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"I sold my boat on walleye Central, plus I had a host of other calls that were interested. This is a great mechanism for previous owned boat sales." 
Ron Lindner, Lindners Angling Edge

Just another testimonial to how effective Walleye Central classified advertising is. Sold the Mercury 250 Pro XS Optimax outboard I won in less than five days here on W/C. Over 30 calls and emails in that time. Wish I would have had three motors for sale instead of one. Does classified advertising here on Walleye Central work? You bet!
Thanks again!
Pete Harsh / MR.TILLER
2008 FLW Walleye Tour "Angler Of The Year"

Just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that your Classified Section on selling boats is "outstanding." I listed my 99 Ranger 620 on a Saturday and it was sold the very next day on a Sunday. I received 21,465 views, and 2,308 clicks in that time frame. I had calls from Ontario, Canada and Georgia. Numerous emails wanting more photos and explanations of equipment and use. WOW! Without a doubt, this has been the best selling tool going. I only wished there was a House Central for my home, so I could get this results. Look for some articles with the mention of selling your boats and equipments on W/C.
Bob Riege, Outdoor Promotions, Teaching America to Fish.

Just a note to let you know that I have sold my boat. After just three weeks of being listed on Walleye Central, my Ranger 619 DVS now has a new home in Indiana. Your classified section does the job by reaching the right people. I'm impressed with the response that the ad received.
Sonny Reynolds - Tournament Director FLW Walleye Tour

For the second time in three years, I am happy to ask you to pull my ad. My 1650 Fish Hawk SC has sold. I highly recommend your website to anyone who is serious about buying or selling a boat; If you're buying, the selection is here...If you're selling, the buyers shop here!!! It's the best advertising for the dollar that I've found out there! Thanks again for making it so easy!
Jeff Crockett, North American Sales Manager - St. Croix Rods

I posted the ad at about 8:30 AM - 45 minutes went by and the phone was ringing. Sold the boat to the first caller. Have had 4 additional offers to buy since. All of that happened in the first three days of the listing. Walleye Central is the place to get the right boat sold quickly. Thanks
Mike Quinn

Scott, please mark my boat SOLD. I know you will recommend that I go to your website to do that but I can't. I am in the wilderness. I can receive and send emails like this on Blackberry but not get on the internet. Your classifieds are FANTASTIC for selling boats. Have had over 30 separate inquiries in 3 days! Sold to one of the very first callers and just took a couple days for him to come look and hook. 14 calls the very first day! My last boat sold that fast too. With that much response, dickering over price becomes pretty unnecessary!
Steve - Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

I just wanted to let you know that both of my boats have been sold. It was rare to have a day go by that I did not receive an e-mail about one of these boats. Walleye Central Classifieds WORK. Thanks for your help Scott.
Sincerely, Rick Olson Team Crestliner

Please remove my boat, It has been sold. Walleye Central has helped me sell boats for the last three years and I'll be listing my next one in the classifieds again.  THEY WORK !
Thanks again, Rick LaCourse Professional Angler

Just wanted to say "Job well done"!
I had over twenty-five inquiries from 12 states for my '06 Yamaha powered Ranger 621. Walleye Central was my only advertising spot and IT SURE WORKS!
Thanks again.
Paul Wright

Scott, Thank you very much for having such an in depth classified section. I have sold 2 boats in the last 3 yrs on your site. I am sure I will probably buy my next boat from your site as well. I had my Ranger 618 on Walleye Central for 2 weeks and had over 30 inquiries. The buyer came from 5 hours away. No other classified listings reaches the target market like yours does. Keep up the great job and again thank you.
Nick Brantner - Store Manager
Gander Mt   Baraboo, WI

I just wanted to share some ad stats with you.
I just sold my 2003 Ranger 620DVS by advertising it on your website. Up to the point that I sold it, I had received 41 emails and phone calls on the Walleye Central ad. I received 6 more emails after it was sold for a total of 47!
I also placed ads with Boat Trader dot com and another Walleye web site. I received a total of 5 emails from those ads and 3 of them were money scams (only 2 legitimate).
You ve got one heck of a great forum for selling multi-species fishing boats!
Steve Bounds

I wanted to inform you that the $20 I spent advertising my boat on Walleye Central was worth every cent. I sold my boat today and I was overwhelmed at the number of inquiries I received while my boat was advertised on your site.
Not only did I receive 10 times the inquiries from your site than I did advertising in Wisconsin's largest circulating newspaper (the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel), but I was able to advertise with you for a quarter of the cost and for twice as long as the newspaper ad.
The newspaper ad forced me to summarize my boat in 15 words. Your ad gave me all the space I needed to show and describe my boat and its features in extreme detail.
I would rather have my boat exposed to several thousand knowledgeable walleye fisherman than a million indiscriminant readers who have to read my ad with a magnifying glass.
Thanks again,
Andre Pells "2004 Alumacraft TP175CS"

Please remove my ad from the classifieds.
I would also like to mention how impressed I was at all of the responses I received from your advertising. Walleye Central Classifieds work GREAT! I advertised in my local paper for a week prior to putting the ad on Walleye Central, and received NO responses! Ironically, the very first morning that my ad on Walleye Central appeared, the first call I received was from my own home town, and they hadn't seen the ad in the paper!
I sold my boat in less than 2 weeks for full price to a guy that lived over 3 hours away! Thank you,
Craig Gaasvig Bemidji, MN

Please remove my Yar-Craft 1785 Side Console boat from the classifieds. I recommend Walleye Central advertising to everyone, because it WORKS!! Your classified section is the only cost effective solution to selling a boat in the walleye marketplace. This year alone I have sold my two boats and three others from classified ads on your web site. 
Thanks again! Glenn Rengo

Please remove the ad for my YarCraft Storm 1985 as the Walleye Central  classified ad section has again done it's job. I couldn't believe how many  inquiries your site produced for me. My boat was just delivered to a happy  buyer that saw my ad on your site. I look forward to submitting my 2001  YarCraft again with you later this summer for similar results. Thanks  again.
Lance Lemmen - Team YarCraft

Wow! This website is the very best.... Every time I list a boat for sale it's like magic!
I listed my '04 Skeeter on January 26th and had over ten emails the next day!!
Approximately 30 total replies from the ad.
Boat sold in 5 days. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for the great service.
Chad in Minnesota

For the second time in 2 years, I have the distinct pleasure of sending an email to let you know my boat is sold. This is by far the best service available to serious anglers; you have literally created a secondary market for walleye boats that simply did not exist before, except maybe in the Twin cities. I received over 100 email and phone inquiries!
BTW, if you�re wondering about the reach of your site, I sold my boat to a fellow in Willington, CT. That�s over 1500 miles from Omaha, and there is no way I could have connected with him absent your site.
Many thanks. I recommend your site to anyone I talk to about boats.
Matthew R. "Matt" McKain

Walleye Central Classifieds has made two people very happy recently.
I sold my 2004 V185 G3 to a fellow 200 miles away, in a matter of a couple of weeks.
I know the new owner is impressed with the condition and the price of my G3, he purchased though Walleye Central Classifieds.
Thank you, for supplying the vehicle to reach prospective buyers.
Lamarr Van Dame---Pro Team G3

I am really impressed by the whole experience working with you on the ad for my boat. I placed the ad on the 6th with as start date of the 7th (Ad hit your site on time with no issue). I actually finalized the sale of my boat on the 11th. Unbelievable, sold in "4" days.
Thank you for running such a good site.
Jim Tevlin


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