Rob Carlson 11/30/97


[19:59:04] Rob: Gentlemen, start your engines......

[19:59:12] golden (co): OK Rob,

[19:59:15] Tyler: O.K

[19:59:28] reeltime(oh): varooom

[19:59:44] *** Mr Fish has joined Walleye Central

[19:59:45] golden (co): Tonights guest is Rob Carlson, he is a Grand Master Angler and works with Gary Roach on a tourney up north

[19:59:58] Rob: Hi everyone

[20:00:06] golden (co): He has agreed to an open format, but let's be easy on him and not flood him

[20:00:08] ebijack (mi): howdy rob

[20:00:15] Rob: Let 'errip

[20:00:19] Tyler: Howdy rob

[20:00:22] golden (co): Thanks for letting us have some of your time Rob

[20:00:37] golden (co): What is a Grand Master Angler Rob?

[20:00:47] *** Mr Fish has left Walleye Central

[20:00:48] Tyler: How do you like to fish rob?

[20:01:17] Rob: A , G.M.A us a program set up by the Manitoba Gov.

[20:01:49] Rob: The idea is to promote C&R of trophy fish

[20:02:13] golden (co): What does it take to qualify for it?

[20:02:26] ebijack (mi): do you tag those fish and record the data

[20:02:37] *** walleyezon has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:43] *** Mr Fish has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:53] Rob: The program has been copied by In-Fisherman

[20:02:56] ebijack (mi): howdy guys

[20:03:02] golden (co): howdy fellas

[20:03:03] Tyler: Hi walleyezon

[20:03:12] walleyezon: Hi guys!

[20:03:14] reeltime(oh): hi guys

[20:03:18] LS (nd): the gary roach tourney, is a pro-am, right--- how many teams are there?

[20:03:35] Rob: What you do is measure the fish,have witness's and send it in

[20:03:48] Rob: tournament is a pro-am

[20:04:03] Rob: we average about 50 pro's each year

[20:04:14] Tyler: What do you do for a living rob?

[20:04:19] Rob: work

[20:04:34] Tyler: In spare time

[20:04:40] LS (nd): how many days is the tourney?

[20:04:45] Rob: I work in a television station

[20:04:54] Tyler: cool

[20:05:00] Rob: 2 days / different partner each day

[20:05:00] Mr Fish: are amatures allowed in the tourney?

[20:05:13] Rob: Yes, amm's are allowed

[20:05:27] Mr Fish: cost?

[20:05:37] *** Mike has joined Walleye Central

[20:05:45] golden (co): Hi Mike

[20:05:46] reeltime(oh): hi mike

[20:05:46] Rob: the whole idea behind the tourny is to promote angling....

[20:05:46] ebijack (mi): howdy mike

[20:05:53] LS (nd): hi mike

[20:06:02] Rob: $225 am / $275 pro

[20:06:13] golden (co): what kind of limits

[20:06:17] LS (nd): dates?

[20:06:26] Tyler: Be right back.

[20:06:29] Mr Fish: sounds reasonable

[20:06:32] Rob: The aim is to make friends, it's like a educational tournament

[20:06:39] *** Tyler has left Walleye Central

[20:07:04] Rob: The dates this year upcoming is Aug 14 / 15 '98

[20:07:47] ebijack (mi): what kind of payout rob

[20:07:52] Rob: There is compitition for the pro's, but at the same time we are there to help the amatuers

[20:08:03] *** Neil has joined Walleye Central

[20:08:11] LS (nd): hi neil

[20:08:12] golden (co): hi neil

[20:08:18] reeltime(oh): hi neil

[20:08:23] Rob: payout.....$7500.oo pro $3500.oo am

[20:08:24] ebijack (mi): howdy neil

[20:08:25] Mr Fish: is there some info we can send for?

[20:08:26] walleyezon: hi neil

[20:08:32] Neil: Hi Guys

[20:08:42] golden (co): how many boats, or have you already mentioned that?

[20:09:01] Rob: Info, sure email me..or you can call (i'll get the number)

[20:09:15] *** Gerry has joined Walleye Central

[20:09:15] Rob: boats average 50

[20:09:22] ebijack (mi): howdy gerry

[20:09:24] LS (nd): hi gerry

[20:09:24] golden (co): pretty good pay out!

[20:09:30] Neil: Hey Gerry

[20:09:34] golden (co): hi gerry

[20:09:36] walleyezon: hi jerry

[20:09:38] Rob: Hi everybody who's been jumping in

[20:09:44] reeltime(oh): hey gerry

[20:09:56] golden (co): Rob, if you send me the info I could post it on the site for you if you would like

[20:10:04] Rob: The payout is for one person

[20:10:10] Rob: sure will do

[20:10:24] Neil: Rob, I have fished Big Sand 3 times since 1990 and I love that place!

[20:10:29] LS (nd): pays 1st only?

[20:10:58] Mr Fish: big sand is great! the whole system is great!

[20:11:01] Rob: At this time, I would like to thank Scott and ebi for doing a GREAT job on this site

[20:11:14] Neil: Right on!

[20:11:24] reeltime(oh): :)

[20:11:28] golden (co): blush

[20:11:31] Rob: It is truly THEE best Walleye site, on the web

[20:11:40] Neil: Yep!

[20:11:46] Rob: No the tourny pays out top 10

[20:11:51] ebijack (mi): it's scott's place i just help, thanks

[20:11:55] reeltime(oh): lots of good jokes

[20:12:09] Rob: What I meant was you don't have to split the prize with a "partner"

[20:12:29] LS (nd): are the pro's invite only?

[20:13:06] LS (nd): like NAWA

[20:13:08] Rob: No, some are, while others are encouraged to come local tournaments etc

[20:13:31] Gerry: Hey Neil, tanks for telling me about the chat tonite

[20:13:35] *** Dutchman has joined Walleye Central

[20:13:38] ebijack (mi): are the dates apart from pwt dates etc?

[20:13:40] Rob: We seem to have the same pro's each year, it's like Homecoming

[20:13:40] Neil: I may have missed this, but how do you enter?

[20:13:43] ebijack (mi): howdy dutchman

[20:13:45] reeltime(oh): hi dutch

[20:13:48] golden (co): hi dutch

[20:13:54] LS (nd): hi dutchman

[20:14:03] Rob: send MONEY LOL

[20:14:11] Mr Fish: is the tourney up by you rob?

[20:14:11] Neil: That really is you Gerry?

[20:14:11] golden (co): good one Rob

[20:14:23] Rob: the dates are picked around Gary's schedule

[20:14:24] Dutchman: sorry i,m late the fish were really bitin'

[20:14:27] Gerry: Neil: Yep!

[20:14:46] *** LS (nd) has left Walleye Central

[20:14:49] *** LS (nd) has joined Walleye Central

[20:14:57] Rob: BUt, he is alway available on the same dates each year

[20:15:07] Neil: Rob, do you like Little Sand or just Big Sand?

[20:15:19] Rob: For more info, e-mail me...

[20:15:32] Rob: I LOVE the whole system..

[20:15:50] ebijack (mi): are they 8hr tourney's

[20:15:59] Rob: It is a world clas fishery

[20:16:04] Neil: Last time there I stayed at Minaki Lodge, too expensive, any suggestions?

[20:16:07] LS (nd): where is this tourney at?

[20:16:20] Mr Fish: bayview is cheap

[20:16:27] Mr Fish: but nice

[20:16:27] Rob: WE fish 7 1/2 day...Friday & Saturday

[20:16:50] Rob: Minaki Lodge is trouble

[20:17:03] Rob: The tourny is in Minaki Ontario

[20:17:15] Neil: Not surprised, expensive and poor service!

[20:17:24] *** Dutchman has left Walleye Central

[20:17:29] Neil: Where is bayview?

[20:17:40] Rob: The tourny is run by Paradise Cove Resort

[20:17:40] ebijack (mi): what's your favorite way to fish rob

[20:18:00] Rob: BayView is right across the river from the lodge

[20:18:01] *** Dutchman has joined Walleye Central

[20:18:22] Rob: Fav way to fish ??

[20:18:24] *** Ron (wis.) has joined Walleye Central

[20:18:32] reeltime(oh): hi ron

[20:18:37] LS (nd): hi ron

[20:18:40] ebijack (mi): troll/jig cast cranks?

[20:18:42] golden (co): hi ron

[20:18:43] walleyezon: hi ron

[20:18:47] Mr Fish: hi ron

[20:18:47] Neil: Do you jig or do you use that Minnesota rig?

[20:18:49] Ron (wis.): Hi guys

[20:18:49] ebijack (mi): howdy ron

[20:18:51] Dutchman: hi ron

[20:18:53] Rob: I don't have one, I let y\the fish tell me what they want, then switch

[20:19:05] Rob: Minnesota Rig ?

[20:19:39] LS (nd): what is the avg. size walleye?

[20:20:00] Rob: Avg. size for the tourny

[20:20:05] LS (nd): yes

[20:20:19] Rob: Oh, I would say about 3 lbs.

[20:20:25] Mike: what's the biggest fish you've got from Minaki Rob?

[20:20:29] *** Gerry has left Walleye Central

[20:20:39] Rob: Takes about 40 45 lbs to win

[20:21:00] Rob: Biggest from Minaki ? 12lb. 9oz.

[20:21:03] LS (nd): 6 fish per day?

[20:21:04] Neil: A long sinker, swivels at both ends, 3ft of line attached to the bottom swivel and a minnow on a hook at the end. Locals

called it a Minnesota rig - I think!

[20:21:26] Rob: Lindy Rig ?

[20:21:53] reeltime(oh): depends on where yor're at

[20:21:53] Rob: 4 fish 15 - 19 3/4 inches...2 fish over 19 3/4 inches

[20:22:24] Neil: No, not a Lindy rig. You lower the weight to the bottom, lift it up a couple of feet and hold the rod still; the minnow swims in a

circle and the walleye find it.

[20:22:25] *** Gerry has joined Walleye Central

[20:22:26] LS (nd): per guy or boat?

[20:22:50] Rob: per boat

[20:23:14] Rob: I have not seen that rig, however I'll try it now

[20:23:14] LS (nd): format like the pwt?

[20:23:20] Rob: Yes

[20:23:38] Mr Fish: i think he means a bottum bouncer?

[20:23:55] Dutchman: so you can't get 6 15-19 3/4" fish?

[20:24:05] Rob: The most popular way to fish Minaki is rigging/bouncers

[20:24:26] Rob: Yes, you can have 6 15 - 193/4 fish

[20:24:31] *** John P. has joined Walleye Central

[20:24:37] golden (co): hi john

[20:24:37] LS (nd): ho john

[20:24:38] Neil: I definitely don't mean a bottom bouncer, this rig you hold up and the minnow swims freely in a circle around the weight!

[20:24:38] reeltime(oh): hi john

[20:24:49] Mr Fish: works great! I can attest to that!

[20:24:49] Rob: I like the idea..

[20:24:58] John P.: hi guys

[20:25:04] ebijack (mi): howdy john

[20:25:05] Rob: Hi everyone

[20:25:43] LS (nd): are there any major sponsors?

[20:25:51] Rob: Now that we have a bunch of people here

[20:25:51] Neil: Rob, what is the best time at Minaki? September was great for me.

[20:26:15] Rob: Best time ....Mr. Fish ??? June no doubt

[20:26:43] Rob: Major sponsers , no. Just Paradise Cove Resort

[20:26:54] Neil: Must try June then.

[20:27:17] Neil: Does Grace still work at Paradise Cove?

[20:27:21] Rob: The best day to fish walleye in Minaki is almost always opening day

[20:27:32] Mr Fish: I like June

[20:27:45] Rob: Yes Grace still works there......are you in love ???

[20:28:00] John P.: i like Ontraio in late Sept.

[20:28:21] Neil: Could be! Her husband Glenn guuided me before he died in the snowmobile accident!

[20:28:27] Rob: The past few years we could not get a fish under 30 inches

[20:29:07] Rob: As I was going to say before...

[20:29:08] *** Sparky (ND/OR) has joined Walleye Central

[20:29:13] Dutchman: Was that a typo Rob 30"s

[20:29:21] LS (nd): hi sparkey

[20:29:24] reeltime(oh): hi sparky

[20:29:29] ebijack (mi): howdy sparky

[20:29:30] Dutchman: hi sparky

[20:29:31] golden (co): hi sparky

[20:29:35] Sparky (ND/OR): good evening

[20:29:36] walleyezon: hey sparky

[20:29:36] John P.: hi sparky

[20:29:45] Mr Fish: got to go guys, take care!

[20:29:47] Rob: Yes 30's inches......we could not find a fish that was small enough to eat

[20:29:50] *** Mr Fish has left Walleye Central

[20:30:01] Dutchman: WOW!!!!!!

[20:30:20] reeltime(oh): how many fish did you catch?

[20:30:35] Rob: Mr. Fish has been there , and is proof ! Go look in the picture Gallery

[20:30:56] Rob: we must have caught over 100 fish over 30"

[20:31:14] reeltime(oh): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:31:18] LS (nd): i thought it was a 3lb avg.?

[20:31:21] golden (co): !!

[20:31:26] Neil: How many years did that take?

[20:31:47] reeltime(oh): all walleye?

[20:31:47] Rob: 1 day, May 21 1996

[20:31:54] Rob: all walleye

[20:32:03] Neil: A day sent from heaven!

[20:32:21] Dutchman: Hog Heaven!!

[20:32:32] Rob: Every opening day is almost like that.........maybe not 100, but may be 50

[20:33:15] Rob: My girlfriends first fish that year was 11.9lbs. She says "nice fish........

[20:33:19] reeltime(oh): why the 3# average for the tournament

[20:33:31] Neil: What are the best areas on opening day?

[20:33:40] Neil: Hope you married her!

[20:33:46] Rob: the 3 lb. average is because of the slots.....

[20:34:00] Rob: the biggest last year was 10.2 lbs

[20:34:02] John P.: Does she have a boat?

[20:34:13] Rob: Yes she has a boat...mine

[20:34:23] Neil: She isn't called Grace is she?

[20:34:27] Rob: no

[20:34:33] John P.: good deal, just kiddin'

[20:34:55] Rob: But, I'll tell you, that Grace can fish. And she is a great guide

[20:35:08] Neil: Cute too, as I recall!

[20:35:20] Rob: Very easy on the 'eyes

[20:35:23] Mike: and what has she guided you in Rob??

[20:35:39] LS (nd): BRB

[20:35:46] Rob: I have fished with her....

[20:35:52] golden (co): Rob, does this tourney fill up real fast?

[20:36:21] Rob: She has fished with some of the top guys in N.A. roach,martin,propst

[20:36:43] Neil: Don't forget me now!

[20:36:56] Gerry: Neil, I hope your wife isn't watching over your shoulder right now like my wife is!

[20:37:07] Rob: Ye, the am's fill up's they are too lazy to send in cash...but we know that they are coming

[20:37:18] Rob: no she's doing school work

[20:37:18] Neil: Don't worry Gerry, I won't tell your (our) secrets!

[20:37:28] reeltime(oh): got to go.....later

[20:37:31] *** reeltime(oh) has left Walleye Central

[20:38:12] Rob: WE have NEVER turned away a am...the tournament is for them !

[20:38:31] golden (co): OK, was thinking it may fill in early with only 40 boats

[20:38:35] golden (co): 50 boats

[20:38:35] ebijack (mi): can you tell us what is the main pattern for those who want to go there rob

[20:38:40] Neil: So, how do we get the details? Gerry, want to go?

[20:38:42] Rob: We a few years ago, had 2 am's per boat

[20:38:53] Rob: E-mail me......

[20:39:07] Rob: or hang on I'll get you a phone #

[20:39:15] golden (co): Rob is also going to send me the info and I will post it on the site

[20:39:23] Gerry: Neil, wife's gone now. YEAH!

[20:40:16] Rob: You can contact Duane Hell at 206-762-1266, Seattle Washington.

[20:40:23] John P.: are these chats available to read at a later date??

[20:40:25] *** steelchaser has joined Walleye Central

[20:40:33] Rob: Tell him I gave you his #

[20:40:53] Sparky (ND/OR): Hi steelchaser

[20:40:57] Rob: Can I have a brief time out ?

[20:41:04] Dutchman: hi steely

[20:41:15] ebijack (mi): howdy steelchaser

[20:41:20] ebijack (mi): sure rob

[20:41:21] golden (co): Yes they are Rob

[20:41:34] golden (co): They are posted on the Chat Schedule page

[20:41:50] John P.: thanks, see ya later!!

[20:41:53] steelchaser: well hi what have i missed

[20:41:55] *** John P. has left Walleye Central

[20:42:01] Rob: As I was gonna say get the ball rolling on the "on-line" tournament being run on this site

[20:42:29] steelchaser: ebijack where in mi

[20:42:40] Rob: On behalf of my guiding service, I would like to donate a prize.......

[20:43:10] steelchaser: kalamazoo

[20:43:37] golden (co): What do you have in mind Rob

[20:43:38] Rob: I'll be giving away a 1998 Shimano Stradic 2000 and a Shimano water resistant jacket (xl)

[20:44:18] Neil: Love that reel!

[20:44:25] golden (co): Thanks Rob,

[20:44:40] LS (nd): i'll send you my address

[20:44:41] golden (co): That is great!!!

[20:44:46] golden (co): easy LS?

[20:44:48] Rob: Scott, can determine how / where / when etc. the prize will be given away.

[20:44:49] Gerry: My favorite reel too.

[20:44:58] golden (co): Yes I do all that Rob

[20:45:22] Rob: As for the deatils, Scott can email a winners name etc. and I'll send it on....

[20:45:59] golden (co): I really appreciate that Rob, all those in favor type 1

[20:46:01] golden (co): 1

[20:46:02] Rob: If needed I could change the reel to a 1000 or a 4000 if necessary

[20:46:05] LS (nd): 1

[20:46:07] Dutchman: 1

[20:46:13] Mike: 1

[20:46:14] Neil: 1

[20:46:15] ebijack (mi): 1

[20:46:18] Gerry: 1

[20:46:19] Ron (wis.): 1

[20:46:32] Rob: Now, you all have to do your part..and ENTER

[20:46:33] steelchaser: ok1

[20:46:33] Sparky (ND/OR): 1

[20:46:39] walleyezon: 1 but I will need to get involved in the on-line tourney

[20:46:46] Rob: OK back to the questions

[20:47:31] Neil: Do you have a favourite pattern at Minaki in the spring/fall?

[20:47:34] Dutchman: Rob how are you associated with Mr. Walleye?

[20:48:13] Rob: I've met Gary at his tournament........and now I help promote it here

[20:48:43] Rob: Fav pattern...spring jigs/rigs

[20:48:51] Rob: fall cranks

[20:48:58] Neil: If I enter, can you get me in his boat? Yeah, right!

[20:49:14] Rob: You have a good chance.....

[20:49:33] Neil: Have you fished with him?

[20:49:34] *** lundman(Wi) has joined Walleye Central

[20:49:41] Rob: He is very approachable....

[20:49:45] ebijack (mi): howdy lundman

[20:49:50] LS (nd): hi lundman

[20:49:53] Rob: I pre fished w him

[20:49:55] walleyezon: hi lundman

[20:50:01] Rob: Hi lundman

[20:50:02] lundman(Wi): hello everyone!

[20:50:22] Neil: Is he as good as the magazines say?

[20:50:22] Dutchman: hi lundman

[20:50:30] *** Ron (wis.) has left Walleye Central

[20:50:36] lundman(Wi): hi dutch

[20:50:52] Sparky (ND/OR): Hi lundman

[20:51:01] Rob: He (in my opinion) is the Wayne Gretzkey of fishing

[20:51:07] lundman(Wi): hi sparkey

[20:51:23] Neil: Can't be bad!

[20:51:33] Rob: I think sometimes the best part of the tourny is the pre-fish

[20:51:55] Neil: So, how many days does a guy need?

[20:52:16] *** nick has joined Walleye Central

[20:52:24] golden (co): hi nick

[20:52:24] Rob: It's too bad that 3/4's of the am's show up the day before.....they could be riding with someone all week

[20:52:31] ebijack (mi): howdy nick

[20:52:57] LS (nd): rob, do you fish as a pro?

[20:53:00] Rob: I know that i pre-fish alone most days, and would love the company !

[20:53:06] nick: hi all!

[20:53:08] Neil: How long before can you connect with a pro and go in his boat?

[20:53:08] Rob: Yes I fish pro

[20:53:33] Rob: Neil, don't understand your question ?

[20:53:46] Dutchman: Rob last spring Gary showed me his double spinner rig , I never saw him again to ask him if it worked, Do you know?

[20:54:11] Neil: Can you fish for a week before the tourney with a pro? When do they arrive?

[20:54:12] LS (nd): does the pro furnish all the equip.?

[20:54:17] Rob: No I don't know....he is rather secretive.....

[20:54:46] Rob: Most pro's start arriving on the sun/moinday before the tourney.

[20:55:18] Rob: If you meet them, ask them if they would mind....som e might , well others might not

[20:56:04] Rob: Pro's furnish most everything......they however encourage you to bring you "special rod"

[20:56:32] Rob: It depends, on the pro. I would bring some gear

[20:56:47] steelchaser: what other type of fishing do you do

[20:57:12] Rob: I personally supply stuff, but some people have their own that works for them...

[20:57:37] Rob: I fish for anything , depends on the season

[20:57:42] walleyezon: Rob, do you fish other tourneys, any NAWA or PWT?

[20:58:01] Rob: no , only in Canada

[20:58:21] Rob: Wish the Pwt wpould come to Canada

[20:58:24] Dutchman: if your fishing with a pro and something breaks or you lose a rig, do they make you replace it?

[20:58:45] Rob: No....thems the breaks..LOL

[20:59:05] walleyezon: I have not heard of many of the Canadian tourneys, are there very many?

[20:59:13] Rob: It's usally me busting stuff.....

[20:59:42] Rob: Not enough .....hard to get any regular things going here

[21:00:07] LS (nd): what happens incase of a storm day?

[21:00:16] walleyezon: Is that partly due to the conservation paradigm

[21:00:26] Neil: How much fishing pressure at Minaki these days?

[21:00:28] Rob: We sponsor 2 tournaments, one for our "pro-staff" and another in ther fall

[21:00:58] Rob: conservation in Mnaitoba YES......Ontario no

[21:01:12] Rob: Not alot of pressure in Minaki..

[21:01:48] Rob: The problem is that people don't have the money...I guess

[21:02:34] Dutchman: that's cuz your booze pricws are so hi

[21:02:36] walleyezon: In MN there is currently alot of discussion on tourneys, a bit tense.

[21:02:46] Rob: There have been a few tournaments scheduled here, then people wait to enter

[21:03:25] *** lundman(Wi) has left Walleye Central

[21:03:59] *** Rob 2 has joined Walleye Central

[21:04:01] Dutchman: there are new regulations in S.D. regarding tourneys also

[21:04:19] Rob 2: Hmmm, hit hte wrong button

[21:04:24] Neil: Gerry, let's go!

[21:04:30] walleyezon: The meetings are being held to head off any drastic decisions by the DNR and our legislature

[21:04:38] Rob 2: Fuel, it's called fuel

[21:05:06] Gerry: Neil, I would love to, let's meet and talk about it.

[21:05:06] Rob 2: Those tree huggers can hurt everybody..

[21:05:39] Neil: I hate tree huggers! Don't spoil the evening!

[21:05:50] Dutchman: seems like they don't mind crowding you when your on fish though

[21:05:51] Rob 2: The problem in ontario, is that the manager of DNR is a avid Bass angler...

[21:06:13] Neil: At least he fishes!

[21:06:14] Rob 2: Northwestern Ontario,s manager

[21:06:33] Rob 2: Yes he is Gord Pyzer

[21:06:50] Dutchman: or head of the DNR is an ex CIA or FBI guy

[21:06:53] Rob 2: He wants to stop all walleye tournament

[21:07:00] Neil: I know him, always on Izumi's TV show!

[21:07:11] Rob 2: Yes that's the guy

[21:07:25] *** lundman(Wi) has joined Walleye Central

[21:07:40] steelchaser: has rob been replaced

[21:07:41] Neil: Does Pyzer fish bass tourneys?

[21:07:48] Rob 2: Yes he does

[21:07:56] *** Sparky (ND/OR) has left Walleye Central

[21:08:02] Rob 2: He also fishes the odd walleye one

[21:08:03] Neil: So why against walleye tourneys then?

[21:08:03] *** Sparky (ND/OR) has joined Walleye Central

[21:08:05] golden (co): yes he is logged in as Rob2

[21:08:33] Rob 2: wants to save them for all the lodge owners

[21:08:50] Dutchman: REVENUE

[21:09:01] Rob 2: Yes the big word

[21:09:04] steelchaser: how many people fly up there in a year give a Number

[21:09:13] Neil: Sounds fishy to pun intended!

[21:09:17] *** lt has joined Walleye Central

[21:09:19] Rob 2: Fly into canada ???

[21:09:23] steelchaser: yes

[21:09:27] golden (co): hey it

[21:09:50] ebijack (mi): where is thing it?

[21:09:51] Rob 2: The last study I seen claims that the angling industry is worth 9 billion dollars

[21:09:53] Sparky (ND/OR): Hi it

[21:10:30] walleyezon: :), good one ebi

[21:10:36] ebijack (mi): :)

[21:10:37] Rob 2: thats in canada alone

[21:10:37] *** Mr Fish has joined Walleye Central

[21:10:44] Sparky (ND/OR): How about She it?

[21:10:45] Dutchman: whats it here in the states?

[21:10:59] Neil: Zillions!

[21:11:33] Rob 2: Don't know, this was a Canadian study...could have been a North American study, can't remember

[21:11:51] Rob 2: Mr.Fish welcome

[21:12:29] Rob 2: But our tournament will survive, the DNR likes us

[21:12:31] golden (co): HI Mr Fish

[21:12:36] Mr Fish: thanks

[21:13:03] Rob 2: Gee, nobody asked me about greenbacks.....

[21:13:33] LS (nd): 225 am 275 pro

[21:13:37] *** Mr Fish has left Walleye Central

[21:13:40] Dutchman: OK whats it cost to enter

[21:13:41] Rob 2: no

[21:13:47] Rob 2: fish

[21:13:51] Neil: For you Americans that $225 will soon be worth 15 cents@

[21:14:13] Rob 2: yes, that was in canadian funds

[21:14:21] Dutchman: thats good its only worth a dime now

[21:14:46] Rob 2: greenbacks = fish..

[21:14:51] Neil: About $156 US.

[21:15:16] Rob 2: stumped ?

[21:15:20] golden (co): When I went to Canada they called them pickeral

[21:15:25] Sparky (ND/OR): fish=walleye

[21:15:33] ebijack (mi): smallies

[21:15:39] golden (co): wallies

[21:15:41] Rob 2: yes they are pickeral

[21:16:17] Rob 2: Greenbacks are a type of walleye caught in Manitoba, during the fall

[21:16:22] Sparky (ND/OR): pickeral=pike?

[21:16:27] Neil: Technically they aren't pickerel, but.......old habits!

[21:16:41] Dutchman: Rob how much would it cost to have you guide for a day?

[21:16:54] lundman(Wi): pike=northerns

[21:17:02] Rob 2: they come outta Lake Winnipeg, and run into the Winnipeg River, and the Red River

[21:17:36] Sparky (ND/OR): northerns=bite off @#$!%#@

[21:17:47] lundman(Wi): :)

[21:17:58] Rob 2: They have a emerald green color on their backs, hench the name "Greenbacks"

[21:18:01] walleyezon: :)

[21:18:06] *** homer has joined Walleye Central

[21:18:12] golden (co): hi homer

[21:18:13] lundman(Wi): hi homer

[21:18:14] ebijack (mi): howdy homer

[21:18:17] Sparky (ND/OR): Hi homer

[21:18:17] Dutchman: hi homer

[21:18:20] walleyezon: hi homer

[21:18:21] *** Gerry has left Walleye Central

[21:18:23] Neil: Rob, do you fish the river section much or mainly the lakes?

[21:18:25] steelchaser: homer hows bart????

[21:18:34] lundman(Wi): :)

[21:18:34] Rob 2: They also run REAL biggest is 13.2lbs....

[21:18:46] golden (co): woah!

[21:18:56] Rob 2: The biggest I seen this year was 16 3/4 lbs.

[21:19:20] Rob 2: They alos run on average 31 - 32 inches

[21:19:31] nick: what time of year for the 16's?

[21:19:37] Rob 2: Al Lindner always fishes them

[21:19:53] *** Gerry has joined Walleye Central

[21:19:58] Rob 2: The run starts around early - mid sept....

[21:20:08] *** steelchaser has left Walleye Central

[21:20:10] Rob 2: and ends when the ice goes out

[21:20:33] nick: jig & minnow?

[21:20:35] Rob 2: October is a peak month for the boating season

[21:20:45] Rob 2: jig and minnow

[21:21:03] Rob 2: or a pearl white # 9 Rapala Shad Rap

[21:21:15] Rob 2: only available in Canada....

[21:21:45] Sparky (ND/OR): Sounds like one I have with the paint worn off.

[21:21:56] Rob 2: When my scanner gets hooked up, I'll be sending photo's

[21:22:25] Sparky (ND/OR): They probably sell you guys our old ones. :-)

[21:22:33] Neil: Rob, have you fished Lake St. Joseph?

[21:22:42] Rob 2: Well guys, I have to run for a duties...

[21:22:53] Rob 2: But I will be back in about 10

[21:23:03] LS (nd): thanks for the info. rob

[21:23:06] ebijack (mi): thanks for your time rob

[21:23:11] golden (co): Thanks for your time and the generous donation, we all appreciate it

[21:23:20] Neil: Maybe see you next year!

[21:23:27] nick: see ya all. thanks Rob and thanks golden

[21:23:28] Dutchman: see ya Rob

[21:23:35] golden (co): Rob, send me the info and I'll get it on the site for you, and I can scan photos for you also

[21:23:41] Neil: G'night guys!

[21:23:42] Rob 2: It was my pleasure..........It was fun. Started slow,but I adjusted

[21:23:49] *** nick has left Walleye Central

[21:23:50] ebijack (mi): have a good one neil

[21:23:53] golden (co): You did a great job

[21:23:59] LS (nd): later neil

[21:24:03] Dutchman: bye neil

[21:24:12] walleyezon: bye neil

[21:24:13] Sparky (ND/OR): good bye and thanks

[21:24:18] Neil: You too Tom, thanks for the info, will be in touch!

[21:27:05] *** Rob 2 has left Walleye Central



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