Walleye Central Camp Walleye

Chatman - Ladies and gentlemen, a Warm round of applause for Sonja Pinkert of Walleye Central and Camp walleye!!
Driftr - Welcome Sonja Pinkert !!!!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap!!
reddog - Evening folks!
Chairman - Good evening.
AquaMan - Evening gang. Been a long time since The last chat for me. 
Chatman - Well Sonja, where do we want to go tonight?
Sonja Pinkert - Is there anyone who hasn't heard about Camp Walleye?
reddog - I haven't.
eye guy - What's up tonight?
Chatman - We are talking about Camp Walleye with Sonja Pinkert of our Minnesota office.
Sonja Pinkert - Camp Walleye is 3 days and 3 nights of on the water seminars, and fishing with pros from the PWT, RCL or MWC.
Sonja Pinkert - Camp Walleye events are going to be on the Wisconsin River, the Detroit River, Lake Mille Lacs, Rainy Lake,Lake Of The Woods, and Sturgeon Bay.
jwhite58502 - Hello Sonja is Camp Walleye "family friendly" so a father-daughter could go together?
eye guy - It sounds like fun.
Chatman - The Wisconsin River Camp Walleye is coming up quickly isn't it Sonja?
Sonja Pinkert - Yes, Camp Walleye is family friendly.
Sonja Pinkert - We would love to see you bring your kids.
eye guy - Sonja, who are the pros?
jwhite58502 - With a young child, would we be able to double up in a boat?
Sonja Pinkert - Pro's scheduled are Ted Takasaki, Tommy Skarlis, Rick LaCourse, Gary Gray, Chief Papineau, Daryl Christensen and Keith Segar. To name a few.
Sonja Pinkert - Yes, you will be able to double up in your boat or the pros boat.
eye guy - Gary Gray and I fished together this year.
Chatman - Where eye guy?
jwhite58502 - Are all pros at all Camp Walleye's? Or which is at Lake Of The Woods?
eye guy - In North Dakota, Chatman.
Chatman - Ahhh...
eye guy - A great guy, very fun to fish with!
Chatman - Gary is loads of fun, you can learn quite a bit from him in a short time.
eye guy - Ya! Like how to drive a boat VERY fast!! LOL!!
Chatman - Jwhite, there will be multiple pros at each event, though they may vary from site to site.
Sonja Pinkert - The pros are currently finishing up there schedules, so we are still waiting on some on the sites.
Sonja Pinkert - There will be one pro for each 5 participants at each Camp Walleye.
jwhite58502 - Ok thanks. 
Sonja Pinkert - John Hertensteiner has joined us from our Minneapolis office and will also answer Camp Walleye questions.
Chatman - Howdy John!
John Hertensteiner - So Sonja and Ralph, what sites seem to have everybody's interest?
Chatman - A lot of basic inquiries John.
Sonja Pinkert - Currently, we have been going through the general information concerning Camp Walleye.
eye guy - What's does it cost?
Chatman - Sonja and John, how are the entries coming in for the Dells Camp Walleye? Are there still any openings left?
Sonja Pinkert - 5 camps are $699.95 and Lake Of The Woods is $999.95.
John Hertensteiner - Every Camp with the exception of Lake Of The Woods is $699, Lake Of The Woods will cost $999.
eye guy - What does that include?
Chatman - Basically everything eye guy.
John Hertensteiner - Each Camp Walleye includes 9 meals, three nights & three days with the pros.
eye guy - And when is this?
John Hertensteiner - Yes, Sonja can you fill in the dates??
Sonja Pinkert - March 7-10 is on the Wisconsin River, at the Dells.
Sonja Pinkert - April 4-7 is on the Detroit River.
Sonja Pinkert - May 16-19 is on Lake Mille Lacs.
Sonja Pinkert - June 6-9 is on Rainy Lake.
Sonja Pinkert - July 25-28 is on Lake Of The Woods.
Sonja Pinkert - September 5-8 is on Sturgeon Bay.
John Hertensteiner - FYI: What we are trying to do at Walleye Central is to create a venue that offers great fishing, great friendships and many stories for anglers, their families and the pros for years to come.
eye guy - It sounds like fun to me!
Chatman - The Camp Walleye sites are also designated as 2 big fish locations, to Casino locations and 2 Canadian locations.
Popeye91 - Sounds like a great deal!
Sonja Pinkert - All the fun, food and fishing you can handle for a weekend!
eye guy - What do you need to bring?
Popeye91 - Chief is going to be in Detroit, right?
Sonja Pinkert - You need to bring your boat and your fishing equipment.
eye guy - We take our clients up to Tobin every year and are starting to look for some thing else. This sounds very interesting.
Chatman - Each site has enough interesting things to do to keep a family occupied as well.
Sonja Pinkert - Please give John or myself a call to further discuss Camp Walleye.
Sonja Pinkert - Our thought was, if we got tired of fishing, you would have other things to do.
Chatman - Eye Guy, at the Canadian Locations there are all the benefits of the Canadian experience and you get to eat fish and learn with some of the countries top walleye pros.
John Hertensteiner - Based on the response so far, since announcing Camp Walleye, we have had feedback that is overwhelming. There are many positive vibes associated with good old fashioned fishing fun.
Sonja Pinkert - Eye guy, you can reach John at 952-937-5200 or myself at 952-949-1109.
Den - Where is this Camp Walleye located Chatman?
eye guy - Ok, got it, thanks!
Sonja Pinkert - Den, we have 6 camps which one?
eye guy - Where are the best big fish?
Sonja Pinkert - The big fish camps are the Detroit River, 
April 4-7 or Sturgeon Bay, Sept 5-8.
Den - Then all of them?
eye guy - Is Detroit filled?
Chairman - Sturgeon bay should be super. 
Sonja Pinkert - Lots of fish would be Rainy Lake, Lake Of The Woods, Mille Lacs, and the Wisconsin Dells.
Popeye91 - Is chief going to be there, Sonja?
eye guy - We want a trophy first and quantity second.
Sonja Pinkert - We will be based at the Alpine Resort at Sturgeon Bay, a great spot.
reddog - Sonja, can you please explain the buy a boat, go to camp deal? 
Sonja Pinkert - If you're looking at buying a new boat, check out a Crystal Pierz Marine dealership.
eye guy - What do they have?
Chatman - Boats. 
Chatman - LOL!!!
Sonja Pinkert - Almost all brands, depending on the dealership location.
Sonja Pinkert - There are 8 locations.
Chatman - Seriously though, Ranger, Lund and on and on.....
reddog - In what state, I've never heard of them?
eye guy - I've never heard of them either.
Chatman - All over Minnesota Reddog and Eye guy.
Sonja Pinkert - You can check them out on our site. On the main page, left hand side. Click on their logo and go to the Crystal Pierz home page.
Chatman - Sonja or John, can you explain the itinerary for a typical Camp Walleye weekend?
Sonja Pinkert - You arrive on Thursday afternoon to register and enjoy the dinner with a pro speaking.
Sonja Pinkert - Friday and Saturday start with breakfast and a speaker. Then you fish for 4 hours, have a shoreline lunch with a speaker. You then go fish another 4 hours, have dinner with a speaker, and then retire to the bar for more networking.
reddog - Networking, I like that.
Sonja Pinkert - Sunday is breakfast, you fish another 4 hours, and check out of your rooms. Next is the final lunch, with some fun awards and we say goodbye.
RIPLIPS MN - Are there any Camp Walleye events on Leech Lake?
Sonja Pinkert - Are we missing anything that you would like to see at a camp?
Sonja Pinkert - Leech Lake? Not this year.
Chatman - John or Sonja, if a guy or family has to drive several hours, is there the possibility of arriving a night early or staying a night longer?
Sonja Pinkert - We have time spent fishing with the pros, we have Q&A sessions with the pros, we have food, we have fun and we have fish!
Sonja Pinkert - Yes, we can arrange that. It would most likely be staying Sunday night I would think.
Chatman - If that is an issue, should the people interested contact you or try and arrange reservations themselves?
Sonja Pinkert - Please contact me first, so I can give you the name you would need to visit with at the location you are going to.
Chatman - Also, if an angler brings family members, how will that effect their cost? 
Sonja Pinkert - If the guests are fishing then they will pay the same price. However if they are just coming along, we are working with each location to come up with an appropriate amount that would include lodging and food.
AquaMan - Where are the Camp walleye sites located?
Sonja Pinkert - March is the Wisconsin River at the Dells.
Sonja Pinkert - April is on the Detroit River.
Sonja Pinkert - May is on Lake Mille Lacs.
Sonja Pinkert - June is on Rainy Lake. 
Sonja Pinkert - July is on Lake Of The Woods.
Sonja Pinkert - And September is on Sturgeon Bay.
AquaMan - Can I get details on Walleye Central's Main Page?
AquaMan - Are these family events? Programs for all and such?
Chatman - There are links in several locations on the web site Aquaman. There is a link on the main page.
AquaMan - OK, Chat, thanks. Mille Lacs in May will be very popular!
Sonja Pinkert - Yes you can, just click on the Camp Walleye Tab. The first page has dates and sites. Locations and cost are under the pros and location tabs.
Sonja Pinkert - Yes this will allow families to attend.
AquaMan - I might do the July Camp Walleye at Lake Of The Woods.
Chatman - That will be a popular one, and a lot of fun.
Sonja Pinkert - Yes it is.
AquaMan - Who runs it? Volunteers?
Sonja Pinkert - Camp Walleye is run by Walleye Central.
Sonja Pinkert - Our camp counselors will be Wayne Stensrud, who fished the MWC with Bill Leonard and was the SD, MN And WI Team Walleye director last year.
Sonja Pinkert - I will also be at all the camps.
AquaMan - Are you recommending family or Individuals?
Chairman - Taking tons of Photos I bet!
Sonja Pinkert - We may see the Chatman at a few and John Hertensteiner at a few. I don't know yet if Scott Golden is able to attend due to his fishing schedule out west.
AquaMan - We have never met, Sonja, can I ask who you are?...without being rude, *blush*
Sonja Pinkert - Both. give me a call at the office if you want more in depth details. 952-949-1109 or email sonja@walleyecentral.com
AquaMan - Great. I'll do that. I have met several others at last years Walleye show. Good group you have.
Sonja Pinkert - I was the Executive Director for Big Stone Lake for 5 years and was tourney director for the MWC tourney that was held on Big Stone Lake.
Sonja Pinkert - So running tourneys and camps is not out of my league at all.
Sonja Pinkert - I have been with Walleye Central as their Marketing Director for a year and attended the RCL, PWT and MWC tourneys to bring you the Live Leaderboard and pictures.
AquaMan - Not questioning your credits, just missed your intro at beginning. Sounds like you enjoy the water! *grin*
Chairman - And a wonderful job you do of that too! Thanks.
Sonja Pinkert - I did not say I went out on the water in a boat.
Chatman - Has Sonja or John missed any questions so far? If so, now is the time to ask.
Sonja Pinkert - Thanks for the compliment chairman.
ristorapper - I tried getting Sonja in the boat at the PWT championship last year and she said only if it was not windy!! Not windy in North Dakota?? Fat chance!!
Sonja Pinkert - I just wanted everyone to know I had my first taste of grits tonight down here in Oklahoma. They're ok, I guess!!!
AquaMan - Still waiting for my family response. Is it such?
Chatman - You can catch this chat and the other Camp Walleye Chats in the archives on the "Chat Schedule " Page.
Den - You guess? LOL!
Chatman - What's wrong with grits? I love 'em.
Sonja Pinkert - Aquaman, which Camp Walleye are you looking to bring the family along?
AquaMan - Lake Of The Woods.
AquaMan - I mean, is there stuff to do for the kids, wife, etc?
AquaMan - Or is it a workshop for fisherman only?
Sonja Pinkert - We will be at Wiley Point, which is a 5 star resort!
Sonja Pinkert - Yes, there is kids and wife stuff to do.
Sonja Pinkert - Wiley Point is one of the Totem resorts.
AquaMan - Oh, OK. Cool
Sonja Pinkert - No, I plan to bring my family to Lake Of The Woods for a vacation and work, all in one.
AquaMan - Ahhhh, Lake of the Woods, CANADA! That makes a difference. I better check the list on the main page!!
Chatman - Well, I can see by the clock on the floor (it fell) that we have plumb run out of time. Any final questions as we wind down?
AquaMan - Chatman, what's your hurry? LOL! None here! 
Sonja Pinkert - Thanks again for all who joined us this evening. If you have any questions please call me at 952-949-1109 or email me, sonja@walleyecentral.com
AquaMan - Good to talk with you Sonja. I'll be in Touch.
Chairman - Wish you luck and those going will have a great time.
Chatman - By all means stay as long as you'd like and ask away, but the archived chat will be done soon.
stevemn - See ya Sonja!
AquaMan - Just giving you a hard time Chatman! * grin * Later bud!
Chatman - LOL! Aquaman.
AquaMan - :-)
Chatman - Ladies and Gentlemen, a hardy round of applause for Sonja Pinkert and John Hertenstiener of Camp Walleye and Walleye Central!!
Sonja Pinkert - Thanks again everyone, I need to go spend time with the relatives down here in Oklahoma.
Driftr - Bye Sonja!
Den - Clap, clap, clap!
Chatman - Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!
Todd_NE - Clap, clap, clap!
Driftr - Clap, clap, clap!
Den - Later all, goodnight for now.
Sonja Pinkert - Thanks, talk to you later. 
Chatman - Bye-bye all, gotta go. Have a good night!