Walleye Central

[20:00:02] ebijack (mi): OK, let's get this going, Everyone let's please Welcome Ted


[20:00:14] Dave: I heard that Ranger is making a new boat. Any info?

[20:00:17] Lundman(wi): Hey Ted!!

[20:00:20] ebijack (mi): 1995 PWT Top Gun award MWC Team of the Year title in

1991 5-time MWC

[20:00:22] Jim (Canada): Hi Ted... thanks for coming out..

[20:00:24] john(oh): hi Ted

[20:00:26] Ted T.: It's great to be here!

[20:00:31] fishncrazy(nd): hi Ted

[20:00:35] John P.: Hi Ted

[20:00:40] Raybone[Wy]: howdy ted

[20:00:42] ebijack (mi): this will be a controlled talk guys

[20:00:45] Sir Walter: Hi again Ted

[20:00:46] Ted T.: Ranger will come out with a 19.5 footer this summer

[20:00:47] blane (wa): howdy ted

[20:01:10] ebijack (mi): Ted , can you tell us about knowedge being hte key

[20:01:31] Ted T.: Knowledge is always the key to a good fisherman

[20:01:51] Ted T.: Paying attention to detail and working hard when your'e on the

water is next

[20:03:02] ebijack (mi): ted, can you tell us about the anderson lodge and the walleye institute

[20:03:03] Ted T.: I am really excited about the Canadian fishing trip that I will be hosting

this fall

[20:03:31] Ted T.: I have been asked so many times to go fishing that I thought this

would be a good way to take a few guys out on the water

[20:03:35] Ted T.: Anderson

[20:04:07] Ted T.: 'Anderson's has a tremendous amount of water and great fishing for

walleye, northerns, lake trout, small mouths, and musky

[20:04:31] Ted T.: we'll get together each evening a conduct learning sessions to

understand exactly what's going on

[20:05:09] Ted T.: The Institute is also a good opportunity to learn. We have a

tremendous amount of people that return every year

[20:05:44] Raybone[Wy]: Who's the institute open to?

[20:06:14] KeithK(MI): whats the agenda for the institute?

[20:06:31] Ted T.: Anyone can come to the Institute or to Anderson's with me in


[20:06:44] Dave: Cost?

[20:06:59] Raybone[Wy]: Info on institute??

[20:07:03] Ted T.: For the Institute, we will be covering trolling crankbaits, rivers, live

bait rigging, and fishing under tough conditions

[20:07:24] Ted T.: The cost for the Institute is $75 which includes lunch and door


[20:07:39] Baz: When is it?

[20:07:54] Ted T.: Any other info can be found on Walleye central

[20:08:22] ebijack (mi): ted, why do you consider lindy rigs and spinners the most


[20:08:58] Ted T.: I have always liked spinners, they can catch fish under almost any

condition and can cover a lot of water

[20:09:18] ebijack (mi): what about the weighting systems

[20:09:22] Ted T.: Lindy rigging is for more neutral or negative fish where they are


[20:09:29] John P.: what is the best boat speed for spinners

[20:09:41] Ted T.: Bottom bouncers for spinners and slip sinkers for lindy rigging

[20:09:47] ebijack (mi): please hold the questions

[20:10:02] Ted T.: spinners are best when trolled fairly slow ...1 to 1-1/2 mph

[20:11:27] Ted T.: Go ahead and ask questions. It's probably easier and more exciting

[20:11:36] ebijack (mi): ok guys please let ted answer the questions, he will take them

for now

20:12:00] Baz: Do you prefer live bait or artifical?

[20:12:06] John P.: how do you decide which color spinner?

[20:12:09] Babby: ted, will you be in the new ranger this summer?

[20:12:12] Ted T.: Live bait has always been my preference

[20:12:29] golden ( co ): ted, can you go into a little detail on the rigs themselves,

blades, sizes, etc.....

[20:12:35] Ted T.: I like metallics when its sunny and flourescents when cloudy or dirty


[20:12:48] Jigman: Do you ever use powerbait on your crawler harnesses?

[20:13:02] Ted T.: Two hook harnesses, depends on the size of fish and size of hooks

[20:13:24] Ted T.: I rarely use powerbait for my harnesses ..only when perch are

always pecking

[20:13:31] john(oh): do you even use spinners in cold water

[20:13:58] Ted T.: I like 3 or 4 size blades when fishing for smaller fish. larger blades for

larger fish. ie. Lake Erie

[20:14:10] Ted T.: spinners and minnows in cold water

[20:14:30] Dave: What size kicker will you run this year?

[20:14:48] Ted T.: I will not have the new ranger this summer...too late for me to have it

in time for the start of the season

[20:14:56] ebijack (mi): what about location ted structure vs open water

[20:15:06] Magic Marker OH: do you use trebles on harness at lake erie

[20:15:09] Ted T.: I will still run a 25 hp kicker, I like the power and ability to change

direction quickly

[20:15:17] Babby: Ted, on the big open water spinners, how do you keep from getting

the line twists?

[20:15:23] Ted T.: I'll always prefer structure if possible

[20:15:51] Ted T.: I will start out with a treble on the front hook and a single for the

back. Zebras will play havoc on Erie

[20:16:10] Raybone[Wy]: Have you ever used snapweights to skim your spinners

along the tops of cabbage?

[20:16:16] Ted T.: Use ball bearing swivels and the twist problem will be lessened

[20:16:48] Ted T.: If I am fishing spinners in or near weeds, I always use bullet shaped


[20:16:58] ebijack (mi): ted how do you hook your live bait

[20:17:09] Ted T.: I fish the top of weeds often as well as the edges

[20:17:35] Dave: How fast would Merc's 9.9 four stroke push your boat in calm


[20:17:40] Ted T.: crawlers through the nose right on the tip. then a little farther back,

maker sure that there is no twist to the crawler

[20:18:00] Ted T.: I have not used the 9.9 four stroke so I cannot say

[20:18:24] Ted T.: It's a great motor, quiet and all, just not enough Horses for me

[20:18:54] Babby: Ted, do you run a Jack Plate on your rig?

[20:19:10] Ted T.: Dave, it's not so much how fast, but it's being able to change

directions quickly

[20:19:16] golden ( co ): when to use a spinner, compared to a lindy Ted?

[20:19:23] ebijack (mi): what about jigs being the golden rule (like scott) rules ted

[20:19:29] Ted T.: I will not be running a jack plate this year. have in the past though

[20:20:00] Ted T.: When spinners don't work, try live bait alone. Lindy rigs

[20:20:13] Dave: Do you think they overstress the transom?

[20:20:28] Ted T.: I will use jigs when the fish are really concentrated or up in shallow

water or in rivers

[20:20:49] Ted T.: What do you mean by overstsressing the transom

[20:20:54] Babby: ted, whats your prefered length on them lindy rigs?

[20:20:54] Hank: Ted :Do you use lead core trolling spinners?

[20:21:12] Ted T.: Lindy rigs 3 to 5 feet sometimes longer if necessary

[20:21:34] Ted T.: I haven't used lead core a lot when trolling spinners. plan on it more


[20:21:45] Jigman: What type of jig head do you prefer for rivers with swift current

[20:21:54] Ted T.: I would use lead core if needing to troll over weeds

[20:21:55] Dave: Since the engine is further away from the transom, there should be

more leverage working against it>

[20:22:35] Ted T.: Youre talking about a jack plate on the big motor....the new

transoms on the high performance boats are designed for jack plates

[20:22:47] Ted T.: some mfg. have limitations on the distance back though

[20:23:02] Babby: Ted, do you use an attractor bead with your lindy's, or not


[20:23:28] Ted T.: I use a small red bead many times

[20:24:04] Ted T.: I am really excited about trying some of the new flourescent

reds/orange/chartreuse hooks from Gamakatsu this year

[20:24:18] Babby: when do you think coiled riggs have a play, when they bite short?

[20:24:24] Ted T.: Also the rattle hooks from Lindy

[20:24:29] Hank: Ted:Do you know if when using spinners without weight,will they rise

up in the water column?

[20:24:48] Dave: What length rod do you use for float fishing?

[20:24:54] Ted T.: I haven't use coiled rigs that much. It was not much of a hit,

although I felt it was a great rig for beginners

[20:25:20] Ted T.: The drag of water will make spinners rise without weight

[20:25:39] WHALE-EYES: do you use planer boards if so what kind

[20:25:52] Ted T.: I don't float fish a tremendous amount, but use a 7 footer with

light/medium action

[20:26:06] ebijack (mi): ted, can you tell us why you use the reels that you do to troll

[20:26:13] Ted T.: I use a modified Cannon Rover board with Off shore releases

[20:26:55] JB {NE}: If when using crawlers on Lindy's do you normally inject air into


[20:26:56] Ted T.: 8-1/2 foot for trolling. It has enough backbone to pull boards but

enough flexibility to fight the fish

[20:27:03] geo: what do you think about mono vers superbraid for trolling

[20:27:24] Ted T.: I'll inject air in my crawlers if I am constantly hangin up on snags

[20:27:55] Ted T.: I haven't used a lot of super braid for trolling. I really like Magna thin

for almost everything

[20:28:04] john(oh): do you modifty most of your tackel

[20:28:16] WHALE-EYES: have you heard about TATTLE-FLAG for the offshore


[20:28:22] Hank: Ted:What type of spinner blade do you prefer?

[20:28:26] Ted T.: I also use line counter reels when trolling in order to return and

replicate any success that I have

[20:28:41] Dave: How many rods(including rods for your am partner) do you carry?

[20:28:49] Ted T.: I modify tackle when needed. Not just for modification sake

[20:29:18] Ted T.: I have heard some good comments on the tattle flag. Will probably

try it more this spring/summer

[20:29:34] ebijack (mi): what type of live bait do you prefer ted

[20:30:00] Ted T.: Depends on the bite, I will typically carry 6 to 8 trolling rods, 6 rigging

rods, 6 jigging rods

[20:30:26] Buckeye: Ted are you planning to fish Erie this year?

[20:30:36] Ted T.: I really like crawlers all year around, although its tough to beat

minnows in the spring/fall, leeches in the summer

[20:30:53] Ted T.: I will be at the PWT tournament in May Port Clinton

[20:31:01] Buckeye: good see u there

[20:31:27] golden ( co ): On an unknown body of water, what is your process of

eliminating unproductive water?

[20:31:28] Ted T.: I like Colorado blades, because I can troll them slow with a lot of


[20:32:06] Dave: Any info on Merc's Opti Max?

[20:32:07] goat: what length of snell do you use.

[20:32:09] Ted T.: Start with structure, first, then look at the weeds, then suspended

[20:32:27] WHALE-EYES: do you troll faster as the water temp rises if so how fast

[20:32:33] Ted T.: Optimax should be great. I have only used 175hp EFI's

[20:32:57] Ted T.: I will start with a 5 foot snell and then depending upon the snags

and bites, will shorten

[20:32:58] ebijack (mi): ted, can you tell us more about fishing with jigs

[20:33:24] Ted T.: I will always speed up and slow down no matter what the water

temp is

[20:33:31] geo: are you looking forward to the merc nationals?

[20:33:43] Ted T.: What would you like to know about jigs,

[20:34:00] Ted T.: I am not sure if I will be able to fish the merc national unfortunately

[20:34:11] Jigman: In your opinion what is the hottest walleye fishery at the moment in

terms of trophy fish?

[20:34:11] Leon: hi ted, do you build your own spinners? And do you use lead core

with spinners?

[20:34:12] blane (wa): what type of jig do you prefer in a river with a lot of current, like

the columbia

[20:34:12] Ted T.: I love Winnebago in June though

[20:34:12] ebijack (mi): about the weight,colors,actions

[20:34:43] WHALE-EYES: have you had any problems with the EFI

[20:34:46] Ted T.: I build my own spinners only because I need many variations,

trebles sometime, larger hooks sometime, etc.

[20:34:52] Just Look"N--MI: Whats you favorite river jig?

[20:35:01] Ted T.: Lake Erie for trophies

[20:35:14] Ted T.: Ft peck for the scenery

[20:35:36] goat: what size and how many beeds do you put on your spinner


[20:35:43] Ted T.: Jig fishing,...rule number one. use enough weight to maintain bottom

[20:36:04] Ted T.: no problems with EFI. Start first time all the time

[20:36:29] John P.: when would you use a thumper jig?

[20:36:33] Ted T.: Jigs for rivers. Bright colors for dirty water, dark colors for dirty

[20:36:55] Ted T.: I put enough beads on my spinners to allow the blade to cover them

not the hooks

[20:36:56] Dave: Is your boat rigged with remote throttle control for the kicker?

[20:37:01] geo: any new crankbaits that you will think are going to be hot this year

[20:37:14] Ted T.: I sit right next to my kicker for throttle control and direction

[20:37:18] blane (wa): do you use blade baits much?

[20:37:14] Ted T.: I sit right next to my kicker for throttle control and direction

[20:37:18] blane (wa): do you use blade baits much?

[20:37:45] Ted T.: Risto Raps, and the new metallic colored Shad Raps

[20:37:47] fireman: anyone else here?

[20:37:55] Ted T.: Lightnin Shads might be good also

[20:38:16] Ted T.: I use blade baits for fishing the reefs on erie, rivers

[20:39:35] ebijack (mi): ted, do you use many plastics on your jigs

[20:39:36] Dave: Do you mount electronics in the back of the boat, or can you see the

units mounted on the console well enough when sitting by the kicker?

[20:39:39] Ted T.: I would use a thumper rig, big jig on the bottom of a three way with a

trailer on the back when fishing flats

[20:40:04] Ted T.: I use plastics like fuzz e grubs and twister tails when I need more

bulk and color

[20:40:18] Babby: Ted, on your three way rigs, do you use bell sinkers?

[20:40:35] Ted T.: I mount my electronics on the console and am able to see them

when sitting next to my kicker. Kicker is mounted on the right

[20:40:44] goat: when using lead core, how many colors do you put on your reel, if not


[20:40:46] Hank: ted,not used to the term blade bait,What is it?

[20:41:08] Ted T.: 3 way rigs, will always put a big jig when legal. Like 3/4, 1 oz up to

2 oz

[20:41:27] Ted T.: Blade baits are like heddon sonars, and cicada's

[20:41:52] ebijack (mi): ted, do you bend the hook on your jigs

[20:42:06] Ted T.: for lead core, I have reels spooled with all lead core and some

spooled with segmented, depends on the depth that i am trying to fish

[20:42:23] Dave: Do you ever use flutter spoons etc. when trolling open water?

[20:42:39] Ted T.: I always bend the hook gap open a little bit (5 degrees or so) It

helps increase hook ups

[20:42:52] Leon: What is the advantage to using segmented lead core?

[20:42:56] KeithK(MI): for lead core do you use 18 lb or another

[20:42:57] Ted T.: Have not used flutter spoons much

[20:43:21] Lundman(wi): Ted, how do you decide between 3 way rigs or bottom


[20:43:25] Ted T.: segmented lead core allows you to troll with boards for suspended

fish and get them out and away from the boat

[20:43:37] Ted T.: 18 lb. test lead core

[20:43:55] Ted T.: usually use bottom bouncers for lakes, three ways for rivers

[20:44:04] Jigman: How often do you make use of a stinger?

[20:44:23] Ted T.: if i am marking fish higher, 3 ways give you more flexibility

[20:44:41] geo: any tips you can give me on finding fish in the weeds on baggo

[20:44:44] Ted T.: I use stinger hooks in the spring or when I am getting bites but no

hook ups

[20:45:12] Ted T.: All of the weed beds on the west side of Winnebago have walleyes

in them at one time or another

[20:45:17] Chadm: Ted, What size of spinner blades do you use for different situations.

i.e. rivers, clear lakes, stained lakes etc.

[20:45:31] KeithK(MI): how do you approach a strange body of water you are going to

have a tourny on

[20:45:33] John P.: do you run your electronics in manual or auto?

[20:45:43] Ted T.: Watch the carp splashing a walleyes are usually right with them, get

in there with a jig and leech or crawler and dip the pockets

[20:45:46] Magic Marker: favorite jig?

[20:46:26] Ted T.: Smaller blades 3 or 4 in smaller lakes/smaller fish, bigger 4 and 5 for

big lakes, big fish

[20:46:32] geo: what bays did you find to be the best on baggo

[20:46:33] Ted T.: manual mode always

[20:46:45] Ted T.: Fuzz e Grub

[20:47:08] Ted T.: Every bay can be good at different times, try em all

[20:47:13] Dave: When trying to locate fish on sonar, how fast do you run?

[20:47:22] Ted T.: Asylum is one of my favorites

[20:47:42] Raybone[Wy]: Do you ever use a flasher?

[20:47:44] Ted T.: 20 to 25 mph and then slower

[20:47:56] Jigman: Do you prefer spinners or cranks when searching weed beds

[20:47:59] Ted T.: Haven't used a flasher since 1989

[20:48:21] Ted T.: Spinners but cranks work well also

[20:48:24] Dave: What is shallowest water you will try to find fish on sonar

[20:48:52] Ted T.: It's tough getting cranks to run just right above the weeds, spinners

will pull through a little better

[20:48:55] WHALE-EYES: can you find fish while running fast if so how fast and how

do you set the sonar

[20:49:17] Ted T.: 5 to 6 feet, but then I'll use my side finders

[20:49:52] Ted T.: Make sure that your transducer is set perfectly. no adjustments to

the sonar. 20 to 25 mph

[20:49:57] Babby: ted, when you say spinners have you ever used in-line spinners,

traditionaly used for bass

[20:50:22] Dave: What is the furthest distance you will run in a tournament?

[20:50:34] Ted T.: When I refer to spinners, I am talking about crawler harnesses.

mono leaders with beads, blades and hooks in a line

[20:50:37] Leon: How do you like fishing the southern lakes of Ak and MS.?

[20:50:43] Raybone[Wy]: What brand of depthfinder do you use?

[20:51:02] Ted T.: I try to stay as close as I can to the weigh in , but will travel as far as

I need to get to the fish

[20:51:13] Dave: Miles?

[20:51:19] Ted T.: I love coming to the south, we need to do more

[20:51:27] Ted T.: I use Bottomline

[20:51:34] KeithK(MI): how do you approach a strange body of water you are going to

have a tourny on

[20:51:35] Hank: Ted I have the old 300 Bottom LIne is the resolution on the newer

models much better?

[20:51:53] Ted T.: When in manual mode they appear as lines across the screen or

arcs sometime

[20:52:15] Ted T.: Miles..up to 50 is my longest distance

[20:52:36] Ted T.: I do as much homework and info gathering as I can when coming to

a new lake

[20:52:53] Ted T.: The new Bline HR's have 240 vertical pixels

[20:53:06] Ted T.: Great unit!

[20:53:27] goat: Do you use the Fish Net software and if so whats your opinion?

[20:53:29] ebijack (mi): ted, do you rely on a gps much

[20:53:33] Dave: What brand of rod holders do you use?

[20:53:34] WHALE-EYES: do you use DGPSif so what kind

[20:53:35] Ted T.: I haven'

[20:54:15] Ted T.: i haven't used any software for fishing to catolog my catches. I have

really been trying to decide if keeping a dairy is good or bad

[20:54:36] Ted T.: GPS is critical to finding a spot that you had found in pre fishing

[20:54:56] Ted T.: I use Roberts rod holders, They're inexpensive and do the job

[20:54:59] Hank: Ted,My Bottom Line is also a great unit!

[20:55:13] Ted T.: I don't /haven't seen a need to go with DGPS

[20:55:17] WHALE-EYES: do you use DGPS

[20:55:44] john(oh): see ya Ted thanks for info

[20:55:52] Ted T.: It's good to see another believer! I've used Bottomline since 1991

and have really liked them

[20:56:50] Ted T.: Since i have a few seconds, I should clarify my comment on

keeping dairies

[20:57:02] Chadm: Ted, what type of bottom bouncers do you use.

[20:57:07] Dave: What do you estimate your expenses are for a single PWT tourny,

including prefishing?

[20:57:20] Ted T.: Although fish are patterned year after year, yesterday's memories are


[20:57:52] geo: have you did any fishti

[20:57:58] Ted T.: I am in love with Lindy's new X Change bottom bouncers. They

have all of the features that I like in a bottom bouncer, plus exchangeable weights

[20:58:32] MillacsMan: where

[20:58:40] Ted T.: I usually spend including entry fees, $2000 to $2500 depending

upon the distance traveled. The super pro is more $3500

[20:58:47] geo: have you did any fishing on the fox river or the bay of green bay?

[20:59:23] Ted T.: I have fished Sturgean bay in the fall at night and the Fox River in

the early spring at night and day

[20:59:31] Chadm: The Lindy bouncers-Are they the type slide or are they tied right to

the line

[20:59:57] Babby: Ted, Will you be in the New Ranger 19.5 this summer????

[21:00:08] John P.: thanks Ted good luck PW

[21:00:14] Ted T.: Good question! I tie a ball bearing snap swivel to my line, then snap

it to the bottom bouncer. Lindy's does not have an R bend

[21:00:21] John P.: PWT

[21:00:31] Ted T.: I will not be in the new Ranger

[21:00:38] WHALE-EYES: thanks for the info,good luck this year with the PWT.

[21:00:45] Ted T.: Thanks

[21:01:10] Babby: Ted, Thanks for the chat, I will see you in Ohio!

[21:01:11] Jigman: Do your prefer Rivers, Lakes or Resivoirs just out of curiosity

[21:01:27] Dave: Babby- Is that you mark?

[21:01:29] Ted T.: The new bottom bouncers have a circle bend and are made of

heavy duty wire. plus weights that you can change without changing bouncers

[21:01:30] goat: What will you be running for 98 then

[21:01:40] Ted T.: See ya!

[21:02:07] Dave: Hi Mark!

[21:02:22] Chadm: Is the bouncer attached to the same swivel as you spinner or do

you have on sliding on the line for the bouncer?

[21:02:24] fishncrazy(nd): Thanks Ted

[21:02:24] Ted T.: I feel that a good pro needs to prefer any body of water. As soon as

you like a particular type you will lose the versatility that is needed to compete across

the country

[21:03:25] Ted T.: Snap Swivel tied to the line going to the rod/reel. then to the

bouncer, then a snap swivel on the bouncer which goes to the spinner or lindy rig

[21:03:58] Ted T.: I don't use sliding bouncers much, will go to a slip sinker if i am

missing bites

[21:03:58] Nels: Don

[21:04:00] geo: how does winnebago compare to other fisherys across the country?

[21:04:26] Magic Marker: how early for lake erie reefs?

[21:04:29] wildcat: ted, I am interested in fishing as an amateur in the PWT this

summer, how do I pursue this\

[21:04:45] Ted T.: Winnebago is a great fishery for numbers and variety..., weeds,

trolling for suspended fish, structure etc.

[21:04:47] Buckeye: march this year

[21:04:53] Ted T.: Not much though for big fish

[21:05:08] Ted T.: I agree March

[21:05:27] Babby: Ted, You fishing any NAWA this year?

[21:05:52] Ted T.: The amateur side of the PWT is full for 1998 all tournaments, Call

In-Fisherman and get on the mailing list for 1999. More tourneys in 1999

[21:06:09] Ted T.: I will not be fishing NAWA, just not enough time

[21:07:02] MillacsMan: isnt the nawa by invite only?

[21:07:08] Ted T.: I will be running a Ranger 692 dual console with a 175 EFI

[21:07:09] Leon: Since you began fishing the pwt how has the competition improved?

Is it tougher each year?

[21:07:31] Ted T.: Nawa is by invite only, but I just couldn't fish it from the beginning

[21:07:48] Magic Marker: planning on erie next weekend any suggestions?

[21:08:03] Ted T.: The competition is getting better every year as the money increases.

$100,000 championship this year

[21:08:06] MillacsMan: do you fish the wave wacker?

[21:08:11] Dave: Thanks Mark

[21:08:12] Buckeye: between Kellys and marblehead

[21:08:20] Ted T.: I've heard that the bite is good right now

[21:08:50] Ted T.: I haven't been able to fish Wave Wackers because the Mercury

National is usually held on the same weekend

[21:08:58] Magic Marker: on what

[21:09:59] Ted T.: I'd probably use a jig and minnow or troll crankbaits on lead core

[21:10:01] MillacsMan: will you fish any tournaments on millacs this year ?or have you


[21:10:27] Ted T.: I probably won't be on Mille lacs this year. Was there 2 years ago. I'll

be a Leech lake

[21:09:59] Ted T.: I'd probably use a jig and minnow or troll crankbaits on lead core

[21:10:01] MillacsMan: will you fish any tournaments on millacs this year ?or have you


[21:10:27] Ted T.: I probably won't be on Mille lacs this year. Was there 2 years ago. I'll

be a Leech lake

[21:11:23] Ted T.: I love Mille Lacs, It is great for fishing the flats, using your

electronics and precision/finesse fishing with Lindy rigs

[21:11:40] Ted T.: The rocks and sand bite is fun also

[21:12:11] geo: do you get to do much fishing with your family?

[21:12:23] Leon: What do you consider your home piece of water?

[21:12:43] MillacsMan: iam a launch captain on the lake for eddys resort i know what

you mean it can be good and bad when the bite is dead

[21:12:57] Ted T.: Not as much as I would like to. They are usually in Calif. with

Grandma during the summer when I am hot and heavy with the tournaments

[21:13:09] Buckeye: no but hope to get the boat in soon. some from the shore at night.

[21:13:23] Ted T.: I don't really have a home water. Gone so much that i don't get to

fish much when i am home

[21:13:43] golden1 ( co ): Ted, you have certainly contributed enough time tonight, I

appreciate you helping out at Walleye Central. We all enjoy your chats.

[21:13:55] ebijack (mi): your doing a great job ted

[21:14:07] MillacsMan: thanks Ted

[21:14:17] Sparky: appreciate it Ted

[21:14:22] KeithK(MI): Great job Ted..looking forward to seeing you at the walleye


[21:14:29] Dave: Thanks Ted

[21:14:32] Ted T.: It's great to talk to guys who really love their walleye fishing. I look

forward to meeting those that are coming to the Institute or to Anderson's with me this


[21:14:49] ebijack (mi): thanks for all the great info ted

[21:14:54] fishncrazy(nd): thanks Ted good luck this year in your tournaments!

[21:15:00] fishgal: thanks ted

[21:15:03] Babby: yes, it's great to get the pro's on here. Means alot to us guys/gals

[21:15:18] golden1 ( co ): anyone interested in the Andersons or the Institute, the

information is on Walleye Central,

[21:15:29] Ted T.: Take care and good fishin' I'll get back to watching a movie with my


[21:15:34] IOWAICEMAN: good listening,thanks

[21:15:42] MillacsMan: iam please

[21:15:46] ebijack (mi): thanks again ted

[21:15:47] golden1 ( co ): thanks alot ted, good luck

[21:15:50] ebijack (mi): thanks

[21:15:50] Just Look"N--MI: See ya March 7th Ted

[21:15:55] Jigman: thanks

[21:15:55] Lundman(wi): Thanks Ted, good luck

[21:16:02] Ted T.: Bye!!! See you on the 7th

[21:16:09] KeithK(MI): hope yu are the TOP GUN again this year Ted

[21:16:11] fishncrazy(nd): see ya Ted

[21:16:28] geo: thank you ted

[21:17:01] golden1 ( co ): well, that was a great chat, love talking to Ted

[21:17:20] KeithK(MI): he is always a good "speaker"


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