: Lac Herbert Quebec- Fly-in Trip Report-Gulp Alive

07-23-2008, 09:11 PM
Got back from annual trip to Lac Herbert 7/12-7/19 and was one of the best. Weather was cool and rainy in the first few days 55 deg. and then cool and calm last part - Walleyes were in the 20 -25 ft depth most times and the whole week fished only places. Total catch for 4 people(3 guys and 1 guys wife) was about 600 fish -all but 4 a day for dinner released.
We did not get into the really big fish we seen in the past but overall quality was very good. Largest fish was
26" about 6lbs. and we got 2 of them and another 5 about 24 "- many many fish were in the 19/22 range and very chunky 3bs. nice thumbing action and a great catch
Best baits were gulp live 3" and 4 " minnow in smelt color on a 1/4- white head tipped with piece of crawler
some times the gulp went dead but when the fish wanted it they really hit steady - i
nteresting note - on tuesday i forgot to bring out the tub of gulp so i was cutting of the torn up head section so it would stay up on jig - Wednesday i caught a walleye on gulp alive with the same gulp alive cut off minnow in the mouth that i was using the day before- theory is tha the fish spit up old gulp from day before as i landed it
all fish were caught on jigs with gulp or 3" curl tail tipped with crawler- did not fish at all for pike myself but brother and wife did and they did well in qty. with largest being 38"
we had a bear in camp for a few days looking for a free meal to keep us on edge but not problems
all in all just a really good trip
357 days to go till we go
i do have pics but dont know how to post but will send a few to anyone who asks
Gas was 1.40 per litre as well - total gas bill- $582

01-28-2009, 11:48 AM
What can you tell me about Lake herbert? Can you drive in. Can you reach it on the Herbert River from lake Doda?

01-28-2009, 10:57 PM
hi - lak herbert is only reached by air- you drive to Clova and fly from there- as far as lak doda via the river i am not sure- if think you could do it but you would have to portage around the rapids
heading back again this year
let me know if you need anymore info

01-29-2009, 04:53 PM
How is Jean?

You didn't encounter the bear @ the island camp did you?

Did they add a cabin on the shore somewhere?

Been their 3x and enjoyed every minute of it. Once we even skipped Clova road and flew in from the Baskatong.

If you want a real hairy adventure fly in with Guy into Doda. Only one seat in the plane and it wasn't full until there was no room left.


07-13-2010, 09:50 AM
We have been fishing lac hebert for 3yrs, just got back 7/3/10,very cold and raining windy the bite was slow because of all the cold fronts that went though,also bad solunar tables for fishing full moon ,But still caught alot of walleyes,This is one of the best if not the best lakes in quebec,very good catch &release program,We are finding that the average size being caught has been growing.Air Tamarac is an execelant outfiterIf you looking to take a fly in trip they are the guys.Need any info just call me Ron 860 402 3209

07-13-2010, 06:04 PM
Any 2 people interested in trying lak herbert - we have a group going in august and can use 2 more- send reply if interested

07-14-2010, 09:26 AM
Hi Wall.
I just got back fron the Cabonga and the fishing was terrible to say the least , drop me a line at dwallace20@twcny.rr.com regarding the vacancy you have for the trip into Lake Herbert. I fished this lake yrs. ago , we flew into a lake called rooster lake and traveled threw a river etc, to get to it. I also fished lake father and Doda , these were excellent fishing the out fitter sucked , but thank god we had a good care taker at camp who took care of us.
Take care...

07-14-2010, 05:53 PM
You will experiance,fall fishing on lac hebert at this time the fish are very deep right now,at that time I would use 1/2 oz jigs 30'+ water, they were deep in the first week in july,I love to fish it in the fall just not enough time,I fish there the last week in june every yr. If you need so tips on this lac give me a call Ron 860 4023209 Have a great time fishing