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DuMoine River Rod and Gun Club

DuMoine Rod and Gun Club

The DuMoine River Rod and Gun Club had it's inception through the dedicated effort of a few Lake Placid business and professional people in 1918. The club is located in the Southwest portion of the Province of Quebec, on the DuMoine River, 30 miles North of the junction of the DuMoine River and the Ottawa River. The Club is easily accessible by plane or automobile and operates from ice out through October 15th.

    As a member, you have access to the club headquarters, a two-story lodge with large living, dining and and kitchen areas. Other amenities include showers, toilets, a solar operated telephone, workshop, storage building and ice house. Next to the club headquarters lodge are three private full facility cabins with five remote cabins available located on various lakes available by reservation. There are hundreds of ponds and lakes to fish or hunt from, all within a short driving distance of the lodge and camps.

Contact Information

Gerry Husson

518-648-5075 hrse@capital.net
Bruce Fiefield 518-639-8961 barney@capital.net
Larry Hulbert 518-873-6490 hulbertbros_globle2000.net

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