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Ted Takasaki Chat 9-15-99
[20:01:26] ebijack: Please Welcome our host tonight TED TAKASAKI  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01:38] Ted: It's great to be here
[20:01:39] Bull(oh): <<<clapping!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01:47] shyeye: Greetings and salutations
[20:02:01] Drift'r: Welcome Ted!!!!! 
[20:02:05] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:02:14] marbleye: hi ted
[20:02:18] Drift'r: clap  clap clap
[20:02:23] Ted: Thank you
[20:02:27] ebijack: ted, how about starting us off with what you did at the
[20:02:49] Ted: I spend the entire three days jigging in about 13 to 21 feet of water
[20:02:56] Ted: Fuzz E Grubs and leeches
[20:03:04] Ted: One spot 
[20:03:17] Ted: Seelhoff was trolling right in front of me
[20:03:21] ebijack: wow, reports were that troll was the only way to go
[20:03:25] Ted: back and forth
[20:03:41] ebijack: i take it you had faith in jigging your spot?
[20:03:46] Ted: There were only two people that did well trolling...Rick olsen and
[20:03:56] marbleye: which lake?
[20:04:12] Ted: Yes I did. Didn't have the trolling bite down before the tourney, so
stuck with what I knew
[20:04:17] gilman(IN): where did you place
[20:04:24] Ted: 6th
[20:04:33] gilman(IN): great
[20:04:40] Bluewater: Ted, thanks for sharing your time with us. Any word on PWT
coming back to Erie
[20:04:50] ebijack: ted, since you learned handling, have you tried it in any other
[20:04:53] Ted: There were a lot of other pros trolling only they couldn't get it down
[20:05:07] Ted: PWT will be in Erie next April
[20:05:33] Ted: Tried a little handlining in Red Wing and it didn't work well for me
[20:05:33] Bluewater: Out of South Bass or Port Clinton?
[20:05:38] Ted: Port Clinton
[20:05:54] gilman(IN): what colors
[20:05:58] Ted: I think I'll keep 'em for the Detroit and St Clair Rivers
[20:06:15] Ted: I used Hot yellow Glow Fuzz E Grubs
[20:06:19] Ted: 1/4 oz
[20:06:43] Juls (WI): nice cheesehead hat you had on Saturday Ted...was pretty
[20:06:43] ebijack: ted, with your new "no-snagg" weights, have you found any new way
present lures using them
[20:07:03] gilman(IN): what kind of line
[20:07:08] Ted: The cheesehead brought on a good cheer from the WI crowd
[20:07:18] Ted: 8 Pound Magnathin
[20:07:42] Ted: The NO SNAGG sinkers were developed primarily for lindy rigging or
Carolina rigging
[20:08:25] ebijack: ted, how is your new postion at lindy going
[20:08:46] Ted: It's going great...I'm learning a lot and haven't even thought about HP
[20:09:17] Ted: We've got a lot of great products ready to introduce and will continue
to promote the ones that we've got
[20:09:39] Bull(oh): how do u like living in minn compared to ill?????
[20:10:02] Ted: For the little bit that I've actually been in MN, it's been good, except it
seems to rain alot
[20:10:15] Ted: Kind of feels like Portland
[20:10:19] Bull(oh): any more time to fish???
[20:10:28] Ted: I'll continue to fish the PWT
[20:10:29] Bull(oh): or too busy with circuit
[20:10:39] ebijack: ted, how do you decide what weight line to use when your jigging
[20:10:53] Ted: You all have to remember that I fished the circuit when I was still
working full time at Hewlett Packard
[20:11:21] ebijack: don't know how you did that ted
[20:11:22] Ted: I usually use 8 pound Magnathin when jigging. Only go heavier or
lighter depending on the size of fish for the system
[20:11:36] Ted: I just replace HP with Lindy
[20:12:12] ebijack: ted, will you be fishing both div again?
[20:12:14] Ted: It's good to be busy and need to be efficient
[20:12:23] Ted: I will fish both side next year
[20:12:27] gilman(IN): what were the others trolling
[20:12:45] Ted: The ones that actually did well were trolling Fat Raps and Shad Raps
[20:13:03] Juls (WI): Ted, did they say they were expanding the PWT next year? Im
thinking more of the NAWA guys will come over?
[20:13:16] Ted: I am still not sure exactly how deep and what were the triggers for the
[20:13:24] marbleye: were you fishing medota?
[20:13:29] gilman(IN): thanks
[20:13:37] Ted: I am sure that they will make room for the appropriate NAWA pros
[20:13:39] ebijack: ted, how do you determine how to prefish a tournement lake, if you
know it or don't
[20:13:45] Ted: I fished Waubesa
[20:14:13] Ted: These particular lakes were fairly small and key pieces of structure
were easy to find
[20:14:32] Ted: You could pretty much cover the main spots in one day per lake
[20:15:22] Ted: Alot of homework needs to be done and then a run and gun
approached used for pre fishing
[20:15:29] ebijack: ted, do you read message board reports about a lake before you go
[20:15:38] Bluewater: How might you approach Erie next spring
[20:15:42] Ted: After I found how tough it really was... then I stayed on my best spot for
the 3 days
[20:16:03] Ted: I didn't really read the message boards, not that that wouldn't be a
good idea
[20:16:29] Ted: I have a lot of good areas and presentations that have worked for Erie
at that time of year
[20:16:45] ebijack: ted, about how many fish did you catch each day at the
[20:16:49] Ted: I will be trolling Hatchet blades/crawlers or cranks
[20:17:09] Ted: I caught 3 the first day 3 the 2nd day and 5 the 3rd day
[20:18:09] Bluewater: Do you think walleye preferences for baits/lures evolve and
change from year to year
[20:18:14] Ted: I felt that it was a good event and that it should be better next year
[20:19:00] Ted: It's tough to say that they evolve...I'm sure there's some presentations
that we haven't found or tried that might be better
[20:19:10] ebijack: that 3 fish per day must have had you thinking alot about your spot
[20:19:37] marbleye: are you going to fish Huron this fall?
[20:19:39] Ted: I knew after the 1st day that my 3 fish were good enough to stay
[20:20:19] Ted: I will probably not be at Huron this fall...it's alot further from Brainerd to
Erie than from Chicago to Erie
[20:20:33] ebijack: ted, do you prefer a stiff jigging rod or a soft tipped rod with lots of
[20:20:59] Ted: I like a medium heavy 6 foot extra fast tip rod
[20:21:21] ebijack: using 8lb test line?
[20:21:22] Ted: soft rods for rigging or bottom bouncers
[20:21:26] Ted: yes
[20:22:14] ebijack: ted, is there any new techniques you found using your bigger
ranger boat?
[20:22:47] Ted: None just because of the boat being bigger...the 620 has been great
because of the ride and handling
[20:23:19] ebijack: was the larger boat more difficult to handle in wind?
[20:23:47] Ted: No it really wasn't ...I didn't feel that it was different at all from my 692
except for the ride
[20:24:09] gilman: nice for big waves
[20:24:28] Ted: Actually nicer for the medium waves...didn't feel 'em
[20:24:31] ebijack: what main motor are you using ted
[20:24:39] Ted: 225 EFI Merc
[20:24:47] Ted: Will be going to an OptiMax next year
[20:25:16] teammac(MT): Just got a 150 Optimax this summer
[20:25:32] Ted: They're really nice motors
[20:25:35] Jesse(WI): Any new video's planned?
[20:25:40] Ted: Little gas consumption
[20:25:43] ebijack: ted, are you still using a 25hp kicker?
[20:25:53] Ted: Maybe a new video next year
[20:26:10] Ted: I went to a 9.9 Hp bigfoot 4 stroke
[20:26:14] Bluewater: How is your TR-1 holding up for you?
[20:26:25] Swat 1: Why switch to the Optimax  is it that much better than the EFI
[20:26:32] Ted: I really liked the TR-1..didn't realize what I was missing
[20:26:51] Ted: The OptiMax is soo much better for gas mileage, it
[20:27:01] Ted: it's quieter and smokes less
[20:27:34] Bluewater: how do you guage your trolling speed?
[20:27:41] Ted: With the TR 1, I've had the technicians look at it a couple of times, but
overall it's been pretty reliable
[20:28:21] Ted: That's a feature of the TR1 that I really like...the tach...that's how I
gauge trolling speed along with paddle wheel on my electronics and the GPS speed
[20:28:45] Bull(oh): do any of them agree????
[20:29:09] Ted: No, but I don't need them to...I just have to return to the combination
that is successful
[20:29:17] ebijack: ted, will you be tying the tr-1 into your gps?
[20:29:32] Ted: such as 1900 rpm, 1.5 mph on my electronics and 1.8 on my GPS
[20:29:43] Ted: I will when it's available
[20:30:14] littlehooker: Ted, what bait or lure do you think works well in the murky
waters of wisconsin in October?
[20:30:27] Ted: Which waters?
[20:30:49] littlehooker: chippewa flowage in Hayward 
[20:31:01] gilman: minnows or leachs late sept n min.
[20:31:06] ebijack: ted, are you surprised they chose wi again for the championship in
[20:31:27] Ted: No I'm excited about coming back to Madison next year
[20:31:39] Ted: Bright colored jigs and Lindy rigs for the Chip
[20:31:43] teammac(MT): Looking forward to coming back to Ft. Peck next year Ted?
[20:32:05] Ted: I really like Ft Peck for the big fish and scenery
[20:32:25] Ted: Tough place to fish though, the fish always are moving
[20:33:41] littlehooker: Ted, can a novice be in the tournaments you are in?
[20:33:56] Ted: Certainly..there is room as an amateur
[20:34:07] Bluewater: If anyone here has the opportunity to fish with these guys in
PWT, make time for it
[20:34:13] Ted: Just call the In Fish and get an entry form
[20:34:35] ebijack: send it in asap littlehooker
[20:34:46] Ted: They usually fill the first day 
[20:34:48] littlehooker: how does one go about finding a sponsor? also, what are the
costs for the entry fees?
[20:34:51] marbleye: what kind of electronics do you run?
[20:34:51] Bluewater: I fished the Erie a few years back and you can never have a
better time on the water clinic
[20:35:01] Ted: I use Bottomline
[20:35:12] teammac(MT): DeJaeghere knows about the big Ft. Peck walleye. He
caught 3 during our governors cup this year lindy rigging in 40 feet of water
[20:35:18] Ted: Pretty tough getting a sponsor right away
[20:35:30] Ted: I heard he won that tournament
[20:36:18] teammac(MT): yah with 46.07 lbs.
[20:36:22] ebijack: ted, does bottomline have anything new coming out for 2000 ?
[20:36:47] Ted: I haven't heard about anything new other than the NCC6500
[20:37:10] Bull(oh): do you find the sidefinder an advantage when trolling for walleye
[20:37:18] Jim Alton: Ted, how long after a fall turn over should one wait before
expecting decent fishing?
[20:37:18] Ted: They were great units for me this year
[20:37:28] ebijack: ted, did you fish any other tourney's besides pwt?
[20:37:31] Ted: Sidefinders are excellent for open water suspended fish
[20:37:41] Ted: No other touneys other than PWT
[20:37:47] littlehooker: What is the first thing you search for when you have a
tournament on a new body of water?
[20:38:06] Ted: Fairly quickly even after turnover depending upon the water
[20:38:17] Bull(oh): fish!!!!!!
[20:38:32] Jim Alton: Clear water... 10-12 foot visibility.
[20:38:32] Ted: I circle key pieces of structure and make sure that I fish every good
looking spot
[20:38:42] Ted: I use my electronics a lot
[20:38:49] cutthroat: Ted how could I become a sales rep for Lindy?
[20:39:19] Ted: We have 3 good SR's right now and probably don't need one right
[20:39:29] Ted: Keep in touch and maybe in a year or 2
[20:39:34] littlehooker: cut throat-buy some and send em to me
[20:40:24] ebijack: ted, have you held any meetings on the water yet?  :)
[20:40:44] Ted: What kind of meetings?
[20:40:57] cutthroat: How do you catch spawning river walleye?
[20:41:05] ebijack: board meetings..  :)
[20:41:17] Ted: Spawing river walleyes are tougher to catch
[20:41:19] ebijack: get those guys out of the office
[20:41:23] littlehooker: ted, how can you estimate the poundage of a fish by the girth
[20:41:24] ebijack: :)
[20:41:28] Ted: They have only one thing on their minds
[20:41:52] Ted: I usually look at the length of the walleye...a 30 incher is a good one
[20:42:21] littlehooker: so a 30" would weigh about how much?
[20:42:27] Ted: Once I'm in the office I try to stay there. PWT's take enough time as it
[20:42:37] Drift'r: 10 lb average hooker
[20:42:53] Ted: a thin one...8 pounds a thick one...10 to 11 pounds
[20:43:49] ebijack: what do you use to tow your boat around ted
[20:44:02] littlehooker: How did you talk your wife into letting you fish as a
[20:44:09] Ted: I have a 3/4 ton 454 Suburban...the only way to go
[20:44:29] Ted: She didn't have too much of a say so...was fishing before we got
[20:44:47] littlehooker: Can you convince my wife too?
[20:44:52] Ted: She has been very cooperative from the beginning. Certainly saw the
[20:44:58] Bluewater: Do you approach any lakes as "these lakes are typically a
jigging lake" or "crankbait lake" etc?
[20:45:04] Ted: It only takes a little bit of money
[20:45:36] Ted: Every lake has a reputation. That's why it was somewhat unusual for
the Seelhoff to find the trolling bite at Madison
[20:46:02] Ted: It seems that every lake can be fished by trolling cranks
[20:46:33] Bluewater: How do you keep focused on a presentation if it isn't working
and when do you give it up?
[20:46:35] ebijack: ted, have you found crankbaits to take more fish than crawlers this
past year?
[20:47:02] Ted: Nope, this year's been a jigging bite year
[20:47:34] littlehooker: ebi I found cranks work well at night and crawlers early morning
[20:47:44] Ted: Detroit River, Oahe, Red Wing, Devil's Lake were all jigging and
[20:47:48] ebijack: ted, how about a 4inch fuzzy grub body
[20:48:20] Ted: Maybe..I'll have to think about how to do it
[20:48:28] ebijack: i'd like to try em
[20:48:52] ebijack: for those times (all for me) when you don't use live bait
[20:49:14] Ted: Tough to beat live bait
[20:49:17] littlehooker: anythings worth a shot
[20:49:19] ShadMan (wis): What was the best Madison lake for most and best fish?
20:49:38] Ted: Bigger fish were in Mendota, more fish in Waubesa
[20:49:40] littlehooker: mendota
[20:50:01] Ted: 18 inch size limit, 3 fish per person got 'em in Mendota
[20:50:11] littlehooker: menona is also a little hot spot on the south side the last month
[20:50:15] ebijack: ted, do you have a limit on how far you'll run in a tourney?
[20:50:28] Ted: Nope as long as it's worth it
[20:50:40] Ted: Where at in Menona?
[20:52:06] littlehooker: Ted,I read in magazine that you won a tournament by fishing
under a feeder creek bridge thar you weren't sure of. what made you fish there?
[20:52:34] Ted: I won last year's PWT Champ. near a bridge in Cannonball Creek
[20:53:00] Ted: The Champ. had been won under bridges the previous two years
[20:53:17] Ted: This one was just one that hadn't been tried and it was very difficult to
get to
[20:53:27] ebijack: ted, how far back do you keep records of what won in a tourney
[20:53:31] Ted: Cranks worked at this year's champ.
[20:53:52] Ted: I thought I still was a member of WU
[20:54:21] littlehooker: Turville bay between 5 & 10 ft of water
[20:54:31] Ted: I don't always use yesterday's memories. I'll check em out in prefish,
but will always use current data
[20:54:45] Bluewater: Ted, are colors more important on cranks or contrast?
[20:54:51] Diesel{WI}: Just wondering.. did not see you listed this year.. Better give
Gene a holler ..:)
[20:55:03] littlehooker: theres a lot of vegetation there and a lot of snags too. lost a lot
of lindys
[20:55:24] Ted: Thanks... need to try NO SNAGG sinkers
[20:55:43] ebijack: those "no-snagg" do work
[20:55:56] Ted: Crankbait location and action are the two most important items
[20:55:58] littlehooker: either that or get my wife a diving suit
[20:56:00] Ted: Then color
[20:56:04] ShadMan (wis): Ted, you will always be one of us at Walleyes Unlimted
[20:56:10] Diesel{WI}: I need to try them on my lake.  :)
[20:56:43] Ted: It might be a little tough to make the meetings now
[20:56:48] ebijack: are there anymore questions for our host tonight?
[20:57:10] ShadMan (wis): Yes when is your next seminar for us at WU?
[20:57:20] Ted: Nothing scheduled right now
[20:57:28] ShadMan (wis): We miss ya!!!:):):)
[20:57:34] ebijack: I'd like to THANK our host tonight TED TAKASAKI !!!!!!!!
[20:57:40] Diesel{WI}: I second that :)
[20:57:42] Juls (WI): thanks Ted! clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap
[20:57:44] ShadMan (wis): Good Luck ted!!!!
[20:57:47] Drift'r: Thanks Ted
[20:57:47] littlehooker: what do think about finding spot on the spot locations?
[20:57:48] Ted: It seems odd to not be listed as an Illinoisan
[20:57:52] ebijack: clap clap clap!!, good luck in 2000 ted!!
[20:57:59] Bull(oh): thank u ted and good luck in the comming year!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:58:00] Ted: Spot on spots win tournaments
[20:58:00] Diesel{WI}: Have a good year Ted.
[20:58:04] Bluewater: Ted, Thanks for your patience
[20:58:09] Ted: Thanks!!
[20:58:27] littlehooker: good luck ted hope to meet ya in madison next year
[20:58:29] Ted: I'll take my daughter home now cuz I'm still at the office
[20:58:40] Ted: Make sure that you introduce yourself
[20:58:42] ebijack:  c ya ted, thanks
[20:58:55] Ted: Take care everyone!  See ya
[20:59:00] littlehooker: thanx ted
[20:59:22] Diesel{WI}: Night Ted, Tight Lines
[20:59:35] Ted: Bye
[20:59:44] ebijack: c ya

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