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[19:59:29] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight PAT KLEPPERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19:59:31] Drift'r: Welcome Pat Kleppert !!!!!

[19:59:34] ebijack: clap clap clap

[19:59:39] river king mi: welcome pat

[19:59:41] Drift'r: clap clap clap

[19:59:39] river king mi: welcome pat

[19:59:41] Drift'r: clap clap clap

[19:59:45] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap....welcome Pat!!

[19:59:54] Swat 1: Welcome pat

[20:00:06] Nate: Welcome Pat

[20:00:09] ebijack: pat is a mich based ranger boats rep

[20:00:11] Hogboss [IL]: Hoooowwwwwwdddddyyyyyy

[20:00:11] Pat K (Ranger): Glad to be joining y'all, I'm a rookie chatter but I'll try to keep up

[20:00:39] ebijack: pat, how about starting us off with a bit of your history with ranger

[20:00:43] Pat K (Ranger): Has anyone been fishing today ?

[20:00:53] Erie TT: In a pond

[20:00:59] Hogboss [IL]: sunday for me!

[20:01:08] LS(ND): wished i was

[20:01:15] Pat K (Ranger): OK, I started out as a promotional fisheman with Ranger in 1989

[20:01:37] ebijack: as in fishing tourney's pat?

[20:01:47] Pat K (Ranger): Then I went to work for some Ranger dealers here in Michigan and Indiana

[20:01:50] Swat 1: Bass or Walleye Pat?

[20:02:19] Pat K (Ranger): I was a bass head but I have seen the light and now pursue about anything that swims

[20:03:18] Hogboss [IL]: what circuit do you fish now!

[20:03:30] Pat K (Ranger): I have been a Rep for Ranger since '98

[20:03:41] ebijack: pat, what's the biggest reason you find great lakes bass fisherman choosing ranger bass boats and not walleye boats, with the walleye version being better for big water

[20:04:08] Pat K (Ranger): I don't fish any circuits anymore, just individual tournaments

[20:04:51] Pat K (Ranger): I think that bass fishermen are a little hard to change their ways but we are seeing more and more bass guys going with fisherman series

[20:05:00] Juls (WI): so do you see the 619 as a big seller over the 620 this year Pat?

[20:05:23] ebijack: pat, is there a difference in sponsorship between style boats?

[20:05:58] Pat K (Ranger): Not here in MI, because people want the biggest boat possible in the great lakes, the 619 is selling well around the country

[20:06:35] Juls (WI): do any of the walleye guys get to use the sponsor boats? or are just the bass guys getting them this year? you know the really cool painted up ones..timex..fugi...etc

[20:06:38] Pat K (Ranger): Not really, but the walleye circuits aren't as large as the bass circuits yet but I see that changing

[20:07:34] ebijack: pat, is ranger working with "timex" etc on setting deals?

[20:07:54] Pat K (Ranger): The sponsor boats haven't been made in the fisherman series yet but who knows, with the RCL coming up I bet we'll see some

[20:08:05] Juls (WI): cool..

[20:08:47] Swat 1: Pat are the sponsor boats done through Ranger or are they done by the individual fisherman as far as setting up the deal?

[20:08:50] Pat K (Ranger): I think that with the RCL, walleye tournaments will gain huge popularity and then sponsors will be more willing to invest

[20:08:55] ebijack: i know of at least one pwt pro who was working on setting up a "timex" type deal

[20:09:29] Fireman(mn): timex?

[20:09:49] ebijack: walleye boats done up like the "flw" boats

[20:09:53] Juls (WI): sponsor boats fireman...timex..fugi...coleman...etc...

[20:10:02] Fireman(mn): K

[20:10:02] Pat K (Ranger): The ones you see on the FLW tournament series are boats for that circuit. We are working on some individual deals right now through us and a sponsor (timex...

[20:10:04] Swat 1: The timex Logo would be on the side of the boat Fireman

[20:10:32] Juls (WI): and in the carpet...??  ;-)

[20:10:32] ebijack: and the carpet etc

[20:10:42] Fireman(mn): K

[20:10:49] Nate: Do you know how many are quailfied for the RCL right now on the pro side?

[20:11:00] Swat 1: Kinda like the way a Nascar is done up

[20:11:06] ebijack: pat, are you responsible for working all the mich boat shows?

[20:11:11] Pat K (Ranger): All these boats are new to the sport and we are getting into new areas that have not been seen before

[20:11:45] Pat K (Ranger): I don't know how many are qualified for the RCL but you could call Operation Walleye

[20:12:00] Fisherman: What exactly does RCL stand for

[20:12:02] Juls (WI): 270-362-4880 Nate

[20:12:04] Pat K (Ranger): I cover most of the Michigan shows

[20:12:23] Juls (WI): Ranger Crestliner Lund

[20:12:42] Swat 1: Keeps you busy enough I would think Pat...lol

[20:12:44] Fisherman: Thanks

[20:12:56] Pat K (Ranger): Has anyone seen the 619? and what do you think

[20:13:01] ebijack: pat, what's your favorite ranger boat for overall conditions

[20:13:08] ebijack: not yet pat!

[20:13:23] Swat 1: Hope to see one this weekend...???????

[20:13:25] Pat K (Ranger): I fell in love with the 620, I'll never own a bass boat again

[20:13:26] Juls (WI): yes..i think it is a great boat...

[20:13:54] Juls (WI): but i still like the 620 better...bigger...;-)

[20:14:03] Pat K (Ranger): I do bass, walleye, salmon, perch and there isn't another boat that can do it all as well

[20:14:05] Fireman(mn): what type of circuits do you think would see these timex type deal's

[20:14:05] ebijack: pat, are there any big changes for the 620 this year?

[20:14:22] Juls (WI): PWT fireman

[20:14:26] Pat K (Ranger): I like a bigger boat myself

[20:14:27] Fireman(mn): k

[20:15:02] Swat 1: How long is the 619?

[20:15:07] Pat K (Ranger): Not many changes, just a few more standard features.. spare, three bank charger and boat buckle tie downs

[20:15:16] Pat K (Ranger): the 619 is 19' 2"

[20:15:20] Fireman(mn): sounds like your partial to Ranger... but what other brands/models do you like?

[20:15:29] ebijack: after seeing how the flw tour has taken over, i would expect the walleye curcuit to be next

[20:15:54] Pat K (Ranger): I work for ranger and yes I am partial

[20:16:02] Juls (WI): ;-)

[20:16:15] Swat 1: Do you do anything with Crestliner or Lund at all Pat???

[20:16:26] Pat K (Ranger): I think that walleye tournaments are ready to explode into prime time

[20:16:29] ebijack: pat is hosting because he's a ranger rep fireman

[20:16:42] Pat K (Ranger): No, both companies have their own reps

[20:16:44] Fireman(mn): k

[20:17:01] Fireman(mn): just wondered what he liked

[20:17:24] ebijack: no problem fireman

[20:18:00] Pat K (Ranger): I think that Genmar has the best fishing boat brands, and Crestliner and Lund are very good boats

[20:18:05] Swat 1: Ranger Crestliner and Lund are all owned by Genmar but are they each a separate entities or do they answer to each other too?

[20:18:07] ebijack: pat, champion has gone back to some smaller beamed boats, do you see ranger doing that?

[20:18:47] Pat K (Ranger): We are all our own entities but we do share some

[20:18:57] Swat 1: Thanks

[20:19:02] Fireman(mn): have you seen the new slow troll system on the merc's?

[20:19:28] Pat K (Ranger): I don't see us making the boats narrower because width gives us stability and interior room

[20:19:36] ebijack: pat, will you be at the pwt in port clinton ohio as a ranger rep?

[20:20:01] Pat K (Ranger): If you are talking about merc's new system, no not yet

[20:20:14] Swat 1: Are you talking about the New Digital Optimax Fireman?

[20:20:19] Pat K (Ranger): Yes, I plan on being at Pt clinton

[20:20:31] Fireman(mn): just read a little bit about it in Walleye Central... looks interesting

[20:20:33] ebijack: lots of walleyecentral folks will be there pat

[20:20:36] Pat K (Ranger): I hope to have a new 200C with me

[20:21:02] Swat 1: 200C?????????

[20:21:02] Fireman(mn): yes swat

[20:21:18] Juls (WI): what is the 200C?

[20:21:20] Pat K (Ranger): It is the 620 hull with a center console deck on it

[20:21:29] Juls (WI): ohhhh too cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:21:35] Pat K (Ranger): should be great for open water trolling on erie

[20:21:58] Juls (WI): cant wait to see it...;-)

[20:22:04] Erie TT: They had 1 at Cleveland in Jan. the dealer never had a person in it

[20:22:12] Juls (WI): going to be giving demo rides Pat?  hint hint...LOL

[20:22:31] Pat K (Ranger): I'd be glad to take anyone out

[20:22:50] Pat K (Ranger): might have to drag a couple of lines though

[20:22:50] ebijack: you better watch what you promise pat  :)

[20:22:59] Juls (WI): I will have to make sure I find you down there then...hehehehe ebi

[20:23:22] Fireman(mn): Pat... who works MWC circuit for Ranger?

[20:23:37] Pat K (Ranger): Jason Parsons and Mike James are the guys out there

[20:23:51] Fireman(mn): thanks

[20:23:58] Pat K (Ranger): George Liddle works MN too

[20:24:43] Juls (WI): where did you go with the rod storage on the 200C?

[20:24:52] ebijack: pat, are all glass ranger boat trailers built by ranger?

[20:25:14] Pat K (Ranger): The 200C has rod racks on the inside of the gunnels

[20:25:28] Pat K (Ranger): Yes, we build all our glass and aluminum boat trailers

[20:25:38] ebijack: is the 200c on the ranger web site pat?

[20:25:57] Pat K (Ranger): Yes, look under the Sportfisherman series

[20:26:22] Fisherman: Are the rod racks lockable?

[20:26:58] Swat 1: Are any of the Ranger Walleye Boats going to be able to handle the

250 XB Pat?

[20:27:10] Pat K (Ranger): No, the front bow storage can accept shorter rods or trolling rods taken apart, you can lock that

[20:27:41] Pat K (Ranger): Not that I am aware of

[20:28:44] ebijack: pat, have you heard anything about HP ratings of any boat being a complete rating of all motors being totaled on any given boat?

[20:28:54] Fisherman: Pat whats the biggest motor that can be placed on the 619

[20:29:24] fishhunter3: looking at a 619 but told by a few people that the 620 has a better ride in big water how true is that

[20:29:36] Pat K (Ranger): Since the kicker is not the main engine, i think that the coast guard lets it go

[20:29:50] Pat K (Ranger): the 619 can handle a 200

[20:30:40] Pat K (Ranger): the 619 is very deep and almost as wide so I expect it to have a great rough water ride

[20:30:57] ebijack: what's the difference between them pat

[20:31:39] Pat K (Ranger): both boats are heavy, solid and of similar designs it is just that the 619 is a little smaller

[20:32:23] Pat K (Ranger): we took the 620 and made a smaller version that can be gotten in a single console and has a few design changes

[20:32:31] ebijack: pat, have you drove the 619?

[20:32:52] Pat K (Ranger): yes, quite a bit

[20:34:08] ebijack: pat, when someone is working for sponsorship with ranger, does the boat model come into play at all?

[20:34:38] Pat K (Ranger): no, not really, we look at the individual mostly

[20:35:04] Swat 1: What do you want to see in a sponsored fisherman?

[20:35:09] ebijack: just wondered if ranger would rather have all their models being sponsored

[20:36:04] Pat K (Ranger): I look for someone who can help their dealer sell boats and produce sales leads

[20:36:24] Swat 1: That makes sense

[20:36:41] Pat K (Ranger): that person needs to be able to work with the public and be respected among his\her peers

[20:36:43] ebijack: do you decide who is sponsored here in mich?

[20:37:13] Pat K (Ranger): I recommend people to ranger, it is ultimately their decision

[20:37:26] Fisherman: That shouldn't be to hard the boats pretty much sell themselves

[20:37:54] ebijack: pat, what kind of hours do you put in being a rep, vs working a 40hr week job

[20:38:00] Pat K (Ranger): I don't tell anyone which boat to run because they have to be comfortable with the model

[20:38:16] Pat K (Ranger): what is a 40hr week job?

[20:38:21] Ristorapper: lol

[20:38:22] ebijack: :)

[20:38:23] Swat 1: LOL

[20:38:54] Swat 1: That's the hours you put in on Monday and Tuesday Pat.....LOL

[20:38:59] Pat K (Ranger): It is great, really. I get the opportunity to be around boat and fishing every day

[20:39:10] gillman: met george little in Min. very nice guy

[20:39:22] Pat K (Ranger): for me, it is a dream job

[20:40:05] ebijack: pat, has cell phones, and puters changed your job alot?

[20:40:09] Pat K (Ranger): george has been a ranger rep for over 10 years and is one of the best

[20:40:39] Pat K (Ranger): even in the short time that I have been a rep, I do more and more on the net every day

[20:41:21] ebijack: pat, does ranger handle problems/questions and new boat buys over the net?

[20:41:39] Ristorapper: I'm going to get my first ride in a Ranger 619 this spring. What can I expect being an old aluminum boat owner??

[20:42:07] Pat K (Ranger): we have our catalog on the web site and if anyone has a question, there is a spot for that and it gets forwarded to us reps

[20:42:19] Fisherman: A dry ride smoother too

[20:42:19] gillman: smoooooooooth ride

[20:42:58] ebijack: pat, do you look at boats at dealership that are having problems?

[20:43:00] Pat K (Ranger): you will be amazed and the ride and the stability when fishing

[20:43:42] Pat K (Ranger): If a dealer feels that I need to look at a boat, I'll look at it

[20:44:12] gillman: missed what area you are in

[20:44:26] ebijack: pat, are the 620's reporting any gel cracks now that they've been run hard for a year?

[20:45:04] Pat K (Ranger): not really. the ones in my area are almost exclusively great lakes boats and have been run pretty hard

[20:45:19] ebijack: great!

[20:45:27] Pat K (Ranger): with the weight of the hull, it just doesn't pound very much

[20:45:53] ETT: what does it weigh??

[20:45:57] Ristorapper: what kind of weight we talking here on average?

[20:46:08] Pat K (Ranger): 1990lbs

[20:46:21] ETT: thanks

[20:46:29] ebijack: is that hull weight?

[20:46:47] Pat K (Ranger): the 619 is 1830lbs

[20:46:54] Pat K (Ranger): hull only!

20:47:06] Ristorapper: wow that's well over double the old alum. hull of mine

[20:47:43] Pat K (Ranger): it is made to take it

[20:47:47] ebijack: pat, what do you see for the rcl tourney this year...only a beginning?

[20:48:06] Fisherman: My partners 620 had some cracks after last season but they took in in and ground them out. He says they look good now

[20:48:30] Pat K (Ranger): this tournament should put walleye fishing on the map

[20:48:51] Juls (WI): heard a rumor about an flw pro / am for walleye? still rumor? that would be great i think

[20:49:07] Ristorapper: rcl??

[20:49:12] ebijack: they need more/better advertising pat!!!!!!

[20:49:21] Pat K (Ranger): right now it is just a rumor but I'd love to see it too

[20:49:31] Juls (WI): ranger crestliner lund tourney  risto...in oct this year on green bay

[20:49:37] Juls (WI): ok thanks pat

[20:49:41] Ristorapper: thanks.

[20:49:54] Juls (WI): going to be BIG!!

[20:51:00] ebijack: any more questions for our host tonight?

[20:51:11] Fisherman: Where can a person find out about the RCL on Green bay

[20:51:11] Ristorapper: Motor minimum to push that 1800 pound hull Pat???

[20:51:25] Pat K (Ranger): 200

[20:51:44] Pat K (Ranger): go to the Ranger web site to find out more www.rangerboats.com

[20:51:52] Ristorapper: thanks

[20:52:18] Juls (WI): you can pick up a brochure at any ranger crestliner or lund dealer fisherman...or call Operation Walleye at 270-362-4880...or the ranger website...;-)

[20:52:37] Pat K (Ranger): thanks juls

[20:52:47] ebijack: pat, since the big three car builders are going to start selling cars over the net, is ranger looking into that?

[20:52:57] Fisherman: Thanks Juls

[20:53:05] Juls (WI): you bet

[20:53:23] Pat K (Ranger): no, we don't sell near as many boats and our dealers are our most important link to our customers

[20:54:11] Pat K (Ranger): we also don't have an MSRP to work from

[20:54:19] Juls (WI): the 200C is a 20 footer yes?

[20:55:01] Pat K (Ranger): yes, it is the same hull as the 620.  19' 10" to be exact

[20:55:16] Juls (WI): ok..thanks

[20:55:30] Juls (WI): that is going to be an awsome boat...;-)

[20:55:30] ebijack: i'd like to thank PAT KLEPPERT for hosting tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:55:41] Drift'r: Thanks Pat

[20:55:43] RoyG(PA): thanks pat!

[20:55:43] Ristorapper: thanks Pat

[20:55:51] Fisherman: Thanks Pat

[20:55:52] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Pat...sorry i missed so much of it...:-(

[20:56:02] Ristorapper: me too

[20:56:11] ebijack: thanks pat!

[20:56:12] rip some lip wy: thanks pat

[20:56:34] catchem: ya thanks pat

[20:56:39] Pat K (Ranger): if anyone has any more questions you can e-mail me at kleppert@net-link.net

[20:57:20] Pat K (Ranger): thanks everyone for stopping by and asking questions

[20:57:28] ebijack: what's your next show pat

[20:57:43] Fisherman: Pat are you the rep for Little bay de Noc

[20:57:47] Pat K (Ranger): grand rapids and fort wayne tomorrow through sunday

[20:57:54] ebijack: glad to have ya pat

[20:58:32] Pat K (Ranger): I cover michigan but escanaba is close to wisconson so we have jason parsons in that area

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