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chatman- Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight's guest, Gary Gray!

Driftr- Welcome Gary

Juls- clap clap clap clap welcome Gary

Ristorapper(ND);- clap clap clap clap, clap

Driftr- clap clap clap

Fisherman- welcome Gary

Gary Gray- What do you want to talk about tonight

Ristorapper(ND);- fishing!!

chatman- Well, Gary, lets talk about your plans for the next year.

Gary Gray- Plan to fish all PWT, Merc Natl's. Otter Street, USFA

chatman- Do you have any seminars scheduled too?

Juls- that's quite the schedule Gary!

Gary Gray- A few

Gary Gray- you bet

Fisherman- Gary is that about the same schedule as 2000

Juls- Who are some of your sponsors Gary?

chatman- Do you plan to see your lovely wife at all?? LOL...

Gary Gray- Off Shore, Mercury, Yar Craft, Storm, and many more

Gary Gray- Now and then

Ristorapper(ND);- easier to calculate how many days you're home rather than how many days you are on the water!!

Juls- speaking of Off Shore...what can you tell us about this new Snapper Release they have coming out?

Gary Gray- that's about it

Gary Gray- It's Great

Ristorapper(ND);- board release??

Juls- why? what makes it so special?

Gary Gray- Best release yet, and works great with all the super lines

wallykid82- What lakes do you fish regularly?

Gary Gray- Yes, board release

chatman- Is that the same snapper that Wille has/had on their boards?

Ristorapper(ND);- what super lines do you use then

Gary Gray- Yes, now Off Shore has it

Fisherman- Different pads or whole new release

Crumpler- Gary is the new release the same one as the one on the bago boards out of Brothertown?

chatman- Nice release, holds Fire Line very well

Gary Gray- It was meant to use on Off Shore boards anyway

Gary Gray- Yes

Gary Gray- Have yet to have one come off the line!

Crumpler- yes on the same clips Gary?

chatman- Even if it did, the pin would hold it...

Gary Gray- correct

Driftr- I have never tried the small boards , maybe I'll look for them in Huron

Driftr- are the new clips available yet

chatman- I use the snapper release on all my in line boards and find it almost as easy to release with one hand as Offshore's standard release

Gary Gray- Bruce, when will they be available from Off Shore

Chairman- After the first of the year

Crumpler- outstanding product I was going to modify my Offshore's with at least the front clips over the winter anyway cool

chatman- Gary tell us a little about the Yarcraft owners tourney that was recently held, is that to be an annual?

Gary Gray- Yes, and it was a great time

chatman- How many turned out..

Ristorapper(ND);- how did you do in that tourney Gary?

Gary Gray- we had about 100 guys and gals

chatman- wow...nice showing!

Gary Gray- could not fish it, it was for owners only, no pro-staff

Gary Gray- have I missed anyone yet?

chatman- That is a great deal for the owners

wallykid82- how long have you been on the Yar-Craft pro staff

Crumpler- Gary I had some friends up there the said they couldn't leave little bay so it was tough but the were treated to a great time and look forward to next year

Gary Gray- going on 5 yrs now

Dan(oh);- are you a full time pro

Gary Gray- yes, I put a boundary on it because of wind

Gary Gray- yes

Ristorapper(ND);- super line or mono guy Gary and what do you use when pulling cranks?

wallykid82- is Yar-Craft beginning to catch on the PWT

Gary Gray- mono

Gary Gray- you bet

chatman- I just want to remind new participants here tonight, Gary will be signing off around 7:30 tonight due to prior commitment

Fisherman- Gary have you had a chance to do any fall fishing?

Gary Gray- I will let Chairman of the board step in for me

wallykid82- Caught any pigs yet this fall?

Chairman- Gary, is YarCraft going to metal flake colors soon?

Gary Gray- no, sold my boat last month

Ristorapper(ND);- new one in the spring?? which one ya running?

Gary Gray- yes, new for 2001, all polyflake, it is a option

chatman- OOhhh! They are going to look sharp!

Gary Gray- 1895 Storm TSC

Lance- Gary, I understand that some of those new polyflake boats are making their way to the dealers now?

Gary Gray- yes, as we speak

Fisherman- What will you have for a motor?

Crumpler- Gary is Pepsi still working with you ? I find that it is easier to work with non fishing related sponsors do you see more non fishing sponsors as a major future market for us ?

Gary Gray- 225 Merc

Larry (WI)- Enter Text Here-Gary, do you think Lake W-Bago should be managed differently to create a more quality fishery?

Gary Gray- yes, Pepsi has been great

Gary Gray- I think Winnebago needs a slot limit

Ristorapper(ND);- explain on winnebago

jerry- How's bite on Winnebago system this time of year?

tracy- Gary any opinions on Erie limits?

Larry (WI)- A lot of people think the same way, how can we get that done?

Gary Gray- Local sponsors play a part, but the Industry has the best game in town

Crumpler- on ago cant we just shut doun the river like in Depere just fish for a trophy and catch and release

Gary Gray- Walleyes for Tomorrow for Winnebago

Gary Gray- as far as Erie, I have not heard the limits yet

Chairman- down to 6 for next year Gary

tracy- 4 early season 6 after April

Lance- Gary, tell us about the new center console YarCraft..size, motor, ride, fishability?

Gary Gray- I think it is about time, it can't go on for ever

Larry (WI)- Gary, do you still use Lowrance products? If so, what do you think about the new GPS units coming out for 2001?

Gary Gray- right now it is only available in 1785 model, but there is talk about a 22 or 24 footer for the future. Very fishable

Crumpler- does this new rig have a wash out deck or carpet

Gary Gray- Lowrance, just talked to Darrin Cole yesterday, have not seen the new line yet, but sounds great

Gary Gray- washout

chatman- What is the layout/storage like Gary?

Gary Gray- lots of storage, I seemed lost in it at Bay de Noc.

Chairman- I saw them, gps 3000 and x 15 series look super

Ristorapper(ND);- what fishing presentation did you use at the championship this year Gary?

Crumpler- ya rod storage shaft saver available maybe?

Gary Gray- jigs

Gary Gray- I believe the rod saver storage is available

wallykid82- what line do you prefer when vertical jigging?

Gary Gray- 8lb Trilene tournament strength

DanL- Gary is there a jig you like when fishing rip rap

Crumpler- Gary tell us some top secret stuff any new products or deals in the works we should know about?

T-Mac- Gary what are you running next year for main engine? Do you know yet?

Gary Gray- Bruce, you might want to tell the people here about the special for tournament fishermen, about buying the new Snapper release

Gary Gray- ball jig

Larry (WI)- Gary, what kind of mono do you use for trolling clear water?

Gary Gray- 14lb mono

stmpbuster (Ia)- Gary I am the PWT top amateur I didn't get a chance at Bismark to thank you for your encouragement it meant more than you know THANKS

Gary Gray- your welcome, and you did a great job there

tracy- Gary, what did think about the tournament on the St. Marys River at the SOO this year?

Gary Gray- it's fun to fish Bismark, just too much sand!!!

Juls- lol

Gary Gray- not much fun, but, I think it can be good at different time of year

stmpbuster (Ia)- had to replace my water pump impeller

Larry (WI)- Gary, is it going to be slow-no-wake all the way through Oshkosh on the Fox next yr.?

Gary Gray- no, that got shut down

wallykid82- What did you think of the PWT tourney at Fort Peck this year?

tracy- I used to go to Drummond Island every year in august we always did well on eyes that time of year

Gary Gray- love Ft Peck, it just hates me

Ristorapper(ND);- River is down a foot since you and bigfoot left the championship last month Gary!!

Gary Gray- I was just out there a week ago, looked low

Bigfoot- and I left my shovel there too

Gary Gray- should have kept it for next year, Rick!

Chairman- gets any lower we won't need boats next year

Ristorapper(ND);- you didn't need it Rick!

Bigfoot- you got that right Gary

tracy- Gary, what areas did you fish at the SOO?

DanL- Gary when you vertical jig is there any thing you do to trigger a fish

T-Mac- 10hp limit...anything bigger kicks up too much dust !

Gary Gray- stay vertical as you can, and snap it

Chairman- Gary how do you find fish in shallow water?

Gary Gray- trial and error,

Ristorapper(ND);- Hate to say it but wishing for 100+inches of snow in T-mac country so the runoff in the spring will fill up the lakes again Sorry t-mac

Chairman- I guess I have been doing it right, mostly error

T-Mac- I agree risto

Gary Gray- shallow fish, are the hardest to locate, you can't mark them. so it is trial and error

Lance- lol

chatman- well that's half the battle Bruce, lol

Ristorapper(ND);- what is the shallowest you figure the locators will pick up fish??

Gary Gray- Sorry about having to leave early, but I got to go, will make it up another time

Gary Gray- 8ft

tracy- THANKS!!

Ristorapper(ND);- Thanks Gary. best wishes next year on all the tourneys

jerry- Thanks Gary, see you again soon.

Juls- thanks for your time Gary...have a good night!

T-Mac- Thanks Gary.!

chatman- Thanks Gary, as always enjoyed the time

Lance- thanks Gary

Bigfoot- later Gary

Driftr- thanks Gary

T-Mac- Good luck in 2001

chatman- As promised please welcome, Bruce Chairman Deshano!!

Gary Gray- to all a Good night, and Bruce will take over

Ristorapper(ND);- clap clap clap

Crumpler- fish hard gary thanks again

Juls- clap clap clap clap....welcome

T-Mac- yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaa...clap clap

DanL- Thanks Gary

jerry- Hi chairman Bruce clap clap clap

Ristorapper(ND);- two for the price of one tonight!!

T-Mac- clap

Lance- clap clap clap

chatman- We have a 2 for one sale here tonight! Welcome Bruce!

Lance- Bruce, tell us about the new Snapper release

Ristorapper(ND);- and when it will be available

Chairman- Gary was supposed to do that, but it is a clamp type release

Chairman- It will hold super lines very well and can be opened with one hand.

Ristorapper(ND);- pads?

Chairman- super lines

chatman- Describe the difference between the Snapper and the standard Offshore release

Chairman- one pad and a grooved surface.

Ristorapper(ND);- you have tried them Bruce?

Chairman- More $$$ for one thing, but it does the job on super lines

Rick- same pad as before

Chairman- been using them for two seasons, helped develop them

Crumpler- did this release originate on the east shore of Bago in WI ?

jerry- Are they available to all at this time?

Chairman- similar pad and easily replaced

Rick- spring or clip

Ristorapper(ND);- Price?

Chairman- Not from Off Shore, get them from Wille or big jon right now

Chairman- Retail in our paper will be about $14

idoc(mn);- very cool

idoc(mn);- for a pair or each?

Chairman- But they work and keep together longer than some others that super line guys are using

jerry- When will they be available on Offshore paper?

Chairman- I will be able to show them at the WC outing in Huron this weekend

Ristorapper(ND);- Really enjoy that offshore paper by the way Bruce lots of info in there for us all

Lance- I had a chance to see and use them...I was very impressed with their holding ability and ease of use

Chairman- right after the first of the year

jerry- cool

Chairman- Thanks, a lot of people work hard to put it together. any suggestions or tips are appreciated

Chairman- Fishing tips I mean hah

Ristorapper(ND);- mine gets passed around quite a bit here!

chatman- Bruce, is Offshore going to be the only source for the Snapper release?

Chairman- In a while, we will have the articles and tips on our web site, just too busy now to do the work

Chairman- No, the other Mfg's will be able to order it at this time also

Crumpler- Bruce I have these things on my Offshore's now just the front clip wont let go but I have to se how Offshore does it so you can still use the tattle flag system on the back end.

jerry- Bruce, do you need more field testers? Be glad to try these out and report back.

Chairman- It fills a need for us without having to go into costly R&D

Chairman- I just use the snapper on the front and the red clip on the wire

Chairman- Don't have any field testers just product promoters. by the time a products leaves here it is "tested"

jerry- I see

Lance- I think it is a quality addition to the Off Shore boards

Ristorapper(ND);- your tourney schedule for 2001 Bruce?

Chairman- No decision until January, need time to get Off Shore ready. MWT for sure

Crumpler- ya works great I pull a lot of power pro line threw the stumps on boards and rip those cranks out never have to go back for a board with these clips !

Chairman- I enjoy fishing with my son Nick

Lance- and ya doing quite well with him too...I might add

Chairman- It is making great memories to fish with him

Chairman- My dad s here now 3 generations fishing and hunting together lol

Ristorapper(ND);- cool

tracy- you are so lucky

jerry- Great to intro. kids to fishing/hunting...memories together forever.

Lance- a tribute to your family Bruce

Chairman- I know and I am taking advantage of it.

walli-chicago- is Gary here???

Ristorapper(ND);- Gary left prior commitment

jerry- Gary left at 7:30

chatman- Gary had to leave a little early, Bruce has stepped in for him

Chairman- he had to go and I got the job

walli-chicago- oooo, thanks

Juls- Gary was here..he had to leave early...now Bruce DeShano is taking over...

walli-chicago- what's the topic???

Chairman- fishing

tracy- walleyes in chi town

walli-chicago- lol

chatman- free for all

jerry- Topic: Why can't people from Illinois catch any walleyes?

Chairman- tell that to Mike Gofron

walli-chicago- we've got Gofron!!

jerry- My pal...just bought his boat.

jerry- Sorry to veer from topic.

Chairman- Make him take you fishing a lot too

jerry- Definitely!!!

Lance- Bruce...are you fishing at Huron this weekend?

Chairman- Yes, Marilyn and I will be there Friday early afternoon

Chairman- through Sunday

chatman- Cooking or eating Bruce? --)

Chairman- I will be displaying our products at the fish fry

Chairman- Eating only

Lance@Riverview- Hey Bruce, any tips on making the flag lights easier on your eyes at night?

Chairman- No, they drive you crazy but it keeps them from getting mixed up with steady lights on shore

Chairman- I will be doing board tune ups at Huron Friday

Lance@Riverview- Someone suggested putting a dot of black in the center,

Chairman- You are welcome I will be on the 22 as well

jerry- What is involved in a board tune-up?

Chairman- just fix anything worn, foam, bracket flag etc.

jerry- I see

Chairman- Yes, we were doing some filming I think

Chairman- go for it, it is a good product

Ristorapper(ND);- Anything else new from Off Shore coming down the pipes Bruce?

Lance@Riverview- Bruce, have your boards arms been riveted from back or front? I have some both ways?

chatman- As we wind down, is there anyone Bruce missed? Any more questions for our host?

Chairman- No, we are looking for some though, you should see some of the wild ideas sent to me

Chairman- Always from the back

Lance@Riverview- Than I should change mine from the front?

Chairman- Not if they are holding.

Chairman- Our new bracket it in a plastic material and a lot tougher than the old one, more about that

Chairman- when I am back on Nov 22

chatman- That s right, we have Bruce back for the whole hour on Nov 22. Anymore questions for Bruce?

Chairman- That is for sonny to discuss, I don't like rumors

T-Mac- Good point

Chairman- I am going to watch the rest of the wings game, Gary Gray owes me one Nite all thanks for being here

Ristorapper(ND);- thanks Bruce clap clap Best of luck in all your adventures

T-Mac- Nite Chairman

walli-chicago- nite

tracy- thanks Bruce!!!

chatman- Ladies and gentlemen a warm round of applause for Bruce Deshano for backing up Gary Gray!

Crumpler- great job Bruce thanks !

tracy- clclclclclclclap

Ristorapper(ND);- clap clap clap clap

chatman- Bruce will be back On NOV 22!

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