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Dale Stroschein 3/24/99
[19:58:29] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our guest tonight
[19:58:39] Steve (IA): clap, clap, clap
[19:58:41] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
clap WWWWIIISSSTTllllllleeeeeeee
[19:58:44] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap
[19:58:47] jigman: clap.clap
[19:58:47] Swat 1(oh): Hi Dale/Cindy
[19:58:49] Capt. Marty: Hi Dale and Cindy
[19:58:49] Drift'r: Welcome Dale !!
[19:58:53] Doc (wi): yeaaaaaaa
[19:58:58] Dale Stroschein: Thank you Thank you Thank you
[19:59:00] mikej: hi dale and cindy
[19:59:02] tp/colo: howdy
[19:59:09] Jim Ohio: give em heck Dale!!!!!!!!!
[19:59:16] Dale Stroschein: Ready
[19:59:26] ebijack (mi): dale, can you start us off by telling us a bit
about your new venture
[20:00:25] Dale Stroschein: You bet, We are currently building a 22
unit top notch facility on my parents past resort site .
[20:00:52] ebijack (mi): do you supply boats/guides etc besides
great food and lodging?
[20:01:20] Drift'r: where is this located Dale
[20:01:34] Dale Stroschein: It's going to be fully equipped with
Jacuzziís in every room state of the art fish cleaning facility ( wonder
why that would be important) indoor pool etc.
[20:02:06] Dale Stroschein: It's located on Sand Bay just outside of
Sturgeon Bay in Door County Wisconsin
[20:02:31] jigman: is that a walleye lake dale
[20:02:32] Juls (WI): when will you be open for business dale?
[20:02:35] ebijack (mi): dale, about how long of a trip from say
detroit is that
[20:03:02] chromeguy43: how far would that be from the twin cities?
[20:03:02] Dale Stroschein: Restaurants near by include Sunset Bar
and Grill which is also a convenient launch site for our immediate
[20:03:34] Dale Stroschein: We open May 21st!!! 1999 of course
with great fishing discounts
[20:04:00] Dale Stroschein: Twin Cities 6.5 -7 hours away
[20:04:13] chromeguy43: thanks
[20:04:42] Dale Stroschein: 3.5 -4 hours from Chicago if that helps
Detroit unsure
[20:05:19] Dale Stroschein: We will have out door electric plug ins
and a new dock
[20:05:30] jigman: why did you quit the pwt dale
[20:05:57] Dale Stroschein: To be at home for the new venture and
to enjoy my family more
[20:06:08] mikej: dale what is the best time of the year to fish for
[20:06:44] mikej: and how far do you have to travel by water to get
[20:06:48] Dale Stroschein: spring late april early May and again
later august to november for walleye
[20:06:50] cowboy(wy): good reason
[20:06:54] ebijack (mi): dale, are you going to fish any other
[20:06:54] Jim Ohio: Dale what advice do you have the NAWA
Sandusky tourney fishermen
[20:07:29] Dale Stroschein: To travel to the fish just minutes
[20:07:56] Dale Stroschein: other tourneys not in the current plan
[20:08:59] ebijack (mi): dale, how did you first start fishing the pwt
[20:09:08] Dale Stroschein: Sandusky suspended with cranks and
crawlers or bouncers on bottom
[20:09:27] Dale Stroschein: started in MWC and grew into the big
[20:09:36] chromeguy43: what tips do you have for a beginner
[20:10:05] Swat 1(oh): Practice practice practice....lol
[20:10:47] Dale Stroschein: Beginner - cannot be one dimensional
[20:10:55] fastrack: Dale how is the building of the resort going
looking forward to coming up there
[20:11:05] ebijack (mi): dale, what are going to be your basic
[20:11:19] Dale Stroschein: Great!!! It will be ready on time
[20:11:38] fastrack: cool
[20:11:42] cowboy(wy): Dale, how much stock do you put in
reading the various walleye publications do they help significantly
or do they get to be too much??
[20:12:00] jigman: good question cowboy
[20:12:02] Dale Stroschein: We will give our lowest midweek winter
rates to spring fisher people good through June 25
[20:12:52] ebijack (mi): dale, will you also be offering ice fishing
[20:13:01] Dale Stroschein: I read some and pick up some ideas
to try I don't think you can have too many new ideas or options do
what works for you
[20:13:24] cowboy(wy): thanks
[20:13:46] jigman: what is the best tip a pro taught you after you got
on the tour dale
[20:13:51] Dale Stroschein: ice fishing unsure if Iíll guide it next
winter but will surely be on top of the action and can relay it 
[20:13:53] Seamaster(Ohio): Dale, Have you ever tried plastic
crawlers ,such as berkley power baits for walleye?
[20:13:58] riverfishing wi: do u have a # yet for the place dale
[20:14:27] fastrack: Dale will the resort have a boat launch?
[20:14:51] Dale Stroschein: Best tip taught form Bob Propst Jr. The
art of finding fish and confidence
[20:15:16] Dale Stroschein: no launch at resort but close by at
[20:15:35] Doc (wi): you still have ice there???
[20:15:52] Dale Stroschein: Berkley baits work well but prefer the
real thing
[20:16:09] jigman: can you elaborate more on the art of finding fish
[20:16:21] Dale Stroschein: Yes still have ice just came in from
fishing not too safe
[20:16:21] fastrack: will you be putting one in .  In the future?
[20:16:50] Seamaster(Ohio): I'm going to give them a try on
harnesses on bottom bouncers.
[20:16:59] Dale Stroschein: Resort phone 1-888-879-5548
[20:17:03] Seamaster(Ohio): on Erie
[20:17:55] ebijack (mi): when is your opening date dale?
[20:17:57] Dale Stroschein: finding fish relate to structure areas,
reefs, sharp breaks on the shoreline, windblown shore to start
[20:18:37] Dale Stroschein: Resort opens May 21st
[20:18:47] Jim Oh: Dale now that you are seperated from the PWT ,
give us your take on the information sharing, and the "our team -
against your team" mentality that is so prevalent in the circuits
[20:20:24] Dale Stroschein: it becomes a difficult circle to manuver
there is a lot at stake and friendships as well you need to respect
each persons perspective and cut through the bull
[20:20:32] ebijack (mi): dale, what kind of boat/motors will you
have available to customers
[20:20:56] Juls (WI): Dale i know you do shows with John
Gellispi...how many shows do you do with him a year?
[20:21:24] Dale Stroschein: no rentals through the resort but we
have some that will bring them out
[20:21:50] wannabe: dale do you still own the ice fishing world
record for walleye 
[20:22:12] Dale Stroschein: Shows with Gillespie 6-8 year Canada
was on this week and will be next week too FUN
[20:22:16] RichardM (AB): Dale I got here late how is the new
development coming?
[20:22:29] Dale Stroschein: Ice fishing record NO
[20:22:49] Dale Stroschein: Development great. Rich
[20:23:53] ebijack (mi): dale, do you plan on fishing with some of
the curcuit pros if /when they fish there for pre-fish?
[20:24:06] cowboy(wy): dale did you fish many western
[20:24:18] wannabe: dale do you know who and where how much
(ice record)
[20:24:21] Dale Stroschein: Yes 
[20:24:55] Dale Stroschein: Ice record NO NO
[20:25:09] cowboy(wy): could you give some tips on western
impoundments and the biggest difference from eastern waters
[20:25:22] Steve (IA): what is the name of your resort,Dale?
[20:25:09] cowboy(wy): could you give some tips on western
impoundments and the biggest differeence from eastern waters
[20:25:22] Steve (IA): what is the name of your resort,Dale?
[20:25:51] jigman: cindy what is dales best line to you to get out
[20:26:17] Dale Stroschein: Buy the way I will be on with John
Gillespie this week sunday at 10:30 AM TV 26 in my area and the
midwest sports channel from our Canada trip last week it was
[20:27:10] Dale Stroschein: Same methods on Erie as would in
Montana but more minnows out west
[20:27:51] ebijack (mi): dale, what's your web site address so
everyone can get it
[20:28:17] Jim Oh: Dale where is your personal favorite walleye
[20:28:18] Dale Stroschein: Resort name is the SAND BAY
BEACH RESORT AND SUITES www.sandbaybeachresort,com
[20:29:05] ebijack (mi): dale, aren't you running a new 20ft ranger?
[20:29:20] Dale Stroschein: Best line to get out fishing " I need to
check some spots for......clients, an upcoming show, ect.... It works
[20:29:21] Steve (IA): is Sand Bay the name of the town you are
located in or near?
[20:29:32] jigman: lol
[20:30:15] Dale Stroschein: Favorite lake is Erie or Western Res
[20:30:31] Pook (ny): Dale....How much of an effect does catching a
PIKE in a walleye hole have? Do the walleye's hide? Can they
smell the pike scent on the lure?
[20:30:43] Dale Stroschein: New 20 ft Ranger Yes and I love it
almost as much as Cindy
[20:31:11] Dale Stroschein: Resort located near Sturgeon Bay
[20:31:20] cowboy(wy): dale, once you started tourneys, were you
still able to sit back and just relax while fishing
[20:31:42] jigman: if you had a lund dale you would love it just as
much as cindy dale
[20:31:49] ebijack (mi): dale, will you have hookups for charging
boat batteries etc at each room?
[20:32:04] Dale Stroschein: Pike No the walleyes come just as
easily after a pike
[20:32:09] Larry (WI): Dale, can you describe what your favorite
type of spinner rig you use to fish the reefs by Sturgeon Bay
(Blades, color etc.)
[20:32:36] Dale Stroschein: Yes you can hook up to charge with
each room
[20:33:10] Dale Stroschein: Had a lund and won't go back it's
Ranger for life
[20:33:24] ebijack (mi): what about the parking places dale,
anything special? for trailers etc?
[20:34:01] Dale Stroschein: After tourneys it has over the years
become more difficult but I'll work on relaxing with it again I do love
to fish
[20:34:37] jigman: i am from timmins ontario.......where were you
fishing in canada recently dale
[20:34:38] Swat 1(oh): I think we all get to that point sooner or later
[20:34:48] Dale Stroschein: Parking yes we will have quite a few
stalls where you can stay hooked together
[20:34:51] ebijack (mi): dale, do you have any plans on getting
back into tourney fishing?
[20:35:16] Dale Stroschein: Manitioba Flin Flon
[20:35:23] Dale Stroschein: It was fantastic
[20:35:49] Dale Stroschein: caught a 46 in pike (26 lbs) on 8lb line
[20:36:02] jigman: nice fish
[20:36:10] Nite Eyes: i bet that was a battle!!!!!
[20:36:26] Capt. Marty: Seen the show Dale looked like a great
[20:36:37] jigman: that had to be ice fishing am i right dale
[20:37:07] Dale Stroschein: Favorite spinners in Sturgeon Bay are
silver and gold blades but do more cranking for walleye than
anything back home
[20:37:24] Dale Stroschein: Canada was ice yes
[20:37:37] JB (MN): What size spinner blade is your favorite?
[20:38:11] Dale Stroschein: hey Marty it was a great fishery fish are
also biting great here in Sturgeon Bay now Walleyes 
[20:38:28] Dale Stroschein: Size of blades 4-6
[20:38:46] JB (MN): Usually Colorado?
[20:38:59] Capt. Marty: The ice is getting a little "iffy" there?
[20:39:14] Dale Stroschein: colorado and hatchets
[20:39:16] JB (MN): Those are some big blades...looking for big
[20:39:22] Dale Stroschein: ice is iffy yes
[20:39:25] ebijack (mi): dale, was fishing the pwt a plus or a minus to
your wallet over the years
[20:39:33] fastrack: dale do you use snap weight or lead core
when trolling in deep waters?and what do you works the best?
[20:39:37] Dale Stroschein: always looking for big fish
[20:39:58] jigman: lol
[20:40:12] Larry (WI): Dale, what length leads do you use up there
for spinner rigs?
[20:40:17] Dale Stroschein: Even money maybe with PWT but
hopefully it will pay off to help with the new venture
[20:40:42] JB (MN): Sorry for being late.  What's the new venture?
[20:40:46] jigman: in business your name is all important dale
[20:41:00] Dale Stroschein: fast- snap weights in summer and
leadcore for fall
[20:41:13] Capt. Marty: you've got a great location and with your
reputation I'm sure you should do great!
[20:41:32] Dale Stroschein: New venture is our resort The Sand
Bay Beach Resort and Suites opens May 21
[20:41:57] Dale Stroschein: larry I work primarily suspended
[20:42:32] Dale Stroschein: Capt Marty Thanks
[20:42:33] ebijack (mi): dale, when will your brochures be out, or is
everything on your web page, tourest attractions etc
[20:43:01] Larry (WI): Dale, what are the primary forage for
walleyes during the summer months?
[20:43:14] Dale Stroschein: Brochures are ready just ask by email
website is up and running www.sandbaybeachresort.com
[20:43:24] chromeguy43: how deep do they usually run or suspend
[20:43:28] Dale Stroschein: larry smelt
[20:43:50] Swat 1(oh): Dale can you give us your Web Page
Address again for those that didn't see it before
[20:44:18] Dale Stroschein: suspend in 20ft down 10ft
 [20:44:53] Dale Stroschein: web address
www.sandbaybeachresort.com email sandbay@dcwis.com
[20:44:53] jigman: ever fish northern ontario dale
[20:45:05] Swat 1(oh): Thanks
[20:45:09] Larry (WI): Dale, what are your favorite cranks to run in
[20:45:10] Dale Stroschein: no northern ontario
[20:45:26] Pook (ny): Dale...When trolling live bait rigs,do you go
back for snags?
[20:45:29] Dale Stroschein: summer cranks Storm thundersticks
[20:45:48] JB (MN): Do you start with a specific crank? Size? Color?
[20:45:52] Dale Stroschein: snags- yes takes to long to tie  new
[20:45:58] Larry (WI): Deep divers small and large?
[20:46:34] Dale Stroschein: cranks - where
[20:46:48] ebijack (mi): dale, are you going to be the regular guide
for your resort?
[20:46:57] Dale Stroschein: deep divers all sizes jrs mostly
[20:46:58] Larry (WI): Sturgeon Bay area
[20:47:41] Dale Stroschein: Resort guide would be me yes name
of service Wacky Walleye Guide Service had it before the tourney
[20:48:14] ebijack (mi): so cindy is chief cook and bottle washer?  :)
[20:48:16] Larry (WI): Sheboygan Falls
[20:48:27] Dale Stroschein: Cranks St Bay- Jr thunderstick black
and gold blue silver fire tiger
[20:48:56] Dale Stroschein: Cindy gets to do all the fun stuff ha ha
[20:49:03] ebijack (mi): :)
[20:50:57] ebijack (mi): dale, what will be the biggest selling point
to your resort
[20:51:17] Dale Stroschein: Quick tips for trolling cranks Try to stay
above fish use line counter to repeat zone make sure baits are
[20:51:56] Bigmouth(oh): Dale do you use 3-way swivel while
trolling cranks.... say jig ,grub, or spoon?
[20:51:58] JB (MN): Do you have a preferred/starting speed?
[20:52:42] Dale Stroschein: Resort location is the best we have a
300 foot sugar fine beach on a terrific body of water and the
amenities will be second to none fishing wise it is FANTASTIC
[20:52:59] Steve (IA): I'm not sure Swat got your web address, Dale
could you post it again
[20:53:07] Dale Stroschein: once and a while i use 3 way swivels
[20:53:35] Dale Stroschein: web address www.
[20:53:39] jigman: what length rod do you like for jig fishing dale
[20:53:42] Drift'r: ha
[20:53:44] ebijack (mi): what size rooms will you have avail.
[20:53:57] Dale Stroschein: rod length favorite 7ft
[20:54:08] JB (MN): How much time do you spend locating fish
before dropping a line?
[20:54:19] Dale Stroschein: jig fishing rod length 6 foot sorry
[20:54:28] Nite Eyes: what is your favorite brand of rod????????
[20:54:34] harley mi.: it always seem everybody say use crank
baits whats wrong with live bait?
[20:54:42] chromeguy43: and action
[20:55:29] Dale Stroschein: Rooms will very from hotel style suites
with jacuzzi to complete 2 bedrooms with Jacuzzi fire place etc all
will have phones, cable tv vcr ect
[20:56:05] Steve (IA): My wife won't want to go home, Dale!
[20:56:13] ebijack (mi): i was wondering for folks who bring their
kids etc
[20:56:40] jigman: are you set up for night fishing dale
[20:57:01] Dale Stroschein: Kids get it the best game room pool
beach bonfires grilling basket ball volley bay ect
[20:57:22] Dale Stroschein: your wife would love it too daily maid
service to boot
[20:57:33] Dale Stroschein: favorite rods Shimano\
[20:57:50] wannabe: good luck Dale good night got to go
[20:57:55] Dale Stroschein: Live bait I use it all the time it works
[20:57:57] ebijack (mi): sounds like your going to busy cindy  :)
[20:58:04] Dale Stroschein: Thanks
[20:58:17] Dale Stroschein: Busy yes
[20:58:37] Dale Stroschein: Night fishing yes it is the best here for
[20:58:49] Steve (IA): how many acres do you sit on Dale?
[20:59:09] Dale Stroschein: 2 acres about
[20:59:14] sinker: Dale, when trolling cranks in mudlines, where do
you like the presentation?
[20:59:49] Dale Stroschein: mudlines closer to bottom 
[21:00:10] sinker: how far away from edge of mud?
[21:00:14] jigman: thank you for your time dale and cindy i hope
your dream comes true
[21:00:24] Dale Stroschein: Thanks jigman
[21:00:24] Pook (ny): Dale..Good luck with all of your
adventures,and thanks for your answers.
[21:00:35] Dale Stroschein: pook thanks come see us 
[21:01:01] JB (MN): Dale, how much time do you spend locating
fish before dropping a line?
[21:01:21] Hot Jigs(jiffy: Dale i get a kick out of watching John
Gallespie he really gets into it hey hollering and screaming every
[21:01:29] Dale Stroschein: Thanks JR good luck to you
[21:01:56] Dale Stroschein: Gillespies truely loves what he does
[21:01:56] ebijack (mi): are their any more questions for our hosts
[21:02:30] Hot Jigs(jiffy: Bob what do you typically use after dark for
[21:02:56] harley mi.: dale live or crank which do you feel is better?
[21:03:42] Bob Jensen: I was at Dale's place on Sturgeon Bay last
spring. Smallmouth bass fishing is great. I've also seen the plans
for Dale's new place. Looks like this is going to be something
really nice. Good luck to Dale and Cindy
[21:03:57] ebijack (mi): I'd like to THANK our hour hosts DALE and
[21:04:03] Steve (IA): thanks, Dale and Cindy.... Clap, Clap, Clap
[21:04:09] Dale Stroschein: EBi looks like we are pretty well done
thanks it's been an honor I''ll get these questions before I go
[21:04:17] Hot Jigs(jiffy: Thanks Dale and Cindy hope to see you
[21:04:17] Clicker (Oh): Thanks Dale and Cindy nice job.
[21:04:20] Nite Eyes: clap!!! clap!!!!!! thanks dale!!!!!
[21:04:21] Juls (WI): thanks dale and cindy great job..clap clap
[21:04:26] fastrack: thank you Dale for answering my questions .
good night too all
[21:04:27] cowboy(wy): thanks Strochein's good luck to you
[21:04:32] Dale Stroschein: live or crank depends on the situation
[21:04:32] Swat 1(oh): Thanks Dale/Cindy
[21:04:33] Capt. Marty: Good luck Dale and Cindy and look forward
to getting up there soon!
[21:04:37] ebijack (mi): thanks dale and cindy and GOOD LUCK !!!
[21:04:42] Bull(OH): <<<<clappping good job and good luck in
your new venture!!!!!!!!
[21:04:44] jigmup: sure Dale, bail just when i show up  :)
[21:04:54] JB (MN): G'nite all... thanks!
[21:07:06] Dale Stroschein: Thank you all for the kind words I hope
you all come see us as soon as you can- great fishing to all. We
open May 21st for the late arrivals and we have great fishing
specials www.sandbaybeachresort.com
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