Sonny Reynolds Chat 2/5/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central welcome for Sonny Reynolds of the RCL!!!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, Welcome back Sonny!
eyebuster - Clap, clap, clap!
Juls_OH - Is Sharon with you tonight also?
Chatman - And welcome to Sharon Reynolds at the keyboard tonight as well...
T-Mac - Clapclapclap!!
Juls_OH - Hi ya Sharon!
Jeff Berg - Hello all! 
irishwebs - Hi ya Sharon!
ebijack - Howdy everyone!! 
jlware - Hi Sonny!
SonnyR - Sharon is here and says Hi!!!
Chatman - How are you Sonny and Sharon?
Bigfoot - Yo Sharon!
WalleyeJason - Sonny, Has there been any discussion of bringing RCL league out to Washington State?
Chatman - It is always good to have you here, and you always have exciting news with each appearance!
SonnyR - Just fine and can't wait to get to the tournaments!
Chatman - Tonight is no exception, right?
Juls_OH - Sonny, there were a lot of questions on the boards the past few days and one of the questions I remember is "are there going to be boundaries at the Wisconsin League events?"
Chatman - So, what's new in the world of the RCL?
wolf walleye - Sonny I have another co-angler signing up next week for Wisconsin. 
Bigfoot - I hear the fields are filling fast!
SonnyR - We have no boundaries at any of our events, unless by a condition of our permits.
Juls_OH - Thanks.
SonnyR - Keep the co-anglers coming and yes, they are filling. We are really pleased with the way things are going.
tshot - Sonny, who is the MC at the League events, and who is the bump master?
Stacker - Sonny, is it true that they really cannot fill, as you will take as many pros as you have co-anglers?
Chatman - The RCL seems to be the hottest thing going right now Sonny, and the interest in the RCL league is right up there as well. How does the RCL league look for open slots right now?
SonnyR - We will be using the RCL crew at the league events. I will do the MC' at the Michigan and Wisconsin divisions.
WalleyeJason - Sonny, can we expect to maybe see an RCL League in the Pacific Northwest in the next 2 years?
Chatman - Or are you expecting full fields in them as well?
tim - Sonny I entered all of the Minnesota RCL League events during the priority entry but I now have a non-boater who can enter with me. Will we still be guaranteed entry? 
Chairman - I think the League is a great thing for up and coming anglers.
SonnyR - Like I have said before, what is printed in the brochure is based on 75 boats (payback), we will take more if we have co-anglers and the payback will increase accordingly.
T-Mac - What brands of boats?
RyanJ - But only among the 15 places?
SonnyR - If you entered with out a co-angler and now you have one, call the office and tell the ladies that you have a co-angler and need to change your priority. Then just give them his or her name etc...
Juls_OH - Tim, just make sure your non-boater cross references with your name when he/she enters and you'll be guaranteed a spot.
Bigfoot - $150 to enter, 75 teams, over $3,000 payback? That's a strong incentive!!
Juls_OH - ;-)
Chatman - That is a 1 in 5 payback, not too shabby...
SonnyR - Ryan, payback will add places with the addition of entries.
tim - Thanks for the info.
wolf walleye - Great!
Chatman - That is great Sonny, the more the merrier it seems......
Bigfoot - Sonny, what states are you looking at next?
SonnyR - On 75 boats you have 157% payback with bonus money.
WalleyeJason - Washington?
T-Mac - That's awesome Sonny!
Chatman - I like that a provision has been made ahead of time so all involved know what will happen, instead of a think on the fly plan.
wolf walleye - I think you might be able to get 150 pros and co-anglers!!
ETT - Am I correct in assuming the payback will be to 20% of the field (100 boats means pay down to 20th place)?
Bigfoot - I understand you plan on adding 4 states a year for the next few years.
SonnyR - If we can be successful this year we are looking at 4 more divisions. I can't remember off the top of my head, but we are planning 4 new states a year.
Chatman - That follows the 1 in 5 pay out for 75 teams., on up, pretty well ETT.
SonnyR - You are correct on the payback. We pay back to 20% of the field.
ETT - Exactly, just trying to clear it up.
WalleyeJason - Are you finding permits hard to secure in some states?
Chatman - I do not remember if this has been covered yet tonight, but are there and boat brand restrictions in the league Sonny?
SonnyR - Not really WalleyeJason, we have all of our permits in place.
eyebuster - Sonny, how is the registration looking for the co-angler in the league events that may be signing up without a boater?
WalleyeJason - How about future states?
SonnyR - The league is open to all boat brands Ralph.
Chatman - That's great Sonny, that will broaden the pool to draw from. Are there any incentives for an R C or L brand? Or for any Genmar brand?
SonnyR - Eyebuster, for the most part they are doing ok. There are just a few that are out of balance.
ebijack - Sonny, is the RCL filled up yet?
eyebuster - Sonny, was a team event format ever considered for the Walleye League?
Juls_OH - So, if a non-boater wanted to sign up right now without a boater, they wouldn't have any trouble getting a spot?
tim - Sonny will you be able to check if you are accepted in an RCL event on the website?
SonnyR - There is bonus money for RCL registered owners at each event for boaters and co-anglers, plus $1000 for the 1st place boater if he is using Garmin electronics!
Chatman - Cool!
T-Mac - Sonny, is there any motor sponsorship?
Chatman - Is there a motor incentive in the league too?
T-Mac - LOL!
Chatman - Great minds think alike TBO! LOL!!
SonnyR - We will never have team events Eyebuster. Give me a call and I will explain.
Juls_OH - This gets confusing because some are talking about the RCL Pro/CO and some are talking about the RCL Leagues, and only say RCL! LOL!!
SonnyR - That's correct Juls.
ebijack - Sonny, is there a call list, for the RCL League, to fill open spots at the last minute?
tim - I meant RCL league Sonny.
SonnyR - Later on we will list entries on the web site.
tim - Great!
SonnyR - There is no motor bonus at this time Ralph.
SonnyR - Yes Ebi, if the tournament is filled, we have a wait list.
Chatman - Sonny can we talk a little about the basic format of the League? Just to bring everyone up to speed?
ebijack - Sonny, how has the response been so far for the RCL League?
tim - Do you think the RCL will have another event on the Mississippi River after what happened in Lacrosse a couple of years ago?
wolf walleye - Sonny, so if I entered by myself with no boater, and 75 boaters enter with co-anglers I don't get a spot?
SonnyR - Yes Chatman, the RCL League events are one-day tournaments, boater& co-angler.
wa_walleye - Only one day?
SonnyR - The League response has been good, we are about half way to the 75 boats.
SonnyR - No, to La Croose, on the Mississippi.
SonnyR - I mean No to LaCrosse.
T-Mac - As long as it's not no to LaCourse!! LOL!!
WalleyeJason - Yes One day events, Wa walleye.
Juls_OH - LOL T-Mac!!
T-Mac - Heh, heh....
Bigfoot - Say what!!!!!!!!
T-Mac - LMAO!!
Chatman - Good one T-Mac!
Juls_OH - Do you need more non-boaters to match the boaters who have entered Sonny?
SonnyR - You would be on a wait list till we get another co-angler entry.
ebijack - Sonny, are you the one with the added responsibility of running the RCL League plus the RCL?
SonnyR - Just a few Juls.
Jeff Berg - Is there a chance that a one event League angler will be invited to fish the championship?
SonnyR - Yes Ebi, lots of windshields and asphalt!
ebijack - :)
SonnyR - The top 5 owners and the top five co-anglers from each division go to the RCL Championship.
T-Mac - Cool.
WalleyeJason - Wow!! Get a Washington Division...Fast!
Chatman - So in a way there is a big advantage to owning and RCL brand and fishing the league then?
ebijack - Sonny, do you expect the RCL League to end up having weigh-ins at Wal-Mart in the future like the RCL?
wolf walleye - Any boaters want to sign up with a co-angler let me know!
T-Mac - Will R C & L dealers be getting brochures sent to them?
SonnyR - The league will have the third tournament in each division weigh-in at Wal-Mart on the second day.
ebijack - T-Mac, our dealers have lots of RCL League brochures.
T-Mac - Yah, I do too... but not on the leagues.
SonnyR - They have them.
ebijack - They got 'em way before I did!
WalleyeJason - I thought they were one-day events?
T-Mac - I got the regular RCL brochures. Is the information about the league in there as well?
ebijack -The Super tourneys are 2-day events wolf.
Juls_OH - There are two one-day events and one two-day event in each division.
SonnyR - The advantage to being an RCL owner is the bonus money at each event
WalleyeJason - I see, thanks Juls.
SonnyR - The league events have three tournaments each, 2 one day and 1 two day.
ebijack - Sonny, are you and Sharon going to be at each event? Wow, talk about travel!
Jeff Berg - Will you or Mark be at the Minnesota events?
SonnyR - I will be at the Wisconsin and Michigan events. Mark will run the Minnesota and South Dakota tourneys.
T-Mac - No way!
T-Mac - You must be a tough road warrior, man!
Juls_OH - Cool.
SonnyR - We used to run 24 tournaments a year on the bass side!
wolf walleye - I just hope to get in!
SonnyR - We were on the road 200+ days a year!!
Juls_OH - Sonny, I've got a question about the Regular RCL circuit. Are all the sites filled now?
ebijack - Yeah, but those were all south weren't they sonny? :)
Chatman - Yup, that is a lot of traveling!
T-Mac - Gee, tough schedule Sonny, I do not envy you.
Chatman - It could be worse T Mac, he could be fishing that many instead of running them!
boboh - I thought you Montana guys were big time travelers T-Mac! :-)
tshot - How you feeling Sonny? (health wise)
ebijack - Sonny, do you even get to fish any more?
SonnyR - No Ebi, I started the Great Lakes Division (MN and WI) back in 1987 and had it for 7 years! Plus we ran the Western and Colorado River Division. 
SonnyR - Juls, the Tour events are about full on the pro side and filling on the co-angler side.
Juls_OH - Cool!
SonnyR - I'm doing great Tshot! I got a clean bill of health yesterday...YeeeHaaaw!!
TimM - Great!!
ebijack - Sonny, if I fish the RCL pro side, is there any restriction on fishing the RCL League pro side?
Juls_OH - LOL!
tshot - Good for you!
wolf walleye - Sonny I thank you for the e-mail the other day and keeping me up with things.(Paul Komp from Wis.)
SonnyR - No, you can fish both on the Pro side.
SonnyR - Your welcome Paul!
ebijack - Thanks Sonny, it's like the FLW/Everstart/BFL then.
SonnyR - There is no entry fee for the League Finals as well. The top twenty-five boaters and co-anglers from each division go to the League finals!
tim - Sonny at the RCL league finals, are you restricted from having sponsors other than league sponsors on your boat?
wolf walleye - Think Spring!!!
SonnyR - Sharon said to tell you all that she is not typing, I am.
wolf walleye - You sure?
Jeff Berg - Hi Sharon!
tshot - We can tell....
boboh - :-)
Bigfoot - We knew that.. 
ebijack - Sharon is relaxing? Wow she got a break? :)
Juls_OH - LOL!
SonnyR - There are no restrictions in the League events Tim.
Chatman - LOL!
Bigfoot - She doesn't make mistakes, LOL!!
wolf walleye - In the finals I thought there were restrictions?
ebijack - Sonny, you and Sharon have done a great job since the start of the RCL!
SonnyR - Sharon is laughing at me, and my typing!!
ETT - Here, here!!!!
Bigfoot - You Go Girl!
Chatman - What are wives for if not that Sonny?
SonnyR - Thanks Ebi, we couldn't have done it without all of you and your support!!
ETT - It's easy to support a well-run event!!
SonnyR - I won't let her type tonight Ralph and she keeps hitting my arm!!!
Chatman - That's okay Sonny, more editing for me.......LOL!!
Juls_OH - Rule #18, in the rules and regulations says no logos, patches, or decals other than the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye League logo or logos of the Wal-Mart RCL Walleye League sponsors may be worn or displayed during the tournament hours extending through the weigh in.
SonnyR - By the way, we will be using the RCL trailer for the League events too.
wolf walleye - Sonny can I have Crestliner for a sponsor in the finals?
Mapguy - Would that mean my company logo couldn't be worn if I join in?
SonnyR - League finals follow the same restrictions as the RCL Championship.
ebijack - Sonny, will you be in contact with local clubs to help with the Leagues, like you do for the RCL?
Chatman - That is for the entire league Juls? Or just in the finals?
SonnyR - Yes, when needed Ebi.
ebijack - When there is TV coverage, no other logos.
boboh - :-)
Juls_OH - It says the finals.
Mapguy - Juls, did I miss the answer?
Jeff Berg - Sonny, I wanted to thank you all for introducing the League. My Dad is going nuts (he's fishing as a non-boater). He calls me about every other day with some excuse so he can talk about it. 
Juls_OH - Which question Mike?
tshot - Any new sponsors come on board Sonny?
Mapguy - If Fishing Hot Spots is my company I can't display the logo?
SonnyR - You can run any boat you want. When the cameras are running we don't tape/film other boats, just R,C or L. You can't wear other logos on stage at the finals.
ebijack - Yes, not on camera Mapguy.
Mapguy - So, my Tracker won't work and my company logo won't work, hmmmm.
wolf walleye - I am so pumped about this new league its all I talk about at work, the guys are getting sick of listening to me.
Juls_OH - Not according to the rules Mike, not in the finals anyway, but you could during the regular events.
SonnyR - Your welcome Jeff, look at the back of the brochure for all of the new sponsor's. We have I think, 26 sponsors now for the RCL events
Juls_OH - It would work, they just wouldn't put ya on TV Mapguy...;-)
Mapguy - Sounds a lot like the bass circuit.
tshot - Ok, gotcha.
ebijack - Hey, it pays the bills Mike! 
Mapguy - Oh, I know, we sponsor people, we pay bills, we pay fees and we get no exposure.
SonnyR - You can't have FHS on your shirt at weigh-ins at the finals. You can't display non-RCL sponsors.
ebijack - Who would have ever thought peanut butter etc. would sponsor a big fishing event? But they line up now!!
Mapguy - Don't get me wrong, I understand. I may not totally agree, but I understand.
Chairman - But you can retake photos for your company's ads showing them right?
Bigfoot - It's only on the last day.
Mapguy - That's the one that counts, isn't it?
tim - I think the RCL sponsors are putting a lot of money into this and they want there due credit.
Juls_OH - Oh, you mean other boat companies then, on the shirts I mean, that's cool!
SonnyR - It's only during the finals Mapguy. Give me a call I'll be glad to talk with you. 
ebijack - Bruce get some free airtime while those great yellow boards are out to the side!! :)
Chairman - Oh yeahh!!
Bigfoot - Don't get me wrong Mike, but why not sign up as a sponsor?
Juls_OH - LOL!!
Chairman - Thank you FLW, RCL Sonny and Staff!!
ebijack - :)
TimM - You mean those Off Shore Planner Boards? :-)
wolf walleye - Thanks Sonny!
Mapguy - I just may do that Sonny, thanks.
Sunshine - Sonny, is league registration almost full?
wolf walleye - Come on April 26!!
ebijack - Sonny, would you expect the Michigan RCL League to be filled within the next 4 weeks?
SonnyR - Case in point, Big Foot runs a Crown Royal boat and flies the colors, but on the last two days of the Championship he wore a Ranger shirt, not Crown Royal. Your sponsors get plenty of exposure on the water.
tim - Well said!
SonnyR - The Leagues have plenty of openings Sunshine.
ebijack - Yup, Bigfoot knows how to play! :)
Juls_OH - ;-)
SonnyR - I hope they all fill within four weeks!! 
Jeff Berg - What division is showing the most interest, to date?
SonnyR - We have the most interest in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. 
SonnyR - If any of you all are going to the Green Bay show, I will be there this weekend, Fri, Sat and Sunday.
wolf walleye - Sonny, I'll be there.
SonnyR - The Leagues are the first in a series of stepping-stones we are putting in place.
ebijack - Chairman, is your new boat going to be at any of the RCL league events?
wolf walleye - What you doin there?
Sunshine - Stepping stones??
Mapguy - Sonny, I can't remember, do you guys have an electronics sponsor?
Chairman - I will fish all the Michigan league events!
wolf walleye - Sonny ,why the Green Bay show?
SonnyR - I am planning on doing some Michigan shows too.
ebijack - Garmin.
Bigfoot - Garmin.
Chatman - Garmin sponsors the RCL.
Mapguy - Cool.
SonnyR - We have an early event there and it's a good show for us.
Mapguy - I wish Ranger would've kept us...
Chatman - We are getting near the end of an hour, has sonny missed any questions?
Sunshine - Sonny, is/will the RCL League end up being the proving grounds for the RCL Tour?
wolf walleye - Sonny I will try and catch up with you this weekend.
Chairman - When we going south to fish tourneys Sonny?????
ebijack - Sonny, when your here in Michigan, and need anything, let me know.
SonnyR - The League will be the stepping-stone for some anglers and just good fun for others.
SonnyR - Thanks Ebi!
eyebuster - Thanks Sonny, and good luck and be safe on the roads buddy!
Chairman - I will be at the Milwaukee expo next weekend sonny with the Brochures.
SonnyR - Thanks.
SonnyR - Thanks Bruce.
Jason Ness - Sonny, I would like to thank you for taking the time to call me regarding the questions I had. It was very much appreciated!
jlware - Sonny I want to say tanks again for what you did for me.
SonnyR - My pleasure Jason!
Juls_OH - ;-)
SonnyR - Anytime time someone wants to call, just do it and I do answer my voice mail and email.
Juls_OH - Thanks Sonny and Sharon for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us and answer a lot of questions, it is much appreciated!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Sonny Reynolds of the RCL!!!
ETT - Great job Sonny!!!
ebijack - Clap, clap, clap!
jlware - Clap, clap, clap!!!!!!!
Juls_OH - Clap, clap, clap, clap, Thanks!
Chairman - And a nice turnout! 
Jeff Berg - Nite all, c'ya down the road!
tshot - Thank you and bye Sonny!! 
Mapguy - Sonny, I'll drop you e-mail or call..g'nite everyone!
TimM - Thanks for all you do Sonny and Sharon! See you soon!
ebijack - Here, here!
boboh - Clap, clap!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!!
wolf walleye - Clap, clap!
TimM - Clap, clap!! 
Chatman - Great chat Sonny, and quite the turnout!
ebijack - I hope everyone has a good week, talk to you soon!
TJD - I'll see you all later! 
Chatman - Thanks again Sonny, and I'll see you down the road for sure, I am talking with a buddy about doing at least one of the leagues this year.
Sonny - Great, I hope you can.
Sonny - I can be reached at 270-252-1591 or