Ted Takasaki Chat 11/25/97



[20:08:07] golden (co ): Ted, I'd like to first thank you for hosting a chat with us,

[20:08:20] Jim (Canada): Congrats on a great tournament year... Ted

[20:08:33] Ted: It's great to be here and thank you for the compliments

[20:08:40] ebijack (mi): ted, is that 25 hp you use for a kicker a 2 or 4 stroke

[20:08:47] *** walleyezon(MN) has joined Walleye Central

[20:08:53] Ted: 2 stroke

[20:08:54] ebijack (mi): howdy walleyezon

[20:09:14] walleyezon(MN): hi guys

[20:09:33] jigmup: reason for 2-stroke?

[20:09:36] Ted: they don't make a 25 hp 4stroke

[20:09:42] ebijack (mi): does having a kicker that heavy change the way the boat


[20:09:44] *** Neil has joined Walleye Central

[20:09:51] ebijack (mi): howdy neil

[20:09:56] Ted: the 25 hp 2 stroke is not that heavy

[20:10:06] Ted: I like the extra power that the 25 hp gives me

[20:10:17] golden (co ): Ted, tell us a little about the Walleye Masters Institute

[20:10:29] Ted: We are really excited about the Institute

[20:10:30] *** John P. has left Walleye Central

[20:10:43] JOHN: TED when is a good time to fish cumberland lake

[20:10:44] Ted: It will be held on the 7th of March in Chicago area

[20:10:54] reelmn: what brand of line counter reel do you use

[20:10:56] Neil: Tom, what about that Detroit River info?

[20:11:12] Ted: Dale Stroschein Perry Good and Marty glorvigen will be instructors

[20:11:25] *** Wannabe has joined Walleye Central

[20:11:27] Ted: Cumberland would be excellent in the spring april may

[20:11:28] ebijack (mi): lets talk to ted right now o.k.

[20:11:38] blane (wa): Ted, when you prefish for a tournament do you spend most of

your time searching or fishing?

[20:12:03] Ted: both...don't fish until you locate fish with your electronics or see other

catching fish

[20:12:07] Dutchman: Ted seems like the PWT has gone back to familiar waters What

do you think is the biggest reason for this?

[20:12:16] ScottRi: Is it true Anderson's Lodge in Lac Seul, Ontario is opening a micro

brewry in your honor and naming the produce Teddie Beer...sorry, couldn't resist

[20:12:22] Ted: Lake erie is excellent for big fish

[20:12:34] Ted: different times

[20:12:58] Ted: Anderson's Lodge is a great place to go...in fact i am hosting a trip to

lac seul

[20:13:05] Ted: in september 1998

[20:13:21] Wannabe: hi LS

[20:13:24] Ted: I love micro breweries

[20:13:26] Gofish (mn): how about leech ted,looking for biger fish this year?

[20:13:29] golden (co ): hi wannabe

[20:13:39] ebijack (mi): howdy wannabe

[20:13:42] ScottRi: its scott richardson, bud...howdy

[20:13:43] Neil: Gotcha!

[20:13:44] Ted: We should have a much better bite at Leech this year

[20:13:55] *** JOHN has left Walleye Central

[20:14:03] Wannabe: HI scott

[20:14:12] Gofish (mn): yes you should ted!

[20:14:15] Jim (Canada): I've got some more "bumping" tools if required.

[20:14:18] Ted: it will be interesting the different patterns at leech

[20:14:41] Gofish (mn): will you do much of the same tings ted?

[20:15:00] Ted: I will work on more shallow water humps at leech this year

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[20:15:15] *** JoeFish has joined Walleye Central

[20:15:17] *** JOHN has joined Walleye Central

[20:15:29] *** clay(wy) has joined Walleye Central

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[20:15:36] golden (co ): hi clay

[20:15:36] *** ScottR has left Walleye Central

[20:15:37] Gofish (mn): i am from leech lake ted know rick runqwist well.

[20:15:43] blane (wa): howdy clay

[20:15:45] ebijack (mi): howdy clay

[20:15:47] Ted: I'm excited to see so many people interested in walleyes'

[20:15:49] clay(wy): Hi guys, wow what a group

[20:15:55] Eyeman: hi clay

[20:15:55] Dutchman: Ted I've heard that Ranger will be making a 20' Walleye Boat

know anything about it?

[20:15:57] Ted: Rick is great fisherman and a good friend

[20:16:01] John P.: heard the new ranger will be 20 feet long??

[20:16:10] *** RLAC has joined Walleye Central

[20:16:19] Ted: Ranger will be introducing a new boat for 1999

[20:16:27] clay(wy): Hi RLAC

[20:16:32] Ted: It won't be quite 20 feet

[20:16:38] *** JoeFish has joined Walleye Central

[20:16:42] Neil: Ted, I was fascinated by your comments about the Walleye Capital of

the World. Where do you really think it is? Where is the best shot at the new record?

[20:16:55] *** reeltime(oh) has joined Walleye Central

[20:16:58] jigmup: Tobin

[20:17:04] ScottRi: will it replace the 690 or augment it?

[20:17:05] John P.: fort peck??

[20:17:06] Ted: I m not sure we want to get into this about the Walleye capital

[20:17:15] ebijack (mi): howdy reeltime

[20:17:17] Ted: I love all lakes that have walleye in it

[20:17:18] reeltime(oh): howdy fellows

[20:17:21] Jim (Canada): Kinda like religion... a no win arguement.

[20:17:24] Ted: if fact we need more DNR

[20:17:25] *** RLAC has left Walleye Central

[20:17:26] Eyeman: hi reeltime

[20:17:29] Wannabe: Ted will you get a prot type 20 for 1998

[20:17:33] Ted: to stock more walleyes

[20:17:51] reeltime(oh): hi , sure is crowded

[20:17:51] Ted: It depends upon how soon Ranger will have one for me

[20:18:10] Wannabe: sorry prototype

[20:18:37] Jim (Canada): I've read that keeping sponsors on board is getting tougher

every year... does that jive with your experience?

[20:18:39] *** ELF has joined Walleye Central

[20:18:47] JOHN: TED what is your favorite crankbait

[20:19:01] Ted: No doubt...professionals have to know how to do more than just catch


[20:19:23] Ted: whatever is catching fish, i use all of them

[20:19:28] blane (wa): what type of rod & reel setup do you use when jigging, Ted?

[20:19:45] Ted: I use a Pinnacle 6' 6" med action rod

[20:19:51] blane (wa): spinning?

[20:20:07] Ted: deadbolt 030 from Pinnacle as well

[20:20:20] Ted: I like the infinite anti-reverse feature

[20:20:37] Gofish (mn): have had sucsess virtical jiging with fire line ted?

[20:20:42] Ted: Pinnacle is now introducing a new rod series called Triwing that is


[20:20:45] reelmn: ted,what do you use for plannerboard rods nad reels

[20:20:53] Ted: I haven't use fireline much

[20:20:59] clay(wy): I won a deadbolt combination at Ft. Peck and am really impressed

[20:21:03] ELF: ted, what is the single most common mistake you see in walleye fishing

[20:21:24] Ted: planer board rod is an IMT 8'6" rod and liine counter reel

[20:21:54] Ted: mistake is not fishing enough but I see many walleye anglers not being

versatile enough

[20:22:00] Jim (Canada): What's special about this new Triwing rod series?

[20:22:02] reelmn: Ted, make of line counter reel?

[20:22:23] Ted: you have to be able to troll, jig live bait rig, etc. with equal prowness

[20:22:34] walleyezon(MN): Ted, how long do you give a lure before you switch to

another if it is not productive?

[20:22:35] Ted: I currently use a Daiwa 27lc

[20:23:06] Ted: The tri wings are ultra light with titanium guides casts farther

[20:23:26] Jim (Canada): You should be proud.... the CBC couldn't get this many

people on line and their a national broadcaster.

[20:23:26] John P.: what do you think about the PWT schedule for next year??

[20:23:31] Ted: I give a lure about 10 to 15 minutes

[20:23:50] Ted: I like the PWT schedule although it is very far for driving this year

[20:24:09] blane (wa): after the 10 to 15, do change color or change style of lure?

[20:24:11] LS: ted, what tatics will you be using on the erie tourney in 98?

[20:24:16] Ted: It's our job though to barnstrom around the country

[20:24:32] Ted: I will probably be trolling spinners or cranks

[20:25:00] John P.: is the PWT doing this schedule so they will have bragging rights

about the lbs. caught

[20:25:21] Ted: I change both color and style

[20:25:43] Ted: That might have something to do with it. It will be a big weight year

[20:26:07] Ted: This past year was so tough that the amatuers were somewhat


[20:26:11] John P.: The Masters Walleye Instutute is always a great time!!!

[20:26:22] Ted: I am glad that you like it John

[20:26:39] Ted: I believe that it is the best forum for exchanging ideas and information

[20:26:40] blane (wa): Does being a big weight year benefit the best anglers or the

lucky ones?

[20:27:03] Ted: check the main board for more info on the institue

[20:27:04] Eyeman: when you have the option of spinnners ro cranks which do you

start with most of the time

[20:27:32] Ted: Big weight years certainly even the playing field

[20:27:46] LS: ted, i will be fishing all 4 pwt events in 98 as a amateur, is this the best

stepping stone to go pro?

[20:27:48] Ted: this year was a good indication of versatility and adaptability

[20:28:08] JOHN: TED how many day do you usually fish before a tournament

[20:28:20] Ted: i like spinners a lot, in fact if there was one lure to take, i would use


[20:28:46] Ted: fishing as an amateur is an excellent way to know whether fishing pro

is what you want

[20:29:02] Ted: i typically pre-fish 5 days before the tournament

[20:29:03] walleyezon(MN): Ted, can you expand a bit more on lure selection and how

you make those decisions?

[20:29:11] Gofish (mn): I'll bet you and rick jiged the first day on leech?

[20:29:46] Ted: i do a lot of homework before i get to the site

[20:30:00] Ted: rich and I jigged and lindy rigged both

[20:30:03] Neil: Would you still choose spinners over cranks in late fall and cold


[20:30:35] Ted: that is an excellent question...I would probably go with cranks as

evidenced by

[20:30:42] Ted: the activity on little bay de noc

[20:31:20] Ted: where is every one from?

[20:31:31] LS: ND

[20:31:32] reeltime(oh): ohio

[20:31:38] MAHUMBA: Thunder Bay Ontario, Canada.

[20:31:39] clay(wy): Wyomiming here

[20:31:40] Wolfheart: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

[20:31:43] Jim (Canada): Hamilton, Ontario Canada - west end of Lake Ontario

[20:31:47] ebijack (mi): michigan

[20:31:48] Lundman (Wi): wisconsin

[20:31:48] ELF: mn

[20:31:49] Neil: I am from south of Toronto

[20:31:49] walleyezon(MN): MN

[20:31:52] Eyeman: ind

[20:31:52] reelmn: Ted, Reelmn from Indiana

[20:31:54] golden (co ): colorado

[20:31:54] blane (wa): Vancouver Washington

[20:31:56] BobZ: SE MIchigan

[20:32:00] jigmup: Garrison, ND

[20:32:02] Dutchman: South Dakota Ted

[20:32:04] ZachB(MN): Minn

[20:32:05] ScottRi: Bloomington, Illinois, USA

[20:32:17] Gofish (mn): MN

[20:32:18] Jim (Canada): You're an international star....

[20:32:19] JOHN: TED i found that spinners=more & cranks=bigger fish at LAKE ERIE

[20:32:22] John P.: East Peoria, IL.

[20:32:27] Ted: this is absolutely incredible, I wish all of us could be in a room real time

[20:32:37] Jim (Canada): You buying the beer?

[20:32:44] Dutchman: that would be fun

[20:32:44] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:32:56] blane (wa): Ted, have you ever fished the Columbia River before?

[20:32:58] jigmup: careful what you wish for Ted

[20:33:07] Ted: I've been known to buy a few beers here an there, especially


[20:33:07] LS: :-)

[20:33:20] Neil: Do you ever fish Quinte? Bagged over 70 last fall over 7 pounds, up to


[20:33:27] Ted: i have fished the columbia at portland

[20:33:28] MAHUMBA: Canadian beer......or Molson Canadian?

[20:33:31] Jim (Canada): Ever have the molson ICE beer... 7.5 % alcohol...

[20:33:38] blane (wa): any luck?

[20:33:42] Ted: never been on quinte, would like to though

[20:33:44] *** Ron (Wis.) has left Walleye Central

[20:33:55] Ted: im' a blue man myself

[20:34:05] MAHUMBA: Labatt!!!

[20:34:07] Jim (Canada): God love ya... me too.

[20:34:16] Ted: molson is a bit too much for me

[20:34:20] Neil: Hey, if you want a guide, to the fishing and the Canadian beer, give me

a shout!

[20:34:31] Jim (Canada): But... if it's cold and it's in front of me... it's gone.

[20:34:50] Ted: Im going to Anderson's in september and would love to drink a few

with all of you

[20:35:00] golden (co ): This is cracking me up! I love it

20:35:15] walleyezon(MN): Ted, I understand that you sell computer systems in the


[20:35:21] Neil: Orgasmic!!!

[20:35:31] Jim (Canada): That would explain the typing skills.

[20:35:35] Ted: I actually sell computers for HP all year as a hobby

[20:35:47] clay(wy): What is your degree in Ted

[20:35:52] Jim (Canada): Naw.... big ones or PC's?

[20:35:57] reelmn: Linton, south of Terre Haute of the West side of the stste

[20:35:57] Dutchman: so what do you do for fun then Ted

[20:36:01] Ted: i have an engineering degree from the U of IL

[20:36:01] MAHUMBA: And I thought he had someone typing for him!!! Ha ha!

[20:36:17] Ted: big ones ...main frame types

[20:36:24] clay(wy): I am working on my masters in Engineering at UW

[20:36:25] ELF: ted,do you think fishing for suspended walleyes in relatively small

waters like leech has any potential

[20:36:25] walleyezon(MN): Ted, do you live out east?

[20:36:32] Jim (Canada): I do mosy of my work on 3000's and 9000's...... ;-)

[20:36:42] Ted: I actually took typing in high school ..best course i could have taken

[20:36:56] Jim (Canada): guess I should have taken that course.

[20:36:59] clay(wy): wish I wood have

[20:37:04] Ted: i think that suspended fish have potential in every body of water

[20:37:06] clay(wy): :-)

[20:37:06] MAHUMBA: Yup!!! It pays off for me now also.

[20:37:09] Gofish (mn): ME TOO!

[20:37:10] Dutchman: mef tuo

[20:37:21] ebijack (mi): not mee

[20:37:24] Ted: there are little lakes in ill that have suspended walleye at certaintimes

of the year

[20:37:25] golden (co ): good one dutch

[20:37:30] walleyezon(MN): me too!

[20:37:34] Ted: i live near chicago il

[20:37:46] reeltime(oh): ted, if you were running boards, 4 lines on each side, would

you run your colors in sets to try and find the best color.

[20:38:07] Ted: i start the day with 4 colors and two different types of cranks

[20:38:07] reelmn: eyeman, south of terre haute place named linton

[20:38:17] Jim (Canada): back in a sec... just getting a blue... I mean beer.

[20:38:19] Ted: same with spinners, different colors and sizes

[20:38:48] Ted: i always let the fish tell me what to do

[20:39:15] Ted: keep your eyes open also

[20:39:16] Gofish (mn): do you ice fish ted?

[20:39:27] Ted: there are almost always signs of what is going on

[20:39:45] JOHN: TED do you ever grt to pleasure fish

[20:39:47] reelmn: eyeman, my email address is in the email directory in walleye central

[20:39:47] Ted: i do not get a chance to ice fish much

[20:39:54] Ted: too many seminars

[20:40:17] Jim (Canada): Is it possible to over-stress the need for practice and


[20:40:17] Ted: my pleasure fishing is relegated to television and hosting outdoor


[20:40:25] *** ELF has left Walleye Central

[20:40:33] blane (wa): will you be giving any seminars out west this year

[20:40:43] Ted: there is no substitute for time on the water

[20:40:46] Dutchman: Do you fish with your family

[20:41:12] Ted: i do not have anything scheduled although i recently received a letter

from a north dakota group

[20:41:25] clay(wy): good for you LS

[20:41:26] Ted: my daughter loves to fish

[20:41:54] Ted: i am gone so much, though that we don't get to go out as much as i

would like

[20:42:01] blane (wa): Is she a future tournament champion?

[20:42:05] Ted: there are sacrifices that have to be made sometimes

[20:42:09] *** BobZ has joined Walleye Central

[20:42:17] Dutchman: I've got 5 kids that love to fish, the boat looks like a porcupine

when the perch are biting

[20:42:20] Ted: she catches only big fish...just ask her

[20:42:22] clay(wy): that is too bad, you should take here pre-fishing

[20:42:32] clay(wy): her pre-fishing

[20:42:50] Ted: my wife and kristi go to calif during the summer to visit grandma

[20:43:03] Eyeman: ted do you have a favorite blade size to start with most places ??

[20:43:06] Ted: they go to the championship each year and some of the tournament

[20:43:16] *** Wolfheart has left Walleye Central

[20:43:24] Ted: my favorite blade size is a #4 to start with

[20:43:34] Ted: colorado is my favorite shape

[20:43:47] Eyeman: color ??

[20:43:57] golden (co ): Mine too Ted, same size.

[20:44:00] Ted: hammered gold and silver are my favorite colors

[20:44:09] clay(wy): Ted, did you have to change strategy from prefishing to the

tournament at Ft. Peck

[20:44:23] BobZ: How fast will you be trolling on Lake Erie next spring with spinners?

[20:44:32] Ted: not really...i had the shallow water spinner bite pretty pegged

[20:44:42] LS: Ted, any info on the NPAA?

[20:44:51] Ted: i like to troll fairly slow..with spinners in the 1 mph to 1.5 mph range

[20:44:23] BobZ: How fast will you be trolling on Lake Erie next spring with spinners?

[20:44:32] Ted: not really...i had the shallow water spinner bite pretty pegged

[20:44:42] LS: Ted, any info on the NPAA?

[20:44:51] Ted: i like to troll fairly slow..with spinners in the 1 mph to 1.5 mph range

[20:45:07] Ted: NPAA is an excellent organization

[20:45:21] ScottRi: Bye Ted, gotta go. Great "seeing" you. Talk to you soon.

[20:45:28] Dutchman: Ted how well does your Ranger handle rough water?

[20:45:29] Ted: i think that it will help to shape the direction of the pro anglers in the


[20:45:30] LS: what is it about, NPAA

[20:45:40] JOHN: TED do you use G P S speed

[20:45:49] Ted: my ranger is probably the best walleye boat built

[20:45:55] MAHUMBA: Ted, Ever use slip floats?

20:46:07] Ted: NPAA is the national professional anglers assoc. of america

[20:46:34] golden (co ): What's the crtiteia for joining the NPAA?

[20:46:34] MAHUMBA: I know you have used them......I mean in tournys.

[20:46:40] Ted: i use GPS speed along with the paddle wheel speed indicator on my

bottomline as well as the rpm's of the engine

[20:47:02] Ted: i do not use floats as much as i should

[20:47:05] *** ScottRi has left Walleye Central

[20:47:13] Lundman (Wi): ted, what about a guy that doesnt have a lot of time to be on

the water, what's the best way to minimize time spent looking for fish

[20:47:20] Neil: What are your views on catch and release?

[20:47:39] Ted: Criteria would be difficult to describle here...Mclelland could send you

additional details to post

[20:47:58] golden (co ): I know Ted, I was just trying to help out LS

[20:47:59] Ted: floats are tough to use in tourneys...i am moving so much

[20:48:31] Neil: Just a dumb Prof who wishes he could fish all the time!

[20:48:34] Ted: do your homework ahead of time..get a good fishing report..kn ow

where you are going to fish ahead of time

[20:48:43] Ted: the internet is an excellent source of info

[20:48:56] clay(wy): especially this site

[20:49:01] Ted: c & r is absolutely critical to preserving oour future fisheries

[20:49:03] blane (wa): Ted, when fishing current, I've always been told to troll cranks

upstream and pull spinners downstream, why?

[20:49:07] MAHUMBA: What aplications would you use them? ie: cold fronts, drifting,

jigging, etc.

[20:49:39] Ted: you can troll cranks with the current as well...they dive deeper with the


[20:49:51] Ted: what

[20:49:56] blane (wa): that's what I usually do

[20:49:56] Neil: Call me and let's go fishing!

[20:49:58] Ted: what's "them"

[20:50:05] MAHUMBA: Slip floats.....

[20:50:31] Ted: slip floats would be used when the wind is blowing and the walleyes

shallow on rock piles

[20:50:40] Ted: like at mille lacs lake

[20:51:01] MAHUMBA: Thanks..

[20:51:06] Ted: there are probably many more applications, but i cannot say that i am

an expert on them

[20:51:08] *** rtmg has joined Walleye Central

[20:51:15] Jim (Canada): Ted... is there one thing you'd like to redo from this past


[20:51:29] golden (co ): hi "Rob"

[20:51:38] Eyeman: 19 foot

[20:51:39] ebijack (mi): howdy rob

[20:51:40] Ted: i cannot say that i made many mistakes this past season

[20:51:43] walleyezon(MN): Ted, if you have found several areas that hold fish and

they are not ready to bite, do you wait them out??

[20:51:52] golden (co ): You had a tremendous year Ted,

[20:51:53] rtmg: Howdy everyone

[20:52:02] Ted: i just needed a little luck and i could've won a couple of tourneys this


[20:52:16] blane (wa): Ted, what's it like for an amateur in your boat?

[20:52:23] Jim (Canada): If memory serves you weren't often far from the lead...

[20:52:35] Ted: i always look for aggressive fish and keep moving ..sometimes coming

back if i am marking concentrations

[20:52:46] *** Lundman (Wi) has joined Walleye Central

[20:52:53] golden (co ): hi lundman

[20:52:59] *** JOHN has left Walleye Central

[20:53:00] John P.: I pre-fished with Ted at Lake Oahe. He is great to fish with!!!

[20:53:02] BobZ: I prefished with Ted for a day on Sag. Bay. He moves a lot!!!

[20:53:04] Ted: i enjoy having amateurs in my boat...in fact there are many very good


[20:53:49] Dutchman: Ted do you ever take an amateurs suggestions?

[20:53:56] Ted: in fact, i would even love to fish as an amateur and see what other

people are doing specifically

[20:54:10] rtmg: Ted: What's "chugging"

[20:54:19] Ted: i am not allowed to take suggestions from my amateurs and do not

[20:54:31] clay(wy): even prefishing ted

[20:54:37] Ted: chugging is a technique used at the detroit river

[20:54:53] *** JOHN has joined Walleye Central

[20:54:54] Ted: it consists of a heavy weight with a treble hook tied to it

[20:55:00] Jim (Canada): Or a Detroit bar..... ;-)

[20:55:20] Ted: you use your hand and move it up and down to get fish to strike

[20:56:04] reeltime(oh): how heavy of a weight?

[20:56:16] Ted: anywhere from 2 to 4 ounces

[20:56:19] Jim (Canada): I had some good success with a whitefish painted , deep

crank this year... ever use such a beast?

[20:56:34] reeltime(oh): kind of like jigging?

[20:56:36] MAHUMBA: Well Ted......it's been a pleasure! Thanks for the insight.

Maybe I'll get to meet you one day. Thanks again. Good night.

[20:56:42] Ted: i like metallic cranks a lot

[20:56:48] walleyezon(MN): I heard a few guys doing it on the Mississippi this year in


[20:56:57] golden (co ): see ya roger

[20:57:06] MAHUMBA: Bye Scott.

[20:57:06] JOHN: TEDdo you take people prefishing on all 5 days

[20:57:11] Ted: there were a few chugging on the rivers this year

[20:57:14] Jim (Canada): I fished this beside a silver wally diver... almost the same

shape , same action... outfished the wally 3 to 1

[20:57:20] Ted: sometimes

[20:57:38] Neil: Other than Mahumba, do any of you ever fish the Canadian north


[20:57:45] Ted: i never argue with success...i'll try it next time

[20:57:52] jigmup: i do neil

[20:58:10] rtmg: I do..

[20:58:11] Jim (Canada): I've been as far as Nippising... not real north tho...

[20:58:17] John P.: English River, Ontario

[20:58:19] Ted: i have fished lac seul, separation lake, georgian bay, lake of the


[20:58:34] Ted: and a few smaller lakes

[20:58:42] rtmg: Ted: Is there any plans for PWT to come to Canada

[20:58:44] Ted: canada is god's country

[20:59:01] Ted: i would love for the PWT to come to canada, especially in the summer

[20:59:03] Dutchman: Ted ever fish for smallmouths on Oahe?

[20:59:10] *** MAHUMBA has left Walleye Central

[20:59:16] Ted: i have never fished for smallmouth on oahe

[20:59:25] rtmg: Is it ever talked about ?

[20:59:37] Ted: i've got to believe that the PWT will be in canada sometime

20:59:54] Eyeman: ted what is you favortie planner board ?

[20:59:54] blane (wa): Ted, do you ever fish for other species besides walleye?

[20:59:54] Ted: i've never heard about the sm in oahe


[21:00:05] Jim (Canada): Too many good walleye waters for them not to come...

[21:00:09] Ted: i have used a Cannon Rover board forever

[21:00:19] Ted: i love all strippers

[21:00:33] Dutchman: Very good population of nice fish you ought to try it

[21:00:34] rtmg: Ted: Ever plan on coming to fish Gary Roach's tournament ????

[21:00:40] golden (co ): we all love strippers ted, you mean stripers?

[21:00:49] Neil: Looking for one more person for our annual fly-in to Ontario's BEST

fly-in lake next July. If interested, contact me!

[21:00:52] clay(wy): Hey now my wife might see that

[21:00:56] reeltime(oh): :)

[21:01:08] Dutchman: my wifes right here

[21:01:15] golden (co ): oops

[21:01:16] Ted: Gary's tournament would be great, unfortunately i have my hands full

with the PWT

[21:01:18] Jim (Canada): When in July?

[21:01:22] clay(wy): That must have hurt dutchman

[21:01:33] rtmg: No excuses, he makes it up....

[21:01:47] John P.: see ya! good luck fishing!!

[21:01:52] Neil: Middle of July!

[21:01:57] *** John P. has left Walleye Central

[21:02:10] Jim (Canada): I'm hoping to enter the GM/Mariner Pro Am in Port


[21:02:55] Ted: I want to thank John Balla alias JB for using his computer

[21:03:02] Jim (Canada): It's in the middle of July... right after I get back from my fishing


[21:03:02] reeltime(oh): got to go, fish hard guys and thanks for the time ted

[21:03:10] Ted: keep your eye on this rising star..JB

[21:03:16] Jim (Canada): Ted... thanks...

[21:03:18] ebijack (mi): thanks john balla

[21:03:22] clay(wy): bye reeltime

[21:03:24] *** reeltime(oh) has left Walleye Central

[21:03:38] rtmg: Thanks Ted, sorry I was late..

[21:03:41] clay(wy): thanks john

[21:03:43] golden (co ): thanks jb

[21:03:44] Ted: I'll stay as long as people want

[21:03:48] Neil: Ted, does tournament fishing spoil it for you in any way?

[21:03:54] *** reelmn has left Walleye Central

[21:03:59] blane (wa): Ted, do you ever think the PWT will get out west to the

columbia river?

[21:03:59] clay(wy): You might get a hand cramp

[21:04:03] Ted: i love tournament fishing when it's going good

[21:04:03] Dutchman: what a guy :-)

[21:04:12] Ted: it's a bear when it's going bad

[21:04:31] Ted: but...when it's good..it's awful good.. a feeling that money cannot buy

[21:04:48] Ted: PWT will be a the columbia soon

[21:04:49] Eyeman: wher do you start at turning the bad back to good Ted

[21:04:51] rtmg: money doesn't hurt though...

[21:04:52] Jim (Canada): Does it ever feel too much like work? For an extended period

of time that is? Or is the off the water activity more of the drag.

[21:05:03] clay(wy): Guess you will have to enter that one blane

[21:05:08] Dutchman: Ted Do you ever doubt yourself and start changing everthing?

[21:05:14] Ted: go back to the basics ...structure..what the fish are doing..etc.

[21:05:38] Ted: i like tournaments because they get you out of your comfort zone

[21:05:39] JOHN: good luck next year and thanks for the time TED

[21:05:44] Ted: you have to catch fish

[21:05:50] walleyezon(MN): I appreciate the pros who are willing to share

information,and take the time to talk with the ams

[21:05:52] Ted: no matter what

[21:05:54] clay(wy): bye john

[21:05:59] *** JOHN has left Walleye Central

[21:06:15] Neil: Cheers guys, you were a blast!

[21:06:18] Ted: i love talking fishing to anyone..who wants to learn

[21:06:18] rtmg: Ted: How come the PWT guys never come to Canada for sport shows


[21:06:20] clay(wy): bye neil

[21:06:26] Eyeman: bye neil

[21:06:32] Dutchman: Ted whats your heaviest EYE to date

[21:06:37] *** Neil has left Walleye Central

[21:06:38] Ted: everyone has to start somewhere..that's how i got started by asking

questions and studying hard

[21:07:14] walleyezon(MN): When you say study hard, how do you mean?

[21:07:28] Ted: i have caught a 10.5 lb fish...don't get the chance to go where the big

ones roam at the right time

[21:07:38] blane (wa): I saw that the PWT record walleye is only 12.12 lbs, that will fall

if they ever come to the Columbia

[21:07:45] clay(wy): that is one heck of a fish

[21:07:51] *** Nick has joined Walleye Central

[21:07:54] rtmg: or Canada..

[21:07:55] golden (co ): hi nick

[21:07:59] Ted: study means going to classes, reading books, watching videos,

internet, etc.

[21:08:02] clay(wy): That is what they said about peck blane

[21:08:03] Eyeman: hi rick

[21:08:12] Ted: i grabbed everything and everyone that i could for years

[21:08:47] Dutchman: double digits!! I'm still hunting for one

[21:08:55] Nick: hi golden, have i missed anything special

[21:08:57] Ted: i am sure that 12 will fall if we come to the columbia!

[21:09:03] *** Captain has joined Walleye Central

[21:09:18] golden (co ): Hi Marty

[21:09:31] golden (co ): Nick, Ted Takasaki is online, that's all

[21:09:52] walleyezon(MN): Ted, do you read and answer your e-mail?

[21:10:09] Dutchman: Ted what do you think of the southern walleye fisheries. ARK.


[21:10:26] Ted: I try to answer what i can...it is really difficult because i do have a full

time job

[21:10:45] walleyezon(MN): and a family

[21:10:52] BobZ: Ted, Do you tie your own spinners? Treble or single hooks and size?

[21:10:53] Ted: i appreciate everyone wanting to ask questions

[21:11:16] Ted: i have really enjoyed fishing arkansas...I almost won Ouachita

[21:11:57] Ted: i tie most of my own spinners because each lake or situation calls for

slightly different lengths, types of hooks, etc

[21:12:27] BobZ: Do you use trebles on Lake Erie

[21:12:39] Captain: Hi! Ted, just letting you know the big fish are biting good on Little

Bay, my choice baits are fishing jigs and redtail chubs. Captain Marty

[21:13:06] Ted: i use single hooks when fishing weedlines, trebles when fishing

suspended, combination when fishing bottom depending upon the snags

[21:13:37] Ted: i use a combination of a treble for the front hook and a single hook for

the trailer on erie

[21:13:38] jigmup: thanks for your time Ted, gotta go, later guys

[21:13:49] LS: bye paul

[21:14:06] Ted: i love fishing jigs and chubs at little bay...too many overlook that


[21:14:48] Ted: Lindy has introduced a 5/8 oz and 1 oz jumbo fuzz e grub that is

excellent for deep water jigging...for rivers also

[21:15:02] BobZ: Ted, I pre fished with you on Sag. Bay in 96 You had lost the small

screw in your eyeglasses - remember

[21:15:25] Ted: it's a bummer to wear glasses

[21:15:34] blane (wa): I hear ya

[21:15:37] Jim (Canada): I don't know of anywhere else you could chat to top line

pros... for free... while other pros are also hanging around... great stuff Scott.

[21:16:05] BobZ: You was a wee bit more than upset. Lost time on the water.

[21:16:11] golden (co ): I certainly have to agree, this is good stuff

[21:16:17] Ted: Thanks from me as well Scott

[21:16:29] walleyezon(MN): this is a great site!

[21:16:31] golden (co ): I appreciate you being here Ted, for all of us

[21:16:32] clay(wy): Ya thanks scott and ted

[21:16:46] Eyeman: thanks ted and scott

[21:16:51] ebijack (mi): thanks scott, and thanks ted!!!!!!!!

[21:17:01] blane (wa): pat yourself on the back for me scott

[21:17:03] Ted: They say that internet use is going to grow by 7 times by the year 2001

[21:17:09] golden (co ): (blush)

[21:17:21] Dutchman: THANK YOU TED

[21:17:24] Jim (Canada): I'm just reading McClelland's book on "Trouble-Shooting"... is

discussion on line size was interesting... what's your opinion?

[21:17:46] Jim (Canada): Internet use doubles every 6 months...

[21:18:07] Ted: it is getting to be exponential

[21:18:12] BobZ: Adios. Thanks Ted

[21:18:16] Jim (Canada): He says that fish seeing the line is not a factor is using lighter

line... elimination of short strikes is...

[21:18:16] clay(wy): bye bob

[21:18:36] Captain: What makes this so great is the fact that good fisherman are

sharing some great info and as with my philosophy, Teaching People how to Fish!

Captain Marty

21:18:56] blane (wa): do you use any of the new superlines? jigging or just trolling?

[21:19:17] Dutchman: I Believe Mike makes a comment about fish not being afrid of

nets so why worry about line

[21:19:24] golden (co ): Hear Hear, Capt

[21:19:24] Ted: I don't pay too much attention to the aspect of "seeing line"...i use

magnathing for everything

21:19:35] Nick: Jim, how does the line size help eliminate short strikes

[21:19:37] Jim (Canada): Basically... that heavier line causes enough resistance to

prevent a harder strike from the fish.

[21:19:53] Ted: 8 pound test for jigging , 10 # test for running spinners. and 12 pound

for trolling

[21:20:39] Ted: I like lighter line for jigging because of the fact that it is limper

[21:20:43] Jim (Canada): Book says that if you're getting short strikes.,.. it's your fault...

the fish gave it it's all... you need a lighter lure/line .

[21:21:02] walleyezon(MN): Doesn't line thickness have to do with how well the bait

flow in?

[21:21:12] Jim (Canada): exactly...

[21:21:35] Ted: lighter jigs/lures have a certain element of justification...although my

golden rule is maintain bottom contact no matter what

[21:21:42] Jim (Canada): And I figure both Ted and Mike McClelland have forgotten

more than I know....

[21:21:48] ebijack (mi): here here ted

[21:22:09] Ted: lighter line is useful for jigging to allow the bait to fall faster and tell

when it is on the bottom


[21:22:37] walleyezon(MN): without it you probably wouldn't feel strikes

[21:22:43] blane (wa): do you line watch or feel for the bottom?

[21:22:52] Ted: i see as many bites as i feel

[21:23:13] Ted: especially when tossing light jigs to the shallows

[21:23:19] Lundman (Wi): if thats true, why not go even lighter, like 6 or 4 lb?

[21:23:55] Dutchman: Ted Do you like to let lite biters run or set the hook with first


[21:23:56] Ted: my job is to get the fish in the boat and 8 pound magnathin is excellent

combination of strength, limpness and diameter

[21:24:28] Lundman (Wi): yes , i 'spose i dont have as much at stake :-)

[21:24:33] Jim (Canada): You're good at your job....

[21:24:37] Ted: if i miss fish jigging, i will try a stinger first, then let them have it longer

[21:24:59] Jim (Canada): What do you use to sharpen your hooks?

[21:25:08] clay(wy): So in general you set the hook instantly to start out with

[21:25:25] Ted: i try to use gamakatsu hooks for sharpness.

[21:25:45] walleyezon(MN): I fished on the Rainy several times this fall and the bite was

so short, most came on stingers

[21:25:46] Jim (Canada): Do you resharpen after use or just toss 'em?

[21:25:48] Ted: otherwise i like the luhr jensen file for sharpening jigs, etc.

[21:25:53] blane (wa): Ted, how often do you change the line on your reels?

[21:25:54] Ted: i toss 'em

[21:26:18] Ted: i change line before every tournament, usually every 3 to 4 weeks

[21:26:21] Jim (Canada): Good part about sponsors eh?

[21:26:21] Captain: Ted, do you think some fish may drop a jigbait when using one of

the superlines opposed to mono because of no stretch?

[21:26:32] Ted: stingers are a necessity

[21:27:02] Ted: i only fish with products that i have a high degree of confidence

[21:27:36] Jim (Canada): It's your reputation at stake...

[21:27:39] Ted: i have had my core set of sponsors every since fishing professionally,

loyalty is something i value

[21:27:59] Jim (Canada): That's rare... and good....

[21:28:02] Ted: you have to fish superlines much different that mono.

[21:28:15] Jim (Canada): Can you expand on that?

[21:28:16] Ted: they can feel you just like you feel them

[21:28:34] Ted: expand on what topic?

[21:28:48] Jim (Canada): fishing different with superlines...

[21:29:00] Jim (Canada): I use silverthread....

[21:29:17] Ted: there is more room for error with mono...setting the hook , etc.

[21:29:52] Ted: I truly believe that since P & K started to use fireline, they have not

done as well

[21:29:57] walleyezon(MN): I have heard that lure action is better on superlines ie.


[21:30:12] Ted: superlines are not an end all

[21:30:40] Jim (Canada): What scents (if any) are you using?

[21:31:01] Wannabe: I like no strech for water deeper than20 ' when jiggin

[21:31:02] Ted: I have not got into scents that much, but i have had some success

with Dr. Juice

[21:31:27] Nick: i've tried trolling hardbaits with fireline this season and results have

been poor...any tips

[21:31:39] Ted: i had a time with a good friend of mine, john campbell. he didn't know i

was using juice and i outfished 2 to 1

[21:32:23] blane (wa): when you tie up spinners, do you use lighter or heavier line than

what's on your pole?

[21:32:33] Ted: the problem with trolling fireline with cranks deep is that you still have

to let out so much line

[21:32:57] Ted: i ty spinners with 12 pound test magnathin ,

[21:33:00] Jim (Canada): When did you decide pro fishing was a way of life for you?

[21:33:19] Ted: i gives me good strength and has been good from the abrasion


[21:33:31] Captain: Berkleys walleye scents have worked good in spring, cold water

conditions for our boats! I think it works better on plastics vrs. livebait as with livebait

you have the scent

[21:34:11] Ted: Winning the MWC team of the year in 1991 was the turning point

[21:34:20] Jim (Canada): I'd agree Captian... I only use scents on cranks and plastics...

I used a new garlic scent this year as well as the berkely... had decent results with


[21:34:28] Ted: i haven't looked back since

[21:34:42] Jim (Canada): Did it take long to talk your family into it?

[21:35:13] Ted: my wife has supported me ever since i started. obviously this is key

[21:35:20] Wannabe: TED will you ever quit your job and go full time pro?

[21:35:22] Jim (Canada): I'm doomed...

[21:35:28] Dutchman: Ted do you ever fish any of the "local" tourneys for fun?

[21:35:43] Ted: my daughter misses me when i am gone, but i try to make the time

good time when i'm home

[21:35:50] Lundman (Wi): good one jim

[21:36:03] Dutchman: My wife is jealous if I fish with anyone else

[21:36:12] Ted: when HP tells me i cannot fish, i go full time

[21:36:13] LS: ;-)

[21:36:36] Jim (Canada): So are you the reason Hp-CSY's sales went over the top this

past year?

[21:36:45] Ted: the local tournaments that i fish are the MWC's now, with outdoor

writers or friends

[21:37:18] Ted: we did have a great year...i was 210 percent of quota this year

[21:37:32] Eyeman: what is the roughest tournament weather wise you ever fished


[21:37:34] Jim (Canada): Not bad for a "dead" system

[21:37:50] walleyezon(MN): they couldn't afford to not let you fish

[21:38:14] Jim (Canada): Wish I'd gone to Hp World this year... bet you were there...

[21:38:15] Ted: Saginaw bay MWC tournament in 1991? i think 10 footers...couldn't

see the tops

[21:38:31] Ted: what do you mean by "dead" system?

[21:38:49] Ted: I was at HP world in chicago navy pier

[21:39:16] Jim (Canada): Many in the computing industry have claimed for years that he

Hp 3000 was dead... I happen to be a lover of the 3000

[21:39:31] Jim (Canada): Sorry... geek talk...

[21:39:40] Ted: oh i see...we have tried to kill the 3000 for years

[21:39:57] Ted: it's like bucktail jigs

[21:40:05] golden (co ): :-)

[21:40:07] Dutchman: jim everyone is entitled to their passions

[21:40:53] Ted: well it is getting late and so if there are no more questions....

[21:41:18] Nick: thanks and see ya all

[21:41:19] ebijack (mi): there's lots of questions, it's just were all short of time

[21:41:23] golden (co ): Ted I certainly appreciate the time you have put in here, I can't

thank you enough

[21:41:24] blane (wa): thanks a ton Ted, this was a real pleasure chatting with you!!!!

[21:41:24] ebijack (mi): thanks ted

[21:41:25] Jim (Canada): Thanks Ted... maybe I'll see you in San Diego next year...

[21:41:30] clay(wy): Thanks for a great chat Ted, it has been a pleasure

[21:41:31] *** Nick has left Walleye Central

[21:41:52] Ted: it's great to be here...hope to see some of you soon...come to the

Andersons' trip in september

Ted Takasaki Has Left Walleye Central

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