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Chat 5-20-98 Mark Romanack

[19:57:55] LS(nd): Welcome Mark Romanack....Professional Angler, Outdoor Writer,

Seminar Speaker & Author of Precision Trolling

[19:58:19] Romanack: Hi LS

[19:58:30] rip some lip wy: clap clap clap clap

[19:58:41] Drift'r: hi mark

[19:58:54] LS(nd): this will be a open format...please let him answer questions before

asking more

[19:58:57] outlaw(SD): hello mark

[19:59:09] Romanack: Hi Drifter

[19:59:25] Romanack: Hi Outlaw

[19:59:47] big man: mark, do you like single hook or double hook spinner rigs best?

[19:59:55] LS(nd): Mark, how many years went into precision trolling to get the data?

[20:00:01] Stinger: Hi, Mark This Foster from Freeland . How it been going/

[20:00:14] outlaw(SD): hello biebs

[ [20:00:43] Romanack: Double hooks on my spinner rigs spaced about 6 inches apart. I

like Mustad Finesse style hooks in No. 2

[20:00:59] big man: thanks

[20:02:29] Romanack: Precision Trolling has been under construction for five years.

The data is updated every two years. The 5th edition is coming soon.

[20:03:04] Romanack: Hi Foster, the things you see when you don't have a gun...

[20:03:34] Stinger: Would soon mean this year/

[20:03:53] rip some lip wy: mark ive got the book and it's a joy to use thanks...

[20:04:14] Romanack: My best guess is late fall or early winter. We're testing baits right

now and will have all the data by July or August.

[20:04:56] Romanack: Thanks for the kind words. Precision Trolling has been our

pleasure to produce.

[20:04:57] LS(nd): Mark , can you explain a little on how the data is recorded?

[20:06:00] Stinger: How do you pick the baits to test?

[20:06:27] Romanack: We use scuba gear to determine how deep each lure dives.

That way we can determine depth and see if the bait is tuned properly.

[20:06:53] Romanack: Our customers suggest lures they would like to see tested. Got

any suggestions?

[20:07:22] Drift'r: risto raps

[20:07:46] Romanack: Been there, done that. They will be included in the 5th edition.

[20:08:08] Romanack: Hi RoyG

[20:08:26] RoyG(PA): hi romanack...how are ya?

[20:08:35] LS(nd): Mark, are you doing any tournament fishing this year?

[20:09:00] Romanack: Yes I'm fishing the Michigan Walleye Tour a great little circuit in

my home state.

[20:09:55] Stinger: Have you been walleye fishing lately? Where ? Houghton lake?

[20:10:33] Romanack: I'm leaving for Houghton Lake on Monday to pre fish. I'm

looking forward to fishing fresh water.

[20:11:17] LS(nd): Mark, what cranks do you like the best & color?

[20:12:30] Romanack: I try not to fall in love with any particular crank, but some of my

favorites include the Rattle Tot, Shad Rap, ThunderStick and Spoonbill. As for colors

your guess is as good as mine. I try them all and fish what works.

[20:13:55] Stinger: IIs h Hougton lake that new for you ?

[20:14:52] Romanack: I've fished Houghton before, but this is the first time in a

tournament. I like to see tournaments go to fresh waters instead of always going back

to the same places at the same times of year. I fish tournaments to learn more about

fishing. Not to remind

[20:15:16] LS(nd): How many years have you been a outdoor writer & how did you get


[20:15:23] Romanack: .Me what worked last year

[20:15:54] RoyG(PA): have you ever considered selling the supplements to precision

trolling....for those of us with on of the older edition?? sorry if that's already been


[20:16:14] Romanack: 15 years and counting. I got started part time and eventually

worked my way into a full time occupation.

[20:16:29] RoyG(PA): one of the older editions

[20:17:08] Romanack: We can't sell updates because of the way the book is printed. If

you have an early edition, tell us when you order and we'll nock off five bucks off the


[20:17:24] RoyG(PA): ok i'll do that

[20:18:29] LS(nd): where would we find your articles?

[20:19:09] Romanack: Fishing Facts, North American Fisherman, Northwoods

Publications, Ohio Sportsman, Michigan Out of Doors and about 20 others.

[20:19:20] Stinger: Are you using the different diving disks in any of your fishing?

[20:19:57] Romanack: Yes, in fact we're testing the Mini Dipsy and the Big Jon Mini

Disk for Precision Trolling the 5th edition.

[20:20:15] *** wacker.mi has joined Walleye Central

[20:20:31] big man: hi wacker

[20:21:38] LS(nd): did you fish the pwt before?

[20:22:18] Stinger: Do you think they will work in the deep water out in the bay?

[20:23:18] Romanack: Yes, I've fish about a dozen events over the years. I fished the

MWC for 87 to 91 and made every championship.

[20:24:24] RoyG(PA): what kind of boat do you run??

[20:24:42] Romanack: c No doubt about it. I'm working on ways to rig them in-line so

the disk isn't so close to the bait. I usually run spinners.

[20:25:17] Romanack: I fish a Champion 190 Fishunter/Mercury 200 EFI and 9,9 four

stroke kicker.

[20:26:14] LS(nd): Have you heard anything on the FLW getting into the walleye

tournament circuit?

[20:26:18] big man: who are your sponsors,Mark?

[20:26:44] Romanack: I'm not up on the FLW, but the word is they will come to the

party in a big way next year. We'll see.

[20:27:44] Romanack: My sponsors include Champion Boats, Mercury, Off Shore

Tackle, Riviera Downriggers, Zebco, Quantum and Motorguide.

[20:27:56] Stinger: Would you run them under a board of the right size?

[20:28:16] Romanack: Oops I forgot the fine folks at Stren.

[20:28:42] Stinger: Great line.

[20:28:59] Romanack: 'sSure, that's the beauty of fishing these diver disks. They can

be fished under in-line boards or catamaran skis.

[20:29:09] RoyG(PA): where do you do the bulk of your fishing......the great lakes,

inland lakes or reserviors???.....and do you usually start out trolling?

[20:29:16] Romanack: Hi Dave

[20:29:29] Dave: Hello

[20:29:34] big man: do you like the new boards with the springs on them from off


[20:29:35] *** HPS has joined Walleye Central

[20:30:04] HPS: Hi Mark Hi Guys

[20:30:45] Romanack: ie iSince I live in Michigan the Great Lakes are my first love.

When you have Saginaw Bay in your back yard who needs other waters. I troll unless

the ice makes me fish vertical.

[20:31:10] Romanack: Hi HPS

[20:32:00] Romanack: The Tattle Flag is a great fishing tool. If you fish spinners you

need this after market kit. I also like them for crankbait trolling especially at slower


[20:32:21] Woody(MI): Mark, shallow water, weeds.....suggestions ie. Houghton Lake

[20:33:03] Romanack: Woody are you fishing the tournament or just interested?

[20:33:12] Woody(MI): both!

[20:33:24] big man: I agree Mark, that new board is great

[20:33:33] esf: hey guys there are not as many people as i excecped

[20:33:53] Romanack: Great, I'm going to be using cranks over the weed tops, slip

bobbers and weedless jigs.

[20:34:08] Stinger: Is the spring strong enough for most of the 1/4 once baits?

[20:34:23] big man: saginaw bay in late August- where should I go?

[20:34:31] esf: hey Romanack have u fished wis lately?

[20:34:47] Romanack: The spring in the Tattle Flag kits is adjustable for different

weight lures, baits.

[20:34:50] Woody(MI): I've been trying that, having troubles with boat control in that

wind there

[20:35:37] Romanack: I fished bass on Sturgeon Bay last week. The smallies are on

the beds big time.

[20:35:46] Woody(MI): thanks Mark, good luck up there

[20:36:05] Romanack: Woody, how are you controlling your boat?

[20:36:13] esf: what did u place in that tourny

[20:36:29] Woody(MI): had to use three drift socks last Sunday!!

[20:36:33] Dave: Can I ask an open question about motors?

[20:36:39] Romanack: foI didn't fish the tournament only for fun.

[20:36:41] esf: has any one seen ebi

[20:37:21] Redeye: Mark, do you fish Bays De Noc much and if so what are your

favorite presentations and areas?

[20:37:27] Romanack: Go for it dave.

[20:37:28] Stinger: Do you think Houghton is going toshow some good fish for this


[20:37:38] Dave: This seems to be a serious bunch,I'm trying to decide between a tiller

and console

[20:38:11] Romanack: Run a console boat and you won't regret it. Even the Roach

man has a console boat for fishing big water.

[20:38:20] Dave: I fish small (under 3000 acre lakes in easternPa.

[20:38:35] esf: what kind of boat do u have?

[20:38:58] Romanack: Even on small water, I'd take a console boat over a tiller any

time. Ever tried to troll planer boards with a tiller boat. yuck.

[20:39:22] esf: do u recommend a yarcraft mark?

[20:39:30] Dave: Waves over 3" would keep me I now have a Lund Rebel 1600

[20:40:01] Romanack: I love little bay de noc in the late fall. Troll stickbaits like the

ThunderStick, Bomber Long A, Husky Jerk on lead core line in the deep flats off

Gladstone and Kipling.

[20:40:38] Romanack: Yar Craft makes a fine boat and one I can recommend from

past esperience.

[20:41:35] Redeye: just got back from Little bay the opener was great all the fish you

wanted thanks for the tip

[20:41:35] RoyG(PA): can we purchase "Precision Trolling" over the internet and/or

through this site??

[20:41:42] big man: thanks for the time mark--gotta go

[20:42:06] Romanack: You can order Precision Trolling from Walleye Central, thanks...

[20:42:44] Romanack: esf: I run a Champion, but there are many other good glass

boats to choose from.

[20:42:44] esf: thanks

[20:43:17] esf: i recently one a yar craft so i was just wondering

[20:43:36] esf: won in stead of one

[20:43:54] Romanack: You've got a great boat. I hope all your luck hasn't been used


[20:44:42] esf: may be iwill get lucky and win the jackpot to night 175 million doesnt

look that bad

[20:45:05] Romanack: If you do, my Champion is for sale... Call me...

[20:46:19] LS(nd): any more questions guys????

[20:47:26] esf: good luck coming from me throut the next year

[20:47:30] esf: mark

[20:47:44] Romanack: Thanks...

[20:47:45] *** golden (co) has joined Walleye Central

[20:47:51] Woody(MI): hi scott

[20:48:10] RoyG(PA): hey there scott...

[20:48:11] HPS: Hi Scott

[20:48:18] Woody(MI): mark, are the tattle flag kits available yet and where can I get


[20:48:27] golden (co): Hi everyone, sorry I'm late, lost track of time

[20:48:43] golden (co): Hi Mark

[20:49:01] Romanack: ,My 190 goes for 27,500 with everything loaded.

[20:49:06] Stinger: Gander Mt

[20:49:25] Woody(MI): $$$

[20:49:31] Romanack: Hi Scott;

[20:49:58] Romanack: The Tattle Flags run about $14.95 each.

[20:50:05] Woody(MI): thanks

[20:50:11] golden (co): I guess I missed the most of it, did you cover all the trolling

subjects yet?

[20:50:27] Romanack: Never, ask away.

[20:51:03] *** Steve M has joined Walleye Central

[20:51:13] Romanack: Hi Steve

[20:51:17] golden (co): Is it really important to match bait size and species to troll


[20:51:24] Steve M: Hi There

[20:52:16] Romanack: Early and late in the year, big baits are my best producers since

most of the forage is big. During the summer months I often find small baits work well.

Depth control and speed are however most important.

[20:52:58] golden (co): Could you give a short rendition of how you eliminate non

productive water in a "new" lake?

[20:54:00] Romanack: I usually troll with spinners or cranks to eliminate shallow water.

In deep water I use my electronics to hunt for fish then fish where I find them.

[20:54:03] *** clay(wy) has joined Walleye Central

[20:54:28] LS(nd): Mark, what do you think of fireline for trolling?

[20:55:20] Romanack: It's okay if you need maximum depth. I don't use it unless I have

to because it's tough to work with when using snap weights, planer boards, downrigger

releases, etc.

[20:55:28] *** Mikey has joined Walleye Central

[20:55:38] Romanack: Hi Mikey

[20:56:01] Mikey: Hello everyone. just got off the water!

[20:56:12] golden (co): OK Mark, you just got to a new lake, do you start eliminating

water from shallow to deep or vice versa? just wondering?

[20:57:22] Romanack: That depends on what information I have to work from. If the

lake has a reputation for producing shallow fish, start shallow. It's always easier to find

fish in deep water.

[20:58:30] golden (co): What would be a typical set up for you, all the same cranks

spread out, or a different one on each line?

[20:59:03] HPS: Got a call I have to take see ya later guys

[20:59:13] LS(nd): later Harry

[20:59:17] Lundman: later Harry

[20:59:21] golden (co): see ya harry

[20:59:35] *** HPS has left Walleye Central

[21:00:18] Romanack: Spread out the wealth. I usually run a spread of cranks that

reach a wide variety of depths and offer different profiles. Let the fish decide what they


[21:00:21] clay(wy): Mark, fishing with boards how far do you usually try to keep your

crank off the bottom to minimize fouling yet maximize success

[21:01:05] Stinger: #5 Shadlings should be great for H. lake.

[21:01:29] LS(nd): Do you do that in a tourney or in pre fishing, Mark....spread out the


[21:01:43] Romanack: I'm not afraid to run my baits tight to bottom. The data in

Precision Trolling is accuarte to within 6 inches.

[21:01:53] golden (co): and this would be dependant on the time of year and the

forage? Small in the summer and big in the spring and fall? Or just going by past


[21:03:04] RoyG(PA): what sort of fish finder do you use mark??? and do you use a

GPS unit?

[21:03:33] Romanack: Matching baits profile to the forage doesn't always work. You

still end up experimenting to see what works then simply duplicate that.

[21:03:54] *** clay(wy) has joined Walleye Central

[21:03:57] golden (co): How long do you drag a bait before switching?

[21:04:03] Romanack: soI fish Lowrance Global Map 2000 and a X-85 sonar.

[21:04:43] Romanack: I fish a bait 15-20 minutes then try another. Don't fall in love with

a lure simply because it worked yesterday.

[21:04:56] golden (co): To me trolling is a boring game, I assume that means I'm not

doing it correctly.

[21:05:18] Stinger: I bought an X 85 this year and I THINK ITS GREAT.

[21:05:31] Romanack: Yup, but don't dispare. Trolling is easier to learn than jigging,

rigging or other methods.

[21:05:36] clay(wy): In a contour trolling situation, how would you make use of boards

when the fish are spooky yet tight on a dropoff

[21:05:55] fred: what is a X 85?

[21:06:05] RoyG(PA): it sounds like the guys who troll the "right" way don't have time

to get bored......

[21:06:15] Woody(MI): lol

[21:06:22] *** jigmup has joined Walleye Central

[21:06:27] Lundman: :-)

[21:06:29] golden (co): hey jig!

[21:06:33] Lundman: hey jig

[21:06:45] jigmup: hi guys

[21:06:54] RoyG(PA): no offense scott....i'm hoping to learn how to troll the "right" way


[21:07:02] Romanack: It's hard to fish contours with boards, especially if the fish are

tight to the break. Try long lining the fish

[21:07:06] LS(nd): anymore questions for Mark guys?

[21:07:44] *** jig has joined Walleye Central

[21:07:46] golden (co): Would you say that trolling is "the" way to find fish? I guess I'm

confused as to when to troll and when to jig etc.... trolling is always my last ditch effort

[21:08:26] Romanack: Trolling covers water more quickly than jigging, rigging, etc.

Find fish first Scott, then let the situation dictate presentation options.

[21:09:00] Lundman: what do you do if trolling cranks does not produce fish?

[21:09:07] Stinger: GOOD LUCK Mark

[21:09:18] clay(wy): Thanks for the chat Mark, great info!

[21:09:39] *** jigmup has left Walleye Central

[21:09:44] Romanack: Try fishing spinners or jig trolling.

[21:10:25] Lundman: I fish a lot of smaller lakes where trolling is sometimes not an

option, that's why i asked

[21:11:06] Romanack: Try casting cranks in smaller waters. You can cover water

quicker than jigs and often find bigger fish interested.

[21:11:38] golden (co): This is covered in your book 5 Roads to Walleye isn't it?

[21:12:10] Romanack: yup, along with lots of other topics including jigging, rigging,

spinners, spoons, cranks, etc.

[21:12:54] LS(nd): Great job Mark....Thanks from all of us at Walleye Central...If you

would like to continue please do...

[21:12:55] golden (co): Good book, highly recommended, not to sound like a salesman

by any means, but great info

[21:13:27] Romanack: sure I'm always willing to talk walleye. Thanks to everyone for


[21:13:29] Lundman: what about the smaller lakes when the fish go deeper, like over

15 feet, would you use a bottom bouncer to get the cranks down??

[21:14:17] *** FishinMagician has joined Walleye Central

[21:14:18] Romanack: Getting a crank down 15 feet is easy. There are lots of baits

that will dive from 15-30 feet. I'd use the bottom bouncer to present spinners.

[21:14:42] Lundman: ok, thanks, sorry to hold you up....:-)

[21:15:09] Romanack: No problem, I'm sticking around for awhile longer to talk fishing.

Thanks and good luck.

[21:15:22] Lundman: cool

[21:15:48] FishinMagician: Have you really found much difference in the type or brand

of bouncers?

[21:15:49] RoyG(PA): your allowed to come back when you are not hosting a chat too

mark....this place is a lot of fun...

[21:16:24] RoyG(PA): i can't begin to tell you how much i've learned about walleye

fishing here

[21:16:35] Romanack: I know, but with my business I'm rarely free unless I schedule it

ahead of time.

[21:16:48] Romanack: Hi Mike

[21:16:54] Mike (MN): hello

[21:17:14] golden (co): Lets do a senario, you have to fish a strange lake, no

prefishing, just rolled into town. What do you do?

[21:17:14] Mike (MN): sorry I am so late

[21:17:29] Romanack: You're not late the rest of us came early

[21:17:57] FishinMagician: Mark, do you know a difference in the brand or type of


[21:18:43] Romanack: For the most part a bottom bouncer is a bottom bouncer. I use

what ever is available.

[21:19:03] Romanack: Stinger are you still out there?

[21:19:10] Mike (MN): do you like the quick change?

[21:19:15] Stinger: yyyyyessss

[21:19:36] Romanack: I live by the quick change clevice. If you fish spinners you need

them period.

[21:19:49] FishinMagician: Have you noticed any difference in the ones with the sound


[21:19:52] Mike (MN): same here, I meant with the bouncers

[21:20:16] Romanack: Nope. Those are to catch bass fishermen who want to catch


[21:20:24] Mike (MN): he he

[21:20:27] golden (co): :-)

[21:20:34] prairiepillow: Mark ....Jeff Jertson wants me to tell you that he wants one of

your laminated crank bait books

[21:20:40] FishinMagician: I liked that answer!

[21:20:42] prairiepillow: he is sitting here with me

[21:21:14] Romanack: Have him contact Scott, Walleye Central carries the laminated


[21:21:26] prairiepillow: ok will do that

[21:21:30] golden (co): It's on the product page, easy to find, easy to order.

[21:21:56] Mike (MN): we have been pushing that book in our seminars for two years

[21:22:05] prairiepillow: he said that he has been promoting that book in his seminars

and thinks he should get one for free.....:-)

[21:22:20] golden (co): geez, I sound like a frigging salesman, but they are both great

books. I'll leave it at that

[21:22:37] Romanack: Thanks for the support guys.

[21:22:55] golden (co): Thanks for the info

21:23:20] Mike (MN): if you could, I would like to hear your answer on just rolling into


[21:23:26] jig: thanks for not making have to think so much

[21:23:31] RoyG(PA): mark told us we could have a $5.00 discount if we already have

an older version...does that go for buying it through walleye central too???

[21:23:33] FishinMagician: Thanks, Mark. We really appreciate you guys taking the


[21:23:38] RoyG(PA): :)

[21:24:07] FishinMagician: Roy, whats your hometown? Mine is Washington.

[21:24:11] clay(wy): Mark, what sort of situations do you find that trying to trigger

reation strikes from walleye with fast move baits works best

[21:24:58] *** Ric has joined Walleye Central

[21:25:07] golden (co): If that is what Mark said, then yes

[21:25:15] Romanack: deNo, sorry I can't do that. To get the $5 discount you have to

order direct from me.

[21:25:15] RoyG(PA): cool!......

[21:25:49] Stinger: Just to a tip for youtrolling book owners.I break my books up in

sections that apply to my needs at the time.

[21:25:56] golden (co): OOPS I spoke out of turn there, buy it direct to get the

discount. Sorry Mark

[21:26:58] RoyG(PA): but then i won't be supporting walleye central.....:(...... i'll just pay

the extra $5.00 and get it through scott..... :) is that brown nosing or what!!!

[21:27:07] Romanack: Try fishing cranks at fast speeds during the summer months

when nothing else works. Triggering fish into biting sometimes takes a little more speed.

[21:27:16] golden (co): :-)

[21:27:17] prairiepillow: hahahaha we will also Roy

[21:27:49] ^2old2^(mi): W.C. rulez

[21:27:54] clay(wy): Thanks for the chat guys

[21:28:03] golden (co): see ya clay

[21:29:03] golden (co): :-) It's not me , it's them and the reputation of the book

[21:29:34] Romanack: I don't think so. I use deep cup blades all the time. In fact the

new PK Pladium blades are great.

[21:30:27] Don't Tell: Romanack do you know Kevin Dill, Jackson Ohio

[21:30:31] Mike (MN): Mark, when searching will you stop and fish if you don't see fish.

And how long will you work an area before you move on.

[21:30:37] golden (co): To let the blade ride higher in the water?

[21:30:49] Romanack: Sorry I don't know Kevin

[21:31:32] Romanack: Mike: In shallow water you have to fish to find walleye. Sonar is

only helpful in locating deeper fish.

[21:31:38] Don't Tell: What about knowing anyone at Bohning Co

[21:31:42] FishinMagician: Mark, do you fish any of the team tournaments, or just


[21:32:00] Mike (MN): I still do not give the shallow stuff enough time

[21:32:35] prairiepillow: Jeff says shallow russ are feeding russ....

[21:32:35] Romanack: I've got some friends at the Bohning Company. Man doesn't live

on walleye alone. I like red meat.

[21:32:42] fred: How come sonar is only good in deep water?

[21:32:58] *** gwalt(MI) has joined Walleye Central

[21:33:04] Romanack: I like to fish team tournaments with my partner Dr. Steven Holt

[21:33:07] Lundman: hey gwalt

[21:33:33] Lundman: russ??

[21:33:43] Romanack: tYou can't mark fish in shallow water with sonar effectively. In

deep water the cone angle covers more water and makes it easyfind fish.

[21:33:44] Lundman: is that another word for walleye

[21:34:06] prairiepillow: yes lund

[21:34:16] golden (co): I was at a lake last weekend, the deepest part was 16 feet, I

was blind!!

[21:34:22] Don't Tell: so do l ,l hunt at Butch Johnsons cabin alot , What about Don

Lewinberger at Saginaw, Kevin Fishes with him alot on the ice

[21:34:33] ^2old2^(mi): if you were to pre fish erie tomorrow what would be your

preferred method

[21:34:45] Drift'r: brb

[21:35:04] fred: Mark, have you ever used a video sonar like a sitex are they more

effective in shallow water?

[21:35:17] Romanack: I'd fish Erie using cranks and spinners, like always.

[21:35:19] prairiepillow: the only way to mark fish on Big Stone is with a flasher Jeff

says Scott

[21:35:48] Mike (MN): why is that prairie?

[21:36:10] Romanack: No sonar is effective in shallow water. The video units are very

good, but like LCG units they have a small cone coverage in shallow water.s they

[21:36:13] FishinMagician: Mark, do you fish any USFA tournaments?

[21:36:24] Woody(MI): Mark, GOOD LUCK on H. Lake.....I'll see you up there!!

[21:36:36] prairiepillow: grafs have too much power

[21:36:48] Romanack: I haven't to date but hope to,

[21:37:05] Mike (MN): Never have heard that one

[21:37:40] prairiepillow: try x75 with 600 watts will read better than an x85

21:38:22] Romanack: You guys have been reading too much In-Fish. Flashers are

dead. Long live the LCG...

[21:38:38] Mike (MN): he he

[21:38:46] FishinMagician: Without a doubt!

[21:38:55] prairiepillow: flashers will never die Jeff says

[21:39:07] Mike (MN): love em for ice

[21:39:12] Lundman: i know a lot of ice fisherman that would take you to task on that

one mark

[21:39:27] Lundman: me included....:-)

[21:39:38] Romanack: During the winter I work for a living...

[21:39:42] Lundman: and i also have one on the bow of my boat

[21:39:43] prairiepillow: why do you think the fish will come in under the ice and sit in

the cone of a flasher?

[21:39:54] FishinMagician: It's like the difference between old time radio and a color


[21:39:57] ^2old2^(mi): pretty hard to beat that vexilar on the ice

lakes like erie but leech is more of a fine point presentation lake isnt it?

[21:44:24] Romanack: Not really. Keeping the bait and weight apart is what makes the

system work. You can run any length from the snap weight to the lure you like.

21:40:41] Mike (MN): I think the fish will be more affected by a 2,000 pound boat

displacing water, than a sonar unit

[21:41:12] Don't Tell: Romanak do you know Don Lewinberger at Bay City Mich

[21:41:14] Lundman: plus, flasher is good for determining bottom composition as well,

like deep weeds, and mine can pick fish out of the weeds

[21:41:31] Romanack: Don is a great guy and one of the best fishermen I know.

[21:41:41] FishinMagician: Mark, have you been using the snap weight method a lot?

[21:42:22] Romanack: I have to because the concept was my idea. Off Shore Tackle

introduced the product after I helped them design it.

[21:43:02] ^2old2^(mi): i wish i knew where they sold them in my area

[21:43:25] Don't Tell: Romanak ,then l'm surprised you don't know Kevin Dill who

fishes with him alot, they had a great time on Saginaw river last winter

[21:43:26] Romanack: Try the Cabela's or Bass Pro Shops catalog.

[21:43:40] FishinMagician: It seems to me that placing the weight as far as 50 ft. before

the crank bait is excessive. What do you think?

[21:43:42] Mike (MN): ok, do you ever use ski's over boards. You know the big


[21:43:48] prairiepillow: Jeff says bye mark he is leaving now

[21:44:24] Romanack: Not really. Keeping the bait and weight apart is what makes the

system work. You can run any length from the snap weight to the lure you like.

[21:44:33] ^2old2^(mi): yes i am

[21:45:13] Romanack: I don't troll big skis much. The in-line boards are my choice.

[21:45:32] Stinger: Are you still using 47 h's or have you tryed the new counters?

[21:45:41] Mike (MN): I use them a lot and was told by a friend that he thought I would

like the ski's better

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