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[19:56:11] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome MARK ROMANACK!!!!!!!!!

[19:56:26] Perchn ( Pa ): heyy Mark

[19:56:27] ccblock: ok welcome mark LOL

[19:56:28] Yar-Man: Howdy Mark

[19:56:35] ebijack (mi): welcome mark

[19:56:36] Skeeter(WI): welcome

[19:56:42] Drift'r: hi mark

[19:57:18] ccblock: well lets not all talk at once

[19:57:24] ebijack (mi): mark how about telling us how you got started fishing tourney's

[19:57:58] mromanack: I started back in the late 70's as a way to learn more about

walleye fishing. Then I got hooked and the rest is history

[19:58:14] ebijack (mi): mark, how many years have you been working with champion

boats now

[19:58:51] mromanack: Champion and I have enjoyed six wonderful years together.

Sounds sort of like getting married doesn't it

[19:59:17] ccblock: ya but how gets the boat when the divorce is final??

[19:59:20] Yar-Man: Yeah but you said wonderful

[19:59:21] Woody(MI): hi all....hi Mark, how ya doing

[19:59:42] mromanack: I never own a boat long enough to worry about that

[20:00:11] ccblock: just kiddin,

[20:00:20] ebijack (mi): mark, how many tourney's are you fishing each year now

[20:00:20] ebijack (mi): mark, how many tourney's are you fishing each year now

[20:00:41] mromanack: Just the MWT which consists of four qualifer events and a


[20:00:58] ebijack (mi): you must know woody then

[20:01:00] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:01:21] ebijack (mi): mark, how many products are you representing

[20:01:23] Woody(MI): yes, we have fished together

[20:01:42] Woody(MI): Mark, I run the Starcraft with Chapman's

[20:02:12] Skeeter(WI): what do you do for your full time job mark?

[20:02:43] mromanack: The list includes off shore tackle, champion, mercury, zebco,

motorguide, stren and I forget who else

[20:03:05] mromanack: My full time job is writing outdoor features and books

[20:03:46] ebijack (mi): mark, have you thought about re-entering the pwt eastern div

[20:04:23] mromanack: I have, but my business doesn't allow for the time commitment.

Also my family is young and needs lots of attention

[20:04:24] Wolfheart: Howdy Mark, I enjoy all your articles :-)

[20:04:43] mromanack: Thanks Wolfheart

[20:05:37] Woody(MI): Mark, you been out on the water lately??

[20:06:03] mromanack: Sorry I haven't fished lately. I'm sort of in bow hunting mode

right now.

[20:06:19] ebijack (mi): mark, did you run the optimax in 98?

[20:06:20] Woody(MI): that's not so bad, any luck there

Whisper sent to [Magic Marker]: howdy

[20:06:49] mromanack: Ebijack, no very few folks could get their hands on optimax

motors in 98

[20:07:10] Just Look"N--MI: Mark,got here late are you same Romanack that fishes


[20:07:28] mromanack: The last I looked there was only one of me

[20:07:31] Wolfheart: Mark, What was the last tourney you fished??

[20:07:55] mromanack: I took a third place at the MWT championships on Saginaw

Bay last August

[20:08:16] Just Look"N--MI: somehow thought was a relative.Sorry congrats on your


[20:08:50] mromanack: I had fun fishing the MWT, but we ended up second overall for

the second year running.

[20:09:33] ebijack (mi): mark, do you run with the same team member all year

[20:10:11] mromanack: Yes, my long time partner is Steve Holt. We work well together

and are also partners with Precision Trolling one of my most popular books

[20:10:50] ebijack (mi): mark, how did you find a publisher way back when you wrote

the book

[20:10:51] ^2old2^ (mi): great book

[20:11:13] Woody(MI): Mark, when will the next edition be out

[20:11:17] Magic Marker: whats the latest Prec. Troll. out? are you gonna add more

lures to it?

[20:11:31] mromanack: I self publish most of my books, but early on I did some work

with North American Fisherman and In-Fisherman

[20:11:58] mromanack: The book publishing business is tough to get a foot hold in

[20:12:39] mromanack: The latest version of PT is the 4th edition. The 5th edition is

due out in early 99 and will feature 30 new baits

[20:12:51] Magic Marker: Great

[20:13:00] Just Look"N--MI: whats the new baits?

[20:13:08] busy: What water are you most home in, rivers, impoundments, resovoirs,

Great lakes etc

[20:13:12] Woody(MI): Mark, do you and Steve do all the research with the baits??

[20:13:49] mromanack: A few of the baits include all the Rapala Risto Raps, Storm

Lightning Shads, Nils Master to name a few

[20:14:20] mromanack: You can buy Precision Trolling on line through the good folks

at Walleye Central

[20:14:39] mromanack: Steve and I do all our own research and have from the start

[20:14:42] busy: Keep our site going

[20:14:46] Wolfheart: Thanks Mark!!! I'll grab a hold of that! :-)

[20:15:07] Woody(MI): how do you find depth affecting color, any change from the


[20:16:13] mromanack: My partner does the diving and he is color blind. Talk about

frustrating. However we do know color changes as you go deeper

[20:16:35] ebijack (mi): mark, have you played with the underwater video

[20:17:05] mromanack: No I haven't looked too close at them. I like the concept but

haven't decided if it will improve my fishing

[20:17:13] Woody(MI): so you must have to make the color choice fishin'! lol

[20:17:31] mromanack: Woody, I like it that way

[20:17:42] dave: mark, what are your favorite baits when fishing boards in 10-15ft of


[20:17:43] Woody(MI): !!!

[20:18:12] mromanack: That's easy, I like Storm 1/4 ounce Hot n' Tots and Deep Jr.


[20:18:29] Just Look"N--MI: Mark,did you fish north of charities at Linwood tourney?

[20:18:53] dave: mark, do you add any suspend dots to the thunderstick jr.'s

[20:19:03] mromanack: No we took most of our fish a few miles north of No. 1 buoy

towards Pt. AuGres

[20:19:44] mromanack: Suspend dots are great for making subtle changes to a bait

such as a jerk bait, but for trolling I don't see a lot of application

[20:19:46] Just Look"N--MI: thanks thats where we ended up both days

[20:20:04] ebijack (mi): mark, do you use dipsy's at all

[20:20:43] Wolfheart: Ahhh.... I gotta go... WIsh I could stay and listen in..... See ya


[20:20:44] mromanack: I love to fish Dipsy Divers for all specie, especially trout and

salmon, but also walleye on Lake Erie

[20:21:25] Woody(MI): Mark, have you had the opportunity to fish Erie from Erieau,


[20:21:48] mromanack: I've fished the Canadian side many times from Cholchester to


[20:22:32] ebijack (mi): why dipsy's only on erie for walleye mark

[20:22:35] Woody(MI): make for an interesting tourney sight

[20:23:00] Indy: WOW! Lot's of guys tonight!

[20:23:12] dave: mark, when do you fish fireline vs. mono?

[20:23:21] mromanack: Dipsy divers work especially well on Erie when floating weeds

make it impossible to fish boards. Try it some time and

[20:24:03] mromanack: pYou can fish spinners, spoons or stickbaits behind a dipsy

[20:25:21] FishinMagician: What line do you use on the dipsy rod?

[20:26:00] mromanack: I'm from the old school that thinks mono is the best tool for a

Dipsy, but I can see applications for braided line if you run long leads

[20:26:26] boomer (mi): do you use the snubbers with the dipsy?

[20:26:56] mromanack: I use snubbers for salmon, but not walleye. My choice is 25-30

pound Stren Super Tough

[20:27:44] ebijack (mi): mark, what lb test you use for boards

[20:27:56] Magic Marker: we tore fish up this summer on erie pulling thundersticks

behind dipsys

[20:28:17] mromanack: All my walleye trolling is done with 10 pound test line

because the testing for Precision Trolling

[20:28:37] mromanack: Was conducted using 10 pound test.

[20:29:46] mromanack: Magic Marker, what color and GPS numbers...

[20:29:54] dave: mark, what do you think of the new low stretch mono lines. i.e. stren


[20:29:55] ebijack (mi): mark, have you found each lake needs different color cranks

not taking in dirty/clear water, just different regions

[20:30:30] Magic Marker: blue firetiger, out in front of vermillion---lorain

[20:31:06] mromanack: Dave, I like the low stretch lines such as Sensor, but the

improvement is only a small improvement over regular mono.

[20:31:58] mromanack: I'm not an angler who worries about color when fishing cranks.

I'm more interested in action, depth and sound.

[20:32:27] mromanack: Color is something I use to refine a presentation, not develop


[20:32:52] prairiepillow: sound?

[20:33:28] mromanack: Rattling baits can be a big advantage in off color water,

especially when trolled.

[20:33:35] Magic Marker: Do any night-time trolling?

[20:33:48] prairiepillow: oh ok thank-you

[20:34:33] mromanack: I'm fishing more after dark every year. Last year on Erie we

killed the walleye on off shore boards and cranks using clip on lights so we could see

the boards.

[20:35:08] ebijack (mi): how shallow mostly mark

[20:35:26] dave: mark, is there a water temp. you look for when deciding to use a

thunderstick or a deep thunderstick jr.

[20:35:41] mromanack: We fished stickbaits about 40-60 feet behind the boards and

most of our fish were caught close to shore.

[20:36:18] mromanack: The only water temperature that prevents me from trolling those

cranks is ice.

[20:36:32] boomer (mi): was that during spring, summer, or fall?

[20:37:03] mromanack: The Erie bite I spoke of took place in late November, but there

are opportunities at any time of year.

[20:37:06] Magic Marker: can you make it to our get-together in Nove.?

[20:37:35] mromanack: What get together??

[20:38:09] ebijack (mi): rick lacourse started a get together in nov at huron ohio

[20:38:34] mromanack: I'll be there, but if my boat sells I could be fishing from shore.

Boo hiss...

[20:38:36] ebijack (mi): bruce de shano is putting up some $$, it's a fun/learning


[20:39:14] ebijack (mi): ric is getting a few other pro's to show up also

[20:39:19] Magic Marker: mark brumbaugh supposed to be there too

[20:39:48] mromanack: I strongly suggest everyone give Erie a try after dark this

season. You might find the walleye of your life waiting.

[20:40:17] ebijack (mi): yeah, there looking to catch a 16lber :)

[20:40:41] mromanack: I'd be happy with a 12, but I know bigger fish are going to be


[20:41:02] ebijack (mi): nov 4th thru 7th, anydays you can make it, mostly night fishing

[20:41:14] Magic Marker: check it out on walleye central main page

[20:42:08] ebijack (mi): busy b is going to host a chat oct 26th about how and where to

fish there in huron at night

[20:42:49] tp: mark have you ever fished walleye hybreds tp out west

[20:43:04] mromanack: Huron is the focal point, but there is a lot of good water to

check out

[20:43:46] mromanack: I've fished in Montana and caught a few saugeye.

[20:44:44] ebijack (mi): mark, is there anything new to the 99 champion walleye boat

[20:45:33] mromanack: Nothing new in Champion's line I can offer. There are rumors,

but we all know about that.

[20:45:42] tp: thats the one mark did you fish them about the same as eyes

[20:46:29] mromanack: We were near Glasgo, MT and we caught fish using bottom

bouncers and spinners on the flats and off the tips of points.

[20:47:19] ebijack (mi): mark, do you jig very often, and what's your main jig etc for

taking walleye jigging

[20:48:20] mromanack: I love to cast jigs for walleye. When casting I like a jig with the

eye tie coming out the front like the Slow Poke or Northland's stand up fireball.

[20:48:55] Magic Marker: favorite lake?

[20:49:09] mromanack: I usually fish jigs with half a nightcrawler threaded onto the

hook and I stick with six pound test mon

[20:49:53] mromanack: I like Houghton Lake in Michigan for casting, but it's tough to

beat Lake Erie in April if you like to cast jigs and catch lots of fish.

[20:51:03] Magic Marker: tough to beat erie anytime :-)

[20:51:07] ebijack (mi): hey guys, get in your last questions mark

[20:51:29] Indy: Amen to that Magic! :-)

[20:52:22] ebijack (mi): mark, do you know if champion has any interrest in doing for

the MWT as they did for the pwt

[20:53:04] mromanack: I doubt it, because Yar-Craft has taken over that spot for the


[20:53:55] RUKO1: what do you suggest for first time fall fishing

[20:55:31] mromanack: Try a big chub minnow on a jig or slip sinker rig RUKO.

[20:55:40] Magic Marker: Mark, have you got any videos out, already have some of

your books in my collection

[20:55:31] mromanack: Try a big chub minnow on a jig or slip sinker rig RUKO.

[20:55:40] Magic Marker: Mark, have you got any videos out, already have some of

your books in my collection

[20:56:00] Pat: how bout crank for fall?

[20:56:17] Pat: baits

[20:56:21] mromanack: No videos to date. My strong suit are books and magazine

articles and don't expect that to change

[20:57:08] ^2old2^ (mi): a few sponsers and a tv show not of any interest to you then

[20:57:17] mromanack: I like stickbaits when fishing cranks in the fall. My favorites are

ThunderSticks, Husky Jerks

[20:58:30] mromanack: Tough question considering that some of the better competitors

are related to me. I'd say that half a dozen are capable of winning at each and every


[20:59:53] ebijack (mi): any last questions for mark

[21:01:00] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank MARK ROMANACK for his time here tonight!!!!

[21:01:08] ebijack (mi): good luck in 99 mark!!!

[21:01:18] Magic Marker: thanks mark

[21:01:19] RUKO1: what colours do you suggest for fall cranks pro

[21:01:21] tp: ditto

[21:01:24] Drift'r: thanks mark

[21:01:35] Rx Fish (PA): Thanks mark

[21:01:36] Indy: Thanks Mark!

[21:01:38] Just Look"N--MI: bye Mark good luck next year

[21:01:51] mromanack: Thanks guys, Romanack has left the building...

[21:02:04] ebijack (mi): c ya mark

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