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Ted Takasaki Chat 4/28/99

[19:59:36] ebijack (mi): Please Welcome our host tonight...TED TAKASAKI !!!!!

[19:59:43] Pikeman(SK): hey ted

[19:59:47] Bull(oh): ,,,,,,,,<<<<<<<<<<<clapping!!!!!

[19:59:49] bobeyerite/wa: cheering & Clapping

[19:59:50] RoyGPA: welcome TED!!!!!

[19:59:55] Ted: Hi

[19:59:57] ripper: hi ted

[19:59:59] ebijack (mi): clap clap clap

[20:00:00] Juls (WI): clap clap clap

[20:00:02] bobeyerite/wa: welcome ted

[20:00:10] Ted: It's great to be here

[20:00:20] coop(oh): Hi Ted Clap Clap Clap

[20:00:21] Bull(oh): great to have u!!!!!

[20:00:26] Lundman(Wi): Hey...

[20:00:31] mikej: hi all

[20:00:36] Catch5: Ted are you running that new Ranger 620

[20:00:45] ebijack (mi): howdy ted !!!!!

[20:00:49] Ted: Yes I am running the new 620...what a boat!

[20:01:13] Catch5: what do you have for your big motor

[20:01:19] Ted: 225 EFI

[20:01:25] Ted: Mercury

[20:01:47] Catch5: Thats what I am running on my new Triton

[20:02:13] Catch5: 225 E.F.I. is a great motor

[20:02:19] ebijack (mi): ted can you tell about your lastest tourney on the detroit river?

[20:02:39] Ted: The detroit river tournament was great lots of fish

[20:02:46] Pikeman(SK): cool]

[20:03:00] ebijack (mi): ted, how many days did you practice handling?

[20:03:21] Ted: We'll have to talk about it another time

[20:03:48] Catch5: Ted how much are you going to sell your

Ranger for at the end of the year

[20:03:49] Pikeman(SK): Ted- i'm sure you have heard this before,

but congrats on the tourney win last season.....

[20:03:59] Ted: I practiced handlining about 5 full days. Felt very

comfortable by that time

[20:04:12] Pikeman(SK): your in every add i see!

[20:04:19] Ted: I have already sold my current 620

[20:04:25] Pikeman(SK): lindy, ranger pinnacle

[20:04:39] Catch5: how much did you sell it for

[20:04:40] bobeyerite/wa: Ted congrats on your becoming the

President of Lindy little joe

[20:04:43] Ted: Thank you very much. It's taken a lot of hard work

and effort to achieve a certain level of recognition

[20:04:58] Ted: I sold my 620 for $34K

[20:05:13] netter: What is the advantage of handlining vs. traditional

rod/reel angling

[20:05:25] ebijack (mi): heck ted, your known better than you think

[20:05:41] Drift'r: :)

[20:05:53] bobeyerite/wa: Ted when is lindy going to get into the

bulk sales market, many of us would like to buy bulk

[20:05:59] Catch5: I love Lindy's jumbo Jig what a jig

[20:06:12] Catch5: for catching the big ones

[20:06:13] Ted: I felt that handlining worked great in dirty/dingy

water. Jigging was better when it was clear

[20:07:03] Ted: Bulk sales are a tough business as there aren't the

kind of margins. I will have to take a look at it though.

[20:07:08] netter: Why handlining Ted??

[20:07:57] Ted: Handlining is a method that was developed on the

Detroit and St. Clair rivers. It saved me on the first and 3rd days.

[20:08:06] Pikeman(SK): Ted-what horse power you running this season?

[20:08:08] ebijack (mi): ted, did you come up with any new ideas

that might help fishing the detroit river?

[20:08:55] ebijack (mi): as far as tackle...you know for your co. to produce

[20:09:01] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:09:10] Ted: Probably not new ideas, but refinements on the

current presentations. 3-ways were pretty effective in the slacker

water areas. Rubber snubbers helped me keep fish on when handlining.

[20:09:28] Pikeman(SK): Ted-saw your article in walleye

insider"what makes a pro" great job

[20:09:33] Ted: I am running a 225 EFI Mercury this year with my Ranger 620

[20:10:12] Pikeman(SK): Ted- do you think for the touring pro, a big

outboard and boat are neccassary?

[20:10:13] netter: Are you fishing both sides of the PWT Ted??

[20:10:19] Ted: I am convinced that the Lindy Jumbo Fuzz E Grub

is a tremendous producer. John Campbell won the tournament with

the 5/8 and the 1 oz. sizes.

[20:10:29] ebijack (mi): ted, what effect do you think you'll have on

lindy, now that your the new exec. :)

[20:10:42] Catch5: Ted what do you get for speeds on that Ranger

[20:10:47] Swat 1(oh): Ted don't the snubbers detract from being

able to feel the fish though?

[20:11:01] Catch5: Fuzz E Grub great jig

[20:11:05] Ted: For a touring pro, it is essential to have the right

tools for the job and fortunately or unfortunately, a boat with a big

motor is probably advantageous.

[20:11:16] Ted: I am fishing both sides of the PWT.

[20:11:20] Lundman(Wi): Gotta love those Fuzzy Grubs, biggest

fish ever in my boat came on one, from a River....

[20:11:22] Pikeman(SK): I like the lindy rig most of all!

[20:11:37] Ted: I am getting about 61 mph out of my 620. Still

playing with the props though,.

[20:11:42] Pikeman(SK): Caught an 11.8 at tobin on it

[20:11:47] bobeyerite/wa: Ted exactly which fuzz-e-grub did you

use to win the championship

[20:11:52] Ted: The snubbers worked great. Hardly any fish lost.

[20:12:09] Catch5: is that ON GPS

[20:12:10] Ted: Finally, big jigs are starting to catch on.

[20:12:23] mikej: Ted- What crankbaits were you handlining with on

the Detroit River?

[20:12:33] Ted: Lindy rigs are like MacDonald's hamburgers,

millions and millions sold

[20:12:46] Pikeman(SK): yah

[20:12:56] Ted: I used a 1/4 on the 1st and 2nd days and a 3/8 on

the last day when it was windy

[20:12:57] Pikeman(SK): and there is a good reason

[20:13:01] cutthroat: How long did you work for HP?

[20:13:04] Bull(oh): yeah but I would hate to eat one!!!!!!

[20:13:04] Ted: On GPS

[20:13:22] Ted: I was using #7 and #9 Floating Rapalas

[20:13:34] Ted: I worked for HP for 16 1/2 years

[20:13:50] Ted: Today was my last day at work.

[20:14:02] Swat 1(oh): ;-) Congrats Ted

[20:14:06] Catch5: Because on my Triton with 225 EFI am getting 72mph on gps.

[20:14:16] Ted: Cleaned out my desk and I don't have to even think

about computers except for email and the Internet

[20:14:22] ebijack (mi): ted, were you envolved with the decision to

become president of lindy?

[20:14:24] gooch: are you retiring ted? LOL

[20:14:30] Ted: The Triton's a fast boat.

[20:14:38] Catch5: yes it is

[20:14:59] Catch5: takes the water great

[20:15:11] Ted: I guess I was pretty much involved in the

discussion to be the president.

[20:15:26] Mahumba: Wow! And I still have my 14' deep and wide

Misty River with a 30 horse!!!!! HA Ha!

[20:15:28] netter: Ted, what are your thoughts on the future of the

fishing industry?

[20:15:39] Ted: It was a difficult decision just from the perspective

that I have to move and that there were some risks involved.

[20:15:45] Ted: I am really excited though

[20:15:53] ebijack (mi): ted, do you feel that it is all that more

important now to win tourney's on lindy tackle?

[20:16:07] bobeyerite/wa: are you considering the presidency of

lindy a retirement job

[20:16:27] Lundman(Wi): Ted, to fishing, which method did you use

to win the tourney with the fuzzy Grub, cast and jig, vertical,

dragging...which one...??

[20:16:30] Ted: The future of the fishing industry is great as long as

we make it that way. It will take everyone's participation to get

proper legislation passed and more people into fishing.

[20:16:33] Pikeman(SK): who cares if its important, lindy works great!

[20:17:16] Ted: I will use what I need to catch fish. Hopefully, it

will be on Lindy tackle. I guess that if there are products that I need,

they'll probably be new products for next year.

[20:17:33] ebijack (mi): good to hear ted!

[20:17:43] Ted: I have just started to work. Lindy is an excellent

opportunity and I will be working harder than ever.

[20:18:12] Ted: I was vertical jigging, but moving slightly with my

bow trolling motor. A slight angle.

[20:18:34] ebijack (mi): ted, how many cell phones and beepers do

you carry now :)

[20:18:37] Ted: In about 8 to 10 feet of water.

[20:18:39] Mahumba: I might of missed it but......Ted when approx.

will Lindy's new snagless sinker hit the market in Canada?

[20:18:58] Ted: Actually, I don't have a cell phone or a beeper

anymore. Turned them all in today.

[20:19:07] Ted: Last day at HP and all.

[20:19:12] Lundman(Wi): Thank you, that's my favorite...:-)

[20:19:22] Drift'r: good for you Ted

[20:19:26] Drift'r: :)

[20:19:36] Ted: Lindy's new NO-SNAGG sinker will be available in

Canada sometime next month, May

[20:19:45] Pikeman(SK): great

[20:20:20] gooch: ted, when are you heading for south dakota?

[20:20:20] Ted: Have I missed any questions?

[20:20:27] Bull(oh): how we goin to call u for a fishin report with no

cell phone, Ted...hehhe

[20:20:29] bobeyerite/wa: when will the new No-Snagg sinker

samples be sent to writers etc.

[20:20:35] Drift'r: do you have a web site planned for Lindy

[20:20:37] ebijack (mi): ted, do you plan on fishing both div.'s of the

pwt for years to come?

[20:20:45] Ted: I would be leaving tonight, but I've got to talk to you

guys. No Problem. I'll start early tomorrow.

[20:21:08] Juls (WI): thanks for taking the time ted...we appreciate it!

[20:21:16] Ted: I will feel naked without a cell phone. I'll get one

when I get to Brainerd after the S. Dakota tournament

[20:21:19] netter: Ted, do you have a timetable for your continued

tournament participation?

[20:21:57] Ted: Many NO Snaggs have already been sent. Please

call Nick Adams at 218-829-1714 if you haven't gotten one and

would like one.

[20:22:00] cutthroat: What is your all time biggest fish?

[20:22:42] Ted: I will continue to fish the tournaments as long as I

possibly can. I believe that it is in both Lindy's and my best

interests to be on the cutting edge of walleye fishing.

[20:23:12] Ted: My biggest walleye is only 10.5 pounds. Many 8's and 9's.

[20:23:17] Pikeman(SK): nice eye!

[20:23:39] netter: Do you see Lindy's sponsorship of tournament

anglers increasing/decreasing?

[20:23:56] ebijack (mi): ted, will lindy now be the biggest ad on the

side of your boat

[20:24:12] Ted: Great question on the sponsorship. I will have to

take a look at what we have today and the budget. Can't comment

right now.

[20:24:45] Ted: Lindy will obviously be a big part of my

promotional effort, but I do still have other sponsors that I will

continue to take care of.

[20:25:02] Pikeman(SK): great

[20:25:09] ebijack (mi): ted, will you be deciding on who you might

sponsor in the pwt?

[20:25:45] gooch: ted, is stroshine still part of your team?

[20:25:59] Ted: I haven't quite made up my mind, whether I will be

making the decisions on sponsorship. I have many friends on the

PWT and it would be difficult for me to make those decisions.

[20:26:15] Juls (WI): hey Ted i see you fish with your daughter

already (from a pic in the WC Mag) maybe she will go pro? does

she like it?

[20:26:27] Ted: We just won't be able to sponsor everyone and

they will have to do something to earn it.

[20:26:15] Juls (WI): hey Ted i see you fish with your daughter

already (from a pic in the WC Mag) maybe she will go pro? does

she like it?

[20:26:27] Ted: We just won't be able to sponsor everyone and

they will have to do something to earn it.

[20:26:52] cutthroat: Ted this is great advertising, but is it really the lure?

[20:27:01] Ted: Dale Stroschein has retired and is currently

building his resort up on Sturgeon Bay. It's going to be awesome.

[20:27:25] Ted: Kristi likes to fish a lot. Not sure if competitive

fishing is her gig though

[20:27:29] gooch: so he isn't fishing the pwt anymore?

[20:27:37] Juls (WI): :-)

[20:27:39] ebijack (mi): that's like any product ted, just wondered if

you had anyone in mind you'd really like to get sponsored by lindy

now that your president

[20:27:45] Ted: Cutthroat, I am not sure what you are asking

[20:27:58] netter: Does Lindy have endorsement agreements with

angler that don't fish the big tourneys?

[20:28:00] Ted: Dale is not fishing tournaments PWT this year.

[20:28:50] ozarkeyes: Hi Ted- John H from Ark- Congrats on new

job- Are you on the road tonight to Oahe?

[20:29:23] Ted: The ones that I would like to sponsor, already are

sponsored by someone and it would proabably take more that we

could afford to get them. Again, I'll have to look at the budget and

make a decision later. We have great pros already on our pro staff. Jo

[20:29:51] Ted: John Campbell, Tommy Skarlis, Sam Anderson,

John Kolinski, etc.

[20:30:01] bobeyerite/wa: Ted has the Rattli'n hook made a big

impact on the live bait rig market

[20:30:13] ebijack (mi): ted, how will you handle fishing all those

tourney's and family life with your new appointment

[20:30:58] Ted: The Rattlin Lindy rig is a great rig that is selling

well. We'll continue to use it to catch more fish.

[20:31:02] cutthroat: Does the brand lure your using matter the

most? Or are like the old saying " 90% of fish are caught by 10% of

the fisherman"?

[20:31:39] Ted: I guess I'll handle the tournaments and the

pressure of being the president just like I have in the past with HP.

Just replacing HP with Lindy. Much more fun.,

[20:32:11] hyderipper: you might be able to buy me ted

[20:32:16] Ted: I believe that using the best, high quality products

that you can use to catch fish is ultimately the most imporant.

[20:32:40] cutthroat: cool

[20:32:54] Ted: Didn't really like computers that much anyway.

Lures are way more fun!

[20:33:20] big i (wi): hello ted

[20:33:21] Juls (WI): :-)

[20:33:26] Drift'r: don't have to worry about a virus in a lure :)

[20:33:31] cutthroat: I sale computers, and like, not as much as

lures though.

[20:33:33] ebijack (mi): this will be posted ted :) hp might read it :)

[20:33:54] Juls (WI): lol ebi

[20:33:59] Pikeman(SK): I have work to do, thanks for a great time ted!

[20:34:09] Ted: That's okay. HP is a great company. They allowed

me to make a living while developing my real career.

[20:34:13] big i (wi): where is your nexy tournament ?

[20:34:43] cutthroat: How young are you?

[20:34:58] Ted: My next tournament is at Mobridge SD, Red Wing,

MN, Mississippi next

[20:35:09] Reelhook(wi): Ted what do you think is going to be the

bit in the PWT on Lake Winnebago this year?

[20:35:16] Ted: I am 41 years young. Wish I was 25 though.

[20:35:18] ebijack (mi): ted, how did you like fishing the detroit river,

compared to other rivers

[20:35:42] big i (wi): so is little joes still going to be lindys little joe ???

[20:35:57] Ted: Winnebago is a great fishery. It's tough to tell what

will take it. Trolling, Jigging, and spinners are all great


[20:36:56] Ted: Little Joe has a very large following. I would love to

shorten the name a bit, but name recognition is a big thing.

[20:37:27] big i (wi): are you saying it will remain lindys

[20:38:02] ebijack (mi): how about atleast a new lure named after you :)

[20:38:17] cutthroat: I am twenty-five, how long have you been

catching walleyes, or when did start dedicating yourself to

become a top fisherman?

[20:38:18] Ted: Lindy acquired Little Joe tackle several years ago

and it will still remain part of Lindy

[20:38:22] big i (wi): have you ever fished castle rock or petenwell

lakes or the river between them ??

[20:38:27] ebijack (mi): "ted's walleye attacker"

[20:38:36] mikej: Ted-Where do you see fishing lure technology

going in the future??

[20:38:52] netter: Ted, do you think tourneys or t.v. fishing shows

have a bigger impact on the average consumer

[20:38:57] mikej: what do you see as the big advancement area?

[20:38:58] big i (wi): sounds good ebi !!

[20:39:04] Ted: I have fished castle rock some.

[20:39:04] bobeyerite/wa: ted, who is Little joe not the company the person

[20:39:31] Ted: It's tough to see what going to happen with tackle.

Probably more technology.

[20:39:37] ebijack (mi): ted, how about starting a fishing channel!!!!!

[20:39:55] Bull(oh): yeah with no bass fishin!!!!

[20:40:16] big i (wi): yahhhh someone fishing for more than green

carp all day sunday that would be great

[20:40:24] Ted: There are so many possibilities. We'll just have to

take it one at a time. I just have to learn more about the tackle mfg.

industry first

[20:40:29] Bull(oh): sure would!!!!!!

[20:40:41] cutthroat: Do the Linder's from the In-Fisherman have

anything to do with Lindy?

[20:40:52] Ted: I wasn't even aware that there is a Little Joe the person?

[20:41:16] ozarkeyes: Will you be at the ASA/ICAST this year?

[20:41:20] bobeyerite/wa: somebody had to start the company

[20:41:26] Ted: Lindner's have not been an active part of the

company for many years. Ron Lindner has just joined as a

consultant this past year.

[20:41:35] Ted: Ron helped develop the NO SNAGG.

[20:42:01] Drift'r: where are the Lindy products mostly sold

[20:42:09] big i (wi): what is your favorite trolling lure ?

[20:42:10] netter: Was Joe Fladebo Little Joe??

[20:42:12] ebijack (mi): ted, do you think the no-snagg will work in

the detroit river?

[20:42:17] Ted: Little Joe tackle was started even before Lindy. It's

been around for years. I believe that the founder has passed away.

[20:42:39] Ted: Lindy products are sold primarily in the upper

Midwest and Canada.

[20:43:00] Ted: I believe that you are right about Joe Faldebo. He

has passed away.

[20:43:20] cutthroat: Have you ever fished for walleye west of the

Rocky Mountains? Details?

[20:43:21] Lundman(Wi): My Grandfather used Little Joe Spinners

on Lake of the Woods when he was young, and he would be 87 now..

[20:43:26] Ted: My favorite trolling lure is probably the Hatchet

harness spinner or a Shad Rap.

[20:43:32] mikej: I can remember Little Joes spinners on Milles

Lacs maybe 25 to 30 years ago

[20:43:35] big i (wi): ted do you think you would be interested in

promoting the sport to youth ?

[20:43:59] Ted: I have not been walleye fishing west of the

Rockies. Would love to go to Columbia.

[20:44:14] ebijack (mi): read walleyecentral mag big i, ted is a big promotor

[20:44:26] big i (wi): sorry

[20:44:30] ebijack (mi): :)

[20:44:38] Ted: I believe that our kids are critical to the future of our sport.

[20:44:54] big i (wi): how good to here

[20:44:54] Juls (WI): well your the boss now Ted ..just tell them you

want to go test some lures out on the Columbia...lol

[20:45:07] Ted: The difficult part is how to get more kids into fishing

without the parents help.

[20:45:25] cutthroat: Why did you choose walleye as the fish to

compete for?

[20:45:26] big i (wi): that is a good one

[20:45:32] Ted: As an executive, I need to think about return on investment.

[20:45:46] Drift'r: Ted, is there any plans for Lindy to have a catalog

[20:45:54] Ted: Walleye is a fascinating fish. Wary, tough to catch

in all conditions, moves alot

[20:46:14] ebijack (mi): i think you had to consider that even before ted :) sponsors

[20:46:21] big i (wi): ted where is your home city?

[20:46:33] Mahumba: Have the kids fish with a pro for a day. Just

have some kind of contest where you return the package of a lindy

product. And that's your return for investment! Ha Ha!

[20:46:47] Ted: I currently live in Algonquin, IL suburb of Chicago.

Will be moving to Brainerd, MN

[20:46:33] Mahumba: Have the kids fish with a pro for a day. Just

have some kind of contest where you return the package of a lindy

product. And that's your return for investment! Ha Ha!

[20:47:09] Mahumba: You'll be really close to me Ted! I live in

Thunder Bay Ont.

[20:47:19] Lundman(Wi): Close to my Neck of the woods....Cool...

[20:47:30] Ted: I would have no probably taking a kid out while

prefishing. As long as he was committed.

[20:47:31] mikej: there more walleye lakes near Brainerd than Chicago!

[20:47:32] Catch5: Ted how can I get free lures from Lindy

[20:48:02] big i (wi): anything we could help with as far as youth

fishing as avid visitors to walleye cemtral ?

[20:48:22] Lundman(Wi): Catch, become the President....

[20:48:34] Ted: There's alot more walleye in Brainerd than

Chicago, no doubt.

[20:48:38] Mahumba: Ha Ha Ha (lundman)

[20:48:41] big i (wi): yep

[20:48:46] Catch5: I can't Ted is

[20:49:02] Ted: If I gave away free lures to everyone, I would be out

of a job quicker than I wanted.

[20:49:14] Lundman(Wi): Then I guess you pay like the rest of us eh...??

[20:49:20] R Hill(mi): sell them free lures Ted

[20:49:27] cutthroat: I am an avid flyfisherman, that has barely

gotten into fishing for walleye, I am from Utah that has excellant

walleye waters considering that they are planted, what would be

your best tip for a new walleye fisherman?

[20:49:40] ebijack (mi): fish the pwt curcuit and be a better than

average fisherman catch5 then get sponsored by lindy

[20:49:46] Ted: Probably, there's always stuff that I don't have at

the tournaments. Probably have to buy it.

[20:50:03] big i (wi): are you serious about taking a kid prefishing ?

[20:50:13] Ted: Learn your electronics, read as much as you can.

Practice the fundamentals.

[20:50:25] Ted: Learn the behavior patterns of walleye especially.

[20:50:30] R Hill(mi): Big Ive been talking to In fish about that

[20:50:40] ozarkeyes: How do you like that620? got to see one

while back-WOW!

[20:50:56] bobeyerite/wa: ted, want a big problem teaching single

mothers to fish, so they can teach they children

[20:51:06] Reelhook(wi): I know that I am not Ted but I love my 620

[20:51:07] Ted: Depends on the kid, we'

[20:51:20] Mahumba: Now that I have a son I need to get a larger

boat. Any recommendations guys?

[20:51:25] Ted: we'll have to see if the NPAA might be interested in

a broader program.

[20:51:42] Ted: The 620 is awesome!

[20:52:00] Catch5: Ted have you seen Gilmans Triton yet did he

run it in Detroit

[20:52:00] Mahumba: Is there a link that I can take a look at the 620?

[20:52:12] ebijack (mi): ted, what electronics are you running

[20:52:39] Ted: I believe that you've hit on the key. Single moms

teaching their kids to fish. I would love a way to get more


[20:52:52] Mahumba: I'm thinking of spending somewhere around

40 grand.

[20:53:02] Ted: Gil's Triton was down for the tournament. His motor

was giving him problems.

[20:53:22] Catch5: so what did he run

[20:53:26] big i (wi): if i found a dedicated young fisherman in

wisconsin. would you be interested in taking one for a day?

[20:53:34] ebijack (mi): bruce de shano is selling his new 620, fully

loaded in aug

[20:53:41] Mahumba: My wife wants a big inboard cabin cruiser though............

[20:53:43] Catch5: what kind of problems was he having

[20:53:44] Ted: www.rangerboats.com, I believe. or a local Ranger

dealer. It's a boat that you won't regret

[20:53:55] Mahumba: Thanks Ted.

[20:54:10] ozarkeyes: Your running a 225 EFI on yours?

[20:54:11] Ted: Gil had to run an aluminum boat, borrowed from someone.

[20:54:31] R Hill(mi): Ted Ive talked to In-fish about you guys

working with big brother/ sister and talking kids out during prefish

whats your thoughts

[20:54:47] cutthroat: Thanks for your time, entertainment, and

excellant advice, Iam going to go to sleep and dream of lunkers,

and working at Lindy?

[20:55:28] Ted: I really like your idea about big bros and sisters.

[20:55:56] R Hill(mi): good 1 down 119 to go

[20:56:18] Ted: I am running Bottomline for electronics.

[20:57:05] ebijack (mi): get your questions in for ted folks, he has to

pack and leave also

[20:56:26] Ted: No problem.

[20:57:50] bobeyerite/wa: ted, thank you for all your help and

interest it was our pleasure talking with you

[20:57:54] big i (wi): how about taking a 30 year old prefishing ????

is that to old ??

[20:58:05] ebijack (mi): I'd like to thank our host tonight TED TAKASAKI !!!!

[20:58:09] netter: Good luck with the new position at Lindy Ted.

[20:58:09] Lundman(Wi): I'm outta here too, Ted, say Hi to Angie for me...:-)

[20:58:09] R Hill(mi): Thanks Ted you’ll hear more about the kids

thing.... Im going to keep pushin

[20:58:11] Juls (WI): thanks for coming Ted...well done! clap clap clap

[20:58:17] Catch5: Thanks

[20:58:18] Ted: 30 years old is not quite a kid.

[20:58:21] ebijack (mi): thanks ted !!!!! clap clap clap, and good luck !!!!

[20:58:37] big i (wi): just joking talking about me !!:)

[20:58:41] RoyGPA: thanks ted...good luck the rest of the year

[20:58:42] Ted: It was great to be here.

[20:58:43] Bull(oh): good luck in all your endeavours ted!!!!!clap clap[

[20:58:45] Juls (WI): good luck ted...

[20:58:51] Ted: I understand.

[20:58:54] bobeyerite/wa: good luck and god's speed ted

[20:59:29] Drift'r: Thanks Ted

[20:59:37] Catch5: good luck Ted

[20:59:48] ebijack (mi): ted, do you think it will be a rigging bite at oahe?

[20:59:52] Catch5: go get the big ones

[21:00:19] R Hill(mi): Ted say hi to PP for me while your at oahe

[21:00:27] Ted: I believe that it could be another win for a Lindy

Fuzz E Grub. tossed in the shallows with a minnow.

[21:00:52] ebijack (mi): cool, good luck ted!

[21:00:59] Ted: I'll probably take PP out one of the days of pre fishing.

[21:01:09] Lundman(Wi): Ted, there are so many colors of Fuzzy's,

any recomendations....??

[21:01:11] R Hill(mi): she’ll like that

[21:01:16] Juls (WI): :-)

[21:01:41] ebijack (mi): pp is looking forward to it ted

[21:01:46] Ted: Hot yellow, glow, Orange yellow, Orange glow,

yellow, are all good colors.

[21:02:08] big i (wi): thanks for a great chat ted !!!!!!!!

[21:02:11] Lundman(Wi): Thanks, the orange and glo is the one the

10 came on...:-)

[21:02:14] Ted: Well, gotta pack, and get on the road. take care guys!

[21:02:21] Lundman(Wi): Thanks ted, been fun...

[21:02:30] Ted: Tail lights......

[21:02:33] Drift'r: I'd like to try them....not sold anywhere here i Pa

that I know ofi

[21:02:35] R Hill(mi): Thanks Ted

[21:02:38] Sundance Kid: See ya Ted

[21:02:40] big i (wi): see ya ted hopefully get to meet you in person someday!

[21:02:40] *** Ted has left Walleye Central


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