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[19:58:32] prairiepillow: welcome Paul

[19:58:47] triton: thank you glad to join you guys tonight

[19:58:47] Drift'r: welcome paul

[19:59:09] gotcha: welcome paul

[19:59:30] ebijack (mi): paul ,can you start us off with a brief discription of your new

walleye boat?

[19:59:31] triton: i appreciate the chance to visit with all you guys and tell you what is

about to happen with triton and our entry to the walleye market

[20:00:26] triton: I will start by giving you an overview and answer questions whenever

someone wants to jump in

[20:00:42] gotcha: go for it

[20:00:43] ebijack (mi): sounds good paul

[20:01:04] triton: Triton boats as some of you may know is a boat company based here

in Nashville Tennessee

[20:01:25] triton: we have been about 2 years in manufacturing bass and some

saltwater skiff models

[20:01:57] triton: In a very short period of time we have become one of the two largest

freshwater fiberglass builders in the country.

[20:02:35] Drift'r: what do you attribute your success to

[20:02:39] triton: all this has been done without the benefit of the much needed walleye

models we are just now introducing to the market next

[20:03:09] ebijack (mi): triton seems to sponsor a lot of bass fisherman, is triton planning

on sponsoring walleye fisherman

[20:03:23] triton: month. We will be introducing 4 models of boats. Two 20 footers and

two 18's

[20:03:35] Team Dunn (MWT): what are these Walleye boats going to have


[20:03:43] ebijack (mi): tiller and consoles?

[20:04:15] triton: We have been heavily bass oriented up to this point but are now

ready to address our friends in the northern parts of the country.

[20:04:25] ebijack (mi): great!!!!

[20:04:28] triton: hard to keep up with all of you at once.

[20:04:51] gotcha: thats understandable

[20:04:57] triton: Let me ramble for a minute then I'll shut up for a minute.

[20:05:09] ebijack (mi): no problem paul, we'll try to slow down

[20:05:12] Team Dunn (MWT): ok Paul

[20:05:41] triton: Triton has been building a reputation for all 100 percent composite

boats of high quality

[20:06:11] triton: We have focused on making them fish right .... have all the right stuff

in the right place and perform second to none

[20:06:37] triton: What we have been doing since last year is doing homework on the

existing walleye boats

[20:07:14] triton: this allows us to understand the strengths and weakness of what is

available and try to one up all of it.

[20:07:56] tims: Any news on when you'll start shipping Paul?

[20:08:02] triton: Months of studying ... talking to fisherman ,...dealers....tournament

guys like john kalinski to name one and assembling the plan

[20:08:30] triton: We did the study,...did the tooling and are now going to start building

next week on the 20 footer

[20:09:27] triton: Full assembly will begin and you will see some of this product at the

upcoming pwt classic next month

[20:09:42] ebijack (mi): cool

[20:09:58] Team Dunn (MWT): who will be fishing in them at the PWT Champ?

[20:10:08] triton: The 20 footer has a host of great features i will outline for you next

and give you some insight into the boat

[20:10:53] triton: I dont know if we will have anyone in one at the tournament with us

finishing this up so late this year.

[20:11:02] triton: back to the boat

[20:11:17] Team Dunn (MWT): ok Paul

[20:11:53] triton: This new boat is 20 '5" with a 95" beam. Will have a main fuel tank of

51 gallons and an auxilliary of 8 gallons

[20:12:38] triton: The boat has been gps at 71 mph weighted down to total of 3600 lbs

and as much as 75 loaded to 2800 lbs

[20:13:12] triton: Speed is not everything and I dont want you guys to think it is our

primary focus but we like to make them run.

[20:13:54] mikej: What is the max hp?

[20:14:00] triton: The boat has a huge rod locker centered up in the front deck with an

organizer to hold rods on each side and tubes up front for the tips.

[20:14:06] triton: max hp is 225.

[20:14:12] Team Dunn (MWT): you need to get to where the fish are and a fast boat

does that, and for trolling speed, well thats why they made kickers, so I see your point


[20:14:32] triton: rods up to 9 foot are no problem

[20:14:54] triton: the rod locker is huge at 22" wide and very deep,,,,you will love it

[20:15:04] ebijack (mi): what states do you expect the boats to arrive in first

[20:15:33] tims: Minnesota's gotta be first ebi!

[20:15:40] triton: I expect we will start seeing them in minn , wisc, michigan early on

because of dealers we have there

[20:16:08] triton: we just signed a new dealer in du buque iowa.... hope the spelling

wasnt too bad.

[20:16:40] triton: inside molded depth from floor to gunnwale is 25 inches

[20:16:55] triton: molded depth from the deck to top of rails is 9 inches

[20:17:07] triton: this is less than pro v

[20:17:25] triton: the dimensions are what we think is in the mainstream

[20:17:31] Team Dunn (MWT): yes I see that Paul

[20:18:01] triton: deep enough for security and comfort...dryness etc but not too deep

and high sided causing to much drift

[20:18:20] ebijack (mi): are there both console and tiller models?

[20:18:41] triton: We have both consoles modular so you can get it with no console,

one or two

[20:18:42] ClearCatch: Do you have locking compartments for gear storage?

[20:18:43] racer: sorry i missed it but what are the dimensions again??

[20:18:49] tims: Weight?

[20:19:09] triton: Lots of dry storage under lock and key.

[20:19:23] triton: which dimensions you want

[20:20:01] racer: length and width.... engine set back? height of transom?

[20:20:19] triton: 20'5" by 95" beam

[20:20:41] triton: transom will take std 20 inch motor

[20:20:55] ebijack (mi): are these also 100% composite?

[20:21:00] triton: Yes

[20:21:04] racer: what about kicker will it take a short shaft?

[20:21:45] triton: kicker setup for 20

[20:22:17] triton: sorry 20" motor on the kicker.... we wanted to keep the transom up

high enough

[20:22:22] ebijack (mi): are the seats on pedestals?

[20:22:31] ClearCatch: What will one of these boats cost fully loaded?

[20:22:34] tims: How many livewells, baitwell, location?

[20:22:37] triton: yes the seats are on pedestals and there will be several locations

[20:22:40] Team Dunn (MWT): what style of hull does the boat have?

[20:22:59] triton: two livewells one at 48" long and the other is about 35

[20:23:16] racer: good idea on transom use short shaft motors.... how many gals. in live


[20:23:16] triton: The hull is a deep vee.

[20:23:38] Team Dunn (MWT): how wide is the beam ?

[20:23:41] triton: I dont have gallons on top of my head sorry.

[20:23:46] mikej: baitwell in the front?

[20:23:50] racer: are live wells insulated so they can double as coolers??

[20:23:52] triton: 95" beam

[20:23:55] ebijack (mi): paul, is there backing under the cap as to allow rod holder


[20:24:04] triton: two baitwells in back similar to what you would see on a champion

[20:24:52] triton: we have lots of flat area throughout the boat on both the vertical

surface and the top rail for rod holders

[20:24:58] Team Dunn (MWT): how wide are the gunnel caps?

[20:25:00] ClearCatch: Do the bait wells have scale filters?

[20:25:23] ClearCatch: I fish with shad a lot.

[20:25:34] triton: The gunnwales have a flat about 4" wide ..more than enough for

most any rod holder

[20:25:47] ebijack (mi): give paul a chance to answer the questions guys/gals :)

[20:26:05] triton: We will look into the scale filters thanks for bringing that up.

[20:26:24] racer: is anything under the gunnals to prohibit use of flush mount rod


[20:27:23] Team Dunn (MWT): 4" how do you plan to keep up with compeitors like

Lund which have wider caps?

[20:35:15] ebijack (mi): talking about the gunales

[20:35:19] racer: how about are the live wells insulated??

[20:35:29] triton: yes they will be foamed

[20:35:44] Team Dunn (MWT): with a 4" cap, how do you plan to keep up with

competitors like Lund, and the Pro V which have wider caps?

[20:36:19] triton: That is the width of the top of flat area the overall width is about 9

[20:36:23] racer: Yes i asked if there was anything under the gunnels to prohibit using

flush mount rod holders as fish on??

[20:36:35] triton: no problem

[20:36:49] RoyG(PA): please explain the advantage of a wider cap.....somebody

[20:37:10] racer: how about enough strength to mount down riggers in back corners

[20:37:27] Team Dunn (MWT): the wider cap allows bigger base mounts for rod

holders like big jon

[20:37:33] triton: we have a nice flat that will be rock solid for downriggers at the back

[20:37:56] racer: have underside reinforcement??

[20:38:03] Team Dunn (MWT): sounds nice, so the cap is 4" thick, and 9" wide?

[20:38:38] triton: the 4" isnt thickness it is the base of flat surface for mounting rod


[20:39:14] tims: Paul, what's the weight on the 20'

[20:39:41] triton: we will finish the first production boat end of next week and we

expect it to be around 1600

[20:40:00] ebijack (mi): not bad at all for a 20fter

[20:40:07] RoyG(PA): Max HP?

[20:40:16] tims: How about those 18'ers

[20:40:27] triton: Its not what we would consider light but we dont want to be fat either.

225 max

[20:40:55] triton: the 18's will be out before spring

[20:41:06] mikej: 1600 for a 20 fter is good

[20:41:29] racer: 1600 lbs is right in the ball park the new 620vs is at 1650

[20:41:41] Team Dunn (MWT): how are the consols arranged?

[20:41:54] triton: from what aspect do you mean

[20:42:33] triton: The consoles are located at about midship with plexi windshields

[20:42:47] mikej: What other boat on the market would you compare the hull design


[20:42:56] racer: do you offer a boat with no carpet...as in salt water type finish??

[20:43:11] FICHT (MN): where are livewells located

[20:43:17] Team Dunn (MWT): so its a dual consol?

[20:43:20] triton: We will offer this without carpet in about a month

[20:43:30] Drift'r: has anyone bought serial # 001 yet ?

[20:43:34] triton: we will offer in single dual or none

[20:43:38] ebijack (mi): paul, will tritons be sold with any manufactures motor

[20:43:42] triton: 101 is being made as we speak

[20:43:45] racer: cool a no slip finish i hope?

[20:43:46] ebijack (mi): slow down guys

[20:43:56] triton: nice non skid

[20:44:10] triton: We will package with omc yamaha and merc

[20:44:20] racer: great idea someone is finally thinking .....

[20:44:33] triton: We are here to get you what you want the way you want it

[20:44:52] triton: lets talk about battery accommodations.,...

[20:45:14] triton: You can get up to 4 up front and 3 in the back if you so choose

[20:45:29] racer: how many and room for the onboard charger??

[20:45:36] ebijack (mi): wow!

[20:45:38] triton: We planned this boat for guys who want to use 36 volt motors

[20:46:00] FICHT (MN): good idea

[20:46:03] triton: plenty of room for charger in back or under consoles on shelf

[20:46:11] racer: do you have floor plan layouts you can email??

[20:46:39] triton: Yes we do and it will be out soon enough so we have no problem in

sending one to you.

[20:47:04] ebijack (mi): what about ease of livewell/baitwell etc pump replacement

[20:47:06] triton: I expect our competition is waiting to see one badly from what we


[20:47:07] racer: that would help lots of us to see the floor plan to compare

[20:47:27] ClearCatch: I just checked out your web site. Lots of questions answered


[20:47:44] Team Dunn (MWT): how big of a mounting place to you have on the front


[20:47:45] FICHT (MN): what is the beam measurment

[20:47:48] triton: anyone wanting to get e mail on floor plan can email me thru the

website at tritionboats.com

[20:47:53] Team Dunn (MWT): for Graphs/GPS

[20:48:25] triton: There is ample room up front or to the right of the instrument cluster for

lms 350 's etc

[20:48:44] triton: beam is 95 " and 20'5" long

[20:48:50] racer: can dash take two lms 350's side by side

[20:49:32] triton: Not at this time but you can mount one behind the other. the flat area

has elevation on back half to elevate the second unit.

[20:49:41] RoyG(PA): with a R-A-M mount, i bet it could

[20:49:42] mikej: of the other walleye boats on the market which resembles your hull?

[20:49:51] Team Dunn (MWT): as you probably know from my introducing paragraph, I

like customer feed back especially from someone as sucessful as you

[20:50:27] triton: As far a other similar boats let me elaborate

[20:50:45] racer: i was thinking of more like a global 2000 directly in front of driver and


[20:50:59] racer: x 70 to the side

[20:51:11] triton: We have a deep vee bottom and a look of our own, the back end

does have some similarity to a champion

[20:51:25] ebijack (mi): paul, can you mention about the trailer.....single dual axle etc

[20:51:45] triton: We differ in that we have incorporated a separate baitwell in the

driver side well where champion does not

[20:51:55] triton: dual axle trailer std

[20:52:01] Team Dunn (MWT): how far is the floor set down in the boat, in the front

and back?

[20:52:05] triton: fuel location is different

[20:52:42] triton: the fuel is under the floor allowing us lots of storage in front of boat

and lots of room to work in the back

[20:52:47] Drift'r: how did this boat do on really bad water as in erie?

[20:52:49] triton: the floor is 25" from the rail

[20:53:24] triton: This boat will be superb in roughwater. The hull is designed for it.

[20:53:28] racer: are brakes standard on trailer ... will it have removable tonque

[20:53:45] triton: brks stdd and removalble tongue optional

[20:53:56] racer: disc i hope...

[20:53:59] FICHT (MN): rod storage? where

[20:54:06] triton: That is the only kind we offer

[20:54:10] Drift'r: is the ride dry ?

[20:54:14] racer: good choice

[20:54:36] mikej: are you building your own trailers?

[20:54:39] triton: I hate you missed our rod locker description earlier but it will set a new

standard in walleye boats in my opinion

[20:55:05] triton: We do not build trailers they are made for us. We specialize in making


[20:55:19] Dave (Pa.): I've joined the chat very late. Did you list a web page address?

[20:55:40] tims: Is SeaStar steering standard or is it an option?

[20:55:50] triton: You can talk to me direct mon- fri at triton and can see our web page

at tritonboats.com

[20:56:07] triton: Hydraulic Steering is std....sea star

[20:56:38] tims: Any setback on the transom?

[20:57:01] ebijack (mi): paul, are you guys determing the prop to run/per hp etc?

[20:57:06] triton: No the transom is straight across but there is a step in the hull which

really gets the boat up on top end.

[20:57:09] Team Dunn (MWT): how far is the Consols from the splash well?

[20:57:31] tims: Do you recommend a jackplat then?

[20:57:43] triton: The console is midship but I would have to measure to give you the

length to splashwell.

[20:58:05] triton: You will not need a jackplate to tune this hull as we did that in the

design phase

[20:58:23] ebijack (mi): the console can be set in place to fit the buyer/driver? since it's


[20:58:58] triton: I dont expect anyone will have a complaint on the performance. we

expect this boats to be 3 to 5 mph faster than any competition we know of

[20:59:11] racer: what motor and prop did you test with

[20:59:20] triton: The console is modular but has specific location

[20:59:27] triton: Merc 225 efi

[20:59:30] Team Dunn (MWT): well I have to go, remember, You can never

underestimate the power of the Walleye! good night

[20:59:56] triton: anyone with any other specific questions

[21:00:00] ebijack (mi): c ya dunn

[21:00:01] racer: what gear case and prop combination

[21:00:22] tims: Any comments on anticipated price ranges?

[21:00:34] triton: We ran a standard stock 225 merc and stock gearcase

[21:01:01] triton: Price range is going to be in the upper 20's

[21:01:07] racer: which stock merc prop works best

[21:01:25] triton: we did best with a 24 trophy

[21:01:40] Drift'r: that price is with a max motor

[21:01:58] ebijack (mi): paul, when do expect pics of the walleye boats up on your web


[21:02:02] racer: will you offer a quality fitted cover also

[21:02:06] tims: I'd still like to hear some more on the 18

[21:02:18] triton: The price is a ballpark as we are yet to put final price on it. That will

be done next week and options will make that go up or down

[21:02:27] mikej: Who are your dealers in Minn?

[21:02:39] triton: Quality custom covers will be available for sure.

[21:02:51] triton: as far as the 18 what can i offer?

[21:03:08] racer: looks like you have most bases covered...good job

[21:03:57] tims: On the 18, anticipated spec's, hp, weight, etc.

[21:03:59] triton: We have tried to look at all aspects and take advantage of knowing

what is out there already and went after something better

[21:04:13] triton: We expect the 18 will be rated for 175 max

[21:04:19] ebijack (mi): any more questions for paul?

[21:04:34] racer: run by the rod locker for us quickly..

[21:04:37] triton: I would guess the weight will come in around 1450

[21:04:48] triton: rod lockers coming at you

[21:04:52] tims: Mike, Riverview in Elk River is the dealer

[21:04:53] mikej: Who are your Minnesota dealers?

[21:05:03] prairiepillow: just want to say that it sounds like a very nice boat.....

[21:05:10] triton: The rod locker is centered up in the front deck and is 22" wide and

over 9 foot long

[21:05:35] triton: there will be an organizer on each side and tubes for the tips up front

[21:05:48] FICHT (MN): can you say at this time who is going to be running your boat

as far as pros?

[21:05:53] triton: the center area of the locker will be open for bulk loading of rods

[21:06:11] racer: aprox how many will it hold

[21:06:21] triton: As far as the pros the only commitment we have made thus far is to

Mr. John Kalinski

[21:06:47] triton: This rod locker should holt 30 rods or else

[21:07:02] mikej: that would be real nice!

[21:07:05] triton: Its huge guys!

[21:07:20] prairiepillow: wow

[21:07:29] tims: Is the organizer similar to your bass boats?

[21:07:31] racer: super as long as they don't get in a big knot

[21:07:32] triton: It is easy to get in and out of and your partner doesn't have to get up

or move for you to get into it.

[21:07:49] Dave (Pa.): I came in late. What's the name of this rig and when can we

see some pictures?

[21:07:50] Drift'r: the rod locker sleeps one :-)

[21:08:07] mikej: and then some!

[21:08:14] prairiepillow: a whole tackle shop on board!!! :-)

[21:08:22] tims: Will the tackle organizers be avail. on the walleye boats?

[21:08:22] triton: The organizers are different than the bass boats we build but the

tubes are the same. A bit larger in diameter to handle the guides on spin rods

[21:08:46] FICHT (MN): so its like the storage in the fisher

[21:08:58] ebijack (mi): THANKS FOR YOUR TIME PAUL!!! great chat,

www.tritonboats.com right?

[21:08:59] triton: The tackle organizers a similar but different arrangement will be there

to hold 3700 plano boxes

[21:09:48] triton: The organizers this year on this boat are neat. they are a modular

piece that can be attached to any vertical surface

[21:09:48] racer: triton sounds like you really did your homework finally somebody

listened to what a fisherman needs will look forward to the floor plan layout

[21:10:23] triton: We might ever start using them in other models or you could perhaps

use them in yours. Each one holds 4 3700's

[21:11:37] ebijack (mi): great, thanks paul..can we use your name :)

[21:11:39] triton: Our door is open and we welcome your input on the boats anytime

[21:11:40] prairiepillow: yes very informative and well hosted chat triton thank you

[21:11:43] Drift'r: thanks Paul

[21:11:44] racer: thanx you did a fine job in a pool of sharks.....lol

[21:11:49] RoyG(PA): walleye central road trip!!!!!

[21:12:10] Dave (Pa.): Super Job Triton!

[21:12:11] Drift'r: there ya go Roy

[21:12:16] FICHT (MN): thanks triton

[21:12:11] Drift'r: there ya go Roy

[21:12:16] FICHT (MN): thanks triton

[21:12:23] RoyG(PA): where's the plant?

[21:12:38] ebijack (mi): thanks triton!!!

[21:12:43] mikej: sounds like a nice boat

[21:12:52] triton: Please guys for more info on this holler at me a tritonboats.com and i

will e mail you more info on our all composite, lifetime structurally warranted brand new

boat and i hope to see some of you at the pwt classic

[21:13:47] triton: I am in good shape but have really only told about half of the neat

stuff on this new boat. Hope you all come see one soon. over and out guys

[21:14:10] RoyG(PA): thanks triton

[21:14:25] Lundman: where is the nearest dealer to Duluth MN

[21:14:29] racer: hey paul will all the compartments be water tight as a whaler is on the

non carpet model

[21:14:56] ebijack (mi): thanks again paul!!

[21:15:13] triton: We will make all dry compartments dry even in non carpet version. we

use a rubber seal

[21:15:37] triton: There is also a high dry return lip underneath

[21:15:42] racer: very good thanx again look forward to meeting you some day

[21:15:59] Lundman: hello flatop

[21:16:26] triton: I am gone now and thanks for your hospitality.....catch me at the

office...good fishing and watch for the new boat.....paul rieger...triton boats


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