: read the fine print on the  warranty
[20:14:36] Drift'r: you got it bigfoot
[20:15:12] Drift'r: if you break a stringer weld after 2 years you pay
[20:15:36] Juls (WI): we have Lund Alaskan....what Ranger aluminum
[20:15:58] Bigfoot: none
[20:15:59] Lundman(Wi): Nothing compares to a Lund Juls....:-)
[20:16:02] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:16:12] Juls (WI): lol
[20:16:15] Bigfoot: our hull is welded
[20:16:28] ebijack (mi): what's the beam on the new 20fter
[20:16:38] ebijack (mi): 620
[20:16:41] Bigfoot: 94 1/2
[20:16:58] ebijack (mi): 4 1/2 in wider than the 692
[20:17:03] Bigfoot: yes
[20:17:07] Wacky Walleye: i've decided to turn over a new leaf, i'm going
into the resort bus. 
[20:17:35] Bigfoot: you'll be back
[20:18:09] Eyeman (IN): what is the horse power rating on the 620 ?
[20:18:16] mikej: 225 Eye
[20:18:22] ebijack (mi): are the consoles mounted closer to the rear of the
boat on the 620 compared to the 692?
[20:18:28] Bigfoot: the 620 is out of the hole and on plane fully loaded in
less that 5 sec.
[20:18:54] Bigfoot: no a little farther up
[20:19:00] John P.: with out a  tail fin?
[20:19:24] Eyeman (IN): what kind of top end Rick ?
[20:19:39] ebijack (mi): are you running dual consoles in the 620's guys?
[20:19:45] mikej: yep
[20:19:46] Bigfoot: I'll guess around 60
[20:19:54] Harry: yep
[20:20:08] Bigfoot: the only way they come at this time
[20:20:37] mikej: the 620 has much more storage than the 692
[20:20:50] ebijack (mi): is there backing on the side rails for mounting
all those rod holders and electronics on the 620?
[20:20:55] mikej: there are 2 big boxes in back of the seats
[20:21:00] Targa(wi.): is the use of a hydrofoil recommended w/ the 225 or a 200?
[20:21:04] Harry: and the 692 has a lot of storage
[20:21:13] Bigfoot: rail mounts
[20:21:24] Eyeman (IN): How long a rod locker ??
[20:21:50] Bigfoot: no hydrofoil needed with a Ranger
[20:21:50] Harry: you ca put 8 ft. rods in easily
[20:21:52] mikej: you can put over an 8 foot rod in the rod box
[20:22:01] Bigfoot: 8'4"
[20:22:14] mikej: thats over 8'!!
[20:22:30] Griz (ohio): Bigfoot, dan says you are getting a new 620, why?
[20:22:38] ebijack (mi): where are the batteries mounted for the electric
trolling motor (in front)
[20:23:01] mikej: behind the storage boxes behind the seats
[20:23:37] mikej: the livewell in mounted in the rear across the boat
[20:23:39] Bigfoot: OK
[20:23:56] Griz (ohio): Bigfoot, Dan says you are getting a new 620, why?
[20:24:01] jighead (WI):  BIG how much gas will 620 allow
[20:24:07] Targa(wi.): what about baitwells?
[20:24:10] mikej: 50 gallons
[20:24:22] mikej: plus 6 for a kicker tank
[20:24:33] jighead (WI): recommend 225 OPTi
[20:24:37] Bigfoot: The first one was a proto-type and I've got some new
colors I wanted
[20:24:51] mikej: the bait well is 6 gallons and is next to the livewell
[20:25:02] Bigfoot: 8 gals
[20:25:35] Bigfoot: great
[20:25:43] Targa(wi.): wish I had a baitwell
[20:25:53] Eyeman (IN): what are the color options Rick ??
[20:26:08] Doc (wi): I always leave the minnows in mine
[20:26:11] ebijack (mi): how  did the 620 handle trying to hold in the wind
[20:26:12] Harry: unlimited colors
[20:26:12] Bigfoot: any thing under the sun
[20:26:13] wannabe: what is rangers web site address
[20:26:33] skeet: does anybody know how the 150 merc optimaxs are holding up
[20:26:38] mikej: www.rangerboats.com
[20:27:08] jighead (WI): 200 OK
[20:27:14] fishhead: are the aluminum made by Crestliner?
[20:27:18] Bigfoot: no problem, I've got well over 500 hrs in mine and love
it more and more
[20:27:30] mikej: the hulls are fishhead
[20:27:42] jighead (WI): ranger,crest,lund eac.etc.
[20:27:42] Harry: for now the hulls are made by crestliner
[20:27:59] ripper: like out of the water
[20:28:11] wannabe: do they have pic of the new 620 there ? at the web site ?
[20:28:20] mikej: Ranger has purchased a factory to make they're own hulls
[20:28:20] Reelhook(wi): no they dont
[20:28:24] fishhead: whats the difference from Crestliner?
[20:28:35] mikej: wannebe no Picture yet
[20:28:52] fishhead: no jighead
[20:28:53] Reelhook(wi): there is[20:29:07] jighead (WI): where
[20:29:18] mikej: no the web site isn't updated yet
[20:29:19] fish-alot { ND}: does ranger factory package with any motors
other than merc
[20:29:28] Eyeman (IN): Are they taking orders for the 620 ? and if so how
long to deliver you guys have an idea ??
[20:29:32] jighead (WI): wow
[20:29:34] Harry: all motors
[20:29:49] fishhead: why?
[20:30:01] jighead (WI): wondering no prob
[20:30:34] John P.: they are taking orders, my 620 will be 6 t o 8 weeks
[20:30:51] Reelhook(wi): my 620 will be here next week
[20:31:37] mikej: Mine is being built as we speak
[20:31:48] ebijack (mi): are any of you doing the shows here in mich ,
[20:31:50] teammac(MT): shepherd
[20:31:53] BUSY: I would say that boat innovations in last few years has
equalled the electronics changes we have had for walleye fishin
[20:32:10] mikej: no Ebi but was in Chicago last weekend
[20:32:56] ebijack (mi): are the seats in the 620 pedistal at the consoles?
[20:32:56] mikej: I agree Busy
[20:33:12] Griz (ohio): yes
[20:33:17] Reelhook(wi): yes the seats are pedistal
[20:33:29] mikej: they're a fixed base type of pedistal
[20:34:02] racer: are seats like the current drivers seat in the 690
[20:34:14] mikej: has any one seen the new 617 Ranger yet?
[20:34:14] Bigfoot: no all new 
[20:34:19] Bigfoot: yes
[20:34:32] ebijack (mi): no mike, only have the 98 catalog  :)
[20:34:34] Bigfoot: I will have griz
[20:34:59] mikej: I'll send you a 99 Ebi
[20:35:11] Drift'r: what is a 617
[20:35:15] ebijack (mi): thanks mike
[20:35:22] Bigfoot: new 17 ft
 [20:35:34] racer: hi just about missed another one i must be going brain
dead gotta pay attention since i have a 690vs ranger
[20:35:35] ebijack (mi): oh, you mean a catalog? or a boat     :)
[20:35:38] mikej: drift'r it is Rangers new 17 foot multispecies boat
[20:35:53] Drift'r: is it glass
[20:35:54] mikej: I'll give it to you
[20:35:59] Bigfoot: no
[20:36:03] mikej: yes Drift
[20:36:17] Walleye wacker: is the 617 similar to the 681vs?
[20:36:20] Drift'r: what is the beam on the 617
[20:36:27] mikej: 85"
[20:36:47] mikej: not its more like the 692 but smaller
[20:36:48] ebijack (mi): is the 617 glass?
[20:36:49] Bigfoot: I'll be using the new plates made by Goldeneye products
[20:36:57] Bigfoot: yes
[20:37:18] mikej: Jack plate or kicker Rick or both?
[20:37:26] Bigfoot: no jigger Oh.
[20:37:33] ebijack (mi): will the 617 be at the shows with the 620?
[20:37:34] mikej: I'll be using both
[20:37:34] Bigfoot: both
[20:37:38] Griz (ohio): Big foot, did you get walk thru windshield on new boat?
[20:37:41] racer: can the 620  be ordered without carpet and only one console
[20:37:49] Bigfoot: some of them ebi
[20:37:53] mikej: they have 2 617 at the Mpls boat show 
[20:37:58] Bigfoot: yes I did
[20:38:09] Bigfoot: no
[20:38:53] Bigfoot: no racer
[20:39:01] Bigfoot: 56
[20:39:03] ebijack (mi): what was the point to the 617? different layout?
[20:39:48] Bigfoot: full line in the fishermans series ebi from 17 to 20
[20:39:48] mikej: yeah Ebi its deeper than the 68X can be dual, single or tiller
[20:39:55] ebijack (mi): new 17ft walleyeboat?
[20:40:04] Bigfoot: yep
[20:40:07] ebijack (mi): cool
[20:40:08] mikej: you got it Ebi!
[20:40:09] racer: how about the two consoles without walk thru
[20:40:20] Bigfoot: yes
[20:40:49] mikej: Racer what do you mean?
[20:40:54] teammac(MT): hi plady
[20:41:13] Bigfoot: low profile windsheilds
[20:41:18] mikej: the have bubble windshields available
[20:41:36] racer: does the 620 come with two windshields  not the walk thru
[20:41:45] Bigfoot: eather
[20:41:46] mikej: yes racer
[20:42:25] ebijack (mi): when was the 617 introduced?
[20:42:31] mikej: in Dec
[20:43:03] ebijack (mi): is the 617 on the web site?
[20:43:10] Walleye wacker: layout etc.
[20:43:13] mikej: the 617 is rated for 150 hp with a wheel
[20:43:36] Lundman(Wi): does the 617 come tiller??
[20:43:38] mikej: Ebi no the web site hasn't been updated
[20:43:47] Harry: Yes it does
[20:43:48] mikej: lund yes
[20:43:53] racer: is the set back hull on the 620 the same as a 690 so it
will accept a kicker ok
[20:44:03] Reelhook(wi): yes
[20:44:04] Bigfoot: yes racer
[20:44:21] mikej: racer you need an adapter for the kicker
[20:44:49] mikej: the set backs the same but the splash well is different
[20:45:10] Bigfoot: it's a kicker bracket
[20:45:12] ebijack (mi): do you know what the weight is on the 617?
[20:45:36] mikej: I think its about 1200 lbs
[20:45:40] Drift'r: what are the stringers made of in the ranger glass boats
[20:45:50] Bigfoot: all glass
[20:46:09] Drift'r: nothing to rot then
[20:46:18] Bigfoot: right
[20:46:44] racer: so i got two answers as to the kicker what is the right
one will a kicker mount just like on a 690vs
[20:47:33] Bigfoot: the transom is different on the 620 you use a kicker
bracket or power lift
[20:49:03] ebijack (mi): you guys aren't going to run the same colors are you
[20:49:08] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:49:12] Bigfoot: what guys
[20:49:13] Drift'r: :)
[20:49:14] mikej: I am Ebi
[20:49:24] ebijack (mi): rick/harry/mike  :)
[20:49:25] mikej: same as last year that is
[20:49:42] Harry:   Silver and red for me
[20:49:48] Bigfoot: never run the same colors keep them guessing
[20:49:55] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:50:13] Wacky Walleye: Black, Red, Gold for me
[20:50:14] John P.: mine is green, green, green
[20:50:20] mikej: I just talked to George and it looks like he can't get on
tonight but would like another chance to host later
[20:50:46] ebijack (mi): that would be fine mike!!!
[20:50:56] mikej: sorry guys
[20:51:02] ebijack (mi): but you harry and rick have done a great job!!!
[20:51:08] mikej: George is real sorry too
[20:51:11] Drift'r: great job
[20:51:27] ebijack (mi): any more questions for our great hosts tonight?
[20:51:39] Targa(wi.): nice job harry mike and rick
[20:51:45] Bigfoot: mine is wht, wht, wht, regal and imp. red
[20:51:50] Eyeman (IN): Good job Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:51:53] Bigfoot: never
[20:52:03] Wacky Walleye: yes, great job!
[20:52:03] teammac(MT): thanx guys
[20:52:03] mikej: you like them white ones Rick
[20:52:08] Drift'r: the three of you really know your product
[20:52:15] Bigfoot: my signature white
[20:52:20] prairiepillow: good job   enjoyed it
[20:52:28] ^2old2^ (mi): i read in a magazine that white will spook the fish
less than other colors
[20:52:36] Bigfoot: good guys use white
[20:52:37] Harry: Thanks for havin us!!!
[20:52:41] mikej: I've had too many white boats in the past too many bad memories
[20:52:41] ebijack (mi): we all appreciate you filling in guys!!!
[20:52:55] Wacky Walleye: I agree RICK
[20:53:07] mikej: i don't wanta go there
[20:53:10] Bigfoot: Dale knows
[20:53:13] Sak Pro: what  speed (GPS)  can you get out of the 692 with 175HP
[20:53:21] Bigfoot: 55
[20:53:32] mikej: sak pro 50 mph +
[20:53:32] Harry: could you mean a diff. brand????
[20:53:40] racer: depends on the prop?
[20:53:53] mikej: yes don't go there
[20:53:56] Bigfoot: and jack plate
[20:54:14] Harry: I would'nt do that!!
[20:54:18] mikej: and size of guy driving
[20:55:02] Harry: 52---54 mph
[20:55:31] racer: 54 to 56  gps with a 23p high five
[20:55:52] mikej: boy you got good mph racer
[20:56:32] racer: have to trim it up pretty high to get the rpms to come up
[20:57:05] Drift'r: does anyone ever run an aluminum prop
[20:57:16] Bigfoot: not me
[20:57:18] RichardM (AB): Hi guys!
[20:57:21] racer: not even for a spare....lol
[20:57:22] ebijack (mi): to much flex drift r 
[20:57:45] mikej: cheaper to fix though
[20:57:51] Drift'r: yes but if you hit something won't ya junk the low end
[20:57:59] prairiepillow: would like to remind you all of the get together
at Lake Oahe in June rooms filling up fast if you would like to come I need an estimate on
how many rooms I need to reserve at the resort email me at ppillow@cam-walnet.com
[20:58:16] ebijack (mi): you couldn't get any kind of speed out of a alum prop
[20:58:29] prairiepillow: you can find it under get together on walleye
central as well
[20:58:34] racer: but when you hit something 25 miles from the ramp you can
go home with a dinged stainless
[20:58:48] Doc (wi): well bowling time for me ....thanks Ranger dudes!!!!
[20:59:08] Drift'r: i can gain 4mph by going to ss .....just afraid if I
hit I will junk it
[20:59:32] mikej: but if you hit at any speed it junk anyway
[20:59:51] mikej: besides insurance will pay for anyway
[20:59:55] teammac(MT): best plan is to not hit anything
[21:00:16] Bigfoot: ya right mac
[21:04:10] mikej: drift I saw that
[21:04:19] Wacky Walleye: 56 loaded, 60 plus by myself w/half tank of gas
[21:05:22] RichardM (AB): mikej why did you go with the Johnson?
[21:05:26] Wacky Walleye: mikej, yes
[21:05:30] Bigfoot: thats with a hi-5 and no plate
[21:05:54] racer: did everyone get the tandem trailer with brakes and cool hubs?
[21:06:03] mikej: yep
[21:06:10] Wacky Walleye: yep
[21:06:12] Bigfoot: the only way it comes
[21:06:13] Harry: yep
[21:06:21] ebijack (mi): you'd have to with that weight of boat/trailer
[21:06:30] racer: that is the best pulling trailer i have ever had
[21:06:33] mikej: with a spare hub and brake
[21:06:41] Eyeman (IN): those color keyed :-)
[21:06:43] mikej: yeah isn't though
[21:06:45] Bigfoot: no problems
[21:06:57] jighead (WI): how much water to float 620 / shocks a must on trailer?
[21:07:11] racer: no shocks it will ride smooth
[21:07:15] Bigfoot: no only spings
[21:07:29] ebijack (mi): springs or torsion arms?
[21:07:34] mikej: springs
[21:07:36] Wacky Walleye: 12 inches jighead
[21:07:44] jighead (WI): thanks
[21:08:07] Eyeman (IN): got to go guys !!! Thanks Again Rick Harry and Mike
it was fun and informative :-) !!!!!!!!!!!
[21:08:20] mikej: all Ranger trailers tow great
[21:08:57] racer: they are really easy on tires also
[21:09:10] Bigfoot:  theres a new 620 owner
[21:09:19] Wacky Walleye: the 620 is the finest walleye boat on the water
to date
[21:09:26] Harry: yep!!!
[21:09:32] Bigfoot: 2 out a day
[21:09:38] ebijack (mi): how long you had yours dale
[21:10:11] freshleech: anyone going ice fishing for walleyes
[21:16:29] ebijack (mi): only 2 620's?   i expect that will increase
[21:16:50] Bigfoot: even he can't mess up a Ranger
[21:17:11] racer: have they got the new injection molding system working yet?
[21:17:31] mikej: on the cover lids and fenders
[21:17:35] Bigfoot: it's great
[21:17:37] mikej: racer
[21:17:44] racer: cool all they need now is more room
[21:18:12] Bigfoot: they don't do bad now
[21:18:33] racer: they really push the package bass  boats
[21:18:52] RichardM (AB): what does the 620 hull weigh?
[21:18:59] ebijack (mi): i'm interested in seeing the 620 and the 617
[21:19:04] Bigfoot: their quality is next to none
[21:19:05] mikej: just under 2000 lbs richard
[21:19:07] Bigfoot: 1920
[21:19:14] RichardM (AB): wow
[21:19:25] teammac(MT): whooooaaaa
[21:19:45] mikej: i bet they will have they at the detroit boats shows
[21:19:55] ebijack (mi): i hope so mike
[21:20:09] mikej: the Ranger web site will be updated soon
[21:20:26] RichardM (AB): how big are the fuel tanks?
[21:20:26] Harry: hey ebi, you wont be dissapointed
[21:20:38] Bigfoot: 50 and 6
[21:20:40] mikej: 50 and 8 
[21:20:49] Bigfoot: 6
[21:20:58] ebijack (mi): the 620 wouldn't fit in the garage, but the 617
might just do it
[21:21:00] racer: are they in the floor now or still up front
[21:21:23] racer: ebi you can get a removable tongue on the trailer
[21:21:28] ebijack (mi): i already extended the garage 8ft 2 yrs ago
[21:21:31] Drift'r: build a new garage
[21:21:32] Bigfoot: down the center line and under the passenger console
[21:21:42] RichardM (AB): what kind of range with 225 Opti?
[21:21:44] Just Look-N--MI: park it outside
[21:21:54] buckets(pa): hey bob sold my boat to day
[21:23:23] Wacky Walleye: richard the fuel economy is outstanding on the
225 opti. this year at bay de noc i filled up once in a month
[21:23:38] RichardM (AB): wow
[21:23:49] ebijack (mi): when you getting yours richard
[21:24:09] Sak Pro: whats new on the 692 for 99
[21:24:13] mikej: richard no longer run rangers
[21:24:31] Bigfoot: he had a lapse
[21:24:33] mikej: i was there sat and sun
[21:24:34] RichardM (AB): sorry ebi I'm with another company.
[21:24:34] Harry: come on over Richard!!
[21:24:38] ebijack (mi): yeah so what's your point mike  :)
[21:24:42] Wacky Walleye: lol
[21:24:47] Bigfoot: come back Rich
[21:24:53] mikej: oh nothing
[21:25:00] Bigfoot: its calling you
[21:25:01] ebijack (mi): got to pick on someone   :)
[21:25:15] mikej: i can take it
[21:25:18] Bigfoot: he defected
[21:26:18] Harry: This has been great guys, but got to go walk the dogs
[21:26:27] teammac(MT): c ya harry
[21:26:29] sundance: nite harry
[21:26:31] Bigfoot: kiss Lady Di for me
[21:26:31] Lundman(Wi): Bye Harry....
[21:26:31] ebijack (mi): c ya harry, THANKS~!!!!!
[21:26:35] Wacky Walleye: see ya harry
[21:26:36] Just Look-N--MI: later Harry
[21:26:45] RichardM (AB): bye Harry , hows the pup?
[21:26:48] racer: bye harry see you on the lake in a few months
[21:26:58] JW(NY): nite Harry.
[21:27:20] Gofish(mn): anyone have a ball park $ amount 690 tiller with 90hsp
[21:27:29] Bigfoot: got to remember that one
[21:27:35] Just Look-N--MI: Mikej  you running 1600 Lowrance this year or
the 2000? 
[21:27:46] mikej: gofish check with Crystal Marine
[21:27:52] mikej: 1600
[21:27:54] Bigfoot: 1600
[21:28:04] RichardM (AB): 2000
[21:28:11] Bigfoot: flush mount
[21:28:18] ebijack (mi): and a 1600?
[21:28:22] mikej: we're all running pinpoint
[21:28:25] Bigfoot: going nuts
[21:28:37] Gofish(mn): funny you should say that mikej..I heard they had a
non current there!
[21:28:44] Wacky Walleye: i bet
[21:29:30] mikej: they had one at a open house in dec but it may be at
pierz marine now in brainerd
[21:29:50] racer: is there still room on the back corners for some
[21:29:52] mikej: if you want i'll find out where it is
[21:29:59] ebijack (mi): who's doing the lower mich shows for ranger?
[21:30:20] Bigfoot: yes
[21:30:22] mikej: not I
[21:30:35] ebijack (mi): you are rick?
[21:30:40] racer: up on the gunnels like on a 690vs
[21:30:42] Bigfoot: Pat Kleppert
[21:31:08] Bigfoot: back corners
[21:31:32] Bigfoot: two real nice places there
[21:31:33] racer: is there access underneath or use toggle bolts
[21:32:22] modens: Is there enough room on dash of 692 for 1600 and PP7520?
[21:32:33] Bigfoot: yes
[21:32:48] mikej: yeah but you have to stack them
[21:33:21] Drift'r: too many boats are designed with car dashes
[21:33:21] Bigfoot: flush mount the 1600 in dash
[21:33:38] mikej: that will work too
[21:33:50] RichardM (AB): guys anyone have any experience with the Zercom
[21:34:07] mikej: why zercom richard?
[21:34:10] modens: Thanks for the idea, just ordered my first ranger and excited!
[21:34:19] ebijack (mi): not me richard, i'm still using my old lowrance
[21:34:30] mikej: you'l love it modem
[21:34:51] Bigfoot: which one
[21:34:54] RichardM (AB): its the standard indash on the boat this year.
lowrance isn't a option
[21:35:09] modens: 692
[21:35:23] mikej: i see lots of boat with them
[21:35:45] mikej: which motor modens?
[21:35:49] Wacky Walleye: modens, your in for a treat!
[21:36:06] modens: 175 merc and 9.9 kicker
[21:36:10] Bigfoot: stack the units one on a ram mount and the front one on
an Ultra Three mount
[21:36:26] mikej: nice
[21:36:37] racer: what kind of deal should one expect trading a year old
loaded 690 for a 620
[21:36:50] mikej: i have one just like that sittting in my garage
[21:37:14] mikej: sell it out right racer you'll do better
[21:37:16] Bigfoot: they will work great or use two ram mounts
[21:37:29] mikej: right
[21:37:55] racer: i may have to run an add here it is rally clean and
loaded 175 efi and four stroke
[21:38:23] Bigfoot: they don't last long
[21:38:24] mikej: put it in the classifieds harry just sold his there
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