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[20:02:17] ebijack (mi): Please welcome terry carr, he will be having a open format

[20:02:19] R Hill(MI): Howd you do

[20:02:20] RoyG(PA): hello Terry

[20:02:30] rip some lip wy: hi terry

[20:02:34] ebijack (mi): he was rookie of the year in 97 on the pwt!!

[20:02:40] R Hill(MI): Clap clap

[20:02:54] ebijack (mi): he also fishes the mwc, let him answer the questions please

[20:03:05] ebijack (mi): when ever your ready

[20:03:30] T.Carr: Spring Valley is my first MWC tournament

[20:04:08] R Hill(MI): Terry Im wanting to fish the PWT as an am next year how would

rate your experence

[20:04:10] Sheila: He was the Amateur of the year in 96 too! Hi Terry.

[20:04:13] ebijack (mi): how long have you fished local tourney's before taking the big

jump terry

[20:04:40] T.Carr: Very good. the In-Fisherman staff does a good job.

[20:04:41] Dead-Eye(oh): around this time ??

[20:05:16] T.Carr: one year before the PWT. The Iowa walleye tournament trail

[20:05:24] R Hill(MI): Did you fish all 4

[20:05:29] T.Carr: yes

[20:06:26] ebijack (mi): how did you start to look for sponsors terry

[20:06:57] R Hill(MI): Tery would you recomend it for any avid walleye fisherman

[20:07:23] T.Carr: I went after the sponsership with products that I have used and


[20:07:57] pilot: isnt it getting a little to commercialized?

[20:08:05] ebijack (mi): are you mainly a troller terry, and do you prefer carnks or


[20:08:07] T.Carr: Absolutely. It was a good chance to fish techniques that I only read

about before.

[20:08:50] T.Carr: Yes I love to troll crankbaits

[20:08:56] spankin'um: lets go fishing

[20:09:23] ebijack (mi): what kind of boat and rigging do you run terry

[20:09:33] clay(wy): terry, why did you decide to try cranks in iowa with the high water.

it just doesn't seem like the obvious choice

[20:10:11] T.Carr: A Lund 1800 pro v and last year I ran a Lund 1775 which is currently

for sale.

[20:10:24] Jigman: Do you prefer mono or superlines for trolling cranks?

[20:10:38] T.Carr: Are you talking about Dubuque?

[20:10:48] clay(wy): yes terry

[20:10:56] T.Carr: Fireline under most circumstances

[20:11:30] rip some lip wy: what kind of motor do you run ??

[20:11:36] T.Carr: I tried other things but that is what worked.

[20:11:49] T.Carr: Mariner 175 efi

[20:12:44] Sheila: Terry, getting excited about Erie PWT?

[20:12:53] T.Carr: the only time I would not use fireline for trolling is if I was using snap

weights to achieve the desired depth.

[20:13:12] R Hill(MI): Terry do you like the thumper rig

[20:13:32] T.Carr: Yes I have fished there 3 times before

[20:13:45] MT. Troller: Terry ever use leaded line ??

[20:14:25] T.Carr: I only like the thumper rig marginally.

[20:14:38] T.Carr: Yes on lead core.

[20:14:48] R Hill(MI): Terry could you explain

[20:15:06] rip some lip wy: what kind of crank's do you run?

[20:15:12] ebijack (mi): terry do you work another job or is this your only full time job

[20:15:35] T.Carr: I assume the thumper you are speaking of is a big jig on a 3 way

[20:15:57] R Hill(MI): Like the dubuque terry

[20:16:29] T.Carr: Cranks; shad raps and a variety of others depending on the body of


[20:16:41] T.Carr: Yes I have a full time job also.

[20:17:03] T.Carr: Yes Rhill

[20:18:05] ebijack (mi): terry, did becoming rookie of the year help with sponsors more

or less then you though

[20:18:23] MT. Troller: Terry ever fish FT. Peck in MT.??

[20:18:30] T.Carr: About the thumper rig, I don't have a lot of experience with it, it is

kind of slow for me.

[20:19:26] R Hill(MI): Terry are you mainly a troller

[20:19:32] T.Carr: ebjack, it was about what I expected. I picked up 2 additional

sponsors and several offers.

[20:19:48] rip some lip wy: who are some of the sponsors you have?

[20:19:59] T.Carr: Yes, I have fished Fort Peck, last year on the PWT.

[20:20:32] ebijack (mi): terry, would you still fish the pwt if you much lower in the

standings? or are you addicted to the curcuit

[20:21:10] MT. Troller: Terry Hell Creek or Crooked Creek ??

[20:21:14] T.Carr: Yes, I am mainly a troller. I like to troll because I feel it will trigger

instinctive strikes from bigger fish

[20:21:48] R Hill(MI): Im just learning trolling any tips??

[20:22:40] ebijack (mi): do you use down riggers terry or are side planers the only way

to go

[20:22:41] T.Carr: Sponsors: Aqua-Vu, Mariner, Lund, PINPOINT, Berkley, Waters

Edge Marine and Sport.

[20:24:27] RoyG(PA): do you use a gps?? ...if so what make and model

[20:24:55] T.Carr: As far as fishing PWT again, it is a tough question and I will cross

that bridge when I come to it.

[20:25:31] T.Carr: I fished Fort Peck in the Sutherland area

[20:26:12] T.Carr: Tips for trolling; troll in an area you are currenlty catching fish to build

your confidence.

[20:26:39] T.Carr: No on down riggers and yes on in line planer boards

[20:26:43] ebijack (mi): do you use line counter reels terry

[20:26:52] T.Carr: Yes I use a LMS 350A GPS unit

[20:26:55] hps: Hi Terry !! did I miss something ? are you fishing the pwt this year??

[20:27:23] T.Carr: Yes I use line counter reels, Daiwa 27

[20:27:35] T.Carr: Yes I am fishing the PWT circuit this year

[20:28:02] Jigman: Have you fished lake sakakawea in ND?

[20:28:12] T.Carr: No Jigman

[20:28:24] MT. Troller: where would I get lit. on Planer Boards??

[20:29:02] Jigman: How about Tobin?

[20:29:17] T.Carr: Planer board lit. is available on this message board that could link

you up to Offshore

[20:29:47] R Hill(MI): Terry have you used the tattle flag

[20:29:50] T.Carr: Never fished Tobin

[20:30:47] T.Carr: Never used the tattle flag, but Bruce DeShano is sending some to


[20:30:50] ebijack (mi): terry, will erie be new to you this year or have you fished it


[20:31:06] T.Carr: I have fished Erie 3 times before

[20:31:09] R Hill(MI): I just got mine in they look great

[20:32:05] ebijack (mi): what state do you hail from terry

[20:32:27] T.Carr: Pleasantville Iowa

[20:32:42] hps: Hi Terry!! for those of you who don't know Terry, he fished in my boat

as an am. in 1996 and came back as a pro in 1997 and kicked my but!! This guy is a

class act !! watch the leader board for his name!!

[20:33:07] ebijack (mi): thanks harry!

[20:33:19] T.Carr: Thanks hps, it was a great birthday present

[20:33:43] R Hill(MI): Terry you said you like fire line do you use a mono leader if so

how long

[20:34:01] jbeboatman: terry are you fishing as a pro this year pwt

[20:34:25] lars: Terry have you fished lake Oahe in SD, and do you like fall fishing


[20:34:55] T.Carr: No I don't use a mono leader. Fire Line has great knot strength, with

mono leaders there is twice the chance of having a knot break

[20:35:28] Jigman: Do you use a mono backing on fireline especially in cold weather?

[20:35:40] T.Carr: Yes, PWT pro this year.

[20:35:58] jbeboatman: good luck this year

[20:36:31] T.Carr: Yes I Have fished Oahe several times. Once hunting season starts,

the boat is put away.

[20:37:28] ebijack (mi): terry, are you using the pin point lcr unit's this year

[20:37:38] T.Carr: Yes I use mono backing on spinning reels. On baitcasters, usually I

don't use backing

[20:37:52] rip some lip wy: do you use the precision trolling book or do you go by


[20:38:00] T.Carr: Yes I am using the pinpoint lcr this year

[20:38:24] T.Carr: I use the precision trolling book as a guide and fine tune by feel.

[20:38:40] fast eddie: Do you have any experience with plastic (soft) minnow


[20:38:52] ebijack (mi): terry do you prefer to use snap weights for most applications

[20:38:59] hps: Terry have you used your pinpoint syst.yet??

[20:39:17] T.Carr: Yes, I use Twister Tails but not alot of experience with shad bodies

[20:40:21] T.Carr: My Pinpoint system will be installed by the Lake Erie Tourny

[20:40:25] R Hill(MI): Terry do you use scents

[20:40:28] fast eddie: would trolling be the only application for 4 to 5 inch) immitators?

[20:40:53] T.Carr: half snap weights and half lead core depending on the situation

[20:41:17] T.Carr: I use Berkley power baits

[20:41:43] Jigman: do you use powerbait on crawler harnesses

[20:43:00] T.Carr: I don't use powerbait on harnesses, but I plan on experimenting

especially in areas that have a lot of bait stealers

[20:44:03] hps: Terry I used my pinpoint sytm. last week on Stocton, for the first time ,all

I can say is Wow!!

[20:44:29] R Hill(MI): Terry thanks for all the great answers Ive gotta go sons gotta do

homework needs the puter

[20:44:30] ebijack (mi): terry are you using the pin point linking system?

[20:45:06] T.Carr: Yes I will be using the linking system when I have it installed

[20:45:25] fast eddie: Have you heard about the Dye Kit for coloring minnows?

[20:45:56] T.Carr: Don't use the Dye Kit.

[20:46:46] ebijack (mi): terry, what cranks are the best producers for you

[20:47:26] T.Carr: Best cranks: shad raps in Iowa waters

[20:47:51] ebijack (mi): you think the water determines the type of crank

[20:48:54] fast eddie: Do you do any speed cranking? have read that high speed

trolling has its place when other things wont produce?

[20:48:56] T.Carr: yes, the water does determine the type in terms of the forage


[20:49:28] Sir Walter: Terry, have you had a chance to try Storms new Lightening


[20:49:43] T.Carr: yes, but not much over 4 mph if you consider 4 mph fast

[20:50:03] T.Carr: I haven't used the Lightening Shads

[20:51:47] fast eddie: How much stock do you put in barometeric pressure changes

does it change your tackticks?

[20:52:20] Jigman: what type of trolling tactics do you use in rivers?

[20:52:42] T.Carr: I don't change my plans based on the barometric pressure

[20:53:33] T.Carr: On the rivers I flat line troll with fireline

[20:53:45] ebijack (mi): terry how do you like the pro/am style curcuit

[20:54:23] fast eddie: A general consensus is that after a lightining storm the fish go off

the bite but I have seen time and time again good fishing the day after a big storm what


[20:55:00] T.Carr: The pro/am style is a great format for learning for the amateur, and a

chance for the pro to control his own destiny

[20:55:17] Sir Walter: Terry, have you tried vertical jigging on the Detroit River during

the Spring run?

[20:55:43] ebijack (mi): terry, what are your favorite lakes that are on the pwt curcuit

this year

[20:56:07] T.Carr: some of the bigger fish at Fort Peck last year were caught after a big


[20:56:39] T.Carr: No on the Detroit River

[20:56:57] ebijack (mi): terry, do you have your kicker attached to your big motor

[20:57:30] T.Carr: Favorites are Erie and Oahe

[20:58:10] T.Carr: Yes I have a kicker. It is a 9.9 4stroke Mariner

[20:58:24] fast eddie: Are large bodies of water less effected by the lightening?

[20:59:10] T.Carr: I don't think the size of the body of water matters

[20:59:13] fast eddie: Where do you fish on Oahe and do you actually ever

recreational fish?

[20:59:41] T.Carr: We'll be on for another 15 minutes or so

[20:59:53] lars: when pulling plugs, and planning to release does a guy need to loosen

drag to a point of missing hits, or is the walleye mouth tough enough to take a good


[21:00:49] T.Carr: At Oahe, the Little Bend area. I recreational fish at Rathbun Lake in


[21:00:52] Ellrod: have you ever used a lure retriver?

[21:01:03] Sir Walter: Terry, if you do good on day 1, will the day 2 pro that has your

ameture pump him for info about your tactics, or are you on the honor system/

[21:01:43] T.Carr: I never had a problem releasing fish that I catch trolling

[21:02:04] T.Carr: Yes I have used a lure retriever. It is a homemade one.

[21:02:15] Jigman: How do you tackle a river that is eight feet high?

[21:02:57] jbeboatman: terry do you use downriggers for walleye

[21:02:58] T.Carr: We are on the honor system.

[21:04:11] T.Carr: On high water, you have to work harder to eliminate unproductive


[21:04:45] Jigman: Will Saugers be considerably easier to catch than walleyes in high


[21:04:52] MT. Troller: Terry any tips on what to pull on FT.Peck?

[21:05:23] Big Red: Will you or any of the others be using the Aqua-Vu camera this


[21:06:08] T.Carr: I have not noticed a difference between sauger and walleye in high


[21:06:43] T.Carr: Ft Peck: Spinners and crawlers on bottom bouncers

[21:07:19] MT. Troller: thanks for the tips Terry!!

[21:07:22] Ellrod: i'm going to canada and want to catch both walleye and northern

pike, any suggestion which color crankbait is best for both?

[21:07:36] T.Carr: Yes I am going to use the Aqua-Vu this year and I believe several

other pros will also

[21:08:13] Big Red: Will it be legal to use during the tournament?

[21:08:14] T.Carr: Natural colors

[21:08:41] T.Carr: Yes it will be legal at this time.

[21:09:45] Big Red: What kind of water clarity do you need?

[21:09:54] ebijack (mi): have you used the aqua view yet terry

[21:11:33] T.Carr: The clearer the water the further you will be able to see. Because of

the infrared technology that is being used, it can operate in low light conditions

[21:12:17] T.Carr: I've seen it, but have not used it in my boat yet.

[21:12:51] ebijack (mi): guy's, terry needs to wrap this up, so get in your final questions

[21:13:00] Ellrod: are you planning any outings in the northeast?

[21:13:15] T.Carr: Erie is the furthest east

[21:13:57] hps: Terry I tried mine last week in Stockton ,,55ft. with light on it worked


[21:14:34] GreyFox: Do you know if Guest Battery chargers have a home page?

[21:14:47] ebijack (mi): sounds like you need to use the pin point so you can watch

thru the aqua view

[21:14:49] T.Carr: Not sure

[21:15:15] MT. Troller: thanks for the answers Terry great job!

[21:15:24] BT: Can you give advise on Post Spawn Lake Erie walleyes?

[21:15:24] Sir Walter: Good luck this year Terry, its time for the young guys to win

again. See Ya later

[21:15:36] jbeboatman: thanks terry

[21:15:38] Ellrod: thanks, TC

[21:15:57] ebijack (mi): i'd like to thank terry carr for sharing his time with us tonight.

[21:15:57] hps: Great job Terry!! see you in Erie

[21:16:22] ebijack (mi): good luck this year terry!!

[21:16:23] T.Carr: Post spawn walleyes will move east and suspend over deeper water

[21:17:40] T.Carr: Thanks for the chance to chat. If you are ever at a tournament stop

and say hi.

[21:17:44] Drift'r: Thanks for the good info TC

[21:18:53] T.Carr: BT: deep diving crankbaits and spinners with snap weights

[21:20:06] T.Carr: Goodnight everyone and hope you have a great fishing season.


[21:20:16] ebijack (mi): you too terry!


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