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Sonny Reynolds (RCL) Chat - November 15, 2000

chatman-  Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Sonny Reynolds of the RCL and operation walleye!

T-Mac-  Glad you are here

Driftr-  Welcome Sonny Reynolds !!!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap welcome Sonny!

Driftr-  clap clap clap

T-Mac-  clap calp clap

Mahumba-  Hello Sonny!

JOHNP-  welcome

LS(nd);-  welcome Sonny

mnjimcarp-  welcome Sonny Reynolds, do we have questions for you!!!

whale-eye-  what is up with the r c l neat year

Sonny Reynolds-  Thanks everyone

chatman-  Any questions for Sonny about the recent RCL tourney?

Sonny Reynolds-  I bet

Driftr-  How about telling us about you Sonny

Sonny Reynolds-  All that I can say is that there is a lot going on

mnjimcarp-  sonny, did all of your sponsors feel the RCL was a good way to spend money?

JOHNP-  Sonny, I attended the RCL final day weigh-in, It WAS GREAT!

Sonny Reynolds-  There is a sponsor meeting going on at this time

mnjimcarp-  good

mnjimcarp-  I hope they were as impressed as us fishermen

mnjimcarp-  the event was great

Sonny Reynolds-  You bet, they are all grins & giggles

Bomber-  It was the finest show I've ever seen

Juls-  I have to agree with you John P..best walleye show I have ever seen! Great job !

vee-  why didn't it get more press leading up to it?

Sonny Reynolds-  it was a great event for all .. sponsors, anglers and the host site

mnjimcarp-  sonny, are you planning a tour for 2001?

Juls-  If there is a circuit next year..would the championship be held in Green Bay again?

T-Mac-  Sonny... Did you like the location? I heard it was a wonderful place to have such an event?

mnjimcarp-  green bay was awesome

Sonny Reynolds-  I will answer as many questions as I can at this time about next year

Sonny Reynolds-  The site was great .. I think everyone was well pleased

mnjimcarp-  sonny, are you planning a 2001 tour or RCL circuit?

Sonny Reynolds-  We are working on it .. there are some things to work out yet

T-Mac-  Circuit in the works?

Sonny Reynolds-  yes

mnjimcarp-  how long until we can plan for next year?

whale-eye-  what are the sites for the r c l next year

vee-  will the RCL be expanded to several tourney's

Sonny Reynolds-  We should be able to do a press release shortly

T-Mac-  great

Juls-  cool

chatman-  Tell us a little about yourself Sonny.....

mnjimcarp-  sonny, are those things location, logistics, sponsorship?

Sonny Reynolds-  Cant say at this time

ETT-  will the Ranger Crestliner Lund rule be in effect?

T-Mac-  any geographical location....hints?

Sonny Reynolds-  There is a sponsor meeting going on now ..

Driftr-  howdy Bruce

mnjimcarp-  sonny, is shortly a relative term? LOL

Mark(Wi);-  Will the format be the same as Green bay?

Sonny Reynolds-  I have been in the fishing industry for 25 years ..have known a lot of the walleye anglers for several years

vee-  sonny who are your major sponsors

chatman-  And I know your Lovely wife Sharon does a whole lot behind the scenes as well.....

Sonny Reynolds-  shortly is a couple of weeks or so ..detalis are being worked on

mnjimcarp-  good, thank you

whale-eye-  when will you show the r c l championship on t v

Sonny Reynolds-  Sharon keeps me in line and makes me look good

chatman-  Glad I was able to sit and talk with you both at the championship.....(MWC)..

Sonny Reynolds-  Dec31

Juls-  lol sonny

Bomber-  Dec. 31st

T-Mac-  ESPN?

Sonny Reynolds-  yes

Bomber-  ESPN2

T-Mac-  thanks

Mahumba-  Nice Thinking! Same as my motto! Happy Wife.....Happy Life!!!!

mnjimcarp-  Sharon and sonny and all the RCL staff are great!!!

chatman-  Really gang, if you ever get the chance, Sonny and Sharon are a great couple to sit and pass the time with over a cold slurpee or two..........

bullfrog-  half hour or one hour?

Sonny Reynolds-  I really wish I could type faster

T-Mac-  lol

Juls-  your doing just fine sonny

Bomber-  where's Sharon

Elka-  you're doing fine sonny

chatman-  That's okay, we will be nice to ya.....

Jeff Berg-  Sonny, I heard that Lake Minnetonka (MN) was considered for last 

years event. True?

Sonny Reynolds-  I don't want to say anything prematurely about next year

Chairman-  Sonny your group did a fantastic job at the RCL

T-Mac-  yup...you are doing fine

Sonny Reynolds-  Right beside me !

Sonny Reynolds-  Thanks

bullfrog-  TV show one hour?

Sonny Reynolds-  No

Sonny Reynolds-  yes

chatman-  Have Sharon type while you talk...

chatman-  Hi Sharon!

Sonny Reynolds-  Sharon says hi

mnjimcarp-  hi Sharon

Sonny Reynolds-  OK, I'm typing now (Sharon)

Sonny Reynolds-  lets get this going with all of those questions

vee-  any idea how many RCL events there will be next year

chatman-  see, when ya put the Boss in charge things get done! .........LOL...

Juls-  would the circuit also use the sponsor boats in the final day? that is if you have a circuit ..lol

Sonny Reynolds-  cant say yet

Sonny Reynolds-  don't no

mnjimcarp-  Sonny, it was super impressive to have Irwin and Mr. Wood at the event!

Chairman-  will we know before other commitments have to be made by us?

JOHNP-  other commitment time is by Jan. 1

Sonny Reynolds-  sonny is messing with the computer again

mnjimcarp-  sonny, provided RCL has a circuit-  will they allow other manufacturers to participate

Bomber-  Jan. 10th for PWT

Juls-  1st for MWC..- -)

vee-  is the RCL aligning themselves more with the PWT...Wave Wackers...etc.

Sonny Reynolds-  things are looking good for next year and we are excited

Busy-  I heard chat man say Slurpie,, I'm there

Sonny Reynolds-  it will be a strong program for all to see

Driftr-  lol

chatman-  Lol... responsibly of course....

T-Mac-  hahahah

Chairman-  We need to know by 1-1-01 is that a good number sonny?

mnjimcarp-  sonny, provided the RCL has a circuit-  will they allow any other manufacturers' boats to participate? or will one need a ranger, Crestliner, Lund?

Sonny Reynolds-  oh yea, long before that

Sonny Reynolds-  waiting for results from sponsor meeting

Chairman-  Great.

Jeff Berg-  Sonny, what can you tell us?

chatman-  Where did the idea for the RCL come from? Was it conceived about the 

time of the Millenium tourney or after etc...

Sonny Reynolds-  we have been working on this since the RCL

Sonny Reynolds-  close

vee-  why hasn't the RCL tourney been given more publicity?.....People didn't know it was going on!

Sonny Reynolds-  RCL came about after the Millenium

Sonny Reynolds-  we did everything in our power to make known

Bomber-  rumors have it that that circuit will be the richest yet

fisherman-  Sonny if RCL has a circuit will the format change or pretty much stay as is?

T-Mac-  Sonny...is Irwin going to get behind the upcoming circuit like he did for FLW?

Sonny Reynolds-  mailing, letters, and calls to all tournament organization involved

Sonny Reynolds-  absolutely

Chairman-  Dates are getting pretty full for fishing a couple of circuits

T-Mac-  Walmart?

Sonny Reynolds-  hopefully dates and sites by first of DEC

Sonny Reynolds-  yes

T-Mac-  excellent

mnjimcarp-  sonny, how many participants are in the big bass tournaments?

Sonny Reynolds-  full fields

Sonny Reynolds-  FLW filled in 30 days

sheila-  How many tourneys are planned? Are they Pro/Am format?

RichardM(AB);-  how many events are planned?

Scott Richardson-  Sonny, do you know what states a possible circuit may compete in?

mnjimcarp-  100 200 300 boats per event?

T-Mac-  We will be "going to the next level"...in your opinion?

fisherman-  Sonny where will the dates etc. be posted

Sonny Reynolds-  hopefully 4 and a championship

Chairman-  do we have enough RCL owners to fish a circuit or will we have to let "others" in?

chatman-  hold up a moment and let Sonny get some air!!

mnjimcarp-  hope to see others

sheila-  me two

Sonny Reynolds-  don't know what the format will be for sure....waiting on results of meeting

Sonny Reynolds-  yes

mnjimcarp-  tell them to hurry that meeting up sonny! LOL

T-Mac-  yes on...?

Sonny Reynolds-  I know I'm being vague but that's the way he has to be for now

Chairman-  did RCL at Green Bay meet sponsors goals?

Bomber-  good things are worth the wait

Sonny Reynolds-  yes and beyond

Juls-  We will have to get you rescheduled for another chat in a "short period".

Sonny Reynolds-  you bet and everybody will be excited

mnjimcarp-  shortly

Sonny Reynolds-  and pleased

mnjimcarp-  yes sir

Chairman-  New for us walleye guys to have that kind of attention, looking for more!

Sonny Reynolds-  just give me a call

T-Mac-  More Motor companies getting involved?

Sonny Reynolds-  you are going to be getting a lot of attention

Scott Richardson-  do you know what states are likely? Northern Midwest?

Sonny Reynolds-  we will make sure that walleye central get a special press release

Juls-  thanks sonny

Sonny Reynolds-  not yet

T-Mac-  Sonny... do the "sponsors " pay notice to Walleye Central posts?

Bomber-  all the site's will be during prime time correct

Sonny Reynolds-  north mid west is a good guess

Chairman-  any thought on going south for walleye at the right time?

Busy-  Sonny,,what is your best fish finder,, electronics or friends

Sonny Reynolds-  don't know but probably

Juls-  Where are ya thinking Bruce?

mnjimcarp-  cool

T-Mac-  We know that you surely do...and appreciate your presence at WC

Sonny Reynolds-  after using Garmin I like them real well especial the ff240

Slapshot-  yes we do!

Scott Richardson-  great...looking forward to hearing exact locations and dates....the RCL was extremely well run and a format that was fun to watch...congratulations

Chairman-  Lots of southern reservoirs and rivers, Norris Cumberland, Bull shoals more

whale-eye-  I think boundaries are important from a safety stand point and also it levels the playing field, than its about who is the better fisherman rather than who can run the farthest. what is your thoughts on this

mnjimcarp-  sonny, thanks for your time. hope to see you soon with solid schedule so we can plan next year.

Sonny Reynolds-  we want to do what is best for the fishermen and have a good event

chatman-  I wonder how much of a factor boundaries even were at the RCL 

whale eye?

Bomber-  run what ya brung no limits

Sonny Reynolds-  boundaries were not a factor

Chairman-  that is the way I like it,

Chairman-  keeps the followers out.

TR from OR-  Sonny, I fished the RCL, and that you, Sharon, staff and Sponsors did a great job. I had problems with my reg. for motor, and Sharon got things squared away. Thanks again.

Sonny Reynolds-  we don't like to restrict the playing field anymore than necessary

T-Mac-  Weather more factor than boundaries

Chairman-  The weather call was good

Sonny Reynolds-  yes

TR from OR-  Yes

Sonny Reynolds-  thanks everyone and looking forward to doing it again

Scott Richardson-  the weather call was excellent and showed you were more concerned about the fishermen than merely showcasing big weights

Scott Richardson-  that message will be remembered

Sonny Reynolds-  you are right

Sonny Reynolds-  TV show had no influence on my judgment call

Sonny Reynolds-  trying to schedule prime times at sites

bullfrog-  still an owners tourney for all four/

Sonny Reynolds-  really can't say to much prematurely

Jeff Berg-  C'mon Sonny. Give us some crumbs

Sonny Reynolds-  cant say

whale-eye-  green bay was a great site ,great call

Sonny Reynolds-  135% payback

chatman-  I also liked the decision to keep anglers off the bay when the rough 

weather reared up..

Sonny Reynolds-  big enough crumb

mnjimcarp-  I didn't

Chairman-  yep

bullfrog-  still have to qualify to fish all four?

Juls-  wow

jerry-  Cmon back to Green Bay in 2001.

Sonny Reynolds-  fishermen safety comes first

mnjimcarp-  green bay was great, nice people. good accommodations

Sonny Reynolds-  qualify from what

Jeff Berg-  make it September though

Jeff Berg-  or august

Juls-  to chilly for ya was it? 

Sonny Reynolds-  maybe

mnjimcarp-  !!!!!!

Scott Richardson-  and great football team that has fallen on hard times but will be back :)

bullfrog-  from all the other tournaments? like RCL

mnjimcarp-  how come Jeff? LOL

Sonny Reynolds-  don't think so

mnjimcarp-  green bay in august 2001 RCL stop!!!! sounds good

Sonny Reynolds-  a lot of speculations and a lot of decision yet to be made

jerry-  Green Bay in Nov!!

Sonny Reynolds-  no thanks

Juls-  bbrrr

jerry-  lol

mnjimcarp-  ice fish in February

Chairman-  Ohio in November

Scott Richardson-  somebody likes cold rough water

Juls-  there ya go! lol

Driftr-  Huron in November !!!

mnjimcarp-  Leech Lake in May or June

Sonny Reynolds-  not this tournament directors wife

jerry-  okay Huron in Nov.

Corey-  there you go!!

TR from OR-  Chatman-The water was great, both top and bottom (could see both at times)

sheila-  Yeah Ohio in Nov is good

Sonny Reynolds-  sonny is allergic to snow

Chairman-  You have enough help finding sites Sonny haha

chatman-  Hey, no way am I cutting a hole big enough for a 620 to fish the RCL in February.....LOL

Sonny Reynolds-  oh yea

mnjimcarp-  lol

Bigfoot-  he's allergic to me

Juls-  lol

Sonny Reynolds-  for sure

JOHNP-  that's why I don't ice fish, it takes too long to cut a whole in the ice for my 620!

Juls-  - -)

Driftr-  Sheila :)

chatman-  Ya and forget a hole big enough to troll in...........

T-Mac-  lol

Sonny Reynolds-  seriously we are planning a great circuit for 2001, that will be the next level for walleye anglers

jerry-  pro/am format?

Juls-  that's all I needed to hear Sonny...

Chairman-  I will be ready Sonny

RichardM(AB);-  will it be a owners circuit Sonny?

Sonny Reynolds-  probably

Bigfoot-  a huge step if we can believe the rumor's

Sonny Reynolds-  don't know yet

Juls-  for sure

Sonny Reynolds-  absolutely

Chairman-  We can keep it in the Family!

Sonny Reynolds-  tentative but not to publish till details are worked out

Bill Leonard-  how soon before date

Chairman-  everyone else has an owners tournament

Sonny Reynolds-  big family

Sonny Reynolds-  not like this one

jerry-  Any idea how many tourneys, Sonny?

whale-eye-  good family

Jeff Berg-  Sonny, looking forward to next year. Will be watching WC for announcement. 

Sonny Reynolds-  hopefully 4 and championship

Chairman-  buy one and come and play!

Slapshot-  this is going to stir up all kinds of interest!

Sonny Reynolds-  you bet

CWS-  what will the fee's be per event

Sonny Reynolds-  watch for press release

chatman-  I was hoping to be able to watch the Tourney on the tube faster than December, why the delay vs. how fast the Millennium tourney was broadcast?

Chairman-  can't I call every day and ask?

Sonny Reynolds-  no

Sheila-  Sonny, Juls has talked me into waiting to fill our entries so I hope we can fit RCL in there!

Sheila-  hehe

Juls-  lol

Sonny Reynolds-  I'm sure you can

Scott Richardson-  Sonny, I have to go...looking forward to the announcement. Good luck.

Bill Leonard-  By invite only or results of last years RCL?

Sonny Reynolds-  delayed because of air time schedule and availability

Sonny Reynolds-  neither

sheila-  Didn't she do super - our 13th place gal?

Sonny Reynolds-  yes she did

Juls-  cut it out..

Sonny Reynolds-  you go girl

CWS-  Will the press release 1st appear at www.operationbass.com?

Sonny Reynolds-  thanks wish we could say more but !!!!!!

Bigfoot-  don't encourage her Sharon she's been tough to live with now

jerry-  lol Bigfoot

JOHNP-  Sonny keep up the good work!

Juls-  lol

Sonny Reynolds-  operationwalleye.com click on RCL logo

Sonny Reynolds-  thanks john

bullfrog-  when will the final press release be out?

Sonny Reynolds-  I wish we had more info to give at this time but you know how it is

whale-eye-  thanks for the chat

jerry-  Thanks for what you did tell us, Sonny.

Juls-  no worries Sonny. ...you said plenty..

chatman-  Let's talk a little about Operation Walleye....

Sonny Reynolds-  when we make a statement we don't want to change it

chatman-  What does O.W. do other than run the RCL......

Juls-  that's a good policy Sonny

Sonny Reynolds-  operation walleye is a division of operation bass like FLW Everstart, and BFL

Sonny Reynolds-  all we will do is walleye

chatman-  Strictly a tournament organization then?

Guest-  There is a lot of PWT pros wondering where your RCL tourneys will be and when

bullfrog-  entry fees same?

Juls-  you came in late guest...Sonny cant release that information yet.

Sonny Reynolds-  I was with operation bass 15 years and took the operation 

walleye and took the directors job in Jan 2000

gillman-  thanks

Guest-  sorry came in late to hear that thanks

Sonny Reynolds-  all of our focus is on operation walleye now

sheila-  I will look forward to hearing about it in near future. By Dec 1st??? right?

T-Mac-  Walleye fishing going to continue to grow like it has the past 10 yrs? Or more?

Sonny Reynolds-  I'm no longer involved with any operation bass events

Bill Leonard-  I'm sure someone mentioned it earlier, but you and Sharon did a 

excellent job this yr.

chatman-  Sonny, Ranger has recently started a Ranger Cup program for it's pro 

teams, would you know if the RCL will be eligible for this program?

Sonny Reynolds-  we are planning great things over the years to come for walleye fishing

Sonny Reynolds-  I think we made a statement with the RCL championship

Sonny Reynolds-  the ranger cup is involved in a lot of tournaments

Juls-  what is the Ranger Cup?

Sonny Reynolds-  incentive program for ranger owners only

Juls-  gotcha

bullfrog-  so, those entry fees are still the same?

tracy-  sonny you really turned em out tonight!

Sonny Reynolds-  ranger cup is not a separate tournament

Sonny Reynolds-  we tried

Juls-  ok...that is what I was thinkin'

chatman-  The Ranger Cup is an incentive program for Ranger Pro Staffers...

Sonny Reynolds-  not totally

Chairman-  that will go for the toothy fisherman as well?

chatman-  Well, no not totally, but then I type too slow to go into too much detail....LOL..

Sonny Reynolds-  there are guide lines to follow re-  wear patch have decal etc.

chatman-  just check it out on the web site...

chatman-  Ranger's that is...

Sonny Reynolds-  ranger has special ranger cup patch

Sonny Reynolds-  yes I believe it's being arranged

Bill Leonard-  pro am format I assume

Sonny Reynolds-  safe assumption

chatman-  As we start to wind down, are there any more questions for our guest 

host(s) tonight?

tracy-  web page again please

Sonny Reynolds-  www.operationwalleye.com click on RCL logo

Chairman-  Call any of us if you need help! I am sure you know that, thanks for everything so far.

Sonny Reynolds-  thanks to everyone, the walleye community is a bunch of great people

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap..Thanks Sonny and Sharon!!

sheila-  Thanks for cool chat Sonny!!!!!

jerry-  Thanks Sonny

T-Mac-  Thanks S R !

chatman-  You can also get to Operation walleye from the tournaments page here at Walleye Central.

sheila-  and Sharon!!!!!too!!

T-Mac-  Good typing !

chatman-  Ladies and gents a big round of applause for Sonny and Sharon Reynolds...

Sonny Reynolds-  somebody has to do all of his work

Bill Leonard-  thanks Sharon & Sonny & good job this yr.

T-Mac-  clap clap clap clap

Driftr-  Thanks Sonny

Chairman-  behind every good man- - - -

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Juls-  yes Great Job this year!! Let's see a repeat!! 

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