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Please welcome Harry Stiles tonight. He won the MWC 1989 championship, 1992 PWT winner at Devil's Lake, has 20 top 10 finishes and placed 4th at the walleye superpro inv. In 1996 &1997. Has qualified for the PWT 5 of the 8 years. Tonight's chat will center around trolling with leadcore and jig fishing with an open format. Please give Harry the time to answer the questions. [20:00:16] *** CHADM has joined Walleye Central
[20:00:17] Bigfoot: tell rani hppy valentines day
[20:00:53] ebijack (mi): tonight chat will be centered on leadcore trolling and jigging
[20:00:56] Walleye Nut(IN): hello Harry .. great to have ya!
[20:01:01] ebijack (mi): anytime harry
[20:01:07] ebijack (mi): WECLOME
[20:01:07] LS: hello HARRY
[20:01:08] *** lundman has joined Walleye Central
[20:01:19] John P.: hi harry
[20:01:37] KeithK(MI): harry; do you like to use three colors of lead core all the time, or
do you use different setups
[20:01:47] *** Hungry has joined Walleye Central
[20:01:47] Harry: Lets start out with some quetions on lead core and jig fishing and
then later on open it up to whatever.
[20:02:01] Ric: Harry,I fish dark water shallow resevoir,lots of shallow eyes,any tips on
jiggin for them?
[20:02:03] Bigfoot: ok
[20:02:05] Joeye: Harry, leadcore on windy days better than snap wts.?
[20:02:18] Harry: Keith: I perfer to use all 10 colors of lead core on my reel.
[20:02:51] Harry: Ric: Keep it small and slow. Preferrably tipped with a minnow.
[20:03:10] Neon Leon: why do you think lead core works when snap weights don't?
[20:03:26] Harry: Joeye: Some of my best lead core fishing is under extreme
[20:03:41] KeithK(MI): define extreme
[20:03:56] Joeye: Expand?
[20:03:59] Harry: Neon: I didn't say it works better. It's just that I perfer to do it.
[20:04:19] Harry: Joeye: Three foot waves of bigger.
[20:04:42] Neon Leon: that was just an observation harry, that sometimes one works
better than another.
[20:05:02] KeithK(MI): how do you know the depth when using all ten colors
[20:05:09] CHADM: Harry, What kind of line do you use between your crank and the
leadcore. Ever try usin fireline??
[20:05:42] Harry: Neon: When we get rough conditions, I can control my speed better,
than the guys running planner boards. By running the trough.
[20:06:12] Magic Marker OH: trough?
[20:06:20] Harry: Chad: I use 10 - 20# Berkley XT. 8-10 foot leader.
[20:06:57] Harry: Magic: Parallel the waves.
[20:07:07] Ric: Harry,when should I expect to find the eyes shallow in that type of
water,...lowland resevoir dark water?
[20:07:35] Harry: Ric: I would be looking shallow every day that I went out.
[20:08:01] Neon Leon: harry, what is the advantage to solid lead vs segmented?
[20:08:34] Harry: Neon: I have control of more depth ranges, this way.
[20:08:52] John P.: what is the shallowest you have caught a walleye?
[20:08:58] Joeye: Harry, some cranks better with LC than Snaps?
[20:09:10] Ric: I have found them in summer in 3' and less of water,will high temps
push them out?
[20:09:21] Harry: John: I have caught many eyes, in shallower than 1 foot of water.
[20:10:08] Harry: Joeye: Not really. A variety of baits works.
[20:10:11] ebijack (mi): harry do you use 10# in the shallow water?
[20:10:50] Harry: ebijack: I don't understand the question. Try again!
[20:11:05] Ric: water here in N.E. OH.rarely gets above 80 is that too warmto find them
[20:11:08] ebijack (mi): do you use 10# test line with jigs in shallow water
[20:11:52] Harry: ebijack: I perfer to use 4 or 6# test in shallow water, when jigging.
[20:12:15] Neon Leon: why the short ten foot leader? Do most guys use a longer
leader than ten ft.
[20:12:16] KeithK(MI): harry: can you give us some tips on fishing lead core
[20:12:16] Harry: Ric: It is never to warm to find them shallow.
[20:12:46] Harry: Neon: I found that a 10 ft. leader, works just fine for me.
[20:13:19] Joeye: Do you have preference of LC or Snaps w/ crawler-spinner
[20:13:28] Ric: what should I key on in shallow water?
[20:13:28] Harry: Keith: The best advise I can give you is to be patient, with the
learning curve.
[20:14:13] Harry: Joeye: I perfer snaps or bottom bouncers, with harness but stay tuned
on the LC.
[20:15:15] ebijack (mi): is trolling with lead that much different than with other lines
harry, that's a lot of equipment to by to find out you don't like it
[20:16:18] Harry: ebijack: Yes it is different. but if you are patient, with it, it will give you
the ulimate depth control with your cranks.
[20:16:40] ebijack (mi): how many years have you been using leadcore harry
[20:16:51] Neon Leon: do you ever board with lead core? Or can you?
[20:16:54] Ric: whats your favorite crankbait?
[20:16:56] Harry: Reel $50.00. Line $15.00 Rod $75.00
[20:17:12] Harry: Ebijack: 25 years.
[20:17:31] Harry: Neon: I do not use boards with LC.
[20:17:46] Harry: Ric: Storm thunderstick or shad rap.
[20:17:51] Walleye Nut(IN): Harry: I read the article written by Perry Good for WC in
which he suggested using 18# LC in front of 8#..does the leader to the bait dictate the
weight of laedcore?
[20:18:12] Walleye Nut(IN): leadcore
[20:18:57] Joeye: Harry, ever use the shallow Shad Raps with leadcore?
[20:19:00] Ric: what colors?What dictates your color choice?
[20:19:02] Harry: Walleye Nut: The size of the and pound test of the leader dictates to
me, depth control.
[20:19:14] Harry: Joeye: Yes I have, they work great.
[20:19:52] ebijack (mi): do you forward troll mostly harry
[20:20:09] Harry: Ric: I run cortland LC and that 6 ft. of line length equals 1 ft of depth
at 2 miles per hour.
[20:20:18] ebijack (mi): and do you back troll with jig
[20:20:22] Harry: Ebijack: I always forward troll.
[20:20:34] Magic Marker OH: are there any depth guides for leadcore?
[20:20:46] Walleye Nut(IN): I have the crank bait vs. mono chart,..anything similar for
lead to leader combination depth charts?
[20:20:51] Neon Leon: harry do you lose more fish at the boat because of the no
stretch LC?
[20:21:02] Harry: ebijack: I either cast, drift or verticle fish a jig.
[20:21:26] Harry: Walleye Nut: No!!!
[20:21:45] lundman: when you vertical jig, do you use your electric?
[20:21:51] Ric: when you tip jig with minnow do you also use plastic?
[20:22:02] Harry: Neon: That is a problem. but you just learn to deal with that. And it will
come to you.
[20:22:14] Harry: Lundman: Always!
[20:22:24] ebijack (mi): tell us about your set up on your ranger harry
[20:22:28] Harry: Ric: I use plastic at times!
[20:22:57] Just Look"N--MI: Do you use minnows with the plastic Harry?
[20:23:34] Harry: ebijack: I run 692 VS Ranger, 175 EFI Merc. 9.9 4 stroke merc.
kicker, and I rig my kicker remote with the controls right with my main controls.
[20:24:08] Harry: Just Look: Most of the time, with plastic, i do not tip it, with bait.
[20:25:00] Rx Fish (PA): What types of plastic do you use Harry?
[20:25:13] Just Look"N--MI: Do you use the plastic shad baits on jigs??
[20:25:13] Ric: what determines color selection of your crankbaits and what are your
[20:25:15] ebijack (mi): do you know how many of the pwt pro's run leadcore, or a
percentage harry
[20:25:27] Harry: RX: Twister tails and shad bodies work the best.
[20:26:02] Monty: Have you ever fished Lake Winnebago WI Harry ?
[20:26:08] Harry: Ric: Match the hatch when I can, except on Erie and then get out
the werid stuff!
[20:26:15] "SKEETER"(GB): Harry when you're running snapweights how are you sure
your bait is in the fish Zone?
[20:26:49] Harry: ebijack: When I first started, it was me and bob propst. Now
everybody is doing it.
[20:26:54] Ric: erie eyes sure like that black and purple!!
[20:27:15] Harry: Monty: I've had 5 top 5 finishes on Lake Winnebago. I love it!
[20:27:54] Harry: Skeeter: I'm not sure, yet. I'm working on it. that's why I perfer LC.
[20:27:59] ebijack (mi): do you prefer the kicker controls off your main steering than to
run a tr-1 so to speak harry
[20:28:03] Joeye: Harry, what determines the size of crank in a given situation since LC
will give any depth anyway?
[20:28:15] Harry: Ric: Yehp, they sure do!
[20:28:30] Monty: WHat was your best method on Winnebago?
[20:28:59] Harry: ebijack: With the kicker hooked-up to my main engine. I don't have
any need for a TR-1
[20:29:37] ebijack (mi): i meant you find it easier to control the boat that way
[20:29:51] Harry: Joeye: Start out with small baits in the spring and after 1st of July, I'll
start using larger baits.
[20:29:57] "SKEETER"(GB): what would you say would be the best depth to fish on
[20:30:15] Harry: Monty: Pitching jigs or flipping jigs into 3 ft of water or less.
[20:30:26] Monty: Cane Beds?
[20:30:30] Ric: is that all season?
[20:30:39] Harry: ebijack: I really feel that I have better control of my boat rigged this
[20:30:52] Harry: skeeter: less than 5 ft of water.
[20:31:04] clay(wy): Mr. Stiles, Congratulations on your high finish in the super pro. Why
did you elect to go with the thick shank on the northland fireball jig which caused you
to loose alot of jigs. Did you feel that a soft hook might cause you to loose fish?
[20:31:10] Harry: Monty: cane beds yes and coon tail!
[20:31:29] Harry: Ric: Yes!
[20:31:35] KeithK(MI): harry; what kind of rod do you like for leadcore
[20:31:41] "SKEETER"(GB): when you prefish winnebago you only fish 5 feet and
[20:32:11] Harry: clay: Yes I feel that I would have lost fish and the fireball is the best
jig period!
[20:32:18] Ric: is winnie dark water,Harry?
[20:32:24] geo: harry,what is the best presentation for the upper lakes at winnebago
[20:32:49] Harry: Keith: 7-8 1/2 ft fiberglass med. Heavy St. Croix rods makes a good
[20:33:12] Harry: skeeter: NO but that's where I'll start.
[20:33:19] Harry: ric: Yes!
[20:33:33] Joeye: Wind a factor on Bago for coontail?
[20:33:51] Harry: geo: either pitching jigs or planner boards with cranks on the flats.
[20:34:11] Harry: Joeye: Yes, I perfer it flat calm.
[20:35:03] geo: harry what bays in lake winnebago holds some of the better weed
[20:35:16] Joeye: I was hoping you would say that, I've been there.
[20:35:29] Ric: what makes for a good coontail bed for the eyes to be in?
[20:35:48] Ric: or reeds?
[20:35:53] Harry: geo: Just about any bay on the west side of the lake. Where there
are weeds.
[20:36:08] Monty: What is your favorite size and color FIREBALL in the shallows?
[20:36:21] Harry: Ric:They can all be good, you just have to check them out.
[20:36:49] Joeye: How long do you spend on weed beds in bays, Patience??
[20:36:55] ebijack (mi): your doing a great job harry
[20:37:00] Harry: MOnty: I perfer the 1/16 oz if it's calm. The color is the lest significate
part of it.
[20:37:04] Ric: so there don't have to be deep water nearby?
[20:37:35] Harry: Joeye: If it's calm and I can work it right I'll know within a 1/2 hour.
[20:37:48] Harry: ric: No!
[20:38:26] Ric: do they tend to use the edges or deep inside?
[20:38:52] Harry: ric: I perfer to fish the inside pockets.
[20:39:05] Magic Marker OH: fireball your all around favorite
[20:39:15] Ric: like holes in the beds?
[20:39:24] geo: harry, why do i find walleyes in the coontails one day and gone the
next no weather change
[20:39:39] Joeye: Harry, have you found productive beds mid-lake Bago?
[20:39:41] LS: Harry, how do you attach the leader to the leadcore?
[20:39:49] Harry: Magic: Tank test a fireball jig and you will see why it's the only jig I
[20:39:54] Ric: what do you like to tip with in the beds?
[20:39:55] Harry: Ric: Yes!
[20:40:17] Harry: geo: Those fish are spooky and move around a lot!
[20:40:31] geo: in the weeds
[20:40:35] Harry: Joeye: NOt yet, but if you find some, let me know!
[20:40:52] Harry: LS: snap swivel from lead core to mono leader!
[20:41:10] Harry: Ric: Leeches or piece of crawler.
[20:41:15] Ric: thanks Harry,there are reeds in my lake will def. try them this year!!
[20:41:16] Harry: geo: Yes!
[20:41:21] "SKEETER"(GB): in all your years of weed fishing ,have you found that
there is a big timeing thing another words if fish bite at ten today they will bite at the
same time the following day
[20:41:45] Harry: Ric: Give em a good shot. It will pay off!
[20:42:14] Joeye: Will you go back to a bed if you found 0 the first time thru?
[20:42:33] Harry: skeeter: If they are there, they will bit all day.
[20:42:59] Harry: Joeye: 3 or 4 hours later I will go back!
[20:43:24] Ric: most guys fish deep on my lake,most of them just don't believe how
shallow the eyes can be!
[20:44:03] geo: harry,when you pull into a weed bed on winnebago is there anything
that tips you off that there is fish there.
[20:44:15] Harry: ric: 90% of the money I have won since 1986 the fish have come out
of less than 5 ft of water.
[20:44:39] Harry: geo: If I see carp or other rough fish, it's a bingo!!
[20:45:30] Joeye: How about the Fox R. coming in, comments?
[20:45:52] Ric: I've also had good luck with small spinnerbaits tipped w minnow in
shallows,you ever use them or other lures besides jigs in the shallow water?
[20:45:54] Harry: Joeye: Any tributary is worth looking at!
[20:45:54] Harry: Joeye: Any tributary is worth looking at!
[20:46:10] Neon Leon: harry how do you set your drag for LC?
[20:46:42] geo: harry,i have fished the weed beds not cane beds in the upper lakes
but didn't get any fish going why?
[20:46:48] Harry: ric: The tournament I won at Devils Lake, I was casting Storm Thin
Fins in the weeds in less than 5 ft of water.
[20:46:51] Joeye: Harry, do you use limp line in those coontail pockets, test?
[20:47:14] Harry: Neon: There is no drag. Sometimes you have to open the reel and
thumb drag it!
[20:47:30] Dean: do you think that the walleye will be done spawning pretty early this
year in Ontario
[20:47:44] Harry: geo: Keep trying, it will pay off!
[20:48:03] Harry: joeye: 6 # test Berkley solor XT.
[20:48:37] Harry: Dean: I think the spawn will be early everywhere this year!
[20:49:13] Dean: That's good, then they should be fairly active by opening day?
[20:49:20] ebijack (mi): do you use any of the superlines harry
[20:49:27] John P.: are you going to get a 20' Ranger?
[20:49:30] Harry: dean: Let's hope so!
[20:50:12] Dean: is fireline a good line to use for walleye fishing?
[20:50:15] Harry: ebijack: I've tried them all. Definately not for jigging, I'm still working
on the trolling end of it!
[20:50:19] Walleye Nut(IN): Harry: Have you had much luck rip jiggin in river flats?
[20:50:30] Harry: JOhn P: Yes as soon as I can get one!
[20:50:54] Harry: Dean: for trolling yes. I perfer mono for jigging!
[20:51:00] geo: harry, i fished the merc national last year and did realy well the first day
in the river and totaly bombed the second were did the fish go? Deeper?
[20:51:20] Harry: walley: No, i perfer the subtle approach!
[20:51:38] Dean: wouldn't fireline be good for jigging since it has nearly zero stretch?
[20:51:46] Harry: geo: they probably left the river and were out roaming the flats!
[20:52:08] John P.: going to Stockton?
[20:52:18] Harry: Dean: I learned on mono, and I don't care to learn how to fish a jig
[20:52:46] Joeye: Suspended Eyes, distance from snap wt. to crawler,spinner
[20:52:56] Harry: john: yes I am and looking forward to it!
[20:53:09] Dean: thank you for the info bye, now!
[20:53:47] Harry: See you dean thanks!
[20:53:25] geo: harry i caught them all week in the river far into the river do you think
they could of flushed in one day?
[20:53:28] Harry: joeye: I'm still working on that one.
[20:54:02] Joeye: how about leadcore to harness?
[20:54:02] Harry: geo:I've seen it happen before!
[20:54:04] Walleye Nut(IN): I've received half a dozen "bio's" so far!
[20:54:44] Harry: joeye: I'm working on the formula. I'll have it figured out this year!
[20:55:08] Ric: have to go,thanks Harry,its been a real honor talking with a real walleye
pro,especially the shallow water stuff,good luck this year!!!
[20:55:30] Harry: Ric: Thanks Ric, keep those hooks sharp!
[20:56:10] geo: harry, do you fish the inside weed line on winnebaggo?
[20:56:43] Harry: geo: Yes, I've had a lot of success on the inside weed line.
[20:57:13] Neon Leon: harry you ever fish the cane beds and how?
[20:58:01] Rx Fish (PA): Gotta go, Thanks Harry enjoyed it a lot. Good Luck this Year!
[20:58:09] geo: harry, have you ever had luck inside millers bay?
[20:58:18] Harry: Neon: Yes, the first year, they let us go right in the middle, it was great
with the regs. we are only allowed to fish the outside. It's made it more difficult!
[20:58:51] Joeye: Harry, weed beds best early, mid , late in yr.?
[20:58:55] Harry: geo: yes i have and have done good at times!
[20:58:59] Reelmn(In): my mistake sampson, that was meant for walleye nut
[20:59:16] Harry: joeye: from mid june to mid august!
[20:59:58] Magic Marker OH: how soon can you expect to catch fish trolling lake erie
in spring
[21:00:40] Harry: magic: I've caught fish on crakes at 45 degree water.
[21:00:51] John P.: Harry good luck! See ya in Stockton.
[21:01:45] Monty: Thanks for your time Harry, good luck this year! See you on
Winnibago !
[21:02:05] Harry: See ya MOnty, thanks!
[21:02:11] ebijack (mi): you've done a great job Harry, we'd be glad to have you stick
around for some more chat
[21:02:44] Harry: NO problem. I'll stay as long as I have to!
[21:02:54] Just Look"N--MI: Lots of good info Harry.Thanks
[21:03:21] ebijack (mi): do you the same jigs for river fishing as for weed fishing harry
[21:04:11] ebijack (mi): style, not as for weight
[21:04:17] Reelmn(In): talk later sampson
[21:04:18] Neon Leon: do you use mainly 18# test LC?
[21:04:19] Harry: ebijack: It may sound like all I use is the fireball, but at times I'll use a
weedless jig!
[21:04:25] lundman: thanks harry, good stuff
[21:04:38] Harry: Neon: 27# test.
[21:04:51] KeithK(MI): why 27# lc
[21:05:26] Harry: Keith: That's what I learned on. And 18# test will work just fine.
[21:06:07] Magic Marker OH: favorite planer board?
[21:06:39] Harry: magic: I use both off-shore and wille boards
[21:07:34] Joeye: Harry, do you prefer lots of flash on crank for Deep, 25' or more
[21:07:40] ebijack (mi): is there any book out on depth/line out/type crankbait harry?
[21:07:45] whale-eye: whale-eye what kind of planer boards do you use.
[21:08:00] Harry: If anyone is confussed on the LC subject, get the back issue of
In-fisherman Magazine November 1991. I did a feture story in this and spilled my guts!
[21:08:23] Harry: joeye: Yes, blue and silver, black and silver work great.
[21:08:29] Magic Marker OH: Tattle-Tale?
[21:08:40] ebijack (mi): o.k., thanks harry
[21:08:51] Harry: ebijack: yes, crank baits in depth by tom irwin. Great book.
[21:08:53] Wannabe: Harry have you gotten a chanch to use the new off shore boards
with the detector flag / how are they ?
[21:09:28] Troller: do you use dipsies Harry
[21:09:29] Harry: magic: Haven't tried them yet!
[21:09:31] geo: harry, what kind of releases do you use for your planner boards if your
using fireline , I use off shore releases and go behind the plastic pin way in the back of
the release.
[21:09:43] Harry: wannebe: Haven't tried them yet!
[21:10:05] Troller: use dipsies harry
[21:10:12] Harry: troller: No I don't, but I know they work great!
[21:10:48] Harry: geo:I perfer to use mono and I use their standard off-shore release!
[21:10:50] Troller: Should I join Walleye in sider guys
[21:11:02] mikej: tes
[21:11:15] Joeye: Bead color on spinner harness of importance?
[21:11:19] KeithK(MI): troler...YES
[21:11:19] whale-eye: whale-eye tattle-flag will be in stores april 1.can:t wait.
[21:11:39] KeithK(MI): make your own and save some $
[21:11:44] Harry: joeye: the size and the amount is more important than the color.
[21:12:17] Troller: usually on spinners the less amount of beads usually work the best
for me
[21:12:43] Joeye: Do you change trebs on cranks out of box at all?
[21:12:56] Harry: troller: As long as you have enough to cover the blade that will work
just fine!
[21:13:25] Harry: joeye: Yes I do and there are several good high performance hooks
on the market!
[21:13:48] Troller: Have good luck with spinners behind a bottom bouncer
[21:13:49] Joeye: Do you go to larger trebs?
[21:14:16] Harry: troller: most of my harness fishing is done with a bottom bouncer.
works great.
[21:14:33] Harry: joeye: If necessary, I will!
[21:15:15] Neon Leon: harry do you use rattle beads with your harnesses?
[21:15:55] Harry: Neon: Just started using them last year, I like the size and a little rattle
doen't hurt!
[21:16:04] Magic Marker OH: should i use treble for rear hook on harness
[21:16:16] Reelmn(In): what outboard are you getting
[21:16:38] Harry: magic: If you are fishing a lot of big fish, I recommend it!
[21:17:01] Harry: reelmn: Merc. 175 EFI
[21:17:16] geo: harry, what do you think of snap wieghts, i have used rubber bands
and bell sinkers on lake michigan for years in my charter buissness and perfer this
method what do you think?
[21:17:19] Joeye: Harry, under what conditions do rattles on harnesses do well?
[21:17:24] Magic Marker OH: 98% of my fishing is at erie
[21:17:57] Harry: geo: If rubber bands and bell sinkers work in the past why change it!
[21:18:46] Harry: Joeye: dirty water conditions .
[21:19:10] Harry: magic: Go with a #10 treble and stick with it!
[21:19:51] Troller: Harry I got a question about rip jigging does it word
[21:19:57] Troller: work I mean
[21:20:17] Harry: Magic: Also can use a #8 treble will work!
[21:20:41] Harry: troller: In a shallow water flat, with aggressive fish it will work just fine!
[21:21:38] Magic Marker OH: any suggestions on blades?
[21:21:38] Joeye: Thanks a bunch Harry, excellent info for me, good luck this season!
[21:21:45] ebijack (mi): any more questions for mr harry stiles?
[21:22:01] Harry: joeye: thanks, will see you later.
[21:22:27] geo: harry thanks see you later.
[21:22:31] Harry: Magic: be versitle in both size and color. and shape.
[21:22:39] Harry: buy geo
[21:22:47] bob (oh): harry, have you tried the blades on weight forwards, think they call
them flippin blades??
[21:23:05] ebijack (mi): we'd like to thank you very much for your time here tonight
[21:23:16] "SKEETER"(GB): Good Chat Harry Thanks!
[21:23:19] Harry: bob: Yes I have. and they work great on Lake Eriie and Lake Huron!
[21:23:31] KeithK(MI): thanks harry, great job come back soon
[21:23:46] LS: great job Harry, thanks
[21:23:50] Walleye Nut(IN): Good luck this season Harry, watch out for Neon at
Stockton, rumor has it he's gonna be hecklin!
[21:23:50] Harry: Guys , Had a ball, if there are any more questions, I'll stick around for
a while.
[21:24:10] ebijack (mi): you did a great job at keeping up with the questions harry
[21:24:14] Magic Marker OH: to justlookin i fish out of port clinton
[21:24:37] Neon Leon: do you use the silve r plated blades?
[21:25:11] Harry: Neon: I perfer hammered silver gold bronze blades.
[21:25:37] bob (oh): harry, if you could only have one blade - what color and size??
[21:26:07] Harry: bob: hammered silver #5 blade!
[21:26:18] bob (oh): indiana or colorado?
[21:26:30] Harry: bob: colorado, sorry!
[21:27:31] Neon Leon: wwhat body of water for big fish ?
[21:28:11] Harry: Neon: Please explain?
[21:28:46] Magic Marker OH: Harry,how do you think PWT Tournament will go at erie
this year?
[21:29:10] jigmup: Harry, do you like using fireline for your spinners? are there any other
advantages other than strength and lasting longer?
[21:29:23] Harry: magic: IF the weather cooperates it will be a great one.
[21:29:51] Neon Leon: Where do I go for a trophy in 98, how about Saginaw?
[21:30:06] Harry: jigmup: I'm still in the dark ages. Mono seems to work just fine for me!
[21:30:16] jigmup: i like that answer
[21:30:25] Harry: Neon: Come here to Lake Oahe!
[21:30:53] Harry: jigmup: Yeh and I still use a flasher and an X16.
[21:31:13] Magic Marker OH: at least you should have better weather than last time
PWT was there
[21:31:15] KeithK(MI): lots of big fish right now in saginaw river
[21:31:16] Neon Leon: which section of Oahe harry? Out of Pierre or Mobridge?
[21:43:04] ebijack (mi): have a good one harry
[21:43:04] LS(nd): thank you Harry
[21:43:07] bob (oh): nite harry, thanks
[21:43:09] lundman: thanks for comming harry
[21:43:10] ebijack (mi): thanks again
[21:43:20] walleyezone(mn): Thanks Harry

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