Congratulations Ted
From all of us at Walleye Central

[19:56:51] ebijack (mi): Please welcome the 1998 PWT CHAMPION!!!! TED


[19:57:01] prairiepillow: congratulations Champ!!! :-)

[19:57:06] LS: clap...clap...clap

[19:57:11] ebijack (mi): welcome CHAMP!!!!

[19:57:35] Reefer: congrats Ted, glad to see you pulled it off!!!!!!

[19:57:52] Sirwaltr: Great job Ted, you desereved the championship

[19:57:56] Champ: It's an incredible feeling and I am so appreciative of all of your


[19:57:56] ebijack (mi): you sure looked excited on the stage TED

[19:58:16] Pikeman: You da man Ted !!!!!!!

[19:58:22] Champ: It was a great moment!

[19:58:56] ebijack (mi): tell us a bit about your big win TED

[19:58:59] Sirwaltr: It must have been great having your family present

[19:59:05] Team Dunn(MWT): congrats Ted.....

[19:59:08] LS: they should have had a larger stage...I thought you were joing to jump

off :-)

[19:59:35] Champ: There was a lot of pent up emotion and I just let it go

[20:00:21] prairiepillow: out with the ole theory of odd and even years eh???? :-)

[20:00:39] Magic Marker: Way to go Ted !!

[20:00:42] Champ: There's no ryhme or reason any more

[20:00:55] ebijack (mi): bet it was a tug on your wife's heart also ted

[20:01:02] Champ: I just guess I'll have to have good years every year

[20:01:10] Pikeman: when did you know you had done it

[20:01:13] prairiepillow: :-)

[20:01:31] Champ: My family was very happy, especially for going to Disneyland now

[20:02:02] Champ: I felt that I had a very good chance when Ron Seelhoff and Mark

Martin had their weights

[20:02:05] Team Dunn(MWT): Ted , what was your final weight/fish total?

[20:02:15] Just Look"N--MI: How close have you come before Ted?

[20:02:26] Champ: I knew when Jim O'Rourke let me know that I needed only 7.5

pounds to win

[20:02:43] Champ: I weighed a total of 23.92 pounds for the 3 days, 14 fish

[20:02:49] ebijack (mi): we could tell ted, you started jumping at that point :)

[20:02:57] Pikeman: Wow

[20:03:11] Champ: I have finished 2nd, several 4ths, 6ths, 7th, 9ths, etc. etc.

[20:03:34] Team Dunn(MWT): Ted, what fishing style did you use?

[20:03:35] *** Lundman(Wi) has joined Walleye Central

[20:03:35] Reefer: Champ: Are you planning a full schedule on the sport show circuit

this winter?

[20:03:40] FishinMagician: You were due...

[20:03:47] ebijack (mi): ted, what was your winning technique

[20:03:48] Champ: and have led the tournament on days 1 and 2 a few times before

[20:03:54] Just Look"N--MI: Great Ted I know you’ve been trying a long time

[20:04:04] Champ: I was jigging Lindy Fuzz e Grubs with a minnow vertical

[20:04:18] Sirwaltr: I missed the In Fisherman show, what presentation won for you?

[20:04:28] Champ: I will be at several sport shows this winter, I'll have it published on

walleye central soon

[20:04:36] Team Dunn(MWT): Ted, what kind of structure did you target?

[20:04:53] Champ: I found these fish in the back of a creek called Cannonball, vertical


[20:04:56] Reefer: great, I hope you make it to Indy!

[20:05:03] Champ: Holes in the river bends

[20:05:13] prairiepillow: I can't stay have guests here but wanted to get here to say

CONGRATS....and also to say thank you for letting me pre-fish with you at

Pierre......and very happy for you!!!!! :-)

[20:05:23] Just Look"N--MI: was it on In fisherman sunday my wife taped it we were at

Red Wings game.just remembered,

[20:05:26] Champ: 8 to 10 feet deep, no current, shallow, dirty water

[20:05:28] Team Dunn(MWT): thank you Ted

[20:05:31] ebijack (mi): how much deeper did the holes have to be ted

[20:05:26] Champ: 8 to 10 feet deep, no current, shallow, dirty water

[20:05:58] Champ: It was great having you in my boat pp. I'll see you at Mobridge

[20:06:14] Team Dunn(MWT): good bye everybody, I must go.....

[20:06:15] prairiepillow: I look foreward to it....thank you.....:-)

[20:06:17] ebijack (mi): yes you were on last weekend ted

[20:06:37] Champ: The holes themselves were 8 to 10 feet. The general depth of the

creek was 3 to 4 feet

[20:07:03] Champ: I would love to get to Tobin sometime soon.

[20:07:14] Admiral Cobb: hello from Erie pa

[20:07:26] Champ: welcome

[20:07:54] Just Look"N--MI: are you doing chicago seminar again Champ?

[20:08:05] Champ: I'll be at the O'hare

[20:08:11] Reefer: so Ted, what did you do with the Champion?

[20:08:15] Champ: Rosemont show as a main stage speaker

[20:08:26] Pikeman: Did you lose any big fish?

[20:08:39] Champ: The Champion boat is sold and if anyone needs a Dodge Dakota,

let me know

[20:08:45] JBarta (NE): When vertical jigging, where the fish aggresive or would they

take it lite just hold on or was a trailer hook required.

[20:09:06] Champ: I really didn't lose any big fish. There was a 15 incher that I lost on

the first day that would have made my limit

[20:09:38] Champ: I didn't use any stinger hooks. They weren't really aggressive, but I

didn't get as many bites with a stinger

[20:09:51] Sirwaltr: How far did you have to run to find fish

[20:10:26] Champ: cannonball creek was about 20 miles from the launch and it was

about another 3 to 4 miles to get the good holes

[20:10:27] big man: how many days did you pre-fish- did you fish that spot then?

[20:10:49] Champ: I had 5 days to practice and I found these fish on the 2nd day

[20:11:04] Champ: Didn't go back to them until the first day of the tournament

[20:11:18] Reefer: gotta run, again..congrat's Ted, good luck next year and go Cubs!

[20:11:31] Champ: Thanks ..go Cubs, but they lost today

[20:12:12] big man: I heard the water level dropped. did that change your tactics?

[20:12:29] Champ: The water lever dropped by about a foot where I was fishing

[20:12:45] Champ: It changed the whole look of the creek, being shallow already

[20:13:08] Champ: I actually spent 20 minutes first thing in the morning trying to get out

of being stuck on a sand/mud bar

[20:13:27] Champ: Even though the level dropped, the fish were still in their spots

[20:13:35] Big Al (wis): Ted, congradulations on your championship, from all the boys at

Walleyes Unlimited!!! great job!!!

[20:13:42] Champ: Bigger fish actually moved in

[20:13:58] Champ: Walleyes Unlimited is a great club, been a member for over 10


[20:14:08] Magic Marker: Ted, did you say awhile back that you had a new video

coming out? I already have your last two.

[20:14:23] Big Al (wis): we know and look forward to your next seminar at the meetings

[20:14:25] Champ: My new video should be ready by Christmas.

[20:14:36] ozarkeyes: Hi Ted sold the truck yet?

[20:14:37] big man: A couple of boats were stuck in the mud- did you have that


[20:14:44] Champ: It will have some presentation/tactics and a lot of electronics

[20:15:01] Magic Marker: where to order?

[20:15:05] Champ: The first 20 minutes of the morning of the first day I was stuck good

[20:15:18] Champ: It will be available on Walleye central

[20:15:28] Big Al (wis): when are you scheduled for the next meeting or have you not

talked with Jeff yet?

[20:15:46] ebijack (mi): that must have been a bit on your mind after getting stuck ted,

[20:15:57] Champ: I will be speaking at the meeting last wed of November at Bass Pro

Shops in Gurnee

[20:16:10] Admiral Cobb: Ted, what is your advice on fishing during a cold front in a

resevior that is 30 feet maximum depth

[20:16:17] Champ: I thought that I had blown it and that I would be stuck for several


[20:16:27] Sirwaltr: Any plans for coming to Michigan

[20:16:29] Big Al (wis): hope I can make that one should be a great talk ted as usual!!!

[20:16:36] Champ: Fishing during a cold front requires patience and slower


[20:16:54] Champ: I am supposed to be at the Detroit fishing show in early March

[20:16:57] big man: who was pushing there boat out of the mud in their underwear?

must have been good for a laugh

[20:17:19] Champ: There were a few that had to get in their undies, but not me thank


[20:17:21] ozarkeyes: What was average depth you fished

[20:17:36] ebijack (mi): were those the only good fish you found ted, since you

continued back into the creek after getting stuck

[20:17:37] Champ: I fished holes that were between 7 and 10 feet deep

[20:18:00] Champ: Those were the best fish I could find

[20:18:17] ebijack (mi): heck undies could be a new sponsor :)

[20:18:31] JBarta (NE): did you have any backup spots. Use them???

[20:18:45] fishncrazy: CONGRATS' TED WAY TO GO !!!!

[20:18:56] Champ: I fished a few of my back up spots the end of the first day, but didn't

do anything on them

[20:19:34] Champ: I knew though that the best spot was Cannonball after the first day

[20:19:43] Big Al (wis): Ted I came in late what was your presentation?

[20:19:49] ozarkeyes: were all the big fish all the way south and out of bounds?

[20:19:50] Sirwaltr: I had a chance to use a Loomis GLX jigging rod on the Detroit

River last Spring, and they are wonderful, have you tried them and if you have what do

you think of them

[20:19:55] ebijack (mi): ted, were you drifting with the wind while jiging? or under trolling

power (elec)

[20:20:14] Champ: G loomis rods are great, but they come at a price 200 to 300 dollars

[20:20:48] Champ: I like the rods that I used, Pinnacle Tri-Wing 6 foot medium heavy

spinning. They go for about 80 to 90 dollars

[20:21:07] Champ: I used my electric trolling motor to stay as vertical as possible

[20:21:09] Just Look"N--MI: what model casting reel Champ?

[20:21:29] Champ: the wind would move me and I would slip with the wind staying on

the edges of the holes

[20:21:40] Sirwaltr: I know the price is steep,my wife said no way!

[20:21:47] ozarkeyes: I agree about rods-the pinnicle is real nice price-looking at

66medhvy for btmbounce

[20:22:04] Champ: I use Pinnacle deadbolt spinning reels and a new model from

Pinnacle called the Peak, 10 ball bearings

[20:22:19] Magic Marker: where did most of the competition fish?

[20:22:28] Big Al (wis): how much for the Peak?

[20:22:50] Champ: About 8 fished the Cannonball where I fished, about 7 fished

Beaver creek, and I don't knwo where the rest fished

[20:23:03] Champ: The Peak spinning reels should go for about $100

[20:23:50] Big Al (wis): what presentation Ted?

[20:24:02] Big Al (wis): came in late

[20:24:12] Champ: Vertical jigging 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz. Lindy fuzz e grubs

[20:24:15] Champ: with a minnow

[20:24:15] LS: Ted, when it comes to the championship did you & Dale share info?

[20:24:50] Champ: We pretty much share info at each tournament. With the big waters,

it is necessary

[20:24:54] JBarta (NE): Was a flasher part of you're presentation or LC graph??

[20:25:01] Champ: I just happened to find these fish on my own

[20:25:22] Champ: I use Bottomline's Master LCD for the bow and a Champion for the


[20:25:33] Champ: I was able to mark the fish that I was fishing

[20:26:13] Sirwaltr: Mark Martin did Michigan proud this year, how do you and Mark get


[20:26:17] ebijack (mi): were you using the sidefinder ted?

[20:26:35] Champ: I get along great with Mark Martin, He's a class act and a real


[20:26:35] JBarta (NE): Do you find this unit fast enough (like a flasher) for showing fish

and jigs when vertical jigging

[20:27:04] Champ: I didn't really need to use sidefinding for this tournament as I was

fishing holes and not looking for them on a flat

[20:27:50] Champ: No problems in marking them and I was not looking for the jig on the

screen. That's more of an advantage when ice fishing. The boats moving too much to

spot the jig all of the time

[20:28:11] Champ: I have use the Aqua Vu underwater camera fairly extensively this


[20:28:23] Big Al (wis): how did you like it?

[20:28:29] Champ: It works great when in fairly clear water

[20:28:44] ebijack (mi): what have you learned from using it ted

[20:28:45] Big Al (wis): spot anything that was new to you?

[20:28:55] Champ: It does no good when fishing water that has less than 1 or 2 feet


[20:29:16] Champ: It verified what i was marking on my screen, weeds, fish, rocks, etc

[20:29:28] Big Al (wis): did you have the goggles on or just the screen?

[20:29:33] ozarkeyes: Should help here in ark in our gin water

[20:29:43] Champ: I have used it with a monitor

[20:29:55] Champ: Should be excellent for the Arkansas walleyes

[20:30:00] LS: Ted, you mentioned Tobin earlier, are you planning to go up there this


[20:30:12] Big Al (wis): how much for the unit and did you get a discount?

[20:30:21] Champ: I won't be there this fall, took too much time for vacation this year

[20:30:44] Champ: The new units from Aqua Vu with run about $700

[20:31:00] LS: I suppose retirement from HP is getting closer :-)

[20:31:02] Champ: Tobin is a long drive from Chicago

[20:31:17] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:31:22] Champ: HP is a great company and they have allowed me the time to spend

on the circuit

[20:31:25] ozarkeyes: are those color and is color even needed

[20:31:43] Champ: I won't leave until they tell me I have to, which is ...who knows

[20:32:12] Champ: The new Aqua Vu cameras for $700 is B & W. I don't believe color

is needed

[20:32:58] ebijack (mi): what kind of line and LB test were you using for your win ted

[20:33:30] LS: what made you go up the cannonball in the 1st place? just by chance?

[20:33:35] Pikeman: what you mean camera

[20:33:42] Champ: I was using Stren Magnathin in 8 pound test...great line for jigging

[20:34:12] Champ: I went into Cannonball because it had been won at bridges for the

last two years

[20:34:30] Champ: Everyone had pretty much ignored Cannonball, because it was

really difficult to get into

[20:34:41] Pikeman: oh i know about those

[20:34:52] JBarta (NE): Did you narrow down a certain color jig that worked the best?

[20:34:59] ozarkeyes: If you get a long weekend soon and want to fly down for a quick

shot at some 10 to13s I found the place

[20:35:18] Champ: The best color was Hot Yellow Glow in the Dark Fuzz E Grubs

[20:36:05] Champ: I would love to catch a few 10 to 13's but this fall will be tough. My

schedule is getting crazier and crazier

[20:36:10] JBarta (NE): Did that change through the day?

[20:36:20] Sirwaltr: Ted, next year the PWT will be coming to the Detroit River, at prime

time, have you ever fished it, and if you have, how did you do/

[20:36:23] Champ: No change which was great

[20:36:36] ebijack (mi): ted did minnow size seem to matter? and what was the water

temp in the creek

[20:36:44] Champ: I have not fished the Detroit river in the spring, Im looking forward to


[20:37:09] Champ: The water temp in the creek was low 60's and medium sized fat

head was best

[20:37:11] Pikeman: are you going to handline the river

[20:37:12] Magic Marker: Ebi, will teach you :-)

[20:37:18] Champ: about 2 1/2 inches long

[20:37:30] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:37:54] Champ: I have never handlined, and would love to learn although I am told

that it would be difficult to teach my amatuer how to

[20:38:14] Pikeman: oh yah

[20:38:22] ebijack (mi): shouldn't really be the case ted

[20:38:48] Champ: I'm open to try new things

[20:38:59] ebijack (mi): you going to be running the 20ft ranger in 99 also ted?

[20:39:15] Champ: i will definitely be in the new 20 footer!

[20:39:38] Champ: It is awesome, crushes the waves and is really stable

[20:39:48] Champ: Lots of room and storage

[20:39:49] ebijack (mi): ted, you still using a 25hp kicker?

[20:40:08] Champ: I have used the 25 hp kicker all year really like it

[20:40:16] Magic Marker: just a little heavy for the creeks :-)

[20:40:22] Sirwaltr: There's a great jig bite in April, with 1/2 oz to 5/8 oz with large

shiner or even plastics

[20:40:29] Champ: I will though next year probably go with a 15 four stroke next year

[20:40:36] ozarkeyes: what is the hp rating for those 225? and I know youll get the


[20:41:07] Champ: i'll probably go with the efi for next year. more speed

[20:41:38] Champ: I will be trying to vertical jig with jumbo jigs at Detroit next year, I'm


[20:41:52] ebijack (mi): why you changing to the 15hp, a 25 4 stroke to heavy?

[20:42:34] Champ: I'm changing because of the gas economy and I'll probably tie my

main gas tank to the kicker tank with a switch to run straight gas

[20:42:49] Champ: They don't make a 25 four stroke yet

[20:42:51] LS: Ted, what do you think of the new format for the PWT?

[20:43:08] Champ: The new format will be excellent, should give others an opportunity

to fish

[20:43:36] Big Al (wis): Ted I thought Merc had a 25 four stroke?

[20:43:45] ozarkeyes: are the optimaxs not yet running like they should

[20:44:26] Sirwaltr: Will the Canadian side of the Detroit River be open during the PWT

next Spring?

[20:44:33] ebijack (mi): it takes a few HP to run the compressor for the optimax

[20:44:34] Champ: I am told that the efi's are still a tad bit faster. although the optimax is

better on gas

[20:44:51] Champ: I don't believe that the canadian side will be open

[20:45:24] Big Al (wis): Ted merc has a 25 four stroke?

[20:45:24] ebijack (mi): the slot limit isn't in effect in the river

[20:45:39] Champ: I am not sure then about the 25 hp four stroke. It would probably be

pretty heavy.

[20:46:24] ozarkeyes: do you have to fish all events next year to qualify for champ

[20:46:27] ebijack (mi): ted, how do you go about planning for your pre-fishing time

[20:46:41] Dave (Pa.): Merc's 4 stroke 25 is the Big-foot model

[20:46:56] Champ: I will still fish all six qualifiers. although I'll have an exemption to fish

the championship no matter what

[20:47:43] Champ: I typically plan for the 5 days and divide the lake or river up in


[20:48:10] Champ: it also depends upon the time of the year and where the fish are


[20:48:15] ebijack (mi): ted, do you troll to cover water or eliminate water?

[20:48:18] ozarkeyes: should have asked do pro entries have to fish all six

[20:48:28] Big Al (wis): Ted when you come to fish Winnebago during the PWT next

year just give us fellow club members at Walleyes Unlimited a call and we can narrow

your search for the big waters of Winnebago!

[20:48:37] Champ: I like trolling because it is an extremely effective search technique

[20:49:10] Champ: I would greatly appreciate your help at Winnebago. I really like that

body of water and have done pretty well there in the past

[20:49:33] Big Al (wis): it is the number one water for me Ted!!!!

[20:49:45] Champ: not all pros have to fish all six. It's kind of complicated to completely

explain all of the rules for the divisions here

[20:51:44] Flatop: Congrats Ted for bringing that trophy to Illinois

[20:51:50] ozarkeyes: I hear youll be one short next year-Dale

[20:51:57] Champ: It's certainly my honor

[20:52:02] Big Al (wis): I hope to fish the pro-am next year on Winnebago. How early

should i sign up?

[20:52:11] Champ: Dale will be full time resort operator next year

[20:52:22] ebijack (mi): ted, do you have more confidence in yourself now after such a

big win, or hasn't it changed your thoughts

[20:52:33] Champ: If you will be fishing next year, make sure your send your entry the

very first day

[20:52:42] shiner 1: ted , what is your fav lure for trolling and how late in the year do

you troll?

[20:52:54] Champ: I don't believe that a win should change a person in any way,

fishing or character wise

[20:53:24] LS: have to run...Congrats again Ted....Good Luck next year...You Da Man

[20:53:29] Champ: I like trolling shad raps, thunderstick, bombers, risto raps, rapalas

and I'll troll right up until ice up

[20:53:33] Champ: thanks!

[20:53:59] ozarkeyes: Youre right about not changing- dont!

[20:54:15] ebijack (mi): ted, were you keeping your jig within inches of the bottom most

of the time in cannonball creek?

[20:54:31] Big Al (wis): How is the Illinois river in fall Ted? you get out there much in fall

or do you hit the bigger waters?

[20:54:33] Jim Alton: Ted... for your next tournament win... could you show a little more

enthusiam? :-)

[20:54:40] Champ: I would let the jig slam into the bottom. I believe that the key to my

catching bigger fish was using a heavier jig than necessary

[20:54:47] shiner 1: ok the later it gets in the year do you troll deeper? i've read this

week that walleye go back to the spawn areas before ice up

[20:55:06] Champ: The illinois river in the fall definitely heats up. I dont' get chance to

get there much though

[20:55:10] JBarta (NE): how heavy a jig where you using?

[20:55:24] Champ: I promise that I'll jump a little higher for my next win

[20:55:31] JBarta (NE): :-)

[20:55:33] Champ: hopefully it won't take as long as this one

[20:55:49] ozarkeyes: Do you think you were stirring up the bottom more and making

them hit

[20:55:54] sunshine: How about a back flip to go along with that jump?

[20:56:00] Champ: The depth to troll will be determined by where the fish are

[20:56:20] Champ: 1/4 oz in calm winds and 3/8 in the heavy 3rd day winds

[20:56:32] Sirwaltr: Gotta run Ted, your a class act and a real Professional along with

all the PWT pros I"ve met. I think your going to win a lot more tourneys in the future.

You"ve got a great attitude. Good luck

[20:56:34] Champ: 8 to 10 foot of water

[20:56:42] Champ: Thank you very much

[20:57:00] shiner 1: ok i agree but do you find they move back a little shallower before

ice up?

[20:57:07] Champ: I believe i was triggering the bigger fish b y letting the jig drop

[20:57:14] Flatop: Will we be seeing you in that new Champion?

[20:57:28] Champ: I have in general found the late fall fish to be deeper relating to


[20:57:50] shiner 1: ok thx allot ted

[20:57:56] JBarta (NE): Congrats the PWT couldn't have a better Champion!!!!

[20:58:11] Champ: The Champion has already been sold and gone. I'm a Ranger man

[20:58:35] JBarta (NE): :-)

[20:58:46] ebijack (mi): hey folks, get your last questions in!!

[20:58:50] Champ: Thanks! I really appreciate you guy's support

[20:58:51] Big Al (wis): Ted you do any ice fishing? or do you leave that up to us crazy


[20:58:52] ozarkeyes: Got to go- Congrats again Ted- I email you. Still have you home

number John

[20:59:10] Champ: I love to ice fish, but get very little chances due to my seminar


[20:59:21] Champ: Call me John

[20:59:31] Big Al (wis): what is your favorite water to Ice walleyes?

[20:59:58] Champ: I have ice fished on Little bay de noc and sturgeon bay. Heard a lot

of great things about lake of the woods

[21:00:01] Jim Alton: Ok... you're John...

[21:00:19] Big Al (wis): Dale is a great guide on Sturgeon!!!!!

[21:00:38] Champ: Dale is a super guide on little bay as well

[21:00:48] Big Al (wis): :):):):)

[21:01:08] Big Al (wis): Thanks alot Ted good luck in the future

[21:01:13] shiner 1: thx allot ted gotta run.. good luck in the future !!

[21:01:26] shiner 1: jinx!!!!

[21:01:31] shiner 1: c ya all!!

[21:01:34] Champ: Thank you ...let me know or contact me when Winnebago gets




[21:02:00] Big Al (wis): will do ted talk to you at the meeting in November

[21:02:07] Champ: Thanks fellas!

[21:02:12] shiner 1: yes trhx ted and thank you ebi!!!

[21:02:17] Just Look"N--MI: bring some warm clothes and pole in march and we can

do Saginaw River hogs before they close season.congrats again Ted

[21:02:23] Lip Ripper: thanks Ted!!!!

[21:02:24] Jim Alton: Great job Ted... Congratulations.

[21:02:24] shiner 1: night all tight lines!

[21:02:34] Champ: Thanks

[21:02:36] bob (oh): thks ted

[21:02:43] ebijack (mi): thanks ted, great chat

[21:02:46] FishinMagician: thanks, Ted and good luck in the future.

[21:02:49] Jim Alton: Remember to buy HP.. keep Ted on the circuit...

[21:02:58] JBarta (NE): Clap clap clap.....standing ovation!!!!!

[21:02:49] Jim Alton: Remember to buy HP.. keep Ted on the circuit...

[21:02:58] JBarta (NE): Clap clap clap.....standing ovation!!!!!

[21:03:31] ebijack (mi): good luck in 99 ted!!

[21:03:40] Champ: Take care and i'll be back soon

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