Gary Gray "Fireside Chat" 12/19/01

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm walleye central welcome for Gary Gray!!

Bad Finger - Go Gary!!

Plainhook - Welcome Gary!!

river king - Welcome Gary!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, welcome Gary!!

jerry - Welcome.

Dale F. - Welcome Gary!!

Driftr - Welcome Gary!!!

Gary Gray - Happy Holidays to all.

perchjerker - Wow, what a crowd! Cool!

Chatman - Well Gary, what's new on your horizon?

Gary Gray - Renosky Lure's Chatman.

perchjerker - Hey gang!

bob g - They're good baits.

Gary Gray - I first learned about them at Dunkirk.

Chatman - You are now acquainted with Renosky Lures?

Gary Gray - A real, fish catching bait!!

bob g - They work good off divers.

skeeter - Those aren't made in the US are they Gary?? If it's the one I am thinking of.

Gary Gray - Yes, even got Joe to make a deep diver in both sizes!

Juls - Cool!

Gary Gray - I believe they are.

norm - Gary, do you have any tips on keeping whiskered fish off my line while dragging meat on Saginaw Bay?

bob g - I'd like some of thooossssssse!!

Gary Gray - No, but usually when you are catching cat's, walleye's are nearby!

river king - If you fish Saginaw Bay, you might as well get used to the catfish!

Chatman - Cats gotta eat too! And channel cats compete with 'eyes for some of the same forage.

Dale F. - Do they have Renosky's at Tews?

jerry - Do Renosky's come in more than one size?

Gary Gray - Renosky's new Glow, in 4 colors, will glow for up to 4 hrs without a Recharge!

Gary Gray - Yes, Tew's has them.

skeeter - Do they have a web site?

Gary Gray - Yes, but I would be lying if I told you the address!!

Juls - LOL!

Gary Gray - Anyway, what is new with everyone?

Driftr - Gary, what Renosky lure did you favor?

skeeter - I'll find it, it gives me something to do. There's no ice here yet on Saginaw Bay.

bob g - Are the deep divers going to be out this year Gary?

Juls - Has the excitement of taking PWT Angler Of The Year worn off yet?

Gary Gray - I like the blue/glow, and the perch colors.

Gary Gray - What excitement?

Juls - LOL!

Driftr - LOL!

perchjerker - Congrats on that win Gary!!

jerry - LOL! Kinda keeping it low keyed, eh Gary?

Gary Gray - It was a privilege to win that title fishing against all those good Sticks!

Juls - He's used to those kinds of achievements. It gets boring I guess! LOL!

Dale F. - Ya, he's Mr. Poker face!

Juls - LOL!

jerry - It'll be old hat for you in a few years, Juls.

norm - The ice is pretty weak up here on L.O.T.W too. I've been out twice, pike fishing in the bays.

Driftr - Ah, Gary is still grinning! :)

Gary Gray - No, just a good feeling!

perchjerker - The message board keeps is pulse going these days! ;-)

Juls - I'm sure he is Jim! ;-)

Gary Gray - Ya, I know. I shouldn't have been so nasty to Tom P., and I kinda feel bad about it.

Juls - Gary can you tell us who some of your sponsors will be for next season? Are there any changes for you?

Bad Finger - Gary, you are being modest. It's time to toot the horn!

Gary Gray - I am not changing any sponsors, just adding Renosky Lures.

Chatman - Can you run down your sponsors list for us? Who have you been supporting?

Chatman - Or who has been supporting you....LOL!

Bad Finger - And running a Yar-Craft of course. We met at the owners tourney.

Juls - What are your predictions for the Winnebago PWT next summer Gary? What do you think the bite will be like? The system seems to be getting stronger, I think.

Chatman - I know you are one of the most loyal pros around, so we may know most of the names.

johnnierat - Gary, when fishing a lake for the first time, ' the best 

suggestion for finding the 'eyes?

Gary Gray - Mercury, Yar Craft, Catch Cam, Berkley, Quantum, Motorguide, Tew's, Chief Equipment, and to many more to list!

Chatman - And now Renosky too.

tristen - Congrats Gary on a great year! At Dunkirk how much lead core were you running, and how deep were your lures?

Gary Gray - 5-7 colors of lead core, the lures were running 35-42ft deep.

Juls - What reels are you using for your lead core?

norm - Gary, what are those new Quantum spinning reels like? The ones with the magnetic bail trip?

Gary Gray - I know I missed a couple of questions, so please ask again. I was one finger typing again!

Gary Gray - Juls, I use Diawa 47LC'S with lead core.

Juls - Any predictions for Winnebago next season?

Gary Gray - And Quantum Big Iron rods.

Gary Gray - Winnebago is going to be Great!!!!!!!!!

Gary Gray - Weight wise, to win a tourney, will be 40-50lbs!

tristen - If you had one lure to run on Erie by the Islands in mid-April what lure would it be, and at what depth?

Driftr - Gary, do you segment your lead core, or run straight 7 colors?

Gary Gray - Depth would depend on where the fish are, then I would use Rattlin' Rouges, and try the Renosky's!

Gary Gray - I segment my lead core.

Gary Gray - Rick LaCourse, and Billy Ortiz helped me at Dunkirk.

tristen - What's the best Renosky color? I bought a bunch years ago. I thought they looked good. I've never taken them out the boxes!

Juls - Billy was having a good tourney out there too!

iamwalleye1 - Gary, what will be the answer at Erie this spring?

Gary Gray - I like the perch best, and the blue glow.

iamwalleye1 - Reef runners!

Bigfoot - I got tired of watching those two catch pigs!

Juls - LOL!

Gary Gray - We'll have to wait and see.

tristen - What happened foot?

Dale F. - Gary are you staying with the cash colored boat next year? 

iamwalleye1 - LOL!

Juls - ;-)

Gary Gray - You bet, it attracts fish!

Dale F. - At least that way I can see you coming.

Bigfoot - I was just a spectator tristen.

Gary Gray - You bet I am! But now there are three of them out there!!

Chatman - Your gonna confuse the competition Gary!

Gary Gray - You were a good teacher Rick!

Dale F. - Yours seems to be the fastest though!

Juls - ;-)

Bigfoot - Not me! I learned a lot watching you, as always!

Gary Gray - Not in the plans, but what the heck!

hugh albrecht - Gary, what type of GPS unit do you use?

Gary Gray - I have always said, what goes around will come around!

Gary Gray - I use the Lowrance X15.

Gary Gray - But this year I will have the Global Map 3000.

iamwalleye1 - Gary, what length rods do you troll with?

hugh albrecht - Does Lowrance have all the bugs worked out?

tristen - What's it going to take at Winnebago PWT tourney to win? Jigs?

Juls - That's a nice unit. I've been playing with the simulator / demo download from Lowrance. It's pretty cool! Gary Gray - 7'9"-8 1/2 foot long rods. 

Juls - The X-15, I mean.

iamwalleye1 - Thanks Gary!

Gary Gray - Trolling, jigging, live bait? We'll have to see.

iamwalleye1 - Glass Rods for cranks?

hugh albrecht - Are you still going to run Lowrance sonar's?

Gary Gray - Yes I am.

perchjerker - I was just going to ask that!

tristen - How deep do you troll at Winnebago? What lures?

norm - St Croix's gt80's are darn nice!

Gary Gray - This year I am using the Global Map 3000.

Chatman - That is a nice unit there Gary.

perchjerker - Gary, do you know if you can run an LMS 350 a and an X70 on the same transducer?

iamwalleye1 - The st80's are glass?

Gary Gray - Shad raps, thunder sticks, hot'n tots, Renosky's all work in Winnebago.

norm - The gt80's are glass.

hugh albrecht - Why did you decide to go to the Global Map instead of running the combo unit?

Chatman - A good glass rod is a great trolling rod.

Gary Gray - I will also have 2 X-16's on my boat.

tristen - How do you feel about fireline for trolling? I lose a lot of fish!

Chatman - Are you using stiff graphite rods tristen?

norm - A softer rod might help tristen.

hugh albrecht - Well, at least you won't have much money tied up in electronics!! (ha ha)

Gary Gray - I don't troll with it, for the same reason, but there are a lot of guys that have good success with it.

tristen - Team Diawa Rods by P&K.

Gary Gray - Ya, right Hugh!!!!!!!!!!

jigger - Fireline is a good trolling line. But you'll need loose drags, and biting your tongue can't hurt!! LOL!

Gary Gray - I use Quantum rods.

iamwalleye1 - 10lb XT?

Chatman - While trolling with fireline, don't set the hook or horse 'em in either Tristen.

Gary Gray - That's my choice of line!

Chatman - 10lb XT has gotten me by for all these years!

iamwalleye1 - How about trolling with boards, still a glass rod?

tristen - Those Lake Erie hawgs are too much for fireline!

Gary Gray - Yes, Iamwalleye1.

hugh albrecht - Gary, will you be fishing any circuits other than the PWT?

tristen - I like the fireline because of detection of small fish. Cost me two tournaments at Saginaw & Erie!

jigger - Gary, I hate to bother you, but I could use some advice on getting launched into selling sporting goods. Thanks.

Gary Gray - Get a hold of reputable tackle Rep.

Gary Gray - Have I missed anyone?

Juls - When does Sturgeon spearing start on Lake Winnebago? Is that in February?

Chatman - Gary, are plans in the works for next years Yar Craft tourney? You guys ran a class A show this fall!

Rich S - Hey Gary, did you get another pickle boat for this coming year?

Dale F. - February 10th, I think, Juls.

Gary Gray - They just announced the date, 2nd weekend in February.

Gary Gray - You bet I did Rich!!

Mckoz - Gary, do you ice fish much or are you just gearin' up for spring?

Gary Gray - Just like yours Rich!!

Juls - What's the biggest sturgeon you've gotten from Winnebago Gary?

Gary Gray - 138lbs, in the upper lakes.

Chatman - Hey Mike, Gary even got Juls out on the ice!!! Quite a feat!! LOL!

bob g - When will the deep Renosky come out Gary?????

Juls - Wow, that's a big one!

Juls - Hahaha, Ralph! For two seconds he did!!

Driftr - Gary, are sturgeon good to eat?

Gary Gray - We should have prototypes in 2 weeks.

Gary Gray - They are Great smoked!

yoopere - Hey Gary, Merry Christmas from Bill and Gary from Sugar Island, Sault Ste Marie!

Juls - Oh man! Gary made some killer smoked sturgeon last year!! Yeah, it's good!

Gary Gray - Hi Bill and Gary!

Bigfoot - How do you keep them lit Juls?

Driftr - Man, a fish that big is like getting a deer! :)

Juls - LOL!

Gary Gray - It took 2 of us to drag it out of the hole!

Driftr - I bet it did! :)

norm - We have a pretty decent sturgeon fishery up here on the Rainy River I got a 59 incher, this fall.

hugh albrecht - Bigfoot, do you run pinpoint on the console? And, what have you heard about their GPS?

Gary Gray - They are fun on hook n' line!

norm - No doubt!

Bigfoot - I'm waiting for one of the proto-type's now.

Chatman - I heard today, the DNR has modified the spearing regulations, to help extend the season while still protecting the population of Sturgeon

Gary Gray - Is this the same Bill and Gary that taught me about the Soo?

Juls - Modified how?

norm - They make a mess of lines ice fishing though!!

hugh albrecht - Bigfoot, will it be compatible with the 7500?

Chatman - I caught a 40 incher, on the Menominee this fall, on a bass rod!!!

Bigfoot - Yes.

Dale F. - That's true Chatman, only spearing half days now.

Gary Gray - Yes, 6:30am to 12:30.

hugh albrecht - Thanks bigfoot!

Juls - Oh, I see.

yoopere - Gary do you know if we'll see some more tournaments on the St. Mary's River in the near future?

Gary Gray - You never know.

donyar - The MWT has a tournament there in 2002.

Rich S - Gary, do you think Winnebago will produce the nice size fish next year like this one?

Juls - I sure hope so, this was a fun year!

Gary Gray - I think you will start to see more 3lb class fish, with an occasional 4-5 lber!

Chatman - Awesome! I had some of the best trips I ever had on Winnebago this year! I ' wait for it to get better!

tristen - Gary what's your favorite body of water?

Gary Gray - This not having ice, saves a lot of fish up on Lake Poygan this time of year. About 1500 a day!!

Gary Gray - Lake Erie.

Mckoz - Why is that??

Gary Gray - There are big fish, and lots of them.

Juls - ;-)

Rich S - Did you think before this year started that Lake Winnebago would produce such large catches?

tristen - I hear you Gary! Can't beat Erie!

Gary Gray - Yes.

Rich S - Gary, how long until someone beats 29lbs?

Gary Gray - Where?

Rich S - Lake Winnebago.

Gary Gray - This year Rich.

tristen - Gary, do you see any changes in walleye tournament fishing in the future? The FLW is really impressive.

Gary Gray - It was evident in every tournament fished this year, lot of close Weights!

tristen - I think ETT, Foot, and I can attest to that with Erie in backyard.

norm - Does the RCL ever make it up here to Lake Of The Woods?

Gary Gray - The RCL has a great format, so does the PWT, and we need them both!

Rich S - Here, here!

Chatman - What are your thoughts on the MWC restructuring Gary?

ETT - Dan (Oh), is the one with Erie in his back yard... literally!!

tristen - I agree! I hope they both stay around.

Dan(oh) - And I still don't go enough!

Gary Gray - I think it will improve Ralph, I hope so. They just need the fishermen and fisherwomen to participate.

Chatman - As a side note, we have Sonny Reynolds here on the 26th.....

iamwalleye1 - Thanks Chatman.

Gary Gray - I might even find a partner and fish Spring Valley.

Rich S - I am here for you buddy!!

Rich S - LOL!

iamwalleye1 - Jigging!

Bigfoot - Hand lining!

Juls - Me too! ;-) Oh wait, I like to hand line! Heheh!

Gary Gray - Sonny is a Great Guy, and you should all be here to hear him chat.

Juls - For sure.

tristen - Gary, what's your most memorable and least memorable tournament fishing experience? I'm sure there are many.

Bigfoot - I'd rather listen to Sharon though.

iamwalleye1 - You don't get the southern drawl on the computer!

Juls - ;-)

Gary Gray - I would get all tangled in that hand line equipment, and knock myself out with them big weights'

Chatman - LOL!

Juls - Heheheheh!

Bigfoot - LOL!

iamwalleye1 - LOL!

Chatman - I just tie Huuge knots with the steel line, or loose weights...

tristen - I think that's how they catch all the walleyes. Knock 'em out!!

Juls - LOL!

dan - Gary & Bigfoot, what part of what month do you guys recommend for the early season peak, on Erie's Western Basin, open water trolling bite? Thanks.

ETT - Knock 'em with the weight and snag 'em on the way by!!

Juls - ;-)

Bigfoot - April.

tristen - ETT I know they smoked me at Detroit!

ETT - It can happen.

Gary Gray - I got to tell you, I had the best day of fishing and chatting with a friend at the Soo. He was so knowledgeable about the water, and just fun guy to have in the boat, and that guy is Mr. Bill Boyne.

Juls - I hope the bite on the Detroit River this spring is a good one. I want to experience what everyone is always talking about there!

Juls - I can't wait!

Chatman - That gives me an idea. Gary, how would you compete against the hand liners at a place like the Detroit River?

Bigfoot - Jiggers have won it in the past, Ralph. 

Gary Gray - I did last year, but they do have the advantage in dirty water

Bigfoot - We pray for dirty water!

tristen - Foot did they use the "special" jig worm?

Chatman - That's true Rick. I was just looking to see how Gary approaches the situation.

Dale F. - Hand lining is too much like work!


Juls - It's easy!

Juls - If you're coordinated that is....LOL!

Rich S - It's not so much work when you get a big fat check for it!

Gary Gray - I have tried hand lining, and the first time I caught a fish, I threw that big weight over my shoulder, and it came around to almost knocked me out.

Juls - LOL! Gary!

ETT - LOL, Really??

Juls - Who was your teacher? LOL!

Bigfoot - Dale won me some money hand lining!

Gary Gray - That's the truth!

Juls - Cool.

Dale F. - I tried it with a guy once, my hands got too cold!

Juls - I would have liked to have been a fly in your boat that day...LOL!

Bigfoot - LOL!

Gary Gray - Juls, no you wouldn't, there was lots of #$%^&*(( being said!

Juls - LOL!

ETT - Right approach wrong item.

tristen - Gary, does your family like to fish?

Gary Gray - My sons, and daughters do, mother likes to perch fish.

Bigfoot - should have been here this year Gary

ETT - How many kidlets have you got???

Rich S - Are there any future tourney anglers in the family?

Juls - I like perch fishin too! ;-)

Gary Gray - I have 6.

ETT - Wow, I'm impressed!

norm - I like perch eating!!

Juls - Mary should be in line for saint-hood! LOL!

Gary Gray - Yes.

Gary Gray - Getting there!

Bigfoot - Juls can destroy a boat perch jerking!

Juls - LOL!

tristen - Gary, does she bait her own hook?

Gary Gray - Yes.

Bigfoot - She had scales everywhere!

tristen - You got lucky Gary.

Gary Gray - Mary even takes the fish off the hook!

Gary Gray - Is anyone here fishing the amateur/co-angler side of either circuit this year?

Rich S - I am, in the PWT.

tristen - Gary, Do you know if Rapala will ever bring back old T-stick colors? I miss 'em?

Gary Gray - Which ones Rick?

instigator - I'm fishing the PWT eastern division as an amateur.

Chatman - I want to go amateur in one or two this next season, either in the PWT or the RCL. Or one or two in both.

Rich S - Here on Winnebago Gary.

Bigfoot - Do you know the most hated statement, from a women, in the back of the boat?

norm - I'm gonna try and get in the Minnesota tourney.

Juls - What's that Rick?


Juls - Hehehe!

Gary Gray - I don't know Tristen, I haven't been with them since January of last year.

Rich S - I would not mind drawing you, and picking your brain all day long!

Gary Gray - I should get Kaz to fish Spring Valley with me.

Denise - Juls, have you been fishing any tourneys?

Juls - I did some this year, but they're over now until next season.

Denise - Juls, how did it go?

Rich S - It would be fun.

tristen - Gary , What 's the best thing about being a Pro fisherman?

Bigfoot - Fishing for a living?

Juls - I had a third place, a club tourney win and the rest were in the middle of the pack.

KAZ - Gary, the MWC is paying $25,000 to the winning teams next year.

Denise - Juls, that doesn't sound bad at all!

tristen - Gotta love America!

Bigfoot - I'll be at Spring Valley

Juls - It was a blast! ;-)

Gary Gray - The friends you meet out there, like the people here at Walleye Central, they are Great!!!!!!

Gary Gray - You never know, Kaz.

Rich S - Are you in the book?

Bigfoot - Got all Bruce's fish.

KAZ - Gary is the all time money winner on the MWC.

Gary Gray - 920-426-2577

Chatman - Has Gary Missed any questions?

Rich S - I was the guy in the red Triton you shared the river with in early March.

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a rousing round of applause for Gary Gray and his annual fireside chat!!!!

ETT - Clap, clap, clap!

Juls - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. Thanks Gary!!

jigger - Thanks Gary.

Chatman - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dale F. - Thanks Gary!

bob g - Thanks Gary!

KAZ - Gary, Merry Christmas to the Gray family.

tristen - Thanks Gary.

Gary Gray - I want to take this time to thank all of you at Walleye Central for being there. You're Great! My family and I wish you All a Happy And Safe Holiday season.

Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!!!

Rich S - Gary, you are a machine, keep it up!

Juls - Thank you Gary, the same to you and yours! ;-)

Bad Finger - Thanks.

Driftr - Thanks Gary!

Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!

jigger - Same to you Gary.

Gary Gray - Thanks for having me here tonight.

MURFA - Same to you Gary!

hugh albrecht - Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Chatman - Anytime Gary!