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 Glen and Carol Chenier Chat 9/29/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm, Walleye Central welcome for Glenn and Carol Chenier!!!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap! Welcome Glenn and Carol!!

Chatman - Wahooooooo! Clap, clap, clap!!

walleye_catcher - HELLO

Glenn and Carol Chenier - What does everyone want to talk about tonight?

Juls - Why don't you start out by telling us a little about yourselves and what circuits you fish.

walleye_catcher - That sounds good.

Chatman - Why don't we start out with a little background info on you two tonight. You know, how long you've been fishing the MWC, how many times you were husband and wife team of the year etc..

Glenn and Carol Chenier - We've fished mainly the MWC. About 10 years fishing in tournaments.

Juls - Glenn, give up the one fingered typing and let Carol do it! Hehehe! I'm just kidding, really!! ;-)

Juls - What were your winning tactics at Little Bay De Noc this year?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - We have won the Bay de Noc event twice now, we have been "Husband and Wife Team Of The Year", four times. We are also 9 time championship qualifiers, and we have 2, top five finishes in the team of the year race!

Chatman - Wow, quite a resume there!

Chatman - You recently won a Bay de Noc Event too, correct?

walleye_catcher - Glenn and Carol do you use lined spinners very often?

Corey - Who is everyone cheering for in the RCL?

Hammy - Which dates are the PWT scheduled to stop at Winnebago next year?

Juls - Too many to name Corey. What about you?

jerry - Hehehe!

Juls - I'm not sure of that yet, Hammy. It is in early June, I think.

Hammy - Thanks Juls!

Chatman - The PWT dates are listed on Walleye Central. Go to Walleye Tourneys page and then follow the PWT links.

Juls - Are you fishing that one on the pro side, or the co angler side Jerry?

Hammy - I was just wondering if it's before or after Walleye Weekend.

Juls - Oh, are they up already Ralph? Cool!

river king - I thought the RCL was supposed to have released their schedule for next year.

Juls - I'm sure it's before that, Hammy.

Corey - Being a North Dakota guy, I'm rooting for a couple of local anglers. Tom Backer, Baron Parizec, and Greg Schoneck. I wish I had a RCL boat to fish.

jerry - Not yet, River King. I wish they would, though.

Juls - I gotcha Jerry. Best of luck out at Devils Lake!

Chatman - Juls, Scott had them on the site as soon as the PWT gave us the finalized dates.

jerry - Thanks Juls.

river king - Every time they're asked when the dates will be released they say in a couple of weeks!

Juls - What boat do you run Corey?

jerry - A couple weeks in Kentucky is a long time in the Midwest, eh River King?

Chatman - LOL, Jerry! But you gotta give Sonny some credit, when the RCL does release the info it is all final and ready to rock!

Corey - I run a Tracker, I love the boat but it just has the wrong name on the side for the RCL.

river king - Hey, watch it Jerry! I was born and raised in Kentucky! LOL!

Juls - You know they don't like to announce anything that isn't finalized yet,

Roy. ;-) It looks like it will be Detroit, Lake Sharpe, Winnebago, and either Lake of the Woods or Devils Lake. But don't quote me on that jerry. LOL!!!

Chatman - Why don't you fish as a Non boater Corey?

Juls - They are nice boats Corey.

Corey - I've thought of that, just to many other tournaments.

jerry - Maybe next year Corey? Rumor has it that the RCL will be open to all brands.

Chatman - I think I will try to do one or two RCL as non-boater and maybe a PWT as an amateur next year. I really miss the tourney life!

Corey - I've heard that rumor as well, I would enjoy that.

Juls - Now don't go starting that rumor Jerry! ;-)

river king - What about the MWC Ralph?

jerry - I didn't start it, Juls. It's been on the Walleye Central Discussion board before.

river king - I think that's the only way they're gonna fill the field.

Chatman - I will consider that too Jerry, but I will also be doing several Live Leader boards. 

Chatman - Time and money are the only limitations I can't overcome by sheer will...LOL!

Juls - Yeah, but it was only rumor on the boards as well. I talked to someone the other day and that's not what would happen. Yeah, there will be more boats involved but they wouldn't be just any boats. And that's all I can say!

Corey - How about bonuses for RCL boat owners?

jerry - I don't agree, River King. If they get their ducks in a row and released info earlier this year, there will be enough entries.

Corey - Have any of you guys and gal fished the PWT as amateur.?

Juls - That's for sure Jerry!

Hammy - Yes!

Chatman - Best I can advise is to talk to Sonny, or e-mail him with any ideas, or desires. The more anglers they hear from, the better the chance that they know the anglers opinions.

Juls - Nope just the RCL here. I might do the PWT at Winnebago next year though.

Corey - Did you do it before you ever fished a tourney on your own?

Chatman - Oh yeah, Rob and I are entering the Mercury National for sure next year too. No more 1st alternate stuff for me....LOL!

Juls - Hehehe! Cool Ralph! 

Hammy - No, I fished a few local tourneys, and PWT as amateur, in 1994.

Juls - It will be interesting to see where some of the pros pick to fish. It will be fun to fish a lake that I know.

Chatman - It is hard enough when ya cant make it to the dance, but to get there and stand there watchin is a real blow!

Juls - Even though I wouldn't be able to say where they should fish.

Juls - I would be biting my tongue a lot I think!

jerry - You can fish with me Juls. I think I'm gonna fish the entire East Division, PWT, next year.

Juls - I'd come back to the weigh in with a bloody lip, probably. Hehehe!

river king - You know, you can drop hints Juls! LOL!

Juls - Cool Jerry, go for it!

Juls - Depends on whether or not I like that pro, wink!

Chatman - Yeah, hints like, "Hey, there is no way point for N85 3574 W 180. 3444 on your GPS! Why not?"

Juls - Ah heck, who am I kidding? I like everyone! ;-)

jerry - Hehehe!

Juls - Heheheh, Ralph!

river king - I fished with a pro at the RCL on Saginaw Bay, we caught 2 nice fish in 15 minutes on harnesses. And then he switched to cranks! Boy was I pissed, but I didn't say a word!

Juls - Geez, why did he do that?

jerry - Thought he could get a limit faster???

river king - Your guess is as good as mine!

Chatman - Who'd give you a bloody lip Juls? That wouldn't be nice.

river king - 1st day also!

Juls - I would give it to myself, from biting my tongue! LOL!

river king - If it would have been the 2nd day, I could have seen it. He would have been, sort of. Pre-fishing for the next day.

Chatman - Back to the topic at hand, we were talking about how many times you were Husband and Wife team of the year.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - 4 times, as Husband and wife, team of the year.

Chatman - Then we we're going to go into your recent win on Bay de Noc.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - Yes that would be the WWA, held here. We won and had a 10.24 lb big fish.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - We pulled spinners both days, day 1 on big bay, day 2 in the Ford River area.

Chatman - What prompted you to switch locations between days 1 and 2. I'd guess you were about 20 miles apart from each day's locations?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - The WWA is a smaller one day format circuit.

Chatman - So it was two separate tournaments?

Wile E. - Glenn and Carol, how fast do you pull the spinners?

Chatman - My question was, are day one and day two are two separate WWA events?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - It depends on the conditions, rolling is usually fast, calm is slow.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - 1.5 is a good place to start, and vary from there.

Chatman - What starting point for bottom bouncer weights?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - WWA is a one day and two day event depending on what you sign up for.

Chatman - That's what I thought.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - 1 1/2 up to 2mph depending on depth you're fishing.

Chatman - Can you list your sponsors for us, before we get too far.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - Ranger Boats , Mercury Motors, Lowrance, Offshore Tackle, Walleye's Choice Tackle and Motorguide.

Glenn and Carol Chenier - Locally we have many but that would take a while to type out!

Chatman - Yes, the side of your truck is worse than the side of mine with sponsor badging.....LOL!

Chatman - Have Carol or Glenn missed any questions so far?

Wile E. - I asked about speed then I got booted so I didn't see the answer

Chatman - What did you say Glenn, about 1 mph as a starting point? Faster speeds while fishing rollers and slower while calm?

Festo - I'm thinking about going to Mille Lacs for 1st time, soon. What mud flats are best?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - Sorry Festo, don't know Mille Lacs.

Chatman - How long have you been fishing Little Bay de Noc Carol and Glenn, and not just in the MWC?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - We are from the Bays de Noc area.

Chatman - So, you've fished the bay all your lives then?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - Yes.

buzzer IA - I've read where there's a great fall bite on Little Bay de Noc.

T-Mac - Is that fall bite a trolling bite?

Chatman - When you travel, typically how much pre-fishing time do you give a new locating versus and old favorite?

Glenn and Carol Chenier - Fall is usually the time for a wall hanger!

Chatman - Rather a unique one T Mac. Big stick baits trolled dead slow, usually right off the bottom in the real late fall.

Chatman - Starting about when will an angler expect to see some big fish in the inner bay Glenn or Carol?

buzzer IA - And what approximate depth are we talking about?

T-Mac - That should work allot of places in late fall.

T-Mac - Ralph, are those fish hanging on flats or structure?

Chatman - Deep mud, late in the fall. But there is a tremendous night bite coming on. Earlier in the fall some good fish are pulled over the tops of the weeds.

Chatman - Glenn and Carol, how have you seen the fishery change in the last several years?

Glenn and carol - I think it has spread out a lot more, more big water fishing.

Chatman - Do you think it is due to the clear water? Or are there just more people looking further out?

buzzer IA - A lot more open water trolling?

Glenn and carol - Or are we just finding them out further, I don't know?

Chatman - I read today, about Lake Erie, they are finding the massive schools of walleye are now breaking up into smaller groups, or pods of fish and roaming all over.

Glenn and carol - Maybe the cleaner water makes them wander? Due to the zebra mussels?

buzzer IA - Are there lots of zebras in LBDN?

Chatman - The Ohio Sea Grant people think it is due to water clarity. Maybe the same thing is happening on Little Bay?

Chatman - What do you have left this year as far as tournaments go, and how are you standing in the points race?

Chatman - I think Zebras are gonna be a fact everywhere Buzzer

eyebanger(OH) - The Goby is now a BIG concern!

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen a warm round of applause for Glenn and Carol 

Chenier, 4 time MWC Husband and Wife Team of The Year!!!!

eyeguy/mn - Clap, clap, clap!

Ness - Clap, clap, clap, clap! Thank you!

T-Mac - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!

Chatman - Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

eyebanger(OH) - Clap, clap!

Chatman - Thanks guys and your welcome back anytime!

ChatmanS NOTE: Glenn and Carol were experiencing the beginning of a region wide Internet problem and could not stay connected. After several attempts to resume we ended the chat. Watch for Glenn and Carol to re-schedule and please come back and visit with them.

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