Ted Takasaki Chat 1/15/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for Ted Takasaki!
walleyechaser24 - Hi Ted!
Warren MN - Hi Ted!!
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, and welcome Ted!!
wa_walleye - Hello Chatman/Ted!!
Chatman - Ted's questions should be directed to me tonight...
Juls - Ok, no problem.
Chatman - I will answer your questions as I relay them to Ted. Ted cannot log in, and I have him on the phone with me.
LundNut - Who's going to start? LOL!
Juls - With the Walleye Masters Institute coming up, can Ted tell us who the guest speakers are this year? I know all the info as it is on the Homepage of WC, but many may not know that....;-)
Chatman - I asked Ted what's new this year with Lindy Little Joe.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - This years speakers are to be Doc Samson, Tim Minnema, Eric Olson, Mike Norris and Ted himself.
Warren MN - IF he knows, where's Ted going to fish this year, in tournaments?
Juls - That's a great line up!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - All PWT's this year Ted tells me...
Juls - Which Ranger is Ted going to be driving this year? Is he going with the new 621?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - This year with Lindy, Techni-Glow fuzzy grubs and Lindy rigs are new in 2003.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted is in the new 621 with the 250 Opti Max.
Juls - That's one sweet boat!
Warren MN - What is he using for electronics? For GPS and depth?
daveaz - I'm a newbie, just listening in tonight.
walleyechaser24 - Ok.
bowhunter - Me too!
LundNut - What presentation does Ted suggest for a deep, clear lake with a lot of baitfish? Both in the spring and thru the warm water months?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - All Bottom Line electronics are on Ted's boat again for 2003. Including a new prototype if possible!
jlware04 - Ted what rain gear do you use the most often?
Juls - Can you tell us more about the Techni-Glow products? What makes them different from the regular Fuzzy Grubs? What exactly is Techni-Glow? ;-) 
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Lundnut, look for the shallow water end or incoming water early on. Also rocky, shallow water. Pitch Fuzzy Grubs to the fish.
Warren MN - Any thing new on the prototype from Bottomline?
walleyechaser24 - Ted, just Fuzzy Grubs? Or should I tip them with bait too?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - All Ted knows is the GPS is built right in the unit head, no separate module. That is all he can say at this point.
Warren MN - Is this new unit WAAS capable?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Walleyechaser24, the jigs are tipped with a minnow early on, crawlers and leeches later.
walleyechaser24 - Thanks.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted does not know about WAAS capability at this time, it is that new of a unit!
Warren MN - Thanks.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - As to raingear, Ted uses Bass Pro Shops 100mph Rain Gear.
LundNut - Ted, what rod and action does he like best, for inline boards?
Dan(oh) - What size line does Ted tie his spinners with?
walleyechaser24 - Good one!
Juls - Ok, so the Techni-Glow is basically a paint that can be blasted with a Lindy Laser light for glow capabilities, yes?
walleyechaser24 - I am about to tie my spinner rigs for the season.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted Likes St Croix Fiberglass, the GT series, telescopic 8-foot rods when pulling in line boards.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Yes, you are correct Juls!
jlware04 - Did Ted have a tough decision in choosing that brand of rain gear?
walleyechaser24 - Chatman, does Ted use a lead core system at all?
daveaz - Has Ted ever fished any Arizona lakes?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Yes, Ted uses lead core line.
walleyechaser24 - Thanks.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted has not been to Arizona, yet....
daveaz - He's lucky, there is not much to look at!!! LOL!
Warren MN - Does he have preferred types of lines and why.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted says that the reservoirs in Arizona should fish the same as In the Dakotas or Montana etc..
walleyechaser24 - Does Ted use live bait and hard baits on the lead lines?
Juls - What does Ted think about the PWT Championship being at Houghton instead of Bismarck for a change?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - A canyon type reservoir should fish similar no matter where it is.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted uses hard baits on the lead core line.
walleyechaser24 - Thanks.
jlware04 - Will Ted be fishing any RCL events this year? If so, which ones?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - As far as line choice goes, either Magna Thin or Magna Flex, which is a new line from Stren.
Warren MN - What color Ted?
Sunshine - Ted, what pound test for trolling cranks?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Magana Thin is strong and thin line and the Magna Flex is super strong and flexible and he can go down one pound test rating with it!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted is not fishing any RCL events this year, except maybe the championship.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ten-pound test line for trolling, in green.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - With hard-baits, Ted uses metallic patterns in clear water and fluorescent colors n dirty water.
ebijack - I remember doing a hosted chat with Ted over the phone before! :)
Juls - LOL! Ebi!
Chatman - LOL!!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted's laughing...
ebijack - I bet! :)
Chatman - Has Ted missed anyone so far?
Sunshine - Chatman, what shows will Ted be at?
ebijack - Is Lindy taking more of his time as to not be able to fish the RCL?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted will be at Des Moines, the Sioux Falls Boat Show, the Fargo boat show, Lockport and Rockford Illinois. And in Milwaukee this weekend.
jlware04 - Thanks Ted , Will you be doing the class in Chicago this coming March?
Chatman - Ted's schedule is on his pro page if you want better detail than I am able to offer tonight.
jlware04 - Ok, thanks.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Yes Jlware04, March 1st is the institute in Chicago this year.
ebijack - Did Ted sell his Ranger yet?
jlware04 - I hope to meet him there!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - It is just too hard to fish both the PWT and the RCL. With the current number of events it is too tough to run a company and fish them all. In fact, Ted said he fishes as many tournaments now as he ever has!
walleyechaser24 - Well, in that case, something has to go!! LOL!
jlware04 - With Ted's schedule, I don't want his fuel bills!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Earlier someone asked about Ted's boat from 2002. He sold his 620 but the new 621 is available for delivery in November 2003.
Juls - What is the name of the Milwaukee show this weekend?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Jlware, Ted says he'll be there and be sure to introduce yourself to him!
jlware04 - I hope to get the chance! Thanks!
Chatman - Juls, The Milwaukee Show.... 
Sunshine - The Milwaukee Boat Show at State Fair Park.
Juls - Thanks.
ebijack - Ralph, does Ted miss fishing so many tourneys? 
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted thinks it is the Milwaukee Boat Show at State Fair Park.
Juls - ;-)
Sunshine - LOL!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Actually, as he stated earlier, Ted is fishing as many tournaments, if not more than when he started out.
ebijack - Yeah, yeah!! Win a big one! 
walleyechaser24 - What are some of Ted's favorite live bait rigs?
ebijack - I'm only teasing. :)
Chatman - Have I missed any questions for Ted yet?
Juls - Hey jlware04, you will get the chance to meet Ted if you go to the WMI. He's one of those guys that likes to say hi to everyone who walks through the door...;-)
ebijack - You're doing great Chatman.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Well Walleyechaser24, Lindy Rigs for one. And spinners.
walleyechaser24 - Does Ted use three ways, still?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted says your a nice one too Juls!!
ebijack - Ralph, what advantages does Ted see in the 621, over the 620?
Juls - ;-) Thanks!!
walleyechaser24 - Ted, any favorite spinner blade colors?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - The three best things about the 621, over the 620 are ride, ride and ride!!
ebijack - :)
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - They are both nice boats but Ted considers the 620 an impala and the 621 a Cadillac!
WalleyeJason - Chatman, can you ask Ted If he's coming to the Columbia River this spring?
jlware04 - Hey Chatman, I hope your using the speakerphone!!!
ebijack - Ted, this may have been asked, but what's new with Lindy products for 2003?
wa_walleye - Yes Ted come to Columbia River!!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted has no plans as of yet, but he'd love to fish the Columbia River some day.
WalleyeJason - Tell Ted There's a spot in my boat anytime Ted is out this Way!!
Chatman - A speakerphone? What's that???? LOL!
jlware04 - LOL!
walleyechaser24 - Can you ask Ted if he ever fished North Carolina?
ebijack - Hey Ted, how about that 4-inch fuzzy grub we talked about?
Chatman - Ted says thanks WalleyeJason!
Juls - LOL!
WalleyeJason - Ted, Just to let you know, I use the No-Snagg Sinkers out here in Washington, and they work great!!
walleyechaser24 - Ditto on the No Snagg!
Chatman - Whoa, slow down a bit gang..
WalleyeJason - LOL!
ebijack - Not a chance Ralph! :)
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted said he has not fished North Carolina, but a walleye is a walleye, no matter where it is outsmarting you...
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - That's great Walleye Jason and Walleyechaser!
Juls - Ted, I finally saw the show that you and Babe Winkleman did together on Mille Lacs. The one where Rick and I were talking to you on the water that day last year, great show! Looked like you too were having too much fun!
jlware04 - If Ted were a guide today, what rates would he charge to have him as a guide?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ebi new for 2003, it is the Techni-Glow Fuzzy Grubs and Lindy rigs. Check them out at Lindylittlejoe.com
ebijack - Cool!
walleyechaser24 - Just do not point the laser light into your eyes!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Juls it was a lot of fun and they caught a lot of fish. It was also a competition as to who controlled the boat...
Juls - LOL!
walleyechaser24 - It must have been fun to drive!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Probably between 4 and 5 hundred dollars a day if he were to guide..
ebijack - Ted, are you still running Bottomline locators?
Juls - From my standpoint it looked like they did better when Ted was on the bow mount...LOL! I think its safe to say he won the competition...;-)
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Yes Ted is still with Bottomline.
jlware04 - He might be worth more than that with his records!!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted says he has been with Bottomline for 11 years now.
wa_walleye - By comparison does Bottomline ghost as many fish as say, Garmin or Lowrance?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ghost?
Warren MN - What beam width does Ted like for a transducer? Narrow or wide beam?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted says he marks all the fish he needs to see, the ones that are there!
bigfish1965 - I want one that only marks aggressive fish!!
ebijack - What kicker is Ted running on the 621?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted likes an 18-degree transducer for structure and a wide beam for open water trolling.
walleyechaser24 - Ted, does Bottomline seem to work that well?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - A 4 stroke Mercury, 15 hp kicker Ebi.
bigfish1965 - An 18-degree up front and a wide beam on the stern?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - LOL! How about only ones that bite Bigfish??
ebijack - Ted trusts Bottomline not to lie to him!
bigfish1965 - Yep Ted, it only marks them if their mouths are open...
walleyechaser24 - It will be my next one, then!
Juls - Ok, I ask this of all the pros who host in here, do you turn off your electronics when your fishing is shallow water? You know, the spooking the fish with the transducer theory...
WalleyeJason - Ted, what separates Good fishermen from great fisherman?
walleyechaser24 - Yes, always Juls.
ebijack - Not me.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Not necessarily with the transducers. For structure trolling a narrow cone angle works well. I have both an 18 and wide beam on the transom and an 18-degree beam on the trolling motor too!
Warren MN - Does he use dual frequency transducers at all?
walleyechaser24 - By shallow water, I mean less than 10 feet deep.
ebijack - I don't really fish under the boat in less than 10ft of water, for the most part.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - That's what's nice about Bottom line, they hardly make any noise at all!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - The separation between good and great fishermen is paying attention to details.
walleyechaser24 - Ditto!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted uses two separate transducers rather than one dual frequency model.
walleyechaser24 - 10 feet deep in chocolate soup here is ok.
bigfish1965 - Mmmmm, chocolate.....
Juls - LOL!
walleyechaser24 - Yep!
WalleyeJason - What type of details? Something that might make a difference between a big fish and a small fish?
ebijack - Ralph, is Ted on the road right now?
wyo''eyes'' - What's his Ted's favorite, all around jigging rod?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - No, Ted is in his family room right now but will be on the road every weekend till March, starting this weekend!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Not exactly WalleyeJason. Just little details like if a fish hits were you twitching a rod verses sweeping it, little details like that.
ebijack - Are there any new tricks Ted wants to share he learned trolling this past year?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - StCroix makes a 6'8", medium fast, Legend Elite that Ted likes for jigging.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - A great trolling trick is changing speeds!
Ebijack - Ted has done well paying attention to detail and trolling. Especially on Lake Erie!
Juls - That's right Ebi, I almost forgot about that! Ted did get the biggest 1-day weight ever in a PWT tournament, on Lake Erie! 53.2 pounds was it?
walleyechaser24 - Changing speed and making "S" turns.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - That's right Juls!
ebijack - Yeah it sure was BIG!!
jlware04 - What does Ted expect from an amateur in his boat during a tourney? 
bigfish1965 - We like popping the crawlers off downriggers. We get lots of hits as it flutters up!
Juls - I always love it when he starts jumping around the stage like that!! It makes a weigh in very exciting to watch!! ;-)
ebijack - That's the Ted Takasaki exercise program! :)
Chatman - We are running out of chat time, about 10 minutes to go. Has Ted missed any questions so far?
Juls - LOL! Ebi
walleyechaser24 - The party is at my house after the chat!!
ebijack - That exercise program has been on TV! :)
wyo''eyes'' - What are Ted's thoughts on dual frequency transducers?
ebijack - And, he almost got his whole family doing it! :)
bigfish1965 - Can we start a Juls fan club web site?
Juls - HA....LOL!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - I don't require much out of an amateur. Listen and move as quickly as possible to work with the pro. Just do the best you can.
ebijack - How much time does Ted spend checking old GPS numbers while pre-fishing a tournament?
WalleyeJason - Best of Luck Ted, I hope to meet you at Pepin this year. Maybe if we are lucky we will get paired!
walleyechaser24 - Ted, we appreciate you taking time out to guest host this chat tonight.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Juls, Ted says he'd like to exercise more often!
Juls - Hahahah, excellent!
walleyechaser24 - This is the year to get that exercise!!
Juls - I'm sure he will have his own aerobics show soon! ;-)
ebijack - Ted, say HI the family and good luck this year on tour!
Juls - Best of luck this year Ted!! I'm root'n for ya!
jlware04 - Best of luck Ted! Thanks for the time!!!
Warren MN - Thanks, thank him too for me!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Wyo''eyes'', dual frequency transducers are a great thing.
walleyechaser24 - Thanks for all of your great tips online at Walleye Central and at Lindy, Ted.
Warren MN - Does Ted live near Bemidji?
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted says thank to you all as well, it is nice to be loved!! LOL!! I love you all!! *group hug*
dc/co - I think Ted puts on some real good seminars and should be commended for them!
Warren MN - Ditto!
Juls - ;-)))
walleyechaser24 - Yes!!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - No, Ted lives in Brainerd. Bemidji is a little "too close" to Northland!!! LOL!
Warren MN - Wonder if its those hot lures he makes that keeping the water open up there.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Thanks dc/co!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Could be Warren.....
Juls - I hope you have a successful Walleye Masters Institute this year Ted. You can't miss with that line up! I sure wish I could make it, but my schedule is loaded starting in a few weeks, no time! :-(
Chatman - As we wind down, any last questions or thoughts for Ted?
Juls - LOL! Northland, too funny... ;-)
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Thanks Juls, see ya around.....
Dan(oh) - Thanks Ted for tonight's chat!!
walleyechaser24 - Hope you do real well this year, Ted, but leave a few for us!!!
ebijack - Ralph, has Ted tried hand lining?
dc/co - Thanks Ted!
Juls - I sent Scott the photos of the Skins and Fins outing, he should get them online soon,
Doc (wi) - Thanks Ted!!!
Chatman - Took you long enough on the Northland one Juls...
Juls - I had my head down! LOL!!
wa_walleye - LOL!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Thanks, and no problem Walleyechaser!
Juls - This chat is moving fast tonight, it's too easy to miss something..;-)
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ebi, Ted says he loves hand lining and he feels very confident with that technique.
ebijack - Ted isn't missing anything it's Ralph who has to read/type like a pro!! :)
Juls - ;-)
walleyechaser24 - Good job Ralph!
Chatman - Okay tonight I'll give you that one Juls, but what about every other chat so far?? 
Juls - You Da Man Ralph!
Doc (wi) - Go Ralph!
Juls - LOL!....hey..;-)
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted's laughing pretty good too Juls!!! You have a host of friends here!! LOL!!
Chatman - Well Ladies and gentlemen a warm Walleye Central round of applause for Ted Takasaki of Lindy Little Joe!!!
Doc (wi) - YEAAAAAAAAA!1
ebijack - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
walleyechaser24 - Thanks for making this possible, Chatman.
Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, thanks Ted!! And Ralph!!
ebijack - I'm glad you get to edit this one Ralph :) LOL!!!
walleyechaser24 - See ya on the water!!
Juls - A job well done once again...;-)
ebijack - Thanks Ted!!!]
Doc (wi) - See you this weekend Ted!
Chatman - Hey, don't thank me, thank Ted for listening to me babble as I type....
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Thanks guys and gals!
Juls - LOL!
Juls - Got to run, have a good night everyone!! See ya soon Ted! Thanks again...;-)
Backwater Eddy -ND - Ted I wanted to say that new pole float is a winner, well done.
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Good, Thanks eddy!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Ted says Thank again to all of you.
Chatman - And thank you Ted for hanging in there and giving us another great chat, even if it was phoned in!!! LOL!!
Ted Takasaki/Chatman - Thanks again it was a lot of fun.

Chatman"S NOTE: Once again computer Gremlins have plagued ted Takasaki's home computer. Ted was unable to log on to the chatroom tonight. So, Ted and I devised a plan we had to use once before for Ted. I had Ted on the phone and relayed the questions to him and typed his answers to the room. All in all it went well and I know we all had a blast!! Thanks to Ted Takasaki for being a consummate Professional and making sure the show went on!