Doug Burns Chat 1/8/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Doug Burns!!
Driftr - Welcome Doug Burns!!!!!!!
ebijack - Clap, clap, clap!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
T-Mac - Clapclapclap!!
MikeSd - Clap, clap, clap!
Warren MN - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
Matt D - Clap, clap!!
EyeBoy - Clap, clap, clap!!!
ChrisNE - Welcome Doug
wa_walleye - Clap, clap, clap!
Todd_NE - Clap, clap!!
mpl - Hey Doug!
Doug Burns - Fair warning, my wife isn't typing tonight so things will go a little slower then last time.
Chatman - Not a problem Doug!
EyeBoy - That's ok Doug, we read slowly.
Chatman - So, do you want to start out with the big announcement right away?
ebijack - Are you going to start us off with your secret Doug?
Doug Burns - Yes, I will start with the secret.
Todd_NE - .....drum roll.....
T-Mac - Ta, da, dat, daaaa!
Driftr - Ta, daaa!!
Doug Burns - This past Monday Johnnie Candle and I and one of our sponsors, Winkleblacks, reach an agreement with Walleye Central.
Gu - ????
ebijack - A few years back, everyone here typed with the one finger method! :)
Driftr - I still do Tom!
ebijack - :)
Doug Burns - Starting in February there will be a new line of Walleye Central Clothing and promotional items.
T-Mac - Cool!!
Doug Burns - You will be able to get Denim shirts, wind shirts, sweat pants and towels, all with the Walleye Central logo and slogans on them.
ebijack - Will that be adding to what Walleye Central already has Doug?
T-Mac - Hats too?
Chatman - That's right folks, the supply of clothing will be never ending and there will be some hot new stuff as well, correct?
Doug Burns - Along with that we will have a Walleye Central photo cont with lots of prizes.
ebijack - A photo of what, the ugly fisherman? :)
Todd_NE - Just make some for the fa... I mean "big" man!
Chatman - Who me???? LOL!!
ebijack - I was talking me.. :)
Todd_NE - Ebi, they can't tilt it in favor for me or Chris to win!!
EyeBoy - Naw, T-Mac!
ebijack - :)
Doug Burns - The prizes aren't all determined yet but they will be great. I know that the winners will be appearing in the magazine.
Setter - Hey Doug have you been up to Spirit catching any perch yet?
T-Mac - Hey! Only my head is fat.
T-Mac - Uhh big..
Eyesrfn - LOL!
Todd_NE - LOL!
Eyesrfn - Yeah!
Todd_NE - I'm under tall!
ebijack - Doug, how long before this stuff gets up on the web site?
Chatman - We have expanded the line of clothing a bit and added some other products, this is to continue with the clothing sales already set up...
Doug Burns - The best thing is the voting on the photos will be done by everyone that visits Walleye Central.
WalleyeJason - You mean built close to the ground?
EyeBoy - Vertically challenged.
T-Mac - Uhh boy......
WalleyeJason - That's me, vertically challenged! 
Doug Burns - You will be able to have your name embroidered on your clothing right when you order it.
mpl - Doug what kind of photos are we talking about?
Doug Burns - Okay, I'm ready for questions.
EyeBoy - Will there be any Gor-Tex gear, Doug?
T-Mac - About the photos, will they be different categories Doug?
Doug Burns - Just good pictures, maybe something funny or a beautiful sunset. The Walleye Central logo or saying will need to be visible.
T-Mac - Ah, gotcha.
John Mannerino - Is this clothing available now? 
Doug Burns - I don't know about the Gore-tex.
ebijack - Doug, will this be a monthly thing?
EyeBoy - T-Mac wants to know if sheep pictures count?
Chatman - And guys, behave with the pics! This is a family site.......LOL
Doug Burns - The clothing page should be up and running 1st week of February.
John Mannerino - Thanks.
Driftr - Doug, will you do other types of embroidery on the Walleye Central stuff?
Doug Burns - Yes, I believe monthly prizes, with a year-end grand prize.
Doug Burns - Other embroidery is on the way but that will take a little longer. Anyone can e-mail me about additional embroidery and I will see what can be arranged.
WalleyeJason - I came late to the chat, can somebody bring me up to speed?
ebijack - Doug, what is the expected time delay to get cloths done when sent in for stitching?
Todd_NE - What are some new Berkley family products out there we should be looking for Doug?
Chatman - Jason, Doug has debuted the new line of walleye central clothing and gear as well as our picture contest.
Doug Burns - The photo contest won't start till a little later. Scott Golden says there is some serious programming to do. But, it shouldn't be to long.
WalleyeJason - Is it up on the website now?
Doug Burns - The clothing is with a company called Winkleblacks, here in Iowa.
ebijack - Doug, any chance on rod covers with Walleye Central on them?
Doug Burns - Todd, the first thing from Pure Fishing is the Line counter reels they look great and are much easier to handle than most line counters.
Doug Burns - Rod covers are a great idea.
ebijack - Yes, see what you can do Doug!
John Mannerino - I like the rod cover idea!
Chatman - Doug, I have a prototype in Yellow Rip stop, all we need is a silk screener....
ebijack - I know I'd need at least 15!!
Todd_NE - Doug, tell us more about the reels and other new products too!
Setter - Doug have you been up to Spirit Lake catching any perch yet?
Driftr - Doug, what other products will be offered?
Setter - Hey is any body here going to fish the GNWC?
Doug Burns - Todd, Also new from Berkeley are 4 in Power Minnows.
Chatman - Me, for one!
John Mannerino - Yes!
Todd_NE - Outstanding!
Chatman - At least the one on the Fox River in Green bay is the plan.
Chatman - Oh cool, that's a great size on the river here Doug!
Doug Burns - In the Power baits, there are also new Tri-color baits. Like Green/Chartreuse and orange, in one bait!
Chatman - In how many colors Doug? Or aren't you sure yet?
Todd_NE - I like that idea!
Chatman - If a guy could get that in the 4-inch minnow, now we're talking......
ebijack - Doug, what in the clothing line will be first, t-shirts etc?
MikeSd - Are the power minnows on there web site?
Doug Burns - Also Bubble up baits are new. These have scales that slowly come off the bait and a tablet that releases scented bubbles.
ebijack - Wow! When do those come out Doug?
Todd_NE - Geez, those are funky sounding baits, have you tried any?
Juls_OH - Huh???? Bubble baits??? What will they think of next? LOL! It sounds cool though.
Doug Burns - I tried the scale baits last year and they are great. A friend, Jim Ristau is a complete convert to Power Minnows since I gave him some.
Driftr - Juls, battery operated swimming bubble baits!
Doug Burns - All the new baits out this season.
Juls_OH - LOL! Drift'r!
Todd_NE - Thanks Doug.
Chatman - I tell you what Doug, I am using power baits more and more each time I fish. I have all but forgotten live bait while bass fishing, and it is becoming that way for eyes too!
Todd_NE - you guys have a new pro series of Frenzy's too that came out last fall?
Juls_OH - The cost of batteries might knock me out of contention though..heheh!!
Doug Burns - Also a new Frenzy that is designed specifically for walleye. I have only tried in the tank, but very similar action to junior thunder stick.
Chatman - The new or old Jr T stick Doug?
Doug Burns - What is live bait?
ebijack - I bet the tree huggers wouldn't allow more batteries in the water! :)
Juls_OH - Whew!
Doug Burns - More like the old t-stick. It will be a 3 1/2 in diver, and dive to about 17' on the troll.
Setter - Doug, I'll try again, have you been up to the Lakes ice fishing yet?
Doug Burns - Also 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 Inc shallow bait.
EyeBoy - Doug; would that be with 10# mono?
Doug Burns - No to the ice-fishing Setter.
Speedy - Big Spirit is still producing but it has slowed down.
Juls_OH - When will we be able to see this new line of clothing? Or is it the same clothing just being made by someone else now?
Setter - Thank you.
Doug Burns - Yes on the 10#.
Doug Burns - There will be lots of new clothing and it will change and be updated often. 
ebijack - Please find out about those rod covers Doug. I was going to buy some new ones, but now I'll wait!
Setter - Take it easy everyone, best of luck on the PWT Doug!
Matt D - Juls, I think he said online in February.
Doug Burns - Bottom Line has a lot of new depth finders out also.
Juls_OH - Great! thanks for the info Matt
Doug Burns - We will get on the rod covers. Everything must be approved by Scott first.
Chatman - I have, just now, talked with Scott Ebi, we will be talking with Doug about them. I have a prototype that I have been trying to market for two years, it may just become a reality now!
ebijack - That's great!!!!1
Juls_OH - Doug what boat/motor are you running this year?
Speedy - Doug are you going to be in Cedar Falls this weekend?
Chatman - Can you handle yellow rod covers emblazoned with SHUT UP AND FISH ?
Doug Burns - While neither Ranger or Mercury has fired me yet Juls.
ebijack - Sure!!!!!
Doug Burns - No on the Cedar Falls.
Juls_OH - Geez, why did they go yellow???? I liked that olive green they used to have. I like earthy colors...;-)
ebijack - It does need Walleye Central on it though!
Chatman - I have used my prototypes for 4 seasons now and they look as good as new...
ebijack - A yellow rod cover, you can't lose!
Speedy - How about big eddy?
Chatman - Yup Shut Up & Fish on one side, the WC logo on the other...or something to that effect.
Juls_OH - I like it!
WalleyeJason - Doug will you fish all the PWT events?
EyeBoy - Chat; what material are they?
Doug Burns - Chatman send me a couple of the Rod covers and will take them to the guys and we will get on it.
Matt D - Doug, what model Ranger next year?
Juls_OH - Are you fishing all the RCL's too?
ebijack - That sounds great, cheaper by the dozen?
Doug Burns - Who have I missed.
Chatman - You betcha, yellow rip stop nylon...
Juls_OH - Matt asked what model Ranger this year
T-Mac - 620? Doug
Chatman - But enough of the 50 questions for me, back to Doug.
Doug Burns - I am running a 620, the 621 won't fit in the garage.
T-Mac - Ok.
Juls_OH - Not even with a swing away tongue?
WalleyeJason - Get a bigger Garage!!
WalleyeJason - LOL!
Juls_OH - LOL!
Doug Burns - I have only 6 inches to spare now.
Matt D - You're not ready to modify the garage again?
WalleyeJason - My boat is in at an angle.
EyeBoy - Chain saw for the back wall.
Chatman - Behave...
T-Mac - LOL!
WalleyeJason - Wife doesn't like it
ebijack - Umm, lets not go there.
WalleyeJason - LOL!!
Dan(oh) - Just leave the car out!
Doug Burns - I like the 620 so I am happy.
ebijack - :)
Juls_OH - Heck, there's nothing wrong with a 620. I love 'um!
Chatman - My 620 took up the whole garage, and it was pushed in, by hand on an angle..
Juls_OH - Are you fishing the RCL too Doug?
Doug Burns - The Frenzy baits should be available May 1st. They need to give them a name first.
ebijack - Call them "crazies" Doug.
Doug Burns - Not the RCL at this moment.
Juls_OH - I see.
Jim Carroll - Doug, do you have any thoughts on the new PWT payout schedule?
EyeBoy - Doug, just have a naming contest on Walleye Central.
Doug Burns - It looks better than last year Jim C.
Matt D - Doug, are you going to be with Therma Care again next year?
T-Mac - Unsettled sticks..?
Doug Burns - A guy can get healthy fast with the Mercury bonus.
Juls_OH - Got a Therma Care on my shoulder right now, funny you should say that...;-) 
WalleyeJason - Doug, how long have you been fishing the PWT?
Jim Carroll - $$$ Yeah got to love the black motors!!
Doug Burns - I certainly hope so with Therma Care, there is still some time on the contract so we haven't started renegotiations yet. Great Product.
Warren MN - Doug, I have another map if you have time some time.
ebijack - Doug, can the embroidery be had in any size on the clothing?
Doug Burns - Always glad to look Warren.
Doug Burns - I am not sure on the embroidery size just yet. This is all very new.
Doug Burns - We will be doing a lot with this company and we have some other things in the works that I can't discuss yet.
ebijack - Doug, will the fish stay the same as previous?
Chatman - More details will be worked out very soon and we will get her running smooth.
Doug Burns - Not sure what you mean the fish stay the same.
ebijack - The same as what's on my other Walleye Central clothing.
ebijack - You know, like the old sticker.
Doug Burns - We are working with some new designs, but the old should still be available.
Chatman - Ebi is asking about the fish in our logo Doug..
ebijack - I was just wondering.
Doug Burns - There is going to be a lot of different product selection. It will be ever changing. Things that don't sell will go away and things that do will stay.
Chatman - Doug how does your upcoming show season look? Where can a guy expect to find you in the future, seminars etc...
ebijack - Doug, will the photos be by category?
Doug Burns - All details on photo contest aren't worked out yet.
Doug Burns - I will be speaking in Omaha at the in mid February. I havwe five seminars and will have a booth.
Warren MN - How bout in Minneapolis?
Jim Carroll - Hey Doug, did you see Gary Parsons and the Gwizzer on BPS TV, on Lak Erie the day after the tourney?
Doug Burns - No engagement in Minneapolis yet, but I am working on some. Anyone out there with club affiliations e-mail me and we set a date.
Chatman - Can you give them your e-mail address to contact you?
Doug Burns - No Jim.
Doug Burns -
Warren MN - Can I e-mail the Oahe page?
wa_walleye - Just let us know when you need Washington contacts!
Doug Burns - Right after the chat, go ahead Warren.
Warren MN - Thanks.
Doug Burns - Be glad to come to Washington if you cover expenses.
Doug Burns - Any more questions on new products?
Warren MN - You think they'll have any of the shirts in Tall sizes?
Chatman - Well, the hour has slipped pretty much away, has Doug missed any questions? If so now is the time to ask as this is the 2-minute warning...
wa_walleye - Give us a list we will see what we can do in 2004.
Juls_OH - Wow, time flies...;-)
Doug Burns - All sizes.
Chatman - 4X?
WalleyeJason - Gear for short fat guys!!!
Doug Burns - Again my email is
Warren MN - 2X Tall, so I don't look like one of those young girls with the belly button out!!
Juls_OH - LOL! Jason...;-)
Warren MN - LOL!
Chatman - Ah yes the bowling ball model? I am also a wearer of that Jason..
Matt D - Good luck next year Doug and good night everyone! 
Driftr - Too much Salsa Ralph!
WalleyeJason - All my clothes are too small or too long.
Dan(oh) - Good night Matt.
Doug Burns - Thanks Matt.
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm round of applause for Doug Burns!!
Jim Carroll - See ya Matt!
Juls_OH - Yeah, good luck to you Doug!
WalleyeJason - They never make anything for the short fat guys..
Driftr - Thanks Doug !!
Warren MN - Yea!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!
Warren MN - Thanks Doug!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! Thanks for joining us tonight Doug!
WalleyeJason - Good luck Doug!
Doug Burns - Thanks everyone. I will post the basics for these that missed it.
Dan(oh) - Thanks Doug, and good luck!
wa_walleye - Thanks Doug.
Chatman - The chat will also be in the chat archives very soon, so all can read this again at their leisure.
Chatman - Great chat Doug! Thanks again!
Doug Burns - Bye Chatman.
Warren MN - Lot of people tonight
Doug Burns - Yes the keys are hot.
Chatman - ;-)