: Water Heater Alert...I know this is not about fishing, but read it anyway.

12-05-2000, 04:18 PM
Sorry Scott, but I felt this was important enough for everyone here to read. I was forwarded this info from a buddy and it is authentic. Visit the website or read on.


E-mail me if you need the site due to a blended version above.

Below is what the site states.

"Water Heater Problem....


It's a consumer alert that could affect you. Your home may be one of millions with a little known problem that needs to be fixed. It could cost you a bundle if you don't act soon.

Cold showers are an annoying way to start a day. Kevin Barthel/HOMEOWNER: "We were constantly running out of hot water." They were becoming too common in the Barthel house.

Little did they know, their troubles were part of a nationwide problem affecting millions of homes. It's a problem that can be more damaging than a loss of hot water.

Turns out a defect in their water heater was to blame. Kevin started talking to his neighbors about his water heater problem. He discovered three of his neighbors owned problem water heaters."

In fact nine out of ten homes in the neighborhood had defective water heaters. But none of the homeowners were aware they could get them fixed for free, saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars. We're talking about a defect in most brands of water heaters made between 1993 and 1997.

Inside each one is a pipe called a dip tube. Cold water flows through it to the bottom of the tank, where it's heated. But millions of water heaters have faulty dip tubes, made of a plastic that disintegrates in hot water. Without that tube, the heater doesn't work right.

What's worse, tiny particles of plastic from the tube can clog up your plumbing system, damaging faucets and appliances like dishwashers.

Fixing the damage can be costly, hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars. But you won't have to pay a dime if you act quickly. You have until the end of December to file a claim to have the dip tube replaced and any damages repaired for free.

Kevin Barthel/HOMEOWNER: "It's such a large issue and I don't think anyone is taking the time to tell anybody."

Get a claim form off the internet at the website www.diptubesettlement.com. The site has a list of water heaters that are eligible for free repairs. Or call this toll free number, 800-329-0561, but be patient.

"When you call the number they just throw you through loops....push this number, push this number, 15 to 20 minutes to get a live person."

Claims must be postmarked no later than December 31st. After that, you and your water heater will be out in the cold.



American, Craftmaster, Mor-Flo/American, Sabh (U.S.), U.S. Craftmaster, Ace, American Hardware, Best, Best Deluze, Apex, Aqua Temp, Aqua Therm, Aquamatic, Champion, Craft King, De-Limer, Deluze, Eagle, The Earl's Energy Saver Plus, Enterprise, Envirotemp, Four Most, Hotmaster, Hotstream, King-Kleen, King-line, Master Plumber, Nationaline, Neptune, Penquin, Prestige, Proline Plus, Quaker, Quick-Flo, Raywall, Revere, Riveria, Sands, Sentinel, Servi-Star, Shamrock, Special Deluxe, Standard, Super Eagle, Super-Flo, Supreme, Sure-Fire, Thoro-Clean, Tru-Test, Tru Value, U.S. Supply, XCL Energy Saver; Serial Number Ranges: 9332****** to 9712******

Water heaters manufactured by American Water Heater Company and purchased at Lowes do not contain Perfection Dip Tubes and are not covered by the settlement. Water heaters manufactured by American Water Heater Company and sold by HOme Depot under the brand name, "MOR-FLO", also do not contain Perfection Dip Tubes and are not covered by the settlement.


A.O. Smith, Glascote, Perma-Glas; Serial Number Ranges: *H93****** to *C97******


Bradford White, Jetglas; Serial Number Ranges: KH******* to KM*******, LA******** to LM*******, MA******* to MM*******, NA******* to MN******* and OA PA or PB.


Rheem, Ruud, Rheem/Ruud, Richmond, Vista Therm, Citation, Aqua Therm, Energy Master, Vanguard, Cimarrom, Coast to Coast, Glas Fury, Lowe's, Marathon, Rheemglas, Rheemglas Standard, Servi-Star, True Value, Abs, Intertherm & Miller, Mainstream, Montgomery Ward, Professional; Serial Number Ranges: 0893****** to 0397******, 0599A**** to 0599F****


State, Reliance, Ace, Ambassador, Barnett, Century, Crosley, Energy Stretcher, Freedom, Freedom/Nipsco, Hardware House, Master Plumber/True Value, Mission, Nationaline, Patriot, Penfield, President, Regency, Sentry, Superior, The Plumbery, Therom-King, Top Line; For State Model numbers beginning with PRX-75, Prx-100, Prv-75 and Prv-100, and Reliance Model Numbers beginning with 5-75 or 5-100; Eligible Serial Number Ranges are as follows: G93******* to M93*******, A94******* to M94*******, A95******* to M95*******, A96******* to M 96*******, A97******* to F97*******

All State and Reliance brand water heaters with serial numbers beginningwith B95, C95, D95 are also eligible to recieve benefits under the Settlement.

All Sears Kenmore products, any water heaters with the words "Turbo", Sta-Kleen" or "Self Cleaning", water heaters with cold water inlest on the side of the water heater, and water heaters with model numbers with the letter "Z" or letters "NC" at or near the end of the model number are EXCLUDED from the settlement and do not contain Perfection dip tubes.


Lochinvar, Energy Saver, Golden Knight, Knight; Serial Number Ranges, KH******* to KM*******, LA******** to LM*******, MA******* to MM*******, NA******* to NM******* and OA, PA or PB.


CAUTION: The dip tube settlement web page has a lot more information but it can be hard to access due to heavy demand. If you can't get through try calling 1-800-329-0561. For additional information log onto Hot Water



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12-06-2000, 10:32 AM
Back to to the top.

I have one of the heaters in question and I would bet a lot of you do as well. Check it out. The recall ends on December 31st, so be sure to check your heater soon.


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12-06-2000, 01:00 PM
thanks aquaman.
"go outside and play"

Dave in Mpls
12-06-2000, 01:43 PM
Thanks, Eric...

Now I've got something to do tonight!!

12-06-2000, 02:23 PM
Jeez, Dave. If I knew you needed something to do tonight, I have these X-mas lights that are out on the peak of my roof and I have not had the ambition to climb up there and fix them, much to my wife's frustration. You could be her hero. ;-)

Otherwise, I hear the walleye are biting pretty good over on Prior... }>


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12-06-2000, 03:38 PM
This is not as bad as what they are reporting. It is no reason for pushing a panic button. I have been a plumber for 30 years and are phones are ringing with the same questions, Check your serial #'s and report them if you have the bad tubes. Go fishing relax they are so back logged with getting them done in the Twin Cities it'll be a while. What they are telling you is the problem is there and giving you a worst case senerio. If you feel the need e-mail me and I'LL call you at my expense and help you out for free.

12-06-2000, 07:42 PM
So, is the December 31st deadline false? The document that I downloaded and filled out said that I needed to have it post marked by December 31st, 2000 in order to receive any relif in the event that my water heater falls into this recall.

Seems like a good idea to comply with the class action requirements even if they can't fix it right away. It will get done on their nickle, not mine.

Remeber the Remington recall? I only got $40 from it, but that was a free weekend of shells and all I had to do was mail the info in by a certain date...voila!


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Bob G2
12-06-2000, 08:08 PM
Aquaman... makin' waves in the water heater reservior...Thanks for the info.

BTW is your Exploder part of the stabilizer bar recall too?

12-06-2000, 08:09 PM
Thanks AquaMan,

We have one that falls into the numbers.


12-07-2000, 01:05 PM
Huh? I replaced it several years ago, however. I have not received any notice or heard anything yet. Mine is a '92 Sport 4x4. Is that in the recall? Did you get a letter?


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