Gary Gray "Fireside Chat" - 12/18/02

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Gary Gray and his annual "Fireside chat!"
Dan(oh) - Welcome!
Driftr - Welcome Gary Gray!!!
river king - Welcome Gary!!
NY eyes - Hello Gary!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
eyesrfn - Hey Gary!!
Gary Gray - Happy Holidays to all!
eyebuster - Hey Gary!
Driftr - And the same to you Gary!
Chatman - Happy Holidays Gary!
Chairman - The same to you and yours Gary!!
Gary Gray - Has everyone heard about the PWT Championship site, Houghton, Mi
whitetips - Yes.
Chairman - No! 
eyesrfn - Yep....
eyebuster - Not me...
Driftr - No.
Chairman - Is that in September?
Gary Gray - Yes it is in September.
Chairman - Oh my!
Chairman - I will be there for you Gary!
Gary Gray - Sept 12-14th.
Dan(oh) - Is that a good place that time of year?
Gary Gray - No.
Chairman - No.
Gary Gray - I've never been there too!
Chairman - MWT fishes it every year in the spring. Before tourist season.
eyesrfn - Who has?
Chatman - Big Northern Pike waters there.....
Chairman - I know the spots, I owe you big time!!
Driftr - Gary, are you talking about Houghton Lake?
Chairman - Yep.
river king - No, not Houghton Lake, Bruce.
Gary Gray - No, Houghton, Mi, Portage lake, and the canal Bruce.
Chairman - Oh, that's better. I've never been there though. I will start looking for you though Gary.
Chatman - Up in da U.P. eh?
Chairman - Be sure to bring warm clothes.
NY eyes - LOL!!
Gary Gray - What do we want to talk about tonight?
Chairman - Lots of sunken logs there.
eyebuster - And possibly a few tip-ups???????
Chairman - How about you changing to Ranger Boats, ha, ha!!
wa_walleye - Gary, how about jigging in 5mph current!
Driftr - Now that is a good topic
Chatman - Now, now, the tournament is only in September. You guys act like it was being held in November!!! LOL!
NY eyes - That's a heat wave in September!
NY eyes - LOL!!
Gary Gray - That's been a tough subject, but I will be in my New Color Yar-Craft.
eyesrfn - Will your new boat still be green-ish?
Chatman - What color are you running this year Gary?
whitetips - Gary can you have Fleet Farm stock the Chrome as well as the glow Renoskys?
wa_walleye - Well out here it would be a big asset!
Gary Gray - Fleet will do special colors, on request. Talk to Brian the fleet buyer.
Gary Gray - New color, that, will be decided in 10 days.
Chairman - What about that new 250 Mercury, Gary?
eyesrfn - LOL!! Gary, what color are you leaning towards?
Gary Gray - What an engine, sweet!
Gary Gray - Only you, Chairman, would ask that!
Driftr - Gary, is the 250hp an Opti Max?
Gary Gray - Color, Green7?
Gary Gray - Yes Driftr, The 250 is an Opti Max.
whitetips - Refs must have helped paint that one!!
Dan(oh) - Gary, do you have any new sponsors this year?
Chairman - Gary how do you catch walleye trolling in very dirty water?
Gary Gray - Tommy Docks/Norlen Sales, The rest, like Offshore are very supportive, and have got great products!
skipjack - Yea like Huron, hey Chairman?
Chairman - Yes and Port Clinton in Early April.
Gary Gray - Dirty water is very tough, usually slow down your presentation, something like you do with hand lining.
Gu - Hay Gary what do you think about no closed periods for PWT any more? 
skipjack - Do you use lead core?
Chairman - How about open water? I'm thinking of the RCL in early April and crank baits.
Gary Gray - No closed period, I'm all for it, let me go to work, and put in overtime.
Chairman - That is a good move I think. BASS tried closed and went back to open too! 
Gary Gray - I'd use noisy cranks, up high in early spring, as that is where the warm water will be, as well as the most light penetration!
Gary Gray - Lead core, it's always in my arsenal!!
Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone yet?
Chairman - You can come to Lake Erie and help me pre-fish the RCL then go to Port Clinton for the PWT, ha, ha.
whitetips - Citgo Bassmaster is outstanding in their coverage.
Gu - Is there a closed period before the PWT championship?
Gary Gray - Yes, but this year, the PWT is going to have a longer pre-fish period, that's per Jim Kalkofen, today.
Moose - Gary, out on Lake Erie was the Renosky's your main bait?
Chairman - They are going to need it, not many people fish walleye there.
Moose - We had a lot of luck on those spoonbills!
Gary Gray - Renosky's were the hot bait, prior to tournament. During the tournament, I used both Renosky's, and Rouges. Wally Loma used Renosky's the last day, and weighed over 50 lbs of fish!
Driftr - Gary, have you used the Renosky's anywhere else with the same success?
Gary Gray - The spoonbills get down, and the Fire-glow colors will help in dirty water, they also have good rattle to them.
Moose - Is an orange belly a key part in Lake Erie?
Gary Gray - I used the small deep divers on Lake Winnebago, with good results!
Gary Gray - Yes, to the orange belly!
Chairman - He is here in his new Evinrude / Ranger, ha, ha, ha...
Moose - Thanks!
skipjack - All off planer boards?
Gary Gray - Yes, Off Shore boards, with the new snapper release.
skipjack - The big boards or the little ones?
Chatman - The snapper is an awesome release! I learned to release them with one hand and they are even easier to use now......
Moose - What's the advantage of the new snapper releases?
Gary Gray - Last year was so much fun, I am already looking forward to 2003!
NY eyes - I am glad that a NY boy found this site, you guys (and gals) have a lot of good info to share!
Gary Gray - IN-line off shore boards.
Fisherman - Gary, what's your go to when the wind comes up?
Gary Gray - Calm water! No, just kidding Fisherman, but I generally go shallower when the waves kick up.
Gary Gray - How am I doing Ralph, am I missing anyone?
Moose - On Lake Winnebago when the wind comes out of the North, is the river a key place?
Chatman - Not that I can remember seeing, it's going Great Gary!
Moose - Bring current from Lake Poygan!
Gary Gray - That depends on the time of year, and how the current is. The current must be going the right way.
up pro - Gary what do you think about the new way of doing points for angler of the year and championship?
Gary Gray - Lake Poygan is always good with a North wind.
Gary Gray - I think Mr. Kalkofen has had too long of winter, that point system, could have been simpler.
Setter - Gary how do they pick the pro's you will fish with as an am? I'm referring to the PWT.
NY eyes - LOL!!
HARSH - Amen!
Gary Gray - Pro and amateur teams are paired by computer drawing.
Setter - Thank you.
Gary Gray - How do you like that Pete?
Doug Burns - They don't want us to know how we are doing Gary. I guess we just catch fish and the rest will take care of itself.
Gary Gray - Mercury has kicked in a $250,000.00 incentive on the PWT this year!!
Chairman - I think once you see it, it won't be as difficult to understand or follow. 
eyesrfn - And that is to be used as?
HARSH - Great, have you heard anything about increased payout by the PWT?
Gary Gray - It will be funny, the last day of the last tournament, Jim Kalkofen will have to have his shoes off, to figure it out!! LOL!
Juls_OH - Heheh!
wa_walleye - LOL!!
eyesrfn - LOL!!
Chatman - LOL!
Chairman - Nah, Stu will have the answer at the start of day 3!!
up pro - What is the Mercury incentive?
Doug Burns - That will thin out the crowd in a hurry.
Gary Gray - The Championship purse is to be 600,0000.00!!
whitetips - Yes good question, I have not seen a payout schedule.
Juls_OH - Sweet...;-)
Gary Gray - It will be announced shortly, don't want to ruin their surprise.
whitetips - That's good.
Gary Gray - Tonight's his 50th BIRTHDAY, this is his wife Mary.
Juls_OH - Congratulations Gary!!! Hi Mary!!
whitetips - There's a lot a circuits and its all for the better. But here in the Twin Cities, there's no coverage at all on any of them. That's got to change.
Doug Burns - Happy B-Day Gary.
Juls_OH - Happy Birthday!
eyesrfn - Happy Birthday!!!!
ChrisNE - Happy Birthday Gary!
Chatman - I wasn't going to go there unless he prodded me to! Happy 50th Buddy!! Hiya Mary!
Driftr - Happy Birthday Gary!
up pro - Happy Birthday!!!!!
Chairman - 50 eh? You wont catch me Gary. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!
Gary Gray - I am going to put treble hooks in her shoes for that!!!! LOL!!
Swede - Happy b-day Gary
Juls_OH - Heheh!
Chatman - LOL Gary!!!!
Gary Gray - Thanks.
Juls_OH - Hey buddy, you're only as old as you feel!
Juls_OH - Rick says it's about time you caught up...;-)
Gary Gray - I feel like 29
Juls_OH - ;-)
Gary Gray - So, lets get back to fishing?
HARSH - 50 is not so bad when you consider the alternative.
Gary Gray - You bet!!
Chairman - Gary, when do you think the PWT will go south again?
Gary Gray - How far South?
Juls_OH - Gary, what other events will you fish besides the PWT this year? The Mercury National, of course, but will you fish any others?
Chairman - Mid, Kentucky or Tennessee.
Gary Gray - Yes, the RCL beginner's circuit.
Juls_OH - Cool!
Gary Gray - I did not mean that in a bad way, my name is not Senator Thurmond!!!!! LOL!
Juls_OH - All good waters for you on the Wisconsin events...;-)
Jon {wi} - Gary are you going to fish Otter Street?
Gary Gray - Where's it gonna be?
Chairman - That sounds like a good circuit for teams.
up pro - Do those RCL Events start this year or next?
Gary Gray - Yes to the Otter Street tournament and the RCL beginners circuit is this year as well.
Juls_OH - From what I heard so far, Winneconne, Winnebago, and .....ummm....I forgot the last one. It might be Green Bay, don't quote me though.
Jon {wi} - Gary who do I have to contact to get an entry form for Otter Street?
Juls_OH - RCL regional events start in 2003.
Gary Gray - Is that a pro-am event, or team?
Juls_OH - The RCL regionals are pro-am.
Gary Gray - Jim Gibson 920-235-7144
up pro - Where are the Michigan tournaments going to be? Or is that in 2003?
Juls_OH - Sonny posted that the information should be out in a week...approximately a week...;-)
whitetips - These are weekends too, aren't they?
Jon {wi} - Thank you Gary!
Juls_OH - There are two one-day tourneys and one two-day tourney per state. (MI, MN, WI, and SD)
Chatman - Gary, does Yar-Craft know where they are going to hold the owners tourney in 2003 yet?
Gary Gray - I want to take this time, to wish everyone at Walleye Central and all here tonight a Very Special and HAPPY Holiday Season!!!!!
Gary Gray - Off of Cedar River.
Chatman - The same to you and yours Gary!
Chatman - About the same time of the yearas it was in 2002?
Chairman - Now, off Cedar River is a great place on Green Bay to fish.
Gary Gray - Yes, to both of you.
Jon {wi} - Same to you Gary!
Chatman - Not the day we were there Bruce!!! LOL!!
Gary Gray - Many big fish, it took 59 lbs to win!
Chairman - Ha, ha I agree Ralph. But we were mostly looking, not fishing.
Moose - How does one go about getting an application for the owners tourney?
whitetips - Thanks, you too! Merry Christmas!!
Chatman - True, we did more driving and talking than fishing.....
HARSH - Gary, what is the most common mistake amateurs make in your boat? 
Chairman - Sure, we saw walleye caught and figured out the reefs. We did plenty good enough for pre-fishing.
Chairman - Good? Pete?
Gary Gray - Just call the factory, ask Merle for an application, 906-863-4497.
Gary Gray - Not paying attention to details, you know, what is happening at that time....
Chatman - The owner's tourneys are fairly well attended, how many came to play on the bay in 2002?
Chairman - I agree there Gary, and talking about the past to much!
Gary Gray - Sometimes the little things, make the day go right or wrong.
Gary Gray - 135 guys and gals were in the tournament.
Gary Gray - You bet, the past is all right, once you got a limit!!
Doug Burns - Losing focus on a tough bite is a common problem that I see.
HARSH - I wish they would all have their own watches and bring me better lunches.
Juls_OH - Hahahah!
Chatman - LOL!!
whitetips - Amateurs don't make mistakes, it's us Pros not telling them what needs to be done, soon enough.
Chairman - Ha ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!
Doug Burns - Sometimes that is true whitetips.
Gary Gray - In a tough tourney, attention to detail is "VERY Important", that one bite missed because of daydreaming, can make the difference.
Sheila - Just stopped in to say Hi & Merry Christmas!
Moose - Hey Gary, congrats on the PWT win on Lake Winnebago!!
Gary Gray - You're right, we sometimes, forget to tell them what we expect, especially in a tough bite, and then it is our fault.
Gary Gray - Thank you Sheila!
Jon {wi} - What do you expect from your amateurs? I have never fished a pro am before.
Gary Gray - To have fun, catch fish, be safe, and come prepared to fish hard "all" day.
NY eyes - At Lake Winnebago, Gary, you had a big second day if you recall. What was the big factor compared to the other 2 days?
Chatman - And ask the pro what they want for lunch the next day!!! LOL!!! Sorry Pete, I had to go there!! LOL!;-)
Gary Gray - Did everyone order their new 250 Opti Max XS yet?
Dan OH - Uh, that'd be no.
whitetips - That means food, drinks, clothes, get good rest, be on time.
Doug Burns - My 620 will only take 250 ponies.
Swede - That's too big for my boat!! LOL!
Chairman - I didn't even order a new boat this year.
Chatman - Uh, Ranger and the coast Guard wont let me put one on the back of the 618 I want to order Gary........
Gary Gray - Attention to detail helped me on day two. The fish moved in, and I was able to make a subtle change to catch them.
muleskinner - Gary have you fished the Houghton area before?
Moose - Gary you fished with Mat on day 2, he was fun to fish with on Lake Erie this spring.
Driftr - I just ordered a 225 Ramrude, sorry Gary.
Gary Gray - No, I've never been there, have you?
Gary Gray - Yes MATT was a good draw, and a good fisherman. We had fun, but then with a catch like that you always have fun! 
muleskinner - Not me, I'm in Colorado. But if I make the championship, fishing the western side, I guess I will make the trip..
up pro - I was talking to Mercury about getting the new 250. Are they going to have parts for them at the trailers, like plugs and etc?
Chatman - A 250 on a 620 Doug?
Gary Gray - The 300, has been built, just not in an Opti Max, yet!
whitetips - Is the 300 a DFI?
Gary Gray - Yes, I hope, I am going to run one again.
Doug Burns - Typo Chatman, meant 225.
Gary Gray - The plugs for the one I ran last year, cost $620.00 per set!!
Chatman - I wasn't sure if the 250 or the 620 was the typo......
Chatman - Yikes!!!
Dan OH - Ouch!
HARSH - Gary, thanks for telling everyone about Renosky Lures. I thought that was our little secret. I'm outa here. Ho, ho, ho, ho!!
T-Mac - Yah-ha I second that YIKES!
Moose - Gary with a stock 225 Opti, what prop works the best? I have a 1895 TSC...
Chairman - Was that the set you dropped on the hiway?
Doug Burns - 621 is 1 foot more than the garage.
Chatman - And 25 ponies more than the 620 too......
Gary Gray - We have to thank Mercury they have opened the doors for the 250 OPTIMAX, so it can be purchased through regular dealers.
up pro - Did they have to change plugs in yours last year Gary?
muleskinner - Doug you need a bigger garage.
Chairman - Even with the trailer tongue Doug?
Gary Gray - A 23 pitch Tempest prop.
Moose - Gary, do think Wendt's would let me try one out?
Moose - Before I buy it?
Doug Burns - Yes, the motor on the 620 has to be down now.
Chatman - The hour has slid away from us. Has Gary Missed any questions? If so, ask now or hang on till next time.....
Gary Gray - No, but they gave me a spare set. I never had any problems all year, that engine ran sweet!!
Gary Gray - If not Moose, call me.
Moose - Hey, thanks.
Doug Burns - I am very pleased with my 620, so the garage will do for now. I would like the front bait well again though.
Chatman - I have to thank Mercury for giving me sweeeeet motors on every one of my boats! All 7 of them!
Moose - I am just wondering, what top speed did you get with that set up? The 225 that is.
Chatman - I have had all Mercury and Mariner power, and not one has EVER left me stranded on the water. That goes for the kickers too!
Gary Gray - Again, THANK YOU'S for having me here, to chat with such "special People"
muleskinner - Gary do you thing that new ranger will run like the Yar-Craft?
Gary Gray - 62-64mph
whitetips - Thanks Gary, Merry Christmas!!! 
Dan OH - Thanks Gary!
Chatman - Ya, but it is also my hard earned money going into every motor, so I put it where the reliability has always been. I have never had a reason to consider otherwise...
Driftr - I can't say I ever had a bad Mercury either. 
Moose - Thanks Gary!!
Jon {wi} - Thanks Gary!
Gary Gray - I will have to see it run, then I can make my statement.
Swede - What about smaller engines Chatman?
Chatman - I have has 8 to 15 hp kickers on my boats, I think I had 8 kickers on the 7 different boats I have owned, except for the one that got stolen, I would have had 7 for 7!!
Chatman - As we end this annual chat, and this the last chat of 2002, I'd like to say Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year!
Moose - The 4 blade is really slow compared to the 3 blade, I'm only getting 56mph! 
Gary Gray - Yes it is. 
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm round of applause for Gary Gray and his annual Fireside chat!!!
Dan OH - Merry Christmas to all!
muleskinner - Thanks Gary!!
NY eyes - Thanks Gary and goodnight and Happy birthday!!
Doug Burns - Thanks Gary. See you at the shows.
ChrisNE - Likewise Chatman, and everyone else!!!!
Chairman - Thanks Gary. 
Sheila - Yes, thanks again GARY!
Chatman - And Happy Birthday Gary!! Here is to 50 more!!!
T-Mac - Thanks Gary!
Driftr - Thanks Gary
T-Mac - And a very Merry Christmas to you, too Ralph!
Gary Gray - TO ALL HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Be safe and keep tight lines!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap!!! Thank you Gary! Merry Christmas to you and yours, and to everyone here tonight! ;-)
T-Mac - Happy Holidays...."Champ"
Gary Gray - Same time, same place, next year. If the good lord is willing, and the water don't rise!!
Moose - Great chat! Take care all, have a good Christmas everyone!!