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Walleye Central Chat 3/1/00

[19:58:18] ebijack: Please welcome our host tonight...SCOTT and ZACH!!!!

[19:58:25] ebijack: CLAP CLAP CLAP

[19:58:27] Drift'r: Welcome Scott , Zach !!!!!

[19:58:30] RichardM(AB): clap clap

[19:58:31] Dan (MI): Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19:58:33] eyefish(mi): Welcome...clap clap

[19:58:34] golden (co): <blush>

[19:58:35] Pete[Oh]: CLAP CLAP CLAP

[19:58:37] Den: great thing they have here

[19:58:37] Drift'r: clap clap clap

[19:58:39] Dan (MI): Welcome to your sight?????

[19:58:57] golden (co): LOL, I donít get on this side of it as much as most people, I'm

usually on the typing side of it

[19:59:07] junebug(tenn): welcome Scott &zach

[19:59:36] ebijack: scott/zach, how many vistors are hitting walleyecentral a month now

[19:59:49] golden (co): Feb stats as of yesterday were over 3 million hits

[20:00:04] Dan (MI): I would have never guessed that high

[20:00:05] jbfishmon: wow

[20:00:06] ebijack: wow!!!

[20:00:16] Drift'r: i did 1 million of them Scott

[20:00:18] #1 Saugeye: that's a bunch!!

[20:00:22] Den: impressive, very much so

[20:00:24] golden (co): Walleye Central has over 5000 pages on it

[20:00:29] Pete[Oh]: how often do you plan on publishing your mag

[20:01:00] golden (co): I plan on publishing it quarterly now, couldn't keep up with the

bi-monthly and barely keeping up with it now. But I'm really, really trying

[20:01:08] ZachB(WI): hahah the closest I can estimate we are averaging about 70,000 unique users/visitors

[20:01:35] ebijack: scott/zach what are some of the plans of being vested with fishing

the Midwest

[20:01:47] Pete[Oh]: sounds great all you can do is try

[20:01:55] Dan (MI): Thats still alot, I'm familar with about 100 regulars by name

[20:02:07] golden (co): It's more exposure for the both of us. TV and Internet

exchanging advertising medians basically

[20:02:59] ebijack: scott, are you going to sell copies of fishing the midwest on videos?

[20:03:12] ebijack: most of us don't get the show

[20:03:28] golden (co): That's a neat idea, Bob hasn't mentioned it yet, but I'll sure ask


[20:03:46] ZachB(WI): we would like to stream segments here and there on the

website but that is still in the feeling-out phase

[20:04:18] golden (co): That's still in the "Zach" Stage... he's smarter than I am  ;-)

[20:04:21] ebijack: you mean another few hundred hours of work zach?    :)

[20:04:33] jbfishmon: Thanks , I sold my boat on your site sat. every inquiry I got was


[20:04:34] ZachB(WI): if i'm lucky

20:05:03] golden (co): glad to hear it worked for you fishmon... that's great. Actually

lots of boats get sold here, amazes me

[20:05:04] ZachB(WI): we are going to we launching some media early in

 may which will give us a good feel of what we can do

[20:05:08] ebijack: scott/zach, any news on tackle central?

[20:05:18] golden (co): Ouch..

[20:05:54] golden (co): Time permitting for that one, it's all we can do to keep up with

WC right now, but still in the "werks"

[20:05:58] jbfishmon: i probably could of sold it a couple of times if i checked my mail

more often

[20:06:10] slip-bobber(MT): Hey scot/Zach--What is your association with NPAA?

[20:06:13] ebijack: i'm still asked about tacklecentral..just wondered

[20:06:42] golden (co): Currently we are working on the NPAA site and the MWC..

Walleye Central was named the "Official Site for the MWC" last week

[20:06:52] Den: great

[20:06:54] ebijack: cool!

[20:06:55] slip-bobber(MT): great

[20:07:11] Dan (MI): Scott /Zach, you guys fishing the pro team walleye?

[20:07:14] #1 Saugeye: congrats

[20:07:25] ZachB(WI): no dan just MWC

[20:07:42] golden (co): I live in Colorado,  I do 3 MWC's and it's on the edge

of getting fired. with elk season and all that

[20:07:57] Dan (MI): I understand!!!

[20:09:15] golden (co): Zach is working on a new system for the classifieds, hopefully it

will make it much easier to navigate

[20:09:17] ebijack: scott/zach, what's the next big thing that's going to happening to

the site?

[20:10:08] Dan (MI): What was the decision on Lake Erie Central or Smallie Central?

[20:10:26] golden (co): I'm reserved walleyecentral2.com, it will be on a NT server.

That opens quite a few opportunities that a unix server doesn't have. Such as ASP

pages, database classifieds etc

[20:10:27] ZachB(WI): The best thing we will be announcing in about 45 days, but

other than that we will be launching WC2 soon which will be highly interactive

[20:10:55] Dan (MI): Sounds cool Zach

[20:11:00] golden (co): Oh yea,,, that thing too Zach   !!!!!!

[20:11:23] ZachB(WI): it almost a done deal Scott

[20:11:40] golden (co): We've got something up our sleeves that we just cannot let out

of the bag yet... but you're gonna love it I promise

[20:11:47] ebijack: will anyone be able to access WC2?

[20:11:51] ZachB(WI): yes

[20:11:59] golden (co): yes, walleyecentral will never be a pay site

[20:12:23] ZachB(WI): you will never have to pay for any of the info on WC

[20:12:24] eyefish(mi): thats cool

[20:12:27] golden (co): Information is free. 

[20:12:35] LS(nd): what will be the difference between the 2 sites?

[20:12:42] golden (co): that's a Zach question

[20:12:48] Dan (MI): That's fair I support your advertisers

[20:12:51] ZachB(WI): WC2 will be more interactive

[20:13:05] Pete[Oh]: gee, we get the magazine free too lol

[20:13:15] golden (co): It's a different server, supports more stuff that Zach knows how

to do. :-)

[20:13:38] Magic Marker: Speaking of magazine, what happened to it?

[20:14:12] golden (co): It's on the way to the bulk mailer tomorrow. Sorry guys,,, it's just

a tough schedule. We do try hard, I promise

[20:14:33] Dan (MI): Its a good publication worth the wait

[20:14:50] ZachB(WI): next one will come out almost back to back which will bring us

back to center

[20:14:55] golden (co): We have obtained more help with it, hopefully it will be better

and faster next issue

[20:15:13] ebijack: scott, any chance of a "walleyecentral" show thru fishing the


[20:15:15] ZachB(WI): We also have a new editor which will be a big help

[20:15:15] Magic Marker: been waiting since last aug-sept, did pick up issue at huron


[20:15:42] golden (co): Bob and I are kicking that one around, we'll see where it lands

.. but it's being talked about as late as yesterday

[20:16:12] Clicker (Oh): Scott : You should just put it on a web site and have only the

paid subcribers access to it. In the long run it would lower your cost especially printing.

[20:16:12] Dan (MI): Ebijack, we need a quality fishing show here in Mich

[20:16:18] ebijack: that would be something..to be put on with walleyecentral folks  :)

[20:16:49] golden (co): That has crossed our minds and we might be doing that soon,

but there is still some value in having some reading material in the bathroom

[20:17:10] ebijack: absolutley! scott

[20:17:10] Clicker (Oh): True.

[20:18:15] ebijack: scott/zach, how many years has WC been on the net

[20:18:19] golden (co): We have discussed doing that. It's a matter of time. Both Zach

and I are working full time jobs so time is very valuable we have to use it wisely

[20:18:46] golden (co): WC was started in 1996, but was only a few pages and called

"Ron Boggs" at the time. It evolved in 1997

[20:19:44] TerryMac: From Ron Boggs to this   good work  Scott

[20:19:50] Clicker (Oh): Having any better luck with the national advertisers?

[20:20:18] golden (co): The internet is becoming more of an advertising median to the

big players now, they just can't turn their backs on it any longer.

[20:20:41] ebijack: scott, when do the new WC stickers and hats arrive?

[20:20:55] golden (co): Now, we just gotta tell those "other guys" to quit selling

advertising for quarters :-)

[20:21:20] ebijack: :)

[20:21:23] golden (co): The new hats and shirts are ordered, shouldn't be too much

longer. Stickers are right here right now

[20:21:52] slapshot1: stickers for what?

[20:21:52] Dusty(ND): any plans of a WC gathering in the midwest?

[20:21:52] Magic Marker: thought maybe down by the mouth from boat?

[20:22:03] Dan (MI): stickers same as last year, if so they are cool, i have a couple on


[20:22:09] golden (co): Boat and bumper stickers

[20:22:12] ZachB(WI): yes we have kicked it around

[20:22:24] ebijack: they work on hockeysticks too  :)

[20:22:28] golden (co): The new ones have the Shut Up and Fish logo added to them

[20:22:31] slapshot1: lol

[20:22:03] Dan (MI): stickers same as last year, if so they are cool, i have a couple on


[20:22:44] golden (co): As a matter of fact Mike... they probably do

[20:22:55] Sheila: Geez Scott, I'd think with the bandwidth this site uses, Wow $$$


[20:23:08] Den: put it on yer helmet mike     lol

[20:23:14] slapshot1: Next time I am on ESPN I will put one on!  LOL

[20:23:36] golden (co): The site is very expensive to keep on the air.. but it's holding it's own with the classifieds and product sales, thanks everyone

[20:23:56] slip-bobber(MT): No- THANK YOU GUYS

[20:24:01] Den: NO, we need to THANK  YOU

[20:24:07] golden (co): <blush>

[20:24:14] ebijack: i agree..it's worth what ever it takes

[20:24:36] slapshot1: I don't know what I would do with my free time here in Maine

without WALLEYE CENTRAL! Thanks!

[20:24:38] Drift'r: ditto ebi

[20:24:53] golden (co): Thanks to the pros for the help with the information, on the

message board etc... the site belongs to all of you guys, we just work here

[20:25:04] Adman (wi): Full room tonight, hi all

[20:25:31] fred: can we talk about the mwc

[20:25:36] ZachB(WI): sure

[20:25:52] golden (co): It's our thinking that we work for you people, you tell us what

you want we try to give it. The site belongs to the users, unless they get out of line ;-)

[20:25:56] fred: how many full time teams this year

[20:26:16] ZachB(WI): 102

[20:26:24] Adman (wi): There are 102 full circuit teams this year

[20:26:39] Dan (MI): In the mwc, do you have the same partner throughout the season

[20:26:42] golden (co): The have upped the field at Ortonville to 225 boats

[20:27:22] tackleman: Wow, scott, full house..

[20:27:42] golden (co): for sure, glad to see everyone here.

[20:27:46] Adman (wi): Maybe three more divisions and 2,000 boats per tourney?  LOL

[20:28:00] ebijack: scott/zach, about how many hours/day do each of you spend on

WC, kepping up the site

[20:28:08] Sheila: you gotta laugh (with all this tourney rampage), make room for the

annual W/C.....challenge!??? eh?

[20:28:09] fred: who is the favorite to win it this year

[20:28:12] golden (co): It's not gonna get any smaller that's for sure. Walleye is getting

to be huge business, it will only get bigger

[20:28:39] golden (co): Zach and I have discussed an WC tourney or two... it may


[20:28:51] ZachB(WI): too many to be considered part time ebi

[20:28:53] Dan (MI): I'm for a W/c event

[20:29:02] Pete[Oh]: do you see WC getting as big as BASS or FLW

[20:29:16] Swat1: I would like to see the Huron event in the fall turn into a WC tourney

[20:29:16] slapshot1: If it does Scott only during the months of June July and August


[20:29:26] SdDoc: Registered members only for the tourneys for WC?

[20:29:27] R238S: dont forget the big pond scott

[20:29:39] Sheila: just for you slapshot ;-)

[20:29:42] golden (co): I like the big pond!

[20:29:50] Sheila: good

[20:30:27] ZachB(WI): Yes Pete but in a different way, walleye fishing has a much

different "culture]

[20:30:42] Pete[Oh]: that i know lol

[20:30:46] eyefish(mi): I think you should have a WC tourney trail with east and west


[20:30:55] slapshot1: me too!

[20:31:01] golden (co): Whew,,, that is in the distant future

[20:31:05] Dan (MI): I'd go with that

[20:31:11] Swat1: That sounds good to me too eyefish

[20:31:11] Pete[Oh]: that would be great

[20:31:12] donyar/mi: that would be good

[20:31:17] ZachB(WI): i wanted to use the word better but didn't want to offend any

bass fishermen

[20:31:22] ebijack: ok, who's up for running it  :)

[20:31:23] golden (co): Let's go back to the part about Zach and I work full time jobs...

[20:31:33] ZachB(WI): hahah

[20:31:37] ShadMan (wis): you do Scott!!!

[20:31:39] Pete[Oh]: go for it Zack lol

[20:31:40] Gundog: yes

[20:31:55] Dan (MI): I'll try running anything once

[20:31:57] Swat1: If it was financially feasible I would consider something like that Ebi

[20:32:18] golden (co): It's certainly an idea to kick around, I'm not past entertaining it.

[20:32:29] eyefish(mi): I don't want to run it ...I want to fish it

[20:32:35] Adman (wi): Hey swat, you know how to make a million in the fishing world?

[20:32:46] golden (co): Start with 2 million

[20:32:49] Juls (WI): ;-)

[20:32:52] Swat1: Yes Adman start with two and stop at 1

[20:32:54] slapshot1: In order for it to be a success we would need everyone to get

involved in some way

[20:32:56] ZachB(WI): hahaha

[20:33:26] golden (co): I agree slapshot, but it's certainly worth kicking around. I like

the idea of a WC circuit.

[20:33:55] ebijack: that sure would bring in sponsors scott

[20:34:03] slapshot1: So do I!  I think you could pretty much guarantee a full field!

[20:34:08] Juls (WI): hey a WC circuit would be really cool...i like that idea

[20:34:20] golden (co): agreed, not sure about bringing them out, been my experience

you have to bring them screaming and kicking

[20:34:48] ZachB(WI): my initial thoughts on a WC walleye circuit is that it would take

away most of the freedom which is really helping us right now

[20:35:02] ZachB(WI): but anything is worth kicking around

[20:35:17] ebijack: what, you mean you get time to sleep still zach?    :)

[20:35:26] slapshot1: I honestly think it would do very well! I think there are enough

people that use this forum that would be willing to help!

[20:35:34] Dan (MI): There are alot of circuits out there, it would have to be different

[20:35:41] Adman (wi): I think we can all be happy now that W/C is the official web site

of the MWC!!

[20:35:54] golden (co): My dad used to tell me that if I worked real hard and put my

mind to it I could get all my work done in 1/2 a day, what I did for the other 12 hours

was up to me.. He lied

[20:35:56] Juls (WI): good point...hehehe

[20:36:40] Sheila: walleye first

[20:36:49] golden (co): lol sheila, but I love it.. get to meet all the good people

[20:37:00] Gundog: I talked to mike holt yesterday and he said that the usfa thought

that the wwc was connflicting with the ptw so they drop him from the mn.director of

team walleye

[20:37:19] slapshot1: I see

[20:37:35] Juls (WI): wow they dumped holt?

[20:37:50] Gundog: yes

[20:39:00] Gundog: but he is still trying to work it out with them.

[20:39:15] golden (co): What would you guys like to see on the site? What can we do

for you?

[20:39:45] Ruffnek: I like the idea of a salmon board scott

[20:40:01] ebijack: i know it's hard, but more editing of some of the message boards

[20:40:12] Dan (MI): no garbage on the boards, like lasik eye surgery or meeting


[20:40:14] Sheila: A page for girls ;-)

[20:41:55] golden (co): we got a few tricks up our sleeves ;-)

[20:41:57] ZachB(WI): yes

[20:45:08] ebijack: are there anymore questions for our host tonight?

[20:45:11] golden (co): Any more questions to Walleye Central before we have a free

for all?

[20:45:33] Den: keep up the great work

[20:46:26] Eyeman IN: Good job Scott

[20:47:00] golden (co): Hey, we try. That is all we really can do. If you think of anything

we can do to help you, let us know.

[20:47:16] ebijack: THANKS SCOTT and ZACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[20:47:24] golden (co): Thanks Chatman Ebi

[20:47:26] TerryMac: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[20:47:29] Drift'r: THanks Scott & Zach

[20:47:31] Swat1: Thanks Scott and Zack

[20:47:35] Adman (wi): clap clap clap clap

[20:47:37] Juls (WI): Thanks Scott and Zach....keep up the great work....

[20:47:43] TerryMac: clap clapclapclapclap

[20:47:44] jigman/Ont: thanks guys

[20:47:44] RoyGPA: yeah ebi does do a good job here too...!!!!!

[20:47:46] Pete[Oh]: thanks guys

[20:47:46] bobeyerite: thanks scott and zach

[20:47:46] Ruffnek: forge ahead scott and zach!!!

[20:47:46] Den: clap, clap, clap, clap

[20:47:49] ZachB(WI): thank you

[20:47:49] #1 Saugeye: Doing a great job Scott and Zack

[20:47:52] SdDoc: thanks scott, and thanks zach!!! for all your hard work keeping

the board going!!!

[20:47:53] eyefish(mi): Great job........Great site....THANKS

[20:47:56] donyar/mi: Thanks Scott and Zach

[20:48:02] bob g: thanks guys

[20:48:03] TerryMac: Keep up the good work

[20:48:09] bob g: guys

[20:48:11] golden (co): Thanks to all of you... geeez I feel bigheaded for some reason

[20:48:15] Juls (WI): lol

[20:48:24] Sheila: YEAH, you guys are doing a FAB job!

[20:48:29] Fisherman: Hey thanks Scott and Zach

[20:48:30] Pete[Oh]: you deserve to lol

[20:48:45] Adman (wi): C ya Zach and Scott

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