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[19:58:14] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome JIM STIVERS our guest host tonight!!!!!!

[19:58:21] rip: hi jim

[19:58:30] Jim Alton: Hi Jim...

[19:58:30] Drift'r: welcome jim

[19:58:32] ray: how is the fishing jim

[19:58:33] ebijack (mi): welcome jim!

[19:58:46] Clicker: hi Jim

[19:58:57] Reefer: hello Jim

[19:58:59] ebijack (mi): Jim's going to talk and answer questions about trailer bearings

[20:00:14] ebijack (mi): ok jim, you want to talk a little bit about your knowledge of


[20:01:13] JIM: Hi Ya, fellas!

[20:01:21] ebijack (mi): howdy jim

[20:01:29] Lundman(Wi): Jim, what's the best grease to use, I've been using the Amzoil

Synthetic, is it as good, or better than regular grease?

[20:02:30] JIM: Thats a tough questions, I am not a chemical engineer, but you should

use a grease that is water resistent.

[20:03:13] Lundman(Wi): More important to just make sure they are well greased


[20:03:18] JIM: How many use Buddy Bearings.?

[20:03:23] Lundman(Wi): I do

[20:03:26] ebijack (mi): what have your test shown jim on the different greases

[20:03:38] ebijack (mi): i do jim

[20:03:47] Lundman(Wi): I love them...

[20:04:06] Lundman(Wi): Anything that saves me work is alright with me...:-)

[20:04:11] JIM: Well, you are prob aware that when grease reaches a road temp of

almost 110 d it turns to oil.

[20:04:37] Lundman(Wi): then what, it leaks out?

[20:04:54] JIM: How many of you run "Bearing Buddy?"

[20:05:18] Lundman(Wi): I run bearing buddies....

[20:05:33] ebijack (mi): i run them jim

[20:05:33] Lu (wi): not here

[20:05:39] Lundman(Wi): or I should say, I used to run them....:-)

[20:05:39] JIM: Lot of people do. Great invention, but it lack the final link!

[20:05:46] Drift'r: not me

[20:06:01] waliguy(mn): what is that final link, jim?

[20:06:03] Lundman(Wi): what's the final Link Jim..

[20:06:05] ray: not me

[20:06:18] Drift'r: whats the final link

[20:06:34] ebijack (mi): what about sealed bearings jim

[20:06:44] JIM: The final link is to know how warm your bearings are running.

[20:07:11] JIM: Example: pulling on Interstate at 65 mph, makes a 10 deg temp diff.

[20:07:30] JIM: lower

[20:07:30] Lundman(Wi): How do you know that, I always thought that if the grease

leaks they are running too hot

[20:07:39] Drift'r: up or down , jim

[20:07:51] JIM: Yes, thats true, but it's too late then.

[20:09:04] JIM: down

[20:09:20] ebijack (mi): what instance is the highest temp jim, fast speed?

[20:10:02] JIM: Yes

[20:10:26] ebijack (mi): jim, does the temp rise when you come to a stop?

[20:10:30] JIM: Let say your driving to your favorite lake, what happens now when

you bearing goes out.

[20:11:31] ebijack (mi): jim, what does tire pressure do to the bearing temp

[20:11:43] JIM: increases

[20:12:04] JIM: Would you like to know how our exp was conducted.

[20:12:21] FishinMagician: yeah

[20:12:27] ebijack (mi): sure

[20:12:53] JIM: It was done at UK Engineering Lab in Lexington, KY. We have a

basketball team there

[20:14:08] JIM: We used eletronic therm to determine a temp pattern

[20:14:12] ebijack (mi): was the test done on the road or a chassis dyno

[20:14:52] JIM: When grease reaches 300+ degrees, it turns to oil and you are in


[20:15:13] JIM: We studied the thermal patters and came up with a circuit that would

take care of that.

[20:15:21] ebijack (mi): a curcuit?

[20:16:27] FishinMagician: Does all bearing grease turn to oil at 300 deg?

[20:17:15] JIM: When readhes 300 D, and you happens to have one of those bearing

budding things, what happens, extra pressure.

[20:17:47] ebijack (mi): because of the spring?

[20:17:54] JIM: Yes.

[20:18:17] JIM: Remember when they first came out the spring was too small and it

threw grease up and down your trailer.?

[20:18:39] FishinMagician: Sometimes the grease will ooze out around the spring cup,

will the grease when it turns to oil do that too?

[20:18:50] Magic Marker: whats average temp. for rolling down highway

[20:19:06] JIM: 104 to 105 D F

[20:19:42] Magic Marker: then theres no problem with regular grease, right?

[20:19:59] JIM: When you have grease leaking and your trailer is parked, you better

check it. Seal could be going, slowly.

[20:20:29] JIM: NO Prob, but a water resistent grease would help.

[20:21:14] Buck: Isnt all grease water resistannt??

[20:21:25] JIM: You see, when your have water and other cotaminnts enter the hub, it

eventually will cause a problem.

[20:21:25] Magic Marker: thats what i've used for years without any problems (marine

wheel grease)

[20:21:54] JIM: HOw often do u change Bearings marker?

[20:22:18] FishinMagician: That's what I use and I have had no prblems either, and

treaveling at high speeds.

[20:22:23] Magic Marker: had several boats, never changed any yet

[20:23:08] JIM: Thats good, a lot of people have not, but isn't worth some kind of extra

measure to know when they are getting too hot?

[20:23:16] FishinMagician: will old grease turn to oil faster than new grease?

[20:23:25] JIM: Yes,

[20:23:33] Buck: Why?

[20:23:53] JIM: Because it has lost an amount of it's viscosity by mixing with water.

[20:24:38] JIM: Buck, Why not/

[20:24:50] Buck: Grease doesnt mix with water but its the dirt that gets in the grease

and bearings that breaks it down

[20:25:05] JIM: Buck, you must be engineer, I am not.

[20:25:30] Buck: it is simple common sense

[20:25:35] JIM: Oh,

[20:25:38] Magic Marker: how does dirt get in when theyre sealed?

[20:26:14] JIM: Pressure during the cool down phase.

[20:26:18] Buck: nothing is totally sealed from road dirt, especilly bearings on trailers

[20:27:12] Magic Marker: I've got bearing buddies, they're under pressure, How does

dirt get in?

[20:27:33] Buck: Heat is the only thing that breaks down viscosity

[20:28:44] ebijack (mi): jim, what about the sealed bearings that are used on other


[20:30:57] FishnMagician: Jim, if the bearing buddies have the grease under pressure,

and the bearings get over 300 degrees, shouldn't that hot oil escape through pressure

cup and lay in the bearing buddy bra,before it would shoot out the inside?

[20:31:00] ebijack (mi): jim, what about the new oil style bearing buddies

[20:54:25] ebijack (mi): anyone have questions for our earlier host about trailer


[20:54:54] Lundman(Wi): So, what's the best thing we can do to take care of them so

we don't have trouble on the road...:-)

[20:54:57] Ruko: when is it time to change them

[20:55:19] JIm: Well, y0u need to take em apart and grease them every year.

[20:55:50] Lundman(Wi): Once a year enough...and does that need to be done if you

run bearing buddies....?

[20:55:54] ebijack (mi): to look for nicks etc jim?

[20:56:03] JIm: More So!

[20:56:28] JIm: We did a test on Spring loaded Zerks?

[20:56:29] Lundman(Wi): I missed the down side of having bearing buddies, could you


[20:56:58] JIm: Much of the grease, when it cools stay near the front of the spring

[20:57:14] JIm: so there is a time when you lack adaquite lube.

[20:58:16] JIm: We found some experiments in Europe on Bearings. Did you know the

avg bearing begins to fail sometimes 300 hours before it goes out.

[20:58:45] Lundman(Wi): did not know does that mean you should replace

them after that amount of time?

[20:59:38] JIm: That depends . Each year you should take them down look for pitting

and other possible hazards.

[21:00:02] JIm: If the grease has done it's job, you should be able to reinstall Them.

[21:00:33] Lundman(Wi): Jim, since you know about bearings, do you know which

brand of trailer is the best?

[21:02:27] ebijack (mi): why not use sealed bearings jim

[21:02:29] JIm: if salt water you def want galvnzd. If fresh water not as important, but

you should look nto one of those fulushing outfits that flushes your trailer wheels and

frame to get rid of Zebra muscles.

[21:02:59] JIm: Sealedl beareing a te too expens.

[21:03:24] JIm: Did you know that most of the bearings used in OEM trialers come from

3rd world countiries.

[21:03:31] ebijack (mi): not if they would last jim

[21:03:56] Lundman(Wi): Is there a difference in the different brands of bearings you

can buy, one better than the other...??

[21:04:06] JIm: Trouble is they won't sooner or later you will have trouble.

[21:04:08] Lundman(Wi): OEM Trailers..?

[21:04:30] JIm: Orignal Equi;tment Manufacturers

[21:05:24] Lundman(Wi): which companies does that include Jim?

[21:05:52] JIm: Im am not open to that liability, this is the internet.

[21:06:19] weasel: now that i came in late, are you a fan of bearing buddies

[21:06:49] jbj: Jlm, does that mean replacement bearings bought from us companies

are better than OEM?

[21:07:01] JIm: Yes!

[21:07:23] weasel: jim, who did you answer

[21:07:25] JIm: Of course that depends on the OEM company, you should ask.

[21:10:03] Lundman(Wi): so what's the bottom line, buy u.s. made bearings, don't run

buddies, and take them apart and repack every year....?

[21:10:31] ebijack (mi): if that's it for the quetions for jim about bearings, i'd like to thank

him for his time here tonight

[21:10:43] JIm: If it were me, I will drill hole and install regular zerk fittings

[21:11:54] Lundman(Wi): Sorry if I seem ingnorant....:-)

[21:12:07] JIm: Try a parts store.

[21:12:15] Drift'r: my tracker comes standard with them , lund

[21:12:15] Lundman(Wi): But I'll be getting a different trailer, and I want to know what

to do....

[21:12:15] JIm: Auto parts

[21:12:39] Lundman(Wi): Ok....thanks

[21:12:40] ebijack (mi): zerk fittings are the same as on your suspension parts lundman

[21:13:00] JIm: then Install the buddy beaings, but be sure jot to put in too much


[21:13:00] ebijack (mi): they are self threading, just drill the right size hole

[21:13:13] weasel: where do you drill the hole for the fitting

[21:13:18] JIm: you can over lubricate and cause bearing failure too.

[21:13:42] Lundman(Wi): too much grease causes failure, how does that happen?

[21:13:46] weasel: how much is to much?

[21:13:50] Drift'r: you can't with mine , Jim

[21:13:58] JIm: Especially important is when you put bearings back on don't tighten the bolt

too tight.

[21:14:26] JIm: Wen the grease begins to come out the back or the front.

[21:14:56] jbj: you mean too much grease blows the seals, right?

[21:14:58] JIm: W , it causes extra pressure

[21:15:44] weasel: some of you probably don't store boats long, but do you put them on


[21:16:18] weasel: not the boats, the trailer

[21:16:24] Lundman(Wi): Mine is inside, I don't block it up....

[21:16:26] ebijack (mi): not any more weasel, i use my boat usually 10 months a year

[21:17:06] ebijack (mi): shoot jim

[21:17:30] weasel: must be a long one

[21:17:32] JIm: Lets say you store your boat outside all winter, and you have it covered

and the batts out and etc. but yet it is punishing.

[21:18:22] JIm: Why not make a fiberglass cover that splits down the middle so you can

drive your boat on and it will be protected by fiberlass.

[21:18:26] ebijack (mi): it is not good for bearings to sit in one spot or on one bearing for

a long time

[21:18:26] ebijack (mi): it is not good for bearings to sit in one spot or on one bearing for

a long time

[21:18:58] JIm: Yes, that right. YO should try to move them around.

[21:19:22] Just Look"N--MI: sounds like trailer should be blocked up then

[21:19:32] weasel: that is what i was kind of getting at, i heard that once, is there truth

to that

[21:19:45] JIm: Then you close it up and lock it and you don't hve to spend all that time

putting way your gear and your ready for the next day.

[21:20:27] ebijack (mi): a guy who fishes the pwt out of iowa makes alum trailers like

that jim

[21:21:05] JIm: Thank you for sharing your time with me.

[21:21:13] ebijack (mi): thanks jim!!

[21:21:14] JIm: I hope, one day we can do it again.

[21:21:15] Drift'r: thanks jim

[21:21:16] weasel: thanks for the time

[21:21:26] Lundman(Wi): Thanks a lot Jim...

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