[19:40:42] Bigfoot: No, I won't get my new Dodge van until March or April

[19:40:52] ebijack (mi): how are you tom n

[19:41:01] Bigfoot: you got that right

[19:41:22] LS (nd): didn't you get a Dodge pickup in Bismarck?

[19:41:47] Bigfoot: No I get to order anything I wanted

[19:42:04] LS (nd): good deal

[19:42:05] ebijack (mi): no limit on options?

[19:42:24] Bigfoot: I'm a van guy

[19:43:02] ebijack (mi): look for LS as an am. this year rick on the pwt

[19:43:08] KeithK: I like a van too. Lots of room to store stuff.

[19:43:23] Bigfoot: I didn't say that, the first $25,000 is paid for anything else is on me

[19:43:40] ebijack (mi): just checking

[19:44:10] ebijack (mi): can you swap for a dodge van or do you have to get the truck

[19:44:58] ebijack (mi): are you going to run the show LS

[19:45:17] LS (nd): where's scott?

[19:45:30] LS (nd): its not 7 yet

[19:45:32] ebijack (mi): don't know, he didn't e-mail me back

[19:45:35] Bigfoot: I've been having trouble with this computer so I may be cut off

sometime during the chat but I'll return as so as I can

[19:46:38] LS (nd): how soon do you start making the plans for next years PWT , rick?

[19:46:41] ebijack (mi): don't want to ask to many questions of you yet rick, until we get


[19:46:42] Bigfoot: soon

[19:47:04] Bigfoot: Ebi no checking spelling tonite

[19:47:31] ebijack (mi): I'll be copying/paste the chat... :) I'm not a speller rick

[19:47:37] KeithK: Rick, how did you get started as a pro?

[19:50:09] Bigfoot: I started chartering on Lake Erie in the 70's fished all the

tournaments I could and finally wanted to now how I could do against the best in the

world so I turn full time in 94

[19:53:07] ebijack (mi): what kind of sponsors did you have when you started rick

[19:54:18] Bigfoot: I had a good base to start with from my contacts during the years of


19:55:23] Bigfoot: from the start my biggest help came Ranger boats, Mercury marine

and Pradco


7] ebijack (mi): did you start with a new boat and equipment rick

19:55:53] Bigfoot: yes

[19:56:38] Bigfoot: the only boat I had in the beginning was a 28 ft Omega

[19:58:02] Bigfoot: when I started I got my first Ranger 690 and 175 Mariner and away

we go

[19:58:12] ebijack (mi): did you have to start as an am. , or did you get right in as a pro

[19:58:27] KeithK: I was looking at the Ranger. Some one said it was not a good boat

in bad waves. IS that true?

[19:58:29] Bigfoot: right into the fire

[19:59:04] Bigfoot: in 93 I fish 3 events I had a 2nd ' 13th and 73rd

[19:59:49] Bigfoot: go for a ride with me on Lake Erie and you decide

[19:59:51] *** clay(wy) has joined Walleye Central

[19:59:57] golden (co): Hi Clay

[19:59:57] KeithK: Have you fished the Detroit river during the spring run?

[19:59:59] ebijack (mi): howdy clay

[20:00:03] LS (nd): was it easier to get in as a pro back then, compared to now?

[20:00:56] Bigfoot: in 94 I fished both P.W.T. and N.A.W.A. and finished 4th in both

circuits for angler of the year

[20:01:57] Bigfoot: if your going to fish I say try getting in as a pro

[20:02:19] LS (nd): I here there's a waiting list

[20:02:20] golden (co): Rick, LS was wondering and I am too, if it is harder to get in as

a pro now compared to 1993

[20:02:29] ebijack (mi): we heard it's filled up in the pwt

[20:03:24] Bigfoot: yes it is , the tournaments are cutting down on the fields to be able

to fish more waters

20:04:56] golden (co): Let's get "Officially" started... Tonight's Host is PWT Champion

Rick LaCourse --- Give it up for Bigfoot!

[20:06:53] LS (nd): Rick, do you have any info on the NPAA?

[20:07:06] ebijack (mi): are you starting with a new ranger rick

[20:07:10] Bigfoot: nothing new

[20:07:24] LS (nd): what is it about

[20:07:41] KeithK: Rick, what is your favorite tactic for walleye, (ie trolling, jigging,


[20:08:16] Bigfoot: Yes I'll have a new 20ft this I hope

[20:09:15] Bigfoot: Keith, Id rather troll but you have to do what the fish tell you and

not what you want

[20:10:47] ebijack (mi): are you testing the boat for ranger, rick

[20:10:48] KeithK: Have you tried the new flag signal system that off shore tackle has

for it's in line planers yet?

[20:10:59] clay(wy): Rick, what dictated your presentation at the Championships, I saw

some good weights were pulled with cranks.

[20:12:07] Bigfoot: Ebi not yet its going to done in Jan.

[20:12:34] Bigfoot: Keith yes and do's it work slick

[20:13:06] clay(wy): sorry, too many questions

[20:13:48] KeithK: I made up some on my own after seeing Bruce fish with it and I realy

like the idea.

[20:14:05] Bigfoot: Only one guy really had a trolling bite going and that was Ron

Seelhoff I felt I had better fish pitching jigs right then

[20:14:33] golden (co): And you did!

[20:14:40] clay(wy): Congratulations, you did very well

[20:15:04] Bigfoot: the trolling bite was not that consistent

[20:15:17] Bigfoot: Thanks

[20:15:34] Lip Ripper: Rick was Hutch trolling too?

[20:15:49] Bigfoot: It got a little shaky the last day

[20:16:07] Bigfoot: I don't know

[20:16:18] golden (co): That "no cull" is a scary thing - probably even more so in your

position Rick

[20:16:20] Bigfoot: Hutch can do it all

[20:17:39] Bigfoot: I had no doubt I could handle 50 fish or better that last day but boy

was I wrong

[20:17:44] clay(wy): Is that the law there

[20:18:02] Bigfoot: yes it is

[20:18:16] clay(wy): same here in Wyo.

[20:19:12] golden (co): It's a major decision when you catch a weigher, been there

done that, but not on that level. I do know the thought process that goes through the

mind though.

[20:19:36] clay(wy): Especially first thing in the morning

[20:19:43] Bigfoot: I start fishing here at night tomorrow

[20:20:16] ebijack (mi): after a year like you had Rick, are you going to rig your boat

differently, equipment wise

[20:21:58] Bigfoot: I had a 5lb lead over 2nd and 6lbs ov3er 3rd I knew they could do

12 to 13 lbs so I felt I needed at least 8lbs

[20:22:15] Bigfoot: no not at all

[20:22:19] LS (nd): Rick, do you use the Genatron?

[20:22:28] Bigfoot: no

[20:22:36] LS (nd): 350A?

[20:22:58] clay(wy): Rick, I fished peck, and I was wondering what your best producer

was and if you had to change presentations from pre-fish to the tourney

[20:23:50] Bigfoot: yes I did

[20:24:46] Bigfoot: not really change presentations but different locations

[20:25:52] Bigfoot: I started fishing points and switched to fishing back bays

[20:25:59] Lip Ripper: Rick how many times did you have to run the last day?

[20:26:30] Bigfoot: I didn,t

[20:26:48] KeithK: Rick, what was the most important thing you learned after turning

pro, about fishing as a pro?

[20:28:03] Bigfoot: go with what you know

[20:28:48] Bigfoot: don't try to play another mans game you'll lose

[20:29:16] clay(wy): great advice, I get caught up in that sometimes

[20:29:59] LS 1 (nd): Rick, is it going to get harder to get into the PWT as a pro?

[20:30:42] Bigfoot: yes it is

[20:31:37] KeithK: Rick, I fish Lake St. Clair a lot, how did you do during the PWT


[20:31:52] Bigfoot: 22nd

[20:31:55] ebijack (mi): Rick, were you mainly a jig fisherman, or a troller in the beginning

[20:31:56] LS 1 (nd): how long is the waiting list going to be for 98?

[20:32:50] Bigfoot: I felt comfortable doing it all

[20:33:07] clay(wy): Rick, how do you deal with your amateurs. They must very alot

from one day to the next

[20:33:19] clay(wy): vary

[20:33:45] Bigfoot: hold on a minute and I want to check a letter I got from pwt

[20:37:36] KeithK: What's the specks on the new Ranger you're fishing with next year. Is

it just a larger version of the 690?

[20:37:55] Bigfoot: 692

[20:38:44] Bigfoot: total field for the pwt in 98 is115

[20:38:58] golden (co): each tourney?

[20:39:09] Bigfoot: yep

[20:39:15] LS 1 (nd): isn't that less than last year?

[20:39:28] Bigfoot: last year it was 130

[20:39:38] golden (co): What's up with that?

[20:40:14] golden (co): Did the entry fee go up?

[20:40:32] Bigfoot: smaller fields opens up more waters

[20:40:52] Bigfoot: I hear $1,000

[20:41:03] golden (co): It's not like they fish small lakes,

[20:41:58] KeithK: Any other reasons to cut the field by 15

[20:41:59] Bigfoot: I know but its more manageable

[20:42:36] Bigfoot: they want to be like bass's top 100

[20:42:50] clay(wy): Rick, will they keep the automatic bid with the top 90 from the

previous year then

[20:43:01] Bigfoot: yes

[20:43:11] LS 1 (nd): Rick, do you see another circuit starting in the future, besides


[20:43:23] clay(wy): Ya, walleye central

[20:43:24] Bigfoot: no

[20:43:28] weiner: i live near lake shelbyville in Illinois and was wondering if you have

ever fished there

[20:43:37] Bigfoot: no

[20:43:39] KeithK: Sounds like its going to be almost impossible to get into now

[20:44:23] golden (co): Sounds like you are going to have to fish the "farm team" and

get credits to fish the PWT,

[20:44:36] LS 1 (nd): are they going to set up qualifying tourneys, to get in as a pro?

[20:45:01] clay(wy): That's a good idea

[20:45:09] Lip Ripper: Rick you fished ill river as in MWC?

[20:45:18] weiner: this is a man made lake with many depths and was wondering

what depth would be good for this 40 degree weather we have been having

[20:45:41] Bigfoot: only in is apply for one of the twenty five spots an plan on fishing the

entire circuit

[20:46:42] Bigfoot: where is most of your forage now

[20:47:24] LS 1 (nd): Rick, is there any benefit to fish all 4 as a amateur to get in as a

pro the following year?

[20:47:28] golden (co): What kind of forage base is in the lake weiner?

[20:48:04] Bigfoot: yes even just to gain experience

[20:48:16] weiner: i dont understand what you mean

[20:48:55] Bigfoot: what do the walleye eat

[20:50:33] Bigfoot: weiner do you know if the lake has shad or shiners

[20:50:51] weiner: shad

[20:52:09] Bigfoot: then the shad should be schooling up in the bays and night fishing

should be great there

[20:52:43] weiner: thanks this is a new hobby for me

[20:54:33] ebijack (mi): rick, are you going to pre fish Erie since you know the lake so


[20:54:42] Bigfoot: yes

[20:54:43] weiner: any preferred colors

[20:55:09] Bigfoot: silver and blue

[20:55:12] Lip Ripper: Rick what is your favorite big water out off three


[20:55:33] blane: Rick, what's it like for an amateur in your boat during a tournament?

[20:55:34] Bigfoot: ERIE!!!!!!!!!

:56:07] weiner: rick what is the biggest walleye you've landed

[20:56:35] Bigfoot: get to intense but hopefully fun

[20:57:01] Bigfoot: 14.3lbs

[20:57:29] golden (co): yes that is a nice fish Rick

[20:57:45] Lip Ripper: hi reeltime

[20:57:48] Bigfoot: Erie spring time

[20:57:56] KeithK: Was that from Erie or another water?

[20:58:06] clay(wy): Todd, Rick Lacourse won the PWT Championships in September

[20:58:09] weiner: was it quite the challenge

[20:59:01] blane: rick, which do you prefer, fishing lakes or rivers? which is more


[20:59:06] golden (co): Let's do this again, Tonight's Host is PWT Champion Rick

LaCourse, he is signed on as "Bigfoot" feel free to join on in

[20:59:15] LS 1 (nd): Rick, what size fish will be caught may 6-9 1998 at erie?

[21:00:20] Bigfoot: there's a lot of trophy fish around then I say it will take at least 8lb

average to win

[21:00:57] LS 1 (nd): pulling cranks you think?

[21:01:23] Bigfoot: don't know yet

[21:01:36] Lip Ripper: Or spinners?

[21:01:44] clay(wy): I heard of good results this year tipping cranks with crawlers on


[21:01:50] weiner: reeltime are you a big walleye fisherman

[21:02:27] Bigfoot: it works

[21:02:45] reeltime(oh): bigfoot, heard anything about the forward scanners. BIG


[21:03:33] golden (co): Rick, I gotta question for ya, what is your opinion of "scents" ?

Are they effective enough to go out and buy some?

[21:03:35] Bigfoot: Mark no tell me

[21:03:51] Bigfoot: Yes

[21:04:06] golden (co): Any particular brand you recommend?

[21:04:15] reeltime(oh): i haven't either. but was thinking about buying one.

[21:04:30] KeithK: I use anise oil and it really works

[21:04:31] Bigfoot: I use Real Craw

[21:04:44] Bigfoot: W-D 40

[21:04:59] golden (co): And you really think this is worth using, wouldn't fish without it?

[21:05:05] Bigfoot: Smelly Jelly

[21:05:21] Lip Ripper: Rick you used bang shad sent?

[21:05:28] Bigfoot: it don't hurt

[21:05:46] clay(wy): How often do you reapply the scent

[21:06:03] fishman: Hi fishing people this is my first time on the net

[21:06:49] reeltime(oh): bigfoot do you think the scent is important when trolling cranks

[21:07:08] golden (co): You picked a good time, we have PWT pro Rick LaCourse on

tonight, he is signed on as Bigfoot, feel free to ask questions and join the chat

[21:07:15] Bigfoot: first its a masking scent to cover yours second any added scent

helps third if it gets me three more bites it works

[21:07:36] reeltime(oh): can't hurt, right?

[21:07:43] Bigfoot: right

[21:07:53] KeithK: Rick, what are some of the things you look for when you are on a

new water?

[21:08:12] *** Lip Ripper has left Walleye Central

[21:08:24] Bigfoot: if it gives you more confidence use it

[21:08:36] reeltime(oh): hey golden, tried to talk my buddy into the chat. have to wait

and see.

[21:09:03] fishman: What ear marks the walleye period in the fall when they go on the

pre-winter feeding frenzy?

[21:12:11] reeltime(oh): bigfoot.. fish were high and scattered on Erie this year, 10'

down, wouldn't show on the graph any suggestions

[21:12:38] Bigfoot: fish them hi and wide

[21:12:51] *** fishman has left Walleye Central

[21:13:07] Eyeman: hi reeltime

[21:13:36] KeithK: Rick, what are some of the things you look for when you are on a

new water?

[21:13:54] Bigfoot: I mean I always fish my two outside rods really high and send them out

in no mans land on offshore boards

[21:14:09] reeltime(oh): bigfoot.. so you just kind of have to guess if they're high ?

[21:15:18] Bigfoot: if you see bait up high or if not marking any thing

[21:15:28] Eyeman: Bigfoot how many times does that really take lots of fish

[21:16:33] Bigfoot: it depends on the water I'm on sometimes bigtime

[21:17:29] Eyeman: is there any signs that you use to clue this

[21:17:56] Bigfoot: like Saginaw Bay, Lake Erie any place that has suspended schools

of bait try fishing high

[21:19:16] ebijack (mi): Rick, have you sold your ranger from this past year yet, and

have you sold teh champion yet

[21:19:16] golden (co): Kinda like trout fishing, huh. If you can't see em fish 'em high?

[21:19:29] Bigfoot: like I said if I mark high bait but most of the time the fish move up

to feed on drop back down

[21:19:40] Eyeman: how long a lead do you run up high!!

[21:20:13] Bigfoot: as short as I can get away with

[21:20:35] Lipp Ripper: Rick i was out to Erie in spring of 95 for pwt bad water on last

two days. butt good bite.

[21:20:35] reeltime(oh): hey ebijack, looking to get rid of that bass boat!!

[21:20:45] Bigfoot: I feel I have better control that way

[21:20:47] ebijack (mi): in time i am

[21:21:35] Eyeman: if you are pulling blades make any changes in size

[21:21:36] Bigfoot: no I'm still filming out of my 692

[21:22:10] Bigfoot: let the fish tell you

[21:22:12] reeltime(oh): there have been times that i have been on erie in 70' of water

and seen bait fish jumping on the surface

[21:22:52] ZachB(MN): bigfoot, in what situations do you like to use leadcore?

[21:23:38] Eyeman: I 've tried high 15 ft or so a couple of times this year and give it a

shot and nothing

[21:23:45] Bigfoot: in current and in tight structure

[21:25:10] Bigfoot: Erie is the perfect place to let the fish tell you what they want

[21:26:05] Bigfoot: there are so many programs that work here they all work during the

day sometime

[21:27:37] KeithK: Rich, any suggestions, tips, for Saginaw Bay?

[21:27:43] reeltime(oh): most of the year on erie the schools were small and scattered

[21:28:10] reeltime(oh): hope we can use them soon eyeman

[21:28:12] Bigfoot: last week the casters or drifters had a ball here ooff of huron and


[21:39:55] WAnnabe: bigfoot what kind of line do you use for jiggin

[21:40:34] Bigfoot: it depends on the situation

[21:40:56] Lipp Ripper: bigfoot, do you get your entry fees paid by sponsors?

[21:41:41] Bigfoot: I like to use the lightest line I can but there are times I use heavier

line to change the presentation

[21:42:20] reeltime(oh): bigfoot, know anything about the speed and temp. sensors that

attach the ball on downriggers? can the current really make that much difference down


[21:42:34] WAnnabe: do you use the new super lines at all

[21:43:00] WAnnabe: for jiggin that is

[21:43:02] Eyeman: if you use super lines do the off shore board stay on??

[21:43:29] Bigfoot: yes it will tell you the location of the thermacline and tell you the


[21:44:15] KeithK: Rick, any suggestions, tips, for Saginaw Bay?

[21:44:25] Bigfoot: the best guy I know of using a speed and temp is Ron Johnson

from fairport Harbor

[21:45:59] Bigfoot: Saginaw bay this late the fish should be moving in to the inner bay

[21:46:11] ebijack (mi): rick, do you use a 4 stroke kicker or a 2 stroke kicker

[21:46:31] Bigfoot: 4stroke

[21:48:03] ebijack (mi): how many hp Rick

[21:48:08] fish_er: Bigfoot are you fishing NAWA at Garrison ND next year?

[21:48:24] Bigfoot: like now I'll be fishing less than ten ft. of water and fishing at night

here at home

[21:48:34] Bigfoot: 9.9

[21:48:53] Bigfoot: yes I'll at sak

[21:49:26] KeithK: How hard is it to get into the NAWA now

[21:49:26] Eyeman: bigfoot is the 4 a real plus

[21:49:27] WAnnabe: Bigfoot do you use any of the super lines for jiggin

[21:49:29] Bigfoot: two for one

[21:49:39] Bigfoot: no

[21:50:01] lundman: bigfoot, where would you look for post turnover walleyes in a small

inland lake in northern wisc.?

[21:51:05] WAnnabe: Any brand preference in mono ?

[21:51:35] Bigfoot: Silver thread

[21:51:46] golden (co): Me too bigfoot, good line

[21:51:47] jigmup: good choice!

[21:58:57] Eyeman: Bigfoot how big a blades you run in the fall this late or later

[22:00:09] Bigfoot: small

[22:02:28] WAnnabe: bigfoot do you ice fish for eyes?

[22:02:41] Bigfoot: if we get ice

[22:03:47] Bigfoot: that funny if erie don't freeze I stick with pan fish

[22:04:09] Eyeman: Thanks bigfoot but 4:00 am is coming fast night all

[22:04:26] golden (co): see ya eyeman

[22:04:27] lundman: nite eyeman

[22:04:30] ebijack (mi): have a good one eyeman

[22:04:33] WAnnabe: by eye

[22:04:35] Bigfoot: see ya soon

[22:04:36] KeithK: nite eye man

[22:04:55] Eyeman: had fun I'll be back

[22:05:08] *** Eyeman has left Walleye Central

[22:05:36] Lip Ripper: see ya guys.maybe tomorrow night..good job scott .g;night.

[22:05:42] WAnnabe: big what are you running for aboat next year?

[22:05:43] ebijack (mi): thanks for your time rick, good luck in the new season

[22:05:56] ebijack (mi): have a good one lip

[22:05:57] Bigfoot: have to fish here the next three days hunt sat. and go to mo. on sun.

[22:06:08] golden (co): Rick, I appreciate all you have done tonight, and I thought I'd give you a way out. You are more than welcome to continue, but

certainly not expected to, I'll leave it up to you.

[22:06:25] ebijack (mi): I'll send you the chat Scott, great talking to ya all

[22:06:36] Bigfoot: by ebi

[22:06:37] LS 1 (nd): later ebi

[22:06:38] golden (co): I"m not going anywhere

[22:06:38] jigmup: later ebi

[22:06:47] golden (co): ebi, are ya leaving?

[22:06:53] lundman: see ya ebi

[22:06:58] ebijack (mi): yeah, have to pick up the son

[22:06:58] golden (co): see ya ebi

[22:07:01] *** Lip Ripper has left Walleye Central

[22:07:10] ebijack (mi): thanks all, have a good one

[22:07:10] WAnnabe: by ebj

[22:07:26] KeithK: Rick, any suggestions for a guy that wants to become a tournament fisherman

[22:07:27] Bigfoot: hay randy

[22:07:29] ebijack (mi): come on back around wannabe, don't be a stranger

[22:07:37] *** ebijack (mi) has left Walleye Central

[22:07:40] KeithK: See yea ebi

[22:07:48] Bigfoot: have your head examined

[22:08:03] jigmup: :)

[22:08:24] WAnnabe: nice ans big!!

[22:08:29] LS 1 (nd): where at in the badlands?

[22:08:32] KeithK: I all ready did and I'm terminal

[22:09:37] Bigfoot: have a lot of money, a great wife and kids you must love bad food and dark rooms

[22:09:58] golden (co): You mean I gotta get married?? Oh man

[22:09:59] WAnnabe: Bigfoot what are you runnin for a boat next season?

[22:10:06] jigmup: dark rooms? you been staying with puc?

[22:10:10] KeithK: two out of three aint bad

[22:10:47] Bigfoot: love being alone for weeks at a time /or girl friend

[22:11:01] Bigfoot: scott

[22:11:15] golden (co): Thanks Rick, that's better

[22:11:25] Bigfoot: the money is not in the tournaments

[22:12:04] Bigfoot: its in the business end for your sponsors

[22:12:15] KeithK: Can I ask how much do you get for a seminar?

[22:12:52] Bigfoot: I hope the tournaments pay for my expenses on the road

[22:13:18] Bigfoot: 1,000

[22:14:07] lundman: and just think , we're gettin it for free guys

[22:14:15] golden (co): OOPS!!!

[22:15:34] WAnnabe: Big when you say the money is in the business end for your sponsors do you mean they are making all the money and not

compensating you for your efforts?

[22:15:50] Bigfoot: you figure, that your fishing against 115 players who all think they can beat you the guys are getting tough

[22:16:23] Bigfoot: not at all that's where i

[22:17:13] Bigfoot: I make my money and through seminars and public appearances

[22:18:01] KeithK: Rick, what's the specks on that new Ranger?

[22:18:05] Bigfoot: my endorsements are my main business

[22:18:18] WAnnabe: who is your #1 sponcer

[22:18:49] Bigfoot: 20ft long 96in wide rated for 225

[22:19:20] Bigfoot: can't say

[22:19:33] KeithK: similar to the Targa

[22:19:46] Bigfoot: they are all important

[22:20:14] WAnnabe: you don't know or you dont want to step on toes

[22:21:29] Bigfoot: #1 is Ranger or Mercury

[22:22:43] KeithK: Well its been fun, see you guys later

[22:22:59] golden (co): see ya keithk, thanks for droping in

[22:23:14] *** KeithK has left Walleye Central

[22:23:32] WAnnabe: big do you have any Idea of how many days or hours you spend fishing a year?

[22:23:48] Bigfoot: Then Pinpoint,Off shore, Gemini Sports MarketingClamps Inc. Pradco, Northland

[22:24:14] Bigfoot: wait I'm finishing my payroll

[22:25:57] Bigfoot: No that would scare me then I would how little I realy make

[22:26:27] lundman: rick, is there any stops on the pwt up north here near duluth next year ?

[22:26:37] golden (co): Rick, the sponsors have to really be beating down you door right now, right?

[22:26:55] Bigfoot: Leech

[22:27:05] WAnnabe: Itried a Pinpoint now I guess I got to buy one the are very nice!

[22:27:14] Bigfoot: I'm real selective Scott

[22:27:21] lundman: good maybe ill head up there

[22:27:34] jigmup: how did your pinpoint hold up rick

[22:27:34] Bigfoot: call me

[22:27:40] WAnnabe: Sorry they are very nice

[22:28:08] Bigfoot: GREAT wait until; you see the electronics

[22:29:09] Bigfoot: look oout LOWRANCE there's a new sheriff in town

[22:29:18] jigmup: :)

[22:29:55] jigmup: i just can't see how those electronics in the pinpoint can take the beating and still work

[22:30:03] Bigfoot: Pinpoint even moved to Tulsa

[22:30:19] jigmup: across the street maybe?

[22:30:40] Bigfoot: we even have the unit for the helm now

[22:30:53] golden (co): How do Pinpoint and Lowrance compare pricewise?

[22:30:55] Bigfoot: mayyybbeee

[22:30:55] *** fish_er has left Walleye Central

[22:31:15] Bigfoot: same

[22:31:34] WAnnabe: is there a catalog on the electronics out?

[22:31:39] golden (co): And you and jig prefer pinpoint? What about bottomline, how does that stack up?

[22:32:02] jigmup: i like my motorguide

[22:32:14] golden (co): motorguide electronics???

[22:32:26] Bigfoot: I'll be in mo. next week shooting it and making the product video for it

[22:32:35] jigmup: i thought you were talking trolling motors

[22:32:55] golden (co): maybe we were? I thought we were talking electronics.

[22:33:07] Bigfoot: both

[22:33:16] LS 1 (nd): i thought we were talking both

[22:33:27] WAnnabe: cani get acopy whe its done ?

[22:33:27] jigmup: i have a bottomline 310 in the back of my boat, personally i like the screen better than my lms

[22:33:54] golden (co): I've always like Lowrance electronics, my partner prefers bottomline, but neither of us have ever seen pinpoint

[22:33:59] golden (co): I want a copy too!

[22:34:20] Bigfoot: lets put it this way you must be doing it right when both brunswick and jwa tries to buy you

[22:34:24] golden (co): We can get rid of quite a few here on Walleye Central Bigfoot... hint hint

[22:34:49] jigmup: yes you are rick

[22:35:40] Bigfoot: look for us at your local sport show

[22:36:02] jigmup: but i still don't like the idea of all that electrical hardware up on the bow

[22:36:17] jigmup: sooner or later you would think something would break

[22:36:27] Bigfoot: what do you mean jigs

[22:37:00] Bigfoot: na

[22:37:02] jigmup: there has to be alot of chips and stuff in that pinpoint head isn't there?

[22:37:10] Bigfoot: ya

[22:37:14] jigmup: how can it take the pounding

[22:37:33] LS 1 (nd): whats the warranty?

[22:37:39] Bigfoot: but if its put together right it will work

[22:38:02] Bigfoot: 3yr

[22:38:10] jigmup: true, I've never run one or had one on my boat so i don't know, just scared of it

[22:38:12] LS 1 (nd): that's good

[22:38:14] golden (co): What's the thrust

[22:38:17] WAnnabe: How about a wannabe pro to help you promote pin point in New York state ? need any help?

[22:38:40] Bigfoot: 24volt at 62 36 volt at 84

[22:38:51] LS 1 (nd): wheres ernie?

[22:38:52] golden (co): That's alot!

[22:39:26] WAnnabe: puttin aroof on some where

[22:39:31] LS 1 (nd): whats the shaft length?

[22:39:47] WAnnabe: he is real busy LS

[22:39:59] LS 1 (nd): :-)

[22:40:00] Bigfoot: uses 1/3 the power than any other never worry about running out of juice

[22:40:20] Bigfoot: up to 60in

[22:40:21] jigmup: don't start bragging about your shaft now lorrie

[22:40:48] LS 1 (nd): i thought you would catch that jig :-)

[22:40:57] jigmup: never miss a beat

[22:40:59] golden (co): Rick, fax me a contact name if you don't mind. I want to talk to them

[22:41:30] Bigfoot: 1100 my time

[22:41:50] golden (co): anytime during the day, not right now.

[22:42:13] Bigfoot: ok fine

[22:42:16] *** BillJ has joined Walleye Central

[22:42:24] golden (co): t'anks

[22:42:27] WAnnabe: hey bill

[22:42:30] golden (co): hi billj

[22:42:40] LS 1 (nd): hi bill

[22:42:56] Bigfoot: well I'm out of soda and deer sausage time to go

[22:43:05] BillJ: Hi

[22:43:07] jigmup: thanks rick, later

[22:43:12] *** BillJ has left Walleye Central

[22:43:18] LS 1 (nd): thanks Rick for the info

[22:43:19] golden (co): see ya later jig

[22:43:32] WAnnabe: BY bigfoot thanks

[22:43:36] jigmup: i'm not leaving yet, i thought rick was

[22:43:48] Bigfoot: by guys thanks for having me

[22:43:52] golden (co): Oops, I mean thanks for all the time you put in Rick, I really appreciate it

[22:44:13] lundman: thanks for spending time with us bigfoot

[22:44:14] *** Bigfoot has left Walleye Central



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