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Jon Thelen  7/28/99
[20:36:50] ebijack: Please welcome our host tonight JON THELEN !!!!
[20:36:58] ebijack: clap clap clap
[20:37:02] Jon Thelen: im  from Coon Rapids MN
[20:37:12] Drift'r: Welcome Jon!!!!!!!
[20:37:19] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap
[20:37:54] ebijack: jon, how about starting us off with a bit of info about you
[20:39:02] Bluewater: Jon, what's the best bait to approach new water
[20:39:21] Jon Thelen: sure, i currently write for several newspapers throughout mn
[20:40:06] Jon Thelen: I fish the NAW and NAWA
[20:40:20] ebijack: jon, how long have you been fishing the mwc nawa curcuit
[20:40:39] Jon Thelen: I fish the NAWA and MWC Walleye Circuits
[20:40:39] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:40:52] Jon Thelen: I've been doing this for the last 3 years
[20:40:58] Juls (WI): are you fishing the Sakakawea tourney coming up?
[20:42:00] Jon Thelen: Nope my next one will be the Mille Lacs Tournament
[20:42:11] Jon Thelen: as a pro  and on the team side
[20:42:22] Juls (WI): ok...good luck to ya
[20:43:12] Juls (WI): what kind of boat do you run?  what motor?
[20:43:19] Jon Thelen: Thanks I'll need it in a September Tournament
[20:43:33] ebijack: yes tell us about your sponsors also jon
[20:43:56] Jon Thelen: An Alumacraft TP195 with a 200 Mercury
[20:44:48] Jon Thelen: I'm currently sponsored by Alumacraft, G Loomis, Off Shore
[20:44:57] ebijack: jon, earlier there was a question about what's a good lure to start
with in new water
20:45:30] Jon Thelen: Owner American, Rod Saver, Reef Runner, and several others
[20:45:30] Juls (WI): or what do you do first when fishing new waters?
[20:45:52] Jon Thelen: I like to start by pulling plugs
[20:46:19] eyetaker: yeah! Reef Runner!!!, oh, sorry
[20:46:27] ebijack: jon, is trolling your favorite presentation?
[20:46:43] gary: Jon what kind of boards do you run
[20:46:52] Jon Thelen: No live bait rigging is my favorite
[20:46:58] Juls (WI): better say off shore eh? lol
[20:47:10] Jon Thelen: This is do to growing up on Mille Lacs
[20:48:03] Jon Thelen: Thats what I run with Tattle Tale Flags!!! good one Juls
[20:48:11] Juls (WI): ;-)
[20:48:27] eyetaker: where do you see the MWC going now that Kaz and Bev are
[20:48:42] eyeguy/mn: crank till you get them pinned down then go riggin?
[20:48:49] ebijack: jon, do you drift or use your electric trolling motor mostly for your live
bait rigging
[20:49:07] Jon Thelen: I see it going towards more lakes versus river systems
[20:49:14] Bluewater: Jon, how much information is shared by the pros during
prefishing a tournament
[20:49:27] Jon Thelen: Depends on weather conditions
[20:50:10] Jon Thelen: I network with several people, these are the few trusted
[20:50:53] ebijack: jon, have you thought about fishing pwt events?
[20:50:55] gary: Jon have you ever tried a mast and big boards
[20:51:21] Jon Thelen: We are learning to crank on Mille Lacs, but rigs are where we
[20:51:32] Jon Thelen: but your right in every other system
[20:52:26] Jon Thelen: I would love to, but not until I can prefish  full at every event
and keep my FT job
[20:52:33] ebijack: jon, can you explain your set up for livebait rigging?
[20:53:37] Jon Thelen: The lightest weight possible with the smallest hook possible and
an 8 to 12 foot monofilament leader
[20:54:11] ebijack: jon, so how slow do you like to move livebait rigging
[20:54:31] Jon Thelen: in the Wave Wacker Tournament the majority of our fish were
caught on 12 ft. leaders
[20:55:20] Jon Thelen: it might be hard to net them, but after 8 boats make a pass in
front of you, you need the added advantage of a longer leader
[20:55:39] gary: jon are you using bouncers to get down
[20:55:56] Jon Thelen: If I can stand still I will, in other words as slow as  I can go
[20:56:49] ebijack: what bait is your favorite jon 
[20:57:02] Jon Thelen: No, Lindy Rig Sinkers or Bullet Sinkers
20:57:52] Jon Thelen: Leeches or Crawlers, but starting in the next few weeks I will
switch to Minnows on Mille Lacs
[20:57:52] eyeguy/mn: colors of sinker and hooks ever made a difference??
[20:58:20] ebijack: jon, do you write articles about fishing techniques or about
equipment or tourney's 
[20:58:29] Jon Thelen: I don't worry about sinker color and I stay as natural as possible
[20:58:54] Jon Thelen: The majority of my articles are on fishing techniques
[20:59:04] gary: jon do you use treble or single hooks
[20:59:27] Jon Thelen: Single hooks
[20:59:34] Bluewater: Jon, have you fished the bigger waters at saginaw or erie
[21:00:32] Jon Thelen: No, but I would love to.
[21:01:42] ebijack: jon, is tournement fishing making you any money? or do you do it for
the excitment and thrills
[21:02:29] Jon Thelen: If you are Tornament fishing to make money you better be one
of the top five every week
[21:02:42] Jon Thelen: I just love the competition
[21:02:42] ebijack: :)  at least  :)
[21:03:01] gary: jon have i seen some of your articles in nafc
[21:03:24] ebijack: jon, do you think the mwc will go to a pro/am style tournement
[21:03:47] Jon Thelen: No I commonly published in Outdoors MN and the Sportsmen's
[21:04:07] Jon Thelen: No, the MWC has a good thing going
[21:04:32] Jon Thelen: where else do you see a waiting list two months before a
[21:05:41] ebijack: jon, is there anyone looking at putting the mwc tourney's on tv?
[21:06:27] Jon Thelen: Wildlife Forever has vowed to do whatever they can to promote
this curcuit, We'll See...
[21:06:48] Juls (WI): Enjoyed seeing the one in Oconto just a few weekends
ago...thought it was run really well
[21:07:01] ebijack: jon, what technique or presentation do you use to jig
21:08:10] ebijack: jon, what you look for before you go to a jig bite , why and how
[21:08:19] Jon Thelen: Vertical jigging is my favorite, but I've had an opportunity to cast
a lot several years on fisherys such as Big Stone and Lake Pepin
[21:09:27] REDEYE: jon, I just attended a seminar with M Martin and G Roach they
talked about the new plastics do you use them much
[21:09:44] ebijack: jon, what made you decide to fish mwc and nawa events, did you
used to fish local tourney's?
[21:09:55] gary: jon is jigging a last resort in tournament fishing
[21:09:56] Jon Thelen: I need to identify a definite school and determine that they will
stay put long enough to give me an opportunity to work them
[21:10:43] Mako_(AB): Jon, do you ever use a slipbobber? or do you prefer just to
vertical jig?
[21:10:47] Jon Thelen: I started with local tourneys, had some success and things just
kept falling into place
[21:10:53] ebijack: jon, do you look for walleye within 2ft of bottom to determine a jig
[21:11:41] Jon Thelen: On Mille Lacs in Spring and Fall Slips are Dynamite
[21:12:27] Jon Thelen: During a Tournament I would rather find a good jig bite
[21:12:42] Jon Thelen: Normally I can have a spot to myself
[21:12:43] Mako_(AB): What conditions determine if you will jig or use slipbobbers ?
[21:12:56] ebijack: jon, can you explain that statement
[21:13:41] Jon Thelen: If I'm not having to cover ground I can hold an area around my
boat to myself
[21:14:44] ebijack: are there any more questions for our host tonight?
[21:15:06] eyeguy/mn: unstrap him ebi
[21:15:14] Mako_(AB): :)
[21:15:16] eyeguy/mn: lol
[21:15:22] Jon Thelen: LOL
[21:15:25] ebijack: i'd like to thank JON THELEN for hosting tonight!!!!
[21:15:33] Mako_(AB): thnks Jon
[21:15:34] gary: JOn Good luck
[21:15:41] ebijack: thanks jon, good luck in your next tourney
[21:15:47] ebijack: clap clap clap
[21:15:55] eyeguy/mn: thanks jon
[21:15:59] Ruffnek: thank you jon, good luck
[21:16:11] Juls (WI): clap clap clap clap thanks jon
[21:16:15] Jon Thelen: I would like to Apologize for getting on late. I'm a fisherman not
a Computer Expert. =-)
[21:16:38] Drift'r: Thanks Jon
[21:17:40] Jon Thelen: Thanks guys for having me. Good Luck Fishing!!!
[21:17:50] Jon Thelen: BYE
[21:17:58] ebijack: c ya jon, thanks!
[21:18:03] *** Jon Thelen has left Walleye Central

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