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 PWT Pro Harry Stiles
[19:59:48] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight HARRY
STILES !!!!!!
[19:59:58] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap
[20:00:02] gwalt:  hi harry
[20:00:02] Drift'r: Welcome Harry
[20:00:04] prairiepillow: hi Harry!!!!!  
[20:00:05] tp/colo: howdy harry 
[20:00:05] Just Look"N--MI: hi Harry
[20:00:06] Fish-alot: welcome harry
[20:00:09] LS(nd):  clap clap clap
[20:00:09] tlml(mn): hi harry
[20:00:10] sundance: clap clap clap
[20:00:13] Mark(Wi): Hi Harry
[20:00:14] jumbojim: clapclapclap
[20:00:16] racer: hi 
[20:00:23] Backtroller(WI): harry, clap clap clap,
[20:00:25] Harry: Hi everybody, tonights topic will be spring walleye river
[20:00:29] gwalt: clap clap clap
[20:00:33] Reefer: hey bob: what's up?
[20:00:40] smoker(WI): hey harry
[20:00:58] Wolfheart (Ab): Harry... after the spring-runoff... what
presentation is your favorite in stained rivers?
[20:01:03] ebijack (mi): harry, how did you develop your method of trolling
with wire line in rivers
[20:01:20] Backtroller(WI): got it harry, good topic, that is about what we
are doing now in WI
[20:01:33] prairiepillow: is getting her notebook.....:-)))
[20:01:37] Harry: wolfheart: florescent color jigs or trolling stick baits
 [20:01:57] Harry: ebijack: I haven't it's lead core
[20:01:59] Backtroller(WI): Harry, any fav. stick baits to use, and colors?
[20:02:06] Hogboss IL: what temp's do you prefer to start trolling
crankbait's in the river at.
[20:02:25] Harry: backtroller: storm thundersticks (floaters)
[20:02:33] Backtroller(WI): thks.
[20:02:49] Harry: hogboss: anytime there is open you just have to
slow down
[20:02:51] jumbojim: are you talking at ice out harry using stick
[20:03:05] Backtroller(WI): Thundersticks seem to rather popular,
you flat line them?
[20:03:17] Harry: jumbojim: yes, I have been very successful at it.
[20:03:28] tlml(mn): harry is there an advantage to long line troll
stick baits as compared to a 3-way rig?
[20:03:38] Harry: backtroller: three-way rigs.
[20:03:54] prairiepillow: what type of things do you look for when
spring fishing on a lake system harry I mean where the fish are apt
to be
[20:03:58] Harry: tlml: 3-way rigs is the way to go.
[20:04:27] Harry: prairiepillow: major creek arms and rivers.
[20:04:38] Hogboss IL: harry do you use the big jig on the bottom
rig at all
[20:04:58] Harry: hogboss: yes I have, and done well.
[20:05:19] Hogboss IL: I seem to get more fish on that early than
the crank.
[20:05:29] prairiepillow: could you explain the 3-way rig for me
[20:05:35] Backtroller(WI): you said major creek arms and rivers
on lakes in spring, how about on rivers? BT
[20:05:51] Harry: hogboss: troll 3-way rigs against the current
[20:05:54] tlml(mn): how shallow in the rivers would you expect to
find the walleyes now, like at red wing
[20:06:17] jumbojim: are u using 8 9 5s???
[20:06:27] Harry: tlml: I always start out pitching jigs shallow at this
time of the year.
[20:06:41] Harry: jumbojim:  ?????
[20:06:44] Reefer: Harry: Ran into Ted last weekend..he was
talking about a three way jig system.. 3/4 oz on 32" leader to
barrel..24" leader to top jig (1/8 to 1/4) tied to barrel sliding on
main line.....comments?
[20:06:56] jumbojim: what size bait
[20:07:28] Harry: reefer: I do the same thing only using a 3-way
swivel, non-sliding.
[20:07:33] jiffy: I am going to start fishing the fox in a couple of
weeks the temp will most likely be about 40 degrees what depth is
the best would you say
[20:07:48] Hogboss IL: Harry will you be fishing the PWT at Detroit
river, If so will you be trolling out there or Vertical Jigging.
[20:07:49] jumbojim: caught a bunch of males in three feet of water
the other day at sundown
[20:07:52] Harry: jumbojim: #11 floaters
[20:07:52] jiffy: best depth
[20:08:14] Reefer: I would think the 3 way swivel would be more
[20:08:21] Harry: hogboss: I will be jigging most of the time, but will
look for clean areas to troll.
[20:08:28] smoker(WI): Harry,do you recommend fireline like
Parsons for trolling?
[20:08:31] jiffy: what would you say is the best all around jig would
you say just a regular ball head or fireballs or lipstick or what
[20:08:37] Harry: reefer:  YES
[20:08:57] Harry: smoker: I'm still using mono most of the time..
[20:08:59] Hogboss IL: good area across from community hole in
trenton to troll and get away with it.
[20:08:59] Reefer: gotchya, thanks.
[20:09:17] Pook (ny): Harry.....With a 2 hook worm harness , do you
have a preference on how far apart the hooks are?
[20:09:21] Harry: jiffy:  fireballs and lipsticks are my key jigs.
[20:09:45] Harry: pook: about 3-4 inches.
[20:09:55] Fish-alot: harry do you ever drag jigs in current breaks in
the spring
[20:10:05] jiffy: what depth should i fish this weekend on the Fox
river shallow or deep
[20:10:15] Wolfheart (Ab): DO you prefer trebles or single hooks for
[20:10:20] Harry: fish-alot: yes, and also will troll them against the
current and cross current.
[20:10:26] jumbojim: till you find them jiffy
[20:10:38] Harry: jiffy: if you are looking for big fish stay shallow.
[20:10:50] Harry: wolfheart: trebles.
[20:10:53] SdDoc: Harry, whats your take on the current status of
[20:11:24] Harry: sdDoc: the lower end will continue to be very
good the upper end is going to take some time.
[20:11:39] shiner 1: what about a reservoir? shallow at ice out ( 10
feet or less)
[20:12:13] Harry: shiner 1: again if you are looking for big fish,
shallow is the way to go. Numbers go deep.
[20:12:22] tlml(mn): harry do you ever troll with the current?
[20:12:36] SdDoc: how far up are you limiting yourself, are you
going past the cheyanne,?
[20:12:37] Backtroller(WI): I haven't fished rivers much, where
would you start in Spring?
[20:12:39] Harry: tlml: no I don't.
[20:12:41] ozarkeyes: How close to low water dams do you fish
[20:12:55] Harry: sdDoc: up to whitlock
[20:12:59] Wolfheart (Ab): On a river like the Missouri, do you use
your kicker or electric motor to fight the current?
[20:13:18] Harry: backtroller: current breaks, main tributaries,
[20:13:26] racer: i don't know what i am going to do this summer am
leaving for bass pro in sprinfield on thurs and on to the ozarks to
fish then i have to decide if i am fishing in kansas neb sd or nd this
[20:13:42] Harry: ozarkeyes: I stay down river and away from the
crowds...4-6 miles down.
[20:13:45] Mike (MN): Harry any tips on fishing Big Stone in early
[20:13:46] shiner 1: i would almost pay someone to come fish this
lake here,, its totaly differant!
[20:13:54] Harry: wolfheart: electric
[20:14:29] sundance: when fishing a shallow river system,do the
fish run back to there deep hole haunt,during mid-day,or find cover
elsewhere as in big boulders or log jams????
[20:14:32] Harry: Mike: pitching jigs or crackbaits in less than 5 foot
of water.
[20:14:35] Backtroller(WI): fishing a river in Spring, that dumps into
a lake, would you spend alot of time around there?
[20:14:42] Fandrel: Anyone ever fish Greers Ferry lake?
[20:14:49] Hogboss IL: Harry have you ever tied a floater off the
end of a crankbait while trolling.
[20:14:57] Harry: sundance: they will continue to stay shallow all
[20:15:11] Harry: backtroller: that's a good spot.
[20:15:12] Mike (MN): do you see fish all over the lake by that time?
[20:15:23] ozarkeyes: Fandrel-Yes I fish  Greers all year round-
[20:15:24] SdDoc: Harry, what are running for a boat this year?
[20:15:32] Harry: hogboss: I've read about it but haven't tried it yet.
[20:15:40] Hogboss IL: It work's
[20:15:43] Harry: mike:  mostly on the upper end.
[20:15:48] Fandrel: Good deal any advise for catching them now?
[20:15:50] Mike (MN): thanks
[20:15:58] Harry: Doc: 620 Ranger
[20:16:12] tlml(mn): harry would you fish 4-6 miles down from the
dam in red wing this time of year?
[20:16:16] Harry: fandrel: stay near the river mouth.
[20:16:35] Hogboss IL: Harry have you ever tried running to cranks
[20:16:36] Harry: tlml: yes. maybe even further.
[20:16:45] tlml(mn): thanks
[20:16:51] Hogboss IL: at the same time sorry
[20:16:51] Harry: hogboss: not yet.
[20:16:54] ozarkeyes: Saw the 620 at factory -love to have one
what a boat!
[20:17:10] Pook (ny): Harry.....Is there anything you can do to help
keep suspended seaweed pushed by river current off your jig or
3-way presentation?
[20:17:16] Harry: ozarkeyes: you won't be disappointed.
[20:17:54] Big walleye: Harry have you ever ran cranks off a 3-way
droping a jig about 6"
[20:18:04] Harry: pook: that's a big problem. try putting a very small
slit shot about 1 1/2 foot above the crankbait.
[20:18:38] Fandrel: ozarkeyes: Ive spent the last 3 days on Greers
near and on the south fork without a bite, how deep of water would
be best?
[20:18:38] Harry: big walleye: yes I have using very heavy jigs for
the drop.
[20:19:05] Mike (MN): 2-3 ounce harry?
[20:19:11] racer: fandrel how far up the river are you going
[20:19:16] Harry: fandrel: I would stay inside of 30 ft. and most of the
time in less than 10.
[20:19:19] Hogboss IL: What is your favorite plastic on the big Jig
[20:19:32] Harry: Mike: 3/4 to 2 oz
[20:19:41] ozarkeyes: Fandrel-dont think eyes have moved up yet-
but water temp up Devils was 58 on Monday
[20:19:55] Harry: hogboss: double tail twister.
[20:20:12] Hogboss IL: long john shad's for me.
[20:20:18] Fandrel: racer: I've been as far up as maybe a quarter
mile from the mouth, in about 7 ft. of water
[20:20:19] Nite Eyes: harry, where we fish for spring walleye it is
shallow. most guys just throw out a jig and retrieve it. do you think it
would help my chances to slow down and bounce jig across the
[20:20:23] Harry: ozareyes: at 58  they have moved up.
[20:20:37] sundance: would you fish the fast water in a river by
some eddies,or down river just after the fast water????
[20:20:42] MDorner(MI): Harry Can you tell me what to use in cool
water for walleye
[20:20:56] Harry: nite eyes: yes I would slow down and maybe
even throw out an anchor.
[20:21:10] Harry: sundance: I would stay in the slack water near the
[20:21:21] Nite Eyes: most of the fishing is from bank.
[20:21:26] racer: they are not there if you have been up that far and
not caught any... did you try some crankbaits off the mouth where it
runs into the lake
[20:21:32] Harry: MDorner: your best bet is fireball jigs and
[20:21:41] MDorner(MI): thanks
[20:22:06] Harry: nite eyes: slow things down then. and try casting a
shallow crank.
[20:22:16] ozarkeyes: Harry But no fish being caught - not even
graphing any- water temp jumped in ten days time from 47 to 58
with just couple warm days and mostly cool and cold nights We
are shaking our heads
[20:22:23] Nite Eyes: thanks harry!!!!!!
[20:22:38] Hogboss IL: do you fish hair at all Harry.
[20:22:42] Harry: ozarkeyes: are you marking any fish deep??
[20:23:08] Harry: hogboss: I haven't for a long time. but ready to
give it a try again.
[20:23:11] Hogboss IL: they work great on Detroit River
[20:23:22] Harry: hogboss:  Thanks.
[20:23:25] Hogboss IL: Blue If clear.
[20:23:32] Hogboss IL: welcome
[20:23:37] Fandrel: racer: I have tried crank baits very little, mostly
minnows on lindy rigs, do you think the middle or devil fork are
better than south fork?
[20:23:43] Harry: hogboss: Thanks again
[20:23:55] ozarkeyes: Harry yes lots in the channel in lower river
25-30 feet. I think they are just now moving up- La Nina I guess
[20:24:18] Harry: ozarkeyes: start to vertical jig the deeper water.
[20:24:32] SdDoc: harry, i assume you are fishing the mobridge
tourney, will you plan to run south along ways, or go up the
moreau,or grand
[20:24:54] MDorner(MI): When I fish for walleye i fish only in 10-15
foot of water do you think i should go deeper
[20:24:59] Harry: sdDoc: I plan on staying close and working hard...
[20:25:03] shiner 1: harry   is the ice of above the dam at oaha yet?
[20:25:07] Hogboss IL: Harry good luck to you on PWT this year
and thank's for taking time to chat.
[20:25:16] shiner 1: off yet?
[20:25:19] Harry: MDorner: at times you might have to,
[20:25:30] MDorner(MI): ok
[20:25:44] Harry: shiner: it's open all the way to the Cheyene
[20:25:49] R Hill(mi): Harry are ohio waters open on the Detroit
River tourney
[20:25:53] Harry: hogboss: Thanks alot
[20:26:07] shiner 1: ok thx   they doing good yrt?
[20:26:08] ozarkeyes: Harry - Done that- pretty slow- negative mood. Full
moon now so been tough only 8 lb dr weighed in on that Fairfield tourney
[20:26:17] Harry: R Hill: I'm not sure, I haven't seen the boundaries.
[20:26:30] Harry: Shiner: the fishing has been great.
[20:26:46] Just Look"N--MI: how about canadian water Harry?
[20:26:55] Harry: ozarkeyes: just keep working at it.
[20:27:11] Harry: just look: NO, off limits.
[20:27:20] ozarkeyes: Harry -I emailed you in Jan on the Southern
Tourney- Interested?
[20:27:37] shiner 1: great! thinking about a trip up there should i go
to the flats or what is your recomendation
[20:27:44] Harry: ozarkeyes: What lake was it???
[20:27:56] Harry: shiner:  Fish main points all over.
[20:27:37] shiner 1: great! thinking about a trip up there should i go
to the flats or what is your recomendation
[20:27:44] Harry: ozarkeyes: What lake was it???
[20:27:56] Harry: shiner:  Fish main points all over.
[20:28:15] shiner 1: ok great harry!   thx!
[20:28:26] smoker(WI): Harry,do you use Prescion trolling?
[20:28:39] Harry: smoker: I don't leave home without it.
[20:28:47] ebijack (mi): harry, can you explain abit about how you
control lead line to troll up stream
[20:29:00] Fandrel: On Greers is one of the river inlets better than
the others, Iv'e only fished the South fork.
[20:29:09] smoker(WI): Do you use line counters?
[20:29:13] Harry: ebijack: WOW, do you have all night????
[20:29:28] FishinMagician: Harry, walleyes that are easy to catch in
the morning in shallow water and low light a lot of time will be very
negative and hang in the bottom of the 8-12 ft. deep weedbeds.
What method would you use in that situation?
[20:29:33] ozarkeyes: Harry- All lakes in Miss, Ark, Tenn, Kent-
Southern Winter Tour- Call Bruce DeShano we have talked at
length about it.
[20:29:39] Harry: smoker: yes, Diawa.
[20:29:43] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:30:08] FishinMagician: I'm talking about when the sunlight gets
[20:30:17] MDorner(MI): harry- how big of baits do you use when
you are trolling
[20:30:19] Harry: fishinMagician: try a slip bobber in the weed
[20:30:33] FishinMagician: good idea
[20:30:36] Harry: ozarkeyes:  I'll give him a call.
[20:30:59] ozarkeyes: Harry Ill send you new email about my
[20:31:04] Harry: fishin Magician: down size your jigs and work
[20:31:25] fisherman: what`s you`re favorite jig type Harry?
[20:31:32] Harry: MDorner: I like stick with the size to match the bait
at that time of the year.
[20:31:37] FishinMagician: but how do you work them through that
heavy slimy weed on the bottom?
[20:31:51] Harry: ozarkeyes: thanks look forward to it.
[20:31:51] MDorner(MI): ok
[20:32:03] tlml(mn): when fishing jigs with minnows do you use
plastic tails also or just minnow?
[20:32:11] Harry: fisherman: Northland fireball.
[20:32:30] FishinMagician: ok, thanks
[20:32:35] MDorner(MI): I'm going on my first walleye tourney this
summer and I need to get some tips
[20:32:42] Harry: fishinMagician:  try a weedless jib.
[20:32:55] ozarkeyes: Harry How does the Pinpoint handle shallow
water like river.
[20:33:08] Harry: tlml: I stick with just a fireball and minnow most of
the time.
[20:33:23] FishinMagician: Weather I use weedless or not, all of
that wee on the bottom turns into a big mass of goop on the
[20:33:50] Tstick{sk}: fishinMagician small slowpoke jigs work real
well in the weeds
[20:33:51] Harry: MDonner: e-mail me later and you can ask me all
that you want..
[20:34:08] MDorner(MI): ok thanks
[20:34:15] Harry: ozareyes: I haven't used it much yet in current but
sure it will do a great job.
[20:34:38] Pook (ny): Harry.....Do you ever approach boats
huddled together and obviuosly catching fish?
[20:34:56] Harry: fishinMagician: It's a pain in the butt, but you have
to stick with it...
[20:35:27] Harry: pook:  if there is another boat there, I keep going.
[20:35:31] ozarkeyes: Harry in little or no current in river what size
jig do you favor
[20:35:50] Nite Eyes: harry as i said before most of my fishing in
spring is in shallow water from the bank. most of the time the water
is really murky. do you think it would be a good idea to switch to
power bait tails and a rattling jighead??????
[20:35:51] Harry: ozarkeyes: 1/8 oz
[20:36:20] Harry: niteEyes: power bait tails would work GREAT!!!
[20:37:07] smoker(WI): Harry,thanks for taking the time,see ya
[20:37:18] Harry: smoker: thanks for having me.
[20:37:21] fisheyes: Harry.. what is your favorite tactic on the
mississippi river
[20:37:22] sundance: have you ever used leeches on lake erie???
[20:37:33] Nite Eyes: what about the rattling jig heads??? are they
worth the extra money????? i'd be getting snagged in the rocks
[20:37:38] Harry: fisheyes: casting light jigs into very shallow water.
[20:37:48] Harry: sundance: no I have not.
[20:38:09] Harry: niteEyes: Yes, in those conditions I would try
[20:38:12] MarkB: Harry have you ever heard of the difference
between male and female fatheads and not use the males with the
[20:38:48] Big walleye: Harry if you had a hand full of cranks to fish
the river with befor the spawn what would thay be
[20:38:50] tlml(mn): harry what length of rod do you prefer when
casting those light jigs 1/8oz.
[20:39:03] Harry: MarkB: I've had success using both and really
don't think it makes a lot of difference.
[20:39:05] ozarkeyes: Harry do you like to bulk up the jig with tails
and large minnows or go smaller in spring 
[20:39:05] fisheyes: Harry.. hows the current on the mississippi
[20:39:15] Backtroller(WI): Harry do you have a website? by any
[20:39:22] Harry: Big walleye: A handful of thundersticks.
[20:39:34] Harry: tlml: 6 1/2' med light.
[20:39:42] WALLEYEHOUNDKS: Harry, when conditions are tough
what is your confidence bait??
[20:39:49] Harry: ozarkeyes: in the fall I will.
[20:40:01] Harry: fisheyes: very slow right now.
[20:40:03] Big walleye: what size
[20:40:12] Harry: backtroller: no, but working on it.
[20:40:21] putnayay: Harry, what do you find most rewarding about
being a PWT Pro?
[20:40:28] Harry: walleyehounds: fireball jig.
[20:40:38] Pook (ny): Harry.....When fishing tournaments do you
rely on local bait shops to supply your live bait needs?
[20:40:52] Harry: big walleye:  ?????
[20:40:55] Fandrel: Any of you all fishing the Fairfield Bay walleye
[20:41:17] Harry: putnayay: meeting new people and challenging
new water.
[20:41:18] sheila: Wow Harry, you must be working up a sweat!
[20:41:44] ebijack (mi): harry has a pro typing for him  :)
[20:41:48] Harry: Pook: I will call ahead and if I don't like what I
hear, I bring my own.
[20:41:48] MDorner(MI): Harry- I have to ask you this. Do you have
another job then being Pro
[20:41:48] Nite Eyes: harry, you're doing a good job keeping up.
[20:42:09] Harry: sheila: you bet.....
[20:42:15] Just Look"N--MI: he cant be doing all that typing Sheila
[20:42:31] Harry: MDoner: NO! this is it!
[20:42:48] Harry: Thanks!!!
[20:43:14] Fandrel: ozarkeyes: had any luck in the tournament?
[20:43:18] MDorner(MI): cool well I hope to go Pro when I get out of
[20:43:20] Harry: Wake up guys we are ready.!@!!
[20:43:58] Pook (ny): Harry.....What do you use to hold and pack
your worms with?
[20:44:16] Big walleye: Harry what size thundersticks do you use to
fish the river at prespawn
[20:44:58] Harry: big walleye: the floating thunderstick is
comparable to a # 13 Rapala.
[20:45:01] Backtroller(WI): what about the color choices for
thundersticks too.
[20:45:26] ebijack (mi): harry are you planing on handlining the
detroit river in april?
[20:45:28] tlml(mn): do you think rattles make a difference on jigs?
[20:45:31] Harry: backtroller: black/silver; blue/silver; firetiger....
[20:45:40] Jigster(Mi): Harry, I'm goin to Devil's (N.D.) in June. Been
there ? Any tips ?
[20:45:42] ozarkeyes: Harry we have a couple of cold water river
(48-52 year round average) with lots of eyes, how can you predict
spawning time since there is never any predictable rise in temp.
[20:45:44] prairiepillow: I missed it if you said harry but what is your
favorite color of Jig
[20:45:52] Harry: ebijack: I'm going to bring a ton of fireballs.
[20:46:03] Harry: tlml: at times.
[20:46:23] sheila: Me too (fireballs). Switch - how many walleyes
(estimate) have you caught all these yrs? what's biggest?
[20:46:32] Harry: jigster::::   HA! Ha!, I'll be there.
[20:47:01] Harry: ozarkeyes: very difficult to predict spawning time
[20:47:10] Harry: prairiepillow: pink and white.
[20:47:16] prairiepillow: thank you
[20:47:31] Jigster(Mi): Harry, NOT tournament- just vacation !!
[20:47:32] jumbojim: walleyes are milking here already
[20:47:37] Harry: sheila: thousands, and 13# 13 ozs....
[20:47:44] Nite Eyes: harry, will a female walleye bite while
[20:47:52] MarkB: Harry, Do you use Fireline on your Bottom
bouncer rod?
[20:47:55] sheila: neato
[20:47:56] Fish-alot: harry when you run shallow cranks behind
boards. how much line behind the board do you let out?
[20:47:58] Harry: jigster: bring alot of shallow crankbaits.
[20:48:38] Harry: niteEyes: at times I have caught spawning
females but it is rare...
[20:48:56] Harry: markB: No, I stick Trilene XT
[20:49:10] MarkB: thanks
[20:49:13] jumbojim: we pull a lot of number five shad raps in the
summer on the river here in 3 to 8ft of water do you do much of that
[20:49:15] MDorner(MI): harry - do you like short poles of long
[20:49:24] Harry: fish-alot: that's to vague, be specific?
[20:49:38] prairiepillow: what is your favorite fishing rod harry brand
[20:50:36] Harry: prairipillow: I use a little bit of everything, but
prefer Loomis.
[20:50:49] Harry: Sd Doc: black/silver
[20:51:06] Harry: backtroller: lake yes, river once in awhile.
[20:51:26] Fish-alot: spring time in a river next to a sandbar or
shallow current break, do you ever try in the 1-2foot zone
[20:51:28] Harry: jigster: tell Mr. Roach Hi!
[20:51:49] Harry: big walleye: 3-ways in cold water lead core in
warm water.
[20:52:03] fisherman: Are you still running s Ranger Harry?
[20:52:15] Backtroller(WI): In a lake, do you use the floaters in
deeper water? and what colors if possible?
[20:52:23] MDorner(MI): harry- do you like to fish more in cold
weather or in warm weather for walleyes
[20:52:24] tlml(mn): how long a dropper and leader for 3-way in
cold water?
[20:52:24] Harry: fish-alot: yes, quite often!!!
[20:52:40] Drift'r: what water temp do you start to use leadcore
[20:52:41] Harry: fisherman: yes 620 Ranger.
[20:52:51] Jigster(Mi): HA-HA Harry, You know there is no Mr.
Roach !
[20:53:05] Harry: Backtroller: not a lot, but if I do it's green.
[20:53:15] Harry: MDoner: doesn't matter.
[20:53:25] Harry: tlml: 12-18 inches.
[20:53:28] MDorner(MI): ok
[20:53:40] Harry: drift'r 45 -50 degrees.
[20:53:52] Big walleye: Harry 3-ways deep in rivers in the cold 
[20:53:59] putnayay: Harry, I fish eyes in weedy lakes during the
summer and I have a hard time seeing the hits on the way down, is
using color mono or braided line to horse them out of the weeds a
bad idea, and its to thick for slip bobbers but I know they are there.
[20:54:00] Backtroller(WI): ok, ironically we had real good luck on a
lake in deep water, with flor .pink top and white bottom. 
[20:54:09] fisherman: Harry, how did you get to be such a
[20:54:17] Harry: big walleye: yes, with thundersticks.
[20:54:36] Harry: putnayay: use solor XT, that will solve the
[20:54:49] MDorner(MI): will the water that I'm going to fish this week
is only about 38
[20:54:52] Harry: backtroller: that doesn't surprise me.
[20:55:02] Backtroller(WI): Speaking of line, and line watching, what
do you think of the bright lines like Stren Gold andsuch?
[20:55:13] Harry: fisherman: you haven't seen me on a bad day.
[20:55:24] putnayay: thanks
[20:55:30] Harry: mDorner:  SLOW
[20:55:43] Backtroller(WI): guess nothing will surprise yo at this
time Harry.
[20:55:48] MDorner(MI): ok 
[20:55:48] Harry: backtroller: I use Berkley solor XT only.
[20:55:49] fisherman: Proves you`re a walleye fisherman
[20:55:53] Big walleye: Harry you like them Thundersticks a lot why
[20:56:18] Harry: backtroller: you got it!
[20:56:25] MDorner(MI): harry- what is you favorite lake or river that
you like to fish on the most
[20:56:28] Harry: fisherman: yep
[20:56:38] Pook (ny): Harry....thank you for your honest answers
and good luck on the tournaments.
[20:56:42] Tstick{sk}: Harry what u think about photochromic lines
versus clear line?
[20:56:53] Harry: big walleye: they resemble bait fish and I like the
[20:57:05] Harry: mDoner: Lake Oahe, home!!
[20:57:19] Harry: Big walleye: they are not a sponsor either!!!
[20:57:37] Harry: pook: Thanks for listening and have a good
[20:57:41] MDorner(MI): ok will if I didn't have school I would fish in
the PWT tourneys
[20:57:57] Jigster(Mi): Harry, I saw that you used Loomis, I just got a
GLX, used it twice, have you used one ? What do you think of them
[20:58:01] Harry: tstick: photochoromic line is my second choose
and I use that alot in the summer time.
[20:58:16] Fandrel: Harry: Wheres the next world record walleye
gonna be caught?
[20:58:19] Jim Oh: Harry glad to see Monica didn't out pull you!!!
[20:58:22] jumbojim: we throw a lot of mepps shallow on the river
here do you do much of that and we also throw big poes during
high water low current situations right on the banks give it a try
[20:58:23] Harry: MDorner: keep taking notes, and you will get
[20:58:25] Tstick{sk}: thanx
[20:58:35] MDorner(MI): I'm there right now
[20:58:47] Harry: jigster: I haven't used the GLX yet. but hope to try
[20:58:51] Backtroller(WI): "I'll be back" -- 1010 on the side 
[20:58:59] SdDoc: do you use the Jr. thundersticks, Harry?
[20:59:00] MDorner(MI): just need the money to get in the
[20:59:06] Harry: fandrell: it will come from a southern res.
[20:59:22] Harry: jim Oh: she didn't stand a chance.
[20:59:30] putnayay: Harry, what do you think about vexilar fish
[20:59:38] Harry: jumbojim: that sounds good to me.
[21:00:08] Harry: sd Doc: use them alot.
[21:00:25] Big walleye: Harry keep GOING FOR THE HOGS and
thanks a lot
[21:00:26] ozarkeyes: Ark biologist have admitted to me they have
shocked up a few in last couple years
[21:00:36] Harry: putnayay: I don't know much about them, but I'm
sure they work just fine.
[21:00:56] Harry: jumbojim: sounds like fun.
[21:01:07] Tstick{sk}: harry u ever use down deep rattlin fat raps?
[21:01:12] Harry: big walleye: Thanks and have a good summer.
[21:01:13] tlml(mn): harry do you use a flasher on your boat or just
[21:01:18] fishhead: Harry do you think the decline in the smelt in
Oahe will move the fish alot shallower in the summer ?
[21:01:27] Harry: ozarkeyes: sounds good to me.
[21:01:59] Harry: t stick: I've tried them and they work good also.
[21:02:19] Harry: tlml: I have an indash 1240A flasher.
[21:02:40] SdDoc: what will be the rules for the tourney in mobridge
in regards to our new rules for the kreel, and length limits? What will
you plan to keep for your big fish?
[21:02:44] Harry: fishhead: yes I do, they will be after anything else
they can find.
[21:02:51] Tstick{sk}: ANy other cranks u can suggest to run 30 ft+
[21:03:35] putnayay: Harry, have you ever use lead core line for
deep trolling at faster speeds? 
[21:03:41] Harry: sdDoc: it will be no cull, 1 over 18 just like the law
reads, nothing new to us....
[21:04:06] Harry: t stick: I use lead core at that depth.
[21:04:09] jumbojim: bye harry see you on the water lots of good
advice there
[21:04:11] Nite Eyes: harry, have you ever used the lighting
shad?????? if so, have you ever used it on erie??????
[21:04:21] Harry: putnayay: I use lead core alot.
[21:04:30] Harry: lindy: lead core.
[21:04:48] Harry: jumbojim: Thanks, have a good one.
[21:04:52] ozarkeyes: Harry how many colors of lead for that depth
[21:05:03] Harry: nite Eyes: lighting shads are a real hot bait.
[21:05:15] Harry: ozarkeyes: 6'
[21:05:24] fishhead: Harry what does the DNR say about other
forage in Oahe?
[21:05:27] fisherman: 27# leadcore Harry?
[21:05:47] Harry: ozarkeyes: 6' of line for every 1' depth at 2 miles
per hour.
[21:06:17] Harry: fishhead: they are concerned because the
walleye is going to look elsewhere.
[21:06:28] Harry: fisherman: you got it.!!
[21:06:39] lindy: harry, why leadcore over snap weights or
threeways etc.
[21:06:59] Harry: lindy: much easier and more precise...
[21:07:16] MDorner(MI): anyone in here ever fished in the Holloway
[21:07:44] ozarkeyes: Harry Does not hang up either right?
[21:08:25] Harry: ozarkeyes: It will if you don't pay attention.
[21:08:20] tlml(mn): harry i have a hard time reading my flasher in
the summer think I would have better luck with an lcr?
[21:08:24] ebijack (mi): any more questions for our host tonight?
[21:08:45] fishhead: Harry in the summer on Oahe do you prefer
crankbaits or livebait ?
[21:08:52] Harry: tlml: yes I would switch to a pinpoint...
[21:09:06] Harry: fishhead: live bait...
[21:10:04] tlml(mn): thanks for all your help tonight harry, going to
put it to practice at red wing this weekend
[21:10:16] SdDoc: harry, what has to happen for the smelt to have a
good hatch?
[21:10:24] fishhead: any hints for fishing oahe this year ?
[21:10:41] fisherman: Are you still guideing ? Harry
[21:10:44] sheila: Really Harry, excellent inside walleye dope,
thanks for the tips!
[21:10:44] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK HARRY STILES for
[21:10:45] Harry: sdDoc: water temp and timing.
[21:10:48] Jigster(Mi): Harry, What's the down river limit to the Detroit river Tourn. ?
[21:11:06] Harry: fishhead: find fish, fish fish...
[21:11:11] R Hill(mi): Thanks Harry
[21:11:16] Pikeman(Sask): thanks Harry
[21:11:20] Fish-alot: thanks Harry Good luck this year 
[21:11:21] fishhead: lots of water 
[21:11:25] Harry: fisherman: yes quite a bit.
[21:11:26] MDorner(MI): thanks HARRY
[21:11:27] racer: Harry how soon will the ice be out in the cheyenne
[21:11:28] Reefer: Harry: True class act! Good luck in '99!
[21:11:32] John P.: did you get your 620 yet?
[21:11:32] Drift'r: Thanks Harry
[21:11:35] Just Look"N--MI: thanks Harry 
[21:11:37] Harry: jigster: I don't know yet.
[21:11:40] prairiepillow: thanks harry hope to see you here in
June......for the get together
[21:11:41] Iowa Bob: thanks Harry!!!
[21:11:42] Nite Eyes: good chat harry!!!!!!
[21:11:45] Drift'r: Good luck this season
[21:11:52] Harry: racer: within days...
[21:12:04] JW(NY): Thanks Harry!
[21:12:05] fisherman: Tear em up Harry
[21:12:07] Harry: johnP: yes I have.
[21:12:09] putnayay: Harry , thanks a bunch for the advice, good luck this
[21:12:20] John P.: i got one too.
[21:12:28] racer: good   i suppose will have to trailer to miniconjue
[21:12:28] Harry: Thanks everybody, it's been fun...
[21:12:29] sundance: good luck harry,thanks alot you were great!!!!!!!!!!
[21:12:30] ebijack (mi): thanks HARRY and MRS STILES !!
[21:12:31] Jigster(Mi): Thanks Harry, I will say Hi to Gary for you Fri.
[21:12:42] Backtroller(WI): Thanks for your time tonight, and good luck
this season touring.
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