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Ted Takasaki Chat 6/14/00

(Ebijack is typing for Ted Takasaki, Ted had problems getting in the room. So try to follow )

* ebijack-  ask your questions and i'l ask ted adn type his replys
* T-Mac-  Ted...how do you like being host?
* ebijack-  ted's sorry he can't get in, he leaves friday for st mary's
* ebijack-  he sorry he can't do this himself
* REELMAN-  Ted are you going to have a Walleye Institute in
Minnesota somewhere this winter
* ebijack-  not this year on the institute
* river king-  does prefishing start on fridays or saturdays ted???
* ebijack-  to hard to find a good location
* ebijack-  prefish is friday thru tues
* T-Mac-  How's the bite @ the Soo?
* ebijack-  he can only fish 4 of the days
* ebijack-  heard the bite is slow
* ebijack-  it's a jigging or spinners bite
* T-Mac-  Ted heading up north...when? (Soo)
* ebijack-  he believes* ebijack-  he leaves friday
* T-Mac-  k
* T-Mac-  What is Ted's fav. tourney water?
* ebijack-  ted recommends scott richardson on who to interview for
teds stories and then ted edits them
* T-Mac-  lol
* ebijack-  numbers and size lake erie,,,,fort peck for the challenge
* T-Mac-  Amen
* ebijack-  favorite way to fish is jigging, then bottom bouncers
* T-Mac-  Is he getting a jet boat for the Championship...this year? LOL
* ebijack-  main sponsors this year (14 ) ranger, merc,master
lock,strend,pennacle,lindy, normark
* REELMAN-  what does he like best about the 620
* Swat1-  Any word if Normark is going to be producing the Wiggle Wart again?
* ebijack-  minnkota,aquavu,tr-1,polarrapp, bottomline,flambo
* ebijack-  gamatsu* ETT-  any new stuff for 2001 Ted?
* ebijack-  620, great great boat, lots of storage, dry,
* Swat1-  Gamagatsu
* ebijack-  not sure about normark since they bought out storm
* ebijack-  thanks swat,,,trying to type and talk to ted at same time
* T-Mac-  what locater?...does he really use Bottomline?
* ebijack-  yes bottomline
* T-Mac-  k
* Swat1-  Flambo is tackle storage and Polar Wrap is fleece clothing
* ebijack-  2001 as far as boat/ motor tackle?
* ETT-  tackle
* ETT-  lures
* ebijack-  no snag rigs
* ebijack-  :)
* pickeral(nwt)-  hi everyone was takasaki here yet?
* Ness-  Thanks, Swat :-)
* ebijack-  ted is still trying to get in here
* T-Mac-  not in person....pick* pickeral(nwt)-  he'
* T-Mac-  he getting closer
* REELMAN-  does Lindy still make the Shadling's and does anyone
still pull them much
* Swat1-  He can't get in Pickeral server problems
* ebijack-  yes on the shadling
* Swat1-  Ebi is talking to him on the phone and relaying answers
* ebijack-  lots of orders still for themREELMAN-  don't see many in my area
* ebijack-  pretty much web siet or catalog orders
* pickeral(nwt)-  hope you guy's have been fishing as much as i have
* ebijack-  ted loves his optimax
* Don-  Hello Ted, I am looking for some Thill floats, Turbo Master,
to use dam fishing for striper in TX. What are the best tackle sites that would have them? 
* ebijack-  he's not sure what site sells them
* ebijack-  buy them off littlelindyjoe.com
* Don-  Is anybody?
* Don-  Any others?
* ebijack-  he does sell them there
* T-Mac-  Reed's
* ebijack-  not that he knows of
* Don-  address of Reeds
* REELMAN-  what is the top selling product fo Lindy?
* T-Mac-  hmmm anybody?
* ebijack-  new baitcaster from pennacle called matrix...10 ball bearing
* ebijack-  best selling is no snagg sinkers
* Don-  thanks* T-Mac-  hi slick
* REELMAN-  why doesn't Pinnacle make a line counter reel and I like
the no snaggs
* ebijack-  ted has asked them too
* slickster-  lol
* ebijack-  it's not mainstream he tinks
* ebijack-  thinks* REELMAN-  probably so
* T-Mac-  what electric troll mtr?
* ebijack-  maxxum minnkots
* ebijack-  kota
* T-Mac-  k
* T-Mac-  101?
* T-Mac-  k
* ebijack-  ted has never fished up at st mary's
* T-Mac-  how cold is water up there now?
* ebijack-  he has area's picked out on a map to start fishing
* ebijack-  high 50's
* T-Mac-  not bad
* REELMAN-  what are some of his prefishing strategies trolling,
graphing covering water????
* ebijack-  ted is pretty full up except sunday to prefish on sunday
* ebijack-  anyone have any tips for ted on st mary's?
* Chris K-  Merc brought a lot of extra lower units with them!
* ebijack-  ted covers water in big stretchs while trolling to cover
water and see whats there
* ETT-  don't hit any rocks
* REELMAN-  what boards does he use???? leadcore or snap weights
* ebijack-  modified cannon rover boards
* Nate-  Hi all
* ebijack-  lead core he prefers but uses snap weights
* ETT-  how modified??
* ebijack-  snap weights whan water is higher than 54 deg* ebijack-  snap weights whan water is higher than 54 deg
* ebijack-  he uses off shore snaps* ebijack-  leadcore with crankbaits
* T-Mac-  yup thanks
* ebijack-  shadrap this time of year
* ebijack-  leadcore doesn't kill any action and us a mono leader
* T-Mac-  s what I thought...? * ebijack-  leadcore with crankbaits
* T-Mac-  yup thanks
* ebijack-  shadrap this time of year
* ebijack-  leadcore doesn't kill any action and us a mono leader
* T-Mac-  s what I thought...?
* ebijack-  any more questions for ted?
* Chris K-  Does Ted do a lot of ice fishing in the winter?
* T-Mac-  just wondering why the switch to snaps @ 54 degrees...not 60 degrees...etc
* ebijack-  ted does some ice fishing if he can
* REELMAN-  what reels does he use for his leadcore set 
* ebijack-  leadcore with crankbaits
* ebijack-  ted thanks everyone for coming
* ebijack-  i told him good luck from all of you
* Wallize (SD)-  Later Ted
* T-Mac-  Thanks Ted...see ya at Peck
* Chris K-  later Ted
* Driftr-  bye Ted
* T-Mac-  what happs @ 54?
* ETT-  ok thanks
* Chris K-  What are Ted's favourite cranks for searching flats at
this time of year?
* ebijack-  he uses leadcore in colder water, more suttle action

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