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The Beginning

In the late sixties, several ardent fishermen would compete for the largest walleye with the winner awarded bragging rights for the following year. In time this simple format evolved into a complex of individual fishing contests, with a variety of rules, regulations and side bets. By 1970, the need for a more formal organization seemed apparent.

In November 1970, a promotional meeting was held in the "lounge" of the Falling Rock Bar, so named to benefit from the many rock-slide warning signs along Highway 35. All agreed that a Fishing Club should be formed, that specific "Rules of Conduct" should be adopted, and that the Club should be affiliated with and share the name of the Falling Rock Bar.

As proposed, the Falling Rock Walleye Club was officially founded in the spring of 1971.

At the organizational meeting the members named Ray Taylor as President of the Club - a position he served with devotion until 1983. By 1991, the Club had grown to over 600 members from several states. Subsequently, "Articles of Association' , "By-Laws", and related "Rules of Conduct" were adopted to govern the club's activities.


  • to promote sportsmanship, conservation and good conduct in fishing and related activities;
  • to support efforts to improve fish habitat and related fishing and recreational facilities;
  • to nurture the sport of fishing for Walleye Pike and Sauger;
  • to foster fellowship and fraternity among the membership

Annual Events

ANNUAL MEETING: The primary business meeting of the Club is held in January with election of Officers and Directors. Additional Directors meetings are held at the Rock on the Sunday following each major club event. All members are invited to attend Board of Directors meetings.

AWARDS NIGHT: An early spring event to recognize club members as "Anglers of the Year". Cash prizes, plaques, trophies and certificates are awarded with special recognition for fish caught and released.

SPRING ROUNDUP: The first big tournament of the year is held in April. This is an individual fishing contest with specific rules, boundaries and time limits. Despite these constraints, 200 or more members participate and typically weight-in at least 40 trophy fish with prizes awarded for the five largest walleye and/or sauger.

KIDS DERBY: A tradition of the Walleye Club, the Kids Fishing Derby, is held in June of each year. Each young contestant is sponsored by an adult member providing instruction in fishing, conservation, and sportsmanship. Prizes are awarded by age group for the largest fish caught and all participants receive a special trophy. Following the fishing contest and awards presentation, food, games and other entertainment is provided by the Club to insure a fun weekend.

LADIES DAY: Introduced in 1983, this July event recognizes the ladies' contribution to the Walleye Club. The 7:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M. fishing tournament is followed by food, beverages, games and other entertainment including live music in the evening.

PORK ROAST: The social event of the year is held in September. The day is devoted to fun and games for all ages, including: Horseshoe, Bingo, Cards, and a variety of kids games. The late afternoon is devoted to the enjoyment of beverages and food. In the evening door prizes are presented followed by dancing to live music.

FALL WINDUP: The last big walleye/sauger fishing tournament of the year is held in October. This is a 2-person team event with teams being rewarded for the five largest fish caught in each category. Trophy fish caught and released receive additional special recognition. Once the fish are weighed in the contestants, families and guests are treated to food, beverages and entertainment.

Special Projects

LYNXVILLE DAM: A most unique experience was the 1986-87 cooperative effort by the Falling Rock Walleye Club and Army Corps of Engineers to create fishing access at Lock & Dam #9 for persons with physical disabilities. As developed, this project included concrete walks from the parking lots and a ramped walk along the south extension of the main lock to accommodate persons with physical handicaps. A special plaque on the grounds commemorates this project.

GORDON'S BAY: Over the years, the Walleye Club has adopted the Gordon's Bay boat landing as one of it's on-going, special projects. The club promoted the entrance roadway during the reconstruction of Hwy. '35' and subsequently contributed to the cost of asphalt paving for the ramps and parking areas. Since 1988 the Club has assumed responsibility for area lighting; pavement markings, signage, annual clean up, and general maintenance of this public facility.

SHELTER: The attractive picnic shelter, with fireplace and storage cabinets, was initially built by club members in 1987-88 to accommodate the growing attendance at it's functions. This shelter also provides a home for memorial plaques honoring deceased club members. It is considered an on-going, special project with base cabinets, counters and sliding windows added in 1990. In the near future it will probably be screened in and/or enclosed for colder weather use.

PLAYGROUND: Associated with the picnic shelter is a playground with swings, slides, etc. for the younger generation and basketball, volleyball courts and horseshoe pits for their elders. In 1988 the playground was revised and all new equipment installed to insure a safe, pleasant environment for the users of this facility.

BACHELOR'S POND: Pending is a special project to restore the habitat for pan fish in Bachelor's Pond where it adjoins the Gordon's Bay landing. To this end, the Walleye Club is working with the Wisconsin DNR.

Falling Rock Walleye Club
R.R. 1 Hwy 35 S.
Eastman, WI 54636

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