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Rick LaCourse Chat 11/08/00

chatman-  Ladies and gentlemen please welcome tonight's guest, Rick "Bigfoot" LaCourse!

Driftr-  Welcome Rick !!!!

T-Mac-  clap clap clap

Dunn-  Welcome Rick!

Juls-  clap clap clap clap..welcome

Driftr-  clap clap clap!!!

Dunn-  Clap Clap Clap

Ness-  clap clap clap

Dan(oh);-  hello Rick

Bigfoot-  This is going to very informal tonight

#1 saugeye-  Welcome!

EyeBoy-  ::waves::

T-Mac-  excellent

SONARS-  clomp clomp

chatman-  Well, Rick, where do we want to go tonight?

Bigfoot-  for all those that missed the outing we can give a blow by blow

chatman-  That would be great, I missed it. So, rub it in.....

Bigfoot-  We also have the day one leader with us

Bigfoot-  RUB RUB RUB

chatman-  lol

Driftr-  it was awesome

Dunn-  Bigfoot, I saw you hand lining on the Fox River during the RCL. How do you think Hand lining will effect the future of fishing on other rivers as it spreads in popularity?

Bigfoot-  it was the event of the year

Bigfoot-  you have to understand the method

Bigfoot-  it is app. 75 years old

chatman-  Reports are flying about multiple 10 plus fish, and many people got 

their best fish there too

chatman-  Right Ness?

Bigfoot-  and keeps the bait in front of the fish 100 percent of the time

Ness-  :-)

T-Mac-  About how many participated at the "get-together"? all told

Bigfoot-  it works esp. well in current

chatman-  Hand lining can be a real mess if you are not practiced in the method

Bigfoot-  that's what it was designed for

chatman-  Can you explain a typical set up Rick?

Bigfoot-  but it's very easy to master right Juls

Juls-  yes sir...- -)

Dan(oh)-  how long have you been a Pro

Bigfoot-  there's a very good student

Driftr-  Rick, have you ever tried it on the lake?

Bigfoot-  yes

Driftr-  did it work?

Bigfoot-  since 94 full time

Juls-  any results on a lake or ?

Bigfoot-  we used it on LOW and at Lake Sharpe in the back waters

chatman-  I remember on my first trips up to Little Bay de Noc, several local anglers hand lined there and I knew a few who hand lined for salmon out off Milwaukee

Bigfoot-  a slight variation

Dunn-  Bigfoot, What do you think comes into play most often during a Pro Tournament? Patience and taught skill, or Natural Talent?

Bigfoot-  all of the above

Dunn-  Bigfoot, A Mix of both?

chatman-  And a dose of good luck doesn't hurt either!

Juls-  - -)

T-Mac-  never hurts

Dunn-  So true chatman.

Bigfoot-  pre-fishing to find and get confidence

Driftr-  hungry fish certainly helps too

Chairman-  should we have unlimited practice Rick?

chatman-  What do you think brought about the no hand lining rule on the PWT 


Bigfoot-  yes

Bigfoot-  money, as always

Bigfoot-  they heard about it also

Juls-  I heard they might bring it back to the PWT next year? that true?

Bigfoot-  they may change it back

Juls-  that would be nice

Dunn-  Bigfoot, Do you support the "Rod lining" method used on Lake Sharpe? Or do you think they should allow Hand lining again?

Bigfoot-  but there is going to be another circuit that will allow it

T-Mac-  Which?

Bigfoot-  all rod lining was is a variation of the method

Bigfoot-  it's not as efficient and its more tiring than hand lining

Chairman-  I think it is harder to master

Bigfoot-  yes it is

Juls-  I think it would be too....

Dunn-  Bigfoot, I know but it follows the current PWT rules. Do you think they should keep the rules the same and hand liners just "Rod line" or should they change the rules to conform to hand lining?

Bigfoot-  I can teach my partner to use a hand line faster than rod lining

Driftr-  Rick, how do you know when you have a fish hand lining

Bigfoot-  there's no doubt about it when they hit

Driftr-  I guess I just don't understand it

Bigfoot-  I have too get down there soon

Juls-  just don't try to set the hook..- -) rip it right out of their mouths..lol

Chairman-  you got that down now don't you girl!!

Driftr-  Juls , like fireline with boards

Juls-  hehehe, yep

chatman-  Is it more difficult to land big fish hand lining versus using a 

regular rod and reel?

Bigfoot-  yes

Bigfoot-  no

Juls-  lol

Bigfoot-  I mean it's easier with a hand line when you learn how

chatman-  Can you explain a typical set up Rick?

T-Mac-  Foot...you wear a glove when hand-lining?

Bigfoot-  I don't

Bigfoot-  you us e60 lb coated wire

Bigfoot-  and I get better feel

T-Mac-  definitely

#1 saugeye-  What pound test do you use when hand lining?

Bigfoot-  20 lb leads

chatman-  Do you use a snubber?

Bigfoot-  the key is figuring out the proper lead lengths for the area your fishing

Bigfoot-  I don't some do

Ness-  What's a snubber????

Bigfoot-  you want to put the bait right in front of the fish

Dunn-  Bigfoot, How do you go about trying to find what leader lengths work for certain areas?

chatman-  Do you have a basic guideline as to how long the leads should be in 

certain circumstances?

chatman-  Beat me to it Dunn LOL....

Dunn-  chatman, lol

Bigfoot-  a 6 in piece of rubber to take some of the shock off the fish

Driftr-  how heavy weight to get down

Bigfoot-  in off water you can run shorter leads and there's time in clear water I'll run 40-50

Bigfoot-  depends on the depth and current

Dan(oh);-  do you use live bait?

Bigfoot-  generally 1lb to 1 1/4 lb weights

Driftr-  Ebi said people use window weights on the Detroit

Bigfoot-  spinners work well with it

Bigfoot-  similar

Dunn-  Bigfoot, I've never seen spinners ran off a hand line setup. Is it run the same as with stick or crank baits?

Driftr-  that is why I wondered how you knew a fish was on

Bigfoot-  the father of hand lining is with us also Bruce Deshano

Bigfoot-  yes

Bigfoot-  we use them later in the year here

Juls-  you sure..he might be playing pool with his dad right now...lol

Bigfoot-  most likely

Chairman-  I am listening

Driftr-  :)

Bigfoot-  but are you hearing

Dan(oh);-  what is your favorite way to fish

Juls-  - -)

Bigfoot-  crank baits

T-Mac-  very shallow runners? Rick?

Bigfoot-  I lost count of how many fish over ten were caught in Huron last weekend

Chairman-  we had 4

Bigfoot-  shallow runners on the hand lines

Bigfoot-  all stick baits is what I like to run

Driftr-  Rick , none by me

sheila-  never saw so many in my life!

Driftr-  :(

Dan(oh);-  yes it was, it was my first

Dunn-  Bigfoot, Out on the open water of Erie what's your favorite tactic to use for bigger eyes?

Bigfoot-  wait until next year.

Driftr-  First fish in the new ride was an 8 pounder :)

Bigfoot-  Crank baits

Bigfoot-  by far

Dunn-  Bigfoot, What type?

Juls-  nice way to christen the boat drift'r...- -)

Bigfoot-  I use 25a and what ever it take to match their mood

Dunn-  Bigfoot, Off of boards usually?

Bigfoot-  I also use a lot of the new Super Rogue's

Bigfoot-  always

Bigfoot-  put the spread out and cover ground

Dunn-  Bigfoot, You use the new releases with pins or without on your boards?

Juls-  who are some of your sponsors Foot? any new ones for next year?

T-Mac-  yes... we have one on the lot now

Driftr-  Do you run everything at different depths

Bigfoot-  I like the new pin releases from Offshore

Bigfoot-  until I zero in on the active fish

Bigfoot-  but I also use one rod to keep them honest

chatman-  What types of colors Rick, and do you vary them by day or seasonally?

Bigfoot-  I vary them

Bigfoot-  even during the day

chatman-  Do you have any favorite colors this time of year?

Bigfoot-  let the fish tell you what they want

Driftr-  do you troll with waves or against or both?

Bigfoot-  both

Driftr-  what direction has been more efficient?

T-Mac-  What brand Mast do you use for pulling your boards? Rick?

Bigfoot-  like here you have to experiment and find out what the current is doing and troll then

Dunn-  Bigfoot, You've done very well jigging in the past. Have you substituted hand lining for jigging or do you still wait to make the call until your pre fishing?

Bigfoot-  I use in-line boards

T-Mac-  oh ok

Chairman-  talk about Erie's current Rick

Chairman-  you read it better than anyone I have fished with.

Bigfoot-  jigging is a very effective method but I feel I can in some areas contact more fish

Bigfoot-  like at Sharpe we were handling 100 fish by noon

Juls-  wow

Dunn-  Bigfoot, When?

Juls-  that would be fun

Dunn-  That is a lot of fish.

tracy-  current must be too strong!!

Juls-  lol

Dunn-  Welcome back.

BobB-  Rick - Do you have a methodology to learn a large body of water when pre fishing for a tournament?

Bigfoot-  learn as much as you can before getting there

Bigfoot-  get good charts of the lake

Bigfoot-  try to figure out where they are during the time your there

Bigfoot-  Break the lake down and learn a small area well

Bigfoot-  and work the fish out

BobB-  What do you mean by "break the lake down"?

chatman-  Rick, are there charts available the show you the current based on wind direction?

Bigfoot-  if the fish are just coming off the spawn look for areas close to where they spawn

chatman-  I remember seeing something somewhere

Juls-  isn't there a web site that tells you daily what they are? currents I mean? thought I read that somewhere

Bigfoot-  if it's later and they are moving to there summer pattern look on there travel routes

Bigfoot-  currents change with the wind here

BobB-  So pretty much start on a seasonal pattern approach as a guess?

Bigfoot-  yes

Chairman-  how do you tell when you are having currents

Bigfoot-  there is always some resident fish but look for the best concentration

Bigfoot-  there is several ways

Juls-  give us a few

Bigfoot-  it easy with dipsy divers

Driftr-  do tell

Bigfoot-  and boards

Juls-  how so?

Bigfoot-  you can tell if the boards are working harder on one side of the boat than the other

Bigfoot-  turn your boat so both sides are equal- 

Juls-  does it look like the boards are lining up like in a turn when your actually not turning?

Bigfoot-  yes

Driftr-  that is why I saw that at Huron

Bigfoot-  this may change during the day

Driftr-  I was accused of being in a turn when I wasn't

Juls-  lol

Driftr-  Juls, new to boards here :)

Bigfoot-  and you'll see that some times your only catching fish on one side of your boat

Juls-  - -)

Ness-  Same here

Driftr-  yep

sheila-  that's side I'll sit on

Driftr-  I will tell Linda it was the currant, not the rod :)

Juls-  lol

Ness-  :-)

Bigfoot-  I use a lot of turns when pulling cranks

tracy-  how does that indicate the presence of current?

chatman-  Rick, do you try and troll with or into these currents? Or just to 

keep the boards pulling at the same speed?

Bigfoot-  at times the change triggers a response

Bigfoot-  let the fish tell you

Bigfoot-  if you are trolling down current you will have to speed up to get the 

baits to work

chatman-  similar to a river...

Driftr-  Rick, with a dipsey, the rods will work harder on the current side?

Bigfoot-  pay close attention to the boat angle when you get a hit

Bigfoot-  fast side slow side etc.

chatman-  We used to troll Salmon on Lake Michigan. and the current there is less pronounced and can be stratified in different directions at different depths, but then we usually fished 75 feet and deeper in the summer

Bigfoot-  if the current is pushing you you'll see your dipsy's or boards angle back more

chatman-  Lake Erie is pretty much top to bottom then? Due to shallow water on the west end?

Bigfoot-  no

Bigfoot-  you can have two different flows

Bigfoot-  some Dunn

chatman-  Okay then it can be similar to what I am used to....

Bigfoot-  yes

Driftr-  under flow & top flow?

Bigfoot-  we have a lot of current here

Bigfoot-  yes

Dunn-  Bigfoot, Any tips you can give to running cranks in rivers such as the 

Detroit off boards?

Juls-  surface current would be wind effect and bottom current is natural current? that right?

Bigfoot-  the wind will push the water one way and the under flow is normally the opposite.

chatman-  Reactive to surface winds

Juls-  gotcha

Bigfoot-  and to the terrain

Bigfoot-  Islands reefs points etc.

Driftr-  how about here in the central basin with 75 feet of water

chatman-  I'd imagine the islands and reefs can really funnel the current then...

Bigfoot-  a lot of current

Bigfoot-  have you ever seen Niagara Falls

Juls-  - -)

chatman-  I don't plan to from a boat, that is for sure! ....

Bigfoot-  how much water goes over every second

Juls-  gazillion gallons?

Bigfoot-  where does it come from

Chairman-  Detroit River

Driftr-  Rick, Erie does have somewhat of a tide too , right?

Bigfoot-  look at the current coming into Lake Erie from the Detroit river

Dunn-  It's from all the Great Lakes.

Driftr-  that would be current & wind

Dunn-  Eventually, correct?

Bigfoot-  it's all wind driven

Dunn-  Kind of a great lakes funnel of current?

Bigfoot-  yes

sheila-  my kind of current!

Chairman-  that all goes through the islands doesn't it?

Bigfoot-  some times the fish want it into the current more often than not

Bigfoot-  if you can troll that way

Bigfoot-  if not troll quartering the current

Driftr-  Rick, another direction, What do you do to get your crank baits deeper off boards

Bigfoot-  big time

chatman-  We used to be able to tell if we were going the right way on the down rigger rods. If the tips were shaking right we knew there was good action

Bigfoot-  that's why so many times guys go west of the Islands and do well one day go back the next and nothing

Bigfoot-  I use Snap Weights to get added depth

chatman-  Sometimes we were going too slow and the current would push the flutter spoons back into the cable. Time to cut and re tie then!

Driftr-  off the small boards ?

BobB-  Where do you typically see them the fish move to?

Bigfoot-  go rule of thumb for every ounce of weight ad 4 ft of depth

Bigfoot-  they move with the current

T-Mac-  Rick...line you use for trolling cranks...did anyone ask that?

Bigfoot-  here we used to say they move into the wind

Fish'n Fool-  I have a friend that got 11 fish on Sat in the wind

Bigfoot-  12# Silver Tread

T-Mac-  thanks

chatman-  As we start to wind down, any more questions for Rick Tonight?

Bigfoot-  sounds like Erie will be down for awhile

Driftr-  Great chat Rick, thanks for the info

Juls-  windy there?

Bigfoot-  going to be

Dunn-  Thanks for the answers Rick.

Driftr-  I hope to get there Sat

Driftr-  was planning Friday

Driftr-  but not

chatman-  Let's have a warm round of applause for our Guest tonight, Rick 


Ness-  thanks, Rick

Juls-  clap clap clap clap clap..thanks Rick...great chat..very informative..- -0

BobB-  Thanks, Rick. I'll be back over Thanksgiving.

Juls-  - -)

Ness-  clap clap clap clap clap 

Dunn-  clap clap clap clap clap

chatman-  As always Rick, Nice chatting with ya....

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