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[20:00:39] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight AL

SCHERER !!!!!!

[20:00:44] Griz: Hi everyone, thought I would sit here and copy the

mail for a while

[20:00:57] lance V(mich): hows it going big Al

[20:01:04] ebijack (mi): welcome AL "hyderipper" !!!

[20:01:15] Griz: welcome Al

[20:01:16] LS: welcome Al

[20:01:21] hyderipper: good, how's everyone

[20:01:53] lance V(mich): Hows bay de noc right now Al

[20:02:23] ebijack (mi): al, tell us a little bit about your backround,

bigfoot tells me your a real good stick

[20:02:35] hyderipper: it isn't the best, lots of wind

[20:02:53] lance V(mich): hey woody-thought you were dead

[20:02:59] Woody(MI): right

[20:03:07] hyderipper: bigfoot is being a little bit i'm average

[20:03:08] sundance: so did anyone fish huron today?

[20:03:18] Griz: Bigfoot, when are you coming to Huron?

[20:03:43] Nite Eyes: howdy again

[20:03:52] Bigfoot: thur.

[20:03:54] lance V(mich): fishing on the river

[20:04:01] hyderipper: hello nite eyes

[20:04:12] Griz: Where do we meet and when?

[20:04:18] lance V(mich): Hey Al- hows the knee doing?

[20:04:20] ebijack (mi): how long you been fishing tourney's al

[20:04:23] Bigfoot: lets talk to big

[20:04:43] sundance: what's to big?

[20:04:47] hyderipper: knee is doing alright lance

[20:04:51] Bigfoot: al and we can talk later

[20:05:02] ebijack (mi): big al scherer "hyderipper"

[20:05:07] hyderipper: ebi i have doing tournaments for 5 years

[20:05:50] Griz: Al, what do you think it costs you for one year of

tournament fishing?

[20:06:02] ebijack (mi): hyderipper, tell us about what rig you run

and your electronics

[20:06:42] hyderipper: i run a 18' champion with a 175 mariner and

9.9 4 stroke kicker

[20:07:59] ebijack (mi): al, do you prefer to jig or do you like to troll

as well

[20:08:11] hyderipper: some of my sponsors are champion boats,

which are very dependable boats

[20:08:42] hyderipper: ebi, i am a troller but do what i have to to

catch the fish

[20:08:50] lance V(mich): I fished the 96 PWT on Saginaw Bay with

Big Al in 1996-he is an excellent pro and lots of fun to spend the

day with-just be sure and hang on!!!:)

[20:08:53] Griz: Al, what trolling motor do you use? Do you like the


[20:09:10] sundance: is a 9.9 just right for trolling,or is there another


[20:09:26] hyderipper: i have a motorguide 500es

[20:10:09] hyderipper: sundance the 9.9 mariner 4 stroke kicker is

the best choice

[20:11:40] hyderipper: i have never used the pinpoint but heard it is

an excellent choice

[20:12:16] ebijack (mi): al, do you use the electric trolling motor for any

of your trolling?

[20:13:51] ^2old2^ (mi): what's your favorite lake

[20:14:11] hyderipper: ebi for night fishing or to stay an a small


[20:16:59] ebijack (mi): al, did you fish alot of local tourney's before

you started fishing mwt/nawa/pwt?

[20:17:45] hyderipper: yes i fished local, and then decided to try

professionally, to see if i could compete with the big dogs

[20:17:45] lance V(mich): AL-how many tourneys this past season?

[20:18:01] ^2old2^ (mi): so Al what is your favorite body of water to


[20:20:37] Woody: hyde, how many tourneys did you fish this past


[20:20:51] Griz: Al, whats the biggest tournament you have won?

[20:21:09] sundance: what is your favorite technique for trolling.

[20:21:09] sundance: what is your favorite technique for trolling.

[20:21:25] Ruko: what brand name rod do you suggest for a jigging


[20:21:47] hyderipper: i have won a couple locals but have been in

the top 10 several times in the pwt and nawa and mwc

[20:22:43] Griz: AL, how many days a year do you spend on the


[20:22:53] hyderipper: sundance i love trolling spinners and


[20:23:04] ebijack (mi): al, do you prefer to pull cranks or spinners

[20:23:46] sundance: do you have to fish local tourneys first before

the pros,or can you jump right in??

[20:24:07] hyderipper: i like to pull cranks ebi

[20:24:36] sundance: what type of spinners?

[20:24:39] Griz: Al, how many days a year are you on the water?

[20:25:05] hyderipper: no you don't have to fish local tournaments

first to fish pro, but it will help sundance

[20:26:35] ebijack (mi): al, what was the turning point that pushed

you into the big time

[20:27:16] Nite Eyes: al how did you go about getting sponsors

[20:27:28] sundance: do you like thunderstick jr.or the normal size?

[20:27:30] hyderipper: i wanted to see if i was capable of fishing

with the big guys, and i proved i could keep up with them

[20:28:38] hyderipper: sundance i like the deepdivers in south

dakota and where you are fishing up to 120ft. of water

[20:29:04] hyderipper: the jrs. go to about 17' with 10lb test

[20:29:18] ebijack (mi): al, do you use snap weights much?

[20:29:33] Nite Eyes: how far back from the boat???

[20:30:01] sundance: is 10lb just right for trolling?

[20:30:19] hyderipper: yes anytime i am fishing deep i will use up to

a 4 ounce snap weight to get down to 40 ft, if that is where the fish


[20:31:02] hyderipper: sundance i use 12 lb. trilene xl

[20:31:04] ebijack (mi): what about using dipsy divers al?

[20:31:34] hyderipper: i have tried them have no experience with


[20:31:54] hyderipper: 17 ft is about 220 ft of line

[20:31:55] ebijack (mi): al, do you use any of the "superlines"?

[20:32:56] hyderipper: i have tried them but still prefer mono,

because i can't get use of not setting the hook hard

[20:33:04] ebijack (mi): al, it sounds like you mostly look for deep


[20:33:43] hyderipper: mostly it seems when you fish suspended

walleye on the most part they are bigger

[20:33:47] Nite Eyes: have you ever tried spiderwire super


[20:34:20] ^2old2^ (mi): which was the toughest tournament you

fished this year

[20:34:43] hyderipper: i have spiderwire on one of my spiderwire poles,

don't get me wrong i use it, it is good line but not for me

[20:35:36] sundance: do you ever use the old

[20:35:48] hyderipper: 2 i only fished one mwc tournament this year

and a couple locals, was out for the year with knee surgery

[20:36:29] sundance: erie dearie

[20:36:41] ebijack (mi): did you miss fishing the curcuit alot al?

[20:37:13] hyderipper: i missed it immensely. hope i can fish them

all next year

[20:37:57] ebijack (mi): sounds like your hooked on continuing your

tournement fishing

[20:38:17] ebijack (mi): al, are you going to fish both east and west

pwt? in 99

[20:38:20] hyderipper: until you fished as a pro you will never know

the excitement and challenge of fishing against the best of the


[20:38:43] Nite Eyes: does fishing so many tourneys on the road

get to you?????

[20:39:16] hyderipper: if i don't have surgery i should be able to fish


[20:39:44] Ruko: what type of jigging rod do you use Al?

[20:40:36] hyderipper: nite it is lonely sometimes and frustrating,

fishing 60 to 70 hours before the tournament even starts

[20:41:15] hyderipper: and then right after the tournament back on

the road to another state

[20:41:37] Nite Eyes: that sounds rough

[20:41:59] ebijack (mi): al, what do you do to keep up your


[20:42:10] hyderipper: it's satisfying sometimes

[20:42:38] hyderipper: ebi by knowing there is another tournament

and once in a while catching a fish

[20:43:44] ebijack (mi): al, do you get a new champion every


[20:44:17] hyderipper: not this year but if i fish next year i will have a

new one

[20:45:11] Nite Eyes: is there such a thing as a perfect walleye


[20:45:12] ebijack (mi): al, do you think you'll go with a optimax


[20:45:29] sundance: do ever use erie dearie's???

[20:45:38] hyderipper: ebi most likely

[20:46:30] hyderipper: nite if you put them all together you would

have a perfect walleye boat, every boat has what you want and

don't want in them

[20:46:34] Lu (wi): Nite, the perfect walleye boat is in the EYE of the

beholder ;)

[20:47:16] Nite Eyes: what would be the min. size for erie?????

[20:47:45] hyderipper: personally i prefer the champion for the ride,

speed and storage

[20:48:10] hyderipper: 18' is a small boat when you get on erie

[20:50:31] hyderipper: it's a good size for oahe, but it still gets quite

rough, after all south dakota has 1 tree and it has to stop the wind

[20:51:05] sundance: i like the 28ft sportcraft,but owning one is a

different story!!!!

[20:51:42] tp: al i thought the REA poles was your state tree

[20:51:59] hyderipper: if you fish walleye i wouldn't go any bigger

then a 20 ft, because you will loose control

[20:52:36] ebijack (mi): to much boat to catch the wind?

[20:52:38] hyderipper: what's that tp?

[20:52:52] Nite Eyes: does champion make a 20 foot fishing


[20:53:08] hyderipper: i beleive it's a 19 ft.

[20:53:29] Nite Eyes: how would that handle rough water????

[20:53:47] tp: your state tree like eastern colo is a rea pole

[20:54:19] hyderipper: it handles the water pretty good because it a

has a wide beam

[20:54:35] Lundman(Wi): Rural Electric

Association....REA.....:-).....power poles...

[20:54:48] sundance: what colors are your favorite cranks??

[20:54:49] hyderipper: not in the up

[20:55:06] Nite Eyes: is the beam width the secret

[20:55:11] tp: right on lund

[20:55:32] hyderipper: anytime you have width you have more

stability in the water

[20:55:52] Nite Eyes: that will make shopping easier

[20:55:56] sundance: so wider is better???

[20:56:09] sheep: no electricity yet in S.D. tp

[20:56:16] hyderipper: i prefer the 18ft. simply because it higher

side walls

[20:57:10] ebijack (mi): is that size you'll stay with for 99 al?

[20:57:37] hyderipper: sundance my favorite colors are blue and

silver and firetiger, and purple

[20:57:49] hyderipper: yes ebi

[20:58:36] hyderipper: there doesn't seem to be too many

questions, so i'll be going back to camp

[20:58:41] ^2old2^ (mi): i've never been able to hook up with a

walleye fishing at night ... is there some trick to it

[20:58:50] ebijack (mi): thanks for your time al !!!!!!

[20:59:03] Nite Eyes: what is the best method to troll for shallow

walleyes at night????

[20:59:04] clay(wy): thanks hyderipper

[20:59:19] hyderipper: 2 try fishing in 1 to 5 ft of water

[20:59:29] sundance: thanks al,have a good one year.

[20:59:42] sundance: next year

[20:59:43] ebijack (mi): hope your knees are ok for ya al!!

[21:00:01] Nite Eyes: thanks for the info.

[21:00:15] hyderipper: use #13 rapalas

[21:00:28] ebijack (mi): good luck in 99 al !!!!

[21:00:30] tp: thanks al

[21:00:34] Nite Eyes: what about huskie jerks????

[21:00:42] hyderipper: thanks for having me, have a good night


[21:01:11] ^2old2^ (mi): Thanks Al !!!!!!!

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