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 Ted Takasaki Chat - 10/18/00

chatman-  Ladies and Gents please welcome our guest tonight, The Bill Blass of walleye fishing, Ted Takasaki!

chairman-  Ted, talk about the no-snag

Ted Takasaki-  Well that's an extremely exciting topic

ebijack-  Ted ,how did you like the championship tourney

Ted Takasaki-  The NO-SNAGG sinker has been an incredible success for Lindy

Ted Takasaki-  Thanks

Ted Takasaki-  The NO-SNAGG has sold so well because it works

chairman-  You know I like it. I even bought some!

slip-bobber(MT)-  lol

ebijack-  :)

Larry Z.-  Ted, my partner and won a tournament on the Miss. this with NO SNAG this year!

chairman-  Where did the idea come from Ted?

Slapshot-  it works extremely well in a lot of different situations!

ebijack-  you going to make it to the Huron get together Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  I have heard about so many situations like that

Ted Takasaki-  I will not be able to get to Huron this year

Dunn-  Ted, What sizes do the No-Snaggs come in?

Ted Takasaki-  1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 3/4 and 1 oz

scooty-  Have you fished Erie lately?

Ted Takasaki-  It's great to be here

Ted Takasaki-  I was at Erie this past spring

Ted Takasaki-  Really Really big fish!

Walleyeman-  any plans for a 1.5 oz

ebijack-  Ted, your no snagg have even been written up about using them for "Carolina rigging" for bass

Ted Takasaki-  Maybe

Dunn-  Ted, Is there any future plans for larger ones?

ebijack-  Ted, how are you doing running little lindy joe and fishing the full circuit

chairman-  I will use them at a FLW in Fla. January Ted

Dunn-  Ted, How did you like the RCL? And if they follow through with a circuit what do you think of that idea?

Juls-  Ted, what are some of the new products for 2001

Ted Takasaki-  It's been great working at Lindy and still doing the tournaments

chatman-  Let's give Ted a little time to answer the questions.....

Ted Takasaki-  A real challenge though doing both

Ted Takasaki-  The RCL was an excellent experience. I really believe that they will do a great service for walleye anglers

Ted Takasaki-  I wish that I could have done better though. Had a good pre fish but lacked execution

Swat1-  Hey Ted You don't have to answer this but Lindy should come out with a crank bait to replace the Wiggle Wart

Ted Takasaki-  We have some more blockbuster products for this coming year

chatman-  Any hints Ted?

Slapshot-  The RCL was a huge stepping stone for all walleye anglers.

Ted Takasaki-  The NO SNAGG Timb'r Rock jig, the NO-SNAGG hook, a new marker buoy, fishing glove and The Rattl'r jigging spoon

ebijack-  those jigs designed for the Detroit river Ted :)

Juls-  Timber jigs are my favorites...- -)

Dunn-  Ted, Any plans to go into terminal tackle such as trolling equipment?

Ted Takasaki-  Lindy today is a jig, rig, and float company. We'll keep it that way until we are not growing and maybe cranks will be in our future then

Juls-  excuse me..Timber Rock jigs...- -)

Dunn-  Thanks for the answers Ted.

Ted Takasaki-  The Timb'r Rock jig is more suited for casting and horizontal presentations vs. vertical jigging

chairman-  I saw some of them at the CSI show last week Ted, Nice stuff

ebijack-  is the PWT still against hand lining?

Ted Takasaki-  Our Jumbo Fuzz E Grub would work better on the Detroit. John Campbell won the PWT on the Detroit that last time with Jumbo Fuzz E Grubs

Ted Takasaki-  The PWT has banned hand lining from our tournaments

Juls-  he also did an excellent job with them at the RCL...john Campbell that is

chatman-  Can you give us a description of the No snagg hook Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  The NO SNAGG hook is an ultra sharp octopus style hook that has a 7 strand snag guard attached to it

Ted Takasaki-  It deflect snags yet hooks and holds the fish

Sheila-  That's what I need!

chatman-  Sounds like a winner for spinner rigs in grass.....

Ted Takasaki-  Ron Lindner tested many different configs before determining with Greg Bohn that the 7 strand was the best

Slapshot-  lol

Ted Takasaki-  I was talking to an angler who tied spinners on Green Bay that won it with NO SNAGG hooks

chatman-  The same 7 strand Greg uses on his jigs?

Ted Takasaki-  Kept the zebras from clumping on the hooks

Driftr-  is the 7 strand the coated leader material?

Ted Takasaki-  7 strand is not coated

Ted Takasaki-  It is a form of the leader material though

Driftr-  OK

Ted Takasaki-  What is the maximum number of chatters that can come on line at any one time?

Dunn-  The Host asking questions, a 1st. lol. j/k

Ted Takasaki-  It is the same 7 strand as Bohn's jigs

ebijack-  Ted, any new rule changes for the PWT in 2000

Dunn-  Ted, You tried to make the long run on the 2nd Day of the RCL didn't you?

Ted Takasaki-  I did run about 38 miles on the second day

Ted Takasaki-  Big mistake

Juls-  hahah then you were 8 miles past us Ted....it was a rough one for sure..- -)

Ted Takasaki-  I went to the river the first day when I should have gone to
the bay

Dunn-  Ted, Did you come back after fishing for a while, or did you just turn around and come back?

Ted Takasaki-  Unbelievable

Ted Takasaki-  I was still 36 miles away from fishing

Ted Takasaki-  2 hours of travel

Ted Takasaki-  figured that I wouldn't have any time to fish

Slapshot-  not a good feeling

chatman-  I'll tell ya what, that stretch of Green Bay between the island and long tail point is the worst place on earth when it gets bumpy

ebijack-  Ted, what was the winning technique for the RCL

Dunn-  Ted, That's one long run, especially in those waves.

Ted Takasaki-  Casting cranks on the rocks by the river

Ted Takasaki-  Just like fishing it at night in the spring

chairman-  kinda like Sharpe eh Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  I was right there next to Glorvigen and Campbell on the 1st day

Larry Z.-  Ted, do you know what kind of cranks he was using?

Ted Takasaki-  There were only 10 to 12 anglers fishing as close to the dam as I was

Ted Takasaki-  Floating Rapalas, Shad Raps, and Wally Divers

chatman-  Were you between the power lines and the buoy line Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  Yes

Walleyeman-  Ted have you tested the new Rapalas?

Ted Takasaki-  The new Tail dancers are really cool with great action and nifty finishes

ebijack-  Ted, have you seen much difference in fish location with the lower water levels

Dunn-  Ted, What's your opinion on the Shad Rap RS'?

Ted Takasaki-  That was really my first time to Green Bay

Ted Takasaki-  So I haven't had experience with higher water levels

jerry-  what was your impression ?

chairman-  back to no-snag tell us some fine points with them Ted

Ted Takasaki-  The Shad Rap Rs is an excellent bait. Great action and loud rattles. Dives deeper

chatman-  I have spent a great deal of time there, the fish are still basically in the same locations in the river

Dunn-  Thanks Ted.

chatman-  They eyes are more current dependent than anything in the dark water

Ted Takasaki-  The NO SNAGGS... what can you say. I have received so much positive feedback from fisherman that I am more convinced than ever that they work

chairman-  I used them with floaters at Lake o woods

Ted Takasaki-  As for the Fox River, I found that you had to fish closer to the dam when the water was high, further away and cast deeper cranks when it was low

Ted Takasaki-  Throw into the riffles/current areas

ebijack-  Ted, do you spend more or less time pre fishing than you used to

chatman-  I know when we first got the no snaggs Max was really skeptical, but after the first tourney, he could not get enough of them

Larry Z.-  We used them in snag infested areas on the muddy Miss this year & never got hung up.

Ted Takasaki-  It's the same story I hear over and over again.

chatman-  It is important to note,The Fox river will fluctuate a foot or more based solely on wind direction and speed

chatman-  A good point EBI

Ted Takasaki-  This is absolutely honest...I am more convinced because I have heard so many good stories than with my own experience. I'm probably more critical, though

Slapshot-  I used the NO SNAGGS all spring on Lake Sakakawea with excellent results. I was able to keep my Lindy rigs in the fish zone rather then having to re-rig all the time. Simply Awesome!

Ted Takasaki-  They will hang up on occasion, but you can almost always get
them out.

chatman-  Also Ted, How do you look at a body of water as big as Green Bay or Oahe and pre fish it

Slapshot-  Pop the bail or slide back and they come right off

chatman-  What do you look at first?

Juls-  I have found that to be true also Ted...

Ted Takasaki-  Doing your homework ahead of time always eliminates a lot of running around

ebijack-  Ted, is there anything new coming out in electronics that you have been testing?

Ted Takasaki-  As for Green Bay, I knew that the river would be a factor. I spend 3 1/2 of my days in the River

Ted Takasaki-  With the wind and all, I didn't think that we could get into the Bay

Ted Takasaki-  Electronics...nothing really new other than the new Aqua Vu.

Ted Takasaki-  My favorite jigging rod and reel is a Pinnacle 6 footer medium heavy spinning with a Dead bolt limited reel

curt-t-o-  What's your bests line for jigging

Ted Takasaki-  I use Magna Thin either 6 pound or 8 pound test.

chatman-  How have you incorporated the Aqua view into your pre fishing and fishing strategies Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  The Aqua Vu is great when I am fishing clear water lakes

jigman/ont-  Ted did you see many walleyes when you used the Aqua View in the deep water of the Detroit River in '99 I seen you using it near the Salt Mine

Ted Takasaki-  It works great also when ice fishing

Ted Takasaki-  Nice catch on my use of the Aqua Vu at Detroit

jigman/ont-  you were filming that day too

Ted Takasaki-  When I used it at the Trenton channel, wasn't marking fish

Ted Takasaki-  Could seen them though with the Aqua Vu

bob oh-  have you ever used it on Erie??

Ted Takasaki-  They were swimming in between the rocks.

Ted Takasaki-  Have also seen walleyes on Erie, but more difficult, because they were suspended

Ted Takasaki-  I was filming.

chatman-  Tell us a little about the new Marker Buoy Ted, what sets it apart from others?

EyeBoy-  Ted-  what is your boat set up for next year going to be?

Ted Takasaki-  The new EZ Wind marker buoy is a little larger, has a bungee cord to the anchor and doesn't walk as much as our old buoy.

GuestDanL-  Do you have any thoughts on the bag limit talks going on now in MN. Also slots and other options

Ted Takasaki-  It is also easy to wind up with an electric/cordless screwdriver

chatman-  That should make a much better buoy in rough water, and quicker to stow

Ted Takasaki-  My boat will be essentially the same as this year's.

chatman-  Tell us about your boat and sponsors Ted

Ted Takasaki-  I believe that the bag limits are not realistic

Ted Takasaki-  I like slot limits a lot

Ted Takasaki-  Mille Lacs is absolutely incredible fishery now

Ted Takasaki-  I have a Ranger 620 that has to be about the best boat available

Dusty(ND);-  Ted, what are your thoughts on the one over 18" slot on the Missouri River and how that affects the PWT Champ. good/bad?

Ted Takasaki-  It handles rough water and has an excellent layout for trolling

Slapshot-  The 620 is simply the best eh Juls!

chatman-  Not a bad jig boat either, love mine!!

Ted Takasaki-  The one over 18" slot is probably just fine. It should preserve the fishery. As for the championship, we all play by the same rules so it is fair for everyone

chatman-  How have you got your boat rigged, electronics, rod holders, how are they placed etc...

GuestDanL-  What do you mean by bag limits not being realistic

GW(in);-  Ted- are there any situations where the 620 is too big and you wish you had the 690 or 619?

jigman/ont-  Ted last spring I fished with a frat brother of yours, Chris Wegschied, we had a great time and he spoke very highly of you

Ted Takasaki-  I haven't seen any situations where the 620 is too big. It handles almost all situations well

Ted Takasaki-  Bag limits of 3 per person are not realistic. 5 or 6 is fine.

EyeBoy-  Does the wind affect it much?

Ted Takasaki-  Chris is a great friend and we hung out many times at college.

Guest-  where the walleye's hittin?

Guest-  lol

Slapshot-  very low profile in the water

Ted Takasaki-  As for my boat, I have electronics on the bow and console. Bottomline 6500's for the console and 5500 for the bow

Ted Takasaki-  A Maxxum 101 trolling motor for the bow

chatman-  Eyeboy, The lower, level profile of the 620 keeps the wind at bay, the weight of the boat also makes it harder for the wind to grab

Ted Takasaki-  TR 1 Autopilot for the kicker a Merc 15 hp

Dunn-  Ted, Have you had a chance to use the new Zercom "Liquid Paper" graphs?

Ted Takasaki-  The walleye's are going well on Mille Lacs, Gull Lake, and the Rainy River

EyeBoy-  CM-  thanks }:-)

chatman-  Not on Bago, Guest!!! LOL:-)

Ted Takasaki-  I have not used the Zercom

Juls-  - -)

Ted Takasaki-  I use the Tempest 21 pitch for my boat

GuestDanL-  Do you fish an area if you do not see fish on your electronics

Ted Takasaki-  I might fish if I really know the spot, but I won't stay for long if I am not marking or catching fish

jigman/ont-  I have the same prop on my 150 Opti

EyeBoy-  Ted-  do you need a jack plate on the Ranger?

Ted Takasaki-  You don't probably need a jack plate, but I have a Panther adjustable plate for mine.

Driftr-  Ted, what rod holders do you use?

Ted Takasaki-  It is great for maneuvering in shallow water

EyeBoy-  IC

Guest-  what is the best lake for ice fishing for walleyes

Ted Takasaki-  I use Fish On rod holders from Tempress. They're the best

Driftr-  they are nice & strong

Ted Takasaki-  It would be tough to say what lake is best for ice fishing

chatman-  How shallow, water depth, can you get on plane with the jack plate

Ted Takasaki-  They all are good at different times

Ted Takasaki-  My 620 will plane out in water as shallow as 3 feet

Ted Takasaki-  I wouldn't do it though if there were rock in 3 feet

Guest-  what's the best live bait to use on Rainy River right now

Ted Takasaki-  River shiners right now

chatman-  What shows and seminars are you doing this winter? Is there a place where a guy can find out?

GuestDanL-  I heard they might try a 22"maxinum on a few lakes in the Brainerd area. Do you think that is going to help

curt-t-o-  Jigman no Wis..

EyeBoy-  Ted-  Forgive my ignorance-  what do you run for an engine?

Todd_NE-  hi all

Ted Takasaki-  I will post my schedule on my web page. www.walleyecentral.com/takasaki or www.ool.com/takasaki

Ted Takasaki-  It will be available by November

Dusty(ND);-  Have the new No-Snagg sinkers caught on like you had hoped for LLJ? BTW, I have yet to lose one!

Ted Takasaki-  I run a Mercury 225 Optimax

Ted Takasaki-  Slots on some of the lakes in Brainerd would be fine.

Ted Takasaki-  The NO SNAGG is an incredible, tremendous success like the Lindy Rig was 30 years ago

Ted Takasaki-  By the way, my current boat is for sale.

Todd_NE-  how was Lac Seul this fall Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  For next year's boat, I would let a potential buyer select his own colors

Ted Takasaki-  Yes it is listed in the classifieds

Ted Takasaki-  I didn't make it to Lac Seul this year

spampy-  do no snags work in strong currents Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  We don't currently make a big enough NO SNAGG for extremely strong current. Hopefully soon

Ted Takasaki-  1 oz is our largest size

spampy-  yes we need it 7 mph here.

Ted Takasaki-  That's a lotta current

chatman-  I think a 3 pounder would help reach the hand liners on the Detroit


spampy-  Missouri lower

Ted Takasaki-  I'm not sure that a 3 pound NO SNAGG would sell well

Juls-  lol Bruce

spampy-  lol

Ted Takasaki-  I will not be able to go to Huron

EyeBoy-  ::hands swampy an anvil::

jigman/ont-  how fuel efficient are the Opti's ?

Todd_NE-  I apologize if this has been asked, but who are your spring speakers in Chicago Ted?

chairman-  we will do the hand lines in Detroit Ted

Ted Takasaki-  The Optimax's are incredible. I have cut my fuel bills by 40 percent

Driftr-  that is a big savings on fuel!

Ted Takasaki-  For the Walleye Institute, Tom Keenan will be back, John Campbell, and I am working on Ron Seelhof

jigman/ont-  is hand lining allowed on the PWT?

Ted Takasaki-  Hand lining is not allowed in the PWT

chairman-  got an approved method from Mark D

Sheila-  I heard that Ted, great to verify (about the gas efficiency)

chatman-  I have had my boat out 2x since the Lake City MWC tourney and am still using Gas from the Last day of the tourney..

jigman/ont-  thanks I just got a 617 with a 150 Opti

Den-  Hi all

chatman-  Nice boat

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Hi Den

Ted Takasaki-  Chairman, did you say that hand lining will be allowed?

chairman-  I have an approved way from Mark with rods on the lines

Ted Takasaki-  How is that?

Backwater Eddy (ND)-  Hay Todd!

Sheila-  The Offshore secret method...hehe

Juls-  hehe

Den-  lol

Ted Takasaki-  I hope Mark will communicate that to everyone.

Juls-  use a down rigger release where the leader hooks and treat it like a down rigger...

JIM C-  Ted any RCL tour info? Rumors of locations, dates etc. Sorry if its been asked just got on.

Juls-  that is what Bruce said..but his puter went into whisper mode...lol

chairman-  I think he will if they ask

Juls-  he said Dorn OK'd it at Lake Sharpe

Ted Takasaki-  No official word on an RCL circuit

Ted Takasaki-  Just rumors

Den-  Ted, are you coming to Huron, ?

GuestDanL-  Ted if you are fishing a shoreline with rip rap with jigs is there a certain jig that you like that snags less

chatman-  As we wind down, any more questions for Ted tonight?

Ted Takasaki-  I can't see how using a hand line like a down rigger would really work like handling should

chairman-  it is not as good, lots of work but worked at sharp in practice.

Sheila-  Where will we see you next Ted?

Ted Takasaki-  Lindy's new No SNAGG Timb'r Rock jig will work well for you. It is best on timber, but will reduce the numbers of snags in rock as well

Den-  sounds good

Ted Takasaki-  I got it now.

Juls-  I can vouch for that statement....I use the Timb'r jig a lot

spampy-  send me one!

JIM C-  RCL- is it going to happen? What effect on the PWT? there will be one next year

Ted Takasaki-  I will be at shows in Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, St. Cloud, Minneapolis, Springfield (ILL) for right now

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen, lets have a warm round of applause for Ted Takasaki!!!!!

Ted Takasaki-  No effect on PWT as far as I know

Todd_NE-  Thanks Ted

Den-  clap, clap, clap

spampy-  clapey

Driftr-  clap clap clap

Driftr-  Thanks Ted !!!

Ted Takasaki-  Thank you very much for tuning in tonight.

JIM C-  thank you

EyeBoy-  Thanks Ted.

Juls-  clap clap clap clap..thanks Ted!!!!

Sheila-  thank you Tedsie. really great!!!!!!

curt-t-o-  THANKS Ted

chairman-  Thanks Ted, get a bigger No Snagg OK?

GuestDanL-  Thanks Ted

Ted Takasaki-  I always enjoy "chatting" with every one

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