Muskie Central

[19:59:36] ebijack (mi): PLEASE WELCOME MR. HARRY STILES FROM the


[19:59:05] John P.: Harry did you get the 20 footer yet?

[19:59:41] Harry: The 620 will start to be built on Oct. 2

[19:59:48] Lundman(Wi): Hi Harry!!

[19:59:58] Harry: Howdy LUndman

[20:00:02] Drift'r: Hi Harry[20:00:02] Drift'r: Hi Harry

[20:00:13] Harry: Hi everybody!

[20:00:18] *** Magic Marker has joined Walleye Central

[20:00:27] Magic Marker: hi guys

[20:01:01] Lundman(Wi): Harry, did you make the Championship....??

[20:01:25] Harry: No, I missed it by .08#

[20:01:28] ebijack (mi): harry, how about starting us off with a bit of info on how to plan

a full day of fishing for a tourney

[20:01:36] ebijack (mi): ouch!

[20:01:41] Lundman(Wi): Oh no, that close....that has to hurt!!

[20:01:59] Harry: Do you mean practice of tournament day?

[20:02:26] ebijack (mi): both if you would

[20:02:55] Harry: I start out with on of Mike's home cooked meals, and a good night


[20:03:06] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:03:14] mikej (mn): Sometimes

[20:03:46] Harry: I approach practice with an open mind, and a game plan.

[20:04:22] Harry: The game plan consists of dissecting a map.

[20:04:28] mikej (mn): How does your game plan very from lake to lake?

[20:04:54] Harry: It depends on the calendar and weather.

[20:05:20] ebijack (mi): harry is it confidence that makes you stick to your plan, or should

you always stick to your plan

[20:05:32] Lundman(Wi): The calender, please explain??

[20:05:41] Lundman(Wi): moon phase you mean?

[20:05:51] Harry: Confidence has a lot to do with it

[20:06:05] Harry: Lundman: I mean what time of the year it is.

[20:06:18] Lundman(Wi): Ok, just checking....thanks....:-)

[20:06:36] Harry: Moom phase does not enter into my tourney plans.

[20:07:45] John P.: Harry, do you jig in may/june, pull crawlers in july/aug, and cranks

the rest of the time??

[20:08:16] Harry: John: I do all of the above at any given time of the year.

[20:08:29] John P.: depend on the lake??

[20:08:51] Harry: John: No, it does not

[20:09:27] ebijack (mi): harry, do you keep records of what you did and what you found

at each lake you fish so you have someplace to start next time the event returns

[20:10:09] Harry: ebjack: Yes I do. And keep records of GPS and also daily data while


[20:10:17] LS(nd): Harry, what presentation are you using on Oahe now?

[20:10:48] Harry: Jig and minnow, jig and crawler, live bait rigs with chubs or crawler.

[20:10:54] Lundman(Wi): Harry, what's the one thing you would tell someone they

could do to improve their catches consistantly..??

[20:11:20] Harry: Be mobile, and trust your electronics.

[20:11:44] Lundman(Wi): So keep trying different things...??

[20:12:06] ebijack (mi): harry, do alos keep track of what presentations won at each


[20:12:12] Harry: correct and invest in an indash flasher.

[20:12:30] Lundman(Wi): Have the flasher, not in dash though....:-)

[20:12:34] Harry: ebjack: I keep all walleye in-siders and review them.

[20:13:12] Harry: Lundman: that's the most valuable piece of equipment on my boat.

[20:13:23] Harry: when it comes to locating fish.

[20:13:40] Lundman(Wi): for finding fish, or locating, and interpreting bottom content??

[20:13:51] ebijack (mi): harry, what do you consider your strongest method of fishing

[20:14:09] Harry: Lundman: all of the above!!!!

[20:14:29] Lundman(Wi): Thanks...

[20:14:36] Harry: ebjack: jig fishing! pitching or verticle jigging.

[20:14:54] ebijack (mi): what model of flasher do you prefer harry

[20:15:20] Harry: ebjack: I use a 1220 A in-dash Lowrance.

[20:15:48] ebijack (mi): you don't have a flasher on the bow?

[20:16:19] Harry: ebjack: No I use 7500 pinpoint!

[20:16:54] mikej (mn): How do you like the Pinpoint?

[20:16:55] ebijack (mi): how does the pin point work in a swift current river harry

[20:17:10] Harry: I use my in-dash to find fish while running and then the Pinpoint to fish


[20:17:29] Harry: The Pinpoint LCD is terriffic!

[20:17:44] Harry: ebjack: I haven't tried it yet!

[20:19:19] Lundman(Wi): Harry, do you ever fish the weeds. and if so, what's your

favorite method for extracting fish...??

[20:19:36] ebijack (mi): how do you control your kicker motor harry, by tiller or steering


[20:19:56] Harry: Lundman: Yes, a lot!!!!!! pitching jigs or casting cranks!

[20:20:08] Lundman(Wi): Cranks over the tops??

[20:20:09] Harry: by steering wheel

[20:20:26] Harry: Yes and in the pockets!

[20:20:29] Lundman(Wi): During the day??

[20:20:41] Harry: Yes, during the day!

[20:20:45] Lundman(Wi): Thanks...

[20:20:55] Harry: You are welcome!

[20:20:55] Magic Marker: have you played with underwater camera yet?

[20:21:31] Harry: Magic Marker: Yes I have, and have learned a lot from it !

[20:22:08] Magic Marker: thinking bout getting one next spring for erie

[20:22:18] mikej (mn): under what conditions would you fish the weeds during the day?

[20:23:08] Harry: Mike: calm water, dirty water, June and July...

[20:23:36] ebijack (mi): harry, are you moving up to the 20ft ranger for 99

[20:24:04] Harry: ebijack: Yes I will have mine by the middle of October.

[20:24:31] LS(nd): Harry, you doing all 6 next year?

[20:24:42] ebijack (mi): can you tell us about the set up your going to have, such as

motors,electronics etc

[20:25:04] Harry: LS: If I get the sponsorship to afford it, I will!

[20:25:47] Harry: ebijack: Mercury 225 optimax? 15 hp, big foot, pinpoint, bow mount,

and electronics.

[20:26:49] John P.: Harry, I heard the optimax is not as fast as the old 225's?

[20:27:06] ebijack (mi): are you using the pin point linking system harry with the 2 lcd's

[20:27:21] Harry: John: Rumor has it that that is true, we will have to wait and see.

[20:27:30] Harry: ebijack: Yes

[20:28:18] John P.: Harry, the new Pinpoint system will connect both sonar/gps units?

[20:28:56] Harry: John: Yes it will, the GPS is not available yet. but will be. 1999

[20:29:18] ebijack (mi): harry, how often do you giude in the off season

[20:29:38] Harry: ebijack: What off season????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!

[20:29:50] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:29:51] John P.: Harry, it will be neat to log a gps coordinate and it show on both


[20:30:15] ebijack (mi): ok, non-tourney time :)

[20:30:22] Harry: john: there are some real exciting things to come from PINPOINT!

[20:30:55] Magic Marker: will mine that i bought this year be upgradable?

[20:30:55] Harry: ebijack: That's better! about 100 days.... this year maybe more..

[20:31:25] John P.: Harry still having fun in S. Dakota?? what is the biggest fish this


[20:31:26] Harry: Magic: All pinpoint equipment will be upgradedable....

[20:32:08] Harry: John: caught and released 9 fish 5# to 10# on Friday and Sat.

[20:32:32] John P.: Harry WOW!!

[20:33:42] Harry: The Fishing on Oahe has been great and very busy guiding...

[20:34:31] LS(nd): Harry, what was your highlight of this season on the pwt?

[20:35:09] Rx Fish (PA): Harry when you locate fish what do you start fishing with first?

[20:35:21] Harry: LS: It wasn't the 3 zeros at the Super Pro or the 2 zeros at Ft. Peck!!!!

But, the fifth place finish on Oahe was special!

[20:35:50] Harry: RX: That depends on the depth what kind of structure and time of


[20:36:13] Rx Fish (PA): fall 15 feet rocky bottom

[20:36:54] Harry: RX: keep boat in 25 ft pitch jig and minnow and work it back

[20:37:27] ebijack (mi): harry do you prefer a stiff tipped rod for jigging or a slow tapered


[20:37:59] Harry: ebijack: 6 1/2 to 7' med. lite action...

[20:38:16] Rx Fish (PA): How long do you try something and discover its not working

before you try something else or move?

[20:38:21] ebijack (mi): harry, do you use any of the superlines?

[20:39:15] Harry: RX: if I know the fish are there, I will give the jig and minnow a half

hour and then try a bottom boucer and live bait or pull spinners through those fish.

[20:39:36] Rx Fish (PA): thanks

[20:39:54] Harry: ebijack: I use fireline for trolling only and mostly use mono even for


[20:40:11] Rx Fish (PA): What are some of your favorite cranks?

[20:40:14] FishinMagician: why?

[20:40:38] Harry: RX: Storm thunderstick, or shad raps...

[20:41:16] FishinMagician: Harry, why do you prefer the mono?

[20:41:58] Harry: I feel more comfortable fishing mono and think that Berkley makes

some very good premium mono, and I'm a little stubborn!!! (Yes he is!)

[20:42:12] ebijack (mi): harry, do you try to find areas in a lake for a tourney that might

support jigging, even though trolling seems to be the main tactic

[20:43:04] Harry: ebijack: I've been known to do things a little different! and Don't

always go with the flow!!!!!!

[20:43:40] FishinMagician: Do you snap jig a lot?

[20:44:14] ebijack (mi): ok, what makes your decision to troll or jig

[20:44:33] Harry: Fishin: I have experimented with it but find the subtle jigging action

works much better...

[20:45:01] Harry: ebijack: If the fish are spread out that's when I will troll cranks or


[20:45:43] Just Look"N--MI: Harry do you troll bottom bouncers in rivers or 3 way rigs?

[20:46:30] Harry: Just: In the Rivers I prefer a 3 way rig, they track better in current..

[20:46:34] Rx Fish (PA): What style jigs do you like best with live bait? Do you use

stinger hooks ever?

[20:46:47] Just Look"N--MI: thanks

[20:47:27] Harry: RX: The Northland Fire Ball is my choice and rarely use stingers...

[20:47:43] ebijack (mi): harry, how often for tourney's do the fish you have found in

prefish, find they have moved

[20:48:22] ebijack (mi): for the tourney

[20:48:36] Harry: ebijack: I would say, 90% of the time they move!!!!

[20:48:52] Harry: Get ready to adapt!!!

[20:49:17] ebijack (mi): so how do you trace them after they have moved

[20:49:57] Harry: ebijack: That's when instinct and LUCK! take over!!!!

[20:50:24] ebijack (mi): guess my instinct isn't to good :)

[20:50:41] FishinMagician: Have you ever speed-trolled, let's say over 2.5 mph to

locate fish?

[20:51:04] Harry: Sometimes mine isn't very good either, I'm still looking for the horse


[20:51:43] Harry: Fishin: Yes, I've had success in Rivers in current as much as 3.5

miles per hour...

[20:52:03] mikej (mn): not often enough

[20:52:06] FishinMagician: wow, that is moving.

[20:53:18] mikej (mn): what is your favorite color jig?

[20:53:22] ebijack (mi): harry do you do many seminars?

[20:53:47] Harry: Mike: He He He! pink!

[20:53:57] Drift'r: how often do you use lead core

[20:53:59] FishinMagician: Thanks for the info, Harry!

[20:54:05] Harry: ebijack: Not enough! Find me some work!!!

[20:54:09] Just Look"N--MI: Harry are you going to make the November Walleye

Central night fish tourney in Ohio?

[20:54:22] Harry: You are welcome Fishin Magician!

[20:55:06] Harry: Drift'r: When the fish go deep or scattered on flats..

[20:55:11] mikej (mn): harry tell us about the new Ranger

[20:55:21] Harry: Just: Not sure!

[20:55:58] Harry: Mike: I haven't seen it in person but all I have read and heard from

the reps is exciting!

[20:56:26] Rx Fish (PA): Harry what kind of rod and reel do you use for your bottom


[20:57:01] Harry: RX: 7' med. baitcaster and reel...

[20:57:57] Rx Fish (PA): Looking to outfish Drift'r and purchase new outfit curious what

you would recommend

[20:58:03] Harry: The new 620 is going to be fast, and more comfortable and more

suited to big water and more room for the family...

[20:58:32] Harry: RX: I'm going to get the rod and then I will tell you!

[20:58:41] Drift'r: i would recommend a little luck :)

[20:58:46] Rx Fish (PA): :)

[20:58:48] LS(nd): Harry, have you heard if nawa is going to stick with the same format

they had this year?

[20:59:52] Harry: LS: I have heard that they are going to make an announcment soon!

[21:00:16] ebijack (mi): if there's no more questions for harry, i'd like to thank him for his

time here tonight!

[21:00:40] ebijack (mi): we'd love to have you stick around harry if you can /want to

[21:00:54] Rx Fish (PA): Thanks Harry appreciate you taking the time with us

[21:00:54] Harry: RX: Fenwick GTC844 and the reel is an ABU UC5600C, it's


[21:00:56] Just Look"N--MI: THANKS HARRY!!!

[21:01:03] mikej (mn): Thanks Harry

[21:01:04] John P.: Harry thanks!

[21:01:05] Harry: I'll stick around!

[21:01:10] prairiepillow: sorry I was late will have to get a copy of tonight's chat

[21:01:10] LS(nd): Thanks Harry

[21:01:12] ebijack (mi): great

[21:01:23] RoyG(PA): Harry.....Thanks for spending the time to talk to us Walleye

Central guys when we went to the Erie PWT

[21:01:32] Drift'r: thanks Harry

[21:01:37] *** John P. has left Walleye Central

[21:01:44] Harry: I enjoyed it very much myself!

[21:01:55] ebijack (mi): i agree harry, it was great meeting you and mike

THANKS AGAIN HARRY, sorry to all who missed this chat, we had a open chat for quite a while after this.

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