Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen a warm Walleye Central welcome for Terry Weber of Michigan Stinger!!
Warren MN - Welcome Sir!
Dan(oh) - Welcome Terry!!
hammertime - Hello.
skipjack - Terry!
bob oh - Hi all!!
wolf walleye - Hey everyone!! 
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
pbean - Hi!!
MNwalleyehunter - Hi guys!
Den - Hello Terry!
Warren MN - I hope this being on a Tuesday doesn't mess the others up!
Chatman - It might Warren, but the show must go on.....
Dan(oh) - What's new at Michigan stinger for this year?
Warren MN - Good, the more for me then!!
Chatman - LOL!!
T-Mac - Hey all!!
bob oh - Hi T-Maccccccccccc!!
Den - Hello to "THE OLD ONE!"
T-Mac - Gee, there are a lotta OLD guys in here!!! (Bob, Den, me...LOL!!)
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Well, for 2003 we have a Pro Series in the standard size and scorpion size, with 6 unique colors in one package!
Chatman - I have to ask you, where do the names of the colors come from?
Dan(oh) - I've seen them, they look good.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Also we have two new individual series, one is a hologram and the other is a circus freak.
Warren MN - Is there a web page you can show?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Chatman, some of the names come from people all over the place!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - And some come from us.
Chatman - Without a doubt, my favorite name is Monkey Puke!
Warren MN - Um, nice.
skipjack - Yea, it's hard to forget that one!
Chatman - Good color too!
Dan(oh) - Yup, the spoon works. 
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Warren, they are too new to be on anyone's website, but look for them shortly.
Pherris - Cost?
Chatman - Can you list your web site Terry?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Our site is www.mistinger.com but we don't even have the pictures up yet.
Warren MN - So I can open a second window to look at the same time?
Chatman - There ya go Warren!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The pro series retails for about $25 Pherris.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The other individual series have the same price tag. 
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - As individual spoons.
Chatman - How did your spoons evolve Terry? Were they salmon and trout lures that worked for eyes or the other way around?
Warren MN - Nice fish on the web page!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - You have it right Chatman. We had the salmon spoons first, then the scorpion was designed for walleye.
GONEHUNTING - Terry, did you say 6 spoons for $25?
Chatman - It is difficult to find spoons in sizes that walleye anglers like. That is why I asked.
Boatnut (OH) - What brand of hooks are you using now, Terry?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Yes, that is 6 spoons for $25, in the pro series. The spoons also have a VMC cone cut hook upgrade.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - All our hooks are made by VMC.
GONEHUNTING - Thank you.
Boatnut (OH) - Thanks.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The pro series has colors you can only purchase in that package, not individually.
hammertime - How fast can ya run your walleye spoons before they spin out Terry?
Boatnut (OH) - And who will be carrying that, Terry?
skipjack - So they're all new colors in the pro package?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Speed is relative, the scorpion spoon, on our digital speed, will spin at about 3.1 mph.
hammertime - Ok, thanks.
Chatman - What is the desired action for your spoons Terry? When are they running wrong?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The pro series is popular with distributors, so they should be seen at most tackle shops.
Boatnut (OH) - Ok, thanks.
Warren MN - Is the pro series on the web site Terry?
Boatnut (OH) - Terry, do you think Bass Pro or Cabela's will carry the pro series?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - A snappy, erratic side-to-side action is how they work best, not spinning.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The pro series is not on our website quite yet.
hammertime - Will you have the pro series at the shows this spring?
Boatnut (OH) - Yes, like at the fishing show, in March, at Cleveland IX?
Warren MN - Minneapolis?
Chatman - Mostly you let the fish tell you what speed is working though, from lying on the bottom to spinning out? Or do you have a preferred range where the spoons work best for you?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Gander Mountain has them, Cabela's and Bass Pro have not committed yet.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Yes, the pro series will be at the shows this spring.
Boatnut (OH) - Ok, thanks.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Also the walleye attractor kits will be available at the Cleveland show.
Boatnut (OH) - I must of missed something, what's the walleye attractor kit?
Warren MN - This is kind of nice being able to look at your web site while you talk, Terry.
MNwalleyehunter - Terry, can you give your web site address again please?
Warren MN - http://www.mistinger.com/
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Chatman, always let the fish tell you what speed to troll.
Boatnut (OH) - What exactly is the "Walleye Attractor Kit", Terry?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - I'd start at a medium trolling speed and then work up and down from there.
Chatman - I have used the spoons and have not found a consistent sweet spot in the speed range, that is why I asked.
Warren MN - Is it possible, Chatman, the time of year and stuff shorts that out?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The attractor kit is 6 spoons with split rings at each end, on a Hook-Um pad.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The kit also comes with rigging instructions.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - There are 4 different kits with 6 colors each.
skipjack - Terry, what's the slowest speed you can run spoons on a dipsey?
Boatnut (OH) - Are those on your website?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Chatman, there is no sweet spot with our spoons, they run almost exactly the same through the entire speed range.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - That's a good question Chatman.
wa_walleye - Terry, is there variety kit for beginners?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Wa_walleye, there is no variety kit but we will be more than happy to help you over the phone!
hammertime - Terry, what's your best walleye spoon pattern for Lake Erie and Lake Huron?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Minnesota and Wisconsin have, for some reason, been our last frontier. I guess it is just a visibility issue.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - For Lake Erie use copper and monkey puke, for Lake Huron use perch colors.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Oops, add cat dog on Lake Erie!
Boatnut (OH) - Terry, I use your spoons in Kentucky for trout, monkey puke is hot there as well!!
Warren MN - The flies, how big are they Terry?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - I think monkey puke is a color that fishes just about anywhere.
hammertime - How fast can you pull the slasher Terry?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - We have used the slasher at speeds up to 4 mph on our digital, and still caught fish!
hammertime - How long are the leads you run with the slasher, with a spoon behind it?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Hammertime, the leads should be about 30 inches in length.
Boatnut (OH) - Terry, do you feel the past paint problems have been addressed with your new system?
hammertime - Thanks Terry, I need to work on that program this spring.
Warren MN - There is a name for a color I thought you might like Terry.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Oh, by the way, the fly is about 5 inches long.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The leader is 36 inches.
Warren MN - OK, thanks
GONEHUNTING - I was just on your web site Terry. It was the first time I was there, nice site Terry!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - But the leads can be cut to any length.
Warren MN - Have you tried them for vertical jigging?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Boatnut, yes our paint problems have been addressed, however there is no way to tell whether your dealer has rotated through old stock.
marcbodi - Terry, how come you don't do much with Glow colors.
Boatnut (OH) - I see, ok, thanks.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - There could possibly be some old stock out there yet.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Thank you Gonehunting!
GONEHUNTING - It's in my favorites now!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - We do use glow colors in the salmon market but the walleye market doesn't seem to need it.
Warren MN - I was thinking of the bass guys in the woods.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Did I miss any questions yet?
Dan(oh) - Terry, are you going to offer the pro series spoons as individuals?
Den - Terry, just how many different lure colors do you make, all combined??
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - No the pro series, it will always be sold as a series.
marcbodi - Is the dirty white boy becoming a top color?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Definitely Marc, it came out of nowhere!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - All combined there are 350 or so.
Warren MN - Man that brown is a hog
hammertime - Got the stuff, thanks!
fatboy - Terry, are there any spoons with a skirt? Kind of like a cross between a fly and spoon?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Fatboy, we've been there once and the results weren't the greatest.
fatboy - We had a big talk on it while trolling Platte Bay this fall.
fatboy - Terry are there any spoons that are close to the white/glow, on the fish catchers?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Yes Fatboy, the order code is pw38.
Chatman - Terry do you find spoons to largely be a Great Lakes phenomenon, or do you have reports of success from inland walleye waters like Winnebago, Devils Lake, Leech Lake etc.?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The spoons are under utilized but catching on FAST on inland waters.
Boatnut (OH) - I use them all the time in Kentucky, for trout!
bob oh - I'm sure you answered this Terry, any new colors this year?
Chatman - There is a consensus among a few inland anglers I know that spoons just will not work there. I know they are wrong, but maybe I can show them just how wrong in the couple tourneys I plan to fish this year!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Bob, there are lots of new colors this year. No pictures quite yet though.
bob oh - So, what must have colors do I need for Lake Erie? :-)
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Chatman, any body of water baitfish suspend, the spoons seem to work great!
wa_walleye - They will work where fish do not suspend also.
perchjerker - Terry, do you ever tip them with crawlers?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Monkey puke, confusion, catdog, shrimp, kevorkian, rainbow trout, etc., all work well on Lake Erie.
fatboy - Terry, what's the pro series?
Gu - Terry have you tested your new paint yet?
bob oh - I got those terry, thanks! :-)
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - I know people that tip with crawlers but I haven't personally.
RoyGPA - Get more of them Bob!! LOL!!
bob oh - :-)
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - The pro series is a package of 6 baits exclusive to the Pro Series. They have unique patterns and an upgraded VMC cone cut hook.
fatboy - Are they at Cabela's?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Absolutely Gu, we have tested the new paint and it looks very promising!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Fatboy, not yet but Gander Mountain will have them very soon!!
Boatnut (OH) - All gander mountain locations?
fatboy - I will be adding some then, thanks!
bob oh - Are there any special charter packages Terry? :-)
Den - Boatnut, you saw them at the boat show!
perchjerker - Terry, do you make small spoons(2"), that we use in the river? I have a few that are real good, they say Stinger on them.
Boatnut (OH) - Really, I must have missed them....
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - We are in almost all Gander Mountain stores, especially in Michigan and Ohio!
Boatnut (OH) - Ok, thanks Terry!
Den - I had them on the rack Boatnut!
MikeS - Terry, I hope they work in Green Bay, I bought a bunch at the expo a week ago.
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Yes Perchjerker, that is the spoon perch. The spoon is actually 2.75 inches long.
Boatnut (OH) - I had boat fever, sorry Den!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - They will definitely work for you, on Green Bay, Mike.
Chatman - At the Midwest Fishing Expo in Milwaukee, there was a Lake Erie charter captain who must have had 3,000 Stinger Spoons on display in his booth. His name escapes me at the moment....
MikeS - That's great, I'm glad to hear it!
perchjerker - Yea, that's it! The one I like is gold with black spots. I call it bumblebee.
GONEHUNTING - Terry, will you have the spoons at any show in Michigan, around Lansing?
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Perchjerker, that is a great color! 
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - We will be at the Grand Rapids show and Traverse City, but not Lansing.
MikeS - Chatman, that was Happy Hooker out of Oak Harbor. That's who I bought mine from.
GONEHUNTING - Thank you.
Chatman - That was him!
bob oh - Yes, he runs a bait shop at Inland Marina, Chatman.
MikeS - Yep and he claims to be the biggest distributor for Terry.
bob oh - MikeS, where do you fish out of?
MikeS - Wisconsin.
bob oh - Oh, I don't know about that Mike!! :-)
MikeS - I fish Lake Michigan, Green Bay, Bay De Noc, Lake Superior, Lake Winnebago and the Mississippi River.
MikeS - I also fish Lake Erie, on occasion.
bob oh - He's a nice guy.
bob oh - Ok Mike, thanks.
Chatman - We are running out of time. Are there any questions Terry may have missed?
bob oh - Are there any charter package specials Terry? :-)
Chatman - Well, as the sun pulls away from the shore, and our boat sinks slowly in the west.......
RoyGPA - Thanks Terry, a very informative chat!
Den - SINKS???? I hope not!! LOL!!
RoyGPA - Thanks too!!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, let's have a warm round of applause for Terry Weber of Michigan Stinger tackle!!
Warren MN - Terry, I've got to run, thanks for coming tonight! 
T-Mac - Clapclapclapclapclap!
Dan(oh) - Thanks Terry, good chat!!
hammertime - Thanks Terry, see ya on the big pond this summer, I hope!!
Den - Good going Terry!! Clap, clap!!
skipjack - Later, thanks Terry!!
bob oh - Thanks Terry, clap, clap, clap!!
RoyGPA - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!! 
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
perchjerker - It was good talkin to you Terry. I've gotta run, keep up the good work.
Boatnut (OH) - Well folks, it's been great!! Thanks Terry, I'm gone!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Your welcome Boatnut!
MikeS - I'm out of here to, thanks Terry!!
GONEHUNTING - Terry nice talking to you, I'm making the run in!
Chatman - Thanks Terry!!!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Your welcome Dan(oh)!!
Chatman - I love that line, it is from an old Spike Jones song, it is a play on the old, "as our boat pulls away from the shore and the sun sinks slowly in the west..."
Den - I like the line, and the song, but I hope my boat doesn't sink in any direction!! LOL!!
Chatman - Great chat Terry! A lot of good insight and information tonight!
bob oh - Thanks Terry, good chat!!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Thanks Chatman!! It was fun and we will schedule to do this again.
T-Mac - I gotta try some of those spoons!
Chatman - Anytime Terry!
TERRY WEBER - MICHIGAN STINGER - Thank you everyone!!!!! Until next time, tight lines!!!