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[20:01:09] ebijack (mi): Let's welcome ron floyd..SKEETER for our chat tonight

[20:01:22] Hank: hi ron





[20:01:27] "SKEETER"(GB): Hello Everyone! I intend to take a few questions between


[20:01:35] rip some lip wy: all right Skeeter let's do the weeds

[20:01:42] *** Codeman (OH) has joined Walleye Central

[20:01:43] ebijack (mi): skeeter can you give the crowd some of your backround

[20:01:51] "SKEETER"(GB): If I'm unable to get to your question

[20:01:58] *** ChrisR has joined Walleye Central

[20:02:12] "SKEETER"(GB): during my presentation, I'll be happy to answer it at the

end of the seminar.

[20:02:30] "SKEETER"(GB): Keep in mind this presentation is not about technique

[20:02:36] "SKEETER"(GB): or equipment.

[20:02:37] Codeman (OH): Hi ChrisR

[20:02:51] "SKEETER"(GB): It is about the most important

[20:02:52] ChrisR: hi everyone

[20:02:53] ebijack (mi): Let's sit back and read what ron (skeeter) has to say

[20:03:01] *** shad man has joined Walleye Central

[20:03:04] "SKEETER"(GB): factor in fishing which is locating fish.

[20:03:04] "SKEETER"(GB): factor in fishing which is locating fish.

[20:03:19] "SKEETER"(GB): This is just one pattern to look for.

[20:03:35] "SKEETER"(GB): After the presentation, I will be happy to answer any


[20:03:49] "SKEETER"(GB): about technique or equipment.

[20:04:15] "SKEETER"(GB): So let's begin by discussing weather's effect on weed


[20:04:29] "SKEETER"(GB): Prime weed bite will vary year to year.

[20:04:34] *** Bigfoot has joined Walleye Central

[20:04:40] "SKEETER"(GB): Weather will dictate the weed growth.

[20:05:14] "SKEETER"(GB): Weed growth will be slow in a spring with alot of cloudy or

windy days.

[20:05:32] "SKEETER"(GB): The sun doesn't penetrate the water allowing the weeds

to grow.

[20:05:51] "SKEETER"(GB): Ideally you will have a range of lakes smallm to large to

choose from.

[20:06:14] "SKEETER"(GB): Start with the small lakes and advance bigger and bigger

as the spring advances.

[20:06:35] "SKEETER"(GB): It's possible to stay on this pattern for many weeks

[20:06:42] "SKEETER"(GB): as you move lake to lake.

[20:07:04] "SKEETER"(GB): So with this in mind let's start with the types of weeds to

look for

[20:07:10] "SKEETER"(GB): when chasing weed walleyes.

[20:07:19] "SKEETER"(GB): The most common weeds are:

[20:07:32] "SKEETER"(GB): coontail, cabbage, sandgrass, cane and bulrush.

[20:07:48] "SKEETER"(GB): After the ice is out and the surface temps

[20:07:58] "SKEETER"(GB): are hitting the lower 60's

[20:08:13] "SKEETER"(GB): it's time to start the hunt.

[20:08:31] "SKEETER"(GB): The eco-system is coming to life (key to weed walleye)

[20:08:51] "SKEETER"(GB): Look for a flat with coontail just starting to grow

[20:09:05] "SKEETER"(GB): about three to four inches high

[20:09:21] "SKEETER"(GB): Where you find coontail you should find walleyes.

[20:09:32] "SKEETER"(GB): Look for minnow activity in the area.

[20:09:57] "SKEETER"(GB): The minnows you see will probably be this years hatch of


[20:10:09] "SKEETER"(GB): This is the reason the walleyes are present.

[20:10:35] "SKEETER"(GB): Locating the forage walleyes are feeding on is always key

to successful fishing.

[20:10:52] "SKEETER"(GB): I'll answer two questions at this time.

[20:11:18] "SKEETER"(GB): No questions???

[20:11:21] curt(mn): how big a deal is depth at this time

[20:11:46] "SKEETER"(GB): Depends on water clarity and what the weather has been


[20:11:49] Troller: wHat are the best weeds to fish I always have good luck in


[20:12:33] "SKEETER"(GB): Best weeds to fish depends on the particular lake

[20:12:33] ChrisR: if its small perch they're searching for should your tackle be on the

smaller size?

[20:12:54] "SKEETER"(GB): Yes, match the hatch

[20:13:04] "SKEETER"(GB): Moving on now-

[20:13:19] "SKEETER"(GB): By the time the water temperature reaches the mid 70's

[20:13:39] "SKEETER"(GB): the coontail will be shooting up to the surface

[20:13:51] "SKEETER"(GB): depending on the amount of cloudy days.

[20:14:10] "SKEETER"(GB): Usually this time will be your hottest weed fishing of the


[20:14:26] "SKEETER"(GB): In some instances in lakes containing carp,

[20:14:40] "SKEETER"(GB): the carp are in the coontail beds spawning .

[20:15:04] "SKEETER"(GB): It is possible that walleyes are preying on their spawn.

[20:15:23] "SKEETER"(GB): The main point is the carp are stirring up the bottom

[20:15:37] "SKEETER"(GB): causing th e water to become cloudy

[20:15:49] "SKEETER"(GB): leaving the minnows vulnerable to attack!

[20:15:58] "SKEETER"(GB): Any questions?

[20:16:27] KeithK(MI): do you look for carp when pre fishing a tourny

[20:16:36] "SKEETER"(GB): Now we will move down the contour of the lake

[20:16:50] "SKEETER"(GB): and the next weed we will find is cabbage.

[20:17:06] "SKEETER"(GB): I look for a big cabbage bed and once I have located


[20:17:20] "SKEETER"(GB): I use my fish locater to follow the weed line.

[20:17:41] "SKEETER"(GB): The same time my GPS is tracking my plot trail,

[20:17:53] "SKEETER"(GB): so I can see the layout of the edge.

[20:18:06] "SKEETER"(GB): While I'm tracking the edge,

[20:18:20] "SKEETER"(GB): I'm looking for a spot of harder bottom

[20:17:41] "SKEETER"(GB): The same time my GPS is tracking my plot trail,

[20:17:53] "SKEETER"(GB): so I can see the layout of the edge.

[20:18:06] "SKEETER"(GB): While I'm tracking the edge,

[20:18:20] "SKEETER"(GB): I'm looking for a spot of harder bottom

[20:18:39] "SKEETER"(GB): If I see one I'll punch a icon On my GPS

[20:18:51] "SKEETER"(GB): so I can find it again.

[20:19:08] "SKEETER"(GB): After I have run the length of the cabbage bed

[20:19:20] "SKEETER"(GB): I use the plot trail left on my GPS

[20:19:44] "SKEETER"(GB): to break the bed down

[20:20:01] "SKEETER"(GB): and determine the best 10% of the bed to fish.

[20:20:27] "SKEETER"(GB): It could be the point that sticks out the most or where the

weeds and a hard bottom come together.

[20:20:45] "SKEETER"(GB): Point is you need to break down the bed and determine

the best part.

[20:20:53] "SKEETER"(GB): Any questions?

[20:21:17] ChrisR: at what depth do these weeds generally appear

[20:21:18] ebijack (mi): you spend all that time tracing the weed bed?

[20:21:34] lundman(wi): will walleyes find inside turns in the weed bed?

[20:21:44] KeithK(MI): how does the hard bottom effect you fishing

[20:21:44] Hog Boss: copy skeet, you like the inside turns? hog over

[20:22:02] "SKEETER"(GB): Cabbage - depends on the lake but can run 16 to 24 ft.


[20:22:26] "SKEETER"(GB): Yes ebj always trace a weed line

[20:22:42] "SKEETER"(GB): I like inside turns

[20:22:58] "SKEETER"(GB): The deepest growing weed in a lake is sandgrass.

[20:23:11] "SKEETER"(GB): This is where you will often find walleyes

[20:23:26] "SKEETER"(GB): in the hottest part of the summer during the middle of the


[20:23:42] "SKEETER"(GB): Sandgrass looks like a well maintained lawn

[20:23:53] "SKEETER"(GB): laying on the lake floor.,

[20:24:16] "SKEETER"(GB): It grows about 4 to 8" high

[20:24:30] Hank: what do you look for if you only have soft bottom where you are


[20:24:30] "SKEETER"(GB): I have seen it growing 35 to 40 feet deep.

[20:24:54] "SKEETER"(GB): I usually try to scan with electronics to see if fish are

present before fishing.

[20:25:03] "SKEETER"(GB): Any questions?

[20:25:09] ChrisR: sandgrass difficult to spot on sonar?

[20:25:43] "SKEETER"(GB): I use a flasher to locate it and it's a Vexilar

[20:25:50] Hog Boss: do you use a jig to fish specific spots on the sandgrass? hog


[20:26:32] "SKEETER"(GB): Generally sandgrass youdon't fish a specific spot, but a

large area, so generally troll it.

[20:26:40] Codeman (OH): What should your gray-line be set to (on a Lowrence)?

[20:27:07] "SKEETER"(GB): If there are lakes in your area that the state stocks with


[20:27:23] "SKEETER"(GB): abd there are weeds in the lake,

[20:27:36] "SKEETER"(GB): you should be fishing the weeds for walleye.

[20:27:46] "SKEETER"(GB): Stocked walleye relate to weeds.

[20:28:04] "SKEETER"(GB): Another sure time to find walleye in the weeds

[20:28:22] "SKEETER"(GB): is the morning after a big lightening storm.

[20:28:42] "SKEETER"(GB): The bright light drives the walleye to bury themselves

[20:28:49] "SKEETER"(GB): into the weeds.

[20:29:05] "SKEETER"(GB): However they can be tough to coax out.

[20:29:19] "SKEETER"(GB): Thunderstorms are associated with cold fronts,

[20:29:25] "SKEETER"(GB): making fishing difficult.

[20:29:34] "SKEETER"(GB): One final point-

[20:29:55] "SKEETER"(GB): how many times have your read that after walleyes are

done spawning

[20:30:16] "SKEETER"(GB): in natrual lakes they go deep to rest and stay tight


[20:30:25] "SKEETER"(GB): This is false-

[20:30:48] "SKEETER"(GB): A guide has proven to me that the big females find a flat


[20:30:59] "SKEETER"(GB): following spawning.

[20:31:17] "SKEETER"(GB): They gorge themselves on perch and bluegill.

[20:31:43] Millacs Maniac: dont you think that there are fish that never leave the flats

[20:31:46] "SKEETER"(GB): I have seen 14 eight inch perch and bluegill in a female

at one time.

[20:32:14] "SKEETER"(GB): After they feed this way, they don't have a need to eat

again for awhile.

[20:32:29] "SKEETER"(GB): thus catching them is difficult.

[20:32:52] "SKEETER"(GB): His theory is after dropping the eggs,

20:33:10] "SKEETER"(GB): walleyes have a bouyancy problem.

[20:33:38] "SKEETER"(GB): They gorge themselves to offset the bouyancy problem.

[20:34:01] "SKEETER"(GB): I'm done with my presentation and will take questions

[20:34:14] "SKEETER"(GB): I'll try to answer them in order

[20:34:22] Codeman (OH): What sonar do you use

[20:34:39] "SKEETER"(GB): LMS 350 and Vexlar flashers

[20:34:40] Hank: I can understand with that many fish in her ,why she don,t want


[20:34:53] Millacs Maniac: do you think that there are fish that never leave the mud


[20:35:01] KeithK(MI): what presentations do you recomend for all the different types of

situations you described

[20:35:07] rip some lip wy: Do you prefer weedless jigs? If not what do you use in the


[20:35:23] "SKEETER"(GB): No i think they leave the mud flats at times

[20:35:53] Codeman (OH): What should you use to get the females to eat

[20:36:05] "SKEETER"(GB): jigging, slip bobbering, trolling, vertical jigging, crankbaits

[20:36:15] Walstalker(mi): Great job skeet when jiiging in heavy weeds what shape jig

do you use

[20:36:25] ebijack (mi): do you feel that smaller bait is better at this time ron

[20:36:28] "SKEETER"(GB): yes, i prefer weedless jigs

0:36:53] Codeman (OH): What company jigs do you use

[20:36:55] "SKEETER"(GB): when jigging heavy weeds, I look for open pockets

[20:37:00] KeithK(MI): when do you slip bobber in the weeds as apposed to jigging

[20:37:04] "SKEETER"(GB): between the weeds

[20:37:21] "SKEETER"(GB): and I throw 32nd ounce jigs in the pockets.

[20:37:45] "SKEETER"(GB): I slipbobber in the weeds when there are heavy winds.

[20:37:48] Millacs Maniac: i was fishing millacs this summer for muskies and the water

was really clear and you would not belieave the walleyes i could see in the weeds do

you think that since it was hot hot that they get more oxygen from the weeds?

[20:37:48] wannabe: do you tip your jigs Ron

[20:38:03] "SKEETER"(GB): That's my favorite method of weed fishing.

[20:38:23] "SKEETER"(GB): I prefer leeches when weed fishing.

[20:38:47] Codeman (OH): What bait on jigs do you reccomend

[20:39:03] "SKEETER"(GB): Whenever you find walleyes they are there for one thing

--- to eat.

[20:39:25] racer: hmmmm i would pull some small cranks thru the weeds

[20:39:26] mitch: I've taken many big walleyes from the weeds while musky fishing they

like big jerkbaitsto

[20:39:31] "SKEETER"(GB): I prefer leeches or minnows over nightcrawlers in the


[20:39:54] "SKEETER"(GB): When walleye are aggresive it's best to throw cranks.

[20:40:02] Millacs Maniac: but some of the Muskies that i saw with them could have

swallowed them easlily

[20:40:24] Codeman (OH): How far off the bottom should you fish

[20:40:44] "SKEETER"(GB): I set slipbobbers 1 foot off the bottom.

[20:41:15] racer: true but if weeds are light you can troll some shallow runners and the

eyes come to the surface like largemouth

[20:41:36] Codeman (OH): Is darker water better than clearer water

[20:41:44] "SKEETER"(GB): This is true, there are many ways to take walleye from the


[20:41:59] "SKEETER"(GB): Each situation needs to be assessed.

[20:42:17] lundman(wi): if there is a wind, is it best to fish the weeds that have the wind

blowing in to them, or the lee side beds?

[20:42:23] "SKEETER"(GB): I prefer fishing darker water in the daytime fishing.

[20:42:34] "SKEETER"(GB): Good question lundman

[20:42:35] racer: absolutely don't get in a rut waiting for something to work change

[20:43:03] "SKEETER"(GB): I fish all points and pockets with the wind blowing into


[20:43:23] "SKEETER"(GB): The rougher the better for slipbobbering the weeds.

[20:43:25] bolo: any of you guys use a trolling plate if so which one do you recommend

[20:43:36] Mike (IN): what water temp does the walleye start it's activity in the spring?

[20:43:54] Codeman (OH): What pound test should you use

[20:44:08] "SKEETER"(GB): Start searching for weeds when the water hits 60


[20:44:28] "SKEETER"(GB): Throw a jig on flats and snag them to find the weeds.

[20:44:30] LS(nd): Please give Ron time to answer the questions

[20:44:39] Fallsman (ON): That's surface temp, Skeeter?

[20:44:47] Millacs Maniac: have you ever tryed long linning in the weeds?

[20:44:51] TJ(OH): do you anchor and cast for pockets?

[20:44:58] "SKEETER"(GB): Yes, that's the surface temp.

[20:45:00] mitch: is cabbage or coontail weed the best for walleye

[20:45:20] "SKEETER"(GB): Long lining will work if you can get your crankbait to run

just above the weeds.

[20:45:44] "SKEETER"(GB): Coontail is the best early, but both are very good for


[20:45:59] Mike (IN): and what determines when the female will drop her eggs

[20:46:13] racer: also try planers with very short lead back to crankbait

[20:46:29] "SKEETER"(GB): I anchor and cast when it's rough, otherwise I just move

around with the bow mount.

[20:46:52] Codeman (OH): Would you rather troll or cast

[20:47:18] "SKEETER"(GB): I think it's determined by water temp and length of


[20:47:48] theEYEdoctor: is wondering how to tell eyes apart male from female?

[20:48:01] "SKEETER"(GB): It depends-if it's windy, i slipbobber --- If i know there's

aggressive fish in the weeds I cast.

[20:48:29] "SKEETER"(GB): When I'm searching weedlines for fish I troll.

[20:48:46] mitch: in fall in cold water temps do you use jigging spoons

[20:48:55] lundman(wi): cranks?

[20:49:13] "SKEETER"(GB): Yes I use jigging spoons then and at all times of the year.

[20:49:17] Jester: whats the best equip for jiggn' spoons?

[20:49:40] "SKEETER"(GB): I like a 7 ft. rod with an extra fast tip.

[20:49:42] Codeman (OH): Would you look for weeds when there is ice on the water

[20:50:06] Jester: heavy line?

[20:50:16] "SKEETER"(GB): Yes you can look for weeds when there is ice in fall and

you'll catch fish.

[20:50:37] "SKEETER"(GB): I use alot of 4 lb. test when fishing my methods in the


[20:51:04] Jester: 4lb?? in weeds???

[20:51:14] "SKEETER"(GB): Yep!

[20:51:23] mitch: have you fished Bay of Quinte in Ont. and if so how would you rate

the fishing

[20:51:37] wannabe: What brand

[20:51:39] Jester: man ,youre a brave one!!

[20:51:46] "SKEETER"(GB): If I'm throwing cranks in the weeds i'll use 6 l b. test.

[20:52:01] Codeman (OH): :-)

[20:52:05] "SKEETER"(GB): Berkley Trilene XL

[20:52:35] 1785BT: why use such light line for aggressive fish?

[20:52:52] Codeman (OH): What brand tackle do you use

[20:52:54] Jester: ive used maxima ultragreen for a while now...i like it for it


[20:53:03] "SKEETER"(GB): Light line and light jigs like 32nd ounce let fish inhale your


[20:53:20] 1785BT: jigs yes, but cranks?

[20:53:27] theEYEdoctor: still wondering?

[20:53:40] "SKEETER"(GB): I use 6 lb for cranks

[20:54:44] "SKEETER"(GB): Any other questions?

[20:55:01] Jester: what tackle do you use??(sponsers?)

[20:55:13] wefish[SD]: besides the male being smaller than the female, how does one

tell the difference?

[20:55:18] KeithK(MI): do you use spinners over the weeds much

[20:55:20] Kaz: What was the last MWC tourney you fished?

[20:55:27] Fallsman (ON): What are your favorite jigging spoons?

[20:55:33] "SKEETER"(GB): I'm not fishing tournaments at this time-my son is ill

[20:55:42] mitch: do you tip cranksbaits with a piece of crawler

[20:55:46] Jester: Condolences

[20:56:00] "SKEETER"(GB): Kaz the last one was Winnebago with Mark Derricks 2

years ago

[20:56:10] KeithK(MI): I hope your sons illness gets better

[20:56:19] "SKEETER"(GB): Thanks

[20:56:51] theEYEdoctor: wuold like to be to tell apart for very specific reasons

[20:57:22] Jester: (i always ask this) Do you use FIRELINE ?

[20:57:32] "SKEETER"(GB): eyedoctor What???

[20:57:51] theEYEdoctor: telling apart males from females?

[20:57:59] "SKEETER"(GB): I like fireline for longline trolling when I want to feel the


[20:58:39] ChrisR: Skeeter, is jig colour a factor worth worring about in weeds?

[20:58:42] wannabe: RON thanks I am going to read my kids a storie and sayn aprayer

We will say one for your family


[20:58:56] KeithK(MI): do you troll spinners over the weeds much

[20:58:59] "SKEETER"(GB): Thanks wannabe

[20:59:32] "SKEETER"(GB): sory keith Yes I like to do that in July and aug

[20:59:55] mitch: your right curt

[21:00:00] Wallydvr: No need with the 9.9 its a dream so quiet and saves from the

abuse on the 200

[21:00:13] KeithK(MI): what are some of your favorite cranks for weeds

[21:00:30] "SKEETER"(GB): my fav is the shad rap

[21:00:45] Jester: the risto is promising...

[21:00:57] bolo: anybody out there use a trolling plate

[21:01:08] TJ(OH): good job skeeter, goodnight

[21:01:11] ebijack (mi): ron (skeeter) we will offer you and out since you put in your time

that we requested, but you are more tahn welcome to continue on

[21:01:27] "SKEETER"(GB): I like to crank them down and then pause let um sit then

crank agin

[21:01:34] curt(mn): thanks ron, good job

[21:01:40] Kaz: Thought you guys would like to know that Ranger will introduce a 20'

and a 17-1/2' glass walleye boat this summer.

[21:01:52] theEYEdoctor: skeeter i need to tell m/f apart other than females are the

biggens cause we all know there all small at one time ?????

[21:01:52] LS(nd): Ron, we want to thank you for your time tonight, it was a very

informative chat...Please continue if you wish...just wanted to give you a out

[21:02:20] "SKEETER"(GB): I'll take all the questions you want to throw at me!!!!!!!

[21:02:37] Jester: a true gentleman!

[21:03:03] Wendy: Good luck and lots of fun fishing to all of you!

[21:03:04] "SKEETER"(GB): Jig color does mater but its minor the main thing is locate


[21:03:11] lundman(wi): if you can't beat them join them, Wendy........

[21:03:11] Codeman (OH): Where do you like to fish

[21:03:12] *** Wendy has left Walleye Central

[21:03:23] curt(mn): eyedocter...you cant tell the difference in small walleyes m/f

[21:03:23] Jester: do you use the sg27lc's like just about everyone? where i work cant

keep em in stock

[21:03:25] rip some lip wy: when you fish around spawning carp, what position do you

take in relation to the carp...?

[21:03:31] ChrisR: thanks

[21:04:18] "SKEETER"(GB): I like to fish big bodys of water and love to troll planner

boards for them

[21:04:34] KeithK(MI): my favorite too

[21:04:36] Codeman (OH): Like erie

[21:04:53] "SKEETER"(GB): I dont understand the question Rip

[21:05:08] Wallydvr: Ron what rig do you use in the big body's of water?

[21:05:13] Jester: i think carp are noble creatures(my position)

[21:05:13] "SKEETER"(GB): Did'nt make it to erie yet

[21:05:57] "SKEETER"(GB): I like #5 colorodo spinners and assorted crankbaits

[21:06:27] rip some lip wy: Skeeter, youv'e found a mess of spawning carp...what do

you do?

[21:06:43] "SKEETER"(GB): I love to use snapweights and have my own system for

accurate depth settings

[21:05:57] "SKEETER"(GB): I like #5 colorodo spinners and assorted crankbaits

[21:06:27] rip some lip wy: Skeeter, youv'e found a mess of spawning carp...what do

you do?

[21:06:43] "SKEETER"(GB): I love to use snapweights and have my own system for

accurate depth settings

[21:07:00] Codeman (OH): What is your system

[21:07:41] "SKEETER"(GB): youre really not looking for spawning carp if they happen

to be where walleyes are its a plus because the discolor the water

[21:08:23] "SKEETER"(GB): Iam thinking about doing a book on snapweights

[21:08:23] Kaz: It's our experience on the MWC, that the walleye will swim with the


[21:08:58] Mike (IN): Thanks Ron, hope the boy gets better,I'll 'EYE ya again


[21:09:01] "SKEETER"(GB): thats true on some lakes kaz such as winnebago

[21:09:18] Kaz: All lakes and rivers.

[21:09:41] rip some lip wy: and reservoirs!

[21:09:43] "SKEETER"(GB): I cant say all only going by my exp

[21:09:51] Jester: ahh..there are no carp in the natural lake i fish!

[21:10:00] Kaz: Carp root up mayfly lavre crustations and other food and the walleyes

are there to snarf it up.

[21:10:52] Jester: SKEETER )) you ever fish the st.clair river??

[21:11:02] "SKEETER"(GB): I can find schools of carp on Butte des Morts all summer

but theres not always walleyes associated with them

[21:11:13] "SKEETER"(GB): Hi leon

[21:11:28] Jester: hey neon

[21:11:33] Neon Leon: Hi How is it going?

[21:11:35] Codeman (OH): Anyone use the pinpoint trolling motor

[21:11:51] Kaz: I've always caught my largest walleyes in Butte des Morts from the

Winnebago Chain.

[21:11:57] Jester: no but i going to do an article on it....

[21:12:20] bob (oh): i've seen a lot of carp on erie without eyes

21:13:56] "SKEETER"(GB): is that it?

[21:14:19] Codeman (OH): What do you use on lake erie

[21:14:24] KeithK(MI): thanks skeeter..great seminar

[21:14:25] RoyG(PA): great job Skeeter

[21:14:33] RoyG(PA): i like the format

[21:14:34] LS1(nd): Thanks Again Ron...

[21:14:38] Codeman (OH): BYE SKEET

[21:14:42] wefish[SD]: Ok, EYEdoctor. Good night all. Thanks Ron.

[21:14:42] theEYEdoctor: good work skeeter

[21:14:43] ebijack (mi): thanks ron!!!!

[21:14:45] bob (oh): enjoyed skeeter

[21:14:49] Kaz: Nice chat.

[21:14:50] Neon Leon: Skeeter, what part does water clarity play in catching shallow

water fish?

[21:14:57] Rapala Boy: Fish on Skeet

[21:15:06] Jester: thanks skeeter ...wish you well...

[21:15:27] "SKEETER"(GB): Thanks for being here I'll be hanging around so feel free

to chat

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