Tim Minnema Chat 1/29/03

Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm Walleye Central Welcome for Tim Minnema!
Driftr - Welcome Tim Minnema
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
T-Mac - Clapclapclapclapclap!!!
Warren MN - Clap, clap!!
Windy - Welcome Tim!!
Tim Minnema - Hello all thanks for coming...
jerry - Welcome Tim!!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap!!
wyo''eyes'' - Hello, Clap, clap!!
iluvwallifshin - Good evening Tim!
Gu - Clap, clap!
Chatman - Well Tim, where do you want to go today?
Tim Minnema - Fishing, but for now here I am...
T-Mac - LOL!
Tim Minnema - I have been getting ready for the upcoming year.
Warren MN - Can we get a little of this years plans?
perchjerker - I'm leaving for Little Bay De Noc in the morning!
Windy - Congrats on your RCL Angler of the Year award Tim!
Tim Minnema - This year my plans include fishing the RCL, PWT and MWC. 
T-Mac - Busy boy!
Warren MN - Wow, you're gonna be busy!!
Windy - All the PWT tournaments?
Tim Minnema - Yes. 
Warren MN - How many will you be fishing in numbers?
T-Mac - Ufff! That's a 75K travel expense year!!!
Tim Minnema - I have the schedule drawn up, but haven't counted the weeks, there are many!
Chatman - And congrats on a very good job at the RCL Championship too Tim!
Tim Minnema - I would rather burn out --- than fade away...
Bert - Heh, heh!
jerry - Thanks for the butt-kicking last year Tim!!!
Tim Minnema - I'll have to catch some fish to cover all expenses???
jerry - Great accomplishment, being the RCL Angler of the Year!
Windy - Tim, going from the PWT at Lake Of The Wood's to the RCL at Lake Erie won't leave you much pre-fishing time. That's a tight schedule!
Tim Minnema - Yes and there are a few others also making the run!
Andy Zimmerman - Hey Tim, just thought I'd stop in and say hi!
T-Mac - Tim, how important is actual pre-fishing time, in your opinion. Especially on waters where you have been before?
Tim Minnema - The day before is the best, but the day of the tourney is the most important, fish are always moving it seems.
T-Mac - Ok.
Chatman - Tim, do you decide your game plan heavily on what you find the day prior to the tournament?
Tim Minnema - I try to put all aspects into consideration, weather, spots no one is fishing etc...
Curt Poquette - Hey Tim, glad to see you on here giving all your secrets away.
Tim Minnema - I usually try to fish areas others are not.
Tim Minnema - unless I am by Curt Poquette...LOL!! 
T-Mac - Tim, in your opinion, what is your strongest presentation method?
Tim Minnema - I would rather jig every day, however...
Andy Zimmerman - Tim, as Curt suggested, we're taking notes tonight!
T-Mac - Heheh, my kinda guy!
Tim Minnema - I will use whatever presentation it takes to catch a Walleye.
Chatman - How much does possible crowding affect your decision to fish a good spot or not?
Tim Minnema - Here is an example, at Lake Sharpe last year, I left the pack and caught fish somewhere else.
Tim Minnema - Usually, the fish will move if pressured too much.
Warren MN - Tim, would you rate how much you count on pieces of equipment, from 1 to 10?
Warren MN - Your locator?
Tim Minnema - I give that a "4."
Windy - On Winnebago, you fished a community hole with 60 other boats and placed high.
Tim Minnema - Last year during June all I used was a Flasher and GPS!
Tim Minnema - Yes it was a presentation that helped on Winnebago'
T-Mac - I love it! You're my kinda guy!
Chatman - Hey Tim, I thought I was the only one to do that anymore....
Tim Minnema - My Dad started me out, young, with a brown box Flasher.
wyo''eyes'' - Tim, what's the best choice of transducers? (dual, strait, what degree?)
Tim Minnema - I do use other sonar units also... 
Curt Poquette - Tim, I know you like crawlers on jigs but do you ever mess with plastics like we do?
Tim Minnema - I like a wide angle on the bow, for shallow water and a standard 20-degree transducer on the transom.
Windy - You're an avid hand liner now, what would you say to those that say all your doing is snagging fish?
Tim Minnema - I love plastics! Berkley Power Bait was great for me last year.
T-Mac - Any particular shape on the Power bait? Grubs, shad etc?
Tim Minnema - I have snagged more fish while jigging and have not snagged one yet while hand lining!
T-Mac - LOL!!
Tim Minnema - The 3" power minnow is my favorite style, T-Mac.
T-Mac - Ok, thanks.
Tim Minnema - However, I might try some big stuff for the Detroit River! (Power Bait)
Curt Poquette - How bout Sassy Shad bodies? I go through hundreds.
Warren MN - Got a question, I'm not a jigging person. Do you use different shaped heads for different presentations, or just one style?
Tim Minnema - Yes Curt, you Mississippi River guys usually do...
Chatman - How about a 6-inch power lizard, big, Tim?
Tim Minnema - I usually stick with a ball head jig, 90 percent of the time.
Warren MN - Do you think it makes a difference at all?
Tim Minnema - A, 1/8 oz., Lindy Fuzz-E-Grub is favorite Jig WITH CRAWLER...
Bert - What boat can we expect to see you driving this year, Tim?
Tim Minnema - There are times when a special style jig head may help. Fishing in timber, weeds etc...
T-Mac - Tim do you use 1/2 crawler...or the full worm?
Tim Minnema - I am going to run a Ranger 620 Bert.
Tim Minnema - I use a half crawler on my jigs.
T-Mac - Ok.
Curt Poquette - Tim, do you ever hook plastics in a manner other than the norm. (i.e. through the tip of the nose?
T-Mac - Tim, what are your favorite colors on the fuzzy grub?
Tim Minnema - Chartreuse is my favorite color.
T-Mac - Gee, we would fish like clones Tim...LOLOL!!! Except you catch more fish than I do!
Tim Minnema - Well every one gets lucky sometimes!!
Chatman - LOL!!!
Warren MN - Few years back, the bead above the bait was big. What's the line on that now?
T-Mac - Thanks Tim, you are giving me confidence!
Tim Minnema - We still, sometimes use beads on live bait rigs.
T-Mac - You da man Tim! It's in the books!!
Warren MN - Tim, who are your sponsors?
Tim Minnema - Ranger Boats, Mercury, South Bend, Lindy, Berkley Fishing Lines, Scotty, MinnKota, Off Shore Tackle and Lure Eyes.
Andy Zimmerman - Tim, are you coming to the Green Bay boat show next week?
Chatman - Let's talk about South Bend a bit Tim.
Tim Minnema - South Bend is really creating some great new product!
Chatman - What's your favorite jigging rod, and in what action?
Tim Minnema - I use a 6' Med action rod. It is short enough to fish vertical and long enough to cast with.
Chatman - Which Model?
Tim Minnema - I use the T-235.
Driftr - Tim , what motor do you run?
Warren MN - Tim do you like bait cast or spinning rods?
Tim Minnema - Spinning rods.
Warren MN - I'm not alone in the world!
Chatman - What about trolling rods?
Tim Minnema - Dad and I have used South Bend Trophy Tamers for about three years now. They are 8'6" Rods.
T-Mac - Tim, where is "home" for you?
Tim Minnema - Markesan WI.
T-Mac - Ok, thanks.
rangerpat - Tim are you gonna give the rest of us a chance this year?
Tim Minnema - I hope I still have some of last years Walleye MOJO left for this year ... LOL!!!
iluvwallifshin - LOL!!!
Chatman - LOL!!! Oh yeah baby!!!
T-Mac - The more you fish the luckier you get! Tim you'll be just fine!! Heheh!
Warren MN - Tim, how many weeks will you be on the road just fishing
iluvwallifshin - Tim, do you do a lot of shallow jigging?
Tim Minnema - I Love Shallow water walleyes!!
iluvwallifshin - What's your favorite way to catch them?
Chatman - Speaking of shallow water Tim, do you spend any time on Lake Puckaway?
Tim Minnema - When I was a Boy I hung on McClelland and Christensen's every word.... SHALLOW!
Tim Minnema - Yes I've been ice fishing Lake Puckaway from time to time.
Gu - Wow, I'm impressed!!
iluvwallifshin - My partner and I made the Cabela's National Team Championship this year! Have you ever fished Lake Milford, in Kansas?
Tim Minnema - No, I haven't.
Chatman - It is funny that you Mentioned Daryl Christensen, he lives just a little ways on the opposite side of Puckaway from you...
Tim Minnema - Yes, I need to thank Daryl for some of my jigging technique, and Dad too!!
iluvwallifshin - I love to shallow water jig, it great feeling when you get that hit!
iluvwallifshin - Do you have a favorite jig that you use in weeds and wood, Tim?
iluvwallifshin - I like Northland a lot. Tin do you use them at all?
Tim Minnema - Lindy Veg-e-jigs work really well... (Devils Lake)
Chatman - Ahhhh, I smell a tip there guys!
Tim Minnema - Well I guess I haven't used them Iluvwallifishin, but I am sure they do work.
T-Mac - Tim, what is your line preference for pitchin' jigs up shallow?
Tim Minnema - 8lb mono, Berkley Sensi-thin Is my favorite line.
iluvwallifshin - Tim, do you use any of the super monos? 
T-Mac - Thanks Tim.
Tim Minnema - Mono sinks slower, and lets the jig fall slower.
iluvwallifshin - I like Stren 4# test, Super mono. It works well and falls slowly too.
Warren MN - Do you use an underwater camera, at all, while pre-fishing or otherwise?
chairman - You got some nice words in the FLW magazine Tim, good for you!
Tim Minnema - I've used a camera, but not too often.
Mapguy - There's been talk about not allowing cameras used, any thoughts?
eyebanger(OH) - Great idea! 
Warren MN - In tourneys Mapguy, or not at all?
Tim Minnema - Thanks Chairman!
Mapguy - They have a place, I'm not sure a competition is it though.
chairman - I don't see where they hurt. It seems that Minnesota would like to go back about 100 years... 
Tim Minnema - I think a camera is good to see what is there, but they don't catch the fish...
Tim Minnema - They help you see the structure you are fishing.
iluvwallifshin - Nope, but you can get your presentation close and trigger a reaction hit!
Gu - Larry D. and Andy, a couple of years ago on Green Bay, saw the fish but couldn't catch them!
Todd_NE - Tim, I'm sorry I came in late, but could you tell us who your sponsors are? Thanks.
Tim Minnema - That's right a camera can be too much help!!
Tim Minnema - Ranger, Mercury, South Bend, Lindy, Berkley Fishing Lines, Off Shore Tackle Co., Scotty, Lure Eyes Sungear and MinnKota.
Todd_NE - Thanks Tim.
Mapguy - What MinnKota do you run?
Tim Minnema - I run the MinnKota MAXXUM 74 on the bow. 
chairman - Tim are you going to be in a 620 or 621 this year?
Tim Minnema - I will run the 620 this year Bruce.
Mapguy - That's a lot of boat!
Chatman - I know I loved my 620, it was the best boat I ever had!! I should be kicked square in the britches for ever selling it!!! LOL!!
iluvwallifshin - Tim, you have a great season! Good night all and God Bless! 
Chatman - The 621 is even more boat Mike!!
Todd_NE - Tim, do you use the 5/8 and 1 oz Fuzzy grubs much, and if so, would you too like to see the "jowl" design offered in 1/2 and 3/8 oz? They are great jigs for current and three way rigs.
Tim Minnema - Yes they help get the job done, the 620 is actually quite easy to control (boat control).
Tim Minnema - Thank You Iluvwallifishin!
iluvwallifshin - Good luck!
Mapguy - We towed one back from the Bass master Classic in Chicago a couple years ago, straight to Kenora! It towed great all the way!
chairman - I went over 130 miles with 3 tires a while back. I lost the whole rim and all!!!
Chatman - Ranger Trail Trailers are built tough Bruce, that's for sure! That is also a ringing endorsement for tandem axle trailers on bigger rigs.
Chatman - As we wind down, has Tim Missed any questions?
chairman - Yup, I love my Ranger Trail, ha, ha!!
Tim Minnema - Yes Todd, at times, but the standard jigs seem to work fine for me.
Mapguy - All the best this season, Tim!!
Tim Minnema - Thanks all for coming...
Warren MN - Thanks for being here!
Tim Minnema - Thank you Mapguy!
eyebanger(OH) - Goodnight! 
chairman - See you soon Tim!
Todd_NE - Clap, clap!!
wyo''eyes'' - Thank you!!!!!!
Tim Minnema - Thanks good luck fishing to all...
T-Mac - Thanks Tim! I'd love to fish with you sometime!
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hearty round of applause for Tim Minnema!!!
Mapguy - Ditto!
Curt Poquette - Tim, I gotta go so I'll see you and your dad in Detroit. If you get anywhere near pool 4 this spring look me up, we can maybe get in a boat together. It would be my treat. I'm the only Poquette in Elmwood. Best of luck!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Warren MN - Clapclapclapclapclap!!!
prairiepillow - Thanks Tim, good luck this year!
Tim Minnema - Thanks Curt!
Driftr - Thanks Tim!
pbean - Yeah, Bravo! Bravo!
T-Mac - Clapcalpclapclapclapclap!!!
Tim Minnema - If any one is interested in pre-fishing, just drop me a line any time!
eyebanger(OH) - YAH!!!!
chairman - Can I go Tim? :-)))))
Tim Minnema - Well......
Chatman - Great Chat Tim, and thanks for stopping in tonight!
T-Mac - Thanks
Tim Minnema - Good bye all and thanks for coming!!